Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

First of all, welcome back. I am about to do the hardest thing I've ever had to do as a writer. This story was placed on hold due to things that had happened in my life, culminating in the death of my youngest brother. I just could not continue at that time, but I never intended to abandon this story. In that spirit, it is time to resume the story. It may take some time to get each chapter finished for a while, but the story needs to continue. I want to thank all of those who allowed me time to recover enough to continue the story. You guys and gals mean quite a bit more to me than you will ever know, and I love all of you.

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 15

From the last chapter:

I smiled at Greg, and he returned the smile. Then I headed Pete toward my car with mom, and Greg took off with dad toward the truck. As soon as Pete and I got in the back seat, we started off toward home. I wrapped my arms around Pete, and held him tightly against me.

My mom looked back at us several times and smiled, then finally said, "I'm glad he has you Tim. He really needs you right now."

"I hope he needs me for the rest of our lives mom." I replied.

By the time we got home that night, Pete was sleeping soundly in my arms. It had been a long day for him, but it would be over tomorrow. I carefully lifted Pete out of the car without waking him, then carried him inside, and up to our bed. Pete was still sound asleep as I tucked him into bed, then climbed in next to him.

At least Pete didn't wake up crying the next morning, but I think he was holding it in. I knew that today would be rough for him, but I would be right there for him. First we went downstairs, and took turns in the shower. Then we went back upstairs, and Greg and I helped Pete dress in the suit we had bought him.

"I don't know if I want to go Tim." said Pete, after looking down at the suit he was wearing. "It almost feels like if I don't, then none of this would have happened."

"You know that won't bring them back though Pete." I said. "Now that this has happened, the best thing to do is say good-bye for now, then wait until you can see them again someday."

"Is that how you made it through losing yours when you were older?" asked Pete.

"Yes, it's the only way to make it through that." I replied.

"Well, it might be too late for mine, but we'll see if we can put off what happens to yours." said Pete. "After all, they're the closest thing I have to parents now."

That was the first time Pete cried that day, but I knew it wouldn't be the last. Pete was okay on the trip to Mount Pleasant, and while saying hello to his Aunt Grace. I knew he was fighting a losing battle when the service started though. I knew from experience that there was no way to make it through that without crying. Pete sat as close to me as possible, and leaned into me. I put one arm around my Pete, and kept the tissues ready for whenever he needed one. Pete was pretty quiet on the way to the cemetery, which was understandable. When that service was over, I led Pete to the caskets, and left him there to say good-bye. Just when I thought I would have to go back to get him, Pete stood up slowly. Pete's face was soaked with tears as he came to me, and I dried his face very gently and thoroughly. It was finally over, and now it was time to help Pete move on with his life.

Pete sat next to me in the car as we followed my parents back home. "I hate to think that you've already gone through this Tim, and now you'll have to go through it again." said Pete. "This is the most painful thing a person can go through once."

"It'll get better soon though Pete, I promise." I replied.

Once we got home, Pete wanted to go see what was left of the house he use to live in one last time. I tried to talk him out of it, but my mom finally said that he might need that to finally say good-bye. Greg and I went ahead and took him in my dad's truck, so we could both sit up front with him. With Pete sitting between Greg and me, we pulled up to the burned remains of the house. Pete cried once more that day, as Greg and I both put an arm around him.

Pete finally said, "Okay Tim, I've said good-bye. Let's go home now."

I was glad that we were in the truck, because Pete needed someone to hold him, and I had to drive. Greg was very good at holding Pete closely, and I nodded a thank you to him as I drove us home. That night, Pete only needed to be held closely, which I was glad to do for him. Greg even joined us again, since nothing else would be happening that night.

The next day was Christmas Eve, and Greg and I tried as much as we could to act like it was a normal Christmas Eve. Hopefully that would spread to Pete, and help somewhat. We were glad to see that Pete was slowly starting to snap back. We knew it would take a while, but to even see the slightest trace of a smile was the best thing we could hope to see. We were shocked when Pete said that he needed to go to the store that afternoon.

"Why do you need to go to the store Pete?" I asked.

"Why do you think Tim?" replied Pete, as he almost smiled slightly. "It's Christmas Eve! I have to get something for my two best friends, your mom and dad, and at least something for Deano."

"You already got me something in Chicago though." I said.

"Then I'll get you something to go with it." replied Pete.

"Aren't you afraid Floyd and Dave will feel left out?" I asked.

"Well, I might get them a little something too." replied Pete.

As Greg and I took Pete to the mall in Okemos, we were hoping that this was a good sign. I smiled when Pete asked if he and Greg could have a few minutes alone at one of the stores. Then Greg smiled as Pete asked for a few minutes alone with me at another store. Once Pete had finished his shopping, we went back out to the car.

"I'm sorry Greg, but I have to do this with Tim right now." said Pete.

Before I could start the car, Pete grabbed ahold of me and pulled me to him. When my lips came in contact with Pete's, I could feel a tremendous need for love in them. I kissed Pete as passionately as I could in a mall parking lot on Christmas Eve, while Greg sat in the back seat and smiled.

"I can't believe I ever caused you two so much trouble." said Greg. "It's so cool to watch you two kiss like that."

"I think we're starting to rub off on Greg, Pete." I almost giggled.

"Oh no!" laughed Greg. "I'll always like the ladies better!"

"I'm sure you will Greg." I smiled. "I'll bet you make a fine husband and daddy too."

"I just wonder if it will be with Patty or Linda." smiled Pete.

That was worth a million dollars to me and Greg both, and we both giggled at Pete's speculation. Once we got home, and Pete got his presents secretly wrapped, it was almost a normal Christmas Eve. Pete still wasn't ready for full love-making that night, and I wasn't going to rush him. I knew that I could wait until he was ready again. We did do quite a bit of kissing before going to sleep though, and Pete felt great in my arms, with his lips against mine.

Christmas at my house was just as much fun for me as I had always remembered. The thing I wanted most for Christmas though was for Pete to have a good day. I wasn't disappointed either. Not only did my parents pick up something for him, but they had brought back a few presents from his Aunt Grace as well. Pete was happy that he had been remembered, and I told him that there was no way anyone could ever forget him. After the presents were all opened, my parents hauled us out to visit my grandparents. That was our tradition, and no one saw any reason to change it. My cousins accepted Greg and Pete pretty well, especially Greg.

That night, I thought Pete and I would just hold each other again, and probably kiss. That wasn't too bad, so Greg wanted to sleep with us again. As I was kissing Pete though, I could feel something happening. I reached down to gently caress Pete's cock and balls, and he was already fully erect.

"I guess there are some things I can't control Tim." smiled Pete sweetly.

"Then I'll control it for you, my sweet little prince." I replied.

"You guys aren't going to have sex with me in the same bed, are you?" asked Greg.

"I have to give my baby everything he needs Greg." I replied. "You can always go back to your bed."

"Huh-uh, I'm already comfortable here." replied Greg.

"Okay brother." I said.

Then I pulled the covers back, climbed down, and gently took Pete's cock into my mouth. As I made Pete feel good, I could see Greg's cock too. As Greg looked down at what I was doing to Pete, his cock began to stiffen.

"Maybe I should have gone back to my bed, but it's too late now." said Greg.

I watched as Greg wrapped his hand around his own cock, and began to stroke it. Greg continued to stroke himself, as I lovingly caressed Pete's cock with my lips. By now I was back to concentrating on just Pete. Greg was apparently much quicker than Pete though, and after five minutes, he began cumming. He had nowhere else to aim it though, so his cum shot on my face and Pete's crotch. As Greg's cum smeared over Pete's cock, I could now taste it. Then a few minutes later, Pete began cumming into my mouth. After taking all of Pete's cum, I climbed back up and pulled the covers back over all three of us. Then Pete began to kiss me.

After a few moments, Pete backed off and asked, "Did you know that Greg got his cum on your face Tim?"

"Yeah, but he's a friend, so I don't mind." I smiled.

"Neither do I." smiled Pete.

"Do you hear that Greg?" I asked. "We both think your cum tastes okay."

"I didn't really need to know that!" laughed Greg.

The three of us then squeezed very close together, and fell asleep that way. After that night, Greg thought it best if he didn't chance sleeping with me and Pete again. Pete seemed to be a little better every day over the next few days, which was a very good thing. Three nights after Christmas night, I had another vision. I woke up crying so hard from the vision, that Pete was now very scared. Pete called out for Greg, and Greg was sitting on the side of our bed instantly. Then they both worked on getting me to calm down.

"What happened Tim?" asked Pete.

"It was Deano!" I cried.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Greg. "Not him! What happened?"

"He is killed in a crash about six months after mom and dad die!" I sobbed.

"But how?" asked Pete. "Aren't things changing now?"

"Not enough yet." I replied. "They're still going to die like I saw before. Then Floyd and Dave will begin arguing over their estate. Deano was suppose to have dad's truck, because his car was so unsafe. It got tied up in probate though, and Deano got killed driving his unsafe car! Please God, help me!"

"We have to do something about this Tim!" said Greg.

"Yeah, we can't let this happen!" said Pete. "Not to Deano! I understand that you couldn't prevent what happened to me, because this never happened before, and you couldn't see it. You can see what's happening to your parents and Deano though. We have to change things, starting now!"

"I hope so." I replied. "There were things that had to be different, because both of you guys were with me this time. We have to do more though. Pete could see that I was starting to think about hurting myself after Deano died, and you and him moved me away from the rest of my family."

"I don't blame us!" said Greg. "I'll do it again if I have to too! Did you see,... you know?"

"Your family goes with us, if that's what you want to know." I replied. "You have some very beautiful kids Greg."

"With who?" Greg asked.

"Geez Greg, can we think about Tim's family first?" replied Pete.

"That's okay Pete, I can't blame him for being curious." I said, finally calming back down. "I don't know who she is, and I don't think you know her yet either. She seems like a very nice woman though."

"Well, I guess that counts out Patty and Linda." said Pete.

"I'll let that pass, since we're friends now." smiled Greg. "Okay guys, scoot over. I'll sleep here, but just for the rest of the night tonight. Then we can start coming up with something in the morning."

The rest of the night passed without any more visions, but the one I'd had earlier was more than enough. Deano was kind of confused when the three of us gave him a hard hug the next morning, but we couldn't let on to what had happened. That afternoon, the three of us went upstairs to be alone.

"Okay guys, I have a few thoughts." said Greg. "First, I know you smoke occasionally Tim, and both of us should quit right this minute. That will help when we try to deal with your parents and their future health."

"I'm sure I can Greg, can you?" I asked.

"I only smoke to look cool." replied Greg. "When I see other people do it though, they don't look too cool. I'm with you Tim, whatever it takes."

"I love you Greg." I said.

"You're the best Greg." smiled Pete. "Now Tim, how do we make sure your family never has to worry about money?"

"Well, the betting thing is cool, but we need to do a lot more than that." I said. "Sooner or later, no one will take bets from any of us. I do a little bit of writing in the future though. When the accident happened, I was actually writing a book. Maybe you guys can help with that, and we can make sure that no one in my family ever has to worry about money."

"We shouldn't wait that long to get started on it though." said Greg. "If you remember what you were writing, maybe we should start as soon as you get out of school."

"Yeah, and the betting thing can help us make it until you get your first book published." said Pete. "And to think, I didn't even know that you like writing."

"I've written a few stories for classes, but I never let anyone see them except the teachers." I replied. "I was always too self-conscious that they weren't that good."

"How can that be?" laughed Greg. "I've never known you to get a bad grade, except in Algebra!"

"It's mot my fault that the teacher in that class only pays any attention to his favorite students." I replied. "That's why I was glad they dropped it from the requirements."

"Well, we want to see the next story you write, even if it is just a homework assignment." said Pete. "I know it will be great, just like you."

"Geez, he didn't sound too biased, did he Greg?" I asked.

Greg and I laughed, then I heard the best thing I could have when Pete joined us. All three of us were determined to change the terrible events of the future. I didn't mean to bring thing down again, but a feeling was still nagging at me.

I finally said, "I just can't stop thinking that we might be playing God though, you guys."

"Would God have seen what happened to me?" asked Pete. "If we were playing God, wouldn't we have seen that coming, and changed it too? For some reason, you can see these things Tim. It's not playing God to act on something he gave you, and anyone else would do the same thing."

"Is that how you see it too Greg?" I asked.

"You know these things for a reason Tim." said Greg. "We both know that if you had seen the fire, you would have done something about that too. God didn't give you that vision for some reason, but he did give you the others. It might be wrong not to act on them."

"Even if it changes what God has already allowed to happen?" I asked.

"Maybe God doesn't have a hand in everything that happens, and there are things he wants you to change." said Pete. "I don't know why either, but I know we have to do something."

"Thanks guys, I just had to hear someone besides myself say that." I replied.

"Besides, I like the fact that I'm still with you in 2005." smiled Pete.

"Do you want to see how I kiss you in 2005?" I asked.

"Hey guys, straight guy in the room!" laughed Greg.

"And you're still making cracks like that in 2005 Greg." I laughed. "That's why we still love you and your family so much then."

"How about that kiss then Tim?" asked Pete.

I looked at Greg first, and Greg said, "What the hell Tim. I know that I'm straight and married in the future, so it won't bother me to see you two being affectionate."

I grabbed Pete tightly, and kissed him as hard as I could. Pete really started getting into it when he felt my tongue as deeply in his mouth as it could get. The whole time Pete and I were kissing, Greg just watched us and smiled.

Once Pete and I broke the kiss, Greg said, "Now Tim, tell me more about my family."

"Okay Greg, I'll tell you as much as I can." I replied. "Your wife's name was Stephanie. Do you know anyone named Stephanie?"

"Nope, not a soul." replied Greg.

"Well, you will eventually." I said. "Anyway, she knows that Pete and I are gay, and that you are our best friend. She was actually very cool about it. Then you'll have two boys and a girl by 2005. I kind of wanted to talk to you about that anyway. Your youngest boy is named Dean, after our friend from school. He'll be fourteen in 2005, and he's afraid to talk to you about something."

"Geez, I hope none of my kids are ever afraid to talk to me about anything." said Greg.

"Well, Dean is." I said. "Even though he knows that your two best friends are gay, he's still afraid to tell you that he is too. Will you be okay with that, even when it's your own son?"

"I love you and Pete both, Tim." said Greg. "I promise that I will show my son as much love as I can, and help him with whatever he needs. I'm glad you told me. I would hate to think that my son was afraid to talk to me about something like that."

"He's going to have one hell of a great father Greg." I smiled. "I can't believe how much you've changed in just a few months, and I'm glad that we'll be friends well into the future."

The rest of Christmas vacation went great, and Pete was bouncing back more every day. On the next to last night before vacation was over, I saw that Pete would eventually be the same Pete he had always been. We started off by kissing, and after a few minutes, Pete was ready for more. Pete climbed down in the bed, and took my cock into his mouth for the first time in over a week. Pete made love to me more passionately than I had been made love to in a while, and my balls churned with desire. Pete finally took my load of cum into his mouth, and swallowed it lovingly.

As soon as I had finished cumming, I moaned, "Please put your cock inside me and make love to me Pete!"

Pete was glad to do exactly as I had asked, then he leaned down and placed his lips against mine. Pete felt so good sliding in and out of me, as he kissed me passionately. We knew that Greg could hear us in the next room, but we didn't care. We knew that he approved of the love we shared. Pete filled me so completely with his love, that I had a second orgasm while he was cumming deep inside me. Then with his cock still inside me, Pete turned so that my back was spooned into his chest. Pete wrapped his arms around me tightly, and soon fell asleep with his cock still buried inside me. It was the most beautiful way that I could ever imagine falling asleep.

The last day of our vacation was started off by picking up Dean. Then the four of us boys went off to the mall, to spend the day there. My boss at work had given me enough hours during vacation that he was able to schedule me off for that last day of vacation, and I appreciated it.

We started off at the arcade, then went to see a movie. The movie was fun, with Pete sitting as close to me in his seat as possible. Fortunately we were in the back of the theater, so Greg and Dean were the only ones who could see us kissing. When we went back to the arcade, we were surprised to run across Jason and Eddie. The two seventh graders were cute as hell, especially when we caught them holding hands. Then Jason approached us.

"So Tim, when do you think you and Pete can,... you know?" fumbled Jason.

"That's up to Pete, considering what he has been through." I replied. "I have to tell you guys that with everything that has happened though, Pete and I have become quite a bit closer. I don't know if he's even interested anymore."

The looks on Jason's and Eddie's faces were the saddest I had ever seen. They looked like they had really been looking forward to having two older boys inside them. Pete saw the looks on their faces too, and whispered into my ear.

I looked at Jason and said, "Okay, you two are on. When do you want to do this?"

"Is this Friday night okay?" asked Jason. "We won't have school the next day, so our parents might not mind us spending the night with two friends from school. We just won't tell them that they are both in high school."

"Okay, Friday night will be fine." I chuckled. "I just hope you two are really ready for two larger cocks to open you up back there."

"To be honest, I almost cummed when you said that!" giggled Jason. "We'll definitely be ready!"

"And just remember that the only reason we're doing this is so that you don't try to find an adult to do this with you." I said. "We couldn't stand to think of anything bad happening to either of you at the hands of some horrible person."

"That's fine Tim, all we want is one time." smiled Jason, as he and Eddie rubbed the tents in their pants once quickly.

The next day at school was fairly relaxed, as most of the teachers were giving their students a day or two to get back into the swing of things. Considering the circumstances, most of Pete's homework that he missed was forgiven, and he was automatically passed for what he had missed. Pete's teachers were really great, and very understanding of what he had been through. As a matter of fact, the whole school knew about the fire. Most of Pete's classmates took the time to give him a hug, and a few had even picked up a little something for him to show that they cared. Pete had never felt this cared for at school, and it was having an effect on him. I knew that it would be a positive effect though.

Mine and Greg's classmates could see that we had become very close friends now, and it confused a lot of them. Most of them knew that there had been friction between us in the past, but now we looked like lifelong friends, who would defend each other to the death. The most confused was Lonnie though, especially when he made a comment to me, and Greg got right in his face. Damn! If I could only turn the rest of the screwed up people in the world into a decent person, like I did with Greg!

As it got closer and closer to Friday, Jason and Eddie were becoming more and more excited. It was about the cutest thing I had ever seen. I had to get Pete to come look at them on Thursday, and it even made him laugh lightly. If we had reached out and touched them at that time, they would have orgasmed on the spot. Tomorrow might be really fun after all.

Well, that wasn't too bad. I only used a half roll of tp on that one. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 16.