Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

The next day at school was fairly relaxed, as most of the teachers were giving their students a day or two to get back into the swing of things. Considering the circumstances, most of Pete's homework that he missed was forgiven, and he was automatically passed for what he had missed. Pete's teachers were really great, and very understanding of what he had been through. As a matter of fact, the whole school knew about the fire. Most of Pete's classmates took the time to give him a hug, and a few had even picked up a little something for him to show that they cared. Pete had never felt this cared for at school, and it was having an effect on him. I knew that it would be a positive effect though.

Mine and Greg's classmates could see that we had become very close friends now, and it confused a lot of them. Most of them knew that there had been friction between us in the past, but now we looked like lifelong friends, who would defend each other to the death. The most confused was Lonnie though, especially when he made a comment to me, and Greg got right in his face. Damn! If I could only turn the rest of the screwed up people in the world into a decent person, like I did with Greg!

As it got closer and closer to Friday, Jason and Eddie were becoming more and more excited. It was about the cutest thing I had ever seen. I had to get Pete to come look at them on Thursday, and it even made him laugh lightly. If we had reached out and touched them at that time, they would have orgasmed on the spot. Tomorrow might be really fun after all.

That night Pete and I made love, wanting to prepare ourselves for the following night. The next day at school was a good one. Jason and Eddie could be seen from time to time with huge smiles on their faces, so I assumed they had permission to spend the night. After school was over, Pete and I went to where the seventh grade kids lockers were, and found Jason and Eddie.

"Are you two guys ready to spend the night with us?" I asked Jason.

Jason and Eddie both pulled overnight bags from their locker, as Jason replied, "We couldn't be more ready Tim! There's no way Eddie and I can thank you and Pete enough for this!"

Watching the two young boys in the back seat of my car, as they sat next to Greg, was enough to make me and Pete smile all the way home. They were kind of disappointed when I had to go to work for a few hours that evening, but Greg and Pete promised to keep them occupied until I got home. When I got home, Pete met me at the door.

"Thank God you're back Tim." said Pete, as he gave me a hug. "Those kids are going crazy waiting for you!"

"Well then, let's spend a few moments with the family, then give them a night they won't forget." I laughed.

Not surprisingly, when we went upstairs for the night, Jason and Eddie were naked in seconds. Pete and I giggled as we gave the two naked boys a brief hug.

As Pete and I got undressed, I said, "Okay guys, this is how we're going to do it. Since Jason and I have a little history together before Pete came along, Pete is going to be with him. That will leave me and Eddie together. We're not going to just put our dicks inside you boys either. You are both smaller than us, and we want to stretch you out a little back there first, so we don't hurt you. Jason, you and Eddie go ahead and lay face down on the bed, and let's get started."

The two boys were instantly face down on the bed, and giggled as they wiggled their butts at me and Pete. Pete and I smiled at each other, then paired off with the eager boys. I got in behind Eddie, and began by running my tongue down his crack. Eddie began moaning lightly when I started rubbing my tongue across his pucker. I looked out the corner of my eye at Pete and Jason, and Pete was doing the same thing, with the same effect on Jason. Pete and I continued that with Jason and Eddie, until both boys were squirming beneath us. Then I knelt between Eddie's legs, and motioned for Pete to do the same with Jason. I grabbed the tube of lube off the nightstand, and put a generous drop on my finger before handing it to Pete. Eddie moaned again as I began rubbing the lube into his pucker. Then Pete and I pushed one finger into the boys at the same time, causing them both to gasp.

"We're sorry about that boys, but there's no gentle way to do that part." I said soothingly. "Our dicks are going to be much larger though. Now you see why we need to prepare you for this first. Now that our fingers are in there though, we can take our time and make this feel as good as possible."

In a few moments, Jason and Eddie began to become accustomed to our fingers inside them. As I began to slowly push my finger in and out of Eddie, I rubbed his back and butt with my free hand. Pete followed my lead, and gently did the same with Jason. After about five minutes, both boys were once again moaning softly in pleasure. I reached underneath Eddie, and stroked his balls and dick for a few seconds. His dick was now fully erect at about four inches, so I knew the boys were ready to continue. I pulled my hand out from underneath Eddie, and motioned to Pete to get himself ready. Pete and I stroked our dicks to their full six and six and a half inches, then began to lube them generously.

"Are you boys sure you want this?" I asked.

"Please, yes Tim!" moaned Jason softly.

Pete and I put our dicks up to Jason and Eddie's puckers, then gently pushed the heads into the two boys. Jason and Eddie both gasped loudly, so Pete and I held our dicks still, just inside them. Eddie's hole was incredibly tight, so I knew that it had to be a little uncomfortable for both of them.

I rubbed Eddie's back again and said, "We won't go any further until you boys tell us to continue. We know you've never had anything this big inside you, so take your time to get use to it."

Pete and I massaged Jason and Eddie's backs until they finally began to relax. Their holes were still very tight around our dicks, but the initial discomfort seemed to be going away now. Once both boys moaned that they were ready, Pete and I slowly pushed into them. It took several minute to work our dicks all the way into them, but we didn't want to rush this and hurt them.

Once both of us were all the way inside the boys, Pete said, "Oh my God Tim, I've never had anything squeeze my dick as tightly as Jason's butt is!"

"I know babe." I smiled. "Eddie is very tight too. They'll remember this for quite a while. Are you boys okay?"

"I've never felt this full in my life!" moaned Eddie. "We may walk funny tomorrow, but this is starting to feel great!"

"It's better than I could have imagined!" moaned Jason.

"Then I think you guys are ready." I smiled.

Pete and I began slowly thrusting in and out of Eddie and Jason, with their moans of pleasure becoming much louder. They now seemed to really enjoy having two larger boys opening them up more than they had ever been before. Pete and I continued thrusting very slowly and gently. Even though we weren't touching their dicks now, we knew that they were both as erect as they could be, and would probably orgasm before we were finished. Five minutes in, Jason and Eddie reached beneath each other, and began squirming underneath us. After a few more minutes, the two boys were getting close, but so were Pete and I. Then I felt Eddie's rectum contracting around my dick, and knew he was cumming into the bed. That was all it took for me to begin shooting my cum deep inside Eddie. Eddie moaned and squirmed even more when he felt my cum filling his tight rectum. As my orgasm was fading, I looked over to see Pete and Jason both in the middle of their orgasms. After Pete was finished, we both rested with our dicks still inside the two boys. When Pete and I felt our dicks begin to soften, we finally pulled out of the two very drained boys. Then we turned Eddie and Jason so they were face up, put out arms around them, and turned over so Pete and I were laying in the pool of their cum. Pete and I finally fell asleep with the two younger boys nestled on top of us.

The next morning, Pete and I smiled at our two guests, as I asked, "Can you boys walk this morning, or do Pete and I have to carry you down to breakfast?"

"Although we'd love to be carried downstairs, I think we can walk." giggled Jason. "It might look funny, but I think we can do it."

"In that case I think Pete and I might want to wait until we get home from work to take you dudes home." I replied.

"Do you know that you talk like a Southern California surfer Tim?" laughed Eddie.

That had all of us laughing, as we got ready to go downstairs and get cleaned up for breakfast. Once breakfast was over, we turned the boys over to Greg, to let him keep them entertained while Pete and I were at work.

On the way to town I asked, "Are you sure that you feel up to returning to work Pete?"

"I guess so." replied Pete. "It still hurts a little, but it probably always will. I need to get things back to normal though."

I put one arm around Pete and rubbed his shoulder, as I said, "I love you so much baby. It may always hurt a little, but I'll make things as good as I can for you. You're my mate for life now."

Our boss also asked Pete if he was sure he was ready to work, then gave Pete a very nice hug. Then he told Pete that if there was anything at all he could do for him, to just let him know. Work went really quickly that day, and it was nice to have Pete there with me again.

On the way home, I said, "I think I have an idea to help make you happier babe. Let's get my oldest brother to take us to Canada tomorrow, and place a bet on the Super Bowl next week."

"Are you sure about that Oakland Raiders thing Tim?" asked Pete. "It really seems awfully unlikely."

"Trust me babe!" I smiled.

Considering my track record, Floyd was eager to take us to Canada the next day. He thought I was crazy for betting on Oakland, but he wasn't going to question me either. Pete and I ended up betting as much as the agent would let us, and Floyd put down a good bet too. Greg had also went along, as he knew we would be right.

"You better be right about this Oakland thing Tim." said Floyd. "That will be a lot of money for us to lose if you're not."

"After next Sunday, you'll never doubt me again." I smiled.

"What's this big change of heart about anyway Tim?" asked Floyd. "I thought you were crazy about Minnesota."

"I am, but I know them well enough to know that they can't beat Oakland." I replied.

Fortunately my brother let it drop at that. When the kids at school that week found out that Pete and I were betting in favor of Oakland, they all thought we were crazy. They also thought it was just a few dollars that we were betting with though, and offered to make a bet with us. For the most part, Pete and I thought that might be a bit unfair. There were a few bets that we did take though.

That Sunday, my brother was shocked when Oakland ended up beating Minnesota for the Super Bowl. I just smiled at him like I knew it would happen all along. Pete, Greg, and I took off a half day of school the next day, so we could take our money to the bank. It was enough money so that we knew the bank would make a big deal out of it, which is why my mother had to go with us. She didn't like the fact that we had placed a bet in Canada with Floyd's help, but she was shocked by the amount of money we had to put into the bank. None of us had to work anymore for now if we didn't want to, but Pete and I decided we would still work one evening a week, and one day on the weekend, at least for now.

That week, Pete and I was having a talk. "I think we should have a newer car now." said Pete.

"I don't know, I like the old Camaro." I replied. "It's a classic. Besides, I can afford to keep it in mint condition now. There isn't too much to fix up on it yet."

"Yeah, but if you do get it into mint condition, how long will it stay that way in Michigan winters?" asked Pete.

"You have a point there." I replied. "I'll get this into mint condition, and garage it in the winter. I guess we will need a winter car. I'll have to see what dad thinks about the idea, although since it's our money, I don't think he'll have a problem."

"Besides, we can just run over to Canada and make a bet if we need money." laughed Pete, with his adorable little laugh.

"That last time, the agent suggested that we might want to think about moving to Vegas!" I chuckled. "Besides, it's not always going to be so easy to run over to Canada like it is now."

"Oh-oh, I don't like the sound of that!" replied Pete. "What happens to change things that much?"

"In 2001 a group of terrorists will hijack several planes." I said. "Two of the planes will crash into the World Trade Center, and collapse both buildings. After that, it becomes more difficult to travel casually between countries. The President won't suspend the Constitution or Bill of Rights, but the government starts violating them at will. Millions of law abiding Americans will have their phones and other conversations tapped into by the government. People will be rounded up and held without trial."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Pete. "That sounds awful! We should do something about that."

"Are you turning political on me babe?" I smiled. "Besides, I don't really know what we could do. So many future events have already been started into motion. Carter will be such a mediocre President that everyone will think we can do better. Then Iran will kidnap a group of Americans, and hold them hostage for over a year. That will be the last of Carter's hopes to be re-elected. Ronald Reagan from California will then become President, and his Vice President will serve one term after him. The son of Reagan's Vice President will be President in 2001, and most of the world will compare him to Adolf Hitler."

"There has to be something we can do though." said Pete.

"The only thing I can think of is if Reagan never becomes President." I replied. "How do we do that though?"

"If Carter is doomed to only serve one term, someone has to be convinced to run against Reagan in the primaries in 1980." said Pete.

"Quite a few did." I replied. "Everyone seemed to like Reagan better though."

"Did our Governor run?" asked Pete. "I know he wouldn't start the same kind of mess. I know your family is Democratic, but that still won't help Carter win a second term."

"Hmm, President William Milliken." I replied. "It sure does sound better than President Ronald Reagan! How would we go about convincing him to run? He decides to retire from politics after this term."

"Maybe that's just because he had no better options." said Pete. "I'm guessing that California will help Reagan carry the 1980 primaries. There are some big states on the east coast though. Do you think a state like New York would prefer Reagan over Milliken?"

"I'm sure that given the option, they would rather have anybody over Reagan." I replied. "Most of Reagan's opponents were either from the south, or the midwest. No one ran against him from east of the Mississippi or north of Tennessee."

"Then we have to try." replied Pete. "I'll write him a letter tomorrow, and tell him that I'm sure the whole northeast US would support him. Then he would pick up support from elsewhere in the country, and be sure to be the next President."

"Okay babe, go for it." I smiled. "I really do wish you luck with it."

I have to admit, Pete had the most adorable look of determination that I had ever seen before. I really did hope he could accomplish what he wanted to. I could still remember that day the towers fell, before I came back to 1976. Just like most Americans, it gave me a sick knot in the pit of my stomach. Then to see how some people used that event to further their own greedy agenda almost made me ashamed. The future would be much better if that event never happened.

The next day, Pete and I started looking for a winter car. My dad had said he would help me with the papers, as long as I was paying for the car and insurance on my own. I already knew which cars would last better, so we quickly narrowed the field down and settled on a Camaro Rally Sport. If I had it undercoated well, and took it to the car wash every other day during the winter to have the underside washed, it should last quite a while. Pete snickered that he knew I would pick another Camaro. After we got that car, I would take the other Camaro and have it restored to mint condition, then park it under a tarp. That would have to do until I could build a garage for it.

After picking out a car, Pete worked furiously on his letter. He was determined that we could change any future events that we wanted to. The ones I cared most about though involved my family. I knew that was greedy, but I couldn't help it after the visions that I'd had. To me they were real, and I didn't want to go through them again. The suggestions I had made for supplements that would improve my parents health in the future were becoming well ingrained in my mom's cooking now. She now wondered how she had gotten along without the spices that I had introduced her to. Now I was getting set to work on a homework assignment for Health class, and it would be about smoking. Even though I had been a smoker before I came back, I knew it was not a good habit. Then I got to see what it would do to my parents in the future. I would make this homework assignment beyond any A+ that anyone had ever got before. Pete and I really cracked down after picking up the new car. I was busy working on the homework, and Pete was busy with his letter. He did just as much research for his letter that I did for my homework assignment, and I thought that was a lot. At the end of the week though, he was finally ready to show me the letter he had written. After reading it, I nodded at Pete and smiled.

"If you don't send this to him, I will." I said. "He would be a fool not to run after reading this."

Pete had the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen, just before wrapping me in a hug. I gave Pete a nice kiss, then he sealed the letter in an envelope to mail it the next day. By the time the weekend was over, I had my homework assignment ready to show Pete.

"This looks more like a college paper than a high school paper Tim." smiled Pete. "I'm sure the teacher will give you the highest marks he can, then you can let your parents see it."

"I hope you're right babe." I replied.

Monday was a great day. Not just great in that the sun was shining, and it wasn't too cold for this time of the year. Not just great in that everyone seemed friendly and caring. First, our school got a very special visitor from Lansing that afternoon. It wasn't often that the Governor decided to visit some small high school out in the country, but he received Pete's letter that morning, and felt he had to visit the boy who felt so highly of him. Pete beamed when the Governor thanked him for his letter in front of the entire class, and told him that because of the letter, he would seriously look into running for President. Then the Governor shook Pete's hand, and gave him a brief hug in front of everyone. I swear, I thought Pete was about ready to burst from pride and happiness.

Then in our last class, I turned in my assignment. Since I was a day early, the teacher went ahead and read it while we did our class work. When he started writing on the front page, I became nervous. Even though he was still smiling, I was still nervous. He finally finished, and got the attention of the class.

"Boys and girls, I have been teaching high school for quite a few years now." said the teacher, after he had had me join him at the front of the classroom. "I never thought I would see a paper like this from any of my students though. When I read something like this, it makes me sure that I did the right thing by getting into teaching."

I looked down at the paper, and saw A++ in big letters. The teacher had written his opinion that it was the best paper he had ever read, and he was sorry he couldn't give me better than an A. There were several other compliments, including that I should do well in whatever I do after high school, but I couldn't see them. I was so happy, that I was about ready to jump out of my skin right there.

"This paper is so beyond anything that I thought a young person of your ages was capable of." continued the teacher. "If this had been a college paper, it would be getting the same rave from me. It's going to be hard, but now I have to try not to hold everyone else's papers to the level you set Tim. I want you to take this home to show your parents tonight, then bring it back so I can display it in the classroom for the rest of the week. You make me very proud to be your teacher Tim."

Like I said, it was a great day. I took the paper home with me, but let Pete tell about meeting the Governor first. Then I showed my paper to my parents. They were proud when they saw the marks and compliments, then a little apprehensive when they saw the title. They did both read through it though, and it seemed to be making them think.

"Do you really believe all of this Tim?" asked my mom.

"You saw how much work I did on it mom." I replied. "Every word in there comes from the research I did on the subject. I know that it's all true."

"Well then honey, we're proud of you." said my mom. "Your dad and I will talk about this tonight. I'm happy that your teacher thinks so highly of your school work too."

The next day saw the inauguration of Jimmy Carter as the President. I loved seeing that again, but was sad that it would be his only term. Hopefully our next President would be from Michigan, seeing as how Ford had been unable to pull that off. It also saw a day that never happened before. My parents would make plans to try to quit smoking.

Greg, Pete, and I went upstairs that night, and talked before we went to bed. "Oh my God everyone!" I said. "Things really are changing from the last time!"

"Of course they have silly!" laughed Greg. "Have you been asleep since you came back?"

"But they're REALLY changing!" I said. "Pete may affect the outcome of the next election, and my parents are going to try to quit smoking!"

"And my home life has never been this good." said Greg. "I also have two of the best friends I've ever had. Things have been changing from the moment you came back. I'm glad you came back for all of us Tim."

"I am too Tim." said Pete. "I know things haven't gone the greatest for me, but with you with me, I know I'll be okay. I'd still be afraid of my own shadow now if you hadn't come back for me."

"I love both of you." I said. "Especially you though Pete!"

That night was a beautiful night of love-making, even though Greg wanted to sit in the chair in the corner and watch. I was happy that he was so comfortable with us. It certainly was a change from how he was when I first came back. Besides, he was mine and Pete's best friend now, and we wanted him to see how much we loved each other.

At school, our Health teacher had talked me into letting him enter my paper in an essay contest. I didn't think anything would come of it, but he seemed excited about it. It had accomplished what I wanted though, and that was all I was interested in. Now all we had to do was find a cause for Greg, so he would be as happy as we were. Little did we know that one of our teachers was about to take care of that.

The next day at school, our US Government teacher asked Greg to stay behind. "Hi Greg, I wanted to ask you a favor." said the teacher. "I know that you use to be pretty good at getting into trouble, but that you've also made a remarkable turnaround. I wanted to talk to you about Phil. You know that he missed school for a few days last week. What you don't know is why though. It seems that he got into a little legal trouble. I can't really go into any details, but his parents barely kept him from being put into the state juvenile system. On top of that, he already wasn't doing that well in school. I need someone to help him out with his school work, so that he doesn't fail most of his classes this year. I know I could have asked someone closer to the top of the class, but I also wanted to ask someone who might be a positive influence on him. The way you've turned yourself around, I think you'd be perfect for this."

"I can't believe you'd have that much faith in me." replied Greg. "I'd have to have Tim help me though. I'm not exactly the best student in school, and he's mostly responsible for me getting my life together the way I have."

"That may be fine Greg, but I think it would be best if you start out with just him and you, and get Tim's help in the background." said the teacher. "I'm afraid Phil may have some anger management problems in certain areas. I wouldn't want him getting into more trouble while we're suppose to be trying to help him."

"You do know that I live with Tim though, right?" asked Greg. "If Phil is that bad, I don't know about this."

"I'm sure it will be okay, as long as you take things slowly about having Phil around Tim." said the teacher. "Besides, from what I hear, Tim can take care of himself pretty well. You'd be doing Phil a real favor. If he fails this grade, I don't see him being able to stay out of a state institution."

"Okay, but if this puts Tim or Pete in any danger at all, the deal is off." replied Greg. "They are the two best friends I've ever had, and I'm not going to do anything that might hurt either of them."

"That's fair enough Greg." said the teacher. "Thanks for helping with this."

I have to admit that when Greg told me what the teacher wanted on the way home, I was a little skeptical. I know that Greg use to be pretty bad, but Phil always seemed much worse to me. He was one of those kids who just looked like he was looking for a reason to explode, and no one wanted to be around him when it happened. I don't know what always made Phil seem so angry and anti-social, but I knew that Greg had his work cut out for him.

Well, I hope I'm back on track with this story. Once again, thanks to all of you who were so understanding during the break, and in letting me get a few things out in the previous chapter. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 17.