Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

"You do know that I live with Tim though, right?" asked Greg. "If Phil is that bad, I don't know about this."

"I'm sure it will be okay, as long as you take things slowly about having Phil around Tim." said the teacher. "Besides, from what I hear, Tim can take care of himself pretty well. You'd be doing Phil a real favor. If he fails this grade, I don't see him being able to stay out of a state institution."

"Okay, but if this puts Tim or Pete in any danger at all, the deal is off." replied Greg. "They are the two best friends I've ever had, and I'm not going to do anything that might hurt either of them."

"That's fair enough Greg." said the teacher. "Thanks for helping with this."

I have to admit that when Greg told me what the principal wanted on the way home, I was a little skeptical. I know that Greg use to be pretty bad, but Phil always seemed much worse to me. He was one of those kids who just looked like he was looking for a reason to explode, and no one wanted to be around him when it happened. I don't know what always made Phil seem so angry and anti-social, but I knew Greg had his work cut out for him.

Greg thought it would be best to meet with Phil during study hall for now. He soon figured out what I could have told him easily, in that it would do as much good as bailing out the Titanic with a teaspoon. After one week, Greg was sure Phil would flunk every class he ever even thought about taking. I could tell that it was really bugging Greg on Friday, as he sat beside mine and Pete's bed while Pete and I cuddled.

"I know I use to be mean and stupid, but Phil has me beat by a mile!" complained Greg.

"Greg, you were never mean and stupid." I replied, with my arms around Pete as Pete nibbled at my chest. "You were misguided, and your thoughts were focused in the wrong direction. I'm afraid I can't speak for Phil though."

"Well Tim, I'm glad I was turned around." smiled Greg.

"Turned around?!" I chuckled. "You were calling me fag at the beginning of the school year, and now you're sitting there watching Pete nibble at my nipples. If I decided I wanted to suck Pete's dick right now, you'd probably sit there and watch me do it!"

"Let's test that Tim." smiled Pete, as he looked up from my chest.

"In a minute baby." I replied. "Anyway Greg, you weren't turned around. You were completely changed. I'm glad you were though."

"I guess you're right Tim." said Greg. "I know there's no changing Phil though. I don't know exactly what happened to get him in trouble, but I hear it had something to do with his cousin in the next school district over, and Phil calling him a fag. I don't even know if I like Phil. Not to mention that he doesn't even know how to multiply two whole numbers! We learned that shit in elementary school!"

"Hmm, maybe he should have been held back in the sixth grade." I replied. "Multiplication is pretty simple stuff. How's his grammar?"

"I guess she's okay." laughed Greg. "Really though, I guess he can read and speak pretty good, but I'd hate to have to grade his essays."

"A functional illiterate huh?" I replied. "Sounds like he has a bright future ahead of him. Anyway, one period at school every day may not be enough. You may have to bring him over here, or spend time at his place."

"I don't miss my old home enough to want to see what an even worse one is like." said Greg. "I don't want to bring him here though. What if he tries to start something with you and Pete? You know I'd have to stomp his ass."

"Yeah, if I didn't beat you to it!" I snickered. "You remember how I got rid of Kevin after he set my hair on fire, don't you? Or how I took care of Ed in front of the whole school?"

"I remember Kevin, but what do you mean by taking care of Ed in front of the whole school?" asked Greg.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry." I replied. "That hasn't happened yet. It happens at a school assembly this spring."

"What happens?" asked Greg, intrigued by the knowledge of future events.

"Well, we're all in the gym." I replied. "Deano, Doug, and Pete are sitting behind me, although that might change now, and Ed is sitting in front of me. Doug will be trying to kick Ed in the back, and I'll try to block him. Ed will think I was doing it though, and punch me in the face. Then I take off after him after he takes off running, and catch him as Principal Allen is coming into the gym. When I catch him, I'll knock Ed clean over top of the principal. I'll only get two hours of detention for it though, and Ed will lose the last of his friends here."

"Well, it'll teach him right!" said Greg. "Who does he think he is, punching you for trying to protect him? Was anyone mad at you for skipping over them on the list to beat Ed up?"

"Well, Steve and Mike were the next two on the list, so they weren't too happy." I laughed. "They understood though, since Kenny is always skipping over people on the list anyway. Then the next week in gym class we'll be wrestling, and I'll put the fastest pin on him in the history of our school when I slam him down to the mat."

"Cool!" smiled Greg. "I guess you might be able to handle Phil, although I still don't trust him."

"Neither do I." I said.

After that, I did make Pete cum with my mouth, and Greg did stick around, only to watch. It was amazing how far he had come in such a short time. It wasn't far enough though, because when Pete announced he wanted to put his cock inside me, Greg made an excuse to go to his room. I was sure that someday he would witness what a beautiful thing it was though.

The following week in school, Greg and Phil decided that Phil would come to our house for two hours, three times a week, in addition to the time Greg spent with him at school. Also that week, I was told my paper was a finalist in a state essay contest, and may easily be submitted to a national contest. Pete was thrilled for me, and we both were thrilled that my parents would try to quit smoking.

Then came the week after that, and Phil's first visit to our house. Pete and I decided that it would be best to give Greg some time alone with Phil in his room.

After about thirty minutes of Greg trying to get Phil to understand multiplication, Phil said, "So, it must really stink that the state is forcing you to live with those two fags. Maybe if they found out about it, they'd let you go home."

"Let's get a few things straight Phil." replied Greg. "Tim and Pete are like brothers to me, and if you call either of them a fag again, I'll knock your ass so far into unconsciousness, you'll need a road map to get back! Also, there's no way in Hell I ever want to go back to the place I use to call home. I'm happier here than I've ever been in my life. Everyone here treats me great, especially Tim and Pete."

"Yeah, that's because they probably want to suck your dick!" laughed Phil. "You know how those people are. This actually could work out okay. You can help me with school, and we can both get our dicks sucked by those two homos."

"I'm warning you Phil!" said Greg.

"Hey, I didn't call your girlfriends the f word, so don't get pissy with me!" replied Phil. "Damn, they must be training you to be their bodyguard or something!"

"Someday you'll find out what a friend is Phil, then you'll understand." said Greg. "How come everyone gets everything except for you? Even Kenny likes Tim and Pete, and I'd like to see you have the guts to say some of the things you've said to me to him instead."

"You're the one who needs to get things straight Greg." said Phil. "I could tell you things that would make you shiver! Did you know I had to spend a night in jail, and that's why you have to help me now?"

"I don't know, and I don't want to know." replied Greg. "Let's get one more thing straight Phil. I don't have to do anything. The principal didn't tell me that I have to help you, he just asked me if I would. I could very easily turn my back on you, let you never graduate, and the principal would never say anything to me about it. So you better make sure I want to help you, because no one else does right now."

"Do you really think I'll never graduate if you don't help me Greg?" asked Phil. "Up until lately, you've been Mister Look Ma, All D's! If I really needed help, don't you think they'd give me someone a hell of a lot brighter than you?"

"No one else wants to help your stupid ass Phil!" replied Greg. "The principal looked all over the school, and I was the only one gullible enough to do it. Everyone in our class, including me, learned to do multiplication back in elementary school, so don't tell me how stupid I am!"

"That really kinda hurt Greg." said Phil. "It's not my fault I don't want to learn shit I'll never use once I'm out of this damn school!"

"Oh really Phil?" replied Greg, who knew he was about to win this argument. "Let's say by dumb stroke of luck, someone is crazy enough to hire you after you turn eighteen. I know that's a stretch pal, but stick with me here. If he pays you four dollars an hour, which is another stretch, and you work forty hours in a week, how are you going to know if he's ripping you off if he only pays you eighty dollars for the whole week?"

"Well, um,..." stuttered Phil. "Okay mister genius, how much should he pay me?"

"Eighty dollars is all you're worth, but he should be paying you one hundred and sixty dollars." said Greg. "Four times forty is one hundred and sixty, but if you don't know that, you'll never know if you're getting ripped off."

"How am I suppose to remember what every number in the world is times every other number?" asked Phil, looking a little frustrated. "Forty is a lot of numbers to go through to times that by four."

"All you have to know is the multiplication table through ten though Phil." replied Greg. "If you multiply any number by ten, all you have to do is add a zero to the number. That means that forty is four times ten. All you have to do is multiply four times four, then multiply the result by ten. If I count four fingers four times each, what do I come out with."

Phil counted fingers for a few seconds, and replied, "You'd be the star of the circus with sixteen fingers. So then I just multiply sixteen times ten by adding a zero to it?"

"That's all there is to it Phil." smiled Greg. "You really have to know at least basic math and reading Phil, or you'll never get a job anywhere, and you'll most likely end up in prison. Is that what you want?"

"Even after what happened with my cousin, I guess not." replied Phil. "I'm sorry Greg, I'll try a little harder. Just don't ask me to like people like Tim and Pete. I don't know how you can do that."

The last part hurt Greg, but at least he got through to Phil that he needed to learn some of what he was being taught in school. By the end of that week, Phil was well on his way to learning the multiplication table. Greg was hoping that Phil would learn quickly though, because he didn't like the way Phil would glance at me and Pete while we were on our snowmobiles, or in my car.

The following Friday, I was told by my health teacher that I would have to go to Lansing the following week. My essay had been deemed the best in the state, and I was suppose to attend an award ceremony for it. After that, my essay would go on to the national level, and I would probably be so nervous that I would puke at the drop of a hat. Some health essay, huh?

By the time Greg was starting to teach Phil how to multiply fractions, he was also getting more concerned about Phil's glances at me and Pete. Greg finally had to dig a little deeper.

"Phil, what exactly did happen between you and your cousin?" asked Greg.

"Are you sure you want to talk about that?" asked Phil. "Let's just say he was a fag, and he got what he deserved."

Needless to say, that didn't help ease Greg's concerns, but Phil looked a little hesitant to say any more. Greg had to come to me and Pete about it. "Tim, I'm afraid Phil did something bad to his cousin because his cousin was gay." said Greg.

"I hate to even think of the possibilities that presents." I replied. "Do you know anything about his cousin?"

"Only what I've heard from other people." said Greg. "From what others have said, if Phil even gets near his cousin again, they'll lock him back up for quite a while. I hate to go just by what other people have said though, but Phil isn't saying much about it. The only thing I know is I don't like the way he looks at you and Pete."

"If you think he's dangerous Greg, maybe you should go to Principal Allen." I said.

"What if I do that, and I'm wrong?" asked Greg.

"This is what's called a judgment call Greg." I said. "You'll have to make a lot of those after we graduate. Sometimes you're going to be right, and sometimes you'll be wrong. I can't tell you what to do though, because I don't have as much knowledge of the situation as you do. The only thing I can tell you is that if you think he's not a threat, let this go and see where he goes with it. If you think he's dangerous though, you may even do him a favor by going to the principal. You may want to get more information before you do anything. I promise in the meantime, I won't let him hurt me or Pete either one."

"I guess you're right Tim." replied Greg. "I really need to find someone who knows his cousin. Even if I just get his name, I can go talk to him myself."

"That sounds great Greg." I said. "From what you've told me about the situation, if you do find him, can Pete and I go along too?"

"Sure Tim, I'd be nervous doing this by myself anyway." smiled Greg.

At the beginning of the next week, Pete got a nice letter from our Governor. He had done a preliminary study into the possibility of running for President in 1980, and his advisors told him it might be an excellent idea. That made Pete very happy, and I was surprised that my Pete might be able to change future events by himself.

Also that week, I got to meet the Governor at the award ceremony for my essay. First he read off the list of runner-up essays, then he called off my name and essay. My parents looked so proud that they might burst at any moment. Then he asked me to join him at the podium. While I tried not to blush, Governor Milliken read off comments by the judges about my paper. Then he shook my hand as he handed me the award.

"Thank you very much sir." I said, as I accepted the award. "I hope that I'm able to vote for you as our President in 1980 too sir." Then I pointed to Pete waving from the front row.

"I see." smiled the Governor. "I'll do everything I can to make sure that happens son. I'd be honored to be your President. Will your friend there be old enough to vote then too?"

"Yes, he'll just make it, and I know he can't wait to vote for you too." I replied.

"Good, I'd like to speak with both of you together when it gets closer to election time." said the Governor.

That made me and Pete both feel very good. We didn't know it, but that would be short lived. The next day, Greg came to us and said, "I found someone who knows Phil's cousin, and gave me his name! I just called information, and I finally tracked down his number. I'm going to call him this morning, and see if we can talk to him."

"That's great Greg!" I replied. "We may get to the bottom of this mystery soon."

Greg called the number he had, and was told the boy named Frank was not up to coming to the phone. After a bit of sweet talking by Greg though, he did agree to see us that afternoon. The drive to the town called Leslie was kind of nervous, especially since I also had a few cousins who lived there. Fortunately though, Frank lived on the other side of town from them. Since Phil was so convinced that Frank was gay, I thought it would be best if I introduced Pete and myself as boyfriends.

We were met at the door by a man who we assumed to be Frank's dad. After looking all three of us over carefully, he said, "I guess you boys look safe enough. Come on in. Frank is in his room, at the end of the hallway on the right. He's kind of nervous about this, so if I hear any kind of commotion back there, I'll ask you boys to leave."

"We promise that Frank has nothing to worry about with us." I replied.

We went back to the end of the hallway and knocked. A soft voice told us to come in, so I led the way into the room. The boy who was sitting on his bed in the room looked very cute. He was somewhere between mine and Pete's height, had very soft facial features, and was a slender build.

"Hi, I'm Frank." said the boy softly. "Should I know you guys?"

"No, but we wanted to get to know you." I replied. "My name is Tim, the guy who's holding my hand is my boyfriend Pete, and the other guy is our best friend Greg."

"Wait, did you say boyfriend?" asked Frank. "As in gay?"

"Yes Frank." I replied. "Pete and I are both gay, and very proud of it. We want to be lovers for the rest of our lives."

"Why are you proud of it?" asked Frank. "Everyone says that it's wrong to be gay. I have those feeling sometimes, and I do everything I can to keep them hidden."

"It's not wrong to be gay Frank." I replied. "The only ones who tell you that are people who don't even understand it. Some people hate things they don't understand."

"Yeah, I know." said Frank softly.

"I use to be one of those people Tim is talking about." said Greg. "I use to call Tim fag all the time, and we've even had almost violent confrontations over it. Then I really got to know Tim and Pete. They are really beautiful people, and what they share together is really great. I'll never feel the way I use to about gay people again, thanks to getting to know Tim. We even live together, and he's become like a brother to me."

"I wish everyone was like you then Greg." said Frank.

"You're talking about your cousin Phil, aren't you?" asked Greg.

"If he sent you guys here, you can leave right now!" said Frank emotionally. "I swear, I'll scream as loud as I can!"

"He didn't send us here, although we did come here about him." I said. "There is something very wrong with Phil's behavior, and we wanted to find out what it is before anyone else gets hurt. Can you tell us why Phil spent a night in jail because of you?"

"It's not something that I'm proud of." said Frank softly.

"I understand though Frank." I said. "You have all of these feelings inside you that you can't explain. You feel a need to do something about them, but you know that not very many people could ever understand them. When you find someone who might, you can't help but to let those feelings show. It wouldn't be your fault that you picked the wrong person though, and he had no right to do whatever he did. You should never be ashamed of who you are Frank, because you're right, and all those other people are wrong."

"How do you know all of that?" asked Frank.

"Because I'm gay too, and we all go through that at some point." I replied.

"I guess I am gay, although it's very hard for me to admit that to myself." said Frank. "My dad still swears that I'm not though, and what happened with Phil was just a phase. He thinks I'll grow out of having those feelings for boys, even though I can't even force myself to feel that way about a girl."

"What happened with Phil?" Greg asked.

"Okay, I'll tell you guys, but only because I know you can understand." said Frank. "I wanted so bad to do things with another guy, but no one around here acts like they would be interested in that. Even Phil always seemed like he looked down at me, and he called me fag whenever no one was looking. Then a little over a month ago, he was looking at me kinda strange. I asked him what his problem was, and he said that he was wondering what it would be like to have me suck his dick. I asked him if he was serious, and he said hell yeah. It was a chance to do something that I'd wanted to do for a while, so I told Phil that I'd love to suck his dick. We found a nice quiet place, and he pulled down his pants. His dick looked very nice, and I wanted to do it more than anything in the world. While Phil stood there with his pants around his ankles, I dropped down onto my knees. It felt so incredible to suck another guy's dick for the first time in my life, and I tried to make my cousin feel as good as I could. I'll never forget how good it felt to me, to have his hard dick in my mouth. He kept telling me that my fag mouth felt good around his dick, and that I'd make a fine girl. For some reason it made it feel even better to me. After he cummed in my mouth, and I swallowed all of it down, I looked up at him and smiled. Then I asked him if he liked it. The next thing I saw was his fist coming down at my face. The first punch hurt worse than anything I've ever felt, so I screamed out as loudly as I could. I guess I made too much noise though, because his second punch knocked me out. The next thing I remembered was waking up in the hospital later that night, covered with casts and bandages, and cops around my bed waiting to talk to me. That was well over a month ago, and I just got out of the hospital last week." Then Frank began to cry.

I knew Frank was really hurting, so I wrapped my arms around him gently. Frank cried onto my shoulder for a few minutes, then Pete took him into his arms. What was really nice was when Greg took his turn holding Frank in his arms, while he rubbed Frank's back gently.

"I'm not even gay Frank, but if you had asked me, I might have let you." said Greg. "I couldn't have done anything back, but I wouldn't have talked like he did while you were doing it. And I would have told you how much I appreciated what you did."

Frank finally stopped crying, and said, "You three are the nicest guys I've ever known. It was really hard to tell anyone exactly what happened, but you made it okay. You make it feel like it wasn't my fault."

"It wasn't your fault Frank." I said. "He tricked you into performing oral sex on him, then beat you up. That's rape as far as any of us are concerned, and no one has the right to do that to anyone. I just can't believe the cops only locked him up for one night."

"Our parents decided they wanted to keep this as quiet as possible, so they all got together and made a deal." said Frank. "I probably wasn't even suppose to tell you guys what happened, but I had to tell someone. Keeping this inside hurts almost as bad as what he did to me."

"I'm glad you did tell us Frank." I said. "We love you, and if you ever need anything, I want you to call us first."

"Tim's right, Frank." said Greg. "You are a great guy, and you didn't deserve what happened. We'll make sure Phil never does that to anyone else, now that we know how bad he is. We'll make sure he knows how wrong he was."

"Can you guys really do that?" asked Frank.

"Greg is Phil's tutor right now." I said. "For some reason it would be really bad if Phil were to continue to flunk all of his classes. I'm sure that was part of the deal now. He'll listen to us eventually, or else."

"You did the right thing today Frank." said Greg. "Telling us may help keep this from happening to someone else. And remember what Tim said, if you need anything at all, please call us first. We care about you, and we'll help you any way that we can."

"Thanks guys, just be careful around Phil." replied Frank. "The doctors said that he almost killed me."

"We will Frank." I said. "And we'll make sure he pays some kind of price for what he did to you. Right now he's getting off free, and I don't like to see that."

What did Greg get himself into? Will Greg, me, and Pete be able to do anything with Phil? Can we help Frank get over the attack by his cousin? See if I can answer any of these questions in my next chapter, or if this will be a long and complicated plot twist. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 18.