Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

"Our parents decided they wanted to keep this as quiet as possible, so they all got together and made a deal." said Frank. "I probably wasn't even suppose to tell you guys what happened, but I had to tell someone. Keeping this inside hurts almost as bad as what he did to me."

"I'm glad you did tell us Frank." I said. "We love you, and if you ever need anything, I want you to call us first."

"Tim's right, Frank." said Greg. "You are a great guy, and you didn't deserve what happened. We'll make sure Phil never does that to anyone else, now that we know how bad he is. We'll make sure he knows how wrong he was."

"Can you guys really do that?" asked Frank.

"Greg is Phil's tutor right now." I said. "For some reason it would be really bad if Phil were to continue to flunk all of his classes. I'm sure that was part of the deal now. He'll listen to us eventually, or else."

"You did the right thing today Frank." said Greg. "Telling us may help keep this from happening to someone else. And remember what Tim said, if you need anything at all, please call us first. We care about you, and we'll help you any way that we can."

"Thanks guys, just be careful around Phil." replied Frank. "The doctors said that he almost killed me."

"We will Frank." I said. "And we'll make sure he pays some kind of price for what he did to you. Right now he's getting off free, and I don't like to see that."

Needless to say, the talk with Frank was a real eye opener. I knew that none of us could ever trust Phil, or turn our backs to him. The big problem was what to do about him. Greg wanted to walk away from this one, but I convinced him that if he did that, Phil would just find someone to take his frustration out on. Besides, Greg had been doing such a good job with Phil that the principal wouldn't let him walk away easily. Greg did manage to keep his patience with Phil, and the fact that Greg would take off in his car for a few hours every once in a while seemed to have something to do with it. I had my suspicions of what was going on, but I didn't want to ask or know unless Greg came to me.

Greg did continue to be concerned with the way Phil would look at me and Pete though, and now Pete and I were able to catch a few of those glances too. I had to admit that Phil didn't look like he was thinking any nice thoughts at those times.

Then came a moment that I wish I had been able to film. As Pete and I prepared to make love one night, Greg came into the room. Pete wanted me inside him that night, so I warned Greg. Greg made no motion to leave the room though. I knelt between Pete's legs, and lubed my cock. Then I put Pete's legs onto my shoulders, and placed my cock at his pucker.

As I pushed myself into Pete with Greg watching, Greg casually said, "We're going to have to do something soon Tim. I don't think Phil will go much longer without doing something."

"Has he said something Greg?" I grunted, as my cock thrust in and out of Pete.

"He hasn't made any threats, but his tone about you two gets nastier all the time." replied Greg. "I've talked to Frank quite a bit lately, and he agrees."

"So, you and Frank are becoming friends?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's a nice guy." smiled Greg. "He certainly didn't deserve what Phil did to him, and just because he made Phil feel good. Phil doesn't deserve a cousin like Frank, and I'm sure he doesn't deserve my help."

"Maybe it's time to talk to Principal Allen then, and get his take on this." I grunted, with my thrusts into Pete getting more urgent.

"Yeah, I think you're right Tim." replied Greg. Greg then smiled at Pete, and Pete smiled back at Greg. "You really enjoy Tim doing that, don't you Pete?" asked Greg.

"This is the most personal way Tim and I can have contact." moaned Pete. "To feel him inside me is the most beautiful feeling in the world."

"It looks like it would be..., at least for two guys who love each other." said Greg, adding the last part quickly. "Well, I'll let you guys finish what you're doing,and we'll talk to the principal tomorrow."

"If you were trying to leave before I shoot inside Pete, you're too late!" I moaned, trying not to be heard downstairs.

"I'm going to cum too Tim!" moaned Pete.

Greg watched as I cummed inside Pete, and Pete cummed all over his stomach and chest. Once my orgasm was over, I pulled out of Pete and licked his stomach and chest clean. Greg finally smiled at both of us, then went back to his room.

The next day was my seventeenth birthday. In my mind I felt it was silly turning seventeen again. My body was another story though. I had the body and energy of a seventeen year old boy, and I liked that a lot. The party would be that evening, but first there was school to contend with. Greg did talk to principal Allen, and as I suspected, he was unable to talk his way out of being Phil's tutor. The principal said that he would have a talk with Phil though, which I felt was a huge mistake. The bad thing about mistakes is that once they're made, they tend to multiply. We didn't know the outcome of the principal's talk with Phil, but it wouldn't take long to find out.

For my birthday, my youngest brother Deano had made me a very nice picture in art class. He always was the talented one in the family as far as that kind of thing went. Knowing what I knew about the future, I knew I would love and cherish whatever it was he had worked on for me. The knowledge of the future seemed to making me and him even closer than we were before. I was told it was very nice. I would never know for sure though, because someone had found it wrapped for me, and urinated on it. My brother left the room to wash his hands, crying that it had been ruined. Now might be a good time to explain that I got my temper from my dad. I knew who had done it, and I wanted to kill the son of a bitch! My dad was able to snag me out of mid-air, as I lunged at Phil. I was going to hurt the asshole bad, and my dad knew it. The funny thing was, after my dad stopped me, I could see how red his face was. He was mad as hell too.

"Why did you stop me dad?!" I asked, as I struggled to get to Phil.

"Because Tim, you need to calm down." replied my dad, in as calm of a tone as he could manage. "There are ways to handle these things. I might not have always taught you boys the right way by the way I act, but it's about time I started. Phil, get out of my house right now! You can go out in the yard to wait for your parents, or I can call the police to remove you as a trespasser."

"Go ahead and call the cops old man!" dared Phil. "Greg is my tutor, and you don't have any choice!"

"Greg is under my care as a foster son, you little smart ass!" replied my dad, as his voice raised a bit. "I have the final say as to who he's allowed to associate with! Besides, from what he's said, he doesn't want you around any more than anyone else here!"

"You can't protect that faggot son of yours twenty four hours a day!" sneered Phil.

"Please let me go dad!" I begged.

My dad had my mom call the police, then said, "Tim doesn't need me to protect him from you Phil. If I turned him loose right now, he would most likely kill you. What kind of pet do you have Phil? When Tim was younger, his pet was a one ton bull. He and the bull would chase each other all over the place, and Tim would wrestle it to the ground. If he can handle a one ton bull, I'm sure he can handle a one hundred and forty pound bag of bullshit!"

I have to admit, that one almost made me laugh. It also brought back some fond memories of our bull, Tom. The funny thing was, those memories were a lot sharper than they had been in a while. I remembered how one time Tom and I were chasing each other around the yard. A man stopped in the road, thinking I was being attacked by a raging bull. When the man ran toward me, Tom charged him. My friend Tom's only instinct at that moment was to protect me from the stranger. I had to call Tom off, after he had chased the man up on top of the roof of his car. Then I had to explain to the man that me and my friend were just playing.

My dad also looked like he had made Phil stop to think. Unfortunately for Phil, he hadn't thought of leaving yet. The police knocked on the door, and ended up taking Phil away. I didn't really care where they took him at the moment, I was just glad when he was gone. Then my dad called the school board president, who happened to be a friend of his, and told them that under no circumstances was Greg allowed to tutor Phil any longer. Mister Harris, the school board president, apologized, and assured my dad that Greg would not have to tutor Phil any longer.

Then I went to find Deano. I knew that he was still upset, and I had to make things better for him. I hound him sitting on his bed, still crying.

"Your birthday is ruined Tim!" cried Deano. "I just wanted to show you how much I love you as my brother!"

I put an arm around Deano and said, "You do that every day Deano. Just being my brother is enough to show me how much you love me. I love you just as much too. We can replace what Phil ruined, but Phil can never ruin the love we share as brothers. That will be with us for as long as we both live."

By that time we were both crying, so I put both arms around Deano, and gave him a warm hug. That seemed to help both of us. After a few minutes, we dried our tears, then I said, "You can always make me another picture Deano, and I'll love it just the same. It'll be because you made it, and I'd know how much love you put into it. I'd love it if it were a picture of a can of beans, because it would remind me how much I love you. Now, let's get back to the party. The police took Phil away, and I'll take you out later to get something to replace the picture for now. It can be anything you want too."

That made Deano happy again, and I was happy that he was happy. The rest of the party was much less eventful, except for my dad wanting to talk about something that Phil had said. I had a pretty good idea what that was, and I wasn't looking forward to it.

"Tim, your mother and I have discussed this being gay thing a little." said my dad. "I still can't say that I understand it."

"That makes two of us then dad." I replied. "I have no idea why I'm gay. I know that I didn't choose to be gay though, and there's nothing I can do about it."

"Are you sure of that Tim?" asked my dad. "It would be a little bit of a relief to know that it's the way you are, and you didn't choose it."

"I'm positive dad." I replied. "Who would choose something like that at my age? It would be the same as choosing to have people hate you because of who you are. Just look at Greg. After he turned himself around, he's become a really great friend. It could have just as easily ended up with him still hating me though. Look at Phil. He doesn't know anything about me, other than I'm gay, and he hates me to the point where that will never change. Look at the mess he caused today, just because he hates someone he knows nothing about. I don't want people to feel that way about me, but I can't change the feelings I have deep inside me. Trying not to be gay would be the same as trying not to breathe air, or trying to be a dog. It just wouldn't work."

"I don't like people hating you either Tim." said my dad. "I'm so afraid that you will end up being hurt."

"Well, I hope that I'll always be able to look out for myself and the people who are close to me, and be able to defend myself and the people who are close to me." I replied. "I haven't done too bad yet, and I'm still the same person I've always been. Besides, I have a great family to help, and I've surrounded myself with some pretty good friends."

"Yeah, you are the same, aren't you." said my dad. "I guess all I can ask is that you be careful of those around you who aren't your friends or family. I know your brothers are a little confused right now about what that boy said. If you, Pete, and Greg want to go out somewhere for a few hours, your mother and I can have a talk with them. I'll let her do most of the talking though. She seems to understand this better than I do."

"Thanks dad, that would be great." I replied. "Can we take Deano with us though? I made him a promise today that I'd like to keep. Me and him have always been able to talk about anything, and I'm sure I can get him to understand this."

"Sure Tim, I guess that would be okay." replied my dad.

"Thanks dad." I said. "I love my family so much!"

"And we love you too Tim, no matter what." replied my dad.

Okay, that conversation left me feeling pretty good. I didn't come out to my parents the first time until I was twenty seven. Even then, me and my dad really didn't discuss it much. This time though he left me with the feeling that he would try to understand it, and that he loved me very much. Pete and Greg both smiled at the goofy grin on my face, as we all got in the car with Deano, and headed off toward the mall in Okemos.

Deano looked up to the front seat at me and Pete, and asked, "What did Phil mean when he called you a faggot Tim?"

I knew that was coming, I just didn't expect it so quickly. I finally replied, "Do you know how sometimes most boys are curious about other boy's bodies, and how they and other boys function sexually?"

"Yeah." replied Deano.

"Well, most times it's just curiosity." I said. "The boy usually passes through that phase quickly, and goes on to be attracted to girls sexually. Sometimes the boy realizes that he's only attracted to other boys sexually, and it goes even further. He is attracted to other boys sexually, and wants to do things with other boys that most boys want to do with girls. The boy is homosexual, or is usually referred to as gay. Some people hate people like that though. Phil knows that I'm gay, and he hates me because of that. Words like faggot and queer are often used hatefully by people like that to describe people like me."

"Why does he hate you though?" asked Deano. "Is he afraid you're going to try something with him, and he doesn't want to do it?"

"He knows that I have a boy who I love very much, so that's not why he hates me." I replied. "I don't know why Phil hates gay people so much. Usually it's because people don't understand people like me, and they're taught to hate things they don't understand."

"Well, he's a jerk." said Deano. "I mean, I don't understand wanting to have sex with boys either. I know boys can play with each other, but how do they have sex?"

"Well, there are a few different ways two boys can have sex." I replied, as I blushed slightly. "It's not really that important though."

"You're right Tim, it isn't." said Deano. "I may not know a lot about stuff like that, but I still love you. People like Phil are assholes."

"Thanks little brother, I love you too." I smiled.

"So then Tim, is Pete your boyfriend?" asked Deano. "Is that why you and him like sleeping together in the same bed upstairs?"

"Yeah, Pete is the most incredible boyfriend I could have." I smiled, as I gently stroked Pete's leg. "Are you okay with me having a boyfriend from your grade?"

"Sure, I think it's cool that you're in love with one of my classmates!" giggled Deano. "I'm sorry some of the other guys in our class haven't been nicer to you Pete. I'll make sure they know that you're my friend now, and that they better treat you better."

"Thanks Deano." replied Pete. "I'm glad to have a friend like you."

It didn't take Deano too long to find something he wanted to get me, to replace the picture. It was a good thing I had more money with me than I usually carried though. My eyes must have bugged a little when he told me he needed one hundred and fifty dollars. I did have that though, and enough left for the arcade and some gas. He didn't want me to go with him and pick it up though, so I had Greg go with him and carry the cash. Then Pete and I went to the arcade to wait for them. When Deano and Greg returned, Deano was carrying a small and nicely wrapped box. He wasn't going to give it to me until we got home though, and Greg laughed as he said that Deano had sworn him to secrecy. After a few more games at the arcade, it was time to head back home.

Once we got home, we all had a short family discussion. Mom and Dad did a very good job of explaining things to my other two brothers, and it seemed like things were fine. I couldn't believe how much better things were going this time around. When Greg, Pete, and I headed upstairs to bed that night, Deano followed us.

Once we were in mine and Pete's room, Deano handed me the box and said, "Happy birthday Tim. You're the coolest big brother I have."

I went ahead and opened the box after smiling at Deano, and took out a pendant necklace he had bought me. The pendant was a pair of angels, with their arms wrapped together. "This is really beautiful Deano!" I said. "I don't know what to say!"

"Turn it over." said Deano.

I turned the pendant over, and on the back he had the jeweler inscribe "Tim" on the back of one angel, and "Pete" on the back of the other angel. Without saying a word, I wrapped my arms around Deano and gave him a kiss in the cheek.

"I love you so much Deano!" I almost cried. "This has been the happiest birthday of my life!"

I briefly thought about the future, and knew there was no way I was going to let it repeat itself now. I had already begun to change things, and I was going to change this too. I was brought out of my thoughts when I felt Deano return a kiss to my cheek.

"I'm glad I could make this as happy as it should have been without Phil here then Tim." said Deano. "I like making my big brother happy. I'm glad you and Pete are boyfriends too, and you like having sex with each other. I hope you two are together forever."

"You make me happier than you'll ever know Deano." I smiled. "Pete and I will do everything we can to make your wish come true."

The next day, Phil was very quiet at school. The principal had spent the entire first period talking to him, while Greg and I were in vocational school. When we got back to our high school at lunchtime, Phil wouldn't even look at any of us. If things stayed that way with him, that would make me very happy. In the shop class from hell, which I had now begun looking forward to, Jason seemed happier than usual. Today he was back in the finishing room, staining his latest class assignment. I walked back there to find him and another boy named Joey, talking and laughing together.

When Jason saw me, he quickly undid his pants, pulled his dick out, and said, "Hey Tim, look at how my dick is starting to grow!"

"Geez Jason, you really have to stop showing people your dick all the time!" laughed Joey. "I know you're proud of it. Heck, I'm proud of mine too, but I don't show it to everyone all the time! He has to have showed me his dick at least ten times over the past month Tim."

"Well Joey, there's nothing wrong with a guy being proud of his dick." I said. "At least he only shows it to people who he knows, and who don't mind seeing it."

"I guess you're right Tim." snickered Joey, as he turned to leave the room. "Just tell him to keep it that way."

Once Joey was gone, I reached down and caressed Jason's dick into stiffening. "That is growing quite a bit Jason." I said. "How is Eddie doing?"

"His is growing too!" replied Jason, as he calmly let me handle his dick. "He's keeping right up with me!"

"You two guys are going to be very well hung when you get older then." I smiled, as I let Jason's erection rest in my hand.

"How well hung?" asked Jason.

"It's hard to be sure, but I'd say you'll end up with eight to ten inches at this rate." I replied.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Jason. "I can't even imagine an eight inch dick inside my butt!"

"Don't worry, you'll get use to it and love it." I said, without thinking.

"How do you know that Tim?" asked Jason as he smiled, and his dick twitched in my hand.

Now I had to think quickly. I knew Jason would never believe the truth. "Well, my doctor likes to do stuff with me." I finally said. "It started off with him playing with my dick during examinations, when I was little. Then we got to the point where he had me examine his too. When his got hard, it would get to a little over eight inches. After that, he wanted to examine mine with his mouth, and he eventually had me doing the same thing to his. Then he dropped the pretending, and started telling me how good I was at sucking his cock. He sucked my first load of cum out of me when I was twelve, and it was incredible. Then about a month before I met Pete, he fucked my ass for the first time."

"How did it feel?" asked Jason, now breathing a little heavier.

"It hurt like hell at first, but soon it started feeling really good." I said, hoping Jason was buying this story. "Then I met Pete, and told the doctor we had to stop doing stuff. I think he was okay with it because he had his eye on a younger boy."

"Wow!" exclaimed Jason, who had apparently believed every word of my far-fetched story.

Just then we heard the doorknob turn, and I immediately dropped Jason's dick. Jason was stumbling though, and couldn't get it back in before Tawny walked in.

"What are you guys doing?!" asked Tawny, looking directly at Jason's erection.

"Um, um." stuttered Jason.

"Jason's dick has started growing, and he was just showing it to me Tawny." I replied. "It's a guy thing. All guys show off to each other when they start growing."

"Well, some of us girls might be interested too!" smiled Tawny, as she walked over to Jason. Jason was frozen in shock as Tawny reached down and grabbed his stiff dick, then said, "I think it looks very nice Jason. It's really hard when it's stiff too."

As Tawny stroked Jason's dick erotically, she reached down and exposed her vagina. Then she spread it apart as she said, "How does this look Jason? God, I'll bet your dick would feel so good inside it!"

Tawny then held Jason's dick out as she stepped up to it. She put Jason's dick up to her slit, and pushed Jason into herself. Tawny thrust back and forth as she smiled, at least for about ten seconds. Then Jason came out of it, and his dick softened inside her.

"What's the matter Jason?" asked Tawny. "Wasn't my cunt feeling good around your dick? Maybe I should suck it for you, and make it hard again."

"I don't think that will do any good Tawny." I said. "Jason already has someone he makes love to. That's probably why he lost his erection."

"Is that true Jason?" asked Tawny.

"Yeah, I have someone else already." said Jason, as his flaccid dick slipped out of Tawny.

"Oh crap!" exclaimed Tawny. "I did it again! Why do the really cute boys always have to been taken?"

"Don't worry Tawny, you had no way of knowing." said Jason.

"Thanks Jason, and I'm sorry about doing that to you." replied Tawny, before quietly slipping out the door.

As Jason finally put his dick back in his pants, I asked, "Nothing kills an erection like a girl trying to make you fuck her, does it?"

Jason and I both laughed at that one, as Jason finished staining his project. I did tell Jason he should catch up to Tawny later though, and make sure she didn't feel bad about what had happened.

Phil was gone the next day, and I heard through the high school grapevine that he had to go to court. Oh well, if they locked him up, he would have been asking for it. As luck would have it though, Phil was back on Friday, so I knew that they didn't. That Sunday though, Greg came back from Frank's house mad as hell.

"That asshole!" yelled Greg. "I would have went to kick Phil's ass from Frank's house, but Frank's dad stopped me. We still need to find that asshole right now!"

"What's the matter Greg?" I asked.

"He showed up over at Frank's house, even though the court told him not to!" said Greg heatedly. "He sneaked in through Frank's window, and was going to try to fuck Frank until Frank screamed out for his dad. Frank's dad threw him out, and threatened to call the police, but he should have done a lot more than that!"

"Is Frank okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, he was scared as hell, but he's okay." said Greg, as it looked like what happened started getting to him. "Frank doesn't deserve to be treated that way!"

"It's okay Greg, Frank will be fine." I said, trying to calm Greg back down. "He's very lucky to have a friend like you, who cares about him so much. We do need to deal with Phil, but we have to be careful how we do it. This whole thing could get to the point where one of us gets into trouble, and Phil isn't worth that."

"You're right Tim, and I'm sorry." said Greg. "It's just that Frank is a really good friend now. I think I know what to do about Phil now though."

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