Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

"What's the matter Greg?" I asked.

"He showed up over at Frank's house, even though the court told him not to!" said Greg heatedly. "He sneaked in through Frank's window, and was going to try to fuck Frank until Frank screamed out for his dad. Frank's dad threw him out, and threatened to call the police, but he should have done a lot more than that!"

"Is Frank okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, he was scared as hell, but he's okay." said Greg, as it looked like what happened started getting to him. "Frank doesn't deserve to be treated that way!"

"It's okay Greg, Frank will be fine." I said, trying to calm Greg back down. "He's very lucky to have a friend like you, who cares about him so much. We do need to deal with Phil, but we have to be careful how we do it. This whole thing could get to the point where one of us gets into trouble, and Phil isn't worth that."

"You're right Tim, and I'm sorry." said Greg. "It's just that Frank is a really good friend now. I think I know what to do about Phil now though."

I had always hoped that my family and I were teaching Greg to do the right thing. For the most part that was true, but the mistake that was made in having the principal confront Phil was still compounding itself. Greg knew that Phil always snuck out to the woodlot behind the school at lunch, so he could smoke and not worry about getting caught. On Monday, Greg decided to follow him out there. Greg waited for his moment, then sprang at Phil from behind, knocking Phil to the ground.

"It's about time you got a taste of your own medicine, you asshole!" said Greg, as he tied Phil's hands and feet together.

"What the fuck are you doing Greg?!" asked a confused Phil.

"Since you like trying to rape your cousin so much, you need to know what you're putting him through!" replied Greg, as he tied Phil's hands to his feet, leaving Phil in a kneeling position. Then Greg took out his dick, put it in Phil's face, and said, "Suck my dick Phil! And if I feel your teeth on it one time, I'll knock you so far out that you won't come to until next week!"

"You're out of your mind Greg!" said Phil. "I ain't no fag like that friend of yours! Go get Tim to suck your dick!"

"He isn't the one who needs to learn a lesson Phil!" replied Greg. "And I ain't doing this because I want a guy to suck my dick either! Now, open your mouth or I'll open it for you!"

When Phil didn't open his mouth, Greg pried it open himself. Then Greg thrust his dick into Phil's mouth. Greg wasn't ready for what happened next. Phil stopped fighting it, and began sucking Greg's dick willingly. Greg looked down to see Phil pucker his lips around Greg's stiffening shaft, close his eyes, and suck like he wanted it.

"Holy shit Phil!" exclaimed Greg. "Here I am trying to do to you what you did to your cousin, and you're wanting to do it willingly! You're just as much gay as Tim and Pete is, aren't you?"

Phil couldn't reply, as he was busy longingly sucking Greg's cock. Phil knew his charade was over now, and was going to go out with a bang by sucking the cum out of Greg. It would be Phil's first taste of another boy's cum, but he had been curious for quite some time now. Phil was now moaning passionately around Greg's cock, as Greg rubbed the back of his head.

Greg then pulled Phil off his cock, and said, "Tell me you want it back in your mouth Phil."

"Please Greg, let me finish sucking your cock!" begged Phil.

Greg immediately put his cock back in Phil's mouth, and began enjoying it. Greg enjoyed it even more when he felt the head of his cock slip just inside Phil's throat. Phil massaged the head with his throat for a few seconds, then backed off to use his mouth. When Greg felt Phil's tongue on the underside of his shaft, and massaging the head, he began building up to an orgasm.

"I'm going to cum Phil!" moaned Greg. "I'm also letting go of your head. You don't have to take it in your mouth unless you want to."

Phil continued to passionately suck on Greg's throbbing shaft, and soon felt Greg's cum shooting into his mouth. Greg was almost in shock as he looked down, and saw Phil eagerly swallowing his cum.

After it was over, Greg said, "I think I can cum again Phil. I'm going to fuck you. Is that okay?"

"Okay Greg." replied Phil breathlessly.

Greg then untied Phil, pulled Phil's pants down, and laid him on his back. Greg's cock was still slick with his own cum, so he knelt between Phil's legs, placed his cock at Phil's pucker, and pushed it into Phil.

"Easy Greg!" grimaced Phil. "This is my first time!"

Greg slowed down a little bit, and gently worked his cock into Phil. Once it was all the way in, Greg began to thrust back and forth. As Greg fucked Phil, he asked, "Why Phil? If you enjoy this so much, why did you try to rape your cousin? Why are you trying to make my friend's lives hell?"

"Because I can't be this way Greg!" moaned Phil. "You know how other kids treat kids who do this kind of thing! My dad would kill me if he thought I liked doing this stuff! Please Greg, don't tell anyone."

"But to beat your cousin bad enough to put him in the hospital?" replied Greg. "How could you do that?"

"I was afraid Greg." Phil almost cried now, as Greg continued thrusting. "I wanted to prove to everyone there was no way I could be like my cousin. I wanted to make sure no one ever questioned me about it. I did feel bad afterward."

"So bad that you tried to rape him again?" asked Greg.

"It wasn't going to be like that Greg." replied Phil. "I wasn't going to hurt him this time."

"It's too late for that though Phil." said Greg. "You already did. Now any time you go near him, it hurts him!"

"If it means anything, he sucked my dick really nice." said Phil.

"I know, he sucked mine nice too!" grunted Greg. "I didn't beat him up for it though. I jacked him off and made sure he felt good too! I'm going to cum again Phil!"

Greg shot another load into Phil's rectum as he moaned in pleasure. Once Greg's second orgasm was over, he pulled his and Phil's pants back up. "I'll make you a deal Phil." said Greg. "I won't tell anyone that you're gay, and that you sucked me and let me fuck you. That's going to be up to you to face someday. Right now though you're going to start by telling Tim, Pete, and Frank, and apologizing to all three of them. If you don't, what we did out here today will be school gossip by the end of the week. Is it a deal?"

"I might as well." replied Phil somberly. "I'm in so much trouble now that I'll probably be locked away before too much longer. At least I won't have any problem finding someone there."

"You never know Phil." said Greg, "If you're sincere enough, an apology might go a long way right now."

"And then face everyone here finding out about me someday?" asked Phil.

"It's up to you whether you want anyone to know that you're gay Phil." replied Greg.

"How do I know that you won't go ahead and tell everyone anyway?" asked Phil.

Greg put an arm over Phil's shoulder and replied, "Because, I don't want to ruin your life Phil. You have really hurt three friends of mine though, and I do want you to make things better with them."

"Okay Greg, I'll trust you." said Phil. "By the way, thanks for letting me suck your dick, and for putting your dick inside me. Both was a first time for me, and you made it feel good."

"I'm glad you liked it then." smiled Greg. "I hope you find a really nice boyfriend someday Phil. And don't worry, this is our secret for now. I'm sure Tim, Pete, and Frank will feel the same way."

"I guess we should find Tim and Pete, and get that over with." said Phil.

To say I wasn't expecting what was about to happen would be an understatement. I had never fainted before, but I sure came close when Phil and Greg found me and Pete.

"Tim, I think Greg may have gotten through to me." said Phil. "I treated you and Pete like crap, and you didn't deserve it."

"The one thing I feel the worst about is what you did to my brother Phil." I replied. "There's no way you can ever make that up to him, and he's never done anything bad to anyone. If you're here to try to apologize, you owe him one first."

"Maybe, but I need to apologize to you two first, because I need to explain myself." said Phil. "My dad has always taught me to hate gay people. When I got in trouble for what I did to Frank, it didn't start out that way. I asked him to suck my dick because I really wanted him to. It felt so damn good that I couldn't believe it. The only thing I could think was how great my cousin was making me feel. Then I almost asked him if I could suck his dick when he was finished. He looked like he was enjoying it so much, and I found myself wanting to see what it felt like to have him in my mouth. I was almost to the point of drooling to find out. Then my dad's voice popped into my head. I looked down again, and saw Frank wanting to make me cum more than anything in the world. There was no doubt that he was gay, and loved having sex with guys. I imagined my dad beating me to death because I did the same thing to Frank, and suddenly I couldn't bring myself to be like him. I went ahead and cummed for him, let him swallow it, then beat him like my dad would have. I wanted my dad to be proud that I would have used Frank like that, then given him what my dad thought he would have deserved. I felt awful though. Frank made me feel great, and he loved doing it, and all I could do was something he didn't deserve. Damn it, I'm gay too, and I should have returned the feelings he showed me!"

Then I saw Phil do something I never thought I'd see him do. Phil began to cry. It wasn't just a whimper, he was bawling his head off. I didn't want anyone to see him like that, so I put my arm around Phil and led him into the boys bathroom. Greg and Pete stood guard, while I tried to calm Phil.

As I hugged Phil close, I said, "Phil, I know how much you hurt right now. Facing the fact that you're gay is the hardest thing in the world to do, especially when you know that your dad is going to hate you if he finds out. We'll help you with this if you want though Phil. You don't have to go through this alone."

"Why would you even want to help me after the things I've done?" cried Phil.

"Because Phil, for the first time since I've known you, I've seen something genuinely good inside you." I replied. "If you could be yourself Phil, and not who your dad wants, you'd be a great person and friend. And just because you're gay, it doesn't mean you have to act any differently, except to stop being so mean. You can act the same as you do now, and no one will ever have to know unless you want them to."

"You mean I won't start talking all girlie, and getting all limp in my joints?" asked Phil, genuinely afraid that would happen.

"Do I act that way Phil?" I asked. "Do I act like a girl, and let people like who you use to be push me around? Ask anyone who's taken me on if they want to do it again."

"I guess you have a point Tim." said Phil, trying to dry his eyes.

"Of course I do." I replied. "What you just described is a horrible stereotype, kept alive by people who couldn't understand us if they tried. You don't have to act any way you don't feel comfortable with Phil. Just be yourself, and stop being mean to people. You'll have a lot more friends if you do, and none of them will have to know that you're gay unless you want them to. Now, here's the way you can expect to be treated if you'll give up the bully routine."

I pulled Phil's head toward me, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. I made it a very nice kiss, so Phil would like it. When I pulled back, Phil was actually smiling, so I guessed it worked.

"You have a nice smile Phil." I said. "I'd like to see it more often. Now, are you going to be my friend, instead of my enemy?"

"I'd really like that Tim." replied Phil.

"Now, what exactly happened to bring about such a drastic change in you?" I asked, ready for the answer already.

"I can't really tell anyone Tim." replied Phil. "Let's just say that Greg showed me who I really was, and I couldn't hide from it anymore."

"Damn closed mouthed kids!" I laughed to myself. Then I led Phil back out so we could all get to class before we were late. Phil agreed to meet with us after our last class, so he could apologize to my brother. I knew that would make Deano feel a little better.

After that, Pete, Greg, Phil, and I were off to Frank's house. I knew Phil couldn't go inside, so we dropped him off at a nearby park. Then we would bring Frank back to that park, and try to prepare him for what Phil was going to tell him. Frank didn't seem too eager at first, but we waited until we were in my car to spring it on him. When we got back to the park, Phil was looking kind of worried. Greg and I wanted to give them some privacy, but Frank wanted us close by. Phil had already picked out a secluded corner of the park, where Pete, Greg, and I could be parked and waiting in the car, only a few steps away. We couldn't hear what Phil was saying to Frank, but Frank looked more than a little skeptical. Then we finally saw Frank's eyes go wide. When Phil kissed Frank on the lips though, Frank's eyes grew even wider yet. After Frank recovered from that, it was his turn to talk. At least Frank was smiling now though. The two boys talked back and forth for a few more minutes, with Frank's hand resting on Phil's crotch. Then Phil returned the gesture to Frank, as he nodded his head. I was mostly watching Frank and Phil, but I did notice that Greg looked a little uncomfortable while the two boys were feeling each other. Phil and Frank finally got up, gave each other a warm hug, and walked over to the car together.

"Greg, can I talk to you alone for a few minutes?" asked Frank, when the two boys returned. Once they were alone, Frank said, "I'm kind of in a spot Greg. Phil wants to do what we did again, and do it right this time. He doesn't seem like a bad guy this way, and I'd like for him to know that he can do stuff with another guy. I still can't believe he told me that he's completely gay though. That's going to take some getting use to. The reason I wanted to talk to you is because I really like what we've done so far. I know you can't do the things to me that I've done to you, and I understand that. It's a joy for me just to make you feel good, and you never have to do anything like that in return. I'll even understand when you have a girlfriend, as long as I can still make you feel good once in a while. I know that's kind of a screwed up relationship, but it's the one I want. That's why I told Phil that it would only be one time, and then he would have to find himself a boyfriend. How do you feel about that Greg?"

"Do you love me Frank?" asked Greg.

"Yeah, I do." replied Frank.

"I really like how you make me feel Frank." said Greg. "Feeling your lips around my cock feels better than any girl I've let do that to me. I love letting you make me feel good, but I could never bring myself to have sex with you Frank. I need to have a girl for that. Hell, I almost wish I could, but when I think about it, it makes me lose the urge to even have sex. Like I said though, I love it when you make me feel good. Your mouth makes my cock as hard as it can get. If we have any kind of relationship Frank, you'll have to realize that I'm going to have a girlfriend too eventually. Girls can't suck dick worth shit though compared to you, so I'd love to keep doing that. Is that what you really want Frank?"

"I adore your beautiful cock Greg!" replied Frank. "Nothing makes me happier than when I'm making you feel good. I want you to be able to make love too though, and I know that will have to be with a girl. I accept that completely, and only want to make you feel good whenever I can."

"Okay Frank, I'd love to have you with me for that then." said Greg. "There is one thing I think I can do for you though."

Greg must have forgotten that we were still in sight, because he leaned into Frank, and gave him a very nice kiss on the lips. Frank of course returned the kiss eagerly. Pete, Phil, and I smiled as we watched the two boys. When Greg broke the kiss, he and Frank returned to the car like nothing had happened. I had a feeling that Greg would want to talk when we had dropped Phil off though. I was right, because Greg asked me to go for a walk with him to the back of our place when we got home. I gave Pete a kiss, then took off with Greg.

Once we were far enough away from the house, Greg asked, "Am I turning gay Tim?"

"Well Greg, you don't turn gay." I replied. "You either are, or you're not. There is another alternative though, that you could be bisexual. What's been going on that would make you ask?"

"I've been fooling around with Frank since we met him." replied Greg. "I don't know why I did it, but he wanted to suck my dick, and I let him. I couldn't believe it would feel so good Tim! I've let girls do that to me, and none of them are any good compared to him. I just can't do the things back to him that he does to me. That kiss today was the most I've ever done for him. Even that didn't feel the way it does to kiss a girl, but it wasn't bad either. Anyway, every time I've taken off for a few hours, it's been to do that with Frank. It looks like it makes him feel good just to make me cum, and I don't mind letting him feel good that way. Then there was Phil. I was going to teach him a lesson, and make him do to me what he made Frank do to him. Once we got started though, I could tell that Phil really wanted to do it. He was almost as good as Frank too! Once Phil made me cum in his mouth and swallowed it, I put my cock in his ass and fucked him. He enjoyed that too, and I put another load of cum inside him. I'm a little confused right now."

"I guess so Greg." I said. "As for being worried about guys feeling better than girls when they suck you, you don't have anything to worry about Greg. When a girl sucks her boyfriend's cock, it's usually because she knows it's what her boyfriend wants. I don't think girls really like doing it though, with a few exceptions. Whenever a guy sucks cock though, it's because he loves doing it. I know I love to suck Pete's cock. When someone loves doing something, they always do better at it than someone who doesn't. It's always going to feel better to have a guy suck your cock than it will for a girl to do it. Just because you can tell that a guy can suck cock better than a girl, it doesn't make you gay. As for fucking Phil, I just can't believe he spread his legs and let you put your cock inside him. I just hope he gives that pleasure to Frank too. I really think that you might be at some level of being bisexual Greg. You love having sex with girls, but you don't care for letting them suck you. You can also enjoy fucking a guy, and letting him suck you, but you can't stand the thought of sucking another guy's dick. My advice is to not worry about it, and do whatever makes you happy. If you have a girlfriend and boyfriend both, you can do whatever makes you feel best at the time. As long as you don't worry too much about it, it should be kind of fun."

"That makes me feel better Tim." said Greg. "Frank says that he wants to be my boyfriend, even though he knows that I'll eventually have a girlfriend. I was kind of worried that I'd be taking advantage of him."

"Not if he understands that, and still wants it." I replied. "Frank is old enough to decide what he wants."

That talk seemed to help Greg quite a bit, and he went right back to being his old new self.

Next on the agenda was making more money. I wasn't sure how much more the Canadian bookie would let us get by with, but I wanted to find out. I wasn't a real sports nut, but I did tend to remember important events. As I told everyone before, I knew A.J. Foyt would win his fourth and last Indy 500 that year. I also knew that the Montreal Canadiens would win the second of four straight Stanley Cups, the Portland Trailblazers would win their first NBA championship, and Seattle Slew would win the Triple Crown.

When I told Floyd that I wanted to go back to Canada, he rolled his eyes, then said, "Hell yeah!"

I was pretty sure that after this trip, I would have to start going to Vegas to place bets. That Saturday, I was surprised that the only bet the bookie wouldn't take was on the Montreal Canadiens. I was told that it didn't take a psychic to figure that one out. When I said A.J. Foyt would win Indy, I was told that Foyt was too old to even be in contention. The bookie laughed out loud when I said Portland would win the NBA championship. And when I said that Seattle Slew would win the Triple Crown, the bookie called my pick Seattle Who. When I turned out to be right though, it would make me, Pete, Greg, and Floyd very well off. I did toy with the idea of getting Floyd to take us to Vegas for the other bet, but I didn't want to push my luck.

Sunday we went to see Frank, who informed us that his parents had been gone overnight, so he had Phil come over. Frank told us how Phil let him undress him, then the two had sex every way they could think of.

"I would never have believed that Phil loves sucking dick as much as he does!" said Frank. "Then after we rested, he practically begged me to fuck his ass. After I was done, I let him inside me too. He was one gentle lover! Phil is going to make someone a great boyfriend."

"I hope his dick doesn't taste as good as mine." said Greg, right in front of me and Pete.

"No way Greg!" replied Frank. "I love sucking your dick more than anyone else I could ever imagine!"

All this talk was starting to make all of us horny, so I quickly changed the subject. Somehow we got off into sports, and Greg let our trip to Canada slip.

"How did you guys even get into Canada, much less place a bet with a bookie there?" asked Frank.

"My oldest brother took us." I replied. "He's eighteen, so he placed our bets too."

"It must be nice to have that kind of money." said Frank.

"Well, we wouldn't if it wasn't for the fact that Tim never misses." said Greg. "He picked Oakland in the Super Bowl, and he even picked Carter in the election!"

"Can you predict the future Tim?" asked Frank.

"No one can predict the future." I replied. "I can just see certain things is all."

"That A.J. Foyt one sounds like the biggest longshot, and I like him too!" said Frank. Frank looked around in his drawer, and came back with a wad of bills. "I've been saving my allowance and Christmas money Tim. Could you take this back with you to Canada, and put it on Foyt for me?"

"How much is that Frank?" I asked.

"It comes out to one hundred dollars." replied Frank.

"Well, it'll be easier if I just let you buy one hundred of my bet." I said. "That bookie is starting not to like me very much. If you need anything in the meantime, just let me know. I'll be holding this for you, and we can just take it out of your share of the winnings."

"That would be so cool Tim!" said Frank.

Before we left, Greg wanted to know if we could all get together at my house next weekend, if Frank could get permission to stay overnight. I didn't think mom and dad would have a problem with it, so I said sure.

The next week was fun. First, the principal wanted to know exactly what we had done to Phil. It seemed as though Phil was now trying to be nice to everyone, and no one was prepared for that. Phil started doing much better in classes that week, and he got something he had never had before, friends. Not the kind who hung out with him because they wanted to see what they could get into either. He was getting real friends who wanted to be around him because he was so nice to be around. I was just hoping that the well of gay kids in the area hadn't run dry on him yet.

Also that week was the big assembly, where Ed would turn in his seat and slug me. I tried to arrange things so everyone was sitting in different positions, but for some reason, it didn't work too well. Ed came in late, and people started shuffling around. He ended up in front of me anyway, with Doug behind me. Sure enough, Doug began kicking at Ed as I rolled my eyes. Still not wanting to see Ed being kicked in the back, I slid over. Sure enough, Ed turned and punched me in the face, as Pete watched in horror. Ed took off like a shot, and I took off after him. This time though, I just wanted to talk to him. As I reached out to grab him though, he stopped suddenly in his tracks. I ended up slugging him hard enough to once again knock him over the principal, as principal Allen entered the gym. Even though I had wanted this event to turn out differently, it didn't, and that concerned me. Even the detention was the same, and there were still as many trays to be washed in the cafeteria after school as there had been before. I hoped the reason this didn't change was because there was another force at work with Ed, and I couldn't interfere with that.

After work on Saturday, me and Pete went to pick up Frank for his overnight stay.

I know everyone wants to hear about the big overnight stay, but I wanted to save that for later. Sounds like Greg has something planned though. Just a note, this story has now become almost all fiction (except for the part about Ed, and the sports stats). I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 20.