Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

The next week was fun. First, the principal wanted to know exactly what we had done to Phil. It seemed as though Phil was now trying to be nice to everyone, and no one was prepared for that. Phil started doing much better in classes that week, and he got something he had never had before, friends. Not the kind who hung out with him because they wanted to see what they could get into either. He was getting real friends who wanted to be around him because he was so nice to be around. I was just hoping that the well of gay kids in the area hadn't run dry on him yet.

Also that week was the big assembly, where Ed would turn in his seat and slug me. I tried to arrange things so everyone was sitting in different positions, but for some reason, it didn't work too well. Ed came in late, and people started shuffling around. He ended up in front of me anyway, with Doug behind me. Sure enough, Doug began kicking at Ed as I rolled my eyes. Still not wanting to see Ed being kicked in the back, I slid over. Sure enough, Ed turned and punched me in the face, as Pete watched in horror. Ed took off like a shot, and I took off after him. This time though, I just wanted to talk to him. As I reached out to grab him though, he stopped suddenly in his tracks. I ended up slugging him hard enough to once again knock him over the principal, as principal Allen entered the gym. Even though I had wanted this event to turn out differently, it didn't, and that concerned me. Even the detention was the same, and there were still as many trays to be washed in the cafeteria after school as there had been before. I hoped the reason this didn't change was because there was another force at work with Ed, and I couldn't interfere with that.

After work on Saturday, me and Pete went to pick up Frank for his overnight stay.

I thought it was kind of cute, how excited Greg was about having Frank over. That night though, I was really surprised when Greg asked me and Pete to move over on our bed to make room for him and Frank. Everything started out as expected, and Pete and I watched as Greg laid down naked, and offered his cock to Frank. Frank lovingly wrapped his lips around Greg's cock, and Pete and I turned to start a sixty nine.

After a few minutes, Greg asked, "How does it feel to suck my cock Frank?"

Frank backed off and replied, "It's the greatest feeling in the world, to have something so personal to you in my mouth Greg. To know that I'm making you feel good makes me feel good too. And your cock feels perfect in my mouth."

"I can't believe I'm about to ask this, but can I suck your cock Frank?" asked Greg.

"If it's what you want to do Greg, I'd love it!" replied Frank.

That got mine and Pete's attention quickly, and we immediately stopped what we were doing to watch. It then dawned on me that Greg had intended to ask Frank this, and he wanted Pete and I to witness it. The two boys switched places, and Greg's face hovered over Frank's erect cock. Greg licked his lips as he stared at Frank's cock, and Frank smiled in anticipation.

After a few moments, Greg said, "I'm really nervous about doing this."

"That's completely understandable Greg." I said. "The best thing to do is open your mouth widely, then close your eyes. Then as you lower your face toward Frank, imagine how good he is going to feel."

Greg closed his eyes as I suggested, and Pete and I watched as another boy's cock passed by Greg's lips for the first time in his life.

"Now Greg, close your lips around his cock, and think about how nice it feels in your mouth." I said. "Once it feels really nice, you can open your eyes."

Pete and I could actually see Greg concentrating on how Frank's cock felt in his mouth. Then Greg opened his eyes, and saw his lips around the shaft of Frank's cock. Then Greg, Pete, and I looked up into Frank's face, and saw the biggest smile that any of us had ever seen before. When Greg saw that, he began to slowly stroke Frank's cock with his lips.

"I knew that you had fallen in love with him Greg." I said. "I could tell that the day we met him. I know both of you will be happy as boyfriends, as long as Frank remembers that you'll also need this kind of relationship with a girl too."

"I can understand that Greg." replied Frank breathlessly, as Greg continued to pleasure him. "I'm going to help you feel all of the pleasure two guys can feel together, but I know you need this with a girl too."

Then Frank turned around underneath Greg, and took Greg's cock back into his mouth. As Greg and Frank made love to each other, Pete and I resumed our sixty nine. As Pete and I were finishing our orgasms, Greg and Frank were still going at it. Neither one of them wanted it to end yet.

Then Greg backed off Frank's cock and said, "This feels so good Frank, and I'd love to taste your cum for the first time, but I wanted to do something else tonight too."

Frank stopped what he was doing to Greg, and replied, "We'll do anything you want tonight Greg."

"Good." smiled Greg. "I was thinking about that time I put my cock in your butt. It felt really good, and it looked like you enjoyed it too. Would you put your cock inside me like that Frank?"

"I'd love to Greg!" replied Frank eagerly.

Frank then had Greg lay on his back, and knelt between Greg's legs. I got the lube that Pete and I used on occasions like this, and handed it to Frank. Frank put Greg's ankles up on his shoulders, then lubed his cock generously. Then Frank reached down between Greg's legs, and lubed Greg's pucker. Greg got a look of surprise on his face when he felt one of Frank's fingers slide into him.

"Wow!" exclaimed Greg. "That felt weird, and really cool!"

"You haven't felt anything yet Greg." replied Frank. "Just wait until it's my cock doing that!"

Once Greg's hole was well lubed, Frank removed his finger. Then he lined his cock up to Greg's pucker, and looked into Greg's eyes. Greg had an intense look of desire on his face, so Frank pushed gently until the head of his cock slipped into Greg.

"Ow, shit!" yelped Greg. "That hurt!"

"Hold your cock perfectly still, just inside him Frank." I instructed. "Okay Greg, it hurts the girl when a guy takes her virginity. It doesn't last long though, and the girl usually enjoys it once the initial pain is gone. It's just as true for a guy when he loses his virginity too. Your muscles back there weren't ready to be flexed in the opposite direction that they were use to, and that's what caused the pain. They will get use to it very quickly though, and Frank's cock will start to feel much better inside you."

"I never really thought about what it felt when a girl loses her virginity." said Greg. "I guess it makes sense for a guy to feel that too when he loses his virginity." Then Greg looked into Frank's eyes, and said, "I'm glad you're the one I'm losing my virginity to Frank."

"It'll always be really special to me Greg." replied Frank.

After a few moments, we could tell that Greg was beginning to relax, and his anus was beginning to accept the presence of Frank's cock. Frank knew it was okay to go ahead now, and he also knew to be very slow and gentle with Greg for his first time. It was very special to witness the look of awe on Greg's face, as Frank's cock slowly went all the way into him. I reached over and rubbed Greg's heaving chest gently, and watched as a smile came across his face.

"Thank you so much for letting Pete and I witness this moment Greg." I said. "What you and Frank are sharing right now is so beautiful. You two are accepting each other's love as completely as two guys can."

Greg then looked up into Frank's eyes, and said, "I couldn't believe two guys could love each other this way Frank, but now I understand it completely. I love you very much Frank, and I want us to be lovers forever. I might need this with a girl too, but I will still always love you just as much as I do right now."

"That makes me very happy Greg." replied Frank, as he began to slowly thrust in and out of Greg. "I love you very much too, and I'll be happy to allow you to have anything you need. The only thing that matters is when we express our love together."

Greg's cock remained erect, as Frank thrust in and out of him. Both boys also had a look of complete bliss on their faces. As Frank got close to his orgasm, he let Greg know what was about to happen. When Greg felt Frank's cum shooting into him, I thought he was going to orgasm right there. Greg did manage to hold it back though, as Frank pumped a very good load into him. Once Frank's orgasm was over, and the two boys rested for a few moments, they switched places and continued to consummate their love for each other. Greg enjoyed putting himself inside Frank very much now, and Frank moaned how Greg was doing better than he ever had before. Once Greg had had his orgasm inside Frank, the two boys melted into each other's arms. The four of us then fell asleep blissfully, in the arms of our boyfriends.

The next morning, Greg was the first to wake up. He quietly got out of bed, and went downstairs to get a washcloth and towel. First Greg cleaned his crotch off, then he very gently cleaned Frank, so as not to awaken him. Then Greg began to suck Frank's cock very enthusiastically. Frank awoke to his erect cock sliding in and out of Greg's mouth.

"Oh God baby, I love waking up like this!" moaned Frank. "You want to taste my cum this morning, don't you?"

Greg nodded his head yes while he continued to make love to Frank's cock. Pete and I awoke to the sound of Frank having an intense orgasm, and Greg swallowing his cum eagerly. Once Greg had sucked every last drop of cum from Frank that he could, he climbed up in the bed until their faces were on an even level.

"I can't believe how good it tasted to have you cum in my mouth!" exclaimed Greg. "I could live on the taste of that alone!"

"Well, semen is a good source of protein, but I'm sure you'll need a more balanced diet!" giggled Frank.

Then Frank put his arms around Greg's neck, and pulled Greg down into a passionate kiss. Greg quickly began to enjoy kissing Frank so intensely, and the kiss lasted about five minutes before Frank rolled Greg onto his back. I then laid Pete next to Greg, and as Frank went down on Greg's cock, I went down on Pete's. Greg was once again in a mood to make it last, as Frank passionately made love to his cock. Pete had his orgasm in my mouth long before Greg was ready, so we switched places, so Pete could make love to me.

As Pete lovingly made love to my cock, I turned to Greg and asked, "You're really going to enjoy being bisexual, aren't you?"

"I can't believe how great it is to make love to Frank!" moaned Greg. "I'm so glad me and him became lovers before I found a female lover. Any girl I fall in love with now will have to understand the love I share with Frank, and accept that me and him need to express our love too."

"I'm sure you'll find a special girl like that somewhere Greg." I replied, as I approached my orgasm. "Right now though Frank needs to have your cum. Why don't you let go, so we can cum for our boyfriends at the same time?"

Greg and I both began to moan, and both began our orgasms at the exact same moment. Pete and Frank hungrily sucked as much cum from our cocks as they could.

That Sunday was a beautiful day, so we all planned on enjoying it as much as possible. That week had been the opening week of baseball season, so the four of us headed off to Detroit. I knew the Tigers would self-destruct this season, but it was still fun to go to the old ballpark and watch the game with my four best friends. I was going to miss Tiger Stadium when they finally built a new park at the beginning of the next century, and tore the old stadium down. I was glad that it would see one more championship season in nineteen eighty four though.

We were now in the last two months of the school year, and things were going great. Next year Greg and I would be seniors, along with the new and improved Phil, Frank would be a junior in his school, and Pete would start his sophomore year. I knew that it wasn't too soon to be talking about our future though, especially mine and Greg's.

"So Greg, have you been giving much thought to life after high school?" I asked.

"We aren't even seniors yet though Tim!" laughed Greg.

"I know, but these last two months of school will go by quickly, and the summer will pass even faster." I replied. "Then we will be in our last year of school, which we have to use to prepare for our lives after school. I want us and everyone we know to be as successful as possible, to keep some of the things that happen in the future from happening."

"I guess we have to go on to college then, don't we?" asked Greg. "I just never saw myself as the college type until recently."

"Yes, but it's the best way to prepare for a successful life." I said. "After these bets come in, we're going to have way more than enough to put everyone we know through college. Do you have any thoughts about where you would like to go?"

"I haven't thought much about it." replied Greg. "I should start thinking about it, huh?"

"Yeah, and you have to consider who you are, and what campus will best support your lifestyle." I said. "That goes for me too."

"Do you have any thoughts on that Tim?" asked Greg.

"Well, our boyfriends are here, and still in high school." I replied. "I don't want to be away from them, and I'm sure you don't either. Then there's the fact that you want both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. The University of Michigan over in Ann Arbor is the most liberal campus around here, and it's close enough so that we can attend from home. You'll be most likely to live the lifestyle you want to live there."

"You have to have good grades to go there though, don't you?" asked Greg.

"You haven't done that badly though Greg, and you really pulled your grades up this year." I replied. "Besides, you actually took algebra, and passed it. I still haven't taken that course yet, after they dropped it from our requirements. I started off failing that one, so I dropped it."

"You're kidding me Tim!" exclaimed Greg. "As smart as you are, and you were failing?!"

"The teacher in that class sucked ass though!" I laughed. "When I went through school before, I never completed algebra. That made sure my education stopped after high school, and it held me back a lot."

"You should have just found someone to help you through it last year though, like I did." said Greg. "I'm not as smart as you Tim, but I'll help you with it as much as I can. The best thing though would be to take it next year, and get the same guy to help you as I got to help me. Don't just give up though Tim, you're too smart for that!"

"Thanks Greg." I smiled. "You're a great friend, and I love you."

"I love you too Tim." replied Greg as he smiled back at me. "Having you as my best friend has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now, all we have to do is talk to Jimmy, and see if he'll help you with algebra next year. I was surprised that he agreed to help me last year, so I know he'll help you."

"Thanks Greg." I repeated. "So then, let's plan on shooting for the U of M for college then. I always liked hanging out around Ann Arbor anyway. I'll help make sure you get all A's next year, so I'm sure they'll take you."

"I may have to drop out of vocational school next year then, and take some college prep courses." said Greg.

"Yeah, I was thinking that same thing myself." I replied. "We'll have to talk to our counselor before the school year is over. I'm sure our curriculum next year will be filled with nothing but classes we'll need to go to college."

"Well, so much for our senior year being fun!" laughed Greg. "Do you have any ideas what you want to major in when you go to college?"

"I want to be a writer, so I think I'll be a literary major." I replied. "What about you?"

"I'm thinking either business or law." replied Greg.

"Well, if you want my opinion, it would be great for my best friend to be a successful lawyer!" I said, as I smiled at Greg.

"Here I always thought Dean was your best friend." replied Greg.

"Dean is a very good friend, and he was my best friend in high school the last time, but you're my best friend now Greg." I replied. "After all, I never once did this for Dean."

I put my arm around Greg, and pulled him to me. Then I gave Greg a friendly kiss on his lips, followed by a very warm kiss on his cheek. When I was kissing him on the lips, it felt nice to feel him kiss me back.

After I finished kissing Greg, I said, "I do love you Greg, and I want you to be my best friend for the rest of our lives."

"We'll be best friends forever Tim." replied Greg, as he smiled.

"And Frank is one hell of a lucky guy, to have a boyfriend that's such a good kisser!" I laughed.

"I'm just happy that my life is not going to suck anymore." smiled Greg. "You've done more for me than you'll ever know Tim."

Greg and I filled Frank and Pete in on our discussion, as we took Frank home that evening. Frank's dad spoke to us when we got there, and thanked us for helping Frank as much as we had. It seemed as though he was glad Frank was happy, and didn't want to question why. When Frank started going on about going to the ball game, Frank's dad smiled. Apparently he was one of those who thought you must not be too weird if you like sports.

The next day, Greg and I talked to our counselor at school about our college plans. He was glad that we had decided not to waste our lives by skipping college, and as expected, he suggested that we both pull out of vocational school. After talking to him about what we hoped to major in, and our course requirements for college admission, it looked like Greg and I would have a very challenging senior year. Mine would be the most challenging, as I had to take algebra the following year. Then he began to talk about financial aid for attending a state university. I almost told him that we planned on paying for college out of our winnings for placing sports bets, but thought better of it.

All of the talk about college got Deano and Pete talking about going to college too. Greg and I told them to start preparing now, so they wouldn't have to do so much in their last two years of school, and we would pay for both of them to attend any college they wanted. Pete already knew that we would, but it made Deano very excited to hear that.

As the weather began to warm, Greg, Frank, Pete, and I began spending as much time as we could together. The ball games were fun, but now it was getting warm enough for my favorite places to begin opening on weekends. When we planned our first trip of the season to Kings Island, everyone seemed to want to go. The problem was that neither of my cars held more than four people comfortably. Also, dad was okay with me, Pete, and Greg going after we coaxed him into the idea, but Deano and Doug wanted to go too. On top of that, so did Phil and his new boyfriend.

It seems as though Phil had begun making friends after taking my advice, and was now hanging out with one of the high school jocks in our class. The guy didn't want to be found out as being gay, but Phil said that the two of them loved making love, and the guy didn't seem interested in ever finding a girlfriend now. What clinched it for Phil was when the guy came to him, and told Phil that he was madly in love with him. He said that he never wanted to make love to anyone but Phil, and if that meant that he was gay, then oh well. He still wasn't ready for anyone to ever know that he was gay though, and Phil told him that he could understand that completely. Phil told him that his dad would kill him if he ever found out he was gay. Phil and his boyfriend, named Ward, decided that they would remain as a gay couple forever, and keep it from everyone but their closest friends.

Of course I was glad that Phil now thought of me that way, and I insisted on talking to him and Ward together before the weekend. Phil and Ward came to me that day after school, and we had a great talk about them being lovers. I assured Ward that I understood his wishes completely, and would help him and Phil in any way I could, including helping them keep their love affair a secret. Then I got to watch Phil and the muscular jock share a very deep and passionate kiss.

"Damn, you guys must be some sight when you make love!" I exclaimed.

"When Ward puts himself inside me, I ask him to use all of his strength." replied Phil. "Of course we have to make sure there is no one around, because Ward fucks me into the middle of next week, and I love it that way!"

"Damn Phil, you're making me hard again!" said Ward. "My parents are going to be out until late tonight. Let's go to my place!"

I chuckled as the two boys excused themselves, and ran to Ward's car. Just the thought of Ward thrusting into Phil as hard as he could was making me hard, which was apparent to Pete and Greg when I met them at my car. Needless to say, Pete and I had a great time that night, as Greg watched us.

My dad had insisted that if Deano and Doug wanted to go with us that weekend, we would have to talk Floyd into it too. That would also be necessary because it would be the only way everyone could go, taking Floyd's and my car both. By Thursday we had finally talked Floyd into it. All we had to do now was figure out who was riding with who. It was decided that given past events, Ward and Phil would ride with me and Pete. Then everyone else would ride with Floyd, who had a much larger vehicle.

Floyd started out in the lead, and would stay there until we got past Dayton. He wasn't too sure where we were going after that, but I was, even though I had never been there except before I came back to being sixteen. As soon as we started out, Phil and Ward started having fun in the back seat. Unfortunately I had to drive, but Pete was getting a good show. So were the truckers who drove by us, as a few of them honked as they passed. After Ward and Phil had had their fun, I decided to take a chance on Phil's driving skills. Then Pete and I got to put on a show for Ward.

"I never really thought about what Phil and I looked like when we had sex." said Ward, as Pete was working on making me cum. "You two guys look pretty cool having sex together though."

"I'm going to imagine that you and Phil look even hotter together!" I panted, as Pete drove me toward the brink.

The trip down was fun, needless to say. When we stopped south of Dayton, I took back over driving, then took the lead from Floyd. I'm sure he must have wondered if I knew where we were going, but I drove right to the park, using the most direct route through the country. Their big coaster, "The Beast" was still two seasons into the future, but we had a great time anyway. Everyone had fun getting to know each other better, except Floyd who was just baby-sitting us kids according to him. Deano did get to be a lot more comfortable with Phil though, after what Phil had done earlier in the year. Deano was actually pretty bright, and came to me to ask if Phil and Ward were boyfriends, just like Pete and I were. I did tell him yes, but Phil and Ward wanted to keep it a secret. This day was turning out to be what most of us hoped our last summer of high school would be like.

The following weekend was time for the Kentucky Derby, the first part of the Triple Crown. I smiled when I saw the odds on Seattle Slew, knowing that the horse would go on to win the Triple Crown that year. The bookie had been so sure the horse wouldn't though, that he let me place bets on each of the individual races as well, so today would be worth quite a bit of money to us. It was no surprise to any of us when Seattle Slew crossed the finish line for the first win in the Triple Crown. I laughed when Floyd looked at me as though I were some kind of amazing psychic.

"So help me Tim, if Foyt wins Indy in a few weeks, I'm never going to doubt anything you ever say!" laughed Floyd.

"Then get ready to praise the king of all psychics!" I laughed. "I'm going to love watching A.J. win that race!"

The next day, we went to Canada to settle up on the first of our bets. The bookie just shook his head at us, wondering what kind of wonder kids we were.

"Well Tim, you've helped me come to an important decision." said the bookie, as he counted out our winnings. "If the rest of your bets do as well this time, I'm going to push for legalized casinos here in Windsor. I'll make much more money on casino games than I do on sports betting, and I need to do it before you drive me broke!"

I laughed as I thanked the bookie for all of us, and told him that we'd see him again in a few weeks.

Well, sounds like the guys have a good plan for the future now, and everyone is coming around nicely. I'm sorry, I meant coming out. lol. Just so everyone knows, Chapter 21 will be the last chapter in Book 1 of Sweet Sixteen. This story has been a real up and down ride so far, as it has been written during some very tough times for me. Now it's time to give it a chance to rest though, and come back for Book 2 as the boys begin their summer vacation. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 21.