Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

As I said, this will be the last chapter of Book 1. Don't worry though, there is still plenty of story to tell. After I give this story a bit of a rest, I plan on returning with Sweet Sixteen 2: Seventeen and Beyond. This story is © 2007 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a mostly fictional story about real people from my past. Okay, it's just about all fiction. lol. Most of the names of those involved in fictional sexual situations have been changed. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, please visit my web site at: www.timthestoryguy.us. I have started mailing lists for all of my active stories (including those between books). If you would like to be on a mailing list for any of my stories, please send me an e-mail telling me which story you want to be added to the mailing list for. Also, please visit my new message board at: www.activeboard.com/forum.spark?forumID=104957. You can even post there anonymously, without registering as a member. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 21

From the last chapter:

The following weekend was time for the Kentucky Derby, the first part of the Triple Crown. I smiled when I saw the odds on Seattle Slew, knowing that the horse would go on to win the Triple Crown that year. The bookie had been so sure the horse wouldn't though, that he let me place bets on each of the individual races as well, so today would be worth quite a bit of money to us. It was no surprise to any of us when Seattle Slew crossed the finish line for the first win in the Triple Crown. I laughed when Floyd looked at me as though I were some kind of amazing psychic.

"So help me Tim, if Foyt wins Indy in a few weeks, I'm never going to doubt anything you ever say!" laughed Floyd.

"Then get ready to praise the king of all psychics!" I laughed. "I'm going to love watching A.J. win that race!"

The next day, we went to Canada to settle up on the first of our bets. The bookie just shook his head at us, wondering what kind of wonder kids we were.

"Well Tim, you've helped me come to an important decision." said the bookie, as he counted out our winnings. "If the rest of your bets do as well this time, I'm going to push for legalized casinos here in Windsor. I'll make much more money on casino games than I do on sports betting, and I need to do it before you drive me broke!"

I laughed as I thanked the bookie for all of us, and told him that we'd see him again in a few weeks.

It was beginning to look like our little school was becoming a gay mecca. Of course none of us wanted that. We knew that we were still a clear minority. Pete and I were okay with people knowing about us, but Phil and Ward had a lot to lose if anyone found them out. Also, Greg wasn't comfortable yet with people knowing he liked both boys and girls. That wasn't exactly correct. I believe Frank was the only boy he could be able to share those feelings with. Anyway, maybe things would be better by the time Jason and Eddie got to high school. I knew at least three gay couples that would be going to next year's prom, so maybe that would do it.

We were all excitedly planning our summer vacation though. Greg, Pete, and I wanted it to be a great summer, and we now had the means to do things we had never done before. Needless to say, the Indy 500 came and went, and Foyt ended up winning his fourth and final race. Mine and Pete's bank account was looking huge after that, as well as Greg's. My oldest brother now regarded me as the world's greatest psychic. After that, it was two more weeks of school.

As for me being gay, I assumed a lot of the kids in school knew about it, but didn't want to talk about it. The Tuesday after Memorial Day though, one of the guys in the senior class approached me during lunch. His name was Dale, and the last time around, I found out well after high school that his sister was lesbian.

"Hey Tim, I wanted to talk to you in private." said Dale.

We got off by ourselves, and I asked, "What's the matter Dale?"

"You seem like one of the coolest guys in this school." said Dale. "Most of the kids know that you're gay, even though you don't talk about it a lot, and very few people give you any crap about it."

"Maybe they're just waiting for the right moment." I chuckled.

"Nah, it's because people respect you." said Dale. "Well, that and you have Kenny in your corner, and no one wants to take you and him both on. Anyway, I wanted to know, why did you become gay?"

"Well Dale, it wasn't a decision I made one day." I replied. "I was scared to death that everyone would hate me when they found out. That wasn't the case, but I didn't know that then. No one decides to be someone they think everyone will hate, it's just who I am."

"What about Ed?" laughed Dale.

"I'm sure he didn't decide to be an asshole either, it was just the way he was raised." I laughed back. "Anyway, I can't feel attracted toward girls. God knows I wanted to act like I could so no one would find out, but I just can't. I never decided to be like that though. Why did you want to know that Dale?"

"It's my older sister." replied Dale. "I'm the only one who knows about this, because I'm the only one she trusts. She can't even talk to our parents about it. She's attracted to other girls, and I wanted to figure out why."

"I'm sure it's the same as me Dale, and it's how she was meant to be." I replied. "We all go through the same things as little kids. Little boys tend to have other little boys as friends, and the same is true with little girls. It's not how we're raised, because a gay boy or girl is usually the only gay kid in the house. Me and my brothers were all raised the same way, and I was the only one who turned out gay. I'm sure you and your sister were raised the same way too. Anyway, there's a point after puberty where boys and girls tend to start being comfortable around other kids of the opposite sex, and that's where their sexual development tends to lead. I didn't have that in me though. As I started developing sexually, I stayed more comfortable around other boys. I think it was something that has been inside me from the time I was born, because I never even saw it coming. My mom did though. She could see there was something different about me long before I ever started going through puberty."

"So then, you were born gay, and my sister was born lesbian?" asked Dale.

"I'm sure of that Dale." I replied. "She is lucky though, to have a brother who wants to be as understanding of who she is as you do."

"Yeah, I just wish you had come along before she had graduated." said Dale. "She was miserable all the way through high school. I think if there were enough gay kids in this school, people like you and her would be accepted a little better. Things are already much more open around here than they were at the beginning of this school year."

"Well, up until this year, I was still trying to figure this stuff out myself." I replied. "I'm hoping that I will make things easier for kids coming along behind me though. There are more gay kids in this school than anyone realizes."

"Really?" asked Dale. "How many do you figure that there are?"

"I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty to forty kids altogether." I replied, using the average gay to straight percentage for an answer.

"Wow!" exclaimed Dale. "That's a lot more than I thought! Things really do need to be better for gay kids then. Maybe you should run for student council president next year Tim."

"I don't know if the school is ready for that!" I laughed. "If people knew who the gay kids in this school were though, I'm sure it would help. All of the ones I know are just as nice as I am. Anyway Dale, I hope this helped."

"It did help, a lot Tim." replied Dale. "Thanks for talking to me about this."

Then Dale offered me his hand to shake, and we exchanged a very nice handshake. He did give me something to think about over the summer though. I knew that I couldn't do it without first talking to all of the gay kids I knew, or suspected were gay.

That evening, I asked Phil and Ward over to my house. Then I told them about the conversation earlier that day, and asked them what they thought.

"You do know that if you run for student council president, anyone who doesn't know that you're gay will then, right?" asked Greg.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that will come up." I replied.

"Since you're his boyfriend Pete, what do you think?" asked Phil. "If Tim is going to be openly gay, you will be too whether you want to or not. You'll have two more years of school after he graduates."

"Tim has already shown me that I don't have to be so afraid of everything anymore." replied Pete. "Besides, thanks to him I'm making some very good friends now, and they already accept who I am."

"What about the legal aspect of you and Pete being boyfriends Tim?" asked Ward. "By the end of next year you'll be eighteen, and Pete will be sixteen. Will you get in trouble for having a sexual relationship with a minor? I'm sure some of the kids at school may try to make sure of it."

"They can do what they want, and it won't do them any good." I replied. "The age of consent is sixteen in this state. The only way I could get in trouble is if Pete's legal guardians were to have me charged with statutory rape, and I don't think mom and dad will be doing that. They support mine and Pete's relationship. I won't do this though unless Pete agrees with it completely. What about it Pete? Do you want me to do this, knowing that if I do, you will be completely out to everyone at school?"

"I'm not ashamed of the fact that I love you Tim." replied Pete. "I don't care if the whole world knows how much I love you now."

"Thanks babe." I said. "Now, this is going to affect you guys too. I'm going to need your support to even consider doing this. If the other kids see that you are supporting me becoming president, they might think there's some reason behind it. Greg?"

"All that anyone needs to know about me is that I'm supporting a friend who is like a brother to me." replied Greg. "I'll just tell them that I don't care if you're gay or not, I'd still be supporting you anyway. Besides, I intend on asking Frank to the prom next year, so they'll know about me then."

"Ward and Phil?" I asked.

"Well, we were intending on waiting for the prom to come out ourselves." replied Phil. "We're going to support you though Tim. If we have to deal with it earlier than we expected, oh well."

"Well, you guys have all summer to figure out how to handle whatever might come up because of this." I said. "Now, we need to talk to whoever we think might be gay, or may support a gay president."

"There is the smartest guy in our class, but I think he was intending on running too." replied Ward.

"Even if he does, it might work in our favor." said Greg. "He might not be so likely to out you when he campaigns against you."

"Yeah, I know Ed personally, and he's a nice guy." I said.

Just so everyone knows, this is not the same Ed that I had recently gotten detention over.

"He's the cousin of my second cousin's husband, or something like that." I continued. "He might not bring up the gay issue. Some of the kids who'd rather see him as president might though."

"Besides, we don't know who else might run." said Greg. "Some of my old friends might put one of their pot-head friends up to run as a joke, but it could cause us some trouble."

"Well, Pete and I will talk to our closest friends." I replied. "We may be able to get them to deflect any trouble that might come up. I also know a few kids in our class and the class below us who might be gay, but wouldn't admit it. I might be able to get them to at least support me. What about you Pete?"

"I definitely know a few kids in my class and the class below mine that I can talk to." replied Pete. "I'll see if your brother and his friends can come up with anyone else I should talk to."

"Okay then, we have a plan." I said. "I can't believe I'm actually going to do this!"

"Yeah, but if you make it Tim, you'll make things easier for every other gay kid who comes along after us." said Ward. "I hate it that I have to keep my life secret just to keep playing sports in school. I'd like to think that no one else has to go through that here. That's why Phil and I intended to flaunt our relationship at next year's prom anyway."

"Maybe instead of flaunting it, you can be proud of it then." I said. "You two look so nice together. To think of you and Phil loving each other enough to share an intimate sexual relationship is very beautiful."

"Thanks Tim." smiled Phil, who then pulled Ward into him to share a passionate kiss.

Greg, Pete, and I watched as the two boys kissed, and ran their hands over each other's clothed bodies. Soon though, Phil and Ward were removing each other's clothes as they kissed. Then the boys laid back on the bed we were all sitting on, and gently stroked each other's cocks as they kissed.

"Damn, I knew I should have asked Frank over here!" laughed Greg.

As Phil turned around over top of Ward, Pete and I began kissing and removing our clothes. Greg stared intently as Phil swallowed all of Ward's cock, and Ward began lovingly sucking Phil's cock. Pete and I caught up quickly, then Pete laid on top of me, and fed his dick into my mouth. Then Pete passionately began to suck my cock. Greg sat in between Phil and Ward, and Pete and myself, and took turns watching all of us. As I made love to Pete's dick, I reached over and unzipped the fly on Greg's pants. He immediately pulled his pants and underwear down, and leaned back on the bed. As I continued making love to Pete, I wrapped my hand around Greg's cock and began stroking him. A few seconds later, I felt Phil reach over and begin playing with Greg's balls.

"Pull down on them nice and firm while Tim strokes my cock!" moaned Greg to Phil.

As Pete and I, and Phil and Ward continued making love, Pete and Ward reached over and began playing with Greg's nipples. By that time, all five of us were moaning in pleasure. All of us were writhing on the bed when our orgasms began. Pete, Ward, and Phil all began cumming at the same time, and Phil began pulling on Greg's balls even more firmly. I began cumming a few seconds later, and began masturbating Greg even harder. As my orgasm was fading, Greg moaned out loudly and shot his cum all over his chest and stomach. After all of our orgasms were over, the other boys watched as I scooped Greg's cum from his body with my fingers, then held them up to Greg's mouth. As everyone watched, Greg happily licked his cum from my fingers and swallowed it. Once I had cleaned all of Greg's cum from his body, and he had sucked my fingers clean, I leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for not letting me feel left out Tim." said Greg.

"I couldn't let you feel that way Greg, you're like a brother to me." I replied as I smiled. "We all love you very much."

Then Greg turned to Phil and Ward and said, "You two were so hot! It was incredible to see how much love you guys put into making love to each other!"

"That's because there isn't anyone in the world I ever want to make love to besides Phil." replied Ward as he smiled. "I hope he's my boyfriend for the rest of my life!"

"And that would make me incredibly happy!" smiled Phil.

The next day at school, I decided to get things started and make my first contact. Mark was the most well-hung kid in our school. His uncut cock hung down a good seven inches when it was flaccid. Most of the kids looked at him in the gym class locker room as a freak, but I always thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Anyway, Mark and I were the last two in the showers that day. As Mark was soaping his cock and balls, I came up to him.

"Hey there Mark, can I talk to you?" I asked.

"I guess, but don't make it too long." replied Mark. "Most of the kids know that you're gay, and I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea."

"If they know me that well, they should know I wouldn't do anything with anyone but Pete!" I replied defensively.

"I'm sorry Tim, I didn't mean it to sound that way." said Mark. "It's just that you know how these other assholes in our class are sometimes. I personally don't have anything against you being gay. These other kids make me feel like they think I'm some kind of freak when they see me naked, but you've never done that."

"That's because you're not Mark." I said. "I think you look really cool, and you should never let anyone make you feel any different. I think you should be proud of what you have, and I also think those other guys are just jealous."

"Thanks Tim, that means a lot to me." replied Mark. "Would you like to feel it?"

"I have a boyfriend Mark." I replied.

"I know, but everyone else acts like the sight of this monster scares them." said Mark. "I just want to know that not everyone feels that way."

I reached down and stroked Mark's huge cock a few times, and said, "You have a very beautiful large cock Mark. I'm not the only boy or girl who feels that way, and you should be very proud of what you have. If you were interested, and I didn't have a boyfriend, you could make me feel so much pleasure with that. If anyone makes you feel bad because of your cock, they're just being an asshole, and you don't need them."

"Thanks Tim, no one has ever said anything like that to me before." replied Mark. "Now, let's get out of here before the others start to talk. I'll walk with you to your next class, and we can talk about whatever it was you wanted to talk about."

Mark and I rinsed ourselves off and got dressed, then Mark followed me to my next class as I said, "I'm going to run for student council president next year Mark. I know that it'll come up that I'm gay though. I want to try to build enough support before then to overcome that. I'm not going to just be talking to gay kids though. I want guys like you to support me too, or I'm not going to stand a chance. I want everyone to see that just because someone is gay, it doesn't make them a bad person, and I'm going to need quite a few straight people to help me with that too."

"Why me though?" asked Mark.

"Because I see how others treat you Mark." I replied. "You don't deserve that, but that doesn't stop them. I think you can understand what I'm up against regardless of what your sexual orientation is. I need people like you to help me Mark, or I won't stand a chance. Do you think that I'm bad because I'm gay Mark?"

"No Tim, I think you are a hell of a nice guy." replied Mark. "You can count on me to support you next year Tim. I was going to vote for Ed, but that was just because he was the best choice until you came along."

"Thanks Mark, you're a great guy." I said. "I'd be happy to consider you my friend, if you might be interested."

"I'd like that Tim." smiled Mark. "Do you think it might be okay for me to come over to your house after school, so we can get to know each other better as friends?"

"Sure Mark, I'd like that a lot!" I replied.

I also got a chance to talk to Dean, another classmate named Alan, and a friend from the next lower class named Tim. Alan said that he would support me, even though he was also friends with Ed. Dean and Tim not only said they would support me, but they'd help find other kids who would too. My first official day of campaigning went pretty well.

Greg had brought his car to school that day too, because he wanted to go pick up Frank to spend a few hours with us. After school was over, Pete, Mark, and my younger brother got in my car. Then Dean and my brother's friend Doug got in the car with Greg. Greg knew that Doug would be able to see there was a relationship between him and Frank, but we all knew we could trust Doug. First I followed Greg to drop off Dean, then we went to Frank's house. When Frank came out and got in Greg's car, Greg followed me back to our house. Doug only lived about a mile away, so my brother Dave and Deano took him home, since Dave wanted to go over there anyway.

Once we all got upstairs in my room, I asked Greg, "So, did Doug figure it out?"

"It was kind of hard for him not to when Frank kissed me!" laughed Greg. "Frank and I had a long talk with him though, and he's cool with it."

"Wait Greg, do you mean that you're gay too?" asked Mark.

"Nah, but I am bisexual." replied Greg. "I love Frank a lot, and I love making love to him. I also want a girlfriend to have that kind of relationship with someday too though."

"And Frank is okay with that?" asked Mark.

"I love Greg, and I understand what he needs completely." said Frank.

"Wow, this is helping me understand you guys better than I ever have before!" said Mark.

"Are you okay with that?" I asked.

"Just as okay as I was when we talked earlier, if not more." replied Mark. "Besides, you made me feel like a normal person today Tim, and I can't thank you enough for that."

"What do you mean Mark?" asked Greg.

"Everyone makes me feel like a freak when they see me in the locker room." replied Mark. "Tim never has though, and he helped me with that a lot today."

"I hope I never made you feel that way Mark." said Greg. "If I did, I'm very sorry."

"Nah, you've been okay too Greg." replied Mark.

"Good." said Greg. "Just because you're different down there than all of us are, that's no reason for anyone to make you feel that way."

"What does Greg mean by different?" asked Pete, who had never seen Mark naked.

"Just different." replied Mark, looking a little self-conscious.

"Can I see?" asked Pete.

"I don't know guys." replied Mark. "I don't know if I would feel comfortable showing myself off like that."

"You can trust him Mark." I said. "He'll probably think it's the coolest thing he's ever seen."

Mark thought about it for a moment, then unbuckled his belt. Greg and I had seen him naked before, but Pete and Frank both watched eagerly. Then Mark slid his pants and underwear down, and leaned back slightly on the bed.

"Wow!" exclaimed Pete and Frank together, as they moved in for a close-up view.

"That's the coolest and most incredible cock I've ever seen Mark!" exclaimed Pete, as he reached down and played with the foreskin of Mark's seven inch flaccid uncut cock.

"That is so nice-looking Mark!" said Frank. "I wish I had that hanging between my legs!" Then Frank reached down and ran his hand along the top of Mark's cock.

"Oh shit guys, it's going to get stiff!" exclaimed Mark.

We all watched in amazement as Pete and Frank played with Mark's cock, and it stiffened out to a little over ten inches. "Holy fucking shit!" exclaimed Pete.

I still loved it when my little boyfriend talked dirty!

"Mark, that is the most awesome and incredible thing I've ever seen!" exclaimed Frank, as he tried unsuccessfully to reach his hand around the shaft.

Pete pulled the still loose foreskin back over the head of Mark's massive erection, and gently rubbed the head of Mark's cock as he said, "That is so beautiful Mark! Some girl is going to be really lucky to feel this inside her someday!"

"Thanks guys." replied Mark.

"They aren't kidding either Mark." I said, as I gently rubbed his balls. "You are going to make some girl very happy someday, with your gorgeous large cock. It is very beautiful, and I hope you are very proud of it by now."

Greg placed his hand next to Frank's on Mark's shaft, and said, "They're right Mark. I'd give anything to have a cock as incredible as yours!"

With four hands now on his cock and balls, Mark rolled his eyes back as he moaned. Then Mark chased our hands away from his cock, and wrapped both of his hands around it.

"Okay guys, it's my turn now!" moaned Mark.

All four of us caressed Mark's thighs and watched, as Mark passionately masturbated his huge cock in front of us. Mark closed his eyes and gaped his mouth open widely, as he breathed heavily while working on his own cock. All four of us remained quiet and caressed Mark's thighs, as we watch him intently pleasure himself. When we saw Mark's cock begin to throb in his hands, Mark leaned up slightly with his eyes still closed and his mouth wide open. Mark had apparently become very adept at aiming his shots, as the first several blast of his cum landed directly in his open mouth. Once Mark's impressive orgasm was over, we watched as he closed his mouth and savored the taste of his own cum. Then the four of us took turns cleaning the ample supply of cum from Mark's chest and stomach with our tongues.

"I've always loved shooting into my own mouth!" said Mark breathlessly. "Does that sound weird?"

"Not at all Mark." I replied. "Your cock is so large that you should consider trying sucking your own cock someday. Then you could enjoy swallowing your entire load."

"I've thought about that before, but it sounded like it might be too weird." replied Mark.

"You never know if you'll like it until you try though." said Greg. "Do you know how many guys would love to be able to suck their own cocks, whether they're straight or gay?"

"I guess I might try it sometime soon." replied Mark. "I'd love to shoot my whole load into my mouth."

A little while later that evening, Pete and Frank begged Mark into trying to suck his own cock. Then we all watched as Mark leaned over as far as he could, and easily took about three fourths of his erection into his mouth. Once Mark got use to the feel of his cock in his mouth, he began to passionately make love to himself. I could tell right away that Mark loved sucking his own cock. As Mark longingly made love to himself, I grabbed one of his balls and Greg grabbed the other. Greg and I massaged Mark's balls for him for a few minutes, then let Pete and Frank have a turn. Finally, Mark began sucking hard and swallowing, as his second orgasm of the evening flooded his mouth. Mark finished his orgasm by sucking as hard as he could, getting as much of his own cum as he could to swallow.

Mark finally uncurled his body and smiled as he said, "I guess I can live with that until I get a girlfriend!"

All of us were numb from watching the most erotic and incredible display we had ever seen. I knew Mark would continue happily making love to himself, every chance he got.

The rest of the school year passed quickly, and before we knew it, the last day of school was here. We were all excited that last day, looking forward to the incredible summer we would have.

Mark was also looking forward to summer, now that he had four new friends to share it with.

Okay everyone, that ends Book 1. I want to take a bit of a break with this story, but I don't know for how long. It has been a very emotional story to write at times, and I need to build back up to the level I was at in the opening chapters. I will return to this story though, as it has also been quite a bit of fun to write at times. I just hope everyone will be patient with me, until I return with Sweet Sixteen 2: Seventeen and Beyond. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: www.timthestoryguy.us. That web address may change to a .com or .ca address after my move to Canada is complete. If .us ever stops working, please try one of those other two. Thanks, and I'll see you again in the next book.