Sweet Sixteen

by tim

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Sweet Sixteen - by tim

Chapter 4

I hadn't been able to answer any of the questions from the night before when I woke up on Tuesday morning. I did know one thing though, I was having a lot more fun being sixteen again than I was having being forty-four. Plus, by the end of the day I would be a kid with a really hot set of wheels! But back to the questions that were burning inside me. There was really no one I could talk to, because everyone would think I was crazy. Needless to say, I was distracted as hell all day long. That is, until school was over for the day. I thought I would explode before my dad could get home from work.

As soon as my dad got home my mom said, "I think Tim is ready to go pick up the car now. Please!"

"I guess we might as well get this over before supper." replied my dad.

The drive to get the car was one of the longest I could remember in a while. At least my dad had stopped to get insurance and plates on the way home from work. I would be completely legal as soon as I put the plates on the car. We finally pulled into the driveway of my dad's friend's house, and there it was. Man, was it red! Really red! I immediately got a big goofy smile on my face.

"Remember what we talked about Tim." warned my dad.

"I will dad, I promise." I replied.

My dad and his friend laughed as they watched me excitedly put the plates on the car. I thought to myself, "Damn license plate screws! Why won't they stop shaking so much?" Then I realized it was me. Those guys must be having a ball watching me! I finally got the plates attached though, and they looked like they might stay on.

Driving home by myself in my car was an experience. I kept telling myself that I had been driving for years, but it still felt like driving my first car for the first time. I had forgotten what a great feeling that was. Then I realized that I was quickly losing touch with my old life. I had to make a decision soon, but I wasn't even close to knowing what to do. I had to find a way to talk to someone about this. I finally decided that that would happen tomorrow, when I picked Dean up in my car to go to school. First though, I washed my car as soon as I got it home.

The next morning I pulled into Dean's driveway and honked the horn.

"Nice wheels man!" said Dean as he walked up to the car.

"It is pretty sweet man." I replied.

As soon as we pulled out to head to school I said, "I came up with a really good question last night man. What if like a really old guy, say in his forties, became our age again overnight?"

"I'd say lay off the Twilight Zone reruns." laughed Dean.

"No, really man." I continued. "He's our age again, and he really likes it. The only problem is, he only has a certain amount of time to go back to the age he use to be before the whole world gets stuck on the same date forever."

"I don't remember this episode Tim, but it sounds like a great idea for one." said Dean. "Are you thinking of moving to Hollywood after we graduate?"

"Come on Dean," I whined, "just play along."

"Okay man." replied Dean. "I guess if I went from being forty to being sixteen, I wouldn't want to go back. If everyone in the world is going to be stuck at the same age forever though, that wouldn't really be fair."

"I know," I replied, "I thought the same thing. But let's say the guy really doesn't want to go back again. It wouldn't be like anyone else would even know what's going on."

"Geez Tim," laughed Dean, "you do need to go to Hollywood and put this stuff on TV. It would beat the shit out of most of the stuff on TV. But back to your question, would it be possible for the guy to just begin aging normally again from sixteen? It just wouldn't be right to keep the whole world from aging. I want to grow up someday!"

"Shit!" I exclaimed. "I didn't even think of that possibility! I guess that would be really cool if he could do that."

"You aren't tampering with time travel, are you Tim?" asked Dean. Dean then laughed himself silly.

"Nah," I said, "it was just a silly question I came up with when I got bored once."

After talking to Dean I had a new option that I hadn't considered before. I was almost sure that I didn't want to be forty-four again, so that narrowed it down to two options. I was just hoping that whatever force did this to me would be open to suggestions.

Everyone in the Graphic Arts class had to see my new wheels, which I was glad to display to them. I could tell a few of the kids were jealous, which was really cool. Then it was back to regular school. As soon as Dean and me got there, Jason tracked me down.

"Tim, can we go somewhere alone?" asked Jason, with a mischievous look on his face.

I should have known better, but Sunday with him was a lot of fun. I followed Jason to the deserted school shop, where we found a space where no one ever went anyway.

"Tim," said Jason, "I decided that I like the idea of being gay, as long as no one finds out about it. Can I make you feel good?"

What was I suppose to say? No? Someone else might have, but as I was pulling my pants down I replied, "Only if I can have that hot dick of yours again dude!"

"That would be so cool!" replied Jason.

I watched as Jason went to his knees in front of me. Then I watched as he took my dick into his hot, young mouth. God, this little dude got better at this every day! The fact that he was only thirteen turned me on even more. Hell, I was only sixteen myself! Jason sucked me better than anyone else had in a long time. It was really great to watch my dick go all the way into his mouth, then come almost all the way out. His tongue was also caressing my dick so smoothly that I never wanted this to end.

"You really are getting good at this Jason." I moaned. "You act like you enjoy making other boys feel better almost as much as I do. You're going to make a great lover to the luckiest boy in the world."

That made Jason suck me with even more enthusiasm. It was getting to the point where no one had ever made me feel the way this boy was making me feel. I looked down again to watch my dick slide in and out of Jason's mouth, and I had to strain to hold back my cum. Jason was determined to take my cum from me though, as he put an incredibly exciting amount of suction on my dick.

"Oh my God Jason!" I moaned. "Here it comes!"

Jason swallowed hungrily as I blasted my orgasm into his mouth. Jason savored every stream of cum that shot from my dick. When I had finally been emptied, Jason stood up and licked his sweet lips. "That was great!" exclaimed Jason. "Did I do a good job sucking your dick Tim?"

"You are the best ever Jason!" I replied. "Now I have to have you!"

Jason eagerly pulled his pants down as I got down on my knees. The incredibly cute boy had an incredibly cute dick, and I wanted it in my mouth badly. As I took Jason's dick into my mouth, he began to coo. I thought it was sexier than anything I had ever heard before. I could easily fit all of Jason's dick in my mouth, so I began sucking on it like a lollipop. It was almost as sweet anyway. As I sucked Jason my tongue began stroking his dick, trying to coax the boy into cumming for me. As Jason's dick began twitching, I anxiously awaited his sweet cum shooting into my mouth.

"Oh God Tim," panted Jason, "I love having sex with other boys. I'm getting ready to cum for you man."

I increased the suction on Jason's dick, then felt his cum hitting the back of my mouth. I milked the boy's dick for every drop of delicious cum that I could get out of him. When Jason's orgasm ended, it left the boy weak for a few seconds. After he recovered, I stood back up.

"Can I kiss your soft lips Jason?" I asked.

"I was kinda saving that for a boy in my class." said Jason. "I just wanted to have sex with you again to make sure I knew how to do a good job. I want to make him feel really good when I go to his house tonight."

Why didn't he just kill me instead? It would have felt much better compared to the way I was feeling right now. I suddenly felt very sick.

"I gotta go Jason." I said.

Then I ran from the shop as fast as I could. I just hoped I could make it to the bathroom at the end of the hallway and to the left. I also hoped Jason didn't follow me as I ran down the hall. I had just made it into a stall when my stomach decided to empty itself. I puked until I was heaving and nothing would come out. Then I slowly got up and looked at myself in the mirror. Tears were streaming down my face, but I didn't have the energy to cry.

"Why?" I screamed at myself in the mirror. "Why do I want to be sixteen?" Then as I slumped over the sink, the crying started. I didn't even know how long I cried, until I heard the bell signaling the end of lunch. I pulled myself together as quickly as I could and headed back toward the shop, even though I knew I didn't look my best. I just hope the teacher is already there.

As I walked into the classroom the shop teacher asked, "Are you okay Tim? You look terrible!"

All I could manage as a response was to mumble incoherently.

"Why don't you lay your head on a table in here for now?" suggested the teacher. "If you don't feel better by the end of class, I'm sending you to the nurse's office. Okay kids, get out of here and into the shop! Let Tim get some rest."

I put my head down and tried to drown out everything around me. I even let my entire body go numb, trying to rid myself of the pain inside me. My mind went blank, and I thought of nothing as I rested my head on the table. Toward the end of class, I began to restart my body.

"Are you feeling better now Tim?" asked the teacher.

"Yes sir." I replied unenthusiastically. "I'm quite a bit better now. I don't know what happened earlier."

It's a good thing that I wasn't hooked up to a lie detector, but the teacher bought it. I made my way from the shop class without making any eye contact with any of the kids, especially Jason. The rest of the day was a blur, until I got to the last period of the day. When Pete came into the classroom, he immediately sat next to me. I didn't want to speak to anyone right now though. Hell, I was very close to wishing myself back to being forty-four again, if not more. Then I heard his sweet voice.

"Are you okay Tim?" asked Pete.

"I can't talk right now Pete." I manage to choke out. "Just keep talking though, and we'll talk after school."

I needed to hear Pete's voice right now, or I would have been ready to give up. Pete was more than willing to oblige me too. His sweet voice was like a tonic to me, one that helped me make it through the rest of a horrible day.

As we were leaving the classroom Pete asked, "Tim, did you hear your brother and Doug talking to you?"

"I honestly didn't hear anyone but you Pete." I shamefully replied.

"Cool!" exclaimed Pete. "But they wanted to know if you would give them a ride home."

"Oh crap!" I exclaimed. "I better speak to them then. Please wait right here for me Pete. Okay?"

"Okay Tim, but hurry!" replied Pete.

I quickly apologized to my brother and his friend for ignoring them, and explained that I couldn't give them a ride today. They were disappointed, so I promised them a ride home tomorrow. Then I quickly rushed back to Pete.

"We better talk quick Tim." said Pete. "I'll miss my bus if we don't."

"How about a ride Pete?" I asked. "I'll tell your mom that someone was picking on you and I broke it up, but you had already missed your bus by then."

"Sure!" chirped Pete.

Once we got going Pete asked, "So, what was wrong today Tim?"

"I lost a friend today Pete." I said as I tried to hold back my tears again. "The way he told me we weren't friends anymore kinda hurt. I guess it made me really sad."

"If that was sad, then I've never seen anyone that sad before." said Pete. "When my mom or dad are sad they have a way to make each other feel better though."

As we pulled up to a stop sign I said, "What's that Pete?"

Pete leaned over and placed his lips against mine. I had never felt a kiss like the one Pete gave me. It left me speechless.

Pete pulled back, and when I didn't say anything Pete said, "Oh shit! Oh shit! I shouldn't have done that! Please don't stop liking me because I kissed you Tim! Please!" Pete was close to crying at this point.

Fortunately there was no other traffic, so I took the car out of gear and set the parking brake. Then I said, "I could never stop liking you Pete."

I leaned over toward Pete and put my lips against his. Then I kissed Pete as though my life depended on it, which it actually did. When I pulled back, Pete had the most angelic smile on his beautiful face.

As I pulled away from the stop sign I said, "Whatever happens Pete, please promise that you'll always like me."

"Why wouldn't I like you Tim?" asked Pete.

"Please Pete!" I begged. "Just promise me. If you do, I'll know what to do and everything will be okay."

"I don't understand Tim, why wouldn't I like you?" asked Pete again.

"Because I love you Pete!" I cried. "Please still like me!"

Then I heard the words that lifted my heart, and made my spirit soar high in the sky. The words that gave my life back to me once again, and made the whole world alright again.

"I love you too Tim." said Pete.

"You love me too!" I exclaimed. "Do you know what that means Pete? I'm gay and I love you, do you really love me Pete?"

"So much that I can't explain it Tim." replied Pete. "I always want you to be around me Tim."

As we pulled into Pete's driveway I said, "I'll always be here for you Pete. I promise. I love you."

Pete decided he should get out of the car, before he ended up kissing me again in front of his house. He did tell me that he loved me again, before getting out of the car though. When Pete's mom came out to the driveway I told her about the brave rescue of her son, which seemed to make her very happy.

"Why don't you get out, and stay for a few minutes Tim?" asked Mrs. Wilson. "Pete rarely has friends over. I'll call your mother and let her know where you are."

"Okay, I'd love to!" I replied.

Pete showed me all around his place, while our moms talked on the phone. The house, the barn, the backyard and pasture. His place wasn't quite as big as my family's, but it was very nice. Plus I got to see what Pete was like away from school. We laughed and played like little kids, and I fell even more in love with him. He was so bubbly and fun loving away from school that he almost looked like a different person, one who was extremely attractive. As we played though, I could see something in the back of Pete's personality. Something that told me how much he longed to grow up, and leave the pain of his childhood behind him. I then knew that I could never deprive my dear sweet Pete of that wish. I finally knew what I had to do before it was too late.

We finally ended up in Pete's room. His mom would be calling him to supper before much longer, and mine was probably wondering if I would show up at our house for my supper.

"Well Pete, I have to get going home." I said. "It's almost supper time. I had a great time this evening man. Tomorrow we will be able to go on with our lives together, hopefully for a very long time."

"That would be so great Tim." replied Pete, as he came closer to me. "I always wanted someone that I can love like you."

As our lips met, it was beautiful. We kissed very deeply and passionately, while my hands rubbed Pete's body. When my hands reached Pete's butt, it made the boy gasp. My response was to massage both mounds of his butt gently, while pulling his body into mine. Pete finally backed off, completely out of breath.

"Kissing has never felt like that before, Tim." said Pete.

"That's because we're in love." I replied.

"Are you okay with being gay Tim?" asked Pete. "I don't really know how I will feel about it when it sinks in."

"That's okay Pete." I replied. "I'm perfectly fine with who I am, and I'll be here to help you any way you need it."

"I love you so much Tim." said Pete, with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"I love you very much too Pete." I replied warmly.

The drive home was wonderful. Everything along the roadside looked so beautiful. It was the most gorgeous early fall day imaginable, and I was in love with the most wonderful boy in the world!

As I laid in bed that night, I was tempted to keep Pete just the way he was forever. I knew though that I had to let his body and his spirit grow into a beautiful young man. "Okay God," I said in almost a whisper, "here goes nothing. I wish I could stay sixteen for now, but that time would begin passing again so everyone can have a normal life." I fell asleep with the warmest and happiest feelings that I could ever remember.

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