Sweet Sixteen

by tim

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Sweet Sixteen - by tim

Chapter 6

I was so excited that Pete was going to try to spend the night on Friday, but I had a lot to do before then. It was about time that I moved out of the same bedroom that I shared with two of my brothers. My oldest brother had set up his bedroom in the back bedroom in the basement, but there were two unused bedrooms upstairs. We had been sharing the large bedroom on the main floor, but I now knew of the advantages that my own room would provide. Fortunately it wasn't too difficult to talk my parents into letting me have my own room upstairs, as they were happy to see me becoming more independent.

I had decided that I would take the middle bedroom. The odds of one of my two brothers that I had been sharing a room with moving to the back upstairs bedroom were remote, so I didn't have to worry about anyone passing through my room at night. Also, due to the age of the house it was decided not to try to run heating ducts to the upstairs rooms when we had the furnace installed. Instead, the upstairs rooms were heated by open vents directly to the main floor of the house. The vents were located in the first and last rooms upstairs, so anything that happened in those rooms could be heard clearly downstairs. The middle bedroom would offer me the most privacy, in case of intimate moments. I worked all evening on moving upstairs, after I had asked about Pete spending the night. Finally I was finished, and ready for the boy I loved.

The next day at school I was nervous and excited about seeing Pete later. As soon as I got back from vocational school, I went in search of Pete. I finally spotted him sitting alone under a tree. Talk about deja vu! It actually gave me the shivers for a second.

"Hi Pete!" I said, as I tried to control my emotions that were about to explode.

"Hi Tim," replied Pete sullenly, "did you have better luck with your parents than I had with mine?"

My heart suddenly sank. I said disappointedly, "My parents were okay with it Pete."

Pete then smiled brightly and said, "I guess we had the same luck then!"

It felt like the entire world had gotten up off my chest, where they had decided to sit. "You rat!" I exclaimed. "You almost had me ready to cry!"

"I'm sorry Tim," giggled Pete, "I couldn't help myself!"

God! Pete had the most wonderful giggle. "It's a good thing I love you dude, or else I'd be mad!" I said.

"What's with dude?" asked Pete. "Have you been to Southern California lately?"

"Oops!" I thought to myself. Then I said, "Never mind, I'm just glad you'll be going home with me tonight. Are you ready when school's over, or do you have to go by your place?"

"My bag is in my locker." replied Pete. "And I love you too Tim."

I wanted to hug and kiss him right there, but someone might have seen us so I asked Pete to follow me quickly. I led Pete to a much more private spot, then I wrapped my arms tightly around him and placed my lips over his. I gently caressed Pete's back as I gave him the wettest, most passionate kiss I could muster on short notice. It was still enough to make Pete stagger slightly when I backed off.

"WOW!" gasped Pete. "Is sex going to be that good Tim?"

"Much better!" I replied lustfully.

"I can't wait Tim!" exclaimed Pete. "Let's go now!"

"I think we better get through the rest of the day Pete." I said. "Someone might get suspicious."

I had lunch with a very excited Pete, then we went to our classes. After all, I did have to go to the shop class from hell. The teacher needed his sanity much more than I did. I breezed through the class though. Not even Tawny the helpless octopus could bother me today. Neither could Jason, who strutted like some kind of supermodel whenever he walked past me. Let him strut if he wants to because I had something much better waiting for me at the end of the day, real love!

The next classes were a complete blur. Well, typing was usually that way anyway. Then it was time to see the world's cutest boy! The boy who put even more curves in my jeans! The boy I most wanted to play tonsil hockey with! I walked into the classroom, and there he was. Pete! I'll bet he had no idea how badly I wanted to ravage him right in front of the entire class! Somehow we managed to make it through the final class of the day. I'll bet we both had boners through the entire class though, I know I sure as hell did!

As soon as we hit the door I said, "Let's get your stuff Pete, I want to get started showing you how a boyfriend deserves to be treated. Oh fuck! Did I say that out loud?"

I looked around quickly to see if anyone had heard me, and was relieved that no one was close enough to hear. Pete was laughing his ass off as I began running toward his locker, then the thought hit him. Sex! Pete caught up to me very quickly. First we got his stuff, then visited my locker for a moment. In a few moments we were headed toward my really cool car. As soon as we got to the cemetery outside of town, I pulled onto a dirt road. No one lived on the road, but it was kept up because our cross country team used it for training and meets. As soon as we were out of sight of anyone, I pulled over to the side of the road. I got out of the car and went around to Pete's door. When Pete got out I took ahold of his hand and we began walking. That's all I wanted to do for now, just walk with my boyfriend while holding his hand.

After we walked for five minutes, Pete said, "This feels nice Tim. I like holding your hand."

I looked over at the smiling boy and smiled back at him. "It feels more than nice Pete." I said. "It feels so right, like the way we were meant to be!"

Then I leaned toward Pete, who leaned toward me. Our lips met and our arms wrapped around each other. Pete's hands were all over my back, as one of my hands found his nice firm little butt. Pete moaned into my mouth as I caressed each wonderful cheek. I explored the inside of his sweet mouth with my tongue, then he copied what I had done to him. This boy was an exceptional learner, which would come in handy tonight. But for now we were getting a little too worked up.

"Let's save our love for later Pete." I moaned softly.

"Is it okay for two boys to love each other like this Tim?" asked Pete innocently.

"It's more than okay Pete." I replied. "It's a very beautiful thing if the two boys really love each other. How do you feel about what we're going to do?"

"I think it's a very beautiful thing!" replied Pete with a smile.

I smiled back at Pete, then we walked hand in hand back to the car. I took the long way home, so I could stop by a store to get Pete and me a bottle of pop. We were finally on our way to my house. The closer we got, the more nervous we both got. It wasn't really nervous though, it was more like giddy. I couldn't believe how deeply I was falling in love with this boy, and I think he was beginning to understand what our love would mean. I would be there to help him all the way though. I silently thanked God for granting my wish twice, because after tonight I knew I would begin to lose my previous adult life. I was willing to let it go readily now though, and accept whatever I had to go through again. As soon as we got to my house I went in and said hello to my mom, then Pete and me were off for the grand tour.

As we were walking the trails that crossed the back of our property Pete asked, "People are going to hate us because we're gay, aren't they?"

"Some people will Pete." I replied. "Those people don't matter though. If they can hate us because we love each other, they're not very important to us. The people who are important to us will understand."

"The people who hate us though say that it's wrong for us to be gay." said Pete.

"Do you feel like it's wrong to be in love with me?" I asked.

"No," replied Pete, "it feels really good!"

"Then is it going to be wrong for us to make love?" I asked.

"Heck no!" replied Pete. "It's going to be fun!"

"Then that's all that matters Pete." I said. "We're two people who love each other very much, and our love doesn't hurt or affect anyone else. We should have fun making each other feel good."

Pete leaned his head into my chest and said, "I love you Tim. Will you be my boyfriend forever?"

I wrapped my arms around Pete and replied, "That would be such a joy to me, my beautiful lover."

After we pried ourselves apart, which took a lot of strength, we made our way back to the house for supper. My mom was fixing her best dish, which was fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, and unhusked sweet peas. My mom was a great cook when she wanted to be. Pete was very polite, as he emptied his plate. Then Pete was polite again. It always made my mom feel good to see a boy eat a healthy meal, and when Pete was done she was feeling great.

As we sat and watched TV with the rest of my family I said, "I take it you like my mom's cooking Pete."

Deano quipped, "See! I always told you Pete was crazy!"

"I don't see you missing any meals little brother." I replied.

Pete began laughing, and his laugh was so cute that I had to join him. My older brothers joined in the laughter as well.

"I don't see what you have against Pete, Deano, he's a funny kid!" said Floyd.

Deano turned to Pete and said, "I don't really have anything against you. I guess I just get carried away with everyone else when they start picking on you. I promise I'll try to stop. Are we still friends?"

"Sure we are Deano." said Pete. Then he turned to me and said, "You have a really cool family Tim."

"I'm starting to realize that Pete." I replied.

It was finally the time that I was looking forward to, as I said, "Let's go upstairs Pete. You can sleep on the roll away bed in my alcove."

"Sure Tim," replied Pete in a conspiratorial tone, "I'm kinda tired."

When we got to my room, Pete playfully jumped on the roll away bed. I pointed at my bed and said, "You know better than that!"

"I know," replied Pete, "I just wanted to see the look on your face. It was pretty good too." Pete giggled as he walked to my bed.

Before he laid down I said, "Stop right there pal!"

"What's wrong?" asked Pete.

"This!" I replied.

Then I began stripping Pete. His eyes got wide with excitement as he realized that I was going to take ALL of his clothes off. I was finally rewarded with the sight I had been longing to see. His cute face was perched atop of a short, medium framed, hairless body. His fourteen year old dick looked very nice. It was cut, and about four inches long as it hung limply from his body. He also had slender, hairless legs. Now I couldn't wait to make love to this boy as I fumbled with my clothes.

I was a stocky build with a few muscles. Pete looked me over completely as he licked his lips. At sixteen I had a few short hairs sprouting from my chest, and a nice bush around my dick. Even though I was two years older than Pete, our dicks were the same size flaccid. The only difference was I was uncut.

I spread my arms out and asked, "Do you like what you see?"

"Please show me how to make love to you Tim." said Pete softly.

I had Pete lay on the bed with his head propped up against the headboard, so he could see me. Then I said, "Just watch what I do carefully Pete."

As I climbed over top of Pete, his dick began to rise in anticipation. I longingly opened my mouth and engulfed his growing dick inside it. Pete let out a gasp when he felt my mouth come in contact with his dick, then he watched me intently as I began stroking his shaft with my lips. Pete tasted so wonderful that I never wanted to let his dick from my mouth. When I began running my tongue over the head of his dick, Pete began softly running his fingers through my long, brown hair. At this point I decided that I had to taste Pete's beautiful balls, so I let his hard dick slide from my mouth. I immediately covered his balls with my mouth, and began sucking on each one gently. By now Pete was writhing on the bed.

"Tim," moaned Pete, "I never imagined it would feel this good. Nothing could ever compare to this."

I knew Pete was ready now, so I climbed up the bed and gave him a passionate kiss.

I stroked the side of his beautiful face as I said, "Show me what you've learned Pete."

Pete took his position over me and stared at my dick, but it was not a stare of hesitation though. I could see the deepest desire that I had ever seen in anyone.

"Open your mouth Pete." I coaxed. When he had done that I said, "Now lower your mouth around my dick like it was something that you love very much."

"I do love it Tim." whispered Pete.

Then Pete engulfed my dick with his mouth. He let it sit in his mouth, feeling it grow and throb. Then he finally began sliding my dick gently past his moist, soft lips. When I felt Pete's tongue push itself underneath my foreskin, I knew he now knew what to do. I carefully turned around, so I wouldn't pull my dick from his eager mouth, then I lifted him up over my face. I slowly lowered Pete on top of me, with his dick going back into my mouth. Pete whimpered softly a few times, then resumed caressing my dick with his entire mouth. I lifted and lowered Pete's hips a few times, until he got the idea. I was now in heaven as Pete gently humped his dick in and out of my mouth, while still lovingly sucking on my dick. Neither one of us wanted this to end, but the urgency of youth finally took over. After about ten minutes neither one of us could hold back any further. Pete was the first to shoot his cum into my mouth, which I immediately swallowed after letting it coat my entire mouth. It was the most wonderful taste I had ever experienced before. When Pete's orgasm ended I let his dick slide gently from my mouth.

"I'm going to cum any time now Pete." I panted. "Don't be surprised when it shoots from my dick. Just swallow as much as you can, and try to enjoy the way it tastes."

Pete mumbled his response around my throbbing dick, which was all it took. Pete was still a little surprised at first, but he quickly decided that my cum should be inside him. He began swallowing hungrily as my dick shot its load into his warm mouth. After several good shots, my orgasm began to subside. Pete continued to gently nurse my dick for a few more moments. I finally turned back around and took Pete into my arms. Pete had a deliriously contented look on his sweet face.

"I take it you liked what we just did." I said softly.

"Liked doesn't even begin to cover it Tim." whispered Pete breathlessly. "We were meant to be like this, and I'll never be able to live without it. I love you more than anyone I've ever known."

I held Pete's warm body tightly against mine, and covered his sweet lips with my own lips. We kissed and rubbed our bodies together until we both drifted off into a peaceful slumber. My dreams that night were of finally finding Utopia, and having Pete with me to share it. They were such happy dreams that I cried gently in my sleep. I could live the rest of my life with dreams like this.

The next morning Pete and me awoke, still in each other's arms. This would make both of us incredibly happy for the rest of the day. For some reason the entire family was happy this morning. It could have had something to do with the fact that this was the most perfect day that had ever been created, but my judgment might have been clouded on that issue. Pete did agree with me though, so that was all that mattered. I wanted to take Pete out and have some fun, so after breakfast I began hitting my family up for loans, with the promise that they would be repaid when I got my part time job. The family was so happy that by the time I was done, it looked as though Pete and I would have a very fun day. My mom told me not to be out too late, as we headed out the door.

Once in the car I asked Pete, "How long has it been since you've been to a movie?"

"What's a movie?" asked Pete jokingly.

"Is there anything in particular that you'd like to see then?" I asked.

"I always wanted to see that Jaws movie." replied Pete.

With that settled we headed toward the small theater in Mason. Jaws was still playing there, but Smokey And The Bandit had finally been replaced. In it's place was The Jerk, so I figured we would make it a double feature today. It was kind of cool to see Jaws on the big screen again, and Pete's reaction to the movie made it well worth it. We sat toward the back of the theater, which was a good thing. Pete immediately began holding my hand tightly at the first few scary scenes, but soon he was practically jumping into my lap. As soon as I would comfort him enough to get him back into his seat, he would be clinging to me again. Just before the movie ended, as Chief Brody was clinging to the barrel in the water, I leaned over and gave Pete a quick and comforting kiss. We smiled at each other as the credits began rolling.

The next movie was just for fun. Me and Pete laughed ourselves silly at Navin Johnson and his crazy antics. Actually it was just as much fun watching Pete laugh. His sweet laughter seemed to warm up my whole body. The movie turned out to be a very great time for both of us. Then it was off to get some lunch at the deli down the street. Their pizza subs were the best that could be found anywhere, and it was a real treat to have one again after such a long time. Our next stop would be the miniature golf course between Mason and Holt. It was one of the favorite hangouts of the kids from our area, so we were likely to see some kids that we knew. On hole number three we saw someone that I really didn't care to see.

"Hey Tim!" said Greg. "Why are you hanging out with Pete? Is someone forcing you to?"

"No Greg," I replied, "Pete's a great person to hang out with." I looked at Pete and gave him a smile.

"You know what everyone says about him though, don't you?" asked Greg tauntingly.

"I really don't care what some kids with nothing better to do has to say about Pete, he's my closest friend now." I replied. If they only knew how close!

"I thought Dean was your best friend." said Greg.

"Dean's a good friend, but he hardly ever wants to hang out outside of school." I replied.

"I think you're both just weird, that's why you like each other." said Greg rudely.

I stood straight up and threw out my chest in my defensive pose, which most kids knew not to mess with. Then I said, "Fuck you Greg! Why don't you just finish playing your game, seeing as how it's the only way your balls will ever see any action!"

Greg was going to say something else, but then he saw the pissed off look on my face. Greg wisely moved on, and Pete and me continued our game. Pete was kind of quiet for a few holes.

"Why do people have to be such assholes Tim?" Pete finally asked.

"Some people's lives are so pathetic, like Greg's, that they have to try to ruin other people's lives to make themselves feel better." I replied. "I'm not the least bit worried about him though, or anyone else at school. I wouldn't care if everyone at school knew how much I love you Pete."

That statement brought Pete's wonderful smile back to his face. We had a great time finishing our round, and playing in the arcade. It was finally getting close to time for me to take Pete home though. Pete and me reluctantly walked back out to the car, not wanting this day to end.

"Do you remember when you said you didn't care if everyone at school knew how much you love me Tim?" asked Pete.

"Yes Pete, and I meant it." I replied.

"Well, you may get your wish." said Pete as he pointed at my car.

Before Greg had left, he had taken a bar of soap and wrote "QUEER" on my driver's side window. I was furious, but I kept it inside me for now. I got some paper towels and wetted some of them, then I cleaned my window off. I laughed and talked with Pete like it hadn't bothered me, on the way to his house. Then before we got there, I pulled off the road in a private area. Pete and me shared a very passionate and loving kiss for what seemed like a wonderful eternity.

"I love you Pete." I said. "Nothing else matters anymore except loving you. I want to love you for the rest of eternity, and bring you more pleasure and happiness than you've ever known. Will you be my boyfriend for the rest of our lives Pete?"

Pete looked at me with a passion that burned deeply inside him as he replied, "To be with you forever would be more than I could ever dream of Tim. I may be afraid of being gay, but I'm not afraid of being so madly in love with you. You make it seem so right Tim. I would love to be with you for the rest of my life."

We kissed deeply again for several more minutes as we massaged each other to an orgasm inside our pants. After we had both caught our breath, I took Pete on home. Monday I would make sure no one messed with us again.

That was fun! lol. Did you notice how I slipped right out of telling Pete what had happened to me? he he. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . Stay tuned for the revenge of Tim in Chapter 7.