Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

Chapter 7

On Sunday I went to inquire into a part time job. I was hired as a bagger in a small supermarket, in a nearby town. I was assured that it wasn't because my aunt worked there but hey, every little bit helps. I would work on Thursday and Friday evening, and all day on Sunday. I was glad to be able to keep Saturday open for my boyfriend.

Then on Monday morning I went to pick up Dean, and we headed to school. On the way, Dean remarked that it looked like someone had peed in my Wheaties. I replied that I wasn't looking forward to seeing someone today, then we continued on while making normal conversation. I had just finished a smoke before getting to vocational school, but Dean wanted to have one with his other friends. The group included Greg.

"Hi Tim." said Greg. "How are you and your boyfriend?" Several of the kids who were standing around snickered.

"Don't Hi Tim me you asshole!" I replied.

"What's the matter Tim?" asked Greg. "Didn't you stop by your boyfriend's house for a quickie this morning? You should see em Dean, he's replaced you with Pete cause Pete gives good head."

At that point I hit Greg in the face, and knocked him down against the wall.

"If it's any of your business asshole, me and Dean are still friends." I said. "And what me and Pete do or don't do is none of your business!"

Greg looked up at Dean and said, "Just ask him what he was doing in Mason with Pete Saturday. They were on a date, and they're probably doing each other too!"

"You might want to be careful about what you say about me Greg!" I said. "I just knocked you down once, and I can do it again." Then I turned and walked into the school.

Dean followed me to class and asked, "How come we haven't gone anywhere to hang out Tim?"

"I'm sorry Dean," I replied, "I just haven't thought of asking yet. We are still best friends though, aren't we?"

"Is what Greg said true?" asked Dean.

I thought for a moment about what to say, but I couldn't lie to my best friend. Dean had the kind of eyes that when he looked at you, you knew you could tell him anything.

"The reason I thought of Pete first is because he's my boyfriend." I said. "We both love each other very much. I do still think of you as my best friend though."

Dean looked at me quizzically for a few moments, then asked, "Have you guys had sex together Tim?"

"Yes, we have made love together." I replied flatly.

Dean looked at me for a few more moments before he suddenly smiled and asked, "So, how was it? You can't expect to have sex with someone and not tell your best friend about it!"

I threw my arms around Dean and almost cried, "Thanks man, you're the best friend a guy could have."

"Okay, okay." giggled Dean. "Don't get too mushy on me. Save that for your boyfriend. Now, how was it?"

"It was incredible man!" I replied. "Pete is so soft and warm. Making love to him was so great. I know he's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with."

"Come on man!" said Dean. "I want details! Did you guys kiss? What did it feel like when he sucked you, and when you sucked him? Don't hold out Tim, I want to hear all about it!"

Me and Dean talked for most of the class. I could tell he would never be able to do some of the things I've done, but he was interested in what me and Pete did. It was like it didn't matter at all to him, but what was important was that I felt good about it. I had never had any doubt about who my best friend in the world was, but that morning confirmed it. He did make me promise to let him hang out with me and Pete this weekend. I knew I had not heard the last from Greg, but he didn't say anything after classes while Dean and me were having a smoke.

When Dean and me got back to regular school, Pete was waiting out by the parking lot. He walked up to my side of the car as soon as I parked. Then Dean reached his hand across in front of me for Pete to shake.

"Hi Pete!" said Dean. "Any friend of Tim's is a friend of mine!"

As Pete was shaking Dean's hand, I said to Pete, "He knows about us, and he's okay with it. As a matter of fact, he wants to hang out with us on Saturday."

Pete then leaned into the car and gave me a very warm and passionate kiss in front of Dean.

Dean smiled as he said, "You two look really cute together! I wish I had a camera!"

Me and Pete broke our kiss as we laughed. All three of us then went in to have lunch together. About halfway through lunch Dean announced quietly that he would like to come to my house sometime, so he could watch me and Pete have sex. That produced a fountain of milk spewing forth from Pete's nose.

"My, that really looks attractive!" giggled Dean. "Are you sure about him Tim?"

As I helped Pete clean himself off I smiled warmly at Pete and replied, "I'm sure."

We continued on through lunch without any further accidents. Pete continued to blush though, until Dean told him that he was just kidding about watching us. Pete breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that. The shop class that day was unusually quiet, although Jason had started looking at me strangely for some unknown reason. As a matter of fact, the rest of the day was pretty quiet. Too quiet!

At the end of the last class Pete was going to go to his locker, while I went to mine. Pete left the classroom well ahead of me, and when I had made it outside, a crowd had begun to gather. One of Greg's friends had come up from behind Pete, and shoved him down. The boy, who was named Lonnie, was kicking at Pete while he was still on the ground, but Pete had managed to avoid his kicks.

"Everyone at school knows about you, you queer!" said Lonnie loudly, as he kicked at Pete. "And now we know about your queer boyfriend too!"

I came up behind Lonnie and asked, "Are you talking about me bitch?"

Then I grabbed Lonnie and spun him around. Lonnie ended up on the ground immediately when I punched him under the ribs very hard. Then I went over and picked Pete up off the ground. By the time I had Pete on his feet, Greg had come along and had Lonnie on his feet. Me and Pete were standing face to face with Lonnie and Greg, until more of Greg's friends started coming along. By then Dean had come along, and stood next to me and Pete. We were soon joined by my brother and his friend Doug. Each group started growing more and more, until things looked like they may be getting out of control.

Finally, Kenny our football team's star player and most feared boy in school came along. Kenny and Pete had never gotten along well, but Kenny always seemed to like me for some reason. He was also acquainted with some of the kids in Greg's crowd.

"I'm glad you're here Kenny." said Greg. "These kids are trying to protect a couple of queers in our school." Then Greg pointed at me and Pete.

Kenny walked over to me and asked, "Is that true Tim?" Pete was now looking very frightened.

I turned to the group of kids behind me and Pete and said, "Greg is right, Pete is my boyfriend. It's none of his, or anyone else's business what me and Pete do when we're alone though. I love Pete very much and I'm not going to let ANYONE hurt him. I'm no different now than I've always been though."

"That really took guts man!" said Kenny.

Kenny then shook Pete's hand in a gesture of friendship, and turned to face Greg's crowd. "Tim is my friend." said Kenny. "Anyone who wants to mess with him or any of his friends, also wants to mess with me!"

Not one kid had left my group, but Greg's group began dwindling quickly. Soon it was down to just Greg and Lonnie.

"I know we're friends Lonnie," said Kenny, "but I won't hesitate to knock your ass out!" When Lonnie quickly left, that just left Greg.

"I can't believe you're doing this!" screamed Greg. "What the fuck is wrong with you Kenny?!"

"Tim is my friend and I like him!" said Kenny. "Whatever he does with someone else when they're alone is no one's business! You've been an asshole for years though Greg, and it's time you got over it. I better not hear about anyone else giving Tim and Pete any trouble, or you're the first person I'm coming to look for!" With that, Greg sulked off.

I shook Kenny's hand and said, "Thanks Kenny, you're one of the most decent people I know."

Kenny smiled and said, "No problem buddy!"

After everyone had gone off to their lockers, Pete said in a frightened voice, "Everyone knows about us now Tim."

"Yeah," I replied, "it looks like we've been outed. Everyone who's important still likes us though dude!"

Pete finally eased up and smiled. "The next time you go to Southern California, you really need to take me!" giggled Pete. "What about your family though? I don't have any brothers at school, so mine will never find out about this."

I ruffled Pete's hair and replied, "It'll be fine Pete, trust me. I have a little inside information." Then I smiled the biggest and goofiest smile I could come up with, which made Pete laugh his extremely cute laugh.

"That smile reminds me," Pete finally said after he stopped laughing, "you never did tell me what the goofy smile was about on Thursday!"

"Let's get to our lockers first then Pete." I replied. "We'll take the long way to your house while I tell you."

I told Pete the entire story on the way to his house. From actually being forty four, to going back to sixteen and having time stop, and finally about the nightmare I had the night that time started again. Poor Pete didn't know what to think, but the boy still loved me!

"So," said Pete as he giggled, "if you're really forty four, then I guess you're a dirty old man that likes to have sex with little kids, huh?"

"It doesn't really matter as long as you don't mind if this dirty old man wants to have sex with you." I replied.

Pete smiled and said, "I wouldn't want it any other way Tim. Besides, you still look sixteen to me, and I think that's pretty hot!"

"I'll show you hot when we get to your house!" I replied.

When we got there Pete's mom was busy packing. When she saw us she said, "Pete, your aunt gave birth today but she's going to need some help for a few weeks. I already called Tim's mom and she said it would be okay for you to stay with them while me and your dad is gone. I need you to go to your room and pack."

When we got to Pete's room, our lips immediately became locked together. I had planned on making love to him, but that could now wait until we got to my house. We kissed for several minutes, until Pete had to start packing.

As we broke the kiss I pointed up and said, "I guess he's still answering my wishes." Me and Pete had a good laugh.

I had expected a lecture when we got back to my house about what Pete and me were and weren't allowed to do, but my brother had not said anything to my parents about what happened at school. I was very grateful for that as Pete and me went up to my room after supper. We laid on the bed with our clothes still on, kissing until I was sure everyone was parked in front of the TV for the evening. After we had stripped each other, I took Pete into my mouth. His dick was flaccid at first, but it stiffened as I sucked gently on it. When Pete began squirming, I knew he was getting close. I quickly wet my index finger, then slipped it into his butt. Pete wriggled around at the new sensation at first, but soon his rectum was clamping around my finger. Pete exploded into my mouth when I found his prostate, and I was treated to a generous helping of his sweet, creamy cum.

When Pete looked at me with a euphoric smile, I turned him on his stomach. Then I put some baby oil on my dick and placed it between his butt cheeks.

Pete moaned dreamily, "I love you Tim."

At that point I pushed on my dick until it slipped into Pete. I slowly and gently pushed myself all the way into him, then began long, slow strokes in and out of his butt.

"Oh God!" gasped Pete. "I had no idea you would feel so good inside me!"

I smiled as I continued loving Pete slowly. "Wait until I cum in you my sweet boyfriend." I said breathlessly.

Soon my erection began dictating the pace, and I began thrusting faster. All too soon I felt my orgasm begin. I grunted as I pumped my cum into Pete's rectum. I knew that I was the first boy to ever cum inside Pete like that, and it made the orgasm massive.

When it was over, I laid down beside Pete and turned him on his side. The smile on his face showed nothing but pure joy. I had cum inside him, and he was now my boy forever. It was all in the world we both wanted now.

"Now you can have a part of me inside you all night Pete." I said softly. We kissed for several long minutes, before going back downstairs with the rest of the family.

I had had no idea what was in store for me that fateful night, when I made my wish. I was sure that very few people got what I did though. Some people would have regretted making such a wish, but I was glad to be sixteen again. After that night my adult memories would slowly begin to fade, but I had a whole lifetime to make new ones now. Every once in a while something would pop into my head though. For example, Pete and me would make a killing when the Tigers won the World Series in 84'. I never regretted what happened when I made that wish, and I made sure Pete would never be unhappy about my journey either.

Adventures? Sure me and Pete shared a lifetime together to make new memories for both of us, but that is a story best left for another time.

The End?

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