Sweet Sixteen

by tim the story guy

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Sweet Sixteen

by tim

Chapter 9

As I drifted off to sleep that night with Pete wrapped in my arms, I wondered why my adult memories were not fading as I expected them to. That night would give me the answer to my question. I knew right away that I was not actually dreaming, or having a nightmare. This was too real for that. I was sure that it was my actual future from before I went back to sixteen again. Not only would I lose both of my parents in about a year after my forty fourth birthday, a few months later I would be falsely humiliated and disgraced by my employer in front of everyone I knew, which would shatter my life during what was already a bad year. The visions were so intense and awful that I not only cried in my visions, I also cried in my sleep. It was enough to wake Pete, who immediately woke me to find out what was wrong.

"Tim! Tim!" urged Pete. "Please wake up!"

I awoke with a start, and held Pete tightly in my arms. "It was so awful Pete!" I cried.

"Did you have a nightmare Tim?" asked Pete gently. "I swear that I'll protect you from your bad dreams."

God, what a sweet boy! Was there any reason at all not to love him with every ounce of my soul? "It wasn't a nightmare." I replied, still crying softly. "It was a vision."

"What type of vision?" asked Pete, who was now genuinely concerned.

"It was a vision of my future." I replied while trying to stop my tears. "I saw what my life would have been like if I had stayed forty four. It could still happen too Pete! That future is still lurking out there, waiting for me to meet it."

"Well then Tim, we'll just have to change things so it can't happen." replied Pete sincerely.

I could tell then that Pete believed me without question. That was more than I ever could have hoped for. After all, if I had met someone who was going on like I was, I would have had them measured for a staightjacket. "You'll actually help me change the future?" I asked.

"I love you so much Tim, that I'll do anything for you." replied Pete with that beautiful smile of his. "Besides, haven't we already started changing the future? You and I never became boyfriends before, right?"

"God Pete, you're as smart as you are beautiful!" I replied, as a smile slowly returned to my face.

"That's because I have the greatest boyfriend in the world as an inspiration." replied Pete. "Now let's get back to sleep, and we'll figure out what to do in the morning."

Pete then gave me the warmest kiss that I had ever received before. It relaxed me enough that I was able to drift back off to sleep, as Pete now held me tightly in his arms. My visions didn't return that night, but I would now never forget what I had already seen.

The next day was a work day for me, so I took Pete up on his offer from the previous week to go to work with me. While I was working, Pete found things to keep himself busy. When I could get away on a break, Pete and I would find a place to be alone to talk and kiss. By the time my lunch break was over, I had filled Pete in completely on the vision that I'd had.

"Holy crap Tim!" replied Pete, which was as close as I'd ever heard him come to using foul language. I told you he was a sweetie! "We can't let that stuff happen! The last one is easy, we'll just never let you have to go to work for those jerks. Now, about your never being able to drive again, do you feel like you need a drink now?"

"No, but I won't begin drinking heavily for about seven years from now." I replied.

"Do you know why you started drinking so heavily?" asked Pete.

"I couldn't tell you that to save my life Pete." I replied. "Maybe it had something to do with not wanting to think about how I hid my life at that time. What I do know is that by the time I came back here, I had come to the realization that it was one of the dumbest things I had ever done."

"So, you weren't drinking when you came back?" asked Pete.

"Nope." I replied. "I didn't need it by that point in my life, but it had already done it's damage."

"Well, if it really was because you were hiding who you really were, we'll have to change that." said Pete. "How did your parents feel when they found out you were gay?"

"They were wonderful!" I replied. "Although my dad didn't talk about it with me, he accepted it without question. My mother and I talked about it quite a bit though, and I knew how much they loved me."

"Then we should tell them much sooner than you had before." said Pete. "I wish I knew how my parents would react. I'm their only child, so I 'm sure they wouldn't kick me out or anything, but I know they wouldn't be very happy with it."

"We can't take that chance with you then Pete." I said. "If we wait until you turn eighteen, we should be fine."

"I don't know Tim." replied Pete. "The longer we wait, the closer we get to what started the bad things for you. We should clear this hurdle for you as soon as we can."

"If it hurts you though, what good would it do to help me?" I asked.

"You talk just like we're a happily married couple or something." said Pete with a smile. "I think I like that a lot!"

"Well Pete, I want to be with you forever, so I guess you could think of us that way." I replied.

"I love you so much Tim!" said Pete, just before taking me in his arms and pressing our lips together.

We had to break the kiss so I wouldn't be late getting back from my lunchless lunch, but Pete promised to make it up to me. He also said he would give our situation some thought while he was waiting for me. I also thought about it as I finished my shift, and I began to think that it may be best to talk to my mom. After all, I knew that she already knew about the incident in the bathroom of the department store a few weeks ago. I didn't know it the first time I was sixteen, but the man actually had the nerve to approach her about me. Talk about too many guts and not enough brains! So my secret was already out to her, even though I didn't know it the first time around. Finally my shift was over, and Pete and I got into my car.

As I drove the long way home, I said, "I've been thinking Pete. I have a little inside information that tells me that my mom is already pretty sure that I'm gay. I think you're right that we should talk to her. Who knows, she may know what to do about your situation too."

"Do you think she'll be okay with you being in love with a fourteen year old boy?" asked Pete. "You are sixteen after all."

"I don't know that, but I know she loves me unconditionally." I replied. "I think it might work out okay for us, but I'm still nervous as hell."

"I don't blame you there!" laughed Pete softly. "If it were me, I think I would pee in my pants!"

I know I've said this before, but I was falling more in love with Pete every second. I also knew Pete would be there with me when I talked to my mom. I don't think God had ever created a more perfect person than Pete. We decided that we would have the talk with my mom after Pete's parents had returned, which we found out would be a week from this coming Friday. That gave me almost two more weeks of wonderful bliss with the boy of my dreams.

With that settled, we could now come up with a plan to take care of a few other matters from my future. After my vision Saturday night, I had been left with all of my memories up through the summer of my forty fifth year now. This whole thing was getting weirder every day. It did however tell me a few things that could be done to prevent the ailments that would plague my parents later, and I was very thankful for that. The first thing I had to do was quit smoking. Right now I was young again, and could do it easily. Pete was really pleased to hear that plan. I also felt pretty good too. I had already quit smoking and drinking, and well before I had gotten a good start on either. Maybe Pete and I could eventually get my parents to quit smoking too, as they were both plagued by emphysema by the end. There were also a few subtle changes I wanted to make as far as diet went to help ward off other ailments in the future. The most important hurdle though would be to prevent the cancer that would claim my mother. That was a rough one for me to even think about, and it even scared Pete as well.

By the time we got to my house though, we had both gathered our wits about us again. It seemed to be shaping up as a nice and quiet evening with the family and my Pete. After supper though, my mom said that she wanted to speak with me and Pete. I almost wet myself, and Pete had a shocked look on his face. I numbly asked my mom if we could talk up in my room. She looked a little perplexed as she agreed.

"I just want to say that this is who I am mom, and there's nothing I can do about it." I blurted out, once we were in my room. "I didn't ask for this, and neither did Pete. I'm sure that deep down though, you know that no one wakes up one morning wanting to become gay."

"Well honey, I am pretty sure about that." replied my mom in stride. "What I wanted to say though is that you and Pete must have impressed someone today. Your boss had your aunt call to ask if Pete would be interested in working there just on Sundays. They know that he's only fourteen, which is why they can't offer him more hours than that."

"Um, have I told you lately that I love you mom?" I asked feebly, in an attempt to cover what I had blurted out. Poor Pete looked as though he wanted to crawl under my bed.

"Tim honey, I'm your mother." replied my mom. "I know what you think before you do sometimes. I'm not blind yet either. I could tell that you were different than most boys back when you were going to the doctor here in town. You always seemed a little more eager to go to the doctor than most boys, and you seemed way too happy after seeing him. I guess when he offered to adopt you, that kind of clinched that something was happening."

"Why didn't you do something then?" I asked "I mean, you obviously knew that he was playing around with my, um, stuff, and that I was likely playing with his too."

"Well, did you want me to call the police on him?" asked my mom.

"Oh heck no!" I replied. "He never did anything to hurt me, and he was a really nice guy, not to mention a good doctor."

"Hey, you fooled around with your doctor?!" exclaimed Pete. "That's no fair!"

"Come on Pete, I did have a life before there was us." I replied without thinking.

"I know, I was just kidding with you." replied Pete quietly.

"Besides Tim, the man that approached me about you a few weeks ago kind of clinched it for me that you're gay." said my mom. "You and Pete really love each other, don't you?"

"He's the most perfect and special person that I've ever known mom." I said.

"My life has gotten so much better since we became boyfriends, even if it's only been a few weeks." said Pete. "I can't imagine anyone that I'd be happier to love than Tim."

"Do you think your parents know about you and Tim?" my mom asked Pete.

"I wouldn't be able to walk straight for a few weeks if they did." replied Pete. "They would also never let me see him again. We would have to wait until I'm eighteen before I could ever be with him again."

"Well Pete, that just isn't right." said my mom. "I hate to do this, seeing as how I'm such a church going woman, but I don't think we should let this get back to your parents Pete."

Pete threw his arms around my mom and almost cried, "Tim is so lucky to have you as a mom!"

"I'll second that Pete!" I croaked.

"If you boys keep this up, you're going to be bawling like babies!" said my mom as she smiled. "I'm pretty sure someone would think it would be suspicious if they saw that."

Pete and I both laughed, then kissed my mom on the cheek. "I love you so much mom!" I said as I smiled.

"I love you too mom!" said Pete as he giggled.

"Doesn't he have the cutest giggle you've ever heard mom?" I asked.

"Very cute." replied my mom. "I can see why you boys want to be together now. I love you Tim, and I'll love anyone you feel that way about. I think you two belong together. I do want both of you to be careful though. We live in a very small community, and not everyone will love you two like I do."

"I know mom." I replied seriously. "Some people really hate guys like me and Pete."

"That's true Tim, and that's what concerns me the most." replied my mom. "I would hate to see anything bad happen to either of you. If you have to talk to someone about this, please come to me. For now, you shouldn't say anything to anyone else about this, not even your brothers. I'm sure none of them would intentionally hurt you, but they might inadvertently say something that could cause trouble for you."

"So then, Pete can be my boyfriend?" I asked innocently.

"Yes." laughed my mom. "Pete can be your boyfriend. Besides, you two look really cute together."

"And you're not upset that Tim and I are gay?" asked Pete.

"I love both of you." replied my mom. "How could I be upset with either of you for something you have no control over? It would be like being upset with you boys because your eyes are brown."

"I love you mom!" said Pete and I in unison.

"I love you boys too." said my mom. "Now I have to call my sister back. Are you interested in working with Tim on Sundays Pete?"

"Sure!" chirped Pete. After my mom left the room, Pete said, "We absolutely have to change her future Tim!"

"I couldn't agree more my love!" I replied.

Pete and I embraced as we stood in my room, and shared a warm and loving kiss. After our dicks unstiffened, we went downstairs to join the family. We were both very relaxed that evening, after our talk with my mom. It was one hurdle in our future that was now out of the way, and it felt great. We now had someone in our corner who wanted us to be together. Our love that night was amazing, but then again it always seemed that way with Pete.

The only thing that happened over the next week at school involved Jason from the shop class from hell. That period was actually beginning to turn into one of my favorites, especially when Jason stopped strutting around so much. On Thursday though, I found out why. I guess the teacher had so much faith in me that he decided to skip class on Thursday. I don't blame him though, after all, he had his sanity to worry about. Since the class had a teacher's aide, the office wasn't too worried yet. After I got the kids quieted down, and got them started on anything on their projects that didn't require power tools, I decided to retreat to the classroom. A few minutes later, I was followed by Jason. He looked a little down, so I let him hang out without saying anything to him.

"You know something Tim?" asked Jason. "It's a lot harder to find someone to have fun with than I thought it would be."

That one got my attention quickly. "What do you mean by that Jason?" I asked.

"Well, from what I've heard you've either been with every guy in school, or would be if they wanted to." replied Jason. "I just want to know what your secret is. How is it so easy for you to get guys to fool around?"

That did it! Greg needed his mouth shut good and proper!

"Where in the world did you hear something like that Jason?" I asked without my head exploding.

"Just from other people." replied Jason. "Do you mean that it's not true?"

"I've had sex with exactly two people in this school Jason." I replied. "That would be you, and my current boyfriend."

"Who was better?" asked Jason.

"Who do you think Jason?" I asked. "My current boyfriend loves me as much as I love him. He's the guy I want to be with for the rest of my life. He's the only one I ever want to make love to again."

"Oh." replied Jason as he hung his head down.

"Don't get me wrong Jason, there's nothing wrong with you." I said. "We just weren't meant to be together, and we both knew that from the start. You are a very fine looking guy though. You're the kind of guy that can make another guy pop a boner just by walking past him. Sex with you was fun, and any guy who likes other guys would love to have sex with you. If you would do just one thing, guys would fall all over you, and who knows, you might start thinking of it as more than just fooling around."

"What do I need to do?" asked Jason.

"Just be yourself." I replied. "I've seen you be yourself before, and you're a wonderful person that way. When you go strutting around like you have been lately though, it's a real turn off. I'll bet if you saw a guy you really liked, and you acted like yourself around him, you two would be going at it in no time."

"Are you sure Tim?" asked Jason.

"I'm positive!" I replied. "If I hadn't met the guy I was meant to be with, and you would act like yourself, I would still be all over your cute little butt!"

"Thanks Tim, I hope we can still be friends." replied Jason. "I'll help put a stop to all the talk about you too."

"Thanks Jason, you're a really great guy." I replied as I smiled. "I would love to still be your friend."

After that conversation, Jason would never strut around again. He was determined to follow my advice, and he was once again a very nice kid. As for Greg, I would deal with him later. First though, I wanted to talk to Kenny.

Greg has had it now, huh? Tim and Pete are also halfway to being a permanent couple. All they have to do now is get past Pete's parents. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 10.