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An alien fantasy on Earth

By Robert Lust


Chapter 14



Deadland Earth Shelter 01X2-OMICRON

Human Date: April 24th 2345 Time: 0900 hours

Sepcial Meeting Hosted by Submaster Viesabu Drasbat

Attended by: Master Ecu'maret Prime, Proctor 001-RON, Submasters Nor'had Betax, Rucbla'Sherl, Sharb'rue Minus, Rott'ruer Alfa, Byev'loor Sharh, Kilm Revop'idr and Bbursl'alte Betax.


When all of the attendees have taken their places, I pull padnic reports for them to receive the news. What I'm about to tell them is that both boys who were sentenced to facing the Raiskaus Zorlamaq, have perished under the creature's lusty appetites. This, of course, couldn't be farther from the Truth. Josh was taken before he could be done by the Raiskaus Zorlamaq, and Randall has been taken upon completing his sentence.

Ril'kemeth is now working on both Perry and Vance, and will start work on Randall. 020-MATT is working with Ryan and Josh, and he will be given two new red subjects as of today. I'm also planning on a new addition to my project for which I've selected another ruthless bastard.

`Thanks for joining us everyone. Master Prime,' I say bowing.

`So, Master Drasbat," Master Prime begins, `you said there was an urgent matter that required our presence. So here we are.'

`I've prepared some info-pads for all of you,' I pause for effect and then continue, `I'm saddened by the news I'm here to provide, but, since there's no way to say it but plainly, I needed to inform all of you that both boys sentenced to face the Raiskaus Zorlamaq, have perished...'

Silence in the room. 001-RON, Oh, the arrogant bastard! looks down as he receives the news.

The other attendees look surprised, but being Unguli, they understand that death at the hands of the Raiskaus Zorlamaq is not uncommon.

"Well," Master Prime says, "I guess we should be informing their Leaders and Proctors... and an official ceremony will have to be hosted..."

"Master Prime?" 001-RON says.

"Yes, Proctor?" Master Ecu'maret Prime.

"I think it should be me the one to give the official announcement."

"I agree, Proctor," Master Ecu'maret Prime says, "Master Drasbat, is there anything else?"

"No, master," I tell him, "That was all."

"Very well, then, let's go. We all have duties to attend to."

So one by one, all of the attendees leave the room.

Things couldn't have been better. Now, I also have some other matters to attend to, especially, carrying out the plans I have for the Golden leader 00167-B19 Kevin in mind. My plans are coming together so easily, that I can't come to understand why I didn't act before.


Deadland Earth Shelter 01X2-OMICRON

Human Date: April 24th 2345 Time: 1200

File Numbers: 00237-G17, 00230-NA15, NO001-AA15

Subject Names: Perry Bixer, Randall Chee, Vance Cooper

Ril'kemeth's personal classified log


My lab is turning into one fucking great milking experience. Perry, 00237-G17 is now asleep, taking his milking break, and I've had Vance, NO001-AA15, secured onto my favorite milking contraption, the horse rack. This is one particular way of milking I really enjoy, for I have easy access to the subject's cock and balls. His face has been secured, so he can't speak or say anything at all as we begin his cycle.

This is Vance's third day at my disposal and on days one and two I managed to extract 500 ml on each session. Today will be different, though, for I'm going to start administering enhancing drugs on Vance's genitalia. It's about time his organs start being modified as Perry's are being. Randall Chee, my new green subject is strapped to a chair, so he can follow on the procedure; gagged of course, so he can't say a thing. Why? Just because I want him to know what's in store for him now that he's been given to me as a third subject.

"Ready now for your milking, my dear?" I ask Vance and he grunts.

He struggles a bit against his restraints, but his cock is already rock hard.

I tap some commands, and needles are born from different spots in the horserack. The first one introduces itself on his cockhead and he grunts. The second one introduces itself on his fraenelum, and he grunts again. The third and fourth needles go straight to his gorgeous untransformed balls. I tap new commands and each of the needles releases its contents.

"Now, this is what's happening," I tell Randall as I move away from my console and position myself facing the former green, "The needles on Vance's cock and fraenelum are releasing an orange serum we've been testing on my subjects. You know what it does?"

He moves his head sideways and grunts through the gag.

"Well, it's a nervous pleasure amplifier which will make any sensation applied to the spot feel as a pinch to the balls..."

As I speak, I notice how Randall's cock starts engorging.

"Oh! You find that arousing? Good! Then let me tell you what's going on with the needles up his balls. Those two are injecting that green serum you can see. That one serum works as an ejaculation stopper, so Vance can build up a better milk load for me..."

His cock has gone hard again, even when I can tell he's scared, so I grab it in my hand and start massaging it up and down. He starts grunting repeatedly and moving his hips as if he wanted to fuck my hand.

"Good, good!" I tell him, "You're already showing promise and we haven't even started!"

He struggles, like he can't bear the betrayal of his own cock.

"Now, look at this," I tell him as I move towards my console and tap new commands. The cum-collecting sound emerges from the horserack contraption and I take it in my left hand, I want to do it manually this time so Randall can follow, "this is a cum collecting sound designed to collect everything in Vance's balls, from precum, to his gorgeous load..."

Randall's eyes open wide as in shock, but I notice his cock throb twice in a row as I start inserting the sound in Vance's pee hole. My lovely afroamerican boy starts grunting as the invasive catheter goes inside his canal and his hips thrust as much as it is possible for him being strapped to the horserack.

"I think he loves it, don't you think, Randall?"

My lovely former green, 00230-NA15, struggles against his restraints, but he's not going anywhere.

"I'm not going to be working on you yet, though," I tell him, "but I think you could use some stimulation..."

I walk towards him and look him in the eye.

"I can't masturbate your cock, though. At least not yet. So let's try something else..."

I move towards a side of my lab and then come back holding a gorgeous metal box.

"This little present is for you!" I tell him and smile.

I place the box aside and go to my console. I tap a couple of commands and a drawer from under the console opens. I pick a tube from it and come closer to Randall.

"I'm going to be rubbing your cock with this special something..." I tell him as I squeeze the toothpaste-like container over his cockhead, "this is something you're really going to enjoy!


Randall Chee's Journal

April 24th 2345

1300 hours


This is insane. I'm strapped to a chair and gagged.

The man running this place, a heavily built man has been milking an afroamerican boy as he talks to me. I've tried releasing myself from my restraints, but they are strong and every attempt has been futile.

He's now come closer and has squeezed a tube which has released a gelatinous substance all over my foreskin-covered cockhead.

"Good, good!" he says as he pushes the gel inside my foreskin with his index finger, "Let's see what we have here!"

He rubs the gel inside my foreskin and then, in one quick motion, pushes my foreskin down exposing my huge purple knob.

"That's one huge cockhead, Randall!" he says and laughs as he rubs the gelatinous substance all over my cockhead. It has a tingly sensation, like my cockhead is being tickled. He then moves down and continues to rub the gel all over my cock.

As the gel starts working its way through my skin, the ticklish sensation gives way to a warm feeling and, as he rubs my cock and cockhead the warmth turns into a burning. I start complaining through the gag, but he doesn't care, he keeps on the rubbing. I have the feeling that this is going to be one hell of a day.

He then takes the shiny box and brings it close to me.

"Now this is the real surprise!" he says and taps the upper part of the box.

As he does it, a hole in one of the sides to the box opens and he takes my cock and pushes it inside the box. He pulls a bit more and the thing swallows my balls as well. I grunt under the gag, for there's nothing else I can do.

The first feeling I have is a soothing one, since the inside of the box seems to be filled with some sort of cool liquid.

But the sensation is quickly turned as I feel something sliding down my urethra, something slimy that burns as it enters. I complain through the gag, but there's no stopping now.

"That," the man says, "we call the box. As you might have guessed, it's a contraption of alien origin designed to stimulate all your genitalia. Oh... does that hurt?"

I try and nod. As I do so, the thing inside my pee hole seems to stretch and I feel like my cock is gonna be ripped open from the inside. Curiously, the more the thing stretches, the harder my cock goes, like it would enjoy the abuse. Once the thing has stretched to what I imagine is its limit, it starts going in and out, in and out incessantly.

"Don't sweat it, Randall," the man says, "you have a long way to go..."

He pinches my nipples and I moan under the gag, as the devious contraption fucks my pee hole mercilessly.

"I'll leave you to your pleasurable torture cause I have to go back to Vance. By the way," he says smiling, "You can call me Ril'kemeth."


Deadland Earth Shelter 01X2-OMICRON

Human Date: April 24th 2345 Time: 1400

File Numbers: 00097-B26, 00226-F14, 00199-M17

Subject Names: Ryan Tragger, Josh Thomas, Rudolph Argwullin

Proctor 020-MATT's personal classified log


                Master Drasbat did not hesitate to build me a lab unlike anything in the Shelter. I have a five seat milking station to use at my leaisure so long as I ensure the generation of unguli-transmuted pre-cum and cum, from which drugs will be synthesized for Master Drasbat's New order.

Later through the day I'll be receiving my new subject so I can have three partially transmuted humans, yes, that's correct, three. My number one, of course, Ryan Tragger –former Doctor Krucef-, is being milked all day long, save for his three hour rest. The second subject, Josh Thomas, was sentenced to face the Raiskaus Zorlamaq, but he never did, he was brought to me almost immediately, three days ago. My third Subject, Rudolph Argwullin, will be delivered today. I can hardly wait.

While in waiting, I've made sure to extra milk Tragger, since I have not been able to touch Josh until he's gone through detox. You see, every unguli-generated drug has to be purged from his system Why? Cause, like Master Drasbat, I like my humans undrugged so they can experience the real pleasure of edging, milking and torture. My new milking station, of course, has all sorts of contraptions to make the experience a most painful one, after all, Reds are used to the pain inflicted by the wombs and they do get a kick out of it.

I come close to Tragger, whose whole body is completely immobile. His balls are pierced by electro needles, seven to each testicle, and his cock is being strangled by three electro rings from the shaft up. And it's not an easy thing to bear since the amperage on every electric item is now 90 amps.

I bring my face close to his. He's drooling, his eyes with that gone expression that accompanies ecstasy.

"Hey, Tragger!" I tell him slapping his face slightly.

He turns to look at me with his unfocused eyes and partially smiles at me.

"You having fun?" I ask him, "Try and relax, we're almost done with your non-stop cycle. Just one more load and you'll be free to rest for a while.

He partially smiles and brings his tongue out. I come down and kiss him.

I tap the commands and Momentum is shot inside his balls through all seven needles. His body starts contracting immediately as his partially transmuted cock starts spurting his half-breed spunk.

"There, there, that's my boy!" I encourage him as he continues to cum.

Jet after jet after jet of his milk is shot inside the collector, as his body convulses and spasms.

"No... mooooooo...oore... can't... can't cu... cuuuuum... anym... mmm... moooore... can't..."

"It's okay, Tragger," I tell him as I tap the commands and all of the items are removed from his genitalia, "You're done for now..."

I start caressing his huge three balls, slightly massaging the spots on which the needles have rested for the past twenty one hours. His thicker-than-human scrotal bag is still fucked by the pinching, purple at some spots, but his cock still drools a bit of aftercum.

"Ryan, Ryan!" I tell him as I slap his face, "Look at me! I'm here!"

He turns to look at me, but can't focus. He partially smiles again.

"Tired...Want to... sleeeeeeeep... no mooo... mooore cummmmm... tired..."

"I know you're tired. Just wanted you to know you did great again. Come, I'll take you to your resting chamber."

I bring him inside the coffin-like chamber in which all his genitalia are regenerated as he sleeps. I'm going to let his resting cycle run longer this time, for I have to get started on Josh Thomas, and I also have to get ready to receive Rudolph.

I'm thinking of it, right when Master Drasbat comes in with an unconscious Rudolph in his arms.

"Proctor," he says, "here's your new red, as promised..."

"Master, you are most merciful, sir..."

"He's fully unconscious, so I suggest you get him to the detox chamber before he wakes. You know how the get during detox..."

"Yes, Master. Thanks for your kind reminder..."

"I'm off now. Gotta see how my New Order Milk-boys are doing... your cycle?"

"The spider you gave me as a present is working wonders, Master," I tell him, "My balls are fully loaded, I can feel them..."

"Good, I'll pay you a visit later on. Until then, Proctor."

"Until then, Master..."

As the master leaves, I bring Rudolph to the detox chamber I've prepared for him. It's also a coffin-like bed. I tap some commands on its upper side and it opens for me. I bring Rudolph inside it and strip him naked. Once in place, I tap some new commands, and the insides of the chamber produce an IV catheter which I attach to one of his veins. This IV will intravenously feed him and hydrate him.

I tap another set of commands and the chamber produces a hose-like structure which goes inside Rudolph's ass. The purpose of it will be to collect his feces as he remains in detox. I tap some new commands and a sound is produced. I take it and insert it in the subject's urethra. This one is designed to collect the boy's urine as his body starts purging all the drugs from his system.

He's now ready, so I tap some commands and the detox chamber closes.

Then, it's time to get Josh ready for the taking. I walk to his detox chamber, happy at the prospect of the next few hours in which I'll be collecting Josh's seed. I tap the commands on the upper shell of the chamber and it opens. As it does, a shaking Josh appears before me, the symptoms of his withdrawal evident.

"Please, please, please!" he yells at me, "I need seed... I want some seed... please, please, Master!"

I look at him and smile as I take his cock in my hand and pull the urine collector out in one single movement.

"Time to have some fun!" I tell him and laugh.


Deadland Earth Shelter 01X2-OMICRON

Human Date: April 22nd 2345 Time: 1400

File Number: 00167-B19

Subject Names: Kevin Garreth

00179-L17Thiago's personal classified log


                I am most definitely a devious bastard. I've always been. Maybe, and only maybe, that's the reason why Master Viesabu Drasbat moved me to what he at first called "a special project". I didn't know what Master Drasbat was talking about at first, until he brought me into his chamber a couple of nights ago and explained to me about his New Order. The idea just made my fucking cock go hard instantly.

He took me on a guided tour to the labs where his experiments are being conducted.

There I met Ril'kemeth and his two boy wonders, Perry and Vance.

Perry... I can't begin to describe how hard it got me to see how much fucking cum the whoreboy can produce. His balls, fuck they're huge! The size of oranges maybe! And Ril'kemeth says he's planning on growing them even more, so he can cum like a horse...like a horse! Can you fucking believe it? And he sure is a fucking pain slutt...

Vance, on the other hand, is just beginning training and he's still getting used to the abuse... he sure can cum though... and the Doctor says he'll start developing his balls very soon with his wondrous cocktails, so he can start changing and providing at the rate Perry is now.

He then took me to Proctor 020-MATT's secret lab, where Ryan Tragger -former Doctor Smut Krucef- is being milked non-stop through the day. His balls...fuck! The fucker's balls are as big as mangoes now... How? I don't know... but Proctor 020-MATT allowed me to toy with Ryan's gorgeous balls for a while... I sure enjoyed squeezing and hitting the bastard's nuts... so fucking hot the way he squirmed and moaned and complained...and even better the way he came with all the abuse.

But now... now I'm in my own secret lab.

Yes, I was provided one.

Master Drasbat asked me to meet him here at 1400, so he's about to arrive with my subject... Yes, I am to have my own fucking pain slutt... and I can't stop getting hard at the thought. My task, however, will be a different one from that of my now colleagues Ril'kemeth and 020-MATT.

When Master Drasbat comes in, he's got a boy with him. He's got him walk behind him and they seem to be having a very lovely chat. They both approach me and Kevin smiles as he nods, so I nod to him and smile back.

"Thiago," Master Drasbat says, "allow me to introduce you to Kevin Garreth, he's Golden Leader appointed to Milking Station 2..."

"Nice meeting you, Kevin," I tell him as I extend my hand.

Before any of us can react, Master Drasbat's hand moves with flashlight speed injecting something into Kevin's neck. He takes his hand to his neck, but it's too late, and he collapses onto my arms.

"Thiago," he says, "this is 00167-B19, FORMER Golden Leader in charge of Milking Station 2, and your test subject now. He'll be cold for an hour or so, so make sure you can get him ready before that time. Have you any questions?"

"No, Master," I tell him as I smile back at him, but with complete reverence.

"Very good," he says, "then I'll leave you to your chores. I'll be seeing you later on..."

"Yes, Master," I tell him, and he goes away.

The minute the door to my lab slides closed, I lay Kevin on the floor. He's a Golden...Oh my! I got a fucking Golden! The irony of it all is freaking devious... Master Drasbat is definitely one ironic mother fucking Ungulian. But that's just great, for that means I'll be getting my fix of sexual pleasure abusing this golden...

So, I have no more time to waste. I start removing Kevin's skintight golden trunk, so I can completely work him out. His cock is fucking gorgeous, as any golden's. His balls are also a wonder, but that's not a surprise, knowing he's been in the shelter for two years now. According to his file, this beauty produces now an amount on 80 ml of man seed per milking cycle...and he was as of now performing three cycles. That is an amount of 240 ml of teen spunk a day. Irony again.

So, once naked, I proceed to placing him on the machine.

When Kevin comes about, he's already been secured to the station.

"Wha... Wha... da...fuck...?" he asks, still partially drugged.

"Hello, Kevin," I tell him, "I'm glad you've come about already. I hope you don't find the station uncomfortable."

"Why...why am I...here...here with..."

"Try not to overexert yourself," I tell him as I run my hand over his naked abs, stopping for a little while over his nipples.

"My...my cycle is not... not due for...another three hours..."

"See, that's the whole thing," I say looking into his gorgeous eyes, "You won't be undergoing any more golden cycles... ever again..."

"Wha... what?"

I'm already working his cock, which goes rigid almost instantly at my touch.

"Master Drasbat is hosting this new project... Good! You're hard now! Sorry, I was saying," I move towards the console that has been placed next to the station and tap a couple of commands, "Master Drasbat is hosting a new project and you have been chosen as a test subject..."

The station produces a polymer tubule that travels all the way to Kevin's cock, where it starts going inside his urethra. It's a cum collector sound.


"A lot of whats already, don't you think?" I ask him as I start massaging his balls. Kevin closes his eyes slightly as I do it. "Feels good?"

"It... it does..." he says, "They're filling with cum for my next cycle..."

I tap a new command and a prostatic massager goes inside Kevin's hole with no previous preparation. He grunts, probably not very happy at being probed on that end.

"Hope you don't mind the prostatic massager," I tell him as I rub on his now inserted cockhead.

The first droplet of precum shows on the collecting tube.

"Good!" I tell him, "We're starting on the right foot!"

I tap some new commands and a couple of nipple suction caps are placed over his nipples and begin suction almost immediately.

"You..." he says, "You should've told me you wanted to milk me... I would have said yes..."

I tap some new commands and the prostatic massager up his ass starts its cycle. At the same time, a new polymer tubule creates an apple polisher, which goes immediately towards Kevin's fraenelum.

"Oh, yes!" he says as the polisher starts its rotating stimulation.

After about ten minutes with the polisher, I tap new commands. The polisher withdraws and the tubule from which the urethral sound pends, starts switching shapes until it has created a vacuum pump around Kevin's gorgeous golden cock. I tap new commands and the pump starts its cycle. Kevin's cock is now producing a very healthy amount of precum.

I tap some new commands and the console regales me with two syringes, each of them filled with Ceratimicine. This is a drug we usually administer topically via the urethra, but I'm not going for regular Shelter treatment. So what I do, instead, is directing the needles inside the base of his penis.

"Oh, fuck!" he says in ecstasy, as every golden when he's pierced.

The needles work their way inside his shaft into his Cowper's glands, where the Ceratimicine is released.

"Oh, fuck, that hurts!" he complains. "Stop it, stop it, it burns!"

"Oh, I can't stop it, Kevin," I tell him, "but don't worry, it'll pass very soon..."

"What...what are you...doing to me?"

"I'm injecting Ceratimicine straight into your Cowper's glands..." I reply.

"Wh... why?"

"Cause, Kevin, I need those lovely little glands to triple their efforts in producing your lovely golden precum."

I tap a new set of commands in my console, and the prostate massager speeds its movement inside Kevin's ass. I then take my time to play with his balls as the vacuum pump continues its milking cycle. I start with the slapping routine.

"Please, please!" he says, "I'm... I'm ready...ready to cum!"

I squeeze his balls with my hands and I see a new amount of precum go inside the tubule. I tap new commands and my milking station produces a couple of thin needles filled with Promisentium.

"I'm gonna cuuuuuuuuuuum!" he screams, just as the needles pierce his balls and the Promisentium is injected into his gorgeous golden balls.

"No, no, no, no, no, no!" he shouts as the drug prevents his ejaculation painfully.

"What is it, Kevin?" I ask him smiling and rubbing and squeezing his balls. The needles are kept in position.

"Why... why would you... do that?"

"Oh!" I tell his smiling and squeezing both his balls, "I might've forgotten to tell you. See, from now on, you're doctor Drasbat's precum provider..."

"What... what does that mean?"

"It means, Kevin, you won't be allowed to cum... so you can continue to precum for me...and Master Drasbat..."

"No, no, no!" he shouts in desperation, "I'm a golden, I need to cum, I need to be milked, I can produce a lot of seed for you... Tell Master Drasbat I can provide a lot of milk! Please, please! I was born to give off my milk!"

"Not anymore, Kevin." I tell him and smile.

I tap new commands and the Pump increases its speed into a maddening frenzy. The prostatic massager is now working quick and non-stop on Kevin's prostatic gland.

"Of fuck!" he says, his hips moving, letting me know he's ready to shoot once more.

I tap new commands and a new load of promisentium is shot straight as his balls, which contract as if he were to cum, only he doesn't.

"Please, please,please!" Kevin says whimpering as his second orgasm is spoiled, his cock shooting a new amount of precum instead of the cumload it should be delivering.

"Don't worry, Kevin," I tell him, "You'll get used to it very, very soon... Soon, you won't even miss being milked. See it on the brighter side, you'll be stimulated all day long!"

And having said so, I laugh dramatically.

He's now struggling against the restraints. I know he has the unstoppable urge of setting himself free so he can finish his cock off into ejaculation. But that won't be happening anytime soon.


Deadland Earth Shelter 01X2-OMICRON

Human Date: April 25th 2345 Time: 0700

File Number:  NO001-AA15

Subject Name:  Vance Cooper

Ril'kemeth's personal classified log


Just an hour ago I stopped 00237-G17's milking routine. He is now asleep and so is Randall. The box was too much for the gorgeous Native American boy. Oh! He wasn't hurt in anyway, but six hours of sexual edging and then having his cock caged so he couldn't cum... well, I guess he's dying to cum now. But I won't let him, not yet. Randall is one subject I'll be working with different techniques as I've done Perry.

With Vance, my beloved dark skinned hung boy, I'm now going to start his also different treatment. I must add he is almost completely tamed into being a milkboy, though not as strongly as Perry. Today, however, Vance's training will go in a new direction.

I bring him from his resting room. He's mildly asleep, and as I bring him to my lab, I pat his ass playfully. He sort of smiles and continues to walk. I ask him to stand at a very specific position, in the middle of the room and he does as instructed. When he's in place, I go to my console and tap a set of commands. Crystal walls emerge from the floor, creating a crystal box. Vance seems surprised, for this is a routine he does not know, but before he realizes, the box is fully formed from floor to ceiling, and he's inside it.

I tap new commands and polymer tubules emerge from the floor securing his ankles. Two more polymer tubules emerge from above him and secure his wrists. One more polymer tubule emerges from above and moves towards his face, creating an oxygen mask covering both his nose and mouth.

His face is one of shock and mine is one of pure ecstasy.

I tap new commands and the crystal tank starts filling with a colloidal substance. This substance has two functions: to limit his body movement, and also to conduct electricity. It also happens to be a substance in which Irilian parasites live in the wild. I have to confess I wouldn't have thought about using them, but Master Drasbat was very clear when he said he wanted to know whether the larvae were as good as his black-market contact had said, so it's time to try that theory.

I tap a new set of commands and a sliding door opens from under Vance. Little by little, the Irilian parasite leaves its refuge and start entering the tank, moving about, swimming, stopping, recognizing the area. Vance is now truly shocked, but I can also see fascination in his eyes. The parasite moves about, his manta-like body undulating.

I tap on my console, and a new tubule comes inside the tank. It's a syringe which approaches Vance's cock with slow movements as it makes its way through the colloid. As it reaches its destination, it injects Vance's cock shaft with a blue sky serum. It's called Denorian Elixyr and it's also a substance which has never been tried on humans before, but very commonly used illegally in Denorian Whorehouses. Denorian Slave Whoreboys are administered such a serum so their cocks can remain hard for prolonged periods of time, unable to lose their erections even if they cum. As the drug is shot in Vance's cock, his yummy black cock stiffens immediately.

The parasite suddenly stops... it's happened, he's felt the scent of Vance's manhood. It swims a bit closer to him, so as to corroborate there's a male appendage close to it. When it knows there's a cock, it swims more graciously towards its prey, as if it anticipated resistance. The parasite's sting located on its tail, moves with flashlight speed pinching Vance's scrotal bag. Vance's expression is now one of pain as the parasite's venom runs from his balls into his organism.

His balls start swelling almost immediately. I check in my monitors to follow their progress. From their original nut size, his balls start growing at a very quick pace. Vance's body suddenly stops its struggle, and I know now that the parasite's venom has now fully immobilized his body, so I tap new commands and the polymer restrains disappear, leaving his body to float in the colloid as a ship adrift. Each of his balls has now reached the size of chicken eggs. The parasite then moves at its own leisure opening the mouth underneath its body. It then traps Vance's cock inside its mouth, and its wings coil around the boy's waist. My monitor says that my Afro-american subject's balls are now the size of ripe mangoes.

I can tell when the Irilian Parasite has begun his sucking, cause my boy closes his eyes in ecstasy. The parasite's two fertilizing glands, located next to its mouth, move suddenly about, each of them trapping one of Vance's balls, which have now come to full size for the parasite's purpose; each testicle is now the size of an Ostrich's egg.

As the creature continues to suck Vance into oblivion, each of its fertilizing glands starts swallowing each of the boy's balls. Inside the gland, the testicle is partially squeezed and stimulated. Then, the parasite's tongue makes its way inside my subject's urethra. My boy is now moaning in his oxygen mask, his body still unable to move. Then the moaning turns into a muffled complain as the creature's tongue continues to travel inside the urethral canal, I can't imagine how it feels, but the creature's tongue does not stop until a sudden pop lets it know it's now inside Vance's prostate.

The parasite's tail starts moving about until it reaches the boy's ass and starts running inside him. As it does, it swells until it's become the same length and girth as Vance's cock. Then it begins its pumping inside the boys ass.

Vance seems to relax once again, but it doesn't last long, for the parasite's tongue suddenly generates a 60 amp discharge inside the boy's urethra. My readouts indicate the stimulation has made his balls work out their contents at a faster pace. Spermatogenesis is running wildly inside the afroamerican's testicles.

A new discharge brings a new pain in my boy as the creature continues to suck Vance getting him ready to cum and its tail fucks him wildly. Vance's constant moans tell me –and the Irilian parasite- that he's close to orgasm. The creature intensifies its sucking and its tongue starts shocking Vance's prostate at regular intervals.

Vance's cock shoots its first stream of cum, and as the second stream is ejaculated, the fertilizing glands take their advantage, each of them inserting a needle in each testicle. Vance is so into his cumming, he does not feel that, every time a stream of his cum is shot into the creature's mouth, each of his balls is injected once again.

Ten spurts and ten pinches to the balls later, the parasite releases its victim, and swims leisurely towards the opening on the tank floor. Vance seems to be lost in ecstasy as I start emptying the tank.

I tap new commands, and the water tank produces a hot shower which cleans all of his body to then dry him. Then the crystal walls are swallowed by the floor and I hold Vance next to me. His balls are still huge under the alien's substance, but I know little by little they'll grow smaller. Not to its original nut size, no. They'll more likely remain the size of chicken eggs.

I have him lay down on a medbed and I run some scans. It's been a successful fertilization process. The Irilian parasite has deposited three eggs in each of my subject's balls. If things work out, at least one of the balls in each testicle will hatch into an Irilian larva. If I'm lucky, all six of them will hatch,

Master Drasbat will be more than pleased.


Deadland Earth Shelter 01X2-OMICRON

Human Date: April 25th 2345 Time: 0900 hours

Master Ecu'maret Prime's Personal Log

Informal visit to Doctor Sulti'esmu Minus' Loft


Doctor Minus is looking attentively at his console monitors as I step inside his loft. Noticing he does not know I've come in, I clear my throat.

"Master Prime!" he says standing from his chair, "I'm sorry, sir, I didn't hear you come in...!"

"It's alright, doctor," I tell him as I approach him.

"What can I do for you, Master Prime?" he asks.

"Dropping by to see how your Golden Boy is doing, Doctor. "

"Would you like to see him, Master?"

"I'd love to, if that is not inconvenient for you..."

"Not in the least, Master. Please, follow me..."

He takes me through the loft, until we come inside a room at the back.

"This is Jerry's room, Master..."

"I thought," I tell him, "he was treated in your lab..."

"He was, Master. But now, you see, he needs and wants to be plugged most of the day. So I adapted his bedroom to become his milking room..."

"I see. Is he...?"

"Under cycle? Yes, Master. Come closer, please, let me show you."

I approach Jerry, who's sitting and being milked. The boy has turned into a sight on his own. Two of his balls are a bit larger than lemons, and his third ball shows already. There's needles all over his balls, but I don't worry, I know Doctor Minus and I know he wouldn't hurt his precious boy. The Serum filled vacuum pump is working his enlarged cock and I see the cum flowing through the cum collector. His eyes are closed, but he moans non-stop as his hips move with a cadence as his milk flows.

"He's been cumming for sixty seven minutes now, Master."

"Sixty seven?" I ask in genuine surprise.

"Yes, master. His ejaculation time keeps growing as days go by..."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Doctor..." I tell him.


"I believe, Doctor, that your boy has moved past the Golden limits..."

"What do you mean, Master?"

"I believe, he's turning into a provider."

The look of confusions shows in the Doctor's face.

"Master?" he says, "There's no human providers..."

"There has never been one, Doctor, you're right. However, there are so many unequivocal signs..."

"How so?"

"The amount of seed he produces, his ejaculation lapse, his stimulation periods... Just look at him now, Doctor... He's oblivious to our presence, like there's nothing more relevant than what's going on inside him..."

"Master, are you saying...?"

"I can't jump into conclusions, Doctor. However, Jerry seems to be more in his own world now... You've told me yourself he continuously says his happiest hours are those in which his seed is harvested..."

"Well, Master, you do make a very good point..."

"I think we might need further study, Doctor. But I think my hypothesis is correct."

"If it is, Master..."

"If it is, Doctor, this will be the dawn of a new era for both our species... and Jerry will have become the link between the Unguli and the Human..."



To be continued...


Next Episode in the Symbiosis Saga:

"Chapter 15: Destiny"



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