Symbiota Sapiens: Dark Legacy - Prologue


Symbiota Sapiens: Dark Legacy



     He's beautiful like this. In this happy drowsy state that we immortals can achieve
as a replacement for that comfortable cycle mortals call sleep.

     His eyelids float in that millimeter that separates the active awareness of "open"
and the overt withdrawal of "shut", just floating between the two without ever quite
choosing either.

     His lean, powerful body lies slack. Glowing with a faint sheen of sweat and the
rushing blood of our recent lovemaking. Sagging with the triumph of achievement and
well-earned rest.

     His face...his features normally so strong, always creased by that one dimple in
the center of his forehead that indicates his constant concern. It's smooth now. He's not
worrying just now. Not calculating every last angle of what would be best for everyone...
or for us...or for me.

     So peaceful. He found it so hard to let go of the tension, when we embarked on this
month of blissful recovery. Our reward for a lifetime's worth of danger, and stress, and
pain, all crammed into a couple weeks. Well. Perhaps a mortal lifetime.

     Yes. You heard me right.

     I am an immortal.

     In my blood there's a billion little tiny robots that keep me exactly the same age
I was a month ago. Unless I want to look older for some reason. Or younger. I can pretty
much do anything I damn well want to with my body.

     Including live for ever.

     And why not? I've got everything anybody could possibly want, cozily tangled
skin-to-skin with me under a fluffy pile of blankets. I mean...look at him! I guess you
can't look. Good thing, too. I'm a possessive little fuck. Mine, mine, mine. It almost
makes me want to do a silly little dance, knowing there's no time limit

     A month ago, there wasn't even any us. Hell. A little over a month ago, I never
thought there could ever be a remote possibility of "us". Not this way, at least. We were
always buddies. Partners. Brothers, in the truest sense of the word. This, this sweet
tangling and unreserved intimacy...this was all just a dream. A foolish, unobtainable

     And now...look at that dream.

     How did this happen? Glad you asked. You'll have to read my brother's memoirs. He
wrote it all down, how he got kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Guardians and turned
immortal. How he took me and ran away, because the Guardians wanted him to abandon me to
join their cause. How Damion Irving used me as a hostage to try and force him to give
immortality to his girlfriend, Elizabeth - something that a Guardian can only give to one
mortal, ever. And of course, how Jeremey defeated Damion, saved and fell in love with me,
and gave that gift to me - making me his Attachment.

     Yeah, yeah. You know all that already, right? At least, you should. If you don't...
you probably aren't supposed to be reading this either. But if you're like any normal
immortal, you probably know the basics already. I know there's this stupid prophecy out
there about me, and everyone who's anyone knows all sorts of shit about me.

     But don't think you know me. You don't. The only people who really know me are
Jeremey and The Kid. That's our AI. Yeah, we've got a shared AI. But he's not writing any
memoirs. If you want to know who I am, trust me, go back and find my brother's memoirs and
read them first. He's got the backstory. Me...well...I'm starting in right before things
started to really go crazy.

     Yeah. Right before. This was our last day.

     Not of being together. We'll always be together. Jeremey promised me that.

     But...this was the last day of it being only us, with no interruptions. Our
honeymoon, as he called it. In just a few short hours, we're back to the real world.

     The real world as only we know it. See, mortals don't know as much about the world
as they think they do. There's a whole little universe right under your noses. A secret
one - full of vicious plots, manipulations, betrayals - a longstanding struggle is going
on, immortals pulling strings in the background to try and shape the future your
grandchildren...hell...more like your great, great, great grandchildren are going to live

     That's what immortals do. Worry about the future...and try to control it.

     And that's what we're back to in just a little bit. Lucky us, huh?

     "Jer'my, wakey, wakey." I poked my brother in the side teasingly. He grunted in
annoyance and slapped my hand away from his torso.

     "Tired. Fuck off."

     "Nuh uh, you can't use that excuse on me anymore." I poked him again. "Immortal,
remember? Super-stud with infinite stamina? Sound familiar?"

     I wiggled my fingers, tickling him a bit.

     "I'm comfortable, lemme be."

     I leaned forward and caught a nipple with my teeth. I heard him gasp above me as I
gave it a sudden tug.

     :We don't have a lot more time, bro. Can more time? Before we have to get
into all that other stuff again?: I begged him silently.

     Jeremey's eyes opened.

     "We'll still have this, you know." He assured me levelly.

     "Yeah won't be like this. Stress-free." I gave him my best puppy dog look.

     Jeremey groaned and squeezed his eyes shut. Trying to escape the sight - he knows he
can't refuse my sad look. Not gonna work, I put every ounce of reproachful pleading into
my voice.


     "Well. Since you beg so prettily." His mouth was curving into a grin. His hand
snaked out and tweaked my nipple. Chills.

     His other hand was suddenly curling into the dip above my hipbones, pulling me into
him. He shifted his body so that he spooned close behind me and...there...I knew he was
pretending...the proof of his interest was stabbing me in the buttock. He let go my nipple
and took a firm grasp of my hair, twisting my head to face him.

     "Yes..." I hissed, and his hot mouth was on mine, plundering me, his tongue plunging
in to slide powerfully against mine. Teeth mashing almost painfully against my lips, that
primal growling coming from deep in his chest as he claimed me...

     I reached around to bury my fingers in his thick hair, pulling his mouth ever deeper
against mine. God, I could never get enough of him, the taste of him, the passion he had
for me. All the passion I could ever ask for from him.

     :Love you this...want you inside:

     ::Yes, inside!:: Even his mental voice was growly.

     I twisted to fully face him, slid a leg under his legs and lifted the other over his
hip, pulling him on top of me, my legs on either side of him, caressing his hips up and
down with the insides of my thighs. Feeling the taut strength in his lean body, held in
check, waiting for the moment to drive into me.

     I felt him down there, hard, a blunt object pressing insistently against my most
secret spot. I let my legs clench on the sides of his body, raising up so that my knees
pressed against the backs of his arms where he supported his weight on either side of my

     :Take me...: I encouraged him, letting my calves brush against the silky skin of his
back, urging him forward.

     The head of his manhood pressed harder against the tiny opening. So much bigger. How
could it possibly fit? But I knew it would.

     Every time, it was so hard. The regeneration of my muscles included...that muscle.
Minutes after we finished it would be reconstructed, tight as any virgin. A blessing and a

     Wetness down there, lubrication being forced into the tiny opening as Jeremey
pressed himself forward. His teeth and tongue gnawed at the sensitive spot on the side of
my neck. Arms flexing, trembling, holding his weight just off of my chest.

     ::Let me in Julian. Let me in love, let me make love to you.:: He coaxed me.

     I arched my back and writhed against him, revelling in the hot dampness of his
hard chest against mine. I curled my legs inward, pulling him into me...pushing outwards
against the invasion until...there! I gasped in shock, and he groaned in pleasure as my
opening gave way and swallowed the very head of his cock, still pinching tightly against
the remainder.

     His hands kneaded convulsively at the bedsheets as he fought the urge to slam
himself the rest of the way into me. I lay there trembling, feeling helpless, the head
of his huge manhood lodged inside me, my opening stretched almost painfully around his

     It throbbed inside me, and pumped a good deal more pre-cum inside me.

     "Are you okay love?"

     "Yes. You can..."

     The invader pressed forward, stretching me more, filling me deeper. Jeremey was
chewing on where my shoulder meets my neck, growling and moaning and babbling incoherent
nonsense words as he oh-so-slowly slid his member the rest of the way inside me.

     "I'm inside you now." Jeremey spoke quietly, in a low voice, directly into my ear.
I shivered, stroked my legs against his strong back, hugging him into me contentedly.

     "Mmmhmm. All mine."

     ::All yours Julian. Only yours, bro.::

     The words sent a thrill of happy warmth through me, as they always did.

     :Make love to me Jer'my.:

     The sensation of Jeremey inside of me is a wonderful, full-to-bursting feeling. Like
getting a really big hug, and eating a really huge Thanksgiving meal, and getting a nice
massage, all rolled into one. I could hold him inside of me for ages, let him sleep
that way. It's a feeling I never want to lose.

     The sensation of Jeremey moving inside of me is beyond words. He surges and pounds
me with such power, such primal strength and yet somehow such gentle consideration, his
every thrust aimed perfectly, every murmer, every grasp of his hands on my wrists and his
mouth on my body work together to elevate me to a state of being that doesn't exist
anywhere else.

     He treats me like a god.

     He is a god.

     And he's mine.

     Pressure building, my mind caving under the weight of the pounding, taking, claiming.
Opening me and filling me, demanding my dignity, my sanity, and in return for my surrender
granting me the intense pleasure of oblivion.

     ::Open your eyes!:: He demands, as he always demands. With effort, I manage to obey,
open my eyes to meet his commanding gaze through a darkening tunnel. His eyes glow with
some inner power, piercing me from above as his body continues the smooth powerful strokes
that take me from below.

     My vision narrows to just those eyes and I'm struggling to meet them as the pounding
erases my mind.

     "Tell me whose you are, Julian." He growls, interrupting my verbal answer with a
savage attack on my mouth, half-kissing, half-chewing.

     :Yours! I'm yours Jer!: I close my eyes and revel in the possessive mauling of my
mouth. He pulls back, his body not missing a stroke.

     "Open your eyes!" He growls, the command is so intense he almost seems furious. I
struggle to open them, meeting that hungry stare again.

     "Now tell me!" Pound, pound, pound. I can barely think, much less talk.

     "Y-yours Jer. Yours. Please,"

     ::MINE!:: His mental growling has a pleased note, and his body suddenly dips,
propels his manhood into me at a slightly different angle that makes my vision black out
altogether for a second.

     ::LOOK AT ME!:: Comes the pre-emptive command, and as my vision clears we're locking
eyes again.

     "Can't...see...when you do, Jer." I panted at him, and he
obliges, powering into me and making the world disappear, the afterimage of his eyes still
burning into me, like imprint from looking directly into the sun.

     I think I made some inhuman noise, and Jeremey's mouth was on me again, capturing
any sounds that would escape as he brought me to my finish.

     ::Yes, going to...with me...want you...gonna...:: And then the entire ocean pounded
hard against my mind and it collapsed, leaving me completely raving mad as the whole world
disappeared and turned into only Jeremey inside me, on top of me, below me, possessing me
in every possible way.

     I felt him expanding and shooting inside me as my own manhood made it's eruption
between our sweat-slick bodies, our entire beings synchronized into that perfect moment
of mutual ecstacy that rolled us both under its animal power and receeded, leaving us both
shaking in the aftermath.

     Clutching each other, survivors of the apocalypse.

     Complete one-ness.

     My legs squeezing him, keeping him inside me. Turned my head to smother my face into
that cozy spot below his jaw.

     "Mmm. Stay." I mumbled. As I always do.

     "Yes." He sighed, staying still. As he always does.

     The weight of his body completely limp on top of me, comforting. He was obligingly
still hard, fully seated inside me.

     ::Mine...all mine.:: I sighed into his mind.

     :Yes Jules. I'll always be yours.:



     ::As long as that.::

     Funny how he's possessive during the rough parts of sex, and I'm possessive in those
tender moments before and afterwards. I guess we're both needy in our separate ways. I
couldn't ask for more.

     Well. I could. Just another day of this...just us. But...

     ::You two about finished?::

     That's the Kid. The annoying, irrepressible AI we share. Manipulative, loves to
stick his nose in where it doesn't belong. Not that that's always a bad thing. I mean,
it's basically his fault we're together. Before he stuck his oar in, Jeremey was about as
straight as they come. Two weeks of manipulation and mind games by the AI and he's married
to his kid brother. Gotta love a man who can get results, ha.

     Of course, just because I owe him an incredible debt of gratitude for bagging me the
man of my dreams doesn't mean he isn't an annoying manipulative brat. I mean, he went and
modelled his personality on Jeremey's memories of me as a 13-year old. If you think that
age is annoying in general, just wait until you meet that version of yourSELF. Ten times
the charm.

     Especially when it's also a snarky, know-it-all artificial intelligence program
with near-infinite processing capacity.

     Not that I don't love him. I mean, as annoying as The Kid is, you've gotta love him.
I mean...he's modeled after my 13-year-old self, right? We're actually really good friends.

     Just as long as he stays out of our bedroom.

     :Yes, Kid. We're about done. You just interrupted our post-coital snuggle though,
thanks for that.: I complained.

     Jeremey tried to move, I held him fast.

     "No you don't. We're entitled to a good ten minutes of post coital snuggle before
we move." I said, giving him a good squeeze with my legs. It pushed him back in an extra
inch, and I gasped at the movement against my prostate. He looked down at me, amused.

     "Demanding much?"

     I smiled up at him peacefully and flexed my legs. Fuck. Another half inch. At this
rate we'll be-

     ::At this rate you'll be at it again in about sixty seconds.:: The AI rebuked.

     ::I don't have a problem with that.:: Jeremey informed the AI, grinning at me. He
rocked his hips experimentally. I was suddenly hard again.

     "No objections here." I breathed.

     ::No, no. You guys have to get out of bed. You're expected at a meeting.:: The AI

     :It can wait a bit, can't it?:

     ::They've been waiting on you for a month!:: The AI informed us.

     ::Another hour shouldn't be so bad then.:: Jeremey confided.

     ::You know Elena is going to come drag you both in there if you aren't there on
time.:: The Kid warned.


     I knew he was right. She so would. And enjoy doing so. Probably bring it up during
the meeting somehow. Get them all to give pointers on technique. Shit.

     I felt my disappointment echoed in Jeremey. He went soft inside me.

     ::Come on guys. The meeting. From now on, you fuck during off hours only.::

     I growled in annoyance and pushed Jeremey off me.

     "Fine. I guess our honeymoon is over Jer."

     He looked at me, eyes soft.

     "Don't worry. We still have our off-hours. And we'll still be together where it
counts." His mind brushed gently against mine across the mental link. I sent him a mental
embrace and turned to our clothes.

     ::I think I'm going to chafe, wearing clothes all the time again.:: He joked.

     I stifled a foolish giggle and started putting on my underpants.



     The screams that night were not wholly a signal of evil. In part, yes. The young
woman would never scream again...these tortured sounds were powered by her last breaths.
But the infant...his rage at being dragged from the womb was terrible in its vocal
expression, but nevertheless signaled the beginning of a new life.

     And what a life. This birth, this infant, would change things. Or so the Digital
Prophecies would claim. Born into slavery, attached to immortality - the betrayer would
seek to make himself the new master, but father a dark legacy that would threaten all.

     What if his mother had not been taken by her master's son? Had she died an hour
earlier the infant would not have survived. And the nursemaid, with one flick of the
shiny blade, could have cut an inch deeper and saved the world a multitude of troubles.

     "He'sa little massah's boy sho nuff, lookit thet nose!" The nursemaid cooed,
carefully wrapping the child in a soft blanket. A massively built man stood behind her,
arms folded, watching intently.

     "Better not let the master hear you talking like that, Jinn. No way he's gonna stand
for that kind of talk."

     "Who gonna take care of him then? Dami sure ain't!" The nursemaid retorted.

     The man stepped up to the nursemaid and beckoned for the child. She hesitated a
moment. He waited, tapped his foot impatiently. Reluctantly she placed the bundle in his
strong arms.

     "Don't you worry bout that, woman. Pretty little half and half, isn't he. Those sad
little eyes. Little cherub. He's going to the big house, get dressed all pretty to serve
tea. But don't you let anybody catch you saying he's any son of little Nathan. That gets
out and they'll sell him quick as anything. This boy is Dami's son and that's all the son
he's gonna be, get it?"

     "Yes sir, I get you' meanin'. Be a better life for im at least, up there in that
big house. You right. Still, shame on Nathan I say. Poor Dami, she was so sweet and pretty
she was."

     "None of that kinda talk woman. She was too damn pretty for her own good, and the
boy did what any boy would do if he could, it's her own fault I say, and don't you forget
it. Now let's get on to the big house with this bundle."

     At the side door of the house they were met by a scowling housemistress, who took the
bundle as if she suspected it of lice.

     "There he is, what's his name then?" She demanded.

     "He ain't got one ma'am, Dami died before she could say." James said respectfully.

     "Well that's no good, gotta have a name for him."

     "I can't name him, Dami shudda named him, he's Dami's son."

     "Dami's dead." She snapped. "Well. 'Dami's son,' guess that'll be your name then."

     "Dami's son?" James said doubtfully.

     "Damison. Yes. I'll take him from here, you get back to the houses again." She said
curtly, pushing the door shut behind him with her shoulder.