Symbiota Sapiens: Dark Legacy - Chapter 3


Symbiota Sapiens: Dark Legacy


     "Why should it matter? You're older, you know more, you show me fun things and help
me out. You're my friend. If you're doing housework, and I'm doing school, then that's
fine. And if I've gotta ignore you when you're serving dinner, cuz father says so, then
so what? We can still play other times. Don't listen to James, he's a slave too and it
doesn't keep him from bossing people around. He says you shouldn't play with me cuz the
master wouldn't like it, but if that's true then he shouldn't say shit to you cuz I dont
like it. But he does, anyway, so he's being stupid. Besides, you look more like me than
any of the other slaves, we could almost be brothers. I don't see why we can't be
friends if we want to."

                                                       - Master Teddy

Chapter 3

"The immortal-beloved child of the mortal dawn
shall join the powers of the two worlds before
his second birth. With his first joining he will
give eyes to the enemies of a dark father...

"...With his second joining, he will frustrate
the enemy within, but still be conquered into

"...After his bondage is destroyed, his third
joining will reveal the dark legacy..."


     "Did that mean what I think it means?" I asked quietly, as we trotted down the much
expanded tunnel, towards the nearest Blue Line station that would let us out into the

     "What do you think it means?"

     "We had more than one group keeping an eye on us out there." I said.

     "Yeah. I think you're right."

     ::There was equipment in her vehicle. Very advanced for mortals. It could possibly
be used to detect Esseren technology, if it isn't shielded or stealth-cloaked.:: The AI

     "So. Government." I said shortly.

     ::Shadow Agency.:: Jeremey added.

     "How is this going to screw up our investigation, you think?" I asked.

     "I dunno. Only thing I know is that things just got a lot more complicated if they're
taking an active interest in us already. I think we need to know more about them."

     :Rom?: I asked, uploading the imagery to him.

     ::This could be a problem.:: Rom replied after a barely noticeable pause.

     ::Yeah, we figured that. Can you tell us anything useful?::

     ::Rhianna Jebson. On paper she's the second assistant to Donald Evans, the Homeland
Security liason to the FAA for the region. On another, classified set of papers, Donald
Evans is a Colonel in the United States Airforce and an operative of the National Security
Agency. That same set of papers has Rhianna as a special investigator for the NSA.:: Rom

     :The NSA? The NSA knows about us?: I protested.

     ::You didn't let me finish. Another, even more classified set of papers, say she's
also a top-level operative of the Defense Department with unlimited clearance and on an
unspecified long-term mission for the last 5 years. And finally, there's one set of papers
that less than 50 people have access to, and the only two of those people whose names
match any sort of public record is the President and the Secretary of Defense. Those
papers say she actually holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and is a field operative for
the Rose Taskforce, a division of what used to be called MJ-12.:: Rom said.

     ::Well, I've heard of MJ-12. What the hell is the Rose Taskforce?:: Jeremey asked.

     ::Rose...we think that's a reference to Rosecrucian Manifestos a few centuries ago.
A mortal companion of a young Guardian published an expose that came very close to
revealing the Brotherhood of Guardians to the mortal public. In intelligence circles there
has remained a suspicion that the manifestos contained a grain of truth, ever since.::

     :So that's what this Rhianna Jebson is trying to prove?:

     ::Oh, by now I'm sure they're quite positive we exist. And, given the equipment in
her vehicle, they have some basic awareness of our technological capabilities.:: Rom said.

     :Shit. So they actually know about us. And want to know more.: I said.

     ::Exactly. Judging by this small interaction, the attention is not necessarily
hostile. Still, they wish to discover things we wish to conceal, so you'll need to consider
her and her associates as an adversary. Don't do anything to invite hostile interest,
of course.::

     ::Can you upload any information you have on the Rose Taskforce to our AI? And
especially anything about Jebson, and any other agents they have in the area?:: Jeremey

     ::Done.:: Rom promised. The AI hummed confirmation in our heads.

     :Alright. We're going to go ahead and check out the results of my little bit of
mayhem last month.: I joked.

     ::Good luck.::


     The police station welcomed us with open arms. We'd slipped something to two key
officers to help them sleep in this morning, and assumed their faces as we strolled in
at 7 am. Straight to Records.

     "Someone's done a neat smooth-over job here I think." Jeremey announced as we skimmed
through a massive stack of police reports.

     "Yeah. I thought they'd explain it as mass hysteria, maybe brought on by a chemical
leak. I guess they figured that'd bring too much scrutiny."

     The reports didn't list a chemical leak, hysteria, a masked madman, or a terrorist
attack at all. They'd simply catalogued several individual assaults, with the various
victims indicated as mutual aggressors. The upstanding citizens, discovering their own
participation in a brawl, chose not to pursue the matter. And the officers investigating
chose not to speculate on the sudden outbreak of violence, or even link the various
incidents together at all.

     "Well, it looks like four officers are responsible for every one of these reports."
Jeremey said.

     "What you wanna bet they pulled strings to make sure they were the ones who got
called to the scene?" I said.

     "What you wanna bet they've got bits of metal wrapped around the tips of their spinal
cords?" Jeremey shot back.

     "What about the...dead ones?" I asked hesitantly.

     ::Looks like they used those ones to keep the more obstinate survivors silent. These
three homicides here...there is overwhelming evidence that these two individuals killed
them, but the officers ruled it self-defense. Same pattern for this homicide and that
survivor, and these two and those two. All six of the people you killed ended up being
used as muzzles for someone.::

     "Fuck." I muttered. I hated the idea that I'd killed people. Innocent people who had
been asleep while their bodies were being used like puppets.

     ::Jules, we all know you tried your best to not kill them. Shit, man. You were a
mortal. A mortal teenager, being attacked by a huge crowd of adults! Nobody expects you
to only use non-lethal blows in that situation.:: Jeremey lectured silently, rubbing my

     "I know. I know. It still bothers me." I grunted.

     "So. You think we should check out the officers?" Jeremey asked.

     "Why? I think we already know exactly what they are. Let's check on the big-mouths."

     "Why? They don't know anything. We'll fuck up the cover-up if we start asking
questions and getting them suspicious that something more is going on. Best if they all
just put it behind them."

     "Fine. So now what?"

     Jeremey gave me a smirk, then calmly spit up a sensor into his hand.

     "We need eyes. And we could also make a trip to the cemetery."

     He carefully opened an acoustic tile in the ceiling and planted the sensor above

     "What kind-"

     ::Deep scanner, short range.::

     The deep scanner would penetrate every obstacle within its range and construct a
detailed map of every molecule in that area. The process took a while, but in a few days
we'd have a complete database of every piece of paper filed in the room.

     "We should also probably have a-"

     "I've got it, don't worry."

     Jeremey spit up a second sensor, one of the golf-ball sized area sensors I'd
originally invented while I was still a mortal. He pulled out a filing drawer and stuck it
in the back corner of the cabinet.

     "I think if we're here to study them, we should keep constant tabs on all them. No
blind spots, the whole city." Jeremey suggested.

     "That's going to take a lot of hardware." I said.

     "There's two of us this time. Bring on the plastic beans."

     As we traveled between graveyards, Jeremey insisted we stop at several stores to pick
up "building materials", and stopped periodically to secretly ingest them, and to place
the longer-range sensors in key locations.


     :There's nothing there.: I reported several hours later.

     ::Fuck!:: Rom swore.

     ::They've pulled up every single body, taken out the implants, and replaced the corpse
without leaving any sign the mortals would be able to detect.:: Jeremey told him.

     ::This is not good. That's seven sets of implants that we know of that they've
recovered. If this is a general pattern...::

     :If this is a general pattern, then they're probably recycling them. Which means we've
got a more long-term problem than you thought.: I finished for him.

     ::It's going to be a war then.:: Rom said grimly.

     :Yeah. Looks like someone just beat the Fallen for the most-important-adversary award.: I said.

     ::Alright. We're going to have to brief the rest of the Brotherhood on this issue. If they're
planning the sort of long-term manipulation that I think they are, I think we ALL need to be ready to
counter them in any way possible.::

     :We're trying to fill in our sensor grid for this city. With time we can have the entire metro
area under complete surveillance.: I informed Rom.

     ::Good. That's vital right now, I think. Get that complete coverage as soon as you possibly

     ::We'd really have complete coverage right now if we allowed the sensors to scan actively.::
Jeremey offered. We won't gain anything if they know we can watch them. Stick to passive. Use the
active sensors only where you don't mind if they find out about it.:

     :We've already used one, to catalogue all the files at the police station.: I told him.

     ::It'll take a while to build and place the sensors if we're restricted to passive scanning. The
biggest ones only have a range of 1000 feet in passive mode.::

     :I might be able to improve on that a bit.: I suggested.

     ::Do you mind sharing the technology? The Guardians there in Boston should be able to accelerate
things if they can each build their own sensors according to your plans.:: Rom said.

     :Sure. I'll send them to you, you send them to everyone else. Other cities too, if you think
it will help.:

     ::Definitely. Right now we need as much information as we can get.:: Rom said.

     :Fine. Then you have my permission and they have my permission to use this sensor stuff to keep
watch on them.: I said.

     ::Hey wait a minute. I seem to remember discovering that knowledge is money in the Guardian
world, right?:: Jeremey interjected.

     ::That's true. And technological developments are often the most valuable pieces of
information.:: Rom agreed.

     ::Don't you think Julian should get something for all this? I's only, what, a hybrid
of cutting edge human electronics and ancient scanning technology, through Esseren construction
techniques. The prophecy thing seemed to think it was a pretty big deal. Shouldn't Julian be getting
some kind of credit for it that he can pull on later?:: Jeremey pressed.

     :Jer, I really don't think this is the time to be talking about money. This is a war and-:

     ::No, he's right.:: Rom interrupted. ::This is a very significant development. Julian, immortals
share time and effort, but technological advances are extremely personal and sacred. They normally
wouldn't even be something an immortal would consider selling under any circumstances. Rarely, some
immortals will trade developments, if they are extremely close allies. And sometimes a much more
advanced immortal will gift a younger ally with a piece of technology that he has surpassed and no
longer uses himself.::

     ::So if that's true, how do we do this? It sounds like you're saying this kind of technology
is priceless, right?::

     ::The only fair exchange is technology for technology.:: Rom agreed. ::And this requires a
great deal of trust. I do not think every immortal will be willing to make such an exchange.::

     :So what, then?:

     ::I am the Elder in charge of the autonoid problem. And I trust you enough to make an exchange
with you. Will you make an exchange with me, knowing that I will then make your technology commonly
available to the Guardians for the purpose of the war?::

     :Yeah, that was what I said before, already.: I said, annoyed.

     ::Don't be flippant. Think about this. You are a newborn immortal. You only have the technology
you were reborn with, and this one advantage you've managed to build for yourself so far. And it is
only an advantage if no one knows about it. If you give it away, you become as vulnerable as a newborn
again.:: Rom said.

     :Oh. I guess I see what you're saying. But for the war, it's necessary.:

     ::You don't have to sacrifice yourself for the war. No one is asked to do that. So. Now you
look at the cost of sharing, and the reasons for doing so. And then you decide what you want in return
for it, so that it isn't a sacrifice.:: Rom explained.

     :I see. Okay. Well, I guess I'm not so worried about the other immortals as the autonoids.
That's who will probably be the enemy for the next several years, right? And after that I'll have come
up with other things. So...I need something to protect me from the autonoids.: I decided.

     Jeremey gripped my shoulder urgently, whispering fiercely in my ear.

     "Julian! When Rom Unmade Damion he used some kind of dampening field to cut him off from being
able to control the autonoids. If you could use that...the collective wouldn't be able to use them
to approach you!"

     I nodded at him. It was perfect. They'd never be able to touch me, or come near me, unless I
allowed them to.

     :Rom. Can you share the technology you used to make the dampening field? Back when you Unmade
Damion? I want to be able to cut off the autonoids around me from the collective.: I asked.

     Rom was quiet for a long moment before he replied.

     ::This technology is very complicated. Yes, I think you should be able to grasp it with the help
of your AI. It will take a while, though. The science underlying the effect is...very advanced for
someone of your age. I'll want you to promise me that you'll only use the finished hardware to create
the dampening field and not experiment with it until you fully understand the science behind it.::

     :Deal then?: I asked.

     ::Deal. You drive a very heavy bargain, once you're dissuaded from giving things away.:: Rom

     I sent all of my plans for constructing and operating the various bugs I'd designed, and felt
a warm surge of information trickling into my head as the AI digested the incoming data stream from

     ::Oh wow! This have no idea what this shit even IS!:: The Kid enthused.

     ::Um. Rom. Does it come with an operating manual?:: Jeremey asked.

     ::There are basic instructions for your AI, how to turn the dampening field on and off, choosing
the dimensions and shape of the field, selectively dampening various types of transmissions, it's all
there. I'm not going to explain how the technology works. Best if you discover that on your own over
time, as I did.:: Rom said.

     :Can you build it Kid?: I asked.

     ::Yeah. It's going to take a while though. Have to do some parts at a subatomic level, which
I'll have to build specialized constructor drones for. I really can't even give you an estimate, I'm
just not sure how long it will take. A lot of this will be trial-and-error.:: The AI said.

     :Well you've got two of us to work with so maybe that will speed things up.: I suggested.

     ::Yeah. Oh god, I'm going to spend the next hundred years studying this, I can't wait till I can
get it built so I can see it in action!:: The AI gushed.

     ::Okay. You can have your electronic orgasms quietly, please.:: Jeremey teased.

     ::You've got to be kidding me. After the noise I have to sit through coming from you two?:: The
AI teased back.

     "Speaking of. I think it's about time we headed back to the safehouse for the night, don't you?"
I asked Jeremey sweetly. Pinching his butt as I smiled innocently up at him.

     I saw the slow flush climb up his neck onto his face as the gears in his head turned. A slow
grin spread itself as he looked down at me, a lazy, predatory gleam coming into his eyes. I found my
own face starting to flush.

     "Are you...tired, little bro?" He drawled, his hand sliding down my arm and encircling my wrist,
pinning it to my thigh as we walked.

     I just gaped at him.

     He stopped suddenly, turned towards me, and stepped forward. I instinctively backed up, and he
stepped in towards me again until my back hit the rough bark of a tree. His other hand captured my
other wrist and pinned that hand to the side of my leg, too.

     "Do you think it's about time for...a nap? Do you want to go to bed, baby brother?" He asked in
a low voice.

     "Um." I swallowed, his face loomed close and my eyes were drawn to his mouth, then up to his eyes
again, then his mouth, his eyes...

     Jeremey leaned in, I could feel the heat from his body, the slight sweet smell of sweat from the
warm summer air, and those damned pheremones were making my head fuzzy.

     I wanted him to kiss me. I leaned forward but he stayed out of reach. I tried to pull his waist
in but he was holding my wrists firmly down by my sides. I could feel his breath on my lips, air from
him going inside my mouth and his lips just an inch away but not kissing me.

     "Please?" I whimpered, frustrated.

     His lips caressed mine softly, his tongue sweeping out just barely sliding between them and then
moving back into his own mouth. I followed it with mine but then he was backing away.

     "Let's get back to the safehouse." He said hoarsely, keeping his grip on one wrist as he pulled
me after him at a very brisk walk, pheremones pouring off him in waves as his frustrated libido
demanded release.

     I suddenly remembered we were in the middle of a cemetery.


     Half an hour later Jeremey slammed the door and glared at me, his eyebrows bunching together
as he spun me around by the wrist...the wrist that he was STILL gripping...and slammed me bodily into
the door, chest to chest.

     "You've been pumping out fucking pheremones for the last half-hour." He growled into my neck,
teeth catching sharply on the side of my jaw.

     I groaned and let my head loll backwards, hitting the back of it on the door as his hot, wet
mouth latched onto that spot just below my ear...

     "God...Jer, you st-star-, fuck!, you started it." I stuttered.

     Jeremey was pumping out pheremones too. I could smell his scent, thick and heavy with the last
thirty minutes of bare self-restraint. I'd been drifting in and out of a semi-conscious haze of lust
for the entire trip home, letting him drag me through the streets, fingers burning around my wrist,
until he'd pushed me into our hotel room and...finally...finally.

     His tongue was suddenly in my mouth, not teasing anymore, surging, exploring, tasting. I could
taste him too, feel his tongue sliding and curling around mine, overwhelming. His teeth mashing harsh
against my lips, the coppery taste of my own blood adding flavor to his heady scent and the taste of
his Caretaker-laced saliva.

     I could feel his erection inside his jeans, pointing up and to the left, the top of it poking
up out of the waistband next to his hipbones, burning me through his boxers and my T-shirt. I arched
my back against the door, pressing my abs against it to feel it more, pressing my own hardness against
his thigh.

     "Want you Jer-" I panted the moment his tongue left my mouth to explore my neck again.

     I'd wrapped my arms around his neck, and using him to support my weight, now wrapped my legs
around his waist, leaning back to give him access to my neck as I eagerly humped his hard stomach.

     Jeremey staggered as the move suddenly changed his center of gravity, but quickly his arms came
around my waist, one snaking up under my shirt to stroke my back as he cooed into my neck.

     "You've got me Jules, I'm yours. Come on, let's get you out of these clothes." He whispered

     He carried me over to the bed and, kissing me strongly on the way down, lay me out on it. His
body suspended above me by one arm over my head. The other arm efficiently pulling my jeans from me,
along with my underwear.

     "So beautiful." He whispered, something like awe in his face. I writhed impatiently.

     "Jer. It's been more than a day! Please don't tease me!" I begged.

     Jeremey smiled softly at me and helped me take off my shirt, burying his face in my chest to
chew on the skin between and just below my pectorals.

     "Oh, yes Jer!" My naked penis was bouncing with every movement he made, a few drops of fluid
seeping out and making messy trails of goo between it and my stomach with every bounce.

     "What do you want, my Julian?" Jeremey asked me soberly, his face hovering above mine. I could
feel the heat of his body through his clothes, and suddenly I wanted them gone.

     "Take off your clothes." I was suddenly whispering for some reason.

     Jeremey smiled at me, giving me a soft kiss just to the right of my nose.


     He leaned back, his knees straddling my legs, and pulled off his shirt with one smooth, graceful
motion. I stared. I've seen it so many times, know his body better than I know my own,
just look at brother is a god.

     I reached up a trembling hand, brushed knuckles tentatively against the hard mounds of a chest
muscle. A finger drifting to trace the indentions between the abs. Tracing a line from belly button
down to...the waistline of his jeans.

     I tugged and they came unsnapped, and the zip slid open as I pulled the flaps to the side.

     There he was, hard as I was, the massive column of hard flesh encased in his silk boxer shorts,
jutting sideways at an angle, but it leapt up and outwards as my fingers touched it. I drew them back,
watching, entranced, as it moved again. I wrapped my fingers around it and felt it flexing with his
every heartbeat.

     I looked up at Jeremey, caught him watching my face as I watched his leaping erection.

     His eyes blinked in recognition as our gazes locked.

     "Fuck me Jer. Fuck me really hard." I whispered.

     He blinked again, a pause as the words sunk in.

     Then he was moving, suspending himself over me in a one-handed pushup position again, one hand
reaching down to pull down his jeans and boxers in one motion, and then that same hand snatching my
knee and firmly planting it in my shoulder, his arm tucking underneath my knee so that he pinned it
in the crook of his arm.

     The other arm mirrored the motion and suddenly he paused, his manhood poised at the entrance, I
could feel the massive amounts of pre-ejaculate had already turned his penis into a sticky, slippery

     "Hard, Jer!" I begged.

     With one brutal push he entered me, a shot of pain streaking up my spine as the opening was
forced open suddenly, and he was encased in me up to his balls.

     I gasped for breath, reeling from the conflicting sensations of pleasure and pain. Jeremey
caught a tear with his lips, making soothing noises as he kissed my face, and his hips moving in tiny,
almost imperceptible circles so that his manhood seemed to almost vibrate inside me.

     I closed my eyes, relaxing...

     "Take me Jer," I sighed.

     My eyes snapped open as he suddenly pulled all the way out. Eyes blazing at me as his arms
tightened to a vice-like grip around my thighs, fingers clamping hard around my biceps.

     Oh fuck.

     Jeremey slammed into me, the impact of his body enough to drive the breath from my lungs, but
the rough impaling, slamming against my prostate - I let out a yell.


     Jeremey was all the way out again, and slammed hard into me again, his enhanced muscles
propelling his entire body onto me in a pile-drive that would have broken a mortal man's spine. Again,
dead center on the prostate.


     "I AM fucking you already!" Jeremey shouted back at me as he reared back and slammed into me a
third time. Then he went into double-time, pulling all the way out, the tip of him maybe five inches
from my opening each time, and hurling his entire body at me with each stroke.

     "Aaaagghghhh!" I howled, overcome by the sensation of my powerful god of a brother, with his
gigantic horsecock, bouncing on my prostate like a flesh-and-blood jackhammer.

     "EYES!" Jeremey demanded, shifting so that one of his hands took grip of a handful of hair on
the back of my neck, forcing my face towards his.

     I opened them obediently, my eyes going wide at the sight of Jeremey, a sheen of sweat covering
him, tossing his soaked and tangled hair out of his eyes, skin glowing red with exertion, muscles
bulging and eyes raging with lust as he fucked me with his entire body.

     My mouth opened with shock, allowing mixtures of deep grunts and girlish squeaks to come out of
it every time he slammed into me. Not my fault, my breathing was entirely controlled by him, every
thrust was so violent it made the air whoosh out of my lungs - along with whatever noises that
created - and it was all I could do to get some air back in them as he lunged backwards each time.
     "OH! - GOD! - JER! - YOU! - aMAZing! - FUCK! - YES!" I managed to ground out, fighting to keep
my eyes open to the incredible sight.

     "Say it!" Jeremey growled in between slams.

     "YES! I'm - YOURS! - JER! - YOURS! Oh - GOD! Don't - STOP!" I panted.


     "YES! - YOURS!"

     The pounding was building up, my entire body being snapped back and forth by the incredible
force that was invading it, pummelling and overpowering it, until I felt myself at the edge of the

     I tried to stutter out a warning.

     "JER! - GONNA! - CLOSE! - FUCK!" It happened fast, the surging inside me where he penetrated me
was suddenly wrapped around inside my groin, firing up through my bobbing erection and spraying itself
across my chest, his chest, our faces, the headboard.

     I bellowed, and it came out as a scream. Every muscle in my body tensing, my back arching hard,
body writhing against Jeremey as my orgasm set him off, his entire body flinching as he erupted
powerfully inside me, his great organ expanding and pulsing as it fired its load into me, our eyes
locked hypnotically like that last lifeline in a stormy sea - the chaos of our bodies thrashing and
spasming as we looked into each other's souls during that one, vulnerable moment when there can be
no masks, or even any thought, only the storm and each other.

     I teared up, shaking in the aftermath of the incredible trauma of that orgasm and the sex that
brought it.

     Jeremey looked down at me, a very smug expression crossing his face before he starting kissing
away my tears.

     "I love you Jules. I love making you shake with pleasure. Do you know that?" he said into my
ear, laying a soft kiss on my earlobe.

     "Love you too Jer." I sighed, and slid my arms around his neck, my shaky legs still trapped by
his arms in a pretzel position as he remained inside me.

     "I'm so glad you're mine. You're really mine." I was tearing up again.

     "Yes I am. All yours, all the way." Jeremey cooed.

     I closed my eyes, contented, inhaling the scent of his sweat and our semen and both of our
neutralized pheremones, wanting to lay there under him, holding him inside me, for hours.

     Suddenly I burst out laughing.

     Jeremey pulled back, alarmed, and looked at me, confused. I just laughed harder.

     "What?" He begged.

     "Oh god! You wonder how many people got an overdose of pheremones on our way here?" I giggled.

     A slow dawning look came over Jeremey's face.

     "The girl-"

     "That girl in the elevator! If you hadn't been staking your territory and glaring at her like
next season's axe-murderer of the year, she would have been all over both of us!" I finished for him.

     We'd shared the hotel elevator with a really beautiful blonde girl close to our age. Most
likely some sort of celebrity considering elevator was reserved for the pricier suites. The
hundred-and-twenty seconds in an enclosed space had been enough to have her visibly shaking, her suit
pants soaking between the legs, and her eyes a bit crazed as she eagerly watched us furiously making
out - while Jeremey cast dark, menacing glares in her direction.

     "Oh god-" Jeremey snorted a laugh. "What about the taxi driver? We should have wrecked at least
five times. The guy was driving entirely through the rearview mirror!"

     "These pheremones are a public menace." I giggled. "We could take out an army, just by making

     "Well, I have no objections if you don't! I rather like making out!" Jeremey grunted.

     "Hmm. Yeah. But that'd mean JUST making out. They only work if we're frustrated, remember?" I

     "Oh fuck! You're right! Oh well, there goes that plan then. I don't think we're going to stop
with 'just' making out just to take out some stupid army." Jeremey said, shifting a bit so he was
behind me instead of between my legs. He remained inside me, still hard.

     I snuggled my back into his chest, entangling my legs with his.

     "Hmm. Maybe we can fight them while having sex at the same time." I murmured sleepily. Being in
Jeremey's arms always made me feel cozy, like taking a nap.

     "Maybe I should sic my little brother on them, the whirling dervish?"

     "Nah. You can have them. As long as you don't move while you're killing them. This is
comfortable." I mumbled stupidly, hearing his bewildered chuckled as I slipped into

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