Symbiota Sapiens: Dark Legacy - Chapter 5


Symbiota Sapiens: Dark Legacy - Chapter 5

     "No, I don't think you're an evil person. You are ruthless,
even cruel sometimes. You do things that most men would never do.
But you have an individual morality to you, the kind that doesn't
delegate responsibility to others to set the boundaries for you.
You set your own boundaries, your own moral code, and you don't
change your own rules when you find you've broken them. I think
to be evil you'd have to live a life without restraint, justifying
your actions as they occur. So, evil? No. Not you. Not that. You
are merely dangerous. Extremely so."

                              -- Elizabeth

Chapter 4

"The immortal-beloved child of the mortal dawn
shall join the powers of the two worlds before
his second birth. With his first joining he will
give eyes to the enemies of a dark father...

"...With his second joining, he will frustrate
the enemy within, but still be conquered into

"...After his bondage is destroyed, his third
joining will reveal the dark legacy..."

"...and his fourth will grant the tool to
destroy it..."

"His final joining will be the foundation for
a new age, and the cornerstone to the new Citadel."

          -- The Digital Prophets

     "Jeremey...come back to bed!" I complained. I sat there, naked
under tangled sheets, my body still slick with sweat and saliva and come,
and he was sitting there eating a second pizza.

     ::In a minute.:: He said, not bothering to try speaking around the
mouthful of cheese and dough.

     "I'm all hard again." I tried coaxing him. It was true. My erection
bobbed eagerly against the sheet as if to prove my point.

     He paused, turning his head slightly to look at me over the slice
poised next to his mouth. He eyes tracked the movement under the sheets.

     "You're always hard." He finally said, and crammed half the slice
into his mouth.

     Oh well. At least he's still naked.

     I took in the elegant curve of his back muscles, how they arched
inward so delicately just above the crack between his buttocks, before
flairing up and outward to the shoulders. Such a delicious curve, like
an elvin bow. And sheathed in glorious silky warm skin, a perfect golden

     My eyes slid up and down his spine a few times before resting on
that other curve. The one where the harsh line of his hipbones sliced
around the side of his waist and disappeared into the graceful swell of
his left bun, the firm round globe spread out a bit against the bed
where he sat on it.


     My hand slid down almost unconsciously, fingers sliding around my
slippery column of hardened flesh. It had actually been quite a while
since I actually touched my own manhood like this. Even longer since I
simply masturbated. With Jeremey there really is no need.

     But right now he's busy eating. Surely he wont mind...

     I take a firmer grip on myself. Feel my own heartbeat against my
fingers. Slide my clenched fist up...over the head...and back down.

     God. It's so good. I clench my teeth and suppress a moan. Don't
want him to turn and see me...want to just watch him like this, watch
the skin on his back, the curve of his buttocks. The top of that dark,
inviting crack.

     I draw a sharp breath as this new form of lust burns its way
through me.

     "Jeremey..." I croak.

     Jeremey sends me the mental equivalent of an amused eyebrow-raise.

     Of course. He can feel my lust building. He knows I'm watching him,
probably he's even getting ghosts of the sensations and knows exactly
what my stealthy hand is doing under the covers.

     "Jeremey- you think..." I say tentatively. I don't know how
he will react.

     Jeremey can sense my uncertainty. He's turning to face me, the
food momentarily forgotten.

     "I...I want...I mean, maybe the future..."

     He puts down the pizza and stalks over to the bed, sitting next to
me, on top of the sheets, looks me in the eye seriously.

     "What is it Julian?"

     I look up at him carefully. Nothing but love and tender concern
there. I draw a deep breath. We've gotten past awkward confessions

     "I want to...fuck you." I say.

     He blinks. Pauses uncertainly.


     I close my eyes a moment. Open the connection between us to its
fullest. Let him see himself sitting there, eating pizza. Let him
follow my vision as my eyes tracked the arch of his back. Showed him
how my eyes lingered over the curve of his buttocks, shared the sudden
burning lust inspired by the crevice between them. The onslaught of
a hundred sense-images my imagination called up in response.

     My hand was still making its sensuous way up and down my length,
sending shockwaves up into me, and into him through our connection, in
a powerful accompaniment to the scenes provided by my imagination.

     "No." He said.

     It took a moment for it to sink in, what he'd said. My hand stopped
moving as I stared up at him. My face burned. Embarrassment?
Disappointment? Confusion?

     "I...not now. But...someday...I'd like to?" I said uncertainly.

     "No." He said again. "Sorry. But no."


     Jeremey suddenly ripped the sheet away, flinging the edge away so
that the fabric rippled, suspended in the air for a moment, before
quickly slithering to the floor. Leaving my naked body, shining with all
manner of bodily fluids, my abandoned hardon bouncing in the sudden
draft of cold air.

     My hand moved back to protect it but he intercepted it, snatching
my wrist.

     "No. No touching yourself. Mine." He said simply.

     Then in one swift motion he flipped me on my stomach and attacked
my anus with his tongue.

     My head still swimming with dreams of penetrating him, suddenly
short-circuited by his swift dominance, and the sensations of his clever
tongue probing me back there. I unconsciously jerked my hips backward
to give him more access.

     ::Mmm. Yes, this is much better. Open for me, my sweet little
brother, my Julian. My lovely. Mine.::

     Jeremey's tongue slid deeper than should be possible, slithering
over my prostate, I let out a broken moan. He growled heartily in

     ::Yesss. Tell me you like it Julian. Tell me this is what you want
from me.::

     "Oh god Jer'my, please yes! Don't stop, please!"

     ::This is what you want?::

     "Oh yes! You make me feel so good Jer!"

     ::You want me to fuck you?::

     He sent me sense-images of his cock, rock hard and throbbing with
his pulse, the feel of it's velvet head, an image of his hips gyrating
as he pounds into me.


     "Yes Jer, please, I love your cock, I always want it, you know I
always want it, it's all I've ever dreamed of!" I begged.

     ::ALL you've ever dreamed of?:: He demanded.

     "Yes Jer. Please. I'm ready for you. I want you inside me." I
panted, thoroughly lost in the sexual haze of being dominated, eager for
his searching tongue to be replaced by his hard length inside me.

     "Good. Keep it that way." He said shortly, pulling back from
analinguis suddenly. I looked over my shoulder at him confused. He
regarded me seriously.


     "Understand?" He was implacable.

     "I...yes." I conceeded.

     He didn't respond. His fingers seized my hips and jerked me up and
backwards, impaling me on his jutting erection with one smooth motion.

     I let out a small scream. Okay, not a small scream. A full-sized,

     That HURT!

     And holy fuck, but I was somehow coming from it!

     My breath wooshed out of my body as Jeremey slammed me full-length
into the bed with his bodyweight, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE times,
somehow timing it with the waves of pleasure as my balls fired load after
load of come into the mattress under me.

     Not missing a beat, Jeremey snatched me up by the waist and turned
me around on his cock as he stood up next to the bed. Reversed his grip
on my hipbones and let my head and shoulders fall back on the bed, facing
him, my lower body suspended up in the air dangling from where I was
still impaled on his impressive manhood. Legs straight up.

     And he kept fucking me. Every time, pounding into and bouncing off
of my prostate and then on past deep inside me. His grip on my waist
slamming me onto and off of his cock, my entire body like a rag doll
being jerked back and forth in his hands.

     I was still coming, instead of subsiding the orgasm had slowly
ebbed to smaller spasms with each thrust, each one still like an electric
shock to the brain. The pleasure from my penis was now a dim echo of the
deep pounding sensation against my prostate assaulting my brain.

     I don't know how long that continued. Well I do know, now. The AI
informed me that this had continued approximately four hours, without
pause, after I had orgasmed. Apparently I didn't build up to a second
orgasm, but continued the steady dribble of a small wave of pleasure, and
a few drops of ejaculate, from every thrust. Apparently it added up to
quite a lot of come.

     I was unaware of this, though. I had entered another world that
was a strange pleasurable parallel to that experienced by a torture
victim, where all perception and time disappeared and I was only aware
of the constant rhythm of the pounding pulsing beat of overwhelming
sensation, yes, pleasure, against the inside of my mind.

     And then it all disappeared.

     Jeremey stood protectively between me and the door, his body
tensed in an aggressive pose. I could see that he was completely drenched
in sweat, and there was a large wet area on the floor where the
perspiration had flowed off him as he continued his lengthy assault on
my body.

     My anus and rectum, and lower intestines, were massively inflamed
from the friction. The bruises from being slammed into the bed had long
since healed, but my buttocks were quite pummeled from the slamming of
his hipbones, which were probably also bruised.

     "Oh my! I had no idea the two of you practiced such...violent acts,
at your age." Damion's voice came from the doorway.

     "Damion! What the fuck are you doing here!" Jeremey growled.

     "I was told to come here. Apparently you forgot. And I think the
answer to the reverse of that question is rather obscenely apparent just
now." Damion said, disgusted.

     I gasped and scrambled for a blanket to cover myself. I'm not shy
with my body, but laying recently pounded into willing
submission, I felt vulnerable and Damion was the last person on earth I
wanted to see me this way.

     "Get out!" Jeremey hissed.

     "I'll just go freshen up in the other room while you too compose
yourselves." Damion sneered, stepping into the lounge area of the suite.

     Jeremey watched him go, then got up to close and lock the door.
     He turned around and saw me staring up at him a bit apprehensively.

     "Julian. I...I don't know what came over me." his shoulder shrugged

     I just watched him, unable to speak around the sudden lump in my
throat. I could feel confusion on him like a dark cloud.

     "Jer." I croaked. My voice was completely hoarse. He winced.

     "Jeremy." I tried again. "I don't know either. But...I love you.
Nothing you do can change that, okay?"

     Jeremey walked over to me, head hung with shame as he sank to his
knees on the bed beside me.

     " shouldn't just forgive me, Jules. I swore to myself when
this started that I'd always take care of you, give you the love and
respect you deserve. And...and...THIS!" He flung the sheet back from me.
"This wasn't any of that, Jules. This was...oh god!"

     His eyes widened as he took in the angry bruises on my hips.

     "Julian," He whispered, "turn over on your stomach."

     "Jeremey, I'll be--"

     "Please. I need to see." A single tear escaped and ran down his

     I opened the bond as wide as it would go, sending him all the
comfort and reassurance and love I could cram through. Then I slowly turned

     Jeremey let out a horrified gasp, followed by a stifled sob. I
could see me own body through his eyes. My back was covered with bite
marks, my ass, hips, legs, and lower back were a patchwork of blues and
blacks. Blood was dripping down the inside of my thigh and my asshole
itself was colored an angry red.

     I turned around quickly and grabbed Jeremey around the waist before
he could sink to the floor. He was shaking and silently crying. I pulled
him towards me, his body dead weight in my arms as I pulled him up onto the
soaked bed next to me.

     "I'm sorry, oh Julian, I'm so, so sorry. So sorry. My Julian. I
never, oh god. Hurt you, sorry, so sorry." He sobbed incoherently into
my hair as I just held him.

     After a while his crying settled down and he just lay there,
sniffling occaisonally.

     "Jer, did you notice how wet this bed is?" I asked quietly.

     He went still for a minute.

     "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you stay in the-" he apologized,
starting to move away from me.

     I held him firm.

     "Can you smell why the bed's all wet?"

     Complete confusion, over the link.

     "Smell." I told him.

     Bewildered, he took one long breath in through his nose.

     "Blood. And...sweat. And semen?"

     "But mostly...?"

     "Semen. Your come."

     I pulled back so that we were lying face-to-face.

     "Yeah. How do you suppose so much of it got on the bed?" I asked

     Jeremey was quiet.

     "It wasn't exactly awful, from my point-of-view, Jer." I told him.

     "But Jules, I saw-"

     "You saw that you fucked the royal hell out of me, Jeremey. And
yes, you were a bit...extreme. And yes, my Esseren are going to be working
overtime because yes you did do a lot of damage."

     "I'm sorry-"

     I put a finger over his lips.

     "And I accept your apology." I told him. "And for your information
it was...not what I want from you, but very pleasurable the one time.

     "Julian, I can't ignore that I just basically ra-"

     "Jeremey. I have no intention of ignoring it. I'm telling you that
yes, it was bad, but not because it was such a horrible traumatic
experience for me. Jer. I'm much more worried about you. You weren't acting
like yourself at all there!"

     "I'm sorry,"

     "Stop apologizing." I said firmly. I could feel the guilt and
sorrow coming off him in waves. "And stop that. It felt good, okay? Even
amazing. So stop feeling so goddamned guilty"

     "Julian. You're just trying to-" I interrupted his denial by
sending him a sense-memory of how I came when he plunged into me that first
time. The pain amplifying the pleasure. And then I sent him a concentrated
sense-memory of the dull haze of mindless pleasure that had followed during
the next few hours.

     His eyes widened in shock.

     "I said, it felt good." I told him firmly.

     "Yeah. Okay. Okay." He breathed.

     "That's not an invitation for a repeat incident." I warned him.
"But we really need to get past the whole guilt thing and figure out what
the hell set you off like that.

     "I can't believe you...liked that!" Jeremey was still fixated on
the extreme sensations he'd just felt the echo of.

     "Maybe that's the root of it." I said softly.


     "This all started when I asked to fuck you."

     Jeremey stiffened.

     "I. Look Jules. If you really want to, then I...I suppose I could-"

     I slapped him. Hard. He looked at me in shock.

     "Don't you DARE try to sacrifice yourself like that! No matter how
fucking guilty you feel you are NOT going to turn sex between us into
something you do because you feel fucking obligated!" I hissed angrily.

     Jeremey's hand had flown up to touch the handprint on his cheek.

     "Julian, I. I wasn't."

     "You fucking were! You're absolutely terrified of that, and just
now you were going to let me do it to you because I wanted to, and because
you just did it to me!"

     Jeremey went silent, unable to deny it.

     "How long have you been feeling guilty for fucking me?"

     "I...I don't know. At first I was horrified, but then when you sent
me that...that image of you with your know, right before you
got kidnapped. And you seemed to love it so much. But then...I started to
feel like I'm taking something from you and not giving it back. But
I...Jules, I don't think I can!"

     "That dream you had about me." I murmered, suddenly realizing


     "'The hole. You want the hole.' Remember?"

     Jeremey turned ashen, and he turned his face away from me.

     I put my hand on his face and turned him towards me.

     "Jer. Don't you hide from me."

     "I don't know what that all was! It was just some weird fucked-up
dream when I was trying to figure out how I felt about you! It doesn't
mean I think you're just a hole!" He said fiercely.

     "I didn't say that. If I remember, in the dream you were upset
because you loved me, but you felt like you couldn't be with me this way
because I didn't have the right parts, essentially. Right?"

     "I. Yeah."

     "And now you know better than that." I smirked.

     "Well. Obviously. I do."

     "But it's like you just sort of combined me with the woman. I'm
Julian, the man you love. And in've discovered I also have a

     "Uh huh." Jeremey nodded, not following.

     "So basically. As far as sex goes, I'm the girl." I surmised.

     "I...what? No you're not!" Jeremey took a firm grip of my manhood.

     "That's how you see it. In the back of your head. I'm a boy, but
when we have sex, you're the male and I'm the female. You're still thinking
like a heterosexual, basically. Even though you're with a guy."

     "That's not true!" Jeremey argued.

     "Got a better explanation why, when I suggested I'd like a turn on
top, you totally snapped and fucked me like a wild animal for four hours?"
I challenged.

     "You said it yourself! I'm afraid of being fucked, okay? You were
right, I don't think I could ever let you do that to me!"

     "Because it's so awful." I said.

     "You like it, though." He said, as if verifying an inexplicable

     "Jer. I have the same anatomy you do."

     "I know but-"

     :Hey Kid. If I fucked Jeremey, how would it feel to him?:

     ::It would be uncomfortable at first, until he learns appropriate
muscle control. Unless I helped out with that. And then, assuming you
do things correctly, it would cause intense pleasure for him.:: The AI

     :Is there anything biologically different about Jeremey that would
cause it to feel less pleasurable than it does for me?: I asked.

     ::No. His prostate is in a slightly different location, so you
would need to take a somewhat steeper angle on entry. There is no
discernable difference in sensitivity between the two of you, however. The
sensations and pleasure would be of the same order of experience.:: The
AI informed us both.

     Jeremey was turning a deep shade of red at the casual discussion of
his internal sexual organs.

     "I believe I've shown you what it feels like, right?"

     "Uh. Yes. But."

     "But, you don't want to be the girl. You feel guilty for making me
the girl, using me like a girl. Jeremey. I have a secret for you. There is
no girl."

     He looked at me.

     "I knew that."

     "Yeah. But you keep forgetting in the back of your head, when we're
about to have sex."

     "I. Maybe." He said, doubtfully.

     I gave him a kiss on the mouth.

     "I love you. And I love having sex with you. I love feeling you in
me, on top of me. And yes, that alone is enough for me, you know. I'd like
to fuck you too, a lot. But you fucking me is enough for me."

     He looked relieved.

     "Thanks, Jules."

     "I'm not finished." I told him sternly. "I also think it's not
healthy. For you, or for either of us. This weird heterosexual mindset you
have going on, in the middle of a gay relationship. I don't like that you
feel guilty about fucking me. So you're not going to fuck me any more for
a while."

     "What!" Jeremey looked betrayed.

     I kissed his lips again.

     "I'm not punishing you, or anything. Or holding back on you to try
to get you to change your mind. But I'm not going to let you do anything to
me that I know will make you feel guilty. Even though I think you're stupid
to feel guilty about it."

     "It's not-"

     I silenced him again.

     "We're going to sleep together as two men. Two boys. We'll give
each other pleasure as boys give pleasure to each other. We already know
every inch of each other's bodies, I think. But I think with all the
fucking you've allowed yourself to forget that we're both men, on some
level. Turned my asshole into a pussy, somewhere in your head, and then
felt guilty for doing so."

     "Oh. Maybe. But that doesn't mean we can't-"

     Another kiss won another moment of silence.

     "If you were okay with it, I'd put that idea out of your head right
now." I smirked at him, sending him the images of his own buttcrack from
earlier. He blushed. "But you're not. So you're going to get to know my
manhood this way."

     Jeremey looked at me carefully. I could tell he was holding back
from protesting. Probably leftover guilt from how far he'd taken the whole
dominance thing. Well fine, I'd take advantage of it to get him past this

     "Okay. Fine. But I already knew you were a boy." He smirked, giving
my cock a little squeeze.

     I thrust shortly into his hand, giving him my own smirk in return.

     "Good. Come on, let's hit the shower."



     Half an hour later we were ready to face Damion.

     "Good evening, Jeremey, Julian. Are you two ready to work?" Damion
raised in inquisitive eyebrow.

     Jeremey blushed.

     "Uh. was your flight?" I asked awkwardly.

     "Boring." Damion practically cut me off, watching Jeremey's reddened
face with amusement. "Jeremey, you are aware such involuntary bodily
reactions to embarrassment can be controlled by one such as you, are you

     I choked back a laugh, and Jeremey mumbled something.

     "I'm mortal, my hearing is quite human now. You'll need to speak
clearly to communicate something to me."

     "I said, the damn AI refuses to prevent it, because he thinks its
funny." Jeremey said, his face beet-red now."

     Damion looked at him incredulously.

     "Your AI refuses to do something? As a practical joke?"


     "Thats...unusual. I've heard of such refusals before, but they're
usually based on some overriding subconscious wish, or some unrealized
incompatibility with other orders."

     "Um. Well it is, sort of. Julian thinks its cute." Jeremey glared
at me.

     "I see. And here I thought you'd progressed beyond the childish
romanticism, from your activities earlier." Damion said.

     Now we both turned beet red. I found myself groping desperately for
some change of topic.

     "I can see you are both also young enough to still be embarrassed
by that. All I can say is...don't be. I've engaged in sexual acts you would
never dream of, my remarks earlier were regarding your age more than your
choice of activities." Damion continued.

     "It...well we don't normally...I mean...fuck. Let's just forget it
happened?" Jeremey stammered.

     "Fine." Damion agreed. "Rom told me what you explained about your
intentions regarding Agent Jebson. I have to say I agree with your logic,
although I think you were foolish to think the Guardians would."

     "I was trying to...wait. You agree?"

     "Your analysis was accurate in my opinion. The government has been
observing us for a while now, and has the ability to detect our technology.
It's only a matter of time before they uncovered us entirely on their own.
Best that we control the exposure, and do so in a manner that makes strong
allies that will last us through the storm. If the Rose Taskforce can be
made such an ally...I can't think of a better one."

     "What about the autonoids?" I asked.

     "Well, they are relatively a short-term problem in my view." Damion

     "But they're going to transplant the control implants from older
autonoids to young ones...they could keep going for generations!" I

     "Yes, but we're tagging the autonoids, and thanks to your
surveillance system, will soon be keeping close track on the vast majority
of them. We'll just have to control the circumstances of their deaths so we
can prevent transfers." Damion said.

     "You mean kill them." Jeremey said shortly.

     "Well yes. I realize the people involved are innocents but they're
ticking time bombs. There's really no choice. I mean, their lives should
still be of reasonable lengths, we don't want to disrupt the mortality
statistics and alert the human civilians. They'll each die maybe a little
earlier than expected but still live a full life." Damion said.

     "You're still murdering a hell of a lot of innocent people." I

     "Well, sooner or later they're all going to die anyways. I prefer
to manage their deaths in a way that will have the smallest long-term impact
on the world." Damion said simply.

     "You're still thinking in terms of mortals and immortals." I
observed. "Their lifespans are at best somewhere around a hundred years, so
their deaths aren't significant."

     "I suppose I have something of that mentality left in me, yes. But
you're not paying attention to the flip-side of that coin. Their lives are
NOT significant in terms of thousands of years. The exact circumstances of
their deaths are VERY significant in terms of thousands of years. Those
implants have to be destroyed." Damion argued.

     "I don't like it. There has to be another way."

     "Well, hopefully your friends from the Rose Taskforce won't panic
and start assassinating people. I'm afraid the American government has
become rather...unsubtle, when it comes to national security risks, lately."
Damion said.

     "Right. I disagree with your plan, so you know. But that's worse.
So how do we make sure that doesn't happen?" Jeremey asked.

     "As of now, we wait to see how they react to the information we've
just given them. I expect they'll start by looking to see whether it's
accurate. And then they'll probably suspect that the list is intentionally
only partial, that we are aware of their knowledge of the autonoids and are
sacrificing these ones to throw them off our scent." Damion said.

     "That makes sense. But when they see just who some of these things
are, it'll be obvious that that would be a dumb strategy on our part." I

     "Yes. Hopefully they will. But that will take time."

     "So what should we be doing, then?"

     Damion looked devious for a moment.

     "I think...some inter-agency bonding is in order." Damion said.


     "Meaning, we should pay their headquarters a visit."

     "But Rom said..." Jeremey protested.

     "Rom should have known better than to send me, of all people, to
make sure you were being good obedient soldiers to the Elders Council."
Damion chuckled.

     I thought about that.

     "But...don't you think you're pushing your luck? You've already
been Unmade...doesn't that sort of make you 'on probation' or something?"
I asked.

     "Not really. It's quite permanent. I'm a mortal now, I don't have
the responsibility that goes with immortality." Damion said.

     "Fine then." I said. "Let's go eat lunch with the Rose Taskforce."

     "Julian-" Jeremey started.

     "Don't 'Julian' me. This is what you wanted, isn't it?"

     "Yeah, but Rom's an Elder, I have to obey him." Jeremey said a bit

     "Rom put you under Damion's supervision, right?"

     "Yeah, so he could keep me from doing things like this." he
protested, glaring at Damion.

     "So? Since when are you that scared of Rom?"

     "Since he blew a fucking hole through a reinforced steel door" he


     "Nevermind. Whatever, I'll do it."

     I looked at him.

     :What's bothering you, Jer?:

     ::Nothing. I don't know. Something makes me think more contact with
those people is a bad thing.::


     ::I don't know what it is, Julian. There's something in the
programming that's got some pretty complex coding in it, I can't figure it
out. I think it's part of the original Guardian programming from the early
Citadel era. But it applied some kind of identification tag to Agent Jebson
when we saw her last...and it's trying to initiate something in other areas
of the programming that no longer exist. I don't know what it's for, I'd
say it used to be pretty significant.::

     :Jeremey, are you more worried about having more contact with all
the Rose Taskforce? Or are you more uneasy about Rhianna Jebson?:

     I felt a strange mental flinch at the name.

     :Her, then.:

     "Jeremey has some sort of old program trying to tell him something
about Agent Jebson." I told Damion.

     Damion stiffened.

     "What is it? You know something." I demanded.

     "It's not important. It's old leftover programming from ages ago, it
causes some problems sometimes for young Guardians. Your bonding should have
erased the last traces of the actual implementation protocols."

     "They did. There's something trying to activate subprograms that
don't exist anymore." I told him.

     "Yes. That's normal. It shouldn't be an issue, considering."

     "Considering what?" Jeremey pressed

     "Nothing. If it's Agent Jebson who is being tagged, you two
shouldn't have any problems."

     I watched Damion carefully. He didn't seem to be hiding anything,
his stiff features had relaxed with some sort of irritated relief.

     "Okay..." I said slowly. "How are we going to do this, then? You
can't seriously intend to just stroll up to their office and ask for an

     "Actually, that's exactly what I had in mind." Damion said.



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