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Synopsis: Jeremey finds himself inducted, against his will, into an ancient organization that claims to protect and guide humanity with supernatural powers. But what happens when the price of that power is losing the brother he loves?

Disclaimer: This is science fiction. To my knowledge there is no such organization as the Guardians of Atlantis. Nor is there any such technology as the Esseren, although our scientists are working hard to correct that lack. If anyone knows something to the contrary, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Disclaimer: Contains incestuous and homosexual relationships between consenting adults, references to quasi-vampiric sexual acts, and may eventually include graphical descriptions of sexual acts (between males). If you are offended by this sort of thing, please do not read this.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned sexual relations will not occur for a while. This is a "plot" story rather than a "sex" story. There will be sex because the main character is a healthy, good-looking young man with a healthy (if somewhat confused) libido. And also because part of the plot involves his developing relationship with his younger brother, who happens to also be healthy, georgeous, and blessed with a similarly active (but not quite so confused) libido. All sarcasm aside, sex is part of life so it'll happen in this story.

Now, enjoy the story...



by Dean

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It seemed an eternity for Julian and Rom made it back to the hotel. Daytime television sucks. And it goes on forever. By the time things got into primetime programming I was too sick of the television to enjoy it.

I don't even want to know what it would have been like without the television on. Couldn't possibly be much worse than this. Not even that annoying AI to talk to.

I was aware of the sounds outside changing in character as nighttime approached. Rom and Julian had been gone for a long time just to be getting a laptop. Where the hell were they?

Customers checked into their rooms, took showers, had sex, had angry arguments, lived their lives out through the thin walls and I lay paralyzed on the bed. I swore I'd have sex every day no matter what after this. Or, next time I had to go without I'd make sure to have a book on tape or something interesting going on to keep me company.

Finally, late at night I heard the familiar footsteps creaking towards the door. The keycard sliding in the slot. Door opening.

"Hey Jer. Still laid up?"

Fuck you too, asswipe.

"You gotta check out all this stuff we got. But first the laptop."

There was a long pause while Julian wrestled the laptop out of the casing and eventually turned it on.

"Alright, lets see if this will work. Kid, if you can hear me you already know how to hookup through the wireless card now. So go ahead and let me know through the computer."

Great. Little brat isn't even going to bother to talk to me anymore, just wants to set up his laptop so he can talk to the damn AI.

The door opened and Rom came in, similarly laden.

"Hey guys. Jeremey, judging by what Julian told me I'm guessing you'll be laid up for the rest of the night. Sorry man. I know you were on the run but celibacy just isn't a good idea under any circumstances. Not that I should talk."

"Dude. You got everything?"

"Yeah. Had to do some quick programming to get cash for the cab but it's all wrapped up fine now."


"Any luck with linking up?"

"I'm just about to activate the wireless card here. There. Yeah, he's reprogramming the laptop, it'll be a minute."

"Great. You can help me with this shit then."

I was curious. What else did they get besides the laptop?"

I heard a metallic rattling. What the hell?

"Bet you're just dying to know what we're doing aren't you?" Julian teased.

Naturally, I didn't answer.

There was the distinctive sound of a jar of pills being shaken.

"Care to guess?"

Just tell me, brat.

"Man. You're such an asshole to him." Rom said, amused.

"It's fun. Part of the whole brother-brother thing." Julian said. I could practically hear him smirking.

"Maybe he needs another clue." Rom suggested, warming up to the idea. As if I hadn't already been over-exposed to gameshows today.

"Yeah. There. That."

Another shaking sound. This time is sounded metallic.'s in a can? What the hell did they want with bb's?

They kept this game up for a while. I refused to allow myself to speculate. They'd either tell me, or I'd throttle Julian when I could next move. Eventually he got bored with my non-responsiveness.

"Oh well. Might as well tell you. We talked about modern electronics and my ideas for combining it with Esseren technologies. Rom said you'd need raw materials to build the stuff I design for you, raw materials. We've got a bunch of individual mineral tablets from the health store. And several metals. Including about four ounces of gold you're going to have to get down. And a healthy collection of plastics. You're gonna be chowing down some god-awful stuff bro."

Great. Lovely. I get to eat plastic. And bb's. And my day was going so well.

"Now don't be pissed. I'm gonna be helping you out again tonight remember?" Julian mocked.

"Hello Julian." The Kid's voice came through the speakers on the laptop.

"Hey, wasup Kid?"

"I've finished the detection equipment. There are three autonoids in this building, but they don't appear to be active at the moment." The AI announced.

"Shit. We were just outside. Would they have seen me?"

"I don't think so. Two have been in their room since they checked in three hours ago. The third is currently checking out. I looked up their backgrounds, they're all travelers just passing through. I'd guess from their backgrounds that the infestation is quite well spread. Still, I think they're concentrated in New York City."

"Okay. Well. I guess. How'd Jeremey doing?" Julian asked.

"His vital signs are quite stable. Judging from his brain activity I'd guess he's bored out of his mind. I don't know why. That was some very interesting television programming you selected Rom. I'll have to start monitoring the airwaves from now on I think. Fascinating look at human culture."

"You're welcome. But I doubt Jeremey agreed. It was the most tedious of daytime television." Rom laughed.

"Well I had a great time figuring out which radio signals matched the particular channel, and decoding it, and analyzing all the information in all the channels. And there are audio-only feeds as well, hundreds of them in this part of the world!" The Kid enthused.

"Glad somebody enjoyed themselves then." Rom smirked.

"Hey I guess you heard what I said earlier, about raw materials for the modular electronics?" Julian asked.

"Yes. You're right of course. Just about everything can be built with carbon-based materials - but those aren't common in today's electronics so it's best to make things just look advanced but...believable. That way we dont have to worry about leaving things behind so much."

"Yeah that's what Rom said. Okay. Well, we've got the first precusors designed, why don't you start building those now while Jeremey's laid up? Can you operate his mouth enough to take in all this stuff while he's down?"

"I think so. I'll have to directly stimulate the muscles though. I'm locked out of the brain functions and motor skills."

Oh hell no.

The bed creaked as Julian put his weight on it. His fingers took hold of my jaw and opened my mouth. The computer spoke up from behind him.

"Prop his upper body up, with a pillow. So he's half-sitting. I'm not sure how much control I'll be able to exercise this way. Don't want him choking."

Julian moved to comply, fluffing pillows and wrestling me into position until I was slouched against the headboard. His fingers returned to my face, coaxing my mouth open.

"Okay...we'll start light. Here's some vitamin pills. I'll just put three on your tongue and give you some water, okay? Easy stuff." The horse pills were deposited in my mouth and there was an unnatural-feeling swallowing motion as a water bottle was tipped against my lips. Somehow I didn't choke.

"Let's try a few more at a time." Julian said. And that's what happened. He fed me pills until he ran out. Then it was time for the hard part.

"Okay. Next most important thing is the plastic products. I've got these in nice little pea-sized nuggets for you so it should be no problem.'ve got some pepsi to make it easier to swallow them." Julian poured the drink into a cup and then there was a rattle as he dumped several of the plastic pieces into the cup as well.

"Okay...tip back and let it just flow, bro." Julian tipped my head back and put the edge of the glass to my mouth. Holy shit. He's going to drown me. I choked on the pepsi, once. After that I guess the AI got the hang of operating the appropriate muscles because the drink and the pellets of plastic basically just flowed downhill to my stomach.

"Not much room left in his stomach. It's going to take time to break these pieces down and store the raw materials in the body. Give me some of those metals to work with. Some copper, and some gold. That should do for a start." The AI instructed.

The copper was a roll of...yes, pennies. The AI and Rom insisted that my throat should have no problem accomodating something of that width. I objected. My objections, being silent, were not noted. The pennies were shoved down my throat. The gold was in the form of some small bits of jewelry. A few wedding rings. Mostly earrings, which Julian carefully beat together with a small hammer until there were no pointy parts.

Then after all that...something far less uncomfortable...and far more embarrassing.

"I think it's time for you to get your next infusion of Caretakers, Julian." The AI informed me.

"Oh. But he's still asleep. Think he'll mind?" Julian asked.

"He'll probably mind. But he's already royally pissed at you. I don't think he liked being force-fed all that stuff." The AI said.

"Ok. Um. Well...since he's already mad at me..."

"You wanted to try some of that stuff I told you about?" Rom suggested.

"Yeah. I mean. There's no way he'd submit to it otherwise."

What the hell was he talking about? I'm not sure I wanted to know.

"Okay. you want me to help you out?"

"Oh...hmm...I don't think that'd be a good idea Rom. It's kind of...between us, you know?" Julian said quietly.

"That's cool, I understand dude. He's going to be mad at you anyways, I don't need to add to things. You remember all I told you?"

"Yeah. I think so."

"Okay. Well...I'll just send the more detailed information to Jeremey's AI. And he can help you out if you have any problems carrying it off."

And Rom walked out of the room. Julian was quiet for a minute, and I heard odd rustling sounds of bags being opened, and then he had hot water running in the bathroom for a long time. What the hell? Finally he came back, set some things on the nightstand, and started carefully removing my clothes.

"You're really going to do all that to him?" The AI asked from the laptop.

"Yeah, I'm gonna try to at least. I want to." Julian's voice was rather ragged as he answered. I could feel his heart pounding as he removed my shirt. Then he was pulling my pants and underwear down, untying my shoes, removing every scrap of clothing until I lay there on the bed, my skin prickling with cold.

There was the sound of a cap being removed. A squishy wet sound. Then his hands were on me again. Warm. Wet. He was rubbing oil all over my torso. Back and forth. His hand crept up and down my body, warming my skin. Slicking me down with the massage oil, rocking my body gently from side to side. His other hand, which had rested on my thigh, came to rest gently on my hardening penis, cradling it possessively.

I was fully hard now, and he took advantage of it. Pulling it down towards my toes, squeezing it up and down its length. Pull-down, squeeze. Pull down, squeeze. I felt each finger pressing into me. Then he finally relented and started running those fingers up the length, from the base and up over the head, over and over. Still pulling my cock, down, to the sides, straight up. Jeez, the boy knew what he was doing I could practically see what he was doing to me it felt so intense!

Then it changed again, he was touching the head in that sensitive part but not moving and tugging at my balls, stretching my hardness out. I could feel the tension in the skin and somehow the stretching was making my cock feel like it was pushing itself out farther, straining to expose itself and jut out as far and hard as it could possibly get. And that finger, maddenly touching me there but not rubbing. I wished I could thrust against his hand, this was driving me insane!

Finally, he moved his other hand up to that sensitive spot and suddenly he was doing incredible things to me. My enhanced nerves managed to pick out two digits...both thumbs I think...rubbing at that spot at the same time, in opposite strokes. I was seeing stars, the sliding of skin against me there - holy fuck. I was beyond hard and into throbbing. Painful, ball aching throbs that were building up with each stroke of those fingers down the underside of my very sensitive cock!

Then the complicated movement stopped and there was the hard, warm presence of his palm on that same spot, pressing hard against me, giving my solid length a strong rough surface of warm skin to bore into. He bore down, too. The bottom part of his palm met the unyielding hardness of my manhood and pounded up and down the length, making me see stars behind my closed eyes. His fingers curled up around my head and teased it gently, nimble digits weaving their way around the ridge and tickling my piss slit. And that palm pressing down right where I needed it, switching hands and rhythms, and positions, and sometimes using both hands. Finally!

Then his hand curling around my cock, stroking it with a twisting motion...holy fuck! My body was trembling now, I had no control over it but it was trembling with the strength of the sensations he was giving me with this...this...insane torture. Continuing to stroke my cock Julian was now venturing outward, massaging my torso and arms and legs, every inch of me got some attention from him.

Then he got into the weird stuff. If this wasn't already weird. Playing with my balls a lot. Pulling at them, twisting them, tugging them. It didn't hurt but...sent strange feelings up through my cock. Relaxing somehow.

Then he went below the balls. For a second I was afraid he was going to really go for my anus but no, he just played with the area between my balls an my anus for a while. Pushing his fingers into the skin there. His fist. Sort of vibrating his fist. Very pleasant once I realized he wasn't going lower.

When I was fully relaxed Julian returned to my cock with a vengeance. His fingers...did strange things to me. I have no idea what. At some point I lost track of which hand was where and doing what. Just...endless digits curling and surfaces gliding and rubbing and squeezing me and touching me. Endless warm slick fingers. It went on for ages, sometimes it felt like I was fucking into an endless tunnel of warm flesh, and sometimes it felt like an endless tunnel being withdrawn. And sometimes he tortured me with strange strokes that paid attention to odd parts of the head, making me want to thrash and beg. But I couldnt. I just endured the torture, the incredible feelings until finally Julian lowered his head and took my grateful hardness into his mouth. God. His warm, wet, sucking mouth that was so alive and...and...hungry it almost made me come just entering it!

It actually didnt take long. A few hard plunges into his throat and then he withdrew a bit and applied some heavy-duty suction while his hands pumped at the remaining shaft and rhythmically squeezed my balls. The suction...somehow it yanked everything out of me. I erupted like a volcano, my body twitching and my back arching involuntarily as my cock emptied the contents of my aching balls down his eager throat!

And yes. It was eager. Eager and willing. After this little show I knew one thing for sure. Julian was not doing this reluctantly in order to save himself. No doubt about that. The Caretaker thing was obviously a happy excuse for him. He wanted this. As my body emptied its contents into him, and the world of sensations crashed over my consciousness there was one thought that overrode all sensations, all pleasure.

Julian wanted this. Wanted me. Really wanted me. For how long, was a mystery. But this was clearly no blowjob. This was my little brother making love to my cock. Amazing love to my cock. As in, the most amazing time I have ever had, ever!

That heavy thought was proven a moment later as Julian slowly released my softening penis from his mouth and laid his head on my chest. He was naked, I could feel his cock against my thigh. In seemed he'd come without touching himself, while doing all that.

Julian buried his face in my chest, one hand clutching me around the side, the other up under my armpit, hand curled up over my shoulder. Legs tangled with mine, both our manhoods growing limp and content against each other's sweat-damp skin.

And Julian was leaking...tears on my chest.


So he doesn't just have the hots for me, either. This is...something else.

And he basically just told me. Waited until I couldn't do anything in response to interrupt, couldn't reject him. Instead of saying it he had to go and show me, when he knew I couldn't move.

And now he's laying in my arms crying.

My heart lurches in my chest. How the hell is this supposed to work? I can't even fucking reassure him! Not sure I should, even. Not sure how to respond, I have no idea how I feel about this!

All I know is Julian loves me, and he's crying, and I can't fucking do anything about it cuz I'm paralyzed!

After a while his shoulders stopped shaking and he just lay there cuddling me for a bit, his body warm and heavy on top of me. After a while he scooted up and laid a sweet kiss on my cheek.

"Guess now you know the rest of my secret bro. I'm sorry. I tried not to. But you're just so...good! You've always been so good to me. And...well...I dunno. I know you're not gay. So I won't try to...I didn't want to try to have a conversation about this so I just showed you how I feel. You don't...owe me anything. And...I'd like to keep doing the blowjobs for you too. I mean. If you're uncomfortable with it I guess I could do it to Rom instead but...I'd really rather get that from you. Even if it's just a blowjob to you. I still want to."

He hugged me again, curling himself around my torso, and whispered in my ear.

"We don't have to talk about this. Okay? Don't say anything if...if...well just don't mention it okay? I'm sorry to dump this on you now but I hated hiding it all the time. deserved to know how wonderful I think you are. But just... let's not talk about it for now okay?"

Julian slowly, reluctantly got up off me and pulled the covers up over my naked body. Then he lay on top of the covers, tucking them in under my body. He kissed me on the forehead.

"Love you bro."

Then he was off the bed and putting on his clothes in silence.

After Julian had left the room, the AI addressed me through the laptop speakers.

"Don't push him away Jeremey. He really loves you. And you do love him. Maybe in a different way, but he's important to you. So don't hurt him. You'll be hurting yourself. That's all I'm going to say."

Shit. The Kid was right of course. I wasn't going to push him away. Although the thought had crossed my mind maybe he should get his infusions from Rom instead of me, to avoid the emotional complication.

But no. That's all that would accomplish. Avoiding the issue. And probably making it worse.

What to do though? I mean...I like girls. I love Julian, but as my brother. And yeah, twice now he's done amazing things to my dick - I've never had a girl make me come that hard before. guys go...I have to admit Julian is prime stud material. Don't have to be gay to realize that simple fact. But...he's not what I lust after, and not someone I could love in more than a brotherly way.

"Awful brotherly, the way you kissed him in the hotel the other day." A little voice in my head, NOT the AI, reminded me.

And that was not something I was going to think about. Besides, the AI did something weird to me then anyways, made me unnaturally horny at that moment so I could do the deed.

"Well, the AI didn't make you sleep with him and cuddle with him in the hotel, did he?"

I was comforting him. We were both scared and away from home and I was comforting my baby brother.

"Yeah. Baby with the gigantic hardon, you mean. Who makes YOU hard too, don't forget."

Hormones. I've got issues with needing regular sex, remember? Super-stud programming? It's not me.

"And it's the programming that gives you all the warm tender feelings when he murmurs your name in his sleep too, right?"

I don't want to hear it.

I don't want to think about this. But I'm stuck here, so lovingly tucked into bed, paralyzed, with nothing else to do but think about it.

Okay. Think about this. Julian loves me. As in, he's IN love with me. And I definitely love Julian but I'm straight.

Wait. So he does turn me on a little. Sometimes. So not completely straight. But, I mean, come ON! He's a guy and I'm not into guys that way! It's just blowjobs for crying out loud!

An image of Julian naked on his knees, reaching out tentatively for my cock as he looks up at me with big eyes...

Fuck. Okay that does turn me on. Blowjobs are hot. Well, at least Julian's blowjobs are hot. Especially this last one. If you can even call a mere blowjob, that is. Whatever it was, it was amazing.

But...I'm still a guy. And I need more than blowjobs, right? I mean, they're nice. THAT was nice. But I want more than just sex. And...I don't know if I really want to do that with Julian. I've heard about how gays have sex and it doesn't sound pretty. Or clean. Or sexy, at all.

An image of Julian's butt resolved itself in my mind. A familiar enough sight, growing up together and all.'s muscular and toned. Yeah...and I'm pretty sure the skin is baby-soft. But...what...put my dick in the asshole? I don't think so. I've never even seen it, anyways. It's pretty well hidden inside the crevice between his really muscular buns. So...okay...being honest with myself. His butt is sexy, yeah. It might be interesting and even a turn on to touch it sometime. But...going farther than that? I try to imagine it but my mind rebels. No...I don't think I could fuck Julian.

I have an image suddenly of Julian crying out as he impales himself on my hard cock.

Shit. Okay. Well...if not for the fact that it'd have to be his asshole, the idea of penetrating Julian is hot. I liked fucking his throat - and not just because of how it felt but because I liked the idea of pushing my cock into him, of penetrating and filling him. Yeah. That idea is hot. If he had a pussy it'd be no problem, would it? But an asshole? No way.

Okay. So...Julian is hot. I am attracted to him, in a really fucked up way. And what we've done so far I like. And I want to touch him and stuff. And fuck him. If only he were a girl. Ha. That'd make things so much simpler. Girls have all the right equipment.

For a moment I imagine Julian with boobs and a pussy.

Yikes! Not right. Julian is Julian. He's a guy. I don't want him to turn into a girl after all.

Aargh! Back to where we started. I need to do more than just get sucked. I need to fuck. And even want to fuck Julian, but he just isn't built right. And I wouldn't want him to be. I really don't know where to go next with this. I'm tired of running in circles.

And the feelings thing. What the hell DO I feel for Julian, anyways? Okay, maybe it's not strictly brotherly love after all. I...I feel all protective of him. I guess that's normal brother stuff. But I also have a weird twisty feeling that goes with that, that makes me feel like him being hurt or in danger is the worst thing in the world somehow. That might go beyond just protecting my kin. And...thinking back...I like to watch him more than is normal. You're supposed to not really like your little brother that much, right?'s normally like he's just their and he's family so you care about him but you don't really like him much. Right?

Only I do like him. I'd rather be around him than anyone. And...I like to see his face, watch his expressions, just how he reacts to the world around him. I find everything about him endearing. Warm fuzzies. Hell. Yeah I get this really warm happy feeling when I see him smile or laugh. Like everything's right in the world because he's happy. Is that a family feeling? Sort of. But not like brothers really...that's like "family" as in "we're both part of our parent's family." Temporary, I guess. But this is more like..."family" because "he IS MY family." Different, somehow.

But being "in love" with him? Julian? I don't know. I don't think that's it. Or going to happen. He's not just a guy.


With that settled in my mind, if you call it settled, I did something I haven't done for a long time.

I went to sleep.

Sorry about the short chapter so late guys. Been very busy with school and family drama...

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