Symbiota Sapiens 16


Synopsis: Jeremey finds himself inducted, against his will, into an ancient organization that claims to protect and guide humanity with supernatural powers. But what happens when the price of that power is losing the brother he loves?

Disclaimer: This is science fiction. To my knowledge there is no such organization as the Guardians of Atlantis. Nor is there any such technology as the Esseren, although our scientists are working hard to correct that lack. If anyone knows something to the contrary, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Disclaimer: Contains incestuous and homosexual relationships between consenting adults, references to quasi-vampiric sexual acts, and may eventually include graphical descriptions of sexual acts (between males). If you are offended by this sort of thing, please do not read this.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned sexual relations will not occur for a while. This is a "plot" story rather than a "sex" story. There will be sex because the main character is a healthy, good-looking young man with a healthy (if somewhat confused) libido. And also because part of the plot involves his developing relationship with his younger brother, who happens to also be healthy, georgeous, and blessed with a similarly active (but not quite so confused) libido. All sarcasm aside, sex is part of life so it'll happen in this story.

Now, enjoy the story...



by Dean

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I was back in the club, right before all this started. Erect. Grinding against this hot girl while she rubs her breasts against my chest. Yes. This is how it was. I remember. Her breasts against my bare chest and she was sliding against me, melting against me, wanting me. Wanting me to take her home and slide my hard cock inside her, fill her up with my seed so she'll be young forever.

No...that can't be right. This was before.

But the way she pressed her body against me, her hips moving so eagerly, sliding up and down my length. That's what she wanted, right? Or without the young forever part. And then the runner came...

And there he is, I'm busy running my tongue up the side of her throat but I feel the shift in balance as his hard body leans into us. I feel the heat coming from his skin and his hands brush against me, too, as he reaches around to explore her stomach and breasts.

I look up and oddly it's Julian there. The young version, staring back at me intensely, as he perversely grinds his pelvis - not hard at this age - into the girls ass. Locking eyes with me. And for some reason I can't look anywhere but into eyes that are wise beyond the youthful face.

"She's just a girl, Jer. She doesn't mean anything, does she? Just a hole to fuck. Look at her face."

With his permission I am able to look at her face's not there. Nothing. No matter how I try I can't see her face.

"What is this? What did you do to her?" I demand.

"Me? This is your dream. I'm disconnected from you right now, remember?"

"Oh. You." It's the Kid, invading my dreams.

"No. This is all you. All your memory. Amazing detail, huh? Right down to the texture of skin. But you don't remember her face do you? Yeah. Like I said. Just a hole to fuck."

"I would have remembered. Stuff happened." I protested.

"Oh yeah. This."

Suddenly Julian was growing, aging before my eyes until he was as he is now. Eighteen. Strong, confident.

Rock hard, griding into my hand. And now he's making no pretense at pawing the woman between us. Reaching around to slide his hands up the sides of my torso. Pulling me towards him, making me grind into the girl.

"You want the hole, don't you? You've just got to have a stupid hole to fuck! So fine, here's your hole you bastard! But don't you forget it's me you're doing it with! I'm the one touching you, kissing you, loving you!"

The girls clothes disappeared and at Julian's urging I was quickly sliding between her legs, pushing into the wet warmth between them while Julian leant forward to invade my mouth with his tongue.

Then suddenly it changed. The faceless girl suddenly surged upwards, knocking Julian and me both away from her as her wrathful features suddenly surfaced from the fuzzy gloom that had obscured it.

I stepped towards Julian to protect him, but then she was Elena, radiating power and anger as she raised one hand, and an unseen force blocked me from reaching him.

"YOU were to PUT HIM ASIDE! HOW DARE YOU DEFY your DUTY! You would throw away the fate of the world FOR A MORTAL!?" She bellowed, her telepathic blast pounding into my head with spikes of pain.

"I never asked for your damn duty!" I screamed back at her, and was knocked over by a blast of energy.


Julian was raised into the air as if by an invisible hand on his neck, struggling weakly.


"Leave him alone!" I begged. "Please. I love him! I don't care if he's mortal, he's my brother and I love him!"


And then she was suddenly gone and I was left sprawled on the floor as Julian's clothes were suddenly torn from him and he looked down at me in utter terror.

"Jeremey, something's happening inside me! Please, do something! I can feel something happening!"

I jumped to my feet and lunged towards him but he was out of my reach.

And then a long, metallic tentacle came from nowhere and started creeping around his ankle and up his bare leg.

"No, Jeremey make him stop! Make him stop!"

"I can't!" I screamed back, lunging for the tentacle but it kept writhing out of my reach as it continued to climb up Julian. I watched in horror as it curled around his waist and Julian cried out as it squeezed him harshly.

"Fight it Julian! There's got to be a way to make it stop!"

"I can't! It's too strong!" He screamed back and then I saw his eyes go wide as the tip of the horrid thing slid insinuatingly into the crack of his butt. He shook his head and opened his mouth in a soundless 'No' and then he was screaming as it penetrated him from behind.

My 'No' was not soundless. I raged incoherently as I lunged at the tentacle, swinging my arms wildly trying to catch it as it swayed around my clumsy assaults. Above me Julian sobbed and writhed as the tentacle raped him and stole his innocence, plundering his body.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU SICK FUCK! LEAVE HIM ALONE IT'S ME YOU WANT!" I raged and somehow my fist made contact with the tentacle. It shuddered, and I pounded it again, grabbing on with my other hand and slamming into it again and again, bashing my head against it, tearing at it with my fingers and teeth and suddenly Julian fell on top of me and the tentacle disappeared.

I wrapped my whole body around Julian protectively, cuddling him as his shoulder shook with silent wracking pain. I held him tight, determined never to have him out of my reach again and used my hands and lips to sooth him as best I could.

Julian cried quietly and then was silent, looking up at me with glittering eyes. I tried to smile at him.

"Don't go away Jer."

"I shouldn't have gotten you into all this."

"I'm involved. Since I was born. I'm your brother. And I love you."

"I know."

Julian looked up at me sadly.

"I love you too."

His lip trembled, and his hand crept around the back of my neck to bury fingers in my hair.

I leaned forward and placed a sweet kiss on his lips.

"I do love you."

"'ll have to make sacrifices." He whispered back harshly.

I recoiled and saw an evil smile crossing his face. Not like Julian at all. More like...who?


This time he spoke and I recognized the voice as the godfather figure.

"I have him now. He's mine. Now you'll have to give me what I want."


"Suit yourself."

Julian pushed me away roughly, staggering to his feet. I watched as he jerkily walked away from me like a badly controlled puppet.

"Let me know if you ever want to see him again."

"NO!" I got to my feet and ran towards him. I tackled him but he seemed somehow smaller as I brought him to the ground. I looked down. It was the younger version of Julian again.

"You should have loved him when you had the chance. You could have chosen him." The AI said sadly.


"Too late now. He's gone. I tried to help."

"Help? What are you on about you fucking computer! Where's Julian?"

::He's in the other room. Are you okay?::


My eyes sprang open and the covers dropped to my lap as I sat up in the bed.

::You were dreaming. Apparently your incapacitation is finished now.:: The AI informed me.

"Julian?" I called out. Julian's head appeared through the bathroom doorway.

"Jeremey? Cool you're awake. How was it?"

"I had weird dreams." I looked at my hands in my lap. They were shaking.

"Oh. You mean you slept that whole time?" Julian looked both disappointed and relieved.

"Not the whole time. Just...after. You know."

"After...OH!" Julian turned red and disappeared back into the bathroom.

"Julian?" I called uncertainly.

"Yeah, Jer?"

"Um. About yesterday."

There was a cessation of all movement in the bathroom, but not a word in response.

"Uh. I don't know how to. I mean. Shit."

I jumped out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. Julian was standing there in a towel, holding onto the edges of the sink with a white-knuckled death grip. His eyes remained closed as he waited for what I'd say.

I stepped forward and cupped his cheeks with my hands. He opened his eyes in surprise at the sudden contact, saw my face and quickly squeezed them shut again. I brought my thumb around to caress the side of his face and saw a tear leak from under one eyelid.


He started shaking and I leaned forward to press my lips against first one, then the other closed eye.

"Shhh. It's okay bro. I do love you. I'm not sure about...about...that way. But...there's something, okay? And not just being your big bro. I think we're past that at least."

He opened his eyes and his mouth curved into a smile.

"You mean...brothers don't usually sleep together? each other blowjobs?"

"Well...I sure as hell never did that with any brother besides you." I informed him.

"Better not have." He grinned cockily at me.

"So. Look. I'm really just not sure about that other stuff right now. What you did last night, was amazing. And...confusing. And...I just don't know. I guess I've been confused about you for a while now. So...let's just...give it time?"

"We've got all the time in the world, Jer" he said quietly. "I've waited...a long time just for...for anything from you. I never dreamed I'd actually get it. I think I can wait some more."

"Thanks. Just. I think now I want" I stopped, looking at his soft pink mouth. He didn't move a muscle. I leaned forward imperceptibly and his eyes sank closed. I pressed my lips to his.


I let our lips rub against each other for a moment, enjoying the sensation. I could feel his soft breath against my face.

"Julian?" I didn't really know if I should...

But of course. Julian answered my unspoken question by tipping his head back to give me access, pushing forward to restore the contact.

I went with it. Tried nibbling his upper lip for a while, sucked the tender bit of flesh between my teeth and tugged it a bit.

"Mmm. Yes." He moaned against my mouth and his arms wound around my neck. I suddenly realized I was naked and he was nearly naked as I wrapped my arms around him and chewed on his lips. The feeling of him against me was all hard angles and tight muscles, coiled and powerful and strangely vulnerable and yielding as I squeezed him gently. His lips eager and aggressive as he offered them up and nibbled at my own in turn.

I broke the contact with a gasp, stepping hurriedly back from him to catch my breath.

"Wow." I breathed hoarsely.

"Wow." Echoed from the doorway. Rom was standing there, his mouth gaping open as he ogled us both.

I suddenly became aware of two facts. I was naked, and my hardon was sticking out rudely from my body.

"Could you give us a minute, Rom? Rom?" Julian asked, sounding annoyed.

"What?" Rom jumped as if struck. "Oh! Yeah. Sorry." He backed out of the doorway, a dazed look on his face.

"He's trouble." I glared at where he'd been.

"Rom? He's fine."

"I don't like him looking at you. And, hell, I certainly don't like him touching you! I heard what he tried last night!" I turned towards the door to find Rom and explain what I'd thought of that when Julian grabbed my arm.

"Uh, Jer."

"What?" I swung around, and my erection hit the side of the sink cabinet. Julian looked down meaningfully. I looked at the offending member.

"You're naked, remember?"

"Oh. Yeah."

"And hard."

"Yeah." I looked at him nervously.

"Well, I won't push my luck." He said, giving me a cute grin. "I'm glad you liked it though. I've been wanting to do that with you since I knew what kissing was."

I looked at him incredulously. Was he serious?

"I, uh...better take a shower. Think I sweat a bunch during the night."

I remembered the dream.

"Okay. Don't let me stop you."

For some reason I was suddenly shy naked in front of him. What the fuck? Even if he hadn't rather effectively explored every inch of my body last night, we've been comfortable naked with each other all our lives!

I pushed the weird feeling away and climbed into the shower. I needed to take care of some hormonal problems.

"Don't you dare." Julian said as if he'd read my thoughts.


His arm snaked into the shower and wrapped around my wrist, pulling my hand away from my cock.

"No more of that. We're past that, at least. Aren't we?"

"Uh. Considering last night and all. Yeah."

"Twice a day enough for you?"

"I guess. It should be, anyways." I said doubtfully. My hard cock disagreed.

"Should be?" Julian teased me. "Did I turn you on that bad?"

"What!? Oh! You - get out, brat!" I reached for the soap to throw at him. He laughed and disappeared out the bathroom door.

::Actually, you do need to take care of that anyways. Unless you want a pheremone problem again.:: The AI reminded me.

I was only too happy to take his advice.



When I emerged from the shower I found Julian and Rom had been busy. A set of clothes was laid out for me to wear, and Julian's laptop and a suitcase I had never seen were stacked neatly next to the door.

"You didn't just buy nasty plastic pills last night, I guess." I started putting on the clothes.

"Nope. Oh yeah, how's the raw materials situation Kid?" Julian asked.

"I could use a little more plastics. And if you've got any more gold I'll need some of that soon too." The AI said through my mouth.

"Great." I groused. I didn't enjoy swallowing jewelry by any means.

"Here ya go bro, find what you need." Julian tossed me a plastic bag full of stuff and I quickly found the container of plastic magic beans.

"What the hell?" I held up the garish container for Julian to read the label.

"From the toy store. Hey, we needed something plastic and small and smooth." Julian shrugged.

::Plastic is plastic.::

I grabbed the little cup off the dresser, filled it with water, and downed two handfuls of the plastic beans.

"Jewelry will have to wait, I gave you all we'd gotten." Julian said, grabbing the bag back from me and shoving it into the suitcase.

"I take it we're moving out?" I raised an eyebrow.

"We need a permanent base of operations. And we need a more private temporary hideout while we establish that. And we need safehouses. Solid identities. Connections. Resources. We've got some serious work to do." Rom lectured us.

"Okay. What do we do first?"

"First? We get a vehicle. As in, buy one." Rom said.

"And we should have a cash transfer to block anyone tracing any funds from an electronic source, right?" Julian added.

"Very good. There are certain ways to obtain electronic funds fraudulently that we can use. But the same ways are available to any immortal. And they aren't entirely undetectable to someone who knows what to look for. Say, your godfather person, for example. So, even if he finds the transfer, all he can find out is that some unidentified immortal is setting up shop in Boston. Probably want to see who it is, but won't necessarily assume it's us. And if we convert to cash and then back into a money order, he won't be able to find what we used it for and find us that way." Rom said.

"Okay. So let's check out the used car lots."

"No...those places keep too many records. Report things on taxes. And they're used to people buying on a payment plan." Rom said slowly.

"Classified ads!" Julian exclaimed.

"Yeah that's probably best. They'll want cash or a cashiers check and to just transfer the title." Rom said.

"And they won't have any reason to ask for anybody's ID. We can just make up a name." I thought out loud.

"Probably." Rom agreed.

"So let's get a paper." Julian said, grabbing his laptop and heading out the door.

"How about some cash, too? And a taxi." I added.

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