Symbiota Sapiens 23


Synopsis: Jeremey finds himself inducted, against his will, into an ancient organization that claims to protect and guide humanity with supernatural powers. But what happens when the price of that power is losing the brother he loves?

Disclaimer: This is science fiction. To my knowledge there is no such organization as the Guardians of Atlantis. Nor is there any such technology as the Esseren, although our scientists are working hard to correct that lack. If anyone knows something to the contrary, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Disclaimer: Contains incestuous and homosexual relationships between consenting adults, references to quasi-vampiric sexual acts, and may eventually include graphical descriptions of sexual acts (between males). If you are offended by this sort of thing, please do not read this.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned sexual relations will not occur for a while. This is a "plot" story rather than a "sex" story. There will be sex because the main character is a healthy, good-looking young man with a healthy (if somewhat confused) libido. And also because part of the plot involves his developing relationship with his younger brother, who happens to also be healthy, georgeous, and blessed with a similarly active (but not quite so confused) libido. All sarcasm aside, sex is part of life so it'll happen in this story.

Now, enjoy the story...



by Dean

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     "Your brother is a fool." Damion said.

     The sound of his voice was accompanied by a hazy fog that slowly resolved itself into
Julian's face. He looked...well...he looked good. Much better than the last I "saw" him.

     "Do you really think so?" He said calmly. Amused.

     He was dressed in a nice button-down shirt. Silk. Expensive. His hair was styled with
gel. He was sipping tea from a fine china cup. A similar cup tipped up just under my view
and I suddenly had a wash of the taste of earl grey in my mouth.

     "In more ways than one." Damion told him, an eyebrow raised.

     Julian scrunched an eyebrow, apparently torn between defending my honor and agreeing
with the statement. Finally he looked up with narrowed eyes.

     "I think you should probably clarify...things."

     "Well, for one he apparently still thinks he can beat me. Not willing to give in, even
to save your hide."

     "Why do you think that?" Julian looked a bit uncomfortable at that.

     "Because the poor fool contacted me yesterday, asking for help. Seems some immortal
out there has you hostage." Damion chuckled mirthlessly. "I'm the one he thought of as a
possible ally. Obviously, he's not giving up. He seems quite reluctant to give his one
shot at an attachment to turn Elizabeth, here. I don't suppose he has his eye on someone
specific that he's reserving it for, does he?"

     Julian didn't reply, just shook his head. A faint blush rose in his cheeks as he
studied the tea in his hands.

     "Ah. Of course. How narrow-minded of me not to have realized. But then, he hasn't even
realized either has he?" Damion said silkily.

     Julian just lowered his head more.

     "As I said. A fool."

     Julian's eyes shot up at that.

     "What-" He shook his head in confusion, and set his cup down on the saucer carefully.
His hand splayed itself on the fine tablecloth. "What are you doing? What is this?" His eyes
rolled at the fine setting.

     They were in a finely furnished room. Thick carpets, rich drapes covered a window
behind Julian. A faint swaying motion indicated they were on a boat of some kind.

     "You haven't been treated appropriately so far, Julian." A woman's voice. Elizabeth,
I now knew her name to be.

     "And you're changing that now?" Julian's voice was laced with sarcasm. "What do you
want from me?"

     "You important person. Close to someone we hope will be an ally. In the
future." Elizabeth told him gently.

     "Perhaps the distant future, after the heat of things has died down. As things are you
are a prisoner. As happens amongst our kind from time to time, when we find ourselves at
odds with each other." Damion added.

     "You want friends?" Julian said, disbelieving.

     "Not now. Obviously." Damion said sharply. "We're on opposite sides of things at the
moment. But...time stretches long and positions inevitably change. It took...counsel to open
my eyes to the foolishness of my actions."

     "So...what, now you suddenly regret kidnapping me and injecting me with hostile
caretakers to turn me into your slave?"

     Damion jolted at that word and went quiet. Elizabeth answered for him.

     "What Damion did...for strategic reasons...well...the immortals do this sort of thing.
He did what he felt he had to do. I disagree with the last part, is done now. Those
served a purpose in this game he is playing against your brother now."

     "What. So you're saying he did what he had to do and I just shouldn't hold it against

     "Not precisely." Damion had apparently recovered from the unintended reference to the
prophecy. " our dealings with each other, we immortals have learned to treat each
other with a certain level of decorum and respect. Even when we have each other completely
at our mercy. Because...most likely at some point in the distant future we will find
ourselves on the same side of some unrelated matter."

     Julian abruptly leaned back, stifling a sudden choking laughter.

     Damion cut off his speech, waiting silently for an explanation of his amusement.

     "You're talking about...sportsmanship! Aren't you?" He coughed out.

     "I...supppose you could say it is a similar concept." Damion said sourly. Clearly
he was reluctant to make the connection to something as uncouth as the mortal etiquette for

     "So. What, no hard feelings? All of this is just...part of a sort of an ongoing
contest? All of it? everything?" Julian said angrily.

     "It's something that goes with having an indefinite lifespan." Damion told him. "Past
sins are eventually forgotten over time. Except when they are attached to...inappropriate
personal animus. Such as how I behaved with you earlier."

     "You mean, beating the shit out of me. But not injecting me with your caretakers and
invading my body with implants to make me do your bidding." Julian said, his eyes glittering
with sullen humor.

     "It was...highly inappropriate of me to physically assault your person. Aside from the
injection. That was a strategic move. But...striking you personally. That was...I apologize
for that. I should not have done that. I was thinking of you as just a mortal." Damion said

     "In case you forgot, I happen to BE a mortal." Julian said.

     "Yes, but-"

     "So you might want to elaborate on what you meant. Because it sounded like you were
implying that being a mortal made it alright for you to do whatever you wished to do to me."

     "It's not alright." Elizabeth spoke up. "Damion is...well, he doesn't...what matters
to him isn't that. But mortals usually have so short a lifespan that the significance in
striking one is...not important. But you're likely to live much longer than the average
mortal. As I have, already. Yes?"

     Julian blushed hard at that implication, but mumbled his understanding.

     "So. You have my sincere apology for striking you." Damion finally said. "And my
assurance that you will be treated with appropriate respect, as befits a possible future
ally. Even though at the moment you are my hostage. Consider enforced guest."

     "I see. As opposed to, what, a prisoner? Am I just supposed to pretend I'm not being
held here against my will?" Julian asked.

     "Yes. Although, there is nowhere for you to go really. We are in the middle of an
ocean. You have the freedom of the vessel, at least. On your word of honor that you will
not attempt to escape." Damion said formally.

     "Forget it. If I see a way out of this I'm taking it." Julian said flatly.

     "Very well. We will have to monitor you then."

     "I think you're doing that anyways, aren't you." Julian tapped the side of his neck

     "Of course. As long as you realize you actually can't escape. I trust you won't make
unnecessary inconveniences with futile, meaningless attempts for the sake of attempting,
at least."

     Julian narrowed his eyes.

     "I won't attempt to escape unless I think I stand a chance of success. How's that?"

     "It will be sufficient." Damion said, extending his hand.

     Julian stared at it for a moment, then what I recognized as a mocking grin spread
itself across his face.

     "Why the hell not?" He grasped the hand and shook it.

     "Thank you." Damion said calmly. "Now, if you will excuse us, I would like to discuss
some things privately with my bride."

     "Sure. I'll go on and...explore my gilded cage a bit more."

     Julian stood up, removing the napkin from his lap and placing it, folded neatly, next
to his saucer.

     "Damion. Elizabeth." He nodded at the couple. Perfect manners. With a cheeky grin to
show how little he thought of it all. Damion's head turned to watch him as he walked two
steps to a rich wood-paneled door and opened it, stepping outside. I saw a slice of a
clear evening sky over his shoulder, just a few stars, then Damion turned back to Elizabeth.

     "My dear, you are brilliant as always. And right as well. Another reason I love you."

     "I'm glad." Elizabeth murmered.

     "Do you suppose..."

     "Oh. He's still angry. But...I think this may change things in the future. If we are
there to see it." She said.

     "We will be. More important. You will be. I'll see to it."

     "I still think...if you are going to do this, you should find another way. Someone
else. I don't think his brother will ever forgive you for taking the gift Julian should
rightly have."

     "Perhaps he will never think of it, once the opportunity is removed. He hasn't yet."

     "He will." Elizabeth said firmly. "I think you should abandon this plan. You gain a
poweful enemy this way. Someone else. Or better yet, perhaps an Elder would be willing."

     "They would never. Not with your association to me, Elizabeth. And...someone else is
unlikely to have someone so dear, that they would nevertheless block out the thought of
making attachment to as this young one has with his brother. No. This is our chance, and
we will have to deal with repercussions as they occur." Damion told her, just as firmly.

     "I think this is a mistake. It will not work. He will not give what you want. Damion,
I'm afraid this confrontation will destroy you." she said sadly.

     "I'll survive. We'll have our future together." Damion said, and her face grew huge
in my vision as he leaned in and kissed her.

     :Kid! Did you see that?: I demanded urgently.

     ::I did.::

     :The sky! Did you see the stars?:

     ::Yes. It should be enough. Yes, there were six stars visible in the opening. No,
one was actually moving and blinking. A satalite. I can...yes...I've identified the
satalite by the pattern. And...with the time...okay, I know where the satalite was
orbiting at that moment. Now...the stars behind it...there are a few possible matches...yes
I've got, make that two possible locations on earth that could have that exact
view of those points of light bit of sky at that time. And one of them is on the side of
a mountain.::

     :So we know where they are.:

     ::Yes. I could use satalite imagery...::

     :No. They could be watching to see if we use those. We need an alternative.:

     I opened a connection to Rom.

     :Rom. Another vision.:

     ::What did you find out?::

     :We know where they are.:


     :On some kind of yacht I think. We have the latitude and longitude. But I don't want
to risk using satalites to track it.:

     ::Good decision. I'll ask David to send someone on a transcontinental flight. One that
overflies the general area. The Guardians have specialists with extremely powerful sensor
arrays built in. They'll find them. Figure their course and speed.::

     :And then?:

     ::We'll move our people into the periphery. As an Elder I have access to...something
better than satalites or an overflight. It only works at certain times though. I'll go over
the yacht very closely before we do anything.::

     :I suppose we should wait for Damion to contact me about a trade before we go in?:

     ::That is one option. Or you could show up and demand to negotiate immediately. And
I would be there with you. He'll know enough to be afraid of me. You get close enough to
Julian to get him out of there when the others crash in.::

     :That actually sounds like a better plan.: I admitted.

     ::Right now he's feeling very secure. He has this new understanding with Julian, and
he thinks you've gone to him for help instead of the Guardians. And that you don't trust
me entirely.::

     :Okay. Then I should crash his party as soon as our people are in place. And once you
have a good look at the place.:



     ::Not long. The Guardians can get into position pretty quickly. I'll be able to have
a good look at that yacht in a few hours. We can do it tomorrow I think.::


     Her skin is soft and supple, her body arching gently into every caress. Taut flesh,
smooth and firm and silky. Breasts, topped with rosebud-like alveoli.

     Damion licks softly at those breasts as he penetrates her. Long, endless legs that
wrap themselves sinuously around the backs of his thighs. Spreading to make room for his
driving hips. Fingers combing through his hair. Carving angry lines of fire down his
sweating, flexing back.

     "Damion!" She gasps, and shudders. The wet heat around his cock shudders too, her legs
squeeze, pulling him to drive deep inside the velvet passage. A deep groan as his loins
erupt with pleasure, spending himself deep inside her.

     He collapses, exhausted, on top of her, a tangled heap of damp, quivering limbs.

     "Jeremey! You alright?"

     "Holy fuck." I look into Rom's concerned face, looking up at me. He's got hold of my
shirt front, reaching ridiculously upward to shake me. He stops, but I'm still shaking on
my own.

     "Are you alright?" He lets go of me.

     "I. Yeah."

     I'm soaked with sweat. I can feel the stick of semen soaking my underwear. My penis
still throbbing in the aftermath of the vision.

     "You zoned out for a while there. A vision?"

     "Yeah. They were..." I made a vague hand motion.

     "Ah. Not very useful then."

     I shuddered.

     "No. Uh. I need to change."

     "I take it you got a full spectrum sensory download?"

     "Yeah. Full spectrum. You could say that." I said dryly.

     "Go take a shower. I'll cover for you with the others when they get here. Take your
time, get me?"

     "Okay." I nodded understanding and headed to the bathroom of our suite. We'd managed
to sneak aboard a luxury cruise and stunned a couple on their honeymoon, and taken over
their rooms.

     ::This spyhole seems to be getting out of hand.:: The Kid observed as I enclosed
myself in the luxury bathroom.

     :I can handle it.:

     I pulled my shirt over my head and turned on the shower.

     ::You started out with just an audio feed. You're at full sensory immersion now. You
didn't seem aware of your real-world surroundings during that download.::

     :It was just intense, okay? They were having really hot sex. And I haven't had any
for a few days now. And that was the first one that was full immersion. I'll get used to

     I stepped out of my jeans and dropped my sticky boxer briefs. They were completely
soaked. The smell of my own seed rose up to fill my nostrils.

     ::In time? You didn't seem just distracted. You were completely gone.::

     I stepped into the warm spray.

     :Look. If it happens again try to help me concentrate on both at once. And if you
think it's necessary, you can pick up the slack and work my body for the meantime. To cover
for me. And make sure nothing happens while I'm distracted.:


     I soaped up my hands and started covering my torso in the suds. Moved down to my
groin and set the bubbly froth against the sticky mess that covered my pubes and genitals.
My genitals took notice, and in moments my cock was standing at attention.

     "I miss Julian." I grumbled.

     ::Perhaps next time you see him you can show him how much you miss him.:: The AI's
child-voice had a very naughty tone to it.

     :I think he'll notice when he sees this.: I moved my hand over my erection and stifled
a groan at the sensations that shot through my body at the friction.

     ::Well, obviously. I meant, maybe you could take things to the next level with him.::
The AI said.

     :The next level?: I played dumb.

     I was suddenly overwhelmed by a replay of Julian splayed back on thatleather couch,
his erection glistening with oil as he slid a finger into his asshole.

     My cock bounced with enthusiasm at the thought, and without thought I found myself stroking it.
The warm twisting feeling intensifying as it spread from my balls outward.

     ::I think you know what he would like to happen.:: The Kid said, ever so smugly.

     I moaned, thrusting violently into my hand now.

     "I know you can hear me Jeremey." Julian breathed. "I bet you're watching, right now."

     My balls were already pulling up in readiness to fire a load. My forehead pressed
helplessly against the wall of the shower, water sluicing over my bucking back as I fucked
my fist like an animal.

     I groaned aloud at the sight of Julian's glistening fingers twisting at the opening,
and his sob of pleasure echoed hauntingly through my brain, louder than a gunshot. His hole
shuddered and clenched at his fingers, I could see it all so clearly. He had wanted me to
see this.

     I moved my left hand to join the other, clenching them together into a hot tight
tunnel of gripping flesh to fuck.

     "Wish it could be you doing this to me." Julian's hoarse voice broke across me, and
those fingers kept thrusting inside that tiny, tiny round hole. They brushed against some
spot inside and Julian clenched his eyes and threw his head back in ecstacy.

     "FUCK!" He screamed, his entire body clenching for a moment, then his lust-hooded eyes
were open and staring again.

     "Only not fingers." He whispered. He stopped his fingers movements for a moment and
looked straight at me for an intense second.

     "I want you inside me." He said, hoarsely. He pushed the fingers in again and his
eyes clouded, body tensing at the sensations.

     "Fucking me." His breathing was ragged now.

     "God, coming inside me."

     He started stroking his neglected erection with his free hand.

     "I want you coming inside me, Jeremey." He pleaded, begging me with his eyes more
than his words, one finger pushing inside his anus while the other pumped furiously over
his manhood.

     His voice was suddenly gutteral, rasping and needy as he brought himself over the

     "I want you! Now, dammit!" He growled.

     "I. Want. You. Now!" He ground out and shot white ropes of semen all over himself.

     My hips jerked forward, slamming my steel-hard penis between my clenched fists and I
was coming too, my legs turning to jelly so I slowly sank to the floor of the shower, my
cock impossibly hard in my hands, pumping out white streams of flying burning goo as my
vision narrowed and darkened and my body turned itself inside out to pour out through my
throbbing manhood.

     "Mmmm. Luv you, Jer." Julian's happy burble from another memory echoed in my ears.

     I lay sprawled on the floor of the bath, breathing hard in between sobs as I struggled
not to weep for my brother. My beautiful little brother. No. More. My lover. Fuck. My life.

     "I swear Julian, once I get you back I'll let you know what you mean to me. I won't
hold back anymore. I was just so...scared of it. Of us."

     ::Don't tell me. You can tell him. When this is over.:: The Kid told me gently.

     :I will.:

     ::You'd better. He's loved you for a long time. He deserves you to be honest with
him. And with yourself.::

     :I know that, now.:

     ::Good. Are you ready to face your guests?::


     I pulled myself shakily to my feet and turned off the shower. Wrapped myself in a
towel and walked into the bedroom.

     Minutes later I was dressed and groomed and composed, walking out to greet the others
like a born politician.

     "Sorry you caught me in the shower." I grinned as I shook David's hand. David looked
at me expressionlessly.

     "It is not important. You are young. And separated from your..." David seemed to catch
a warning signal from Rom and paused for a second. "Your mortal companion. It is difficult.
You have done much already. You were a good choice for the gift."

     "Thank you." I said gravely, then turned to Elena.

     "Elena. I guess you have a personal stake in this too."

     Her lips tightened in distress, but her face softened after a moment of tension.

     "Yes. It is a terrible thing, when it goes wrong. I hope it goes better for you. If
the prophecies...I think it will. If you are honest to yourself." She told me.

     "I was afraid you would take him from me. That you could kill him so he wouldn't keep
me from joining you." I said nervously.

     "No. You needed to have that crisis of dilemma. So you would see what was most
important to you. I see you've done more than that."

     "Thank you. Rom explained. I owe you for that." I said sincerely.

     "To be of any use to the future, you must first know your own heart. It was for us as
much as you. Also, you will have repaid us for that tonight." David assured me.

     "If this works." I took a deep breath.

     "It will work." Rom said confidently.

     "Is everybody ready?" I asked.

     "Our chapter is all here, on this vessel. The New York chapter sent ten of their best
people. They are on a powerful cutter five miles to the other side of the target. The New
Boston chapter has an army scattered in the other two directions, including eight members
already in the air. They'll be parachuting in when you give the signal." David said.

     "Sounds pretty solid."

     "All we're waiting for is you to go in and spring the trap. All you have to do is
take care of Julian. If you can, grab him and jump in the water and swim out of there as
fast as you can with him. Don't try to fight Damion." Rom reminded me.

     "I know. Your job." I grinned.

     "And mine." Elena added.

     "Yes." Rom agreed.

     "I guess we'd better get going then." I said.

     "Let's." Rom said.

     We left the apartment and made our way to the rear of the cruise ship. There was a
sporty sailboat moored to a floating dock that trailed behind the ship by a network of

     "After you." Rom said.

     "Uh. How about after you." I said.

     Rom paused, looked up at me. A smirk.

     "Okay. If it'll make you feel better."

     "Shut up. I just don't want to go first."

     Rom scrambled over the tangle of lines like a spider stalking its web. I followed,
a bit more gingerly. I sped up when I noticed Rom wasn't waiting for me to start cutting
some of the lines.

     Moments later, we were sailing towards the elusive yacht, floating eight miles away.

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