Symbiota Sapiens 26


Synopsis: Jeremey finds himself inducted, against his will, into an ancient organization that claims to protect and guide humanity with supernatural powers. But what happens when the price of that power is losing the brother he loves?

Disclaimer: This is science fiction. To my knowledge there is no such organization as the Guardians of Atlantis. Nor is there any such technology as the Esseren, although our scientists are working hard to correct that lack. If anyone knows something to the contrary, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Disclaimer: Contains incestuous and homosexual relationships between consenting adults, references to quasi-vampiric sexual acts, and may eventually include graphical descriptions of sexual acts (between males). If you are offended by this sort of thing, please do not read this.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned sexual relations will not occur for a while. This is a "plot" story rather than a "sex" story. There will be sex because the main character is a healthy, good-looking young man with a healthy (if somewhat confused) libido. And also because part of the plot involves his developing relationship with his younger brother, who happens to also be healthy, georgeous, and blessed with a similarly active (but not quite so confused) libido. All sarcasm aside, sex is part of life so it'll happen in this story.

Now, enjoy the story...



by Dean

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     I went cold at his words.

     Bleeding. Fuck. The dripping. Glass. Damion made him cut himself.

     And I'm here on the bed, stuck inside an unresponsive body for the next few hours.

     Julian moaned again.

     NO, this can't happen. There must be some way...

     The AI. By now surely he's figured it out. And all the implants work just fine, he'll have
contacted Rom. But how long would that take? Maybe the Guardians had people nearby?

     Too long. Julian is bleeding his life out on the floor.

     My body spasms suddenly.

     Can I move after all? I concentrate my will. Just do it.

     My arm jerks up, bending at the elbow, my hand flops into my face. Hmm. That wasn't
at all what I intended.

     My left leg cramps suddenly, then releases.

     My mouth opens and closes. I feel the muscles in my neck working to swallow at
nothing convulsively. My tongue, twisting left, right, tapping against my teeth.

     Swallowing. The AI! He's trying to work my body. I cheer mentally. He's stimulating each
muscle directly, using the Esseren.

     My mouth moves. name?

     -Jeremey.- The diction is awkward, like a deaf person who's learned to communicate verbally
for others' benefit.

     Why the hell is he talking to me? He needs to talk to Julian. At least let him know help is
on the way. Of a sort.

     My mouth moves again. I follow the words.

     -Damion is still watching. I have to do this relatively quickly before he takes more drastic

     I get it. Thank god the damn AI is reassuring me but now he needs to get on with it and save Julian.
I wanted to gnash my teeth in frustration as my muscles spasmed experimentally one more time.

     But then my body suddenly rolled sideways off the bed, and my hand was pulling me to shaky
feet just as Julian had moments ago.

     My eyes peeled themselves open and I saw...oh fuck!

     Julian sat huddled on the floor, his back to the edge of the doorframe. Jagged bloody lines scored
each arm, twisting from the hollows on the insides of his wrist and around and up to his elbows. Blood. It
was everywhere. It painted his naked chest in vivid smears, it pooled on the floor, it was even clotted
obscenely in his public hair.

     My eyes moved, carefully cataloguing every aspect of the damage, I knew. As the AI inspected, I
looked, horror and the dread of loss pooling sickeningly in my stomach at every detail.

His hair was still tousled from our lovemaking just...was it only moments ago? His still swollen lips
were white and his eyes had a dull, defeated look to them.

     "Julian." My mouth spoke out loud.

     Julian's eyes wandered lazily over the bloody floor in front of him, stopping at my feet and rising
up...getting lost and going out of focus somewhere on the way up to my face. Finally, his eyes brightened
in drunken recognition.

     "Jer'my. Think im...fucked." He burbled, then giggled at the word. "Fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked,
haha, of course I'm fucked. You fucked me. Or was that a dream again?" He frowned, looking confused. "Did
you fuck me?" His voice was childish.

     "Julian. You've lost a lot of blood. Let me help you." The Kid made my body kneel down gingerly
between his splayed legs. Julian looked up at me speculatively, then shook his head.

     "Unngh, not now Jer'my. M'tired, don't feel so good."

     "Shhh. You'll be okay. Let's stop this bleeding okay?" The pronunciation was improving. The
AI could definitely learn from trial-and-error.

     My hand captured Julian's turning it over to examine the slashes on the inside of his arm.

     My head leaned forward, my tongue extending. A long wet lick up the length of the worst of the cuts.
Julian shivered, but I watched carefully as the blood quickly clotted and scabbed. So. Apparently there
were Caretakers in my saliva as well as semen. Good to know.

     Another lick, and another welling line of red congealed and turned brown. I noticed they didn't quite
heal. Not nearly as many Caretakers as in semen, then. Julian remained impassive, eyes closed tight as the
Kid used my mouth to close up the rest of his cuts.

     -This is only a temporary measure. He is very weak from blood loss. He will need blood, and more
Caretakers than your saliva can provide.-

     Another run of the tongue on each of the cuts further solidified each of the scabs, turning them into
dark, almost black lines of crust on his tanned skin.

     "Julian. Can you understand me? You've lost blood. You need more Caretakers. Do you understand?" the
AI told him gently, lifting Julian's chin with my fingers. His eyes fluttered.

     "Caretakers...oh. Again?" He said tiredly, looking down at my cock warily. It immediately started to
harden. Somehow, I didn't feel the slightest bit turned on though.

     My arms pulled Julian towards me, laying him gently to the floor and then leaning over him, placing
my penis against his pale lips.

     "Just suck on the head. It won't take long. It has to be a direct transfer or the Caretakers won't
function. C'mon. Open your mouth." The AI coaxed, brushing the head from side to side along his mouth. I
wanted to scream.

     Julian's eyes crossed trying to look at the thing being pressed to his lips, shaking his head just
a little. "Jer. So tired. Sleep..."

     The AI took the opportunity to dip the tip of my penis between his lips and I was instantly coming
into his mouth. My mouth didn't gasp, my breathing didn't even spike, and my body certainly did not spasm.
The AI had complete control of every muscle and this was clearly a medical procedure. Even as my mind was
fogged with the orgasm my fingers were stroking Julian's throat as he choked on the volume being sprayed
into his mouth. My voice calmly urging him to swallow, Julian, you must swallow as much as you can.

     A hand holding Julian's mouth shut, fingers pinching his nose to force him to swallow. He struggled
weakly, tears falling out of his eyes and I considered whether to hug the AI or kill him. Obviously I
could do neither.

     Finally the AI relented, and I could tell it was communicating silently with the Caretakers, giving
instructions to speed them through the walls of the stomach into veins, the heart, arteries and out towards
the slashed parts, healing them from the inside...and what?

     -I am reducing blood flow to all but the vital organs. He will need blood volume to replace what he
has lost. We will have to find a donor. You're the wrong bloodtype. And it would really screw up the
attachment procedure if you're not able to form an intent for the subroutines. I don't know what would
happen. So. A donor.-

     A what? How am I going to find someone to give Julian a blood transfusion here, in this damn hotel?
The nearest hospital had to be hours away...

     -Fortunately, there should be little difficulty finding someone of the right bloodtype. The fallout,
though...there may be repercussions that may be hard to deal with.-

     And then my body was staggering, still naked, to the door of our little hotel room. Outside into the
outdoor walkway that served the room. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. What I, the AI, was doing. How
did he intend to...

     The AI pounded on a door three rooms down from the one we'd just exited. There was a muffled curse
inside, a stifled giggle and then the door swung open to reveal a middle-aged man, leaning his head to
avoid revealing his body behind the door.

     "What?" He demanded a bit rudely. Then he did a classic double take at the blood smears on my hands
and chest.

     "I need help. What's your blood type?"

     "What? What are you-"

     "I don't have time for this." My shoulder hit the door and the man staggered backwards. My fist
lashed out and hit a precise blow on his nose. Blood spurted. A finger caught it, brought it to a tongue
too quickly for the mortal eyes to notice.

     "No good." The AI shoved the man backwards and he sprawled, momentarily dazed on the floor. I
staggered towards the woman who was trying to pull a sheet around herself as a shield.

     "What about you?" My voice demanded.

     "I'm...B positive."

     "You use any hard drugs?"

     She nodded wordlessly.


     Another nod.

     "Have one on you?"

     "My purse."

     "Come-on then. Quickly."

     My hand grabbed the purse lying almost under the bed, the other grasping around her wrist.

     "Let me dress."

     "Do I look like there's time for modesty?"

     She didn't reply. The AI dragged her out of the room, ignored the weak protests of the john on the
floor. We were back beside Julian in moments. His legs and arms had gone blue.

     "Where's your needle?"

     The girl bit her lip and fished in her purse a moment. She came up with a package of syringes, and
an elastic tourniquet.

     "What do you take?"


     "How often."

     "A...a couple times a week."

     "When last?"

     "Four days. I was going to...the money..." she trailed off.

     "You'll be paid."

     My hand snatched the package and extracted a needle.

     "This isn't going to hold much. We need a tube of some kind."

     After a moment, the AI got up and walked to the television. Reached behind it, wires. A sharp tug,
and three wires for connecting the thing to the VCR dangled from my hand. The wire went to my mouth and
with a supernatural crushing of teeth the ends were bitten off. Another dexterous manipulation of teeth
and fingers and the copper wiring inside was removed.

     My body turned back to the girl, the hollow plastic insulation dangling. Two syringes, some discrete
use of saliva-bred Caretakers for a function they weren't intended for...and a clumsy transfusion device
was ready.

     The girl tied the tourniquet around her upper arm and nodded to me. The AI carefully placed the
needle in her vein. She knelt over Julian, and my hands placed the other needle in a vein on his arm.

     My head turned away so the AI could mouth words without being seen.

     -The Caretakers will create a suction. Otherwise that insulation tube wouldn't be a wide enough
conduit to do much. This will still take several minutes.-

     As we waited, the AI chatted with the girl, trying to keep her relaxed. Her name was Jenna, and she
was a prostitute. She had run away from an abusive father only to end up selling herself for food, and then
for heroin to help her deal with that reality. The AI told her that Julian and I were brothers, that our
parents were dead but left us with some money, and that Julian meant the world to me and I would do more
than pay her for saving his life. They were discussing detox clinics when I suddenly realized I could move
my fingers under my own will.

     :I can take over from here.: I told the AI.

     "Look. We're...well you probably guessed but we're closer than brothers, you know? So we'd really
rather this whole thing was kept quiet."

     She looked from Julian to me, and I blushed realizing I was still naked. As was Julian.

     "I did sort of wonder, you both naked. And in this guys aren't exactly the sort of normal
traffic around here."

     "Uh, yeah. Well we had to get away. And our guardian handles the credit cards..."

     "Gotcha." She winked. Obviously opening up a bit at the admission. "Too bad though. Two of you, and
you're with each other."

     I blushed again.

     "Well, sort of only recently. Been through a lot. And didn't want to admit it for a while. But yeah.
We're together now." Odd how therapeutic it was to tell a perfect stranger these things, sitting over the
unconscious body of my little brother, the three of us naked.

     "Do you suppose this will work?" She indicated the wire that led from her arm to Julian's.

     "It had better." I said grimly.

     :Will it?:

     ::It's working. He should be stirring pretty soon I think. And then you should disconnect and tell the
girl to get some rest. She's given a lot more blood than she's likely to realize, with the suction.::

     Almost on cue, Julian stirred, his eyes fluttering open to look blurrily at the girl hovering above

     "Jer'my?" He sounded confused.

     "Right here bro." I shoved my face into his line of sight. "We can take this off now I think."

     I extracted both needles from flesh, licking my finger and dabbing at both punctures to stop the
bleeding. The girl grabbed the jury-rigged contraption and walked to the trashcan with it, undoing the
tourniquet as she went.

     "Did I...hurt myself?" Julian asked.

     "Hey. You're okay now. You had an accident with the glass. Got this girl to give you some of her
blood. This is Jenna. She saved your life." I told him, smiling into his face.

     "Thanks, Jenna." He told her.

     "You're welcome." She smiled.

     "I feel kind of weak." He said.

     "You need some time off your feet."

     "And a blowjob?" He asked hopefully. I heard Jenna stifling a giggle. But I knew what Julian meant.

     "I think a blowjob will be just the thing to help you get better." I waggled my eyebrows at him. I
turned to Jenna.

     "Obviously, he's back in the game already" she snorted in amusement.

     "That's my bro. Look, Jenna, I- we really want to do something for you. You saved Julian's life. And,
well, this just totally isn't enough." I handed her the wad of bills the AI had coaxed out of an ATM after
reaching the shore the night before.

     She took the wad, her eyebrows shooting up as she took stock of the thick bundle of twenties in her

     "This is...a lot..." she gasped.

     "It', it's not a lot. He' brother. More than that. If he had...if you hadn't...I don't
know what I would have-" My voice broke, and her face softened.

     "Hey, it's okay. He's fine now, right? Demanding blowjobs, the ungrateful beast."

     "I know." I laughed. "Sorry. I'm not a...I don't do this. Just...thanks."

     "We can do better than cash money, can't we Jeremey?" Julian spoke up from the bed. He still sounded
so weak.

     "Yeah. We will. Um. Have you ever thought about college?" I asked.

     Her eyes widened.

     "Oh no. You can't do that. That's a LOT of money!"

     "I've got lots of money. Only one brother." I said simply.

     :Can we do that?:

     ::It shouldn't be a problem. We've got loads of money in accounts we can't really use without being
traced. The Ballard account, and the ones we used to set up the last safehouse. No point in letting it lay
around since the accounts are compromised.:: The AI assured me.

     :And we sort of stole all of it anyways. Best put it to good use.: I agreed.

     "Look. You have a phone number or something?"

     "Not really."

     "Okay. Then give us an address where we can get in touch with you."

     She grabbed a pen and a little scrap paper from the pad on the courtesy shelf and scribbled an address
on it.

     "That's where clients can get in touch with my pimp.'ll have to act like you're looking
for business or he isn't going to help you out."

     "Okay. I won't forget this, you know. We'll be back."

     Jenna was still looking at the wad of money in her hand.

     "Look. Just don't spend it on something harmful to you, okay?" I said.

     She looked up at me.

     "Okay." she said, quietly. Then she slipped out the door and I was alone with Julian.

     "Julian? You all right?"

     "Yeah. Bit weak. Think we should-" he made a crude gesture.

     "Jeez, one night of fucking and I'm already your personal stud slave." I gasped in mock irritation.

     "Well, yeah." Julian grinned.

     "I suppose it was an exceptionally amazing night, given my god-like powers in bed and my amazing
appendage complete with elixir-of-life sperm and all..." I teased

     "Yeah. Whatever. You going to help me out? I'm tired of being like this."
     "If I couldn't see everything, I'd think you were a horny little motherfucker." I said doubtfully,
as I took a gentle hold of his manhood. Totally limp and shriveled up.

     "Can't even feel anything down there." Julian shivered.

     ::The caretakers reduced circulation, remember? To conserve blood to the vital organs. There's still
a shortage in his body. He's not in danger anymore, but he's not up for a lot of strenuous activity
either.:: The AI told me.

     :Should he...blow me?:

     ::With enough caretakers he could accelerate the production of blood cells in the bone marrow. It will
help. But you should really see about getting some more volume into his bloodstream in the short term.::

     "Okay bro. See if you can coax another load out of me. Then we're going to the hospital."

     "We can't go there! They'll want to know-"

     "Shh. We'll just be robbing the blood bank."


     Julian shut up and snuggled against me as I lay down next to him. His naked body was ice cold next
to mine.

     "Do you need more blankets?" I asked.

     "Mmm. No, you're warm. Lay on me?"

     I rolled over on top of him and pulled the blankets snug around both of us. There was a momentary
tingling feeling as the AI increased the temperature of my skin by a few degrees.


     "Yeah. I'm glad you're back." Julian mumbled.

     "I was so scared when I realized you'd hurt yourself and I couldn't do anything." I confessed.

     "Me too. It was horrible. We'd just...just...and then my body started doing things I didn't want it
to do and I couldn't stop it. And you were just laying there. And I was so cold and I wanted you to save
me but you didn't move because you were...and then you did move and I was so relieved!"

     Julian was shaking in my arms. I laid kisses across his face to calm him down.

     "Shh. I'm here with you now. The AI knew what to do. He knows how to operate my muscles directly now,
he'll be quicker next time, if I'm ever out like that again, okay?"

     "If we'd been on a higher floor-" Julian whispered.

     "We weren't. You're okay. I've got you now and I'm not letting go."

     Julian clutched me weakly for a long moment. Then he turned his head and...licked the side of my face.

     I turned my face to look at him. He gave me his innocent look. Okaaay. He shivered a bit, so I lay
back down on him, cheek to cheek. He turned his head and licked me again. Right across the cheek. I didn't
move this time.


     "Jer. Let me. Please?" He breathed in my ear.

     "But you're not even-"

     "I don't have to be. I want you." He had bent his head to suckle softly on the side of my neck."

     "Julian, you don't have to thank me-" I protested weakly. Julian shifted and I knew he could feel
my stiffening length against his thigh. The thigh moved to press against me there, confirming it.

     "I want to get better. And I like touching you. Do you know how many times I'd sneak peaks at you
when we changed for bed? Didn't want you to think your little brother was perving on you. But I always
dreamed of getting to touch you." Julian said. He shifted a bit and I was only half on top of him now. His
hand drifted downward under the sheets. "And now, I can. Cause you're mine."

     "Yeah." I gasped as his hand curled around me.

     Julian latched on to the center of my chest, sucking at it for all he was worth. I felt a graze of
teeth and was oddly reminded of the scary aggressive moment the night before he was stolen from me. The
thought was banished a moment later as Julian's thumb suddenly decided to graze over the top of my erection,
making my entire body spasm at the jolt that fired through my nerve endings.

     "Ah! Don't do that!" I begged.

     "Don't do what?" Julian asked earnestly. His thumb slid over the head again in the other direction. I
let out an undignified yelp and jerked backwards.


     Julian's hand followed me, maintaining the slow rhythm he'd started.

     "This?" His thumb slid over the top again, this time making a circular rubbing motion that made my
legs jerk, and jerk, and keep jerking while I struggled to get coherent words out of my mouth.

     "Please! Don't do that, it's too much!" I moaned. The thumb stopped moving.

     "Thank you." I sighed in relief.

     "Oh. I was just giving you a moment before I show you 'too much'." Julian said, a naughty gleam in
his eye. Then his teeth gave a harsh nip at my abdominal muscles before he curled his body downward and I
felt his cold lips playing with the very tip of me.

     "Julian? Your lips are cold. That feels-"

     My length was encased in wetness...his mouth wet but oddly chilled, his tongue strangely rough as it
twisted against the underside. I let out another heartfelt moan.

     Julian moaned back at me as he took me deep in his throat, and the vibrations traveled up my cock and
on into my spine, shivering my whole body. I felt my balls churning, already preparing a load of semen and
little caretakers for their journey into Julian's stomach.

     I let my fingers nestle in Julian's matted hair, watching his head bob up and down so eagerly on my
hardness. The hungry little moaning sounds. His fingers traced patterns around my balls, periodically
sliding up my legs and chest in a possessive manner. I arched my back, thrusting my hips upwards off the
bed and towards his face, and his hands curled eagerly around the small of my back. Kneaded my butt. And
those cold lips, that rough tongue, constantly going up and down, up and down, swirling around and around
me until I couldn't even keep track of what was what anymore.

     "Julian, I think I'm going to come soon!" I warned him. He gave a gutteral grunt of anticipation that
seemed to come from deep beneath his chest, and the vibrations went straight to my balls.

     I felt the familiar twisting, tightening of a spring being wound and thrust my hips up even more
insistently. Matching the rhythm of his bobbing head and icy lips and his rough, swirling tongue.

     "Jul...Fuck! I'm coming!" I growled out. He gave another grunt like before and that set me off,
an explosion happening somewhere in the base of my balls and expanding into my gut and up through the
length of my cock and directly down his throat. He kept me all the way in, his tongue slippery-sliding
along the underside of my cock as it pulsed and expanded in his mouth and throat, firing charge after
charge of hot white liquid into his stomach.

     Julian kept up a reflexive swallowing motion, my penis lodged in the back of his throat until after
it had finished unloading. And he kept it there, still sucking on it as it softened and shortened.

     "Mmmmm." Julian pulled off of my limp member and nuzzled the skin of my groin with his face. "I love
this part. It's like...when we were just brothers, we'd wrestle and stuff and were used to each other. I
touched every part of you at some point or another. But not this. Not your cock. That was always off limits
even though we didn't talk about it. And's like when I touch this, I'm laying hands on the last
piece of you, the one you always kept from me before. Makes me feel warm."

     I pulled Julian up to me.

     "You can touch it whenever you want." I assured him. "But I want to see your pretty face up here a
lot too, you know." I kissed him on those cold lips. He shivered, and I wrapped my arms around him, rubbing
up and down his arms with my hands in an effort to warm him.

     "We really need to get some more blood into you. And I'm not leaving you alone here. Come on."

     Our clothes were stiff from drying on the heater the night before. But they were dry and warm. I
tenderly guided Julian, helping him put on each article and giving him my jacket to wear over his own.

     ::I went ahead and called a taxi while you two were...busy. It should be here any moment.::

     "You going to be okay?" I asked.

     "Yeah. Cold. We'll be inside mostly?" Julian shivered. I rubbed the back of his neck.

     "Yeah. The Kid called a taxi, we'll avoid the outdoors. Don't worry, we'll have you back in business
in no time."

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