Symbiota Sapiens 29


Synopsis: Jeremey finds himself inducted, against his will, into an ancient organization that claims to protect and guide humanity with supernatural powers. But what happens when the price of that power is losing the brother he loves?

Disclaimer: This is science fiction. To my knowledge there is no such organization as the Guardians of Atlantis. Nor is there any such technology as the Esseren, although our scientists are working hard to correct that lack. If anyone knows something to the contrary, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Disclaimer: Contains incestuous and homosexual relationships between consenting adults, references to quasi-vampiric sexual acts, and may eventually include graphical descriptions of sexual acts (between males). If you are offended by this sort of thing, please do not read this.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned sexual relations will not occur for a while. This is a "plot" story rather than a "sex" story. There will be sex because the main character is a healthy, good-looking young man with a healthy (if somewhat confused) libido. And also because part of the plot involves his developing relationship with his younger brother, who happens to also be healthy, georgeous, and blessed with a similarly active (but not quite so confused) libido. All sarcasm aside, sex is part of life so it'll happen in this story.

Now, enjoy the story...



by Dean

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     Romulus towered over Damion. Just a mere slip of a boy, waif-like with his huge eyes
peeking out from under a floppy blonde head of hair. Damion could break him in half over
his knee. If only he were mortal. Or even a standard immortal.

     He wasnt one of those.

     Romulus towered over Damion, and blazed with power. Light from his eyes. Light from
his skin. From his fingernails. The energy pouring from the small frame made the air hiss
with static distortion, and the entire scene was dotted with disconcerting warped sections
of visually indecipherable unreality.

     I looked through Damions eyes and felt his body cower before a child, and knew: The
worldly wisdom of the immortal was not going to help him in this encounter. Smooth
aphorisms, his imposing height, his intimidating mass, his nimble tentacles and their
clever, vicious poison - no. None of it was even a factor. Whatever their physical
characteristics, Damion was a child confronted with an enraged lion.

     "What have you to say in your defense." Oddly, it was a statement. Not a question.

     Damion didn't answer.

     "Speak. The Elders stand in judgment of you. You have subverted the Rituals of
Attachment. Twice! And you have also violated the strictures protecting a mortal between
Intent and Attachment, just here in front of our very eyes! You have subverted the benefit
of the Caretakers into a curse of slavery against humankind! Not to mention your despicable
use of the slaves you thus obtained! Have you no personal shame?"

     "Yes! Yes I do! You took her away from me!" Damion spit out.

     "You left her in my care." Rom countered.

     "Did she survive?" Damion's voice was carefully neutral.

     Rom paused, watching Damion's face carefully.

     "Do you truly wish to know?"

     "Please, if you're going to kill least tell me, is she alive?" Damion's voice
broke slightly.

     Rom paused a long moment, deciding.

     "She is well." Rom told him finally.

     Damion drew in a breath, and straightened himself into a rigid posture.

     "I should like to see her again. Before you...before my end." He said.

     "Will you not even attempt to answer the charges against you?"

     "Why should I? You've already made up your minds!"

     "You may still defend yourself. We draw conclusions, but we will not ignore anything
you should add to our understanding." Rom said.

     "What is there to add? You know what I've done. I let Elena believe I loved her, and
took advantage of the immortality she gave me. I wanted my own love to live forever with
me as she deserves, so I tried to force the young one to attach her." Damion said bitterly.

     "Do you have some excuse?" Rom questioned.

     "Excuse? What excuse? For not loving Elena? I didn't. I was desperate, I was a slave,
hunted, despised. She was the only way out for me and I took it gladly. I returned her
physical affections, and gladly. But I could not make myself return her love! How could
you demand that of me?"

     "We wouldn't. But, you used your attachment against her, to betray her." Rom said

     "I was trapped. I used what was available to me." Damion said shortly.

     "Some weapons may not be used."

     "Some weapons are the only ones available. It's easy to make rules when nothing
hangs in the balance."

     Rom shook his head.

     "You don't understand. Everything hangs in the balance. Some tools shatter the
foundation as they secure the roof."

     "You've obviously never debated the relative value of roofs and stones while sitting
in the midst of a hurricane." Damion countered.

     Rom sighed.

     "Your excuse is understandable. But not sufficient. The bond of attachment must not
be subverted. It is the only thing keeping immortals from becoming demons."

     "I know. Now." Damion admitted. Rom looked surprised.

     "Elizabeth. I had no conscience before I found her. I see what I did, what
it made of me." Damion said.

     "It is unfortunate she was unable to prevent you from the havoc you have created."
Rom said.

     "The autonoid project began...well before Elizabeth. Truly, before I had parted from
Elena." Damion said.

     "You have exposed much. So will now be very difficult to keep secrets that
must be kept."

     "Even you have no idea what I've done." Damion looked down, then back up to catch
Rom's eye. "You know, destroying me...will not solve the problem."

     "No. But you cannot be trusted with this power. That is fully demonstrated." Rom

     "Perhaps not. But you would not want to make things even more difficult." Damion

     "Are you making threats?" Rom asked.

     "No! No threats. is not only myself, you understand. There are others-"

     "They will also be brought to justice, then." Rom said coldly.

     "It won't be that easy." Damion muttered, defeated.

     "We'll have you to help us." Rom said.

     "What?" He looked up in surprise.

     Rom spread his hands as if in benediction, and his voice took up a ceremonial
cadence as he made his pronouncement.

     "You Damion, Attachment of Elena, have been shown to be Unworthy. Unworthy of Trust.
Your Attachment shall be Undone. Unworthy of Power. Your Gifts shall be Taken. Unworthy of
Legacy. Your mortal life shall continue from this day, until it is spent."

     "What?" Damion gaped. There was an odd flash of energy from Rom, an energy that
bathed the area Damion stood. A signal.

     His body jerked, and threw itself to the ground.

     An unraveling, as his tentacles extended from their hiding place, lying still, spread
outward on the ground. Damion gasped as they suddenly disconnected at their roots.

     "What is this?" His voice shook.

     "The devices you have built in your body must be removed, or they would harm you
once your Esseren have purged." Rom told him gently.

     "P-purged?" Damion shuddered as some solid device in his chest was broken into three
pieces. The pieces slowly began to slide through his flesh.

     "You will be, once again, fully a human being." Rom was crouched next to his head,
and stroked his forehead a bit before ripping his shirt open. He narrowed his eyes for a
moment, then reached forward and carefully picked a piece of something out from where it
was protruding from his skin.

     "Why not just...kill me?" Damion gasped.

     "Your life is not a secret from me. You are capable of some goodness. Some love. This
power has destroyed you as much as you have destroyed others with it." Rom said, extracting
another bit of technology from a hole that had opened in his skin.

     "I don't want to be a mortal." Damion begged. "Please. Don't make me live like this."

     "You asked to see Elizabeth before you die." Rom reminded him.

     "Elizabeth..." tears slipped from under the eyelids, and I felt them slide along his

     "You still have a chance. Horrible things, you've done. But you still have a chance
to change."

     Rom caught a marble-sized implant as it worked its way out of the side of Damion's

     "Change. I...I've tried to...Elizabeth...but the attachment and...she deserves to

     "Oh, but she will live. You've accomplished that one thing." Rom told him.

     Damion's eyes fixed on his face.

     Rom tapped the side of his own head.

     "You attached her."

     "I did."

     Damion closed his eyes., perhaps something had started dissolving the
transmitter in his brain. I couldn't see.

     "I've lost her then."

     "No. You were wrong. She wasn't like you. I've attached her but...she is yours. For
as long as you live."

     "But you want her. I can see it."

     "Yes. I must wait, though. Several decades, I expect."

     "You should do away with me. No one would blame you. I am...I've done horrible

     "You can change."

     "I...maybe. Yes. But...why?"

     "Justice is only half the equation."

     I awoke to find Julian sprawled contentedly across me, still deep asleep. I kissed
his jaw where I could reach it and craned my head to look around.

     Uh oh. Silk sheets. Fireplace. Table and reclining chair. I know this bedchamber.

     We're at Elena's house. In my home city. Where this whole thing started.

     "Julian, bro. We're back home." I shook him slightly.

     ::He will wake when his body has adjusted.:: Elena's voice came into my head. ::Don't
try to disturb him.::

     :Elena? Why are we here?:

     ::This is where you belong. Your family. Your and Julian's.:: She told me.

     :But...Julian doesn't even know any of you.:

     ::We know Julian. We've all watched the two of you for years.::

     :That's supposed to make him feel better? Make me feel better? Sorry, I'm still
adjusting from when you told me I'd have to leave him to fend for himself!:

     ::Jeremey. We all care about you. You are a part of us. Both of you are. Please. Come
in and talk to us.::

     I lay there a moment, deciding. We've come full circle now. I left because they would
have taken me from Julian. But...if not for that...would I still have stayed?

     ::Damion did have some points, about the Guardians.:: The Kid weighed in.

     :What. You mean not seeing the trees for the forest?:

     ::Yeah. People...morals...ideals...everything is just a piece on a chessboard to

     :Maybe. But...I think...maybe we're already sort of in the game anyways?:

     ::Damion. You're right.::

     :I don't want Julian in danger again, though. No.:

     ::He's immortal now.::

     :And he's going to damn well stay immortal if I have anything to say about it!:

     ::I think the three of us should talk about this when he wakes up.:: The AI told me.

     :Four. He'll have an AI too.:

     ::Three. Apparently, you two get to share.::

     :Huh? Is that normal? How do you know?:

     ::Normal? I doubt it. Elena and Damion didn't seem to be joined like this. But I do
know I've been running his Esseren and implant construction the same way I ran yours.::
The Kid told me.

     :So...what happens if we get split up and communication is cut off then?:

     ::Well that'd be hard to do. But if there were, there's actually two copies of me
now. Synced up in real-time. If you two got separated, I'd just go into dual-function until
I had a chance to update with myself again.::


     ::Look. I think you should at least go and talk to them a bit. Even if you don't want
to be a part of them...we should be on good terms with them, right?:: The AI persuaded.

     :Yeah I guess you're right.: I agreed.

     I looked at Julian. Sound asleep.

     :Is he okay?:

     ::He's better than he's ever been in his life. He'll be up soon. Go. Make it

     I carefully eased myself out from underneath him and slid out from the warm bed.

     I looked down at myself, flopping in the breeze. Naked.

     Of course. This is Elena's house, after all.

     Like the first night, I found a pair of jeans on the arm of the chair and put them
on, turned around and tucked Julian in carefully before making my way out the doorway.

     And stopped there.

     The seating arrangements had changed. Decidedly for the worst.

     Elena and Denna were seated on one couch, to either side of Lance. He was making an
annoyed face as they kept grinning at each other over his shoulder. Apparently engaging in
telepathic "girl-talk". Varek sat with Joan in the couch next to them. The next couch sat
empty, apparently vacated for Julian and me. And in the remaining couch sat Elizabeth. And
next to her...Damion.

     "What the fuck is he doing here!" I demanded.


     "You are NOT going to just let that bastard waltz in here and be a part of the
group like nothing happened! He's just spent the last week and a half making Julian's life
a living hell, and tried to kill him several times! I'm not sitting in here with him."

     "Jeremey, wait a moment." Elena tried,

     "No. He goes, or I go." I folded my arms across my chest.

     I saw Damion touch Elizabeth's arm for a moment, then he stood and walked towards

     "I went too far. I'm sorry. That's all I can say." He said quietly, meeting my eyes.
Then he walked out the door.

     I stood there impassively for a moment.

     "Where's Rom? And David?"

     Elena and Denna matched amused glances and Denna giggled slightly.

     "Rom had longstanding issues to release." Varek informed me.


     Denna was giggling a bit more now, and Elena was unsuccesfully trying to hold back
a smile. Lance was fuming.

     "He means, Rom and David had to take care of the little problem we get when we don't
spread the wealth like we're supposed to. And now they're sleeping it off."

     "Spread the-...oh." Rom and David. I supposed they matched in a vaguely creepy,
ancient-and-powerful-being-in-a-kid's-body way. "They had sex then. How long do you suppose

     "David should be with us by this evening." Denna told me primly. Of course, she would
know. "Rom...from what he told David...will be asleep for at least a week."

     "A week!"

     "Word to the wise. Putting it off doesn't work out as a long-term strategy." Lance
informed me, an eyebrow arched laconically.

     "Uh, yeah." I said, uncertainly.

     "Jeremey. About Damion. We need him." Elena said, albeit rather stiffly.

     "Damion has told me much. But...his understanding of the autonoids is at a level that
cannot be easily transmitted." Elizabeth said.

     "Look. I'm sure any of our AI's is quite capable of analyzing the structure of the
implants and coming up with a strategy to remove them safely." I began, "My own AI came
up with a method to reverse first-stage implantation with only a few hours deliberation."

     "Do you suggest we go out and have sex with all the autonoids out there? Twice a
day for months?" Lance asked me, sounding like he might consider the challenge worthwhile.

     I gave him a disgusted look.

     "Damion found a way to include his caretakers in an injection capsule. I'm sure we
can do the same." I said.

     "Damion used some programming that we still haven't been able to unravel in order
to do that. He's going to have to spend many days trying to explain what he did to us for
us to even have a starting point. And...the removal of the implants is not our only
problem. Or even the main one." Elena said quietly.

     "Such as?"

     "The autonoids themselves." Varek rumbled.

     "Damion controlled them. He can't anymore." I said shortly.

     "He doesn't have to. There are other potential controllers."

     "Well make him reveal their names!" I demanded.

     "It's not that simple. There aren't other immortals involved. Damion's...experiments
went farther than the pawns you have encountered." Elizabeth told me.

     "It's not over..." I said hollowly.

     "Should I bring him back in here now?" Elizabeth asked.

     "Oh god. It's not over." I wanted to be sick.

     ::Jer'my?:: I felt Julian stirring in the back of my head, an odd sensation of his
consciousness turning over and nudging up against mine like weight shifting the bed under
me as he turned over in sleep.

     "I have to go."

     I spun around and rushed through the door, skidding to a halt next to the bed and
leaning in, putting my weight on my palm on the other side of Julian's body as I extended
my body over his.

     I was just in time to see his newly made eyes open for the first time.

     The eyelashes fluttered briefly, then opened wide to reveal his beautiful brown eyes
glowing with preternatural health. He breathed in deeply, then let it out in a sigh.


     "Hi." I replied, kissing him briefly on the lips.

     "I can feel you." He said simply.

     "Me too." I smiled at him. Looked at him. He was so beautiful. Always had been but
now...I couldn't breath, looking at him.

     :You're beautiful.:

     His eyes widened.

     ::I...I can hear you!::

     I kissed his nose and pulled back to watch his eyes shine. really think so?::

     I sent him an image of himself as I saw him.


     He smiled shyly, blushing with pleasure.

     ::YOU'RE beautiful.::

     :Then I guess we deserve each other?: I smirked at him.

     "Yes?" Julian breathed aloud.

     "Yeah. I think so." I kissed him again. Savored the happy sigh that came from
somewhere back in his throat.

     "I want this. I want us to be like this forever." He sighed.

     "Me too."

     "I'm glad Rom got rid of Damion."

     "Um. He didn't." I said.

     Julian's eyes snapped open in alarm, and our heads bumped as he tried to sit up.

     "What? He's still out there?" I could feel his mind going suddenly turbulent, the
tangy taste of fear encroaching on the back of my throat.

     "Shh. He Unmade him. He's a mortal now." I soothed. His emotions settled a little.

     "Why is...what is happening to him now?"

     "He's out there. In the living room." I said, and I could tell he caught my disgust
with that development the way I felt his fear.

     "Oh. Well he's not a threat anymore I guess. But...why?"

     "Cuz...the autonoids are still a...big problem. They...I guess they can still operate
without him."

     Julian blinked.

     "Oh god. So it's..."

     "Not over. That's what I said."

     "What's going to happen?"

     "I guess...the war goes on. Only just started I suppose. Now we'll have Damion at
least." I shrugged.

     "And...what about us?"

     "They want us to help." I said. He looked me close in the eye, and I knew he felt my
confused feelings on the subject.

     ::Do you think we...should?::

     :I don't know. We could leave. Run away again.:

     ::That didn't turn out so well.::

     :That was Damion's fault.:

     ::Now there are others, though.::

     :Yeah. What do you think we should do?:

     ::What do you think?::

     :I...I don't know. Julian, when you were with Damion, Rom and I were talking about
the prophecies hidden inside you in a virus. I um...that time when I jumped on you and
kissed you...that was kind in order to give you the virus.:

     ::Prophecies? Virus? What? What for?::

     :It was...I made a biological virus that had information stored in it's DNA. That
information was a list of all sorts of prophecies in the Immortal's religion that could
apply to you. Like, you're sort of important according to them. But I didn't take them
seriously. I just used the prophecies to get whoever found the virus in your blood to
be interested. Because there was a computer virus inside that program...that would get
whoever it infected to send me updates on everything they did without them knowing.:

     ::Whoa. Ok. A trojan horse with a spy program built in. I get that. So that's what
you meant about being able to spy on Damion.::

     :Yeah. I'd get flashes of whatever he was doing. Once I even saw me through your eyes
because he was looking through your eyes. It was weird.:

     ::Okay. And when you jumped on me, and I told you I was gay...that was all just a
ploy to give me the virus without me realizing it?::

     :Uh. Yeah. The AI said you shouldn't realize about the virus because they'd probably
ask you about it and you should act surprised.: I said.

     Julian thought about that and smirked a moment.

     ::I think the Kid was fucking you around bro.::


     ::Dude. He totally manipulated you into kissing me. He could have just waited for the
next time I got knocked out and had you give me mouth-to-mouth or even put something in a
drink or whatever.::

     :Hey. That's what I said. He said the virus was fragile and had to be direct oral-:

     ::Dude. I think just the day before I mentioned to him I was in love with you.::

     :Oh my god. You're right. And that night. Oh my god...:


     :Um. To make the virus...he needed a DNA sample from you.:


     :Um. A "direct" sample. Sperm.:

     ::Oh my god. You mean he made you...::

     :Jerk you off in your sleep. Yeah. Oh yeah. Someone has a LOT to answer for!: I
directed this last bit at the AI, knowing he was listening in, obviously.

     Julian was laughing openly now, tears streaming from his eyes. I could feel his mirth
tickling me inside my head, softening my outrage at the realization.

     :Well? Anything to say for yourself?: I huffed.

     ::I only did what was in your best interests.:: The AI defended.

     ::I can hear him!:: Julian's eyes had gone wide again.

     :Of course you can. He's yours too now.:

     ::Both of ours?::

     ::Yes. I exist in both of you now. In tandem. I tried to explain to Jeremey but he's
illiterate about that stuff.::

     ::Awesome. Yeah. Don't bother explaining to him.:: Julian grinned up at me cheekily.

     :Don't think you're off the hook. I don't like being manipulated.: I grumped.

     ::Even when it means you end up getting me?:: Julian affected a hurt look.

     :Oh. Well. There is that. Still. It was underhanded.:

     ::It was necessary.:: The AI said firmly.

     ::Yeah. Mr. Het-er-oh-sex-you-all.:: Julian batted his eyes at me.

     :Shut up you.: I leaned down to fill his mouth with my tongue.

     ::That doesn't work any more.:: He taunted, in a nah-nah-nah-nah-nah tone. I deepened
the kiss and slipped my hand under the covers to curl around his erection.


     ::I think that might!:: The AI put in gleefully.

     :You! Schemer! Out of our heads while we're having sex.: I ordered.

     ::No threesome?:: Julian whined.

     I slid my lips to his throat and started sucking on it, sliding my hand up and down
his turgid length with a bit of twist at the end. He sucked in his breath in a hiss, then
let out a heartfelt moan as my other hand snuck under the covers and pinched his nipple.

     :As for you. No more human-sounding noises coming from you for a while.:

     "Ooohhh." Julian signalled his agreement by nodding vigorously and then arching his
head back to give me better access. I took greedy advantage, plundering his flesh with
teeth and tongue.

     His penis was rock-hard inside my hand, throbbing and burning hot. He was writhing
with every stroke on the length, and I knew with the newness of the enhanced sensations he
wasn't going to last long.

     I felt his pleasure like my own, building quickly in the back of my mind like a
tidal wave preparing to crest and crash over. I quickened my movements on him under the
silk sheets.

     :Come for me Julian! Let yourself go!:

     And then we gasped in unison as the wave suddenly crested, his lower body jerking
harshly and the hot flesh in my hand bucking as it began to spray its load all over his
naked chest, soaking the sheets in slippery hot wetness.

     He shuddered.

     I shuddered. I collapsed on top of him.

     "Jer'my? Did you...did you come too?" Julian gasped into my shoulder.

     "Um. Yeah." The massive load had the denim completely soaked on the right side, where
my cock had been trapped inside. And down that pantleg as well. Completely and obviously
soaking wet with spooge.


     "I felt everything you felt." I gasped.

     "Wow. That And if that happens every time we...oh wow."

     "Yeah. Wow. And that was just me jacking you off." I said.

     "Shit. Yeah, you're right. Fucking is going to be...oh man." Julian breathed.

     We took a moment to catch our breath.

     ::The others are still waiting in the parlour.:: The Kid informed us.

     I groaned.

     ::What should we do?:: Julian asked.

     :I guess...fuck. This was supposed to be done with.:

     ::Yeah. But...we're kind of a part of it now, aren't we? At least this way we won't
be off fighting by ourselves.::

     :You're right. Fuck. Fine. But...Julian, I never want to have to face the fear of
losing you again. more hostage situations. Fuck. No more fighting crowds of
autonoids by yourself. You've got to be safe.:

     ::Jeremey. I didn't choose those situations, you know.::

     :Yeah. I know. I have to promise me you'll try to be safe. You''re
a whiz with electronics. Hell. You combined mortal technology with Esseren stuff in just
a couple days, without any direct access to an AI or anything! You don't need to be...out
there. You know?:

     ::I guess. I'll try, Jeremey, I will. But I want to do my part, too. can't
be getting yourself killed either. I...I'll never forgive you if you get yourself killed.::

     :Good. That goes both ways then.: I said firmly, and kissed his nose to seal the

     ::So. Off to fight the war then?:: The AI asked.

     :Sure. We'll do everything together though. Right?:

     ::Yeah. That's what brothers do, isn't it?:: Julian asked innocently.

     :Hmm. Maybe so. But how many brothers do this?:

     I kissed him sloppily. With lots of tongue.

     ::Actually, according to some of the materials I've discovered on the internet-::
the AI began.

     :Don't believe everything you read on the internet.: I told the program. Then I
paused a bit to let Julian breathe again.

     ::And the others?:: The AI pressed.

     I growled in my throat. Julian was hard again, I could feel his aching desire in the
back of my mind. I looked down at him predatorily and licked my lips. He gaped dumbly up
at me, eyes dazzled.

     :Tell them we're in. But first we're taking a month off. For our honeymoon.: I told

     Then I put the matter entirely out of my mind.


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