Taming Of The Night
By ThaChillinDude
December 31, 2002

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If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex between male teenagers, or if the law in your area forbids you to read this, leave this story now.  If not, welcome and please read on.

Author's Notes:

A friendly explanation here: this story is a series.  It will last for several chapters, and though there is sex in the first chapter, it is not meant to be a quick jerk-off story.  There are plenty of those at Nifty Archives (God knows, I've read most of them!!), so feel free to check those out if that's what you're looking for.  This is more about love, friendships, relationships, romance, and the supernatural.  The first few chapters will set up and cover a lot of background.  After that, there will undoubtedly be more sex, but again, that is not the main purpose of the story.

I really want to do a good job with this story and I really want you to enjoy it, so, I really look forward to any feedback, thoughts, encouragement, corrections, or suggestions.   Please send them to me at:  thachillindude@yahoo.com.  This is the first story I've ever written, so any slack you cut me will be greatly appreciated!!!  I will answer all e-mails as quickly as I can.

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Chapter 1:  The Final Betrayal

Even though a single street lamp struggled to provide illumination, the bridge stayed shrouded in shadows.  Those shadows seemed only to be intensified by the efforts of that street lamp to push back the darkness.  As usual, at 9:30 at night, the road carried by the bridge, the bridge itself and the road underneath the bridge were deserted. 

Had anyone been near the bridge, had they been able to see into the darkness beyond the weak light cast by the street lamp they still would not have seen anything due to the obscuration that shielded the contents of that darkness. 

Had they been able to penetrate that obscuration they would have glimpsed a lone, solitary figure.  That glimpse would have shown them a boy, casually standing, with muscular arms crossed over a broad chest.

If the person observing were able to see the expression on the boy's face, they would have seen a curious mixture of anger, longing, sympathy and anticipation. 

If the watcher was close enough, had the knowledge, power and arcane training to pierce the obscuring veil he would have seen a slim, muscular boy.  The person would see that the boy appeared to be 17 years old, stood six feet tall and looked to weigh around 160 pounds. 

If the observer were able to see colors in the darkness, he would see that the boy had soft black hair, normally a cross between wavy and curly in texture, but now straight and covering his head like a skullcap due to the close cropped, almost military cut. 

They would also see that the boy wore a black, form fitted body shirt and black, loosely fitted 501 jeans. 

Had they been able to look beneath the clothing they would have seen a smooth, light skinned, almost copper colored, body with six-pack abs, defined pecs and a small, muscular bubble butt attached to very muscular legs lightly dusted with black hairs. 

The person observing would not have said that the boy bulged with muscles, but more that the boy's musculature was extremely well defined and toned, without any attendant fat.  Had that person been close enough to pierce the darkness that seemed to be gathered around the boy he would have seen a face that was seriously good looking with sharp features, prominent cheekbones (indicative of his multiracial heritage), small ears, a modest nose, and long eyelashes shading eyes with huge black pupils. 

The boy's name was Dragons Bane.  The name was just another in a long string of cruelties by his now dead master, or so the boy had always thought.  Those who knew him usually called him Dray. 

Those friends were not on Dray's mind this night, instead, Dray stood unobserved silently watching another boy and monitoring his thoughts, as he had watched and monitored that boy at various times over the past four years.  As Dray continued to watch and monitor the thoughts and feelings of the boy, Chuck Mitchell walked onto the bridge, climbed atop the bridge railing and stood balanced on it.  Chuck stood motionless as tears streamed down his face; a face that would have been beautiful if not for the tormented, grief stricken look that covered it.

As Dray continued to watch he let his mind review the circumstances that had caused Chuck so much pain that dying was preferable to living. 

If one were to see Chuck Mitchell naked, as Dray had on many occasions (albeit, without Chuck knowing it), one would have seen a 16 year old boy, standing 5' 9" in his bare feet.  Naked, Chuck weighed 145 pounds; he had a slim, well defined, muscular build, a broad v-shaped back tapering to a narrow waist, a nicely sized cock, small, muscular, bubble butt and what could only be described as eight-pack abs.  Except for his crew cut head, underarms, and curly black pubes there was not another hair on his body. 

This physique was the product of uncountable crunches, lifting weights and running.  For the past four years Chuck had maintained an almost religious five-day workout schedule.

While working out in his room at home or on endless runs around the school track were the only times Chuck felt he could escape the misery he endured at home and at school.  These were the only times he could escape into his own world, his own zone, where no one else could beat him, put him down or humiliate him.

With creamy white skin, black hair, soulful brown eyes, and a chiseled elfin face, the majority of the people, both male and female, who saw Chuck instantly thought him beautiful, although, unfortunately, very few had ever told him that.  For many this was withheld out of jealously. For others he simply had not had a relationship with them where this could be said. 

By the time anyone said it to him, his believing he was unattractive, to say the least, was so ingrained that he would hardly let himself even consider the possibility.

At home, if he was lucky, his mother and father ignored Chuck. They saw him as a burden that had been forced on them and which they dared not get rid of no matter how much they might want to. 

Beatings and trips to the hospital for various "childhood accidents" littered the landscape of Chuck's childhood.  A constant barrage of how stupid, and worthless he was by his parents was the norm.

In 16 years Chuck had never heard a compliment or kind word from either.  He was simply made by repetition to believe the negative, hurtful things that his parents constantly said to him.  In fact, the only act of kindness that his parents had ever shown him was when they had given him the weight bench and weight set.

Chuck had no way of knowing that it was Dray's manipulation of his parents mind that caused them to buy the weight bench and weight set for him.  Chuck also had no way of knowing that it was this same mental manipulation that caused the horrible beatings by his father to end.  The physical abuse stopped but the mental abuse did not.  Even Dray's powers had limits. 

The neighborhood kids and kids at school seemed to sense Chuck's lack of self worth and added their own torments. Taunts of faggot (and worse) were hurled at him and then there were the beatings.  To Chuck, being called faggot, cock sucker, ass licker and so on hurt more as he grew older because around the age of ten he realized he was attracted to boys and not girls although he was careful not to ever let anyone know that fact. 

The neighborhood and school beatings started as early as Chuck could remember and would have continued if not for Chuck's next door neighbor Luke. 

Luke moved next door to Chuck when Chuck was twelve and Luke was thirteen.  Even then Luke was bigger and more physically fit than anyone in the neighborhood or in his school.  At first Luke protected Chuck out of pity and because of this protection Chuck began to idolize Luke.

Chuck was also attracted to Luke sexually, although he never gave any hint of this.

Luke and Chuck became friends, and in fact, Luke was Chuck's only friend.  To Chuck, Luke was his savior and his secret jerk-off fantasy. Later, as Luke began to experience an attraction to boys, he protected Chuck for a price.  It started out with Chuck sucking Luke off whenever Luke wanted.  Chuck, worshipping the ground Luke walked on, eagerly complied. 

By the time Luke was 17 he was 5'11", 212 lbs. all of it muscle.  His blond hair, blue eyes, handsome face, and being the star player on the football team made him extremely popular with both the male and female student population. Luke had been having sex regularly with Chuck since Luke was 13, and began fucking Chuck when Luck turned 16. Luke dated girls to keep anyone from suspecting.

Luke and Chuck rarely hung-out together in public, but Luke still protected Chuck if needed, although it was rarely needed by that time. 

Luke showed affection to Chuck in private. It was the only affection that Chuck had ever known.  Luke honestly liked Chuck as a friend and they each had told the other that they loved each other when having sex.  Luke, however, was not in love with Chuck and didn't even consider that Chuck might have been in love with him.  To Luke, he and Chuck were friends. Luke was oblivious to the romantic love that Chuck had for him and believed that he and Chuck were just fuck buddies.  Chuck, on the other hand, believed that Luke loved him the way he loved Luke. 

When Luke started hanging out with Jon Chambers, the running back from the football team, Chuck was aware of it.  Since Luke and Chuck never hung-out in public and since Chuck had no other friends to tell him how close Luke and Jon were becoming, Chuck didn't pay any more attention to Jon when he saw him with Luke than he did to anyone else that Luke hung-out with. 

Luke and Jon developed a deep friendship after they really got to know each other and that friendship turned into love.  When each found out the other was gay they began a relationship and became boyfriends. 

Luke didn't tell Chuck about Jon because it never seemed important. Luke told Jon about his relationship with Chuck and Jon asked Luke break it off. 

Afterwards, for several weeks, even though Luke and Chuck still hung out privately, Luke no longer had sex with Chuck and refused Chuck's advances.  Although, Luke had only fucked Chuck about a dozen times in the past, they had regularly engaged in oral sex whenever they got together. When this stopped Chuck became confused and frustrated but treasured the time that they spent together and was not willing to do anything to upset Luke.  If Luke wanted to take a break from sex then Chuck was willing to do so and wait until Luke wanted to have sex again.

About two months later Jon surprised Luke one day by telling him that he had been thinking about a three way between himself, Luke, and Chuck.  Jon thought it might be hot.  Luke was turned on by the idea and thought that Chuck would go for it, after all, they used to be fuck buddies and they still hung-out and Luke knew that Chuck would jump at the chance to get fucked by him again.  Even though Luke liked Chuck in his own way, he wouldn't hesitate to use him to please Jon. 

Later that evening, after being stunned to find out that Jon was gay, Chuck was pathetically eager when Luke asked him if he would be interested in a three way with Jon.  Luke still did not think to tell Chuck about his and Jon's relationship.  Luke just told Chuck that he and Jon were good buddies from the football team.  Chuck knew Jon from school. In fact, they were acquaintances and Jon was always friendly toward Chuck so, Chuck had no problem with it.  Besides, Chuck knew that Jon had a killer face and body. 

The next Friday after school when Luke's parents had left for the weekend, Luke invited Chuck and Jon over to his house.  Once there the three guys started to make out with each other.  Luke stripped Chuck and Chuck started taking off Jon's clothes.  After more than three months of no sex Chuck really started to get into it when Jon got excited and hard.  Both Chuck and Jon then stripped Luke. 

When Jon saw Chuck naked was stunned at the sight and jealous.  To Jon Chuck looked better than either him or Luke.

Jon couldn't help but be turned on.  Fighting down his jealousy he joined Luke in making Chuck as hot and eager as possible. They each started kissing his body until they met at his cock and took turns sucking him.  Luke and Jon made sure to stop sucking Chuck before he came and started tonguing his balls. 

By that time Chuck was so overcome with lust he begged to be fucked. Despite having been fucked by Luke before Chuck was still very tight and Luke always had difficulty penetrating him.  To loosen Chuck up first Luke made Chuck finger fuck himself while Luke and Jon watched and stroked each other's cocks.  Chuck then was forced to rim Luke and Jon.

After eating both Luke and Jon out Chuck was ordered to suck their cocks.  Luke and Jon eventually came in Chuck's mouth.  Each held his cock in Chuck's mouth until he swallowed their cum.  Unknown to Chuck, they had plotted to cum in his mouth first, so that they could fuck him and not have to worry about cumming too soon. 

After Luke and Jon had cum all three fondled, rimmed and sucked each other until both Luke and Jon were hard again.  Chuck was positioned lying face down on Luke's bed with three pillows under his pelvis to position his ass for Luke

At first, despite the generous amount of lube Luke used, Chuck was still too tight and was in a good deal of pain as he took Luke's cock up his ass. 

After Luke had fucked him for several minutes Chuck started to relax and really enjoy Luke's cock sliding rhythmically in and out of his butt. 

Luke started to fuck Chuck with a steady, unrelenting pace.  Until Chuck's hole was red and raw. 

Jon moved to Chuck's head and began to berate him.  "You like it don't you bitch?" Jon hissed as he kissed Chuck. "Yeah", gasped Chuck, returning the kiss. Jon then replaced his lips with his cock at Chuck’s lips and forced Chuck to suck it.

Then it was Jon’s turn. His cock was bigger than Luke’s and Chuck had to endure more pain as Jon stretched him open even more.

Then they took turns fucking Chuck.  Luke and Jon switched back and forth for about an hour. They continuously pounded Chuck’s ass until his hole was gaping open and the lips were puffed and swollen

At one point Chuck was slamming his ass up to meet Luke's thrusts while Jon wiped his butt-soiled cock on Chuck's lips. Chuck eagerly licked Jon's cock and took it in his mouth. 

"You're just a little slut aren't you?"  Jon crooned as he pulled his thick cock out of Chuck's mouth and stroked it. 

"I'm your fucking slut" moaned Chuck as Luke, who, on hearing this, got even harder inside Chuck and slammed him even more roughly. 

"Suck my fuck stick, you fucking cunt", growled Jon as he shoved his cock back into Chuck's mouth. 

Luke pulled roughly and quickly out of Chuck's ass making him groan and whimper with pain.  The pain was quickly replaced by a feeling of loss.

Luke motioned Jon back and told him to bury his cock in Chuck's ass. Luke then mounted Jon with a great deal more tenderness than he had ever shown Chuck. 

Chuck heard Luke tell Jon, "Yeah dude, I want to fuck you while you fuck this bitch."  Jon moaned in reply as the feeling of being fucked while fucking took his breath away. 

In a low, husky, passionate voice Luke asked Jon, "does that feel good baby?" 

Jon gasped, "Yeah, it feels fantastic, I love having you in me while I’m fucking." 

"Anything to make my baby feel good", replied Luke. 

Later, after the relentless pounding by Jon, Chuck was stunned when Luke slammed his cock back into him.  After mounting Chuck Luke told Jon to fuck him while he was fucking Chuck.  That was something Luke had never let Chuck do. Afterwards, when Luke and Jon had each cum in Chuck and were too tired to do anything but lie on the bed and hold each other, Chuck asked Luke if he really let Jon fuck him, as Chuck couldn't really see from his position.  Jon glanced down to the foot of the bed where Chuck was sprawled and nonchalantly answered that he had been fucking Luke for the last four months and Luke had been fucking him.  There was only silence as Chuck, devastated, began to understand how he had been misled and used. 

Oblivious to Chuck's distress, Luke, while gazing into Jon's eyes, told Chuck that he and Jon were in love.  Chuck watched in shock as Luke and Jon shared a passionate kiss.  Chuck knew that Luke had never kissed him with the mixture of passion, love, and desire that he was witnessing.

Chuck realized then, that Luke and Jon were really in love.  Chuck felt lost, alone, and inadequate as the only affectionate relationship that he had ever had was lost to him. 

Chuck's world started to reel as Jon explained that he and Luke wanted Chuck to join them for sex from time to time. 

"I know how much you like to take it up the ass, and Luke told me how you beg to be fucked,” Jon crudely told Chuck.  With his arm around Luke and grinning in a friendly way, Jon said,  "It's a win-win situation; you get the cock you need and we get what we want." 

All Chuck's illusions were shattered as Luke explained that he and Jon were boyfriends and in love and that sometimes they needed sexual relief and the other was not around; that sometimes they wanted to have a third person join in and that they picked Chuck.  Chuck then knew, in his heart, that Luke had never felt anything for him.  He couldn't really bring himself to blame either Luke or Jon.  He knew in his own mind that he deserved nothing better. 

"You should feel honored dude,” said Jon, "you should have seen some of the guys we passed up for you.  They were hot!" 

Chuck just stared at Jon.  He understood that he was used by Luke and accepted it.  But to have Jon tell him that they could do better and he should feel lucky, crushed him and confirmed what he had been told his whole life. 

Unable to look at either Jon or Luke anymore, Chuck stared down at his feet and whispered in a small, lost voice, "I don't know if I want to get together anymore. 

Jon chuckled and said, "dude, you're our whore. If we don't sling you cock, where are you going to get it?" 

Laughing, Luke stood and pulled Chuck to his feet telling him, "get out and come back when your pussy tightens up and you're ready to beg to be forgiven.  Maybe we'll throw another fuck your way." 

This was the way Luke had always treated him but not ever about something like this.  Feeling betrayed, stumbling around trying to find his clothes, Chuck realized that Luke never had and never would care for him in the way he cared for Luke.  He also clearly saw that Luke never even cared for him deep down like Chuck always thought. 

As tears of humiliation streamed down his face, Chuck threw on his shirt, jeans, and shoes without even trying to find his socks and underwear.  As Jon and Luke returned to making out, Chuck ran out into the night not stopping until he got to the bridge.  In Chuck's mind, the only person that Chuck thought ever loved him had just used him in the worst possible way.  He was worthless. He had lost everything.  He had nothing left to live for and only received pain and heartbreak from everyone in his life. From his earliest childhood to now, all he had ever been told was how worthless he was, how stupid he was, how much of a faggot he was... how undeserving he was. Tears streamed down his face as his mind remembered the beatings at home and at school.  As he climbed on the bridge railing, he stood balanced between pain and pain's end, between hopelessness and oblivion, between tomorrows filled with pain and tomorrows that couldn't be worse.  Chuck felt betrayed by his parents, Luke, the world and life.  After this final betrayal, he saw no reason to endure more. 

Chuck leaned forward, further and further, in a ragged, choked voice he whispered one final prayer, "It stops."

Dray had been standing outside Luke's house since nightfall, unobserved, following the events of what had happened in the minds of all three boys.  As Chuck ran from the house, Dray, casting one final, vicious look at the house, followed him silent and unseen.  Dray could feel the misery coming form Chuck, almost like waves crashing against his skin, and saw in Chuck's mind that Chuck's love for Luke had been destroyed.

His fragile self worth had been shattered.  He had nothing to live for. 

Dray had been waiting for this since the first day, four years ago, when he had been ordered to keep Chuck under surveillance. He had followed him with the intention of watching him and feeding on him. 

Upon studying Chuck for the first time, whimsically, Dray had decided not to feed but only to watch instead.  At first, for some unknown reason, Dray was drawn to Chuck.  At least three to five nights a week Dray, sometimes with others from his house accompanying him, watched Chuck and read his thoughts and feelings, as well as those of the people around him. 

Over the years as Dray came to know Chuck he began to fall in love with him.  He knew Chuck as well as Chuck knew himself; all his faults, strengths, hopes, and fears.  He knew the hell his life was. 

Dray had tried to make things easier for him, implanting the idea to get a weight set into the minds of Chuck's parents, visiting Chuck's tormentors and implanting the idea that torturing Chuck wasn't fun anymore, but even with that, from several lifetimes of experience, he knew how a situation like this had to end.  He had patience. He was content to wait.  He would wait for Chuck to forsake humanity and join him in his world.  Tonight the waiting was over. 

Faster than human perception Dray ran under the bridge and watched in the shadows out of sight.  As Chuck leaned too far over and plunged silently down Dray moved to catch him at the last second and gently lowered him to the road.  Even though Dray was as gentle as he could be, the act of catching Chuck, as he was about to hit the road under the bridge still stunned and disoriented the falling boy.  As the wind, knocked from his lungs returned and his graying vision started to clear, Chuck gradually made out the handsome face of a boy leaning over him with a look of worry. 

Chuck asked, "Are you an angel?" 

The boy gently smiled and said, "I will be yours always if you freely give yourself to me." 

Knowing that Chuck suffered from a lifetime of physical and mental abuse and  that he would never accept mere words, Dray projected into Chuck's mind all his feelings of love for Chuck as he said this.  Without a doubt, Chuck felt in his heart the love that this beautiful stranger had for him. 

Chuck clung to that knowledge like a drowning man to a piece of driftwood.  In his heart, a voice whispered, "There was someone that needed him, wanted him.  Someone that loved him."  Dray felt in Chuck's mind as Chuck, feeling he had nothing to lose, freely and gratefully gave himself to this handsome stranger who personified love.  When Chuck's heart and mind made this pledge it gave Dray access to Chuck's will.

Dray knew that this access, freely given, was extremely important. If it had not been given he could never establish the Blood Tie and without the Blood Tie Dray could never bring Chuck into his world.  Using this access Dray exerted a gentle control over Chuck's mind to keep him calm and clear headed. 

In a low, husky, emotion filled voice, Dray told Chuck, "You are now mine.  No one will harm you.  No one will torment you in any way from this day forward."

"What are you?" Whispered Chuck as he stared longingly and somewhat shyly into the face of this stranger. 

"Please don't be frightened, I am what you call a Vampire."  Dray explained, " Even though you have pledged yourself to me I will give you one chance and only one last chance to revoke that pledge." 

The eyes in the handsome face seemed to stare through Chuck, as if they searched his soul, measured it, and weighed it in the balance. 

"Do you really love me?" Chuck hesitantly asked. 

Again, the boy gently smiled saying simply, "I do." 

Dray again projected into Chuck's mind all his feelings of love for Chuck as he said this. 

Not knowing where the words came from but knowing in his heart they were the right ones, Chuck said in a low, hoarse voice as if repeating a ritual, "I pledge myself to you.  From where the moon and stars now stand, I will be yours forever." 

Chuck was overjoyed because the look of relief and joy on the boy's face at these words was unmistakable.  Chuck was to learn much later that if he had revoked the pledge he would have died then and there. 

Reaching up and gently touching the boy's face Chuck whispered, "What is your name?" 

Grinning and returning the caress, Dray replied, "Call me Dray." 

"Dray" Chuck sighed and moved to meet Dray as Dray leaned down and kissed him. 

The kiss grew more and more passionate and Dray's body began to respond.

Gently but with ease, lifting Chuck to his feet, Dray wrapped his arms around Chuck and kissed him again.  Chuck began to grind his denim covered, swollen cock against Dray as they kissed and felt the thick hardness in Dray's jeans. 

Chuck moaned as Dray kissed from his lips down to his neck.  Gasping as he felt a sharp pain where Dray kissed him. Chuck stiffened and almost blacked out from feelings of sheer ecstasy.  Chuck groaned and panted as Dray put his wrist up to Chuck's lips. Instinctively Chuck sucked on the wrist and tasted the sharp, coppery taste of blood. 

His mind reeled and became unfocused except for the ecstasy brought on by the blood flowing into his mouth.  Soon Chuck knew only the ecstasy of that flow.  He knew nothing else, not sight, not sound, not time, not anguish.  He knew only need. 

Chuck blindly struggled to hold the wrist to his mouth as Dray gently but firmly pulled it from him and held him tightly, keeping him steady as he recovered.  Dray himself was swaying back and forth as his mind reeled, feeling light headed.  He had never been affected this way before.

Somehow Chuck had been able to take more of his essence than he wanted to give.  As they steadied each other and began to recover, Dray let out a low sound, almost a moan. 

Looking almost shyly into Chuck's eyes, Dray murmured, "Man!  You're really going to be strong." 

"Am I a vampire?" asked Chuck as he caressed Dray's hair. 

Dray chuckled as he replied, "Not yet, I just established the Blood Tie and marked you as mine.  That means that we can talk to each other, mind to mind, and I'll know where you are at all times." 

They continued to hold each other for sometime, feeling comfort from their embrace until finally, Dray gently told Chuck,  "Let's go to my house.  We have a lot to talk about and you need some explanations."

 "How are we going to get to your house?”  Chuck asked as he kissed Dray's neck and grinned mischievously as he paused and said,  "I hope you don't live in a grave yard." 

Dray laughed as he replied, "We're going to drive in my car and I live in a town house in Buckhead." 

Dray, picking Chuck up and cradling him in his arms with ease, said, "Put your arms around my neck." 

When Chuck was settled to Dray's satisfaction, Dray began to run down the still deserted road at a speed that was unbelievable to Chuck.  Soon they reached a sleek, sheer silver, Nissan 350Z sports car parked off the road. 

"How far are we from the bridge?" Chuck asked breathlessly as Dray gently put him down and reached into his pocket for the car keys. 

"About three miles." said Dray in a normal voice as he pressed a button on the key chain and the 350Z beeped once and blinked its lights in response. 

Chuck just stared at Dray with his mouth open because it had taken only about 10 minutes to get there and Dray, not only was not sweating, was not even winded.  In fact he was not showing any signs of physical exertion and he had just run at an almost unbelievable speed for 10 minutes carrying almost 150 lbs. the whole way. 

Dray, grinning as he held the passenger door open for Chuck and helped him in, told him, "Don't look so stunned.  You'll be able to do the same yourself soon enough.  In fact you look like you could do it now.  You're really built!" 

"Thanks" replied Chuck, "but you're the one with the amazing body!  I just look at you and start to drool."  Dray, enjoying the compliment, smiled over at Chuck as he eased into the drivers seat and started the car. 

"Don't get any drool on the seats.  It's a new car." joked Dray as he pulled onto the road and headed toward I-75 south to Atlanta. 

After about 20 minutes of staring out the passenger window with occasional shy glances at Dray, which Dray returned with a cute, shy grin, Chuck said, "I have about a million questions and I don't know what I'm going to tell my parents, not that they will care if they never see me again." 

"We'll get it all straightened out when we get home and don't worry about your parents.  Everything's going to be cool,” said Dray as he looked over at Chuck with a tender smile. Chuck once again felt Dray's love for him.

"You'll see."  Murmured Dray as he accelerated the powerful car past I-285 into downtown Atlanta. 

Soon Dray was concentrating on driving as he maneuvered off the highway and onto the surface streets.  Within minutes Dray reached up and pressed a button on a garage remote as he pulled into the driveway of an elegant townhouse.  The garage door swung up and Dray eased the car in while hitting the button again closing the garage doors.  Looking around Chuck could see that it was a two-car garage but right now it was only occupied by the 350Z. 

"Come on in," said Dray as he got out of the car and opened the door to the house for Chuck.  Dray led Chuck through an immaculate, spacious Kitchen to some stairs leading down to a fully furnished basement. 

There were no windows in the basement but it was furnished with a fireplace, a leather couch, love seat, and two easy chairs centered around an expensive, top of the line, 32" Sony Wega television set on a mahogany, marble topped table with a matching Sony home theatre system.

There were two closed doors along the right wall.  Dray opened the farthest one and motioned Chuck into a large bedroom containing a large, Queen Anne style, four poster, king sized bed, with matching night stands and lamps on either side.  Along the opposite wall was a matching dresser with a large mirror and a bench at the foot of the bed.

Off to the left Chuck could see a short hallway leading to a large bathroom with a walk in closet on the right side of the hallway.  The bedroom, while masculine, was elegant and comfortable.

As Chuck looked around he caught sight of the reflection of Dray watching him in the mirror as he closed the door. 

Chuck smiled and said, "I thought Vampires had no reflection." 

Dray grinned and disappeared from the mirror.  Chuck swung around alarmed, only to find Dray standing in the same spot and grinning. 

"We don't if we don't want to, but I didn't want to scare you." Dray walked over to Chuck, gently pulled him into an embrace, and kissed him,

"Let's take a shower."  Dray said.

"Okay" murmured Chuck. 

After a moment Chuck pulled back a little way and said, "I just realized that you don't know my name." 

Raising his left eyebrow and smiling, Dray replied, "Chuck Mitchell. Some of us can read minds too."

Dray started taking off his clothes and so did Chuck.  They were both hard by the time they finish disrobing.  Dray led Chuck by the hand to a large shower stall in the bathroom and adjusted the water until it was warm but not too hot.  As Dray and Chuck stepped under the spray Dray gave Chuck a long, lingering kiss, which Chuck passionately returned. Chuck moaned into Dray's mouth as Dray ground his hard cock against Chuck's. 

Soon Dray stepped back, turned Chuck around and started to lather Chuck's back with soap.  Dray moved down to Chuck's ass and Chuck hissed in pain as Dray gently soaped his crack. 

Dray stopped, quickly withdrawing his fingers, and gently bent Chuck forward so that he leaned against the wall.  Dray dropped to his knees and gently pried Chuck's ass cheeks apart.  Dray winced in sympathy, a look of concern on his face, when he saw that Chuck's hole was red, raw and swollen. 

Thinking of the pain and humiliation Chuck had been put through his expression hardened as he saw that Chuck's hole was no longer small and tightly closed but instead, partially open following the long, abusive session of fucking done by Luke and Jon. 

Chuck stiffened and hissed as Dray, not noticing the tears that blurred his own vision, gently touched Chuck's protruding, raw and scarlet anal lips; evidence of the hard, unrelenting, brutal invasions.  Dray quickly withdrew his fingers, silently vowing that whatever form of revenge Chuck wanted, Chuck would have. 

Dray slowly stood up and turned Chuck to face him but Chuck couldn't look him in the eyes.  Dray gently cupped Chuck's chin and raised his head to meet his eyes.  As Chuck looked at Dray he could see red tinged tears streaming down his face as tears poured down his own. 

"I guess you know I'm a whore now,” stammered Chuck, "I can leave if you want me to."  Chuck started to pull away, frightened, as he saw the look of fury that came over Dray's face but Dray gently held him. 

Looking him in the eye and projecting such an intense feeling of love that Chuck would have fallen if Dray had not held him up, Dray said in a quiet voice, "Don't ever call yourself that again and don't ever think of leaving.  We are together for eternity." 

After a few moments he gently continued, "I know you were used by Jon and Luke and that you didn't know what you were getting into.  We'll deal with all of that later.  For right now you have to be cleaned and I have some ointment to put on you to take the swelling down and allow you to heal more quickly.

 I'm going to put you to sleep for a few minutes so you don't have to suffer any pain while I clean you, ok Babe?" 

Chuck just nodded his head, grinned weakly and said "I like it when you call me Babe." 

Dray pulled Chuck to him and gently kissed Chuck's forehead.  As he did so Chuck began to shake with great, wrenching sobs.  As he cried he clung to Dray as if Dray would disappear if he ever let go. 

"Go ahead and cry Baby, let it all out,” Dray said, a look of sorrow, tenderness and compassion covering his face, as he gently stroked Chuck's back and held the sobbing boy to him. 

Chuck cried until he had no more energy left to cry. Dray took control of his mind and body and willed him to sleep.  Easily holding the unconscious boy the look of tenderness on Dray's face slowly faded replaced by a vicious smile, terrifying in it's coldness, as Dray promised himself that a price would be paid for the brutal way Luke and Jon had used Chuck; a payment both he and Chuck would extract. 

As Dray reached for the detachable shower nozzle he positioned Chuck's body face down on the floor of the shower stall and spread his legs wide.  As Dray did so Chuck’s ass cheeks spread open and Dray couldn't help but become aroused.  With an act of will he forced himself to gently and thoroughly wash Chuck's ass-ring as well as inside his hole with medicated soap.  He then rinsed Chuck off and turned off the shower. 

Dray filled an enema bag half full of water. Cutting his wrist with his thumbnail he let three drops of his own blood drop into the bag.  He then attached a hose and inserted the nozzle and part of the hose into Chuck's butt and instructed the strained and abused muscles surrounding Chuck's swollen hole to contract and hold.  Holding the bag high he released the flow and waited until the water had drained into Chuck. 

He closed off the flow and removed the nozzle from Chuck's ass while willing Chuck's hole to stay closed.  Dray knew that this infusion of his blood through the intestinal walls would kill almost any diseases in Chuck's body and heal Chuck's body so that, given a couple of hours, it would be as if Chuck had never been fucked at all.  Dray smiled slightly wondering how Chuck would react to being a virgin, at least physically, all over again.

Dray waited until he was sure that his blood had been absorbed by Chuck and then moved Chuck over to the toilet where he commanded Chuck's body to release the mixture.  After that was done, Dray started the shower again and moved Chuck back in and washed him again with the medicated soap from head to foot paying special attention to Chuck's ass. 

Upon inspection of Chuck's hole, Dray was pleased to see that the healing had begun and continued at an accelerating rate.  Dray then washed Chuck's hair and rinsed him off for a final time.  Snagging a large towel Dray dried Chuck off and bundled him up in a robe.  He then carried him to the bed where he brought him back to consciousness. 

As Chuck awoke he saw a gently smiling Dray leaning over him. 

"How do you feel Babe?"  Dray asked the shyly smiling boy. 

Chuck blushed a deep crimson, causing Dray to chuckle, and said shyly, "My ass is really sore and it burns." 

"Turn over," said Dray as he reached over to the nightstand where he had already placed the tube of ointment, "I've got some ointment to put on it that will take the burning and swelling away more quickly." 

Chuck blushed again but complied.  Dray put some ointment on the forefinger of his right hand and rubbed it gently over Chuck's swollen ass lips and hole.  He was pleased to note that the swelling had already been reduced substantially.  He then put more ointment on his finger and gently inserted his finger into Chuck and began moving his finger gently around with a back and forth motion. 

Chuck let out a soft moan, causing Dray to stop and ask, "Does this hurt Babe?" 

"No," replied Chuck, "It feels great...  Don't stop." 

Dray chuckled and continued until he was sure the inside of Chuck's hole was well lubricated with the ointment.  He then turned Chuck over where he was confronted with the evidence of Chuck's pleasure. 

Dray kissed Chuck and gently rubbed his chest saying, "I really want to take care of that for you but let's wait.  Because of my blood your body is healing from any damage caused by those two and in a couple of hours it will be as if you'd never had sex before, besides I want to talk to you first. There are some things that I have to tell you."

Pausing and grinning wickedly, Dray continued, "You'll heal so completely that physically you'll be a virgin again!"

Chuck moved from lying on his back to lying on his side, facing Dray who already lay on his side facing Chuck. 

With a sad, almost resigned, look Chuck said, "This is kind of overwhelming.  I have so many questions I don't even know where to start." 

Hesitantly Dray replied, "Maybe it'll make it a little easier if I told you something about myself." 

Chuck pulled Dray to him and leaned his head against Dray's shoulder, saying, "I think that would help me sort out all the questions I've got."

Dray was surprised at Chuck's actions and his heart soared.  This was the first time that Chuck had initiated any display of affection toward him. All the other times Dray had been the initiator.  The fact that Dray was not controlling Chuck's will made this something that Chuck did because he wanted to, not because Dray made him do it. 

Gazing into Chuck's eyes Dray could see the questions and uncertainties as well as the fear.  Knowing the courage it took for Chuck to accept this strange turn of events in his life humbled Dray. He was not sure that if the same thing had happened to him in the same way he would be able to handle it as well, even if someone was helping him to remain calm and clearheaded.

Without breaking eye contact Dray gently caressed Chuck's face as he felt Chuck's desire to understand.  Yes Chuck was afraid but Dray could sense it was more at his situation rather than being afraid of Dray. Chuck was trying to master that fear.  That was what counted. 

Dray sighed contentedly as Chuck returned his caress and smiled gently.

"Well you know that I am a vampire but you're going to have to re-learn a lot of what you've probably been taught about vampires from Mr. Stoker and Hollywood. 

First of all we don't call ourselves vampires we call ourselves Dragons.  We call ourselves that because a Dragon created the first of us. I mean a real, fire breathing, right out of the storybooks Dragon.  We are ruled by a monarchy system and the first, created by the dragon, is our King, and he still exists today. 

He sired eight children and they belong and are pledged to him.  Each of the eight children that he sired, in turn, sired others who belong to and are pledged to them.  Each one of the Eight and their children form a house.  Each house is led by one of the Eight and his rank is that of a Duke.  Well... there is one exception." 

Wide eyed at what he had just been told, Chuck asked, "What's the exception?" 

Dray smiled ruefully and answered, "My house; the House of Thorn is led by me, not one of the original Eight."  

Chuck's mouth stood open as he stared at Dray.  After several seconds, Dray gently closed Chuck's mouth with his finger. 

Shrugging with embarrassment, Dray said, "It sounds more impressive than it is. Just wait until you see the way the other members of the house treat me before you let the title impress you." 

"Aren't you young to be in authority over other vampires… sorry, I mean dragons?"  Asked Chuck. 

"Age really has nothing to do with it, and I'm far older than I look.

“Before you ask me about my age and the other questions I see you getting ready to ask, let me get back to where I was before I forget."  Grinned Dray. 

Dray snuggled closer to Chuck and continued.  "I was the only child ever sired by my Master.  When my Master was destroyed I inherited all of his powers. After that I presented myself to the King and he invested me as ‘Duke of the House of Thorn’."  

Chuck started giggling, which quickly turned to laughter.  Dray's heart warmed as he realized that in the four years he had watched Chuck he had never heard him laugh.  Dray decided that he liked the sound of Chuck's laughter. 

"What are you laughing at chucklehead?"  Dray asked as he laughed along with Chuck. 

Between fits of giggles, Chuck replied, "I've been fingered by a Duke!" 

Dray burst out with laughter. 

After they had both settled down and Chuck had stolen a kiss he asked, "How many other members of Thorn are there?" 

"House of Thorn," corrected Dray "and there are about 90 Familiars and there's one Dragon whom I adopted into my house." 

Chuck looked thoughtful as he asked, "So you haven't sired any children?"

"No." said Dray shyly, "I never wanted to… until I found you." 

"What am I then?"  Asked Chuck looking lost and alone. 

Pulling Chuck closer to him and giving him a reassuring squeeze Dray replied, "Right now you are a Familiar to me." 

At Chuck's look of puzzlement Dray continued to explain, "That means that I can control you.  In fact I've been doing so since we met but only to keep you calm until you can get used to me." 

As Chuck's face began to cloud over Dray hastened to add,  "I've just been keeping you calm and clear headed.  I would never force you to do anything against your will or try to control you in that way.  That's why you've been so accepting of the unnatural things that have occurred." 

Seeing Chuck's expression begin to clear Dray continued,  "I've also opened up my mind so that you can feel what I feel.  I know that from your perspective we've just met but I've been watching you for four years now." 

"Four years?"  Said Chuck stunned.  "Why would you watch me for four years?" 

"My old Master ordered me to."  Said Dray sadly, "But we'll get to that in a few minutes." 

"How do you open up your mind to me?" asked Chuck. 

"Like this."  Replied Dray as he projected into Chuck's mind his feelings of love; the knowledge that Chuck was safe with him and that Dray would never mislead him. 

"Dragons can't lie when we communicate like this and I promise what you feel is what is truly in my heart."  Chuck knew in his heart that what he felt and what Dray said were absolutely true. 

Chuck blushed and said, "I just thank God you found me when you did." then, grinning wickedly, "Or the Devil!" 

"God.  Thank you very much!"  Replied Dray returning the grin. 

Still grinning, Chuck asked, "What's it like to be a vampire?  Sorry, I keep meaning to say Dragon." 

Sobering and looking thoughtful Dray explained, "Some of the legends are true, most aren't.  The basic facts are that you will crave and need human blood for eternity.  You also need to eat regular human food.  If you feed only on the blood of the living, after a time, it's like a baby that's been weaned from it's mothers milk, it can't go back and neither can you.  You must feed on the blood of the living at least by every full moon.

 The blood gives you your strength, your powers and eternal life. Without blood you’ll go mad with craving. You’d become little more than a beast. You gain almost supernatural strength and extraordinary mental powers also.

I will make you my first child and because I'm, for all intents and purposes, a second generation Dragon you're going to be the strongest third generation Dragon in existence." 

Looking Chuck directly in his eyes Dray cleared his throat and softly said, "You can never, under any circumstances, go back to your old life. You also will never have to worry about your parents or the people you were surrounded by hurting you again." 

There was a pause and Chuck said in a tone so emotionless that it caused Dray to shiver, "I'll kill myself before I ever go back." 

Looking Chuck in the eyes and opening his mind so that Chuck could read the truth, Dray said, "Don't ever worry about that Babe, you are a member of my house and under my protection.  I will die before I let anything happen to you." 

Chuck closed his eyes and let out a relieved breath that he had not been aware he was holding. 

After a few moments, with his eyes still closed, Chuck asked, "What's it like to be turned into a vamp… I mean a Dragon?" 

Dray snickered.  "The process is painful and you have to be trained first."  

"I really didn't think it would be without pain but what do you mean by being trained?"  Asked Chuck as he opened his eyes. 

"By training, I mean that when you become a Dragon your body becomes frozen in time, so how you look is the way you will always look.

There are exceptions to this rule but let's not go into that now.

Anyway, most of us are put through training so that we will have the best body types.  To be honest you're damn near perfect right now.  So it's your strength and stamina that have to be worked on.  At the time of the change, the more strength and stamina you possess, the greater your corresponding strength and stamina after the change. 

Craig and Lee Chan will help with the training." 

Chuck flushed from the compliment murmured, "You don't look so bad yourself your Grace."  

They both laughed as Dray replied, "My Grace thanks you!”  Dray and
Chuck lay content in each other’s arms happy just to be close to each other. 

After a few moments Dray quietly asked, "I'd like to remove the control that I have over you if you think it's ok.  I've been reducing it as we've been lying here, I don't think you need it anymore but if you start to get anxious or anything just let me know and I'll calm you down." 

Chuck was silent for several minutes before he replied.  "Let's try it, but I'll let you decide if you need to reapply it. I might not be able to think to clearly." 

Pleased at Chuck's reasoning and logic Dray released the control that he had over Chuck's mind carefully watching him and monitoring his thoughts and feelings. 

Chuck continued to gaze at him and asked, "When are you going to do it?"

"I already have."  Replied Dray.  Chuck just smiled and continued to enjoy being held by Dray.

Eventually, as Chuck thought back over what he and Dray had talked about, he remembered a question that he had forgotten to ask.  "Who are Craig and Lee Chan?  You said that they were gonna help you with my training?"

"Craig is the Dragon that I adopted into my house and Lee Chan is the oldest Familiar in the House and my Arms Master, as he was for my master before me." 

Looking puzzled, Chuck asked, "I know how you make a Familiar by what we did but how do you adopt a Dragon?" 

"Well, it's kind of involved but basically Craig freely took my blood, which I freely gave to him, allowing me control over him.  Although, I've never exercised control over either him or Lee Chan." 

I'm waiting for them to come home now so that I can introduce you to them and so that we can make some plans.  Speaking of which, we better put some clothes on. They should be home soon and we don't want them to find us like this." 

Dray then got up from the bed followed reluctantly by Chuck. Walked to the dresser opposite the foot of the bed.  Upon reaching it he flashed Chuck a quick, reassuring smile and opened the top middle drawer.

As Dray rummaged through the dresser drawer, he said "Your waist is 28 and mine is 29 so we're close.  Here are some boxers and I'll get you some jeans from the closet.  Look in that bottom drawer on the far left and get some socks." 

As Chuck looked through the bottom drawer, he called, "How do you know what size I wear and that I like boxers?" 

"Four years of watching, dude, you're bound to pick up at least that. Although, I've got to say you really know how to prolong cumming when you jerk off!"  Came Dray's muffled reply from the closet along with an evil chuckle. 

"Pervert!" muttered Chuck pulling up the dark maroon AF boxers. When Dray came out of the closet grinning and carrying two pairs of Levi 501 jeans and two body shirts. 

Still fresh from the shower and naked himself, Dray dropped the jeans on the bench at the foot of the bed and bent over to open a bottom drawer in the dresser.  Chuck stopped, stunned at the sight presented to him. 

With Dray in that position Chuck could see his beautiful ass, copper toned like the rest of him, dimpled at the sides, with just a light sprinkling of black straight hairs surrounding a small, tightly closed, dark pink pucker.  Without thinking, Chuck moved to Dray, dropped to his knees, and started lightly kissing the cheeks of his butt.  Dray froze. 

When Chuck moved to the top of the crack of Dray's butt and started taking his time licking down, Dray made a breathless, gasping sound and tightly gripped the drawer of the dresser for support.  Chuck slowly licked down and started lightly licking around and on Dray's tight, dark pink pucker. 

These feelings, which he had never had before, caused Dray to groan in sheer ecstasy as he gripped the sides of the drawer so hard the wooden drawer started to creak ominously. 

Chuck then wrapped his arm around Dray's front and continued to lightly and gently stroke Dray's tight hole with his tongue.  Making his tongue into a stiff spear Chuck leaned forward applying pressure and felt his tongue begin to penetrate Dray's small, tight hole. 

Once his tongue was slightly past Dray's ass ring Chuck could almost believe that his tongue was being sucked inside. 

"Holy fuck!"  Dray moaned, surprising Chuck by pushing back on his tongue. 

"Don't stop!"  Pleaded Dray in a hissing voice. With a sharp gasp and a low guttural groan he began to grind his ass into Chuck's face. "That's so good!" he moaned as tremors of pleasure ran through his body. 

Chuck stood up while simultaneously pulling down his boxers and placed the tip of his drooling cockhead against Dray's hole.  When Dray felt this he quickly straightened and turned around. 

"I've never done that before."  He said gently and shyly. 

"You mean being rimmed or being fucked?"  Asked Chuck, the surprise and disappointment showing on his face. 

Seeing the look of disappointment and longing on Chuck's face, Dray grabbed his hands and moved him over to the bench where they sat down. 

Looking Chuck in the eyes, Dray said, "It's not that I don't want you to, it's just that I promised myself that I wouldn't let anyone do that" 

"You mean, fuck you?" interrupted Chuck, blushing. 

"Yes."  Said Dray nodding shyly and blushing also.  "I wouldn't let anyone do that until I was sure they loved me." 

Dray paused as if gathering his thoughts and then continued earnestly.  "I've had four years to come to know and love you and you've had less than one night.  I know you're grateful for me saving you at the bridge. I can feel it in your mind but I also know you don't love me." 

Hesitantly Dray added, "I hope, as you get to know me you can come to love me." 

Dray continued to hold Chuck's hands not breaking eye contact as the seconds wore on and Chuck thought about what he said.  Finally, Chuck said, "You're right.  I'm attracted to you, both your body and your personality, but I haven't known you long enough to know whether or not I could love you. 

I haven't been very successful in love.  I loved my   next-door neighbor, Luke, and that turned out to be a disaster...  I guess I really don't know how to have a relationship with another person, let alone love somebody." 

Nodding his head and trying not to show the irrational disappointment he felt, Dray said softly, "Maybe we can help each other learn."

Lightly kissing Dray's lips, Chuck stood and said, "Let's finish getting dressed…It's really my fault that we got sidetracked." 

Dray followed Chuck's lead and stood up also.  "Believe me, I never thought it could feel like that and remember... you can't force the willing!" 

Grinning, Dray quickly put on a pair of white Hilfiger boxer-briefs and white crew socks followed by jeans and a shirt.  As they finished dressing, they heard the garage door open. 

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