Taming Of The Night
By ThaChillinDude
January 4, 2003

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As Dray and Chuck moved toward the bedroom door, Chuck placed his hand on Dray's shoulder, gently holding him back.  Dray allowed himself to be halted by the gentle pressure and looked back with a humorous, yet, slightly puzzled look on his handsome face. 

With his hand still on Dray's shoulder and looking him in the eye, Chuck said, "Before we go out there…” 

Chuck paused as if gathering his courage, and continued in a low voice, thick with emotion, "I never thanked you."  Chuck paused again, as if unsure, "Thanked you… for… for saving my life." 

Placing his hand on Chuck's, and with sudden tears in his eyes, Dray replied, "You don't have to thank me; just accepting me, and being here with me means more than I can ever tell you." 

Gently brushing the single tear that trickled down Dray's cheek, Chuck leaned in and softly kissed him. 

In a hoarse voice, thick with emotion, Dray said, "We better go out; I think I hear Craig and Lee outside." 

As they entered the den from the bedroom, Chuck saw a blond haired boy sitting on the couch with his back toward them.  The boy was listening to an Atlanta jazz station on the stereo. 

Draping his arm around Chuck's shoulder, Dray said, "Yo Craig; where’s Lee?" 

Without opening his eyes or turning around, the guy, whom Chuck gathered was Craig, answered, "He left the club with some cute black dude with a nice ass; I figure he's slamming it to him by now." 

Dray, looking at Chuck and winking, motioned him to be quiet, "What happened that you're back so early?  Couldn't get it up?" 

"Nah," replied Craig, "I was saving it for your tired ass.  I figure somebody's got to break in that sloppy hole of yours and since I'm the only one who can halfway stand you it better be me!" 

Chuck laughed silently and Dray, failing miserably to keep his laughter under control snickered, "Stand up fuck head; I've got somebody I want you to meet." 

Craig swiveled his head around and slowly stood, blushing, with a look of utter surprise on his face. 

As Craig stood, Chuck saw that he looked about 18 years old.  When Craig had stood up fully, he appeared about 6 feet tall and looked to weigh around 170 pounds.  His body, what Chuck could see of it, was lightly tanned and very muscular.  There didn't appear to be an ounce of fat on him.  He had light-blond hair styled in a buzz cut, what could only be described as piercing green eyes, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist.  His face was heart-shaped. Composed of a delicately bent, small nose, high, prominent cheekbones and full lips. Chuck could only have described him as stunning.  His tanned physique was set off by a dark green closely fitted, short sleeved, crew necked shirt and baggy jeans that were just a shade darker than his shirt.  Although Chuck quickly tried not to stare, he could see a prominent bulge in Craig's jeans that strongly hinted at a large sized dick.  To say that Craig oozed sex would be an understatement.  Just looking at Craig, Chuck felt himself getting hard, which he vainly tried to cover by shifting his legs. 

Shooting daggers at Dray, Craig performed a short, precise bow at the waist and said in a courtly, formal manner, "And it please your Grace, please forgive my rudeness; I did not realize your Grace was entertaining a guest." 

Dray, who had been shaking with restrained laughter, lost it; He laughed so hard, he fell to the floor, as Chuck looked back and forth between the two with an embarrassed grin on his face.  Craig, on the other hand, looking totally embarrassed, blushed a deep crimson; casting a withering look at Dray as he rolled around the floor, he reached out his hand and said, "I'm Craig." 

Chuck, with an embarrassed smile, quickly shook his hand. "I'm Chuck Mitchell." 

Craig, with a wry grin and a shrug of his muscular shoulders, grinned back and continued looking down at the figure of Dray, rolling at Chuck's feet and laughing uncontrollably. 

After waiting until Dray's laughter had somewhat subsided, Craig, with a wicked smile, picked him up by the back of his jeans. 

Dray, still giggling, squealed, "Ow!  Put me down; you're giving me a wedgie!" 

Craig, by simply flicking his wrist, sent Dray flying through the air to land in an ungainly heap on the couch that Craig had just occupied.  Dray's head immediately popped up with a look on his face that promised retribution, Craig, looking unconcerned, strolled to the armchair on the right side of the fireplace and sat down with a satisfied smile on his face. 

"You son-of-a-bitch," snarled Dray as he stood up pulling his jeans and underwear down from where they had ridden up into his crack.  "I think my balls are crushed!"  Looking at Chuck, Dray motioned the stunned boy to come and sit down on the couch next to him. 

"That's what you get for embarrassing me; Shit for brains."  Smirked Craig.

As Dray glared at Craig, who sat across from them, and tried to calm down, Chuck took the opportunity to study Craig.  While attempting to discretely stare at him, he also found himself getting more and more turned on.  Although Craig was stunning, he was certainly not better looking or better built than Dray and Chuck could not figure out why he was so attracted to him.  All Chuck could think about was ripping off Craig's jeans and sitting on his cock.  As Chuck thought this, he could feel his hard cock throb and start to leak pre-cum.  Chuck shifted uncomfortably and crossed his legs as he started trembling.  He tried vainly to concentrate on what Dray and Craig were saying and not to fantasize about Craig.  Chuck whimpered, when Dray, noticing his hypnotic stare, pulled Chuck's head to his chest forcing Chuck to stop looking at Craig. 

In a low, cold tone, colder than Chuck had ever heard Dray speak, Dray said, "Turn it off!" 

Craig cast a confused look at Dray who was holding Chuck protectively against his chest, and replied, "Turn what off?" 

"The Attraction," answered Dray his tone now deadly quiet.  "Its scaring Chuck." 

Craig, with a startled look at Chuck quickly exerted his will to stop the mental manipulation that Dragon's instinctively used to attract their prey.  He hadn't fed, and had not realized he was doing it, but understood why Dray had commanded him to stop; and a command it most definitely was.  Craig cast an apologetic look at Dray as Dray held the violently trembling Chuck to his chest, making soothing sounds while gently stroking his back. 

As Craig studied the boy more closely, he suddenly realized that this was the boy that he and Lee had helped Dray watch for the last four years.  Craig knew he was only sixteen years old; and Craig also knew that he should not have been taken until after his seventeenth birthday.  When Craig cast his senses out to study the boy, he was shocked to find that the boy was now irrevocably a Familiar, and a very powerful one at that.  The boy, "Chuck.  His name is Chuck,” Craig reminded himself;  "I can't go around calling him the boy," was also set on a path to be turned that could not be stopped.  Either he would become a full Dragon or he would die.  "How in the world did this happen?"  Craig wondered.  He knew that, under ordinary circumstances, Dray would never have done this no matter how much he loved the boy.  And Dray most definitely loved the boy; that Craig knew from watching Dray, as he in turn watched Chuck, over the last four years. 

Pulling himself out of his own thoughts, and feeling ashamed for having badly frightened Chuck, Craig listened as Dray crooned soothing words of comfort to the still trembling boy. 

As Craig listened, Dray murmured, in a soft comforting voice, "Just breathe deeply and concentrate on my voice.  What you felt is what we call The Attraction.  It's a compulsion that we use to make our prey come to us.  It's a natural part of us.  Craig didn't even realize he was doing it.  He just didn't realize how vulnerable you were." 

As Craig heard this, he slowly moved to kneel in front of both Chuck and Dray.  His feelings of guilt redoubled when he saw the frightened, almost terrified, gaze Chuck turned toward him. 

Inwardly cursing Dray for having put them all, with no warning, in an extremely difficult situation, Craig said in a low soothing voice, "He's right.  I would never do anything to harm you, or make you do anything against your will.  And, I do apologize to you.  I should have realized sooner how vulnerable you were and done everything I could to help you.  That's my job as Dray's counselor for House Thorn."   

Craig projected the truth of this into Chuck's mind.  As he saw the terror leave Chuck's face and Chuck become more relaxed, he slowly, so as not to frighten the boy, moved back to sit in the chair by the fireplace.  Dray cast a grateful, relieved look at Craig, which Craig returned expressionlessly. 

Craig was shocked to say the least.  Dray hadn't made Chuck just a Familiar, he had made Chuck his property, and was turning him; something Dray had never done before.  Because Dray had marked Chuck as his property in the manner that he had, Craig knew, as any other Dragon who saw Chuck would also know, that to violate Chuck in anyway would bring swift, painful death from his master, Dray. 

"Luuuuuuucy," Craig said in a perfect Ricky Ricardo imitation.  "You got some splaining to do!"  In spite of his recent fear, Chuck found himself giggling at the tone of Craig's voice and at the very guilty look that suddenly appeared on Dray's, normally confident looking, face. 

As Dray projected the complete, unedited version of what had occurred so far that night to he and Chuck, including the sexual parts, into Craig's mind, so that Chuck couldn’t read the projected thoughts, he said so that Chuck could hear, "Things got bad for Chuck tonight.  So bad, that he couldn't live in the human world anymore, so I brought him home." 

Craig just smiled warmly at Chuck and said, "Welcome home little brother!" 

Relieved that Dray would not tell all the embarrassing things that had happened to him to this relative stranger, Chuck snuggled closer to him on the couch and returned Craig's smile with a tired one. 

"I suspect you've had a busy night, Chuck, and I can see that you're tired.  Are you hungry also?" 

At Chuck's quick, surprised nod, Craig said, "I'll go upstairs and see what we've got.  Be back in a sec." 

Knowing that Chuck needed to be fed again, Craig quickly got up and went upstairs while communicating mind to mind with Dray. 

"You need to feed him again.  I'll give you two some privacy and then watch over him until you come back, while you go and do what needs to be done.

"Thanks!" replied Dray gratefully. 

"Chuck, let's go into the bedroom for a minute," said Dray as he stood and moved with his arm around Chuck to the bedroom.  "Craig's going upstairs is just his way of giving us some privacy.  The reason you're so hungry is because I need to feed you."  Dray said moving Chuck over to the bed. 

As they sat on the bed Chuck looked shyly at Dray with a questioning look, and asked, "What do you mean feed me?"

"You need more of my blood."  Dray replied softly as he looked into Chuck's eyes. 

As soon as Dray mentioned blood, instead of feeling repulsed, as he would have expected, Chuck's mouth started to water and he was overcome with waves of hunger.  Looking at Dray, and seeing the angular, copper toned, handsome face, Chuck could feel himself getting excited and his cock growing.  As he pulled back slightly and glanced down he could see the prominent bulge in Dray's lap that showed he was feeling the same. 

Reaching into Dray's lap and rubbing his cock through his jeans, Chuck said, "Feeding may have to wait." 

Dray, flushed, with a hardon, and desperately wanting nothing more than to suck Chuck off, laughed throatily and said in a lust filled voice, "We might want feeding to wait, but it can't."

As Dray said this, Chuck leaned in and passionately kissed him.  Returning the kiss, Dray used the fingernail of his left thumb to cut through to a vein in his right wrist.  As he broke off the kiss, Dray put his wrist up to Chuck's lips.  Instinctively, Chuck sucked on Dray's wrist and swallowed the blood.  This second time, however, Chuck's mind was not overcome completely, and this time he was able to retain some sense of himself.  But still, Chuck could feel the ecstasy brought on by the blood flowing from Dray.  After awhile, Chuck began to sense, as if from a distance, distress and great pain and knew it was coming from Dray.  As Chuck concentrated on the feelings of pain and distress, he heard a panting sound, which caused him to stop feeding and to look up to where the sound was coming from. 

When Chuck looked up, he met the dull, pain filled eyes of Dray as Dray quickly placed his left thumb over his wrist to stop the bleeding until the skin healed over and the wound disappeared.  Dray sagged back on the bed and closed his eyes, pain obvious in his features. 

Chuck quickly moved further onto the bed and cradled Dray's head in his arms, saying, almost hysterically, "Dray are you alright?  Did I hurt you?  I didn't mean to hurt you!"

At a sound from the doorway, Chuck frantically looked up from Dray's faintly moaning form to see Craig standing in the doorway. 

Moving more quickly than Chuck could follow, Craig suddenly stood at the side of the bed.  Placing his hand over Dray's forehead, Craig calmly asked, "What happened?"  Chuck, looking miserable and afraid, related to Craig what had happened since Chuck and Dray entered the bedroom, glossing over the intimate activities that he and Dray had engaged in. 

Craig said, "Don't worry; this wasn't your fault; Dray simply overextended himself and needs to feed; he’s unconscious now; it’s his body's way of conserving energy." 

With a look of concentration on his face, Craig said, "I'm calling Jared so that Dray can feed.  He should be here in a few." 

Chuck continued to cradle Dray's head in his lap and looked down with worry and guilt on the pale trembling boy.  Despite what Craig said, he could not help but feel responsible. Chuck had no doubt that he was strongly attracted to Dray.  "In fact," he admitted to himself, "I like him more than I think I ever liked Luke, and I loved him.  You don't go around jumping off bridges for someone you don't love.

Chuck broke off from his thoughts as a boy wearing boxers and nothing else, appearing to be about 17, whom Chuck assumed to be Jared, rushed into the room.  As Chuck watched him exchange a few terse words with Craig, he could see that the boy had blue eyes, brown spiky hair, and stood about 5' 10".  He had a well-tanned, athletic, muscular body and if Chuck could judge by the substantial bulge in his boxers must have been really hung.  Chuck could tell from the body language of both Craig and Jared that they were really attracted to each other, if not lovers. 

Flashing a quick reassuring smile, the boy moved quickly over to where Chuck held Dray and said, "I'm Jared, Craig told me that Dray is a little under the weather, so I'm going to let him feed from me, if you'll give him to me for a few seconds." 

Seeing the look of hesitation on Chuck's face, Jared smiled earnestly and softly said, "I promise I won't hurt him, and I also promise he'll be as good as new in about 15 minutes or so." 

Being persuaded by the gentle way Jared treated him, Chuck, somewhat reluctantly, moved off the bed to stand by Craig as Jared lay down beside Dray and took him in his arms. 

Craig, having watched all this transpire and seeing the obvious feelings that Chuck had for Dray, gently folded Chuck in his arms and pulled him to him, saying, "stay calm, no matter what happens, don't try to interfere.  For Dray's sake, just stand here." 

Chuck watched silently as Jared, holding Dray, leaned over and kissed him.  The kiss grew more and more passionate and Dray's body began to respond.  So did Jared's.  As Chuck watched he could see the head of Jared's cock pop out of the top of the waistband of his boxers.  Dray turned on the bed and wrapped his arms around Jared and kissed him more forcefully.  Dray began to grind his denim covered, swollen cock against Jared as Jared's cock began to leak huge amounts of precum. 

Jared moaned as Dray kissed down to his neck.  Gasping suddenly, Jared arched his back and threw his head back; his expression contorted by a look of ecstasy.  Craig could feel Chuck go rigid, and had to restrain him as Chuck tried to move to separate the two.  Soon, Jared cried out as cum shot from his cock in seven thick, ropy, spurts, landing on his face and in his hair.  Chuck watched as Dray rolled over on his back.  He knew he had no right to feel jealous and tried, without success, to hold back his feelings over what Dray and Jared had just done.  Trying to hold back his feelings of anger, Chuck could only watch as Dray's fangs slowly withdrew into his mouth and color returned to him.  His heart sank as Dray's face relaxed in a small, contented smile. 

Still holding Chuck, Craig said, "It's not what you think.  ---I need to take Jared back to my room and I want you to stay with Dray.  He's still recovering and he'll stay unconscious until he has a chance to fully metabolize the blood." 

Chuck nodded, looking even more miserable and alone, as Craig tenderly gathered the pale, unconscious Jared up in his arms and left the room. 

Chuck moved slowly over to the bed and sat softly next to Dray, cradling him in his arms.  Chuck tried to sort out the feelings that he was having.  Chuck was grateful to Dray for saving him and he could never repay Dray for taking him from the hell that was his old life.  But, what kind of life was he being offered?  As for what just happened, Chuck was totally confused.  He had responded the way he would have if Luke had sex with someone else after Chuck had fallen in love with him.  But Chuck knew he wasn't in love with Dray, no matter how grateful he was, because he simply didn't know him well enough. 

"I gotta admit," thought Chuck, "I feel as if a part of me that I never knew was gone is back when I'm around Dray.  I've felt that way since the bridge.  And God he's hot.  Luke always said that I was a total horndog, but I've never had a guy make me feel this way before.  I just want to jump his bones whenever I look at him… and his ass ---his ass just makes me drool.  I don't know if the way I feel is just his controlling me or just what happens when you become a familiar. Something's making me accept this. If I had come across a vampire before this happened, I would have died of fright no matter how much his ass made me drool.  But, here I am just accepting it like there's nothing to it.  Maybe that's part of being a Familiar.  I just really don't know.   I do know that Dray 's treated me decently since I met him and that he loves me; I’ve seen that in his heart.  Craig's treated me decently for that matter.  He seems to be going out of his way to treat me with kindness just like I was his friend.  I also know if I don't get to know Dray better, I'll just die.  I guess that's the answer; I WANT to get to know him and he wants me to get to know him.  Except for Luke, that's never happened to me in my life!

Chuck was broken out of his reverie as Craig entered the room. 

"Please don't hold what happened against either Dray or Jared.  What you saw was the Attraction.  If Dray's essence hadn't been so depleted, he would never have done that and I know Jared wouldn't either." 

Chuck released a sigh and said resignedly, "I guess there's a lot for me to learn.  I just don't know how I'm going to learn it." 

Both Craig and Chuck jumped as Dray said softly and tiredly, "We'll teach you.  We're you're family now… and we'll teach you." 

Chuck quickly leaned over, grabbing Dray's hand, and broke out in a huge grin, "You're OK!!! God, I thought I had killed you or something!!!"  Craig watched as Chuck's grin seemed to light up the whole room. 

"Ok, that answers that question."  Craig thought to himself;  "I've never seen love at first sight, but Chuck just showed it to me as far as Dray is concerned. From what I can tell, from scanning his thoughts; he refuses to admit it to himself, and I think it's going to be a long time before he does.  What happened to him tonight with this Luke and Jon hurt him deeply and, to his credit, he's determined not to make the same mistakes again.  This boy has suffered a lot of abuse and neglect in his short life.  I guess all we can do is to help Dray be patient with him and help them to get to know each other.  That, and be the family he's never had.

Quickly taking charge, Craig began issuing orders, "Dray, I've gotten in touch with Lee and he's going to take care of the things you were going to attend to.  You, are going to stay in for the rest of the night and rest." 

"No arguments!"  Said Craig as he watched Dray get a stubborn look on his face and struggle weakly and unsuccessfully to rise from the bed. 

Casting a wicked grin at Dray, which Chuck couldn't see, Craig said, "I'm going to need you to help me make him stay in bed Chuck.  You can see that he's still weak; he could have a relapse and hurt himself." 

Cursing Craig to an eternity of torment at this outright lie, Dray tried to give Chuck a reassuring smile, but it came out as more of a sickly grin.  Chuck, already worried and feeling responsible, saw the weak struggle of Dray as he tried to rise, as well as the sickly, weak grin, and looked as though he were about to panic. 

"Please stay in bed and rest;” Chuck said with a curious mixture of guilt and shyness.  "I'll stay here with you…  That is if you want me too."  Chuck continued hesitantly

Between Chuck's heartfelt plea and Craig's manipulation, Dray knew he was defeated.  "Besides," thought Dray to himself, "Chuck has been denied enough in his life; it’s time things started going his way for awhile, and, I guess that starts with me.  Plus, I really feel like shit!

Returning Chuck's hesitant, shy, questioning gaze with a heartfelt grin, Dray replied, "I'd really like it if you would." 

Craig cleared his throat to get their attention.  Implanting the thought in Chuck's mind to take a shower and to take a long time to make sure he got clean, Craig said gently, "Chuck, you might want to take a shower; there’s a lot of blood on you from where you fed." 

Chuck, looking down and noticing the blood streaks on his clothes and arms, kissed Dray quickly and said to Craig, "you're right; I really need a shower!  I'll be back in a few minutes." 

After Chuck had gone into the bathroom and closed the door, Craig swung around to face Dray, a stern look on his usually happy face.  "Let's talk your Grace."

Before Dray could get a word out, Craig continued.  "I've been reading Chuck's mind all night.  Chuck is grateful to you for saving him and he fell in love with you when he first saw you." 

At hearing this, Dray's heart leapt and his face lit up.  His face quickly fell as Craig continued talking. 

"But here's the hard part;” Craig continued on in a dispassionate voice, as if reading off a mental list, "Chuck has been abused his whole life; he feels the only person he ever loved his whole life has betrayed him.  He's not ready to take a chance again; he doesn't know how to form relationships, and, most importantly, he refuses to admit his feelings for you." 

Craig paused and continued more gently, "I know you haven't been reading Chuck's mind, and that's much to your credit." 

"It didn't seem right."  Dray Interrupted in a sorrowful whisper. 

With a look of compassion, and in a low, gentle voice, Craig replied, "if you really do love him and you want to make him a Dragon, which, by the way, because of the way you've turned him, he either has to finish the process or he will die." 

Dray looked down miserably and nodded, saying, "something happened; I don't know what; he took more of my essence, more quickly, than was safe." 

"I know what's wrong;” replied Craig.  "Studying him as closely as I have tonight, I figured it out.  It's nothing that can't be fixed, and I'll explain it when we have more time, but if you love him you're going to have to go about this in a way you won't like." 

"What way is that?"  Asked Dray looking apprehensive and a little scared.

"Do you love him and do you want him to love you?  Honestly, with no coercion, of his own free will."  Asked Craig staring directly into Dray's eyes. 

Dray stared back and whispered, "Yes." 

"I've talked to Lee, mind to mind, and if you swear to our conditions, we can help you.  As Duke, you could command us and we would obey you.  But this is so important that we are asking you as friends, not as loyal subjects to sovereign lord." 

As Craig said this, he opened his mind so that Dray could read the truth of what he had said.  Dray, hesitantly, caressed Craig's mind and found only truth.  No deception, and no guile. 

Dray could command this.  Craig and Lee would obey without hesitation.  However, both Craig and Lee were his two oldest friends.  They had fought beside him as he had struggled to gain his Ducal throne against enemies that they still had not completely identified.  He owed everything to them.  If they thought this was best he would do as they asked. 

Placing his hand on Craig's shoulder, Dray simply asked, "What are the conditions?" 

Nodding in understanding, Craig replied, "Chuck feels he doesn't know you well enough to love you.  He's right, by the way.  Chuck has never said he loved you and you're afraid to ask.  Is this right?" 

Dray simply nods. 

"The conditions are that you cannot force or coerce Chuck into a relationship; you cannot read Chuck's mind without his permission and you cannot have sex with Chuck until Chuck is trained.  This will give Chuck the opportunity to get to know you and it will allow you to learn how to communicate with him.  You really don't know how to communicate with him, all you know is how to read his mind.  It's selfish for you to have all the power in your relationship.  You're able to read Chuck's mind and know what he's thinking.  You've had four years to fall in love.  You have to give Chuck the time and opportunity to do so.  Remember, this is about establishing a relationship based on mutual trust and affection and that means that you can't control him; Chuck must know he loves you of his own free will.  As for the sex part, do you really just want to fuck him like a whore or do you care enough for him to make it something meaningful?" 

Dray had sat through this with a thoughtful expression on his face.  He knew that what Craig was saying was true.  He, himself, had been struggling with how to handle the situation.  He admitted to himself that he didn't know how. 

Watching the play of emotions across Dray's face with sympathy, Craig said softly, "What we're asking you to do is to date Chuck." 

Looking totally dejected, Dray replied helplessly, "I don't know how." 

"Look, I know, given how you were raised, that this will be new for you," Craig gently said, "but Lee and I will help both of you out.  Although there are no guarantees, we both feel that, given time, Chuck will admit the feelings he has for you and Lee Chan, at least, has over 2,500 years of life experience to draw on.  If he thinks it's gonna happen, it probably is." 

After several moments, Craig asks, "Will you swear to this? 

Dray realized that everything Craig had asked of him was in Chuck's best interest.  He didn't like it, but he would not take the chance of hurting Chuck for his own gratification or some deep-seated need to control.  If he loved Chuck, there could be only one answer.  After many long seconds, without looking up, Dray opened his mind to Craig and sent, "I, Dragons Bane, Duke of House Thorn, do so swear.

Craig heaved a sigh of relief and gave Dray a bright encouraging smile.  "That's the Drag I know and love!!!" Craig said grinning and employing the name he and Lee used to tease Dray.  Craig had not been worried; not really, it was obvious that Dray would do almost anything for Chuck. 

"Don't look so gloomy!"  Craig said at Dray's continued expression of hopelessness.  "Lee and I both know Chuck's extremely vulnerable at this stage and that he will be until he's turned; we also know that he's a tempting target that makes you vulnerable to attack and control yourself." 

As a faint look of hope began to spread across Dray's face, Craig continued, "That's why we're going to control, protect and monitor him for you.  Lee is going to Chuck's parents house tonight to induce them not to report Chuck as a runaway.  We'll have Chuck's parents, as well as Luke and Jon watched.  Tomorrow night at the farm, Lee will meet Jared, Chuck and the two of us.  I'll make arrangements for us to stay there until Chuck's been trained and he's turned.  That way any search that's conducted for him won't cause us any problems."  Craig paused sadly and said in a lower voice, "we both know that given how his parents treated him, there won't be any search." 

Dray lay back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling; his face a mixture of relief and sadness. 

"As for your problems feeding Chuck, that's because you don't exert control over him when he feeds.  From now on, I will control him and you won't get drained the way you did tonight." 

Dray smiled a relieved smile and asked, "why is it so hard for me to control Chuck?  I've never had a problem controlling any human before." 

"Like I said before, I'll explain that later." said Craig, as he got up to leave the room.  "Right now, you better go see about Chuck, and tomorrow you need to apologize to my boyfriend for making him cum all over himself…  You cunt!"  Craig added, as an afterthought, taking away the sting with a wide mischievous grin, as he left the room. 

As Craig closed the door, he started giggling as he thought to himself, "making Chuck and Dray wait until Chuck is trained to have sex will make Chuck desperate to have Dray.  Dray's already as celibate as a monk and has been since he fell in love with Chuck.  But both of them sleeping together and not being able to do anything except kiss is gonna be realllly entertaining.  That alone ought to make up for all of the extra work Lee and I are gonna have to do.

Dray slowly got off of the bed and started undressing leaving his clothes in a pile at the foot of the bed.  As he peeled off the boxer-briefs that he had put on earlier, he blushed crimson; there were clumps of cum matted in his pubic hair from when he had fed on Jared.  Quickly, and vainly, trying to remove the evidence, he used his underwear to blot up as much as he could.  Dray then walked to the bathroom and softly opened the door.  He could see Chuck in the glass enclosed shower gingerly attempting to wash his butt with soap.  The soft hisses he made from time to time made it clear that he was still in some pain form Jon and Luke. 

"Hey you," said Dray softly, suddenly unsure of his welcome. 

At the sound of his voice, Chuck looked up with a boyish grin and said, happily, "Hey yourself dude!"  As Chuck looked down Dray's naked body, Dray could see a look of unhappiness cover his face, which Chuck quickly tried to hide, as Chuck saw the cum in Dray's pubic hair. 

"Can I join you?"  Asked Dray.

"Sure."  replied Chuck; his smile not quite as bright as before.  Chuck grabbed Dray and steadied him, as Dray, still recovering from the experience of feeding Chuck, swayed slightly while closing the shower door. 

"Sorry," said Dray not making any move to pull himself away from Chuck.  "I'm still a little unsteady; it'll pass."

"No problem," said Chuck, giving Dray a quick squeeze, "your just in time to wash my back.  If you would?"  This last was said a little hesitantly. 

Giving Chuck a mischievous grin, Dray gave a theatrical bow and said, "Your servant, my lord".

As Dray washed Chuck's back, Chuck quickly washed his front.  As Dray moved lower and lower, he skipped Chuck's butt and kneeled down washing his legs instead.  When Dray stood back up, Chuck, his eyes closed, was leaned into the spray with a smile of contentment on his face.  Dray gently turned him around, so that the shower spray could rinse the soap off his back.  As the spray sluiced the soap from Chuck's back, Dray held him closer and Chuck lay his head on Dray's chest with a sigh of satisfaction.  Dray quietly whispered to Chuck to turn around and lean on the wall.  When Chuck had done so, Dray carefully spread his legs and tenderly washed Chuck's butt paying special attention to his hole which was now looking quite normal if still a little raw.  When Chuck turned around, after Dray had used the showerhead to rinse off the soap, his hardon was standing straight and rigid against his stomach.  Dray said, "My turn now as they repeated the washing, this time with Dray as the recipient.  After Chuck had rinsed Dray's butt, he couldn't help but kiss and lick at Dray's pucker.

Dray shuddered, and moaned, "I love when you do that."

Chuck stood up and said, "Let me wash your hair now.  I washed mine before you came in." 

As Chuck rinsed and lathered Dray's short hair, Dray hummed in contentment. 

When Chuck had finished, Dray said, "That's another thing no ones ever done for me before." 

Chuck just giggled and turned off the shower. 

When Chuck straightened up, he moved to Dray and gave him a deep lingering kiss.  Pulling away he said, "let's get dried off and lay down for awhile, you still look kind of tired." 

When they entered the bedroom, after drying off, Dray said, " Let's just hop in bed.  We probably won't fall asleep until dawn, which is about six hours away; so we can talk." 

Dray pulled back the covers and hopped up into the king sized bed, moving over so Chuck could crawl in with him.  Dray stared at Chuck's muscled, bubble butt as Chuck got in bed and started to get hard.  Knowing his oath, he quickly turned his mind to other thoughts.  Once they were both in and the covers had been pulled over them, Chuck moved so that they lay on their sides facing each other, their arms comfortably around each other’s back, and their foreheads touching. 

Enjoying the touch of Dray's body against his, Chuck said, "I'm glad we're gonna talk; I have about a million questions."  Dray gave Chuck a quick shy smile and Chuck was once again struck by how handsome Dray was. 

"This is gonna sound weird, but could I see your fangs?" asked Chuck with a shy, quiet voice.  He watched in fascination as Dray's pointed, deadly looking canines slowly descended until the razor sharp tips reached past his bottom lips and stopped midway between his lower lip and chin.  Chuck, expecting to be repulsed by Dray's fangs, was surprised to find that the sight didn't make him feel that way at all.  In fact, there was something arousing and sexy about the way they made Dray look. 

Dray looked faintly apprehensive as he slowly allowed his fangs to withdraw inside his mouth.  "Dragons can extend and retract their fangs at will and our saliva has a secretion that makes the wounds heal almost instantaneously, as long as the wound isn't too big." 

"I hope I didn't embarrass you," whispered Chuck as he impulsively kissed Dray lightly on the nose. 

"You didn't really, I just didn't want to scare you."  Dray said as he allowed himself to gently caress Chuck's back.  "What other question do you have?"

"What about sunlight?  Will I be able to go out in daylight or will I explode like in that Vampire Slayer TV series?" 

Trying to keep a straight face, Dray answered, "It depends on how powerful you are.  Right now, with the exception of the King, Craig, and myself all the other Dragon Lords and their Children no longer have the power to bear the sun.  If a Dragon isn't powerful enough to withstand the sun, it has the same effect as radiation poisoning and it will kill you in the same way, but more quickly. I can function in daylight without it harming me; I just have to feed more often.  I suspect the same will be true of you.  Craig used to not be able to go out into the sun, but since he's taken my blood, he has no problem, although, he's weakened slightly." 

"I thought Craig was more powerful than you.  With the way he tossed you on the couch and all, it looked that way."

"No," chuckled Dray, "I'm far more powerful than Craig.  Craig is a 54th generation Dragon and, for all intents and purposes, I'm a second generation Dragon.  If I had wanted to stop Craig, I could have, but I might have hurt him, and that's something I would never do.  You're pretty strong yourself now; you could lift me the same if you wanted to." 

"Not like Craig did!" said Chuck with conviction. 

"Sure you could," prompted Dray, "here.  Put your hand under my hip and lift very gently.  I'll keep my body rigid." 

Chuck placed his hand under Dray's hip as Dray lifted himself slightly to make room.  He knew he couldn't lift Dray while lying on his side like he was, but if Dray asked him to try, he would.  As Chuck gently started lifting his arm up, he was astounded to see Dray rise.  Chuck couldn't believe it; Dray seemed to be as light as a feather.  When Dray was about a foot off the bed, Chuck gently lowered him, afraid that he might drop him if he went too fast. 

"I don't believe it!"  breathed Chuck in an awe struck whisper. 

"And that, Is why you fail!"  said Dray in a perfect Yoda imitation causing them both to giggle uncontrollably like two little boys. 

After Dray had managed to stop giggling, he added, "that's just one of the things you can do as my Familiar, also, your body rhythms will try to adjust themselves to mine because of the blood tie we have.  When I sleep, you'll want to sleep, things like that."  As a Dragon, though, you'll have speed, strength, agility, and the power to heal or harm.  You'll also have mental powers; like the power to know and direct the thoughts of the living or to block those thoughts if you want to." 

"That leads me to something else I wanted to talk to you about, but, I don't know if you'll like it” Chuck said hesitantly.  Dray simply looked at him with an encouraging look on his face.  Blinking his eyes nervously, Chuck continued.

"I know that you're the head of your House,"

"Our House," interrupted Dray

"Our House,” repeated Chuck with a grateful, shy smile...  He really liked the way that made him feel and repeated it again.  "Our House…  I know you're the head of our House, and I know every member of the House has to obey you, but, aside from the obedience that I owe you as a member of the House, I don't want you to control me.  I was in a relationship with Luke where I did everything he wanted and he never even asked about what I wanted.  I won't do that again…" 

"About that," Dray started to say.

Chuck gently placed his fingers over Dray's lips as Dray tried to interrupt and said, "Let me finish before I chicken out." 

"We weren't equal and I think that was what went wrong.  I loved Luke and he didn't love me.  He also controlled me, although, I admit I let him.  Like I told you before, I haven't been very successful in relationships, either with my parents or with Luke.  I've never really had any friends so I haven't really had much experience with relationships.  But, the truth is, I'm attracted to you, both your body and your personality.  I can't deny that, and I guess you can tell that's true by the way I keep attacking your body.  And, I really want to be like you; a Dragon I mean.  I've dreamed about something like this all my life and I know I want it.  But more importantly, to me at least, I really like you and I want to get to know you.  You talked about love before, but I don't know you well enough to love you or even if I want to love anyone else again.  I guess I'm asking if we can concentrate on getting to know each other and just see where that leads us?"

Dray leaned back a little with a serious, thoughtful look on his face; his eyes going unfocused as he thought over what Chuck had said. 

After a few moments of introspection, Dray answered, "Craig discussed this with me while you were in the shower.  That's his duty as House Counselor, to care for the mental and physical well being of all of House Thorn." 

After a slight pause, as if gathering his thoughts, Dray continued in as earnest a voice as he could.  "There are conditions to your becoming a member of this House.  The conditions are that I can't force or coerce you into a relationship; I can't read your mind without your permission and we can't have sex until your training is finished.  Both Lee and Craig feel that in order for you to be a healthy, productive member of this House, you must be your own person.  You must make your own decisions as an equal and that means you must not be controlled or influenced anymore than any other member of this House.  I agree with them.  Your mental and physical well being is too important to me to jeopardize by compelling you to conform to what I would like.   If I had to force you to want to have a relationship with me, then you wouldn't be the same person that I have feelings for." 

Dray continued on in a slightly lower voice, "As for controlling you, anyone at your stage of development must be controlled to some extent.  You are extremely vulnerable to attack by those from other Houses who want to harm House Thorn.  Controlling you is the only way to protect you while you are being trained.  If you weren't controlled, the adversaries of this House would not hesitate to use you to control and destroy House Thorn and me through the blood tie we share.  Those adversaries would do anything and pay any price to have you.  But, as I said before, I won't control you.  Craig and Lee Chan will control and protect you so you can be sure I won't be influencing you or any decision that you make.  I'll say the same thing to you mind to mind, so you'll know I'm not lying if you want." 

Chuck didn't know what any adversaries of the House would do to him if they had him or how they could use him to hurt Dray or House Thorn, but he was sure he didn't want to find out.  Secretly, he admitted to himself, he was scared shitless about what could happen to him and he was extremely relieved to have Craig and Lee Chan as his protectors.  His expression showed none of this, however; he said, simply, "That's ok, I trust you."

Dray was profoundly moved and deeply touched by Chuck's simple and complete trust in him.  To him, those five words, 'That's ok, I trust you', meant everything.  That trust was not something that the blood tie or Dray's will had compelled Chuck to have; that was something that Chuck had decided to do of his own free will.  Chuck had literally put his life, safety and well being in Dray's hands.  Dray vowed that he would never betray that trust. 

Chuck, for his own part, was deep in thought as well; he had had enough sex to know that he really, really liked it.  But, he had to admit that his relationship with Luke was based on sex and for the most part, other than what he himself had put into it, it was an empty relationship and each time they had had sex, it had left him feeling more empty than fulfilled.  He knew, despite the way he'd acted tonight with Dray, he didn't want just sex with no commitment.  He knew that he was as horny as any other sixteen-year-old male, but he felt that he and Luke had sex to soon.  Chuck also felt that if he had known Luke as a person, rather than confusing what he wanted Luke to be with what Luke actually was, he wouldn't have gotten hurt. 

Thinking these thoughts prompted Chuck to finally blurt out, "Why can't we have sex?" 

Dray thought long and hard before he finally answered, "There are several reasons, one being that in all the time I've lived, in every relationship I've seen, a relationship, whether that of friends or lovers, based on sex doesn't work.  In order for a relationship to work it has to be based on mutual trust and affection.  Sex is an important part of a relationship, but it is just a part, it can't be the whole." 

Dray paused as if unsure, and then proceeded slowly.  "I've had sex where I had no feelings for the other person and it was meaningless.  Sure, it got me off, and I enjoyed it, but it was meaningless.  It's almost as if sex as part of a meaningful relationship is something most guys aren't looking for.  It's like all they want is a fuck, or maybe a fuck buddy at best.  I want more; I’ve never experienced anything like it, and maybe I'll never have it; maybe I'm not meant to have it, me being what I am, but I want it...  I need it.  I hope that maybe I can have something like that with you." 

Looking down as if too ashamed to look Chuck in the eyes, Dray, in a hesitant, low, embarrassed voice continued.  Also, frankly, I'm not ready for sex right now.  I want to give myself to you like we talked about earlier, and I know that it's not the right time and I'm not ready. 

As Chuck gently lifted Dray's chin so that their eyes were level, he knew that, given what he had endured, despite his hormones and his great attraction to Dray, he wasn't ready for sex either.  Seeing the look of fear and insecurity in Dray's eyes, Chuck, with a tender smile, softly kissed Dray's lips and said, "I hope we can still kiss." 

In a husky emotion laden voice, Dray replied, "Yeah, that's alright I think." 

Making sure to keep eye contact with this seriously cute hunk, who all of a sudden seemed to need more reassurance than he did, Chuck said, "look, don't be so scared, I just need to know some things and I've found it best just to ask.  I'm not thinking of leaving you or anything." 

At Dray's tentative, relieved smile, Chuck continued.  "I've gotta tell you, I'm glad you promised that you wouldn't read my mind without me saying you could, because, you said the exact things I needed to hear.  This way, I know you meant it and you're not just saying it because you know I wanted to hear it." 

Chuck carefully considered his words.  "I do have some other questions and they're just questions, I'm not looking to do anything." 

At Dray's more relaxed and happy expression, Chuck felt free to continue. 

"About what happened to you tonight, with you and Jared, I… really felt bad.  I may not have a right to ask this… but I don't want you to do that with anyone else but me, at least until I'm trained."

"Is what you're really asking, is for me not to have sex with anyone else until we can decide about us?"

"Yeah… I guess so."  Chuck whispered, as his heart pounded. 

"That's a two way street, if I agree to that, I'd like for you to do the same.  Can you promise me that?" 

Chuck surprised himself when he realized that he had absolutely no doubts when he answered, "yes!" 

Dray searched Chuck's face, and seeing no hesitation or doubt, said solemnly, "Then, I promise that I won't have sex with anyone else or feed from anyone else until we decide about us."

Looking Dray straight in the eye, and surprising himself with how relieved he felt, Chuck said just as solemnly, "and I promise the same to you." 

They both hugged each other more tightly, each secretly relieved that the other didn't want to have sex with others until they gave themselves a chance at a relationship first. 

Chuck, feeling much more secure, and knowing that he would not, in all likelihood, ever do this, asked, "what if I decided that I wanted someone else or that I didn't want anyone at all?" 

Seeing the look of panic and pain on Dray's face, he quickly hugged him more tightly and said, "I'm not saying I'll do those things, but I need to know."

Dray on hearing this, calmed down a little and said, "I'd like to show you how I feel when I tell you this.  If it's alright?" 

At Chuck's nod, Dray opened his mind and projected his feelings so that Chuck would have no doubts.  "Anything we do, we do as friends.  Before all else, I'm your friend and always will be, even if you decide to take other lovers.  As long as there's a place for me in your heart, I'll be content.

At that, Chuck, not being able to help himself, leaned in and kissed Dray, hard, passionately.  Dray returned the kiss, his hard cock grinding against Chuck's hard steel.  Neither one could say whose tears the other felt. 

When Dray felt his cock start to throb with an impeding orgasm, he gently pulled away and cradled Chuck's head against his chest.  Chuck sighed contentedly and basked in just holding and being held by Dray.

"God, I'm so happy," Chuck thought, followed immediately by, "God, please don’t let me screw this up.  Everything he feels is what I'm feeling.  It's like he's the other half of my soul.  This time, I'm gonna take my time and see if what I feel right now stays true.  I still don't know how someone who looks this good could be attracted to me, but I don't care.  I know I'm attracted to him and that's all that matters!  Sleeping next to him and not being able to do anything with him is gonna be torture, but I gave my word and I always keep my word.  That's just another way we're alike. His word binds him.  Just like I've always made mine bind me.  No matter what anyone else ever called me, they never called me a liar.  And he wants me to fuck him!  God, I've never fucked anyone; I've always been the one who got fucked.  I liked it, I Really liked it; but I'd also like to be the one giving sometimes to.  I better tell him how I feel.  He won't know unless I tell him.

"Dray?” Chuck said softly, 


Hesitantly and blushing furiously, "I've never actually… actually ah… been the giver in sex."

"Then we'll both be virgins, I've never been the receiver!"  Laughed Dray, causing Chuck to giggle. 

Snuggling closer to Chuck, Dray whispered, "We can teach each other." 

"What's your real name?" asked Chuck after awhile.

"Don't laugh, it's Dragons Bane." 

Giggling, Chuck said, "I see why you like Dray!"  Some time after he and Dray stopped giggling, Chuck asked sleepily, "Where do we go from here?" 

"We go to an estate we own about 60 miles south of here; it’s got trees and pastures; we call it the farm.  It's guarded and secluded, and we can train in privacy.  You'll be trained in martial arts and unarmed combat as well as how to use your mental powers.  It's also close enough to a fairly large city that we can spend a lot of time hanging out and having fun with other people our age and not attract attention.  That'll also be part of your training, reading the minds of others and guiding their thoughts.  We'll teach you about our history and about our society.  It's gonna be a lot of work, but it's gonna be fun too." 

"I'd like to come back to Atlanta after that; there are some people that I want to settle up with." 

"I know Babe. I'll be right with you every step of the way.  The resources of the whole house will be yours if you need them." 

"I mean to make some of them pay for the way they've treated me all my life, and I really mean to make Luke and Jon know just what they did to me." 

"Whatever you want, it's yours bro.  You won't have to face it alone.  You'll never have to be alone again." 


"Yeah.  We became brothers when we exchanged blood.  We're brothers forever." 

With feelings of security and of being wanted that he had never had before, Chuck gently kissed Dray and whispered, "goodnight Dray." 

Dray returned the kiss murmuring, "Nite bro, sleep well."  Dray stayed awake long into the night watching as Chuck slept.  Why anyone would ever want to hurt such a beautiful guy, or reject him as he had been rejected his whole life, Dray didn't know.  He only knew that it would never happen again. 

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