Taming Of The Night
By ThaChillinDude
January 14, 2003

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Chapter 4:  The First Lesson

The clock showed it was 5:00 a.m. when Chuck woke the next morning.  Normally, he and Dray didn't usually wake until around 7:00 a.m., but this morning he couldn't sleep.  As he lay there, he felt stabs of hunger and knew that it was his body's way of telling him that he needed to eat to help replenish the blood he had given Dray last night.  Chuck slowly untangled himself from Dray and got out of bed. He watched as Dray, who was still sleeping, blindly groped for his body and found his pillow instead.  Chuck smiled as Dray inhaled his lover's scent on the pillow and pulled it tightly to him, making muttering sounds in his sleep.

Moving softly and leaving the lights off, so as not to wake Dray, Chuck moved over to the dresser and rummaged around for some gym shorts.  Locating a pair by touch, he silently put them on.  "God Dray is sooo hot!  Even when he's just woken up, he's beautiful.  Or it could be just the way I feel about him that makes me think so.  Nah, if the stares and thoughts he gets whenever we go into town are any indication, it's not just me!  Well, they can look, but this boy belongs to me!"

Chuck made his way silently toward the kitchen. He definitely didn't want to wake Craig and Jared or Lee and Billy if Billy was sharing Lee's bed tonight.  "I wonder if Billy left earlier tonight or if he's still in there with Lee?  I know he and Lee pretty much get together every night." 

In the kitchen, Chuck quietly fixed himself a large bowl of cereal, sat at the kitchen table, and started eating.  He received his answer about Lee and Billy a few minutes later as Billy, still in the process of buttoning up his Levis, walked into the kitchen.  Billy just gave him a sheepish grin, waved and padded out the back door.  "At least somebody's getting some.  Here I am sleeping with the hottest dude on the eastern seaboard and we can't have sex because of promises we made!  God, it's killing me!"  Thought Chuck grumpily. 

A few minutes later, Lee came in, hair disheveled, wearing only a pair of blue boxer-briefs.  Upon seeing Chuck, he gave a cheery good morning and proceeded to make a pot of coffee and a bowl of cereal for himself.  As he moved around the kitchen, Chuck took the opportunity to watch him and enjoy the sight of his body.  "Lee is one fine dude!  Billy is so lucky.  If I weren't in love with Dray, I'd jump on Lee in a minute, even if he is my brother!  I must be desperate; even incest sounds good!"  Chuck thought, causing him to grin. 

"What gets you up so early little bro?"  Asked Lee as he sat down and started eating his cereal.

"I was starving so I got up to eat before my growling stomach woke Dray."

"I take it he fed last night."

Chuck looked guilty as he glanced over at Lee.  "Yeah, and this morning we're going to one of the malls so he can feed again.  I didn't realize that he was so drained until last night." 

"Good," said Lee, "I've been meaning to talk to you about that and don't look so guilty!  I know about your agreement with Dray and he should have explained what the consequences were. Not just given his word." 

Chuck immediately rose to Dray's defense.  "It wasn't Dray's fault really.  I was just insecure.  I realize now that he did it so I wouldn't be." 

Lee looked over at Chuck, amusement clearly evident on his face.  "An explanation would have served just as well, I think.  As they say, no harm, no foul.  Oh and by the way, thanks for the compliment, but I think I'm the one who's lucky, not Billy." 

Chuck turned a deep red with embarrassment, realizing that Lee had picked up on his thoughts.  Seeing this, Lee laughed and said, "I wasn't trying to read your mind, you just tend to transmit when you get frustrated.  I'm actually kinda glad that I did hear it, because I've been trying to wait until Dray wasn't around to talk some things over with you." 

"Sorry, I shouldn't have been thinking those things and I guess I have been monopolizing Dray's time."

"Dude, get real.  First of all, we'd have to lock Dray away in a concrete vault to keep him from your side and secondly, you're a normal, healthy young buck.  And if you don't think Craig, Jared and I don't enjoy watching you whenever we see you naked, you're crazy!" 

As Chuck blushed again with embarrassment, Lee continued.  "I need to ask you some questions, and I need you to answer me honestly.  You know I wouldn't pry if it weren't important." 

If there was one thing Chuck knew, if he knew anything at all, it was that Lee fiercely loved all of them, including Chuck, and he would never do anything to hurt any of them in any way.  Chuck mustered a nervous smile and nodded his head quickly.  "Yeah! I know. I'll answer as truthfully as I can. You know that." 

"Do you love Dray?" 

Chuck looked Lee squarely in the eye and quietly said, "More than life itself.  I'd gladly meet death before I’d let him meet harm." 

Lee slammed his hand on the table making the cereal bowls and Chuck jump.  "It is about time!"  he said loudly, and then more quietly, in a calmer voice, "I had despaired that you would never admit it to yourself." 

Chuck settled down, still a little wild eyed at Lee's explosive response.  Lee looked at Chuck saying quietly, "Dray has not had an easy life.  He has been alone for many years; with pain his only companion for most of those years.  Certainly he has never known love, other than what I gave him as his friend and Craig and Jared gave him later in his life.  There was one other. Everybody knew it wouldn't work except for Dray and the guy he was involved with.  It broke his heart.  But that is for the Duke to tell; I will say no more of it. 

After watching you for four years, Craig, Jared and I knew you and Dray were destined for each other; a love to last for an eternity.  Please understand that I love Dray greatly.  I raised him and he will always be my little brother.  I have also come to love you just as much and that is why I speak now as I do, Little Tiger. 

You will be the Ducal Prince.  The most important duty you will have will be to advise Dray.  You are certainly aware by now that Dray can be cold and ruthless when the situation requires it.  But, there will also be times when restraint will be called for and Dray will not always be able to see that.  You are probably the only person in the world who can make Dray change his mind once it's made up.  That means the restraint must come from you." 

Chuck interrupted Lee.  "He would do what you, Craig and Jared advised.  He loves all three of you."

Lee smiled and briefly nodded his head in acknowledgement.  "True... but you’ll be the Prince, not us.  There are certain things that we have no right to advise on and we will not trespass across those boundaries.  In public, and by that I mean around anyone other than Craig, Dray, Jared and I, we, and this especially applies to you, can never disagree with the Duke on matters concerning the house.  The House has many enemies and they would most certainly take advantage of such a situation.  But in private we will speak our minds, as is our duty.  But when you and Dray reach a decision, that will be the end of it as far as we are concerned.  It is the Prince's right and duty to say to a Duke what he must hear, even if the Duke doesn't want to hear it, or if it angers him.  Do you understand this?" 

Chuck sat for long minutes deep in thought.  Finally he sent to Lee.  "I do; I don't know enough to do what you ask, but I will do my best."  Lee smiled and sent back, "If it is your best, then it will be well done.   What you don't know, we will teach you.  As long as you act with love for Dray, you can never go too far wrong."

Chuck sat for several moments absorbing this last and suddenly asked. "Why did you call me Little Tiger?" 

"Because of how ferocious you are in defending Dray.  Like the time you wanted to attack me for laughing at Dray when you broke his arm.  You reminded me of a young tiger guarding it's territory…  One should always take the tiger seriously!"  Lee and Chuck both giggled. 

Lee impulsively leaned over and hugged Chuck to him, a hug that Chuck gratefully returned.  When they released each other, Lee asked, "Have you told Dray how you feel about him?" 

Chuck shifted uncomfortably, ducking his head and smiling shyly.  "Last night." 

"Good, because I talked to Craig last night and he said that your training in the arcane arts was certainly sufficient and I can tell you that your training in martial arts is also.  We feel that you and Dray need to have some time off to enjoy yourselves." 

Chuck interrupted Lee.  "But what about last night?  I think the only reason I beat Dray was because he was so weak from not feeding enough.  I don't think I'm ready yet." 

Lee put on a mock stern expression.  "Young man," he began.

The thought of a 15-year-old boy calling him young man made Chuck giggle. 

"Young man," Lee began again, ignoring the interruption, "I have been teaching the art of armed and unarmed combat for over 2000 years, and I tell you that even if Dray had been at full strength, all things being equal, you still would have beat his ass!  Now, don't think that you would be able to beat Dray if he was using his full strength. You couldn't.  But that wasn't the purpose of your training.  The purpose of your training was to allow you to be able to successfully battle a full Dragon Lord after you have been made.  You have reached that point.  Even now, before you have been made, you would be an adversary to be feared by any normal Dragon." 

Chuck sat with a look of concentration on his face for several minutes.  He then turned a deep shade of red; so red that Lee thought he would burst into flames.  With an embarrassed look on his face, Chuck asked shyly, "If I'm trained, what about the pledge we made?"

Lee couldn't help but smile. Chuck had a body and face that could make a model envious.  Personality wise, he was an intriguing mixture of intelligence, curiosity and painfully awkward shyness wrapped around an inner core of tempered steel.  Without being aware of it, Chuck enchanted everyone he met and Lee was no exception.  "I've talked to Craig and Jared and we all agree to release both of you from your pledge.  What happens between the two of you in that area now is your own business." 

"But," Lee said, stopping Chuck as he shot out of his chair to run back to his and Dray's bedroom.  "Before you rush back in and shag Dray senseless, I want you to consider this.  I can tell by the look on your face that you're ready, but the question is, is Dray ready?  Dray has not had sex with another since he first set eyes on you four years ago and there are some things that Dray has absolutely no experience in." 

Lee was amazed that Chuck could turn an even deeper shade of red than he already had.  Lee gentled his voice to soothe Chuck.  "I would advise care and caution; if you rush things, you could very easily hurt Dray, both physically and emotionally and I don't think you want that.  Think of how you would have liked to have been treated…  Remember, for you, there is nothing he wouldn't do, even if it did hurt him." 

Chuck had only had sex with two guys in his whole life and both had fucked him. He had never fucked anyone.  Even after he had gotten used to getting fucked, there were still times when it had been extremely painful. Chuck now understood the pain was mostly due to Luke's callous disregard of whether or not Chuck was being hurt. 

But from those experiences, even with the pain, Chuck knew that was what he liked, to get fucked.  While Chuck was not a slut, he most definitely did like sex.  He readily admitted to himself that he was attracted to a lot of guys. He had fantasized about many of them while beating off.  That stopped when he had met Dray. He still enjoyed looking at other guys and he still beat off, but now it was to fantasies of Dray, not other guys he had seen. 

Chuck knew that even though he preferred to be fucked, he sometimes wanted to be the one fucking.  Chuck also knew that Dray was predominately a top, and even though he had never been fucked, he sometimes wanted to be.  But the one thing Chuck knew above all else, was that he would never let Dray be treated the way he, himself, had been, either emotionally or physically.

Chuck slumped back down in his chair, concern clearly visible in every line of his body.  He was silent for a long time as he thought over what Lee had said.  "You're right…  I promise to take it slow.  I know how much Dray loves me and I would never do anything to hurt him or let him hurt himself trying to please me.  If we waited this long, we can wait a little longer until we're sure we're both ready. 

Lee looked down at the table for a long while, deep in thought.  "Go on back to bed; I’ll clean up in here.  Oh, and by the way, Dray is the luckiest Dragon Lord on the face of the earth.  Don't you forget it and don't you let him forget it either." 

Chuck stood blushing shyly and nodding his thanks he walked back to his bedroom. 

"I love my Little Tiger," Lee thought watching the handsome boy as he walked down the hallway, "He's good for Dray and Dray's good for him.  Together, they will be invincible.  Dray is happier now than I've ever known him to be and Chuck is not even recognizable compared to the broken boy Dray brought home four months ago.  The kindness and concern for others was always there, but there's a confidence and strength that was hidden that Dray seems to have brought out in the Little Tiger.  And, to still be so caring after what he's been through is amazing.  Still, I'd hate to be the people who wronged him in the past when he gets around to addressing those wrongs. Even with that, I'd rather have Chuck's revenge than Dray's.  I wonder what Dray will name him?  It doesn't matter really, he'll always be my Little Tiger." 

Lee slowly carried the bowls and spoons to the kitchen sink and looked out the window.  He stared at the approaching dawn but his eyes saw much farther away. 

Chuck, meanwhile, had gone back to the bedroom he shared with Dray, dropped his gym shorts on the floor, and slipped, naked into bed behind the sleeping boy, moving carefully so as not to wake him.  Laying his head on Dray's pillow and smelling the clean scent of his hair, Chuck cradled Dray's naked body and kissed his neck lovingly, surprised that Dray hadn't woken when he spooned him. 

Dray, still asleep, unconsciously pushed his ass back into Chuck's crotch and his back against Chuck's chest.  Chuck could feel his own already half swollen cock grow to it's full hardness. The thick mushroom shaped head moved up into Dray's crack and came to rest against the moist, hotness of his hole.  This was not the first time that this had happened to either one as they slept holding each other in this position, but it never went any further than that.  Chuck lightly caressed Dray's right nipple and let his hand drop down until his arm draped over the sleeping boy.  He lay like that for several minutes until he fell asleep. 

Three hours later, Chuck was woken by the sound of running water coming from the bathroom.  As he was now alone in bed, he knew it had to be Dray.  He stretched, hopped out of bed and walked in the bathroom. His morning erection led the way.  When he entered the bathroom, he found Dray naked, leaning over the sink, brushing his teeth.  Walking up behind Dray, Chuck wrapped his arms around him, pushed his hard cock between Dray's ass cheeks and leaned over to kiss the back of his neck. 

Dray grinned at Chuck's reflection in the mirror.  "Hey! That's the way I woke up this morning!  Can't a guy even brush his fangs around here without something being shoved up his ass?" 

Chuck playfully slapped Dray's ass as he moved to the other sink to brush his own teeth.  "You wish!  Ya big homo!" 

Dray laughed, rinsed his mouth out and kissed Chuck's own neck as Chuck brushed his teeth.  He then went over to the shower and turned it on, and hopped in.  As Dray was soaping himself up, Chuck joined him in the shower saying, "Get my back for me, would you?" 

Dray soaped up Chuck's back and ass, then reached around to soap up his chest.  When he did, his now erect cock slipped between Chuck's ass cheeks, prompting Chuck to murmur, "Now who's trying to stick something up someone's ass?"

"Mmmm!"  Responded Dray, "You're friendly neighborhood homo!  That's who."

Chuck pulled away from Dray, gave him a quick kiss and finished showering.  When they were dressing, Chuck asked Dray if he wanted to eat some food first or go to the Mall. 

"Let's go to the Mall. I'm hungry but not for food!"  Said Dray as he finished tying his shoes. 

It was decided that Chuck would drive and they both got into Dray's 350Z and quickly covered the distance to the nearest mall.  On the way Chuck explained that there were several stores they would go to.  In each store they'd pick a salesperson or customer and Chuck would lure them to a secluded place where Dray could feed.  "I'll also rearrange their memories so they don't remember any of it. It'll be good practice for me." 

Dray readily agreed and they started at one of the larger department stores and worked their way from store to store, with Chuck implanting the idea to go into an empty stockroom or other secluded area into the unsuspecting persons mind, then standing guard until Dray had fed.  Dray chose young, good-looking guys. Chuck would read their minds and decide if this was a good choice or not.  If the guy was a bully or a prick, Chuck chose him.  If the guy was anywhere near decent, they left him alone.  By the time Dray had fed from his sixth victim, his need for blood was satisfied. 

"Come on, I'm full, let's go get some food!"  Said Dray dragging Chuck over to the food court on the lower level. 

Chuck laughed and followed him over, saying, "Geez! you're a pig!" 

Dray happily flipped him off and stood looking over the menus.  "I've already eaten this morning so, I'll just sit with you."  Said Chuck.  Dray just nodded and walked to the counter to order. 

While Dray sat at the table and ate his scrambled eggs and bacon, Chuck contentedly watched him and sipped on a coke.  Eventually, Chuck leaned over and said, "I'm gonna take a leak. I'll be back in a few."  Dray barely acknowledged him as he plowed through his late breakfast. 

Chuck went into the mall bathroom and finding it empty, proceeded to use the first urinal he came to.  While washing his hands, he heard the bathroom door open and was suddenly startled to hear a voice from his past. 

"Well! Well! Well! If it isn't Chuck Mitchell!  I thought you had left the state queer boy!"

Chuck froze with fear as the words brought back memories of being teased, bullied and beaten by the voice's owner.  Slowly he turned around and faced two of his former high school classmates who had made his life a living hell.  The one who had spoken was Jeff Walsh and Chuck was not surprised to see Casey Willingham with him. They were both on the football team and they always hung out together.  Chuck was shocked. When he reflexively scanned their minds he found memories, from both of them, of having sex with each other.  He also found out that they had both cheated on each other and fucked and gotten fucked by other guys including Jon Chambers. 

"Jeff! We got us a fag here. We drive all this way only to find the school queer hanging in the bathroom looking to give blow jobs." 

Dray, finished with his breakfast and idly watching the cute guy behind one of the fast food counters, suddenly sat up straight in his chair as he felt the stab of fear that came from Chuck.  Dray quickly sent to Chuck, "Dude, what' going on?"  Chuck sent back, "Two of my old classmates; in the bathroom."  Dray could feel the fear Chuck tried to hide and quickly got up moving toward the men's room.  "I'm on my way!"

Partially succeeding in pushing down his fear, Chuck leaned casually against the sink and stared coldly at the two huge muscular football players.  "You two are ones to talk.  Everyone knows you've been fucking each other since junior high.  Jon told me that he's fucked and been fucked by both of you assholes!  He said it wasn't much fun ‘cause you couldn't get a decent sized cock if you added both of yours together!" 

Both Jeff and Casey were stunned speechless at Chuck's words and just stood staring, open-mouthed.  Something had changed.  This wasn't the easy mark that they'd picked on since the second grade.  Both Jeff and Casey had expected Chuck to become frightened and try to walk away, just like he'd always done.  This Chuck Mitchell wasn't acting that way at all. Not only did he not act scared, he was ridiculing them.  Both Jeff and Casey knew that the Chuck Mitchell they knew would never talk to them like that.  No, this wasn't the same Chuck Mitchell they had known before. As they stood, slack jawed and staring, they could see that this Chuck Mitchell even looked different. 

The old Chuck had always been defined and slim. Even though Jeff and Casey had regularly made fun of his body, telling him how puny he was, they had always secretly and bitterly envied Chuck's good looks and his build.  This Chuck, while still slim and certainly not bulging with muscles, didn't look puny at all.  He looked lean, agile and hard. 

What shocked them most, though, was the air of quiet confidence that seemed to surround Chuck.  This Chuck wasn't afraid, he wasn't impressed, in fact he seemed bored.  More troubling still, he somehow knew things that no one had any business knowing.  Jeff and Casey both felt chilled as they stared at this person so like, yet unlike, the boy they had made so miserable for such a long time.  Instinctively, at a subconscious level, both Jeff and Casey knew that this boy was not the same boy they used to bully unmercifully. This boy was dangerous.  Staring at him they saw not prey but predator.  As they stared, Dray strolled in and walked over to stand beside Chuck. 

"What's up?"  Said Dray casually.

"Is this cunt your boyfriend, fag?"  Sneered Casey. He was suddenly feeling afraid and hating Chuck even more because of it.  Casey could tell by Jeff's stunned expression and his body language that he was feeling the same fear.  Casey knew he had to do something to gain the upper hand and he knew he had to do it quickly.  Gathering his hate around him like a protective cloak. Seeking to once more intimidate Chuck, he reached over and shoved Dray in the chest. 

Before either Casey or Jeff could register it, Chuck, without taking his eyes off either of the two, flicked out his left arm, striking Casey in mid forearm with a closed fist.  There was a dry, loud snap as Chuck, with that single, almost casual blow, broke both bones in Casey's right forearm.  Casey let out a scream that was cut off almost before it began when Chuck froze his vocal chords with his mind.  Dray moved quickly to put himself between Jeff and the door as Jeff stared, wide eyed at the falling Casey. 

"Stay out of this Dray, I don't want you to dirty yourself with this filth."  Said Chuck in a quiet, cold voice that sent shivers down Dray's spine.

"Yeah stay out of this faggot!  This is between your slut and me.  I'll take care of you after I smoke your boyfriend!"  Said Jeff, anger and hatred overcoming the fear he had earlier felt.  He then stepped protectively between Chuck and the silently crying Casey who lay writhing on the floor clutching his broken arm. 

"Shut up!!!  Don’t ever speak to him again!"  Said Chuck in a voice that chilled Jeff with its frightening intensity.  Chuck reached with his mind and froze Jeff's vocal chords and continuing to speak in a voice as cold as death, "For even speaking to him, I'm going to ruin you; you fucking, hypocritical whore!  I'm going to ruin you for all the years you harassed me.  I'm going to ruin you for all the years you tormented me.  I'm going to ruin you for all the beatings you gave me.  Fuck, I'll ruin you for the hell of it." 

"Chuck, no!"  Whispered Dray as he started for Chuck; only to be frozen in his tracks by Chuck’s icy stare. 

"Yes."  Replied Chuck.  Dray couldn't tell if it was a plea or a statement.  Watching, as Chuck, with a cold, predatory smile, began to stalk Jeff. Dray was reminded of a tiger stalking it's prey.  Dray wanted to make sure Chuck didn't carry things too far but he knew this was something Chuck had to do and that he could only stand by and watch.  Moving back to give the two more room, Dray contented himself with the knowledge that he would stop Chuck only if he was close to killing either one of his two former classmates. 

Chuck toyed with Jeff, giving him casual, stinging slaps and then dancing away.  Jeff, unable to make a sound tried frantically to fight at first, rushing Chuck and swinging at him like a lumbering bear.  Chuck easily eluded Jeff and danced around him, positioning him.  When Jeff was in the position Chuck wanted, Chuck snapped Jeff's arm at the elbow with a flying sidekick and slammed him into the bathroom mirror, breaking it in a cascade of glass.  Jeff fell to the floor like a puppet whose strings have suddenly been cut. Jeff stunned and in pain, lay next to Casey, the two writhing in agony. 

Moving faster than Jeff or Casey could follow, Chuck, quickly and efficiently, broke both their legs and their arms and crushed both their ankles and their knees, beyond any hope of repair.  He then stripped the boys, by now mercifully unconscious. Picking up a shard of broken mirror he carved the word fag into both their stomachs with deep gouges, saying only, "That's for touching my boyfriend, cunt!  Let's see you explain that!"  Chuck then blocked their ability to ever identify either Dray or himself to anyone.  By doing this, Chuck made sure that Jeff and Casey would know until the day they died that it was him that crippled and scarred them for life and they'd never be able to tell another living soul.

Chuck stood and stared at his handiwork.  Knowing they had to get out of there before they were discovered, Dray quickly made sure no one was outside the men’s room and led the now trembling boy back to the car.  "We're lucky there were no security cameras near that men’s room. I'd have had to get the tapes otherwise." 

Chuck just sat staring out the windshield, shaking violently as Dray buckled him into the passenger seat.  Dray then walked quickly around to the driver's side making sure with a quick scan of the minds around him that no one had any interest in them. He slid in and started the powerful engine. 

Dray quickly gunned the engine, pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.  Several miles down the highway, when Chuck put his head in his hands and started sobbing, Dray quickly pulled off the road and ran around to the passenger side.  Opening the door, he pulled Chuck to him and cradled the crying boy to his chest.  Dray made soothing, comforting noises as he stroked the back of the remorseful boy, who cried for such a terribly long time. 

When Chuck had calmed down, Dray gently buckled the boy back into his seat and started them back home. 

"I'm sorry Dray, I'm so sorry." 

"You've got nothing to be sorry for Chuck.  You took a lot of years of abuse and had to pay them back." 

Looking down at his feet, Chuck whispered, "I ruined their lives.  Nobody deserves what I did to them.  They're crippled.  They'll never walk again…  God, what have I done?" 

Dray reached over and pulled Chuck to him, again cradling him against his chest.  "I'm not gonna say it was justice and I really don't care what you did to those two...  They deserved what you did and maybe more; I read their minds, you weren't the only one they tried to destroy.  >From what I could tell, they forced themselves on several, younger, weaker guys just because they were gay and those two knew they could get away with it."  Chuck simply clung to Dray, as if Dray’s very presence could erase the memories of what Chuck had done.  Tears soaked Dray's shirt as Chuck quietly wept. 

When they got back to the compound, Dray took Chuck straight to their room, just shaking his head at the concerned looks from Craig, Jared and Lee from where they sat in the family room.  In their room, Dray quickly stripped the now silent youth.  Chuck made no move to initiate anything; he just moved the way Dray guided him, his tear-ravaged face showing no emotion.  Dray moved them to the bathroom, stripping his own clothes, and filled the bathtub with warm water.  In a scene, eerily reminiscent of the previous night, Dray slowly sat Chuck down in the tub, with him in back and Chuck in front, his spine rigid and unmoving.  Dray gently pulled Chuck to himself until Chuck finally relaxed and allowed himself to be held and comforted. 

After awhile, Dray, in a loving caress, whispered to Chuck's mind, "I know what happened back at the mall hurt you...  Losing yourself to hatred is the pain you feel and the only thing that you have to feel sorry for.  Just remember you did what you did to protect yourself and me. That's a good thing.  Protecting yourself and your family is the only reason to ever fight or kill.  Just don't ever get to the point where you like it.  So we understand each other, I don't give a damn about what you did to those two you left on that bathroom floor, but I do care what it did to you.  Do you understand what I'm trying to say, Babe?" 

Chuck, hesitantly at first returned the caress with a tentative gentle touch.  Feeling no judgment from Dray, only concern for him, love and acceptance, Chuck soaked up Dray's mental caresses like a freezing man warming himself before a fire. 

"I understand." 

Dray held Chuck while he drifted in and out of sleep.  When the water began to cool, Dray lifted him out the tub and lovingly dried him off.  "I'll tell the guys that we're gonna skip training today." 

"Lee told me this morning that he and Craig think my training is finished."  Murmured Chuck. He sounded to Dray like a sleepy, little boy. 

Dray hurriedly dried off and led the exhausted boy into the bedroom where he helped him get into bed.  As Dray quietly turned to leave so he wouldn't disturb Chuck while he slept. Chuck reached out and took his hand, not saying anything.  He didn't have to; Dray understood that sometimes you need the one you love to fight off the demons that haunt you when you sleep.  Dray climbed into bed and held the boy, who suddenly seemed so small and fragile, until he settled into the slow, deep breathing of sleep. 

When Chuck was asleep, Dray slipped out of bed and put on a pair of gym shorts.  He then went out to the family room where Lee sat with his legs hanging over the side of the armchair quietly watching television and Craig was lying on the floor in front of the television on his back with Jared lying on top of him.  Craig's head lay turned to one side, with his eyes closed and his hands down the back of Jared's jeans loosely cupping his firm ass cheeks. 

Jared and Lee looked over at Dray with questioning faces as Dray came in and dropped on the couch. 

"What did you do to the Little Tiger?"  Asked Lee.

Dray snorted a laugh and said, I didn't do anything, and after seeing what he just did, I don't think I want to piss him off."  Dray went on to tell them about the altercation at the mall and Chuck's reaction. 

"Now I know why you call him Little Tiger.  He moves just like a tiger and he's just as deadly."  Dray said to Lee when he'd finished. 

Lee slowly nodded his head and Jared just looked at Dray with sympathy in his eyes. 

Dray reached down and gently stroked Jared's back and smiled at him fondly.  Jared returned the smile with almost hero worship. 

Craig without opening his eyes or moving his head said grumpily, "Can’t you two wait until I'm at least out of the room before you start freaking with each other?" 

"If I have to do all the work again tonight, I'll take you up on that."  Teased Jared. 

Craig, with his eyes still closed, blushed while Lee and Dray tried, without any success, to hide their laughter. 

"Hey," said Dray, "I'm a one man boy and besides, it's not like I'd ever have any chance with either one of you two!" 

Craig grumbled and Jared giggled. 

After a few moments, Dray thoughtfully said, "Now that Chuck's training is over, I'd like to sell the Buckhead townhouse.  We'll move to the apartment building we own in midtown.  Lee, it was a good idea to seal up the lower parking garage and turn it into living quarters.  Let's take advantage of it now.  There's enough room for all of us plus anyone else we want to bring in.  It has several escape routes and it's built like a bunker.  We'll be safe from attack there.  And, we need more room with two new Dragon's on the way." 

Dray again smiled down fondly at Jared who blushed and self-consciously grinned. 

Dray continued.  "Jared can you do me a big favor?" 

"Sure!"  Replied Jared immediately, his eagerness to please Dray clearly evident. 

"When you and Craig get back to Atlanta, would you please pick up some clothes for Chuck, enough to last him a couple of weeks until he can shop and get his own.  I'm sure he's sick of wearing mine; and were you able to figure out what kind of car he wants?" 

Jared nodded yes and grinned, "Clothes are no problem. We can go tomorrow and get enough for him to use until I take him out shopping when we get back to Atlanta.  I don't think he's had much experience buying stuff for himself.  As for the car, Chuck and I go online looking at cars almost every night, it's fun!  I know exactly what he wants.  I'm sure this isn't a surprise to Lee or Craig, but his dream car is one exactly like you have, a 350Z track model fully loaded, with a charcoal interior like yours.  But, he wants a Pikes Peak White exterior instead of Silverstone like you have." 

"God, three car nuts!"  Groaned Craig.

Dray ignored Craig and addressed his next comments to Lee and Jared.  "Jared pick one up for him please and for the love of God, pick up something for yourself and don't make it an SUV!  You're gonna need something besides that big ass Navigator to drive around town.  Keep Chuck's car hidden. His birthday is in two months and I want to surprise him.  Lee, if you would, call and make the arrangements about the town house and have some of our most trusted people get anything we need moved over to the Peachtree apartment building.  It's Friday, so I'd like us all to be settled in at the Peachtree apartments by Monday." 

Lee nodded thoughtfully, "Does this mean you're planning to turn Chuck soon?"

"Yeah, I'd like to, but I want to make sure it's what he wants before I do it." 

Jared looked at Dray with a thoughtful look on his face.  "Dray, I know this is none of my business…"

Dray gave Jared an encouraging look. 

Seeing this, Jared ducked his head bashfully and continued shyly, "Well it's just that I've gotten to know Chuck pretty well and if I were you I'd be real careful about how you ask him." 

Dray looked totally confused.  "I will, but I'm not sure what you mean."

Jared sighed and continued on almost unwillingly.  "Chuck wants nothing more than to become a Dragon and join you.  I think we've all seen that.  If you don't make it clear to him that you want the same thing before you give him a choice, he might think you're hoping he'll change his mind.  Even though he's made a lot of progress, he's really insecure especially where you're concerned…  I hope I'm not out of line here." 

Dray watched Craig holding Jared protectively and smiled.  "My future brother in law can say whatever he wants.  I'll always listen…  I'm glad that you told me. I sometimes forget how insecure Chuck is."  Dray then added in a smaller, hesitant voice, "Do you really think he wants to be with me?"

Craig, Lee, and Jared all cracked up. 

Lee finally took pity on Dray and walked over to the couch and sat, putting his arm around Dray's shoulder.  "Dray, he loves you and you love him.  You two need some time alone and you need to make that clear to each other." 

Dray sat with a thoughtful look on his face.  They all looked back toward Dray's bedroom when four sets of very acute Dragon and Familiar's ears heard whimpering.  As Dray started to get up Lee gently pushed him back down and stood himself.  "Sometimes, a boy needs his big brother more than his future husband." 

Dray started to protest and then got a thoughtful look on his face.  Lee, seeing Dray would stay in the Family room, went to Dray and Chuck's bedroom and sat on the bed, stroking Chuck's back as he came out of his nightmare. 

"It's all right Little Tiger,” soothed Lee as he held the quietly crying Chuck who in turn clung to Lee.  Eventually Chuck stopped crying and Lee laid him back down so that they both were lying, facing each other. 

"Dray told us about what happened." 

Chuck nodded his head miserably.

"Dray told us that he read in their minds that they were planning to really hurt you." 

Chuck looked down, refusing to meet Lee's eyes. 

Lee took on the tone of the teacher that had taught Chuck for four months.  Chuck subconsciously responded with the respect, trust and attention he had always given to Lee.

"You responded as you should have.  The only thing you did wrong was to take pleasure in the pain of your adversaries; although, to tell you the truth, I would have probably done the same thing, in the same circumstances.  You knew that was wrong and now you know why.  It won't happen again.  And if you start to feel guilty again, I want you to remember one thing.  If you had not dealt with them, Dray would have and if Dray had dealt with them, they would have died horribly and with a lot more pain than you inflicted.  The pain is yours.  It is the price you paid for the lesson you learned.  Don't ever forget it, but don't let it consume you either." 

Lee waited while Chuck digested this. 

Chuck knew both Lee and Dray were right and that while he had enjoyed it for a brief time, he would never make that mistake again.  He realized that Lee and Dray weren't mad, disgusted or ashamed of him for what he had done, they were just trying to teach him that enjoying inflicting pain on others would destroy him and for that knowledge, he was grateful. 

Chuck smiled at Lee gratefully and said, "I know.  Dray explained it to me earlier.  I just had a bad dream about it; I’m sorry I bothered you." 

"It was no bother Little Tiger."  Replied Lee.  Lee slapped Chuck playfully on his naked butt and said, "Now, get some clothes on before Dray comes in here and freaks out!"  Giggling, Chuck got up and put on a pair of Levis, not bothering with underwear.  Lee eyed Chuck's naked body appreciatively and knowing that Chuck still suffered from a poor self image, got up and took the handsome boy into his arms. 

"Little Tiger, you are beautiful both inside and out, never doubt that."  Lee then gave Chuck a soft, lingering kiss that left Chuck light headed and dizzy.  Lee smiled at Chuck's dazed look and said, "I know that you're in love with Dray and I know he's in love with you.  That was just my way of telling you that you're hot, in case there's ever any doubt!  Now, that won't ever happen again and we will never tell Dray.  Okay?" 

Chuck blushed and quickly hugged Lee.  "Thanks big bro." 

Letting each other go, they both moved toward the bedroom door, which slowly opened to show three concerned faces looking in.  Chuck and Lee laughed and Chuck moved over and hugged a surprised and pleased Dray.  "Sorry I worried you guys, I just had a few things I had to work out." 

Chuck put his arm around Dray and his hand in Dray's back pocket.  Dray simply stood with a wide grin on his face.  Craig, who stood in back of Jared with his arms around Jared's chest smirked at the picture Dray and Chuck made. 

"Let's eat," said Lee.  All five boys headed into the kitchen and went about making a late lunch out of the food Martha had prepared for them. 

While the other boys were eating and joking with each other, Chuck sat with a contented look on his face, thinking about what he needed to say to Dray and how to say it.  Craig watched Chuck for any signs of distress and was pleased to find that any that were there, were fading fast.  But, it was clear to Craig that Chuck had changed somehow. He seemed older, more grounded somehow, as if he had aged since yesterday.  At first Craig couldn't place it, and when he finally did, it was Chuck's eyes that gave it away.  As Chuck turned to stare off into the distance, momentarily lost in thought, Craig caught a glimpse of his eyes; they were older now, wiser and without a doubt, sadder.  Craig nodded his head in understanding, and hated the price that Chuck paid for his newfound wisdom. 

After they had all eaten, Craig and Dray cleaned up the kitchen while Lee left to find Billy.  Chuck and Jared went to work on their tans in the private garden off the master suite.  In the garden, they both laid beach towels down on the grass and stripped their clothes off.  When Jared, his back to Chuck, bent over to apply suntan lotion to his legs, Chuck could clearly see Jared's puckered hole, slightly winking, his ass lips puffy from his vigorous bout of lovemaking with Craig last night.  Chuck immediately got hard and turned to hide it, but not before Jared, standing up and turning toward Chuck, saw it. 

Chuck, his own hole aching with need, slowly turned back around and said shyly, "Sorry, four months is a long time." 

Jared just laughed, his own cock half erect, and said, "Believe me, I'm flattered." 

After they had lain in the late afternoon sun for awhile, Jared said, "Chuck, I don't want to pry, but you know you and Dray can do whatever you want now, don't you?" 

"Don't worry, you're not prying.  I wanted to talk some stuff over with you and I was just trying to figure out how to bring it up...  I want Dray so bad, I can hardly stand it, but I need to go slow with him.  I haven't had a lot of experience, but in some things, I have a whole lot more experience than Dray does." 

"You mean being a bottom?"  Jared said quietly.


"You're right Chuck.  Dray has never, and I mean never let anyone touch his ass in that way.  I know that when he would bring back a guy and whether they were a top or a bottom, they were always the one who got fucked." 

"I know, when I ate Dray out that first night, he said that he'd never been fucked or rimmed before." 

Jared said nothing, just stared at Chuck, a look of amazement on his face.  Until Chuck finally said, "What?  What's the matter?" 

"Dray let you do that to him?  I can't believe it.  I remember one Dragon from another house, House Nephaleer.  God he was hot.  I don't have sex now with anyone except Craig, but I might have made an exception for this guy!!  Anyway, Dray and this guy were at the club we own and started getting hot and heavy.  Dray brought him to the back room where Craig was giving me head.  This guy wanted to fuck Dray, I mean who wouldn't, and Dray told him no.  This guy wouldn't take no for an answer and tried to rim Dray.  Dray told him no again and the Dude tried to force Dray.  Craig and I didn't even have time to move to help Dray before Dray broke this dude's arm and threw him through the door." 

Chuck stared at Jared in shock.  "Man, I didn't know." 

Jared grinned and said, "Look, both Craig and I switch positions all the time, but it took awhile to get Craig used to it.  I think things will work out if you just take your time and help each other." 

"To be honest with you, I really like to get fucked.  So it's not like I want to be on top most of the times… But… it's something I'd really like to do from time to time, but only with Dray." 

"Talk to each other.  It'll work out if you two just talk to each other."

After that, Jared and Chuck just laid out until the sun started to set.  When that happened, they both got up and went into the house.  Chuck stepped into the shower to wash off the suntan lotion, which is where Dray found him. 

"Babe,” Dray yelled over the sound of the water, " 

Chuck, looking over and seeing Dray, smiled a smile that seemed to light up the whole bathroom.  Dray's knees almost buckled and his cock sprang into instant hardness, clearly visible in the baggy, knee length, shorts he was wearing.  "Yeah?" said Chuck, his smile clearly evident in his voice. 

"After you shower, let's go for a walk." 

"Sounds like a plan, Dragon Man!"  Rhymed Chuck happily. 

Chuck finished showering; making sure that his ass was totally clean, and quickly dressed.  The two boys strolled out the kitchen door, waving cheerfully to the two couples, Billy and Lee, and Jared and Craig. 

As they strolled past the field where they practiced and into the woods beyond, Dray put his arm around Chuck’s waist and Chuck did the same to Dray. 

"Dray… I love you." Chuck whispered in Dray's mind. As they walked, Chuck looked down at his feet, hiding the tears flowing down his cheeks, "I was kinda afraid you wouldn't want anything to do with me after what happened at the mall today.  I understand what you and Lee told me and I'm gonna try never to enjoy hurting people like that again." 

Dray pulled Chuck closer to him.  "Chuck, I understand why you did what you did.  Jared talked with me and he said that you might be afraid of something like that, but please believe me when I tell you that I love you and I always will.  I'm just glad that you learned that lesson, because I don't want you to be hurt if something like that occurs in the future." 

Chuck stopped Dray and roughly pushed him against a tree.  Chuck pressed his lips against Dray's, his tongue frantically seeking entrance to Dray's mouth.  Dray eagerly parted his lips and allowed Chuck's tongue to slip in as Dray's own tongue moved into Chuck's mouth.  Chuck could feel Dray's thick, hard cock press against his own as he ground his body against Dray's.  Chuck began to ram his cock against Dray's, as Dray eagerly slammed his hips to meet Chuck's thrusts. 

Feeling himself about to cum, Chuck broke off the kiss and moved his body slightly back.  Panting, he sent, "At first I didn't want to admit this to myself, because I was afraid of making the same mistake I made before.  But now, I need to make you understand how I feel.  I love you.  I love you like I hope we can spend eternity together.  Like I don't want my life without you.  Like I want to have you in me and me in you.  Like I don't ever want anyone to make love to you but me.  Like I don't want to make love to anyone but you.  Like I'll remember this kiss no matter how many nights we see together."

Chuck gently kissed the trail of tears that ran down Dray's face.  "You told me that you've loved me for over four years…  I believe you.  That's why I have to make you understand how I feel.  I'd do anything for you.  When Casey shoved you today, I almost killed him then and there.  If he had hurt you I would have.  I'll never hurt you and I'll kill anyone or anything that tries to hurt you.  I want to be with you and only you.  I'll do anything you ask me, bear any burden and pay any price.  But, please be with me and only me and I promise, that I'll only be with you and never anyone else." 

Chuck looked down at the ground, he'd blurted out the feelings for Dray he'd bottled up for so long; he’d left himself open and vulnerable and he was afraid.  He was afraid that the answer would be no and that his life would be over.  He knew he wouldn't want his life without Dray.

Dray cupped Chuck's face with both of his hands feeling the trail of tears that fell down Chuck's face.  He slowly, and gently lifted Chuck's face until they were looking into each other’s eyes.  As Dray kissed Chuck he gently caressed his mind.  "I, Dragons Bane, Duke of House Thorn, do so swear.  From where the moon and stars now stand I am yours.  Forever.  I love you with all that I am, my mind, body, soul and all that I possess are yours to do with as you will.  For eternity I will love and be with only you and, while we live, I shall never love another.  Will you join me as a Dragon my beloved and live your life, in my house, with me and only me?" 

There was no doubt in Chuck's mind when he answered, simply, "I will, my beloved." 

Chuck clearly heard in his mind, and knew that all members of House Thorn could also, Dray's clarion call.  "My Lord Earl of House Thorn, it pleases us to have all in our service attend us here, in our House, at this time.  And it pleases us that you all abide yet for awhile, we shall be with you anon." 

Chuck heard Craig's response just as clearly, "As My Lord Duke Commands, so shall it be done."

Dray kissed Chuck deeply and led him deeper into the woods.  When they had walked to a clearing, Dray stopped, content to hold and be held by Chuck. 

Chuck laid his head against Dray's chest, just enjoying being held by his man.  After awhile, he murmured, "I love the night; I seem more alive." 

Dray said softly, "You are… we are children of the night and all creatures that inhabit the night are under our dominion… even those of us who can bear the day, still prefer the night." 

Holding one another, they stood together enjoying the night.  After awhile, Dray softly said, "Let's head back, the others are waiting."  When they reached the house and entered the kitchen, Dray led Chuck to the large living room where everybody was assembled, including Martha and George. 

When Dray and Chuck entered the men all bowed deeply, almost touching the floor, and held that position.   Martha curtseyed to the floor and held her position also.  Dray placed a wide-eyed Chuck in front of him and put his arms around his chest and said, "Rise!  All of you who are our people, and are called by our name, rise; and know, he, who will be Prince of this House, has consented to be our beloved, in whom we are well pleased." 

Craig walked forward and bowed deeply to Chuck and said, "Highness, I am your loyal servant and counselor, Craig Robertson, Earl of House Thorn, may I present my mate?"

At Chuck's unsure nod, Craig, without taking his eyes from Chuck, held out his right hand; Jared walked forward, bowed deeply, straightened, and placed his hand in Craig's saying, "Highness, I am your loyal servant and presumptive heir to Earl Craig, Jared Harris, Knight of House Thorn." 

"Slightly Nod your head once and say 'I am honored and well pleased My Lords Earl Craig and Sir Jared," prompted Dray, laughter evident in his mental voice. 

Chuck slightly nodded his head and said gravely, "I am honored and well pleased My Lords Earl Craig and Sir Jared." 

Craig and Jared bowed in unison and backed away. 

Lee walked forward and bowed deeply to Chuck and said, "Highness, I am your loyal servant and Arms Master, Lee Chan, Knight General of House Thorn, may I present my mate?"

At Chuck's nod, Lee, without taking his eyes from Chuck, held out his right hand, Billy walked forward, bowed deeply, straightened and placed his hand in Lee's, saying, "Highness, I am your loyal servant and Commander of your household Guard, William Clay, Knight Lieutenant of House Thorn." 

Chuck slightly nodded his head and said gravely, "I am honored and well pleased My Lord General Sir Lee and My Lord Lieutenant Sir William." 

Lee and Billy bowed in unison and backed away. 

Martha and George who were both Knights of House Thorn followed the same procedure. 

When the ceremony had ended, Dray said, "We thank you." 

Grinning, everybody broke ranks and crowded around Chuck and Dray congratulating them.  Jared hugged Chuck, tears flowing down his face, "I'm so happy for you bro!"

Afterwards, Dray and Chuck headed back to their room where Chuck shoved Dray against the closed door and pressing his body against Dray said, "You could've warned me, you asshole."  Before Dray could say anything Chuck kissed him hard and stepped away.  As he stripped off his clothes, he grinned and asked Dray, "Are you gonna sleep in your clothes?"  Still grinning, he turned around, walked over to the bed, threw back the comforter and got in, unintentionally, giving Dray a long look at his small, muscular bubble butt. 

Dray slowly stripped, looking thoughtful, and joined Chuck in bed.  Dray leaned into Chuck, holding him in his arms and kissed him lingeringly.  "Chuck...” began Dray, but he was cut off by Chuck as Chuck squeezed him tightly and said, "Can we talk for a little while?"  Dray nodded his head and Chuck moved him so that he was lying on his back, his head propped on the pillows.  Chuck then crawled on top of Dray and lay on his stomach and Chest so that they were eye to eye. 

Chuck paused and looked down, as if unsure what to say, after a few moments, he began to talk. 

"Dray, from the first minute I saw you, I wanted you.  I wanted you in me in the worst way possible.  These past four months have been torture, because everyday I wanted to pleasure you in every way I could both with my mouth and…" 

Chuck hesitated as if unsure if he should continue.  Dray knew from past experience, that Chuck was extremely shy and it was best to let him talk without interrupting him.  In that, they were both alike, and one person rarely interrupted the other as he struggled to find the right words.  After a few long moments, Chuck finally continued.  "and with my bu, butt." 

Chuck blushed hotly as he stuttered over the word.

"Even with as much as I want you in there, there's still sometimes when I want to be in you.  Even though, I've never been in anyone before, I know I want to, especially with you." 

Chuck again hesitated, and his blush deepened slightly; in a small voice, he added. 

"Can you tell me how you feel about that?"

Dray pulled Chuck tightly to him and gently stroked his back.  Unconsciously, his hands drifted down to Chucks firm ass cheeks and softly stroked them.  Dray was trying to decide a good way to put his feelings into words.  Finding none, he decided to say what he felt and hope for the best. 

"I've never done that… let anyone in me.  I've never even let anyone touch me there but you.  I've always known I wanted to do it, but I was never with a guy who made me want that.  I mean I never was with a guy that I wanted to let fuck me." 

Dray blushed and sighed in frustration.  Chuck gently stroked his cheek with a patient, understanding expression on his face.  After a few moments, Dray continued in a low barely audible voice. 

"I really like being inside a guy.  I like it more than anything I can think of.  I know what you mean about torture, because I really want to do that with you.  I need to do that with you.  Since I first saw you… you're the only person I wanted to do that with.  But, I want to have you in me to.  I want us to share that way...  But I'm really, really scared.  No matter how painful it is, I've felt worse, so I don't think it's the pain I'm scared of.  Maybe it's that I won't measure up or maybe I'm scared to make myself vulnerable in that way.  I don't know.  I just know that I'm fucking this up, because I don't know how to say what I feel.  I guess all I know is that, almost every minute of the day, I ache to be in you and there are other times when I desperately want you in me." 

Dray's voice trailed off. There was a look of hopeless confusion on his face. 

Chuck kissed Dray's neck and face and lightly ground his hard cock against Dray's, the precum from both boys freely mixing.  Dray lightly caressed Chuck's ass, occasionally dipping his fingers in his crack and lightly pressing down on Chuck's small, moist, puckered hole causing Chuck to shudder with need. 

Chuck pulled his face up slightly to gaze at Dray, his need clearly showing on his face.  "Babe, it sounds like we both want the same thing.  I've only been with Luke and Jon, and Jon only that one night…  It's been over four months and I can hardly get one finger up there no matter how much lube I use. 

"You put your finger up there Babe?"  Dray Interrupted. His voice was low and thick with lust. 

Chuck's own voice was deep and husky and low as he answered, "I pretend it's you whenever I jack off.  But, I can't get it in past the first knuckle anymore.  I think we're gonna haveta go real slow, but I wanna do it with you tonight." 

Chuck reached back and pulled Dray's hands away from where they had been massaging and probing his ass cheeks and his hole. 

"Not yet Babe, I still wanna talk for a little while."  Chuck whispered. 

Dray kissed him lightly and stroked his back as Chuck rested his forehead against Dray's.  After a few moments, and in the same position, Chuck whispered, "Sometimes Luke got really rough and it hurt, it hurt bad.  Luke and Jon weren't as big as you and you're a lot thicker than either one of them, but if we do it right, I don't think there'll be any pain…  Even though I'm not very big or thick, I think we should wait and do stuff to let you get used to it or it's gonna be painful." 

At Dray's nod, Chuck continued in a low, hesitant voice, "Are you afraid to be vulnerable with me?" 

Dray, blushing a deep crimson, nodded his head once and said in a shy, fearful voice, "Yeah, but I want to be.  I need for you to own me...  I need you to make me yours.  I need you, to need to do that.  I want you to be the only person to be able to do that.  "

Dray blushed again, even more deeply, and hesitantly continued in a soft low, mental voice, thick with the tears that began to flow down his face, "Chuck, you've owned me since that night at the bridge.  I can't control myself around you. That's why Craig had to control you when you first started to feed from me, I couldn't do it myself.  He had to teach you.  Even if you fucked me now and tore me up inside, I couldn't stop you.  I know that I'd be back, begging for more.  I've never felt this way about anyone and it scares me...  I never thought of myself as a whore, but I'd be yours if that's what you wanted.  I'd do anything for you… and I'm scared.  I have to trust you… that you won't do anything to hurt me, because I wouldn't stop you, no matter what." 

Tears flowed down Dray's face, a face that was a mixture of need, misery and fear.  Chuck gently stroked Dray's body as he kissed him until Dray finally calmed down and the fear left his face. 

When Chuck was sure Dray was no longer afraid, he sent a firm and loving caress to his mind, "Dray, I love you, and I need you to need me like that.  Dray, you're more powerful than I'll ever be, you're stronger, faster and smarter. You're better at combat and your better looking.  I love all of that because that makes you who you are and the world has only to look at us and they know that you own me, but I need to know that I own you.  If you're my master then I'm your slave.  I need to know that you're my slave also.  I would never do anything to make you less than you are, but I need to know it.  Now I do.  I will never hurt you in anyway and I'll never let anyone else hurt you.  I need you to protect me and make me feel safe, but I also need to protect you and make you feel the same way.  And as for whores, I'm already your whore; I've dreamed about it; I've had wet dreams about it.  If that's the way you want me to be, then that's the way I want to be.  I want you to take me at anytime and in anyway that you want or need to.  It's all right because I'll never let myself be that for anyone else.  Just you. Only you...  The Dragon I love." 

Chuck slowly kissed his way down Dray's chest and stomach.  When he reached the tip of his cock, he licked the sticky precum off the head, liking the taste.  As Dray whimpered, Chuck turned him over face down and placed several large pillows under his hips, pulling Dray's cock back between his legs in the process.  Dray's butt and cock were now in the perfect position for Chuck to do what he had been dreaming of for four months. 

With Dray in that position, Chuck had complete access to his beautiful ass and cock; the ass and cock he had come to love, but for four months could not have.  Chuck greedily stared at Dray's butt, lightly copper toned like the rest of Dray, dimpled at the sides, with just a light sprinkling of black straight hairs surrounding a small, tightly closed, dark pink pucker.  His gaze shifted to take in Dray's cock.  Dray's cock was the most beautiful cock Chuck had ever seen in his life.  It was somewhat darker than the rest of Dray's body, a dark burnished copper color.  It was big and it was beautiful. The head was circumcised and a bit larger in diameter than the thick shaft.  It flared back to a thick corona that was even larger in diameter.  The shaft, itself, was in perfect proportion to it's length.  It was smooth as silk to Chuck's touch and finely veined.  Hanging below were two sizeable balls, lightly sprinkled with hair and already partially retracted upward.  Chuck leaned in and licked the precum that was oozing from the narrow slit and then taking the head into his mouth, bathed it with his tongue causing a sharp, involuntary intake of breath and then a low moan by Dray. 

While swirling his tongue around the head of Dray's cock and making sure to drag his lips over the corona, Chuck moved his left hand slowly up and down the shaft, using his right hand to gently massage Dray's balls.  Dray let out a loud whimper, almost a groan, his face contorted in ecstasy, clenching the sheets with both hands; his back arched as far back as it would go.  Chuck, sensing that Dray would cum soon even with his cock bent back between his legs like it was, eased up and kissed his way up to Dray's butt, where he gently stroked and lightly kissed the cheeks.  Chuck kissed to the top of the crack of Dray's butt and started taking his time licking downward. Dray made a breathless, panting sound, and gripped the sheets of the bed more tightly.  Chuck palmed Dray's ass cheeks open and slowly licked down his crevice and started lightly licking around Dray's tight, dark pink pucker, never quite coming into contact with it.  Dray, moving his ass up and down uncontrollably, groaned loudly in sheer ecstasy and moaned and panted in a harsh disjointed voice, "Oh Fuck!  Chuck, Oh My God!  Yeah! Yeah!  Oh Chuck, Please!  Oh Fuck Yeah, Please!  PLEASE!!!"  Dray deliriously begged Chuck, neither knowing nor caring what he was begging for.  Chuck, caught up in his own world of ecstasy from eating out Dray, ignored his pleas. 

Chuck reached down and stroked his own rock hard, drooling cock as he continued to eat Dray out.  When Dray had been reduced to a mumbling, incoherent, quivering mass, moving his ass up and down and back and forth, Chuck backed off and blew lightly across Dray's hole, which he had not directly touched yet, making Dray shiver and moan. 

When Dray seemed ready, Chuck began lightly and gently stroking Dray's tight hole with his tongue, making sure not to penetrate it.  Dray stiffened, then relaxed and started moaning loudly, pushing his ass up to meet Chuck's tongue.  Chuck held off penetrating Dray, teasing him, as Dray continued to push his ass back trying to make deeper contact.  Chuck then made his tongue into a stiff spear and felt his tongue begin to penetrate Dray's small, tight hole.  Once his tongue was slightly past Dray's ass ring, Chuck began to tongue Fuck Dray, making sure to just slightly enter and withdraw from Dray's hole. Chuck moved his head backwards and forward to control the amount of penetration, controlling Dray's attempts to slam his ass back on Chuck's face. 

Dray, delirious, trying to push back on Chuck's tongue started a desperate, loud, almost yelling, rambling,  "HOLY FUCK!  OHHH…GOD…YOU'RE…YOU'RE...AHHHH…I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT…AHHHH…DON'T STOP…PLEASE DON'T STOP…I'LL DO ANYTHING…JUST DON'T STOP…" 

When Chuck suddenly rammed his tongue as far as he could in Dray's tight clasping hole, Dray stiffened, ripping the sheets as his hole clamping down almost painfully on Chuck's tongue.  "Ohhhhhhh God!"  Pleaded Dray in a hissing, grating voice, between his tightly clenched teeth. With a sharp gasp and a low guttural groan, he began to grind his ass into Chuck's face.  "That's so good!   AHHHH… FUCK…YES!" he moaned as violent tremors of pleasure ran over his body.  Chuck began to fuck Dray with deliberate thrusts of his tongue. Dray lifted his ass completely off the pillows trying to get more of Chucks tongue deeper into his ass. 

After awhile, Chuck suddenly pulled his tongue out of Dray's hole, making Dray loudly cry out.  When Dray slumped back down on the pillows, his legs spread wide, Chuck watched as Dray's dark pink pucker pulsed.  Chuck pushed his own hard cock until it pointed down between his legs and lay down on Dray's back so that the top side of his shaft was pushing against Dray's hole.  He could feel Dray's hole pulsing and slowly began to hump Dray.  Chuck kissed Dray all over his neck and back, licking Dray's sweat and occasionally biting him sharply and making him cry out.  As Dray felt Chuck's shaft push against his hole he pushed his ass back against Chuck and groaned and turned his head to look at Chuck with slitted, lust filled eyes.  "Is it in?"

"No Babe, I just have the shaft of my cock pressing against you."  Chuck said, thrusting down harder on Drays hole.  Chuck, his cock now less rigid, reached down between them and bent his cock almost in two and placed the part where it was bent directly on Dray's pucker.  He then began to thrust hard against Dray's hole.  Dray let out a cry and began slamming his ass up to meet Chuck's thrusts.   Chuck could feel Dray's hole open slightly and the bent portion of his cock go part way in. 

Dray went wild, bucking and slamming his ass up to meet Chuck's thrust.  Sweat poured off Chuck to mingle with Dray's as he held Dray's head against the pillow and continued to slam his folded cock against and partially into Dray's hole. 

Dray's loud, muffled sounds were incoherent.  Each time they slammed into each other, he let out a loud, almost painful sound, "Uhhhhhhh"

They continued this way for quite awhile, Chuck penetrating deeper and deeper as they slammed against each other with more and more force.  When Chuck got so hard, that his cock became unfolded, he suddenly pulled off.  Chuck held Dray before he could collapse back down on the pillows, and quickly twisted to get underneath Dray and took his cock in his mouth.  Dray, completely overcome with lust, lost all sense of control and started to face fuck Chuck.  When Chuck reached around and pressed his thumb against Dray's, now partially gaping, hole, Dray lost it and slammed his cock down Chuck's throat.  Dray arched his back and screamed as he began to cum.  After the Third shot, Chuck pushed Dray up so that Dray's cock shot into Chuck's mouth.  Dray shot five more times and Chuck swallowed as much as he could but some still escaped to run down his face and chin.  Dray pulled out and bent down to lick his own cum off Chuck's face. He then kissed him hard, sharing the taste of his cum with Chuck as they swirled their tongues in and around each other’s mouths.

Dray fell on top of Chuck completely spent;  both covered in sweat.  Chuck held him and stroked his back until Dray's breathing returned to normal. 

"Sorry, I didn't mean to come like that."  Said Dray in a hoarse, embarrassed voice. 

Chuck giggled and said, "Oh, I wanted you to.  I've wanted to taste you for almost four months and besides, I figured if I made you come first, you wouldn't come too quickly later." 

Dray giggled and rolled Chuck over so that they were lying facing each other side by side.  Dray's hair was wet from his sweat and plastered against his head. 

Chuck asked, "Why are you sweating?  I thought Dragons didn't sweat."

"We don't usually. But if we lose control to the point where we can't regulate our metabolism, we do.  I told you I have a hard time controlling myself where you're concerned." 

Chuck giggled again and Dray leaned in and gave him a lingering kiss.  " God that felt so good.  Did you… you know… put it in?" 

"Nope, I told you that was just the shaft.  You're not ready for that yet and I didn't want to hurt you."  Said Chuck with a shy smile as he felt Dray's hands start to caress his ass. 

"What did you do to me?  You had me begging like a slut!" 

"Babe, you can say whatever you want or need to say.  You don't ever have to be embarrassed to say anything to me.  You're mine, and the way you were just now really made me hot.  It made me almost cum knowing I could affect you like that.  Please don't ever change." 

"I love you."  Dray Whispered, leaning in and kissing Chuck.  Chuck eagerly returned the kiss reaching down to stroke Dray's cock, which had started to grow again. 

The two boys continued to make out until Dray's cock was hard.  Dray reached over and got a jar of lube from the bedside table and opened it.  Chuck shuddered with lust as he saw it.  "Please Baby."  He whispered. 

Dray gave him a long, deep kiss and said, "Just relax Babe, it's your turn now. 

Dray moved Chuck around so that he was facing the end of the four-poster bed.  From this position, they could see themselves in the long dresser mirror situated at the end of the bed.  Dray raised Chuck on all fours and placed his hands on the left bedpost.  He then kissed Chuck, moving his tongue in and out of his mouth while stroking his cock.  Dray kissed his way back to Chuck's ass and palmed his cheeks open.  "Finally" he whispered.

Dray released Chuck's ass cheeks, grabbed his cock and gently pulled it straight down between his legs and slowly started to stroke it.  Simultaneously, Dray licked Chuck's balls, taking each one into his mouth, gently rolling them around.  Chuck moaned even louder and clenched the bedpost with both of his hands.  Dray then started licking downward along the bottom of Chuck's shaft, slowly, tasting every inch as he made his way to the head.  When he reached the underside of the large mushroom shaped head, he mouthed it and sucked off the precum, causing Chuck to hiss loudly and shudder when Dray sucked him into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the rim.

Dray reached into the crack of Chuck's ass and pressed his thumb down against the tightly puckered hole.  Dray pressed and released Chuck's hole in time to his strokes of Chuck's cock until Chuck, eyes glazed with desire, groaned loudly and shuddered violently, thrusting his ass up against Dray's thumb.  Sensing that Chuck would soon come, Dray backed off and tenderly kissed and mouthed all over Chuck's ass cheeks.  Dray spread Chuck's legs so that his tight, wrinkled pucker was easily accessible.  He then leaned down and ran his tongue all over Chuck's crack, being careful to avoid his hole.  Chuck began to quiver almost uncontrollably as Dray's tongue bathed his crack. 

Dray then began to lightly stroke his tongue along Chuck's tight hole.  Because Chuck hadn't really been fucked much before and certainly hadn't been fucked in four months, Dray, knowing that Chuck's ass was very tight and that he was not used to getting fucked anymore, instinctively realized that he would really have to make Chuck want it badly if he didn't want to hurt him.  Chuck's moans of pleasure were almost continuous as he started thrusting his ass back against Dray's tongue. Needing no more encouragement, Dray began to stroke Chuck's tight hole more forcefully with his tongue. 

As Chuck trembled and moaned, Dray speared his tightly closed, pink hole with his tongue, pushing hard.  At first Dray couldn't penetrate the tight hole, but after several attempts, which Chuck greeted with loud guttural moans, slamming his ass back against Dray's tongue, Dray felt it slide inside.  Dray almost came himself when his tongue squeezed past Chuck's hot, tight hole and entered the moist, succulent tunnel. 

"AHHHH!!!…  FUCK!!! .........  DRAY!!!.....  AHHHHHFUCK!!!" Chuck screamed as he ground his ass into Dray's face.

Dray alternated between licking and eating Chuck's tight, hairless hole and tongue fucking him.  Chuck became frantic, slamming his tight butt against Dray's tongue, again and again, yelling almost in a scream, "OH FUCK!!!" over and over.  Dray struggled to hold Chuck as he desperately tried to fuck his asshole with Dray's tongue.  Each time Chuck screamed, Dray stuck his tongue out hard and pushed in deeper.  Dray kept this up until Chuck became hoarse, and the only sounds were Chuck's low, whimpers of need as he violently shuddered over and over again while grinding his hole against Dray's tongue. 

When Dray pulled his face away, Chuck's head fell, sweat pouring off of it, and his body, slick with sweat sagged, held up only by his hands clutched around the bedpost. 

Dray quickly lubed a finger, and then started playing around Chuck's hole. Dray made small, concentric circles until he saw Chuck's eyes, glazed with lust and need, in the mirror.  He then put more lube on his finger and gently inserted it into Chuck's hot, tight hole.  Dray began moving his finger gently around with a back and forth motion, stretching and expanding Chuck's assring, pausing only to add more lube to his finger.  Chuck let out a long, low moan and Dray, afraid that he was hurting him, asked, "Does this hurt Babe?" 

"No!"  Replied Chuck in a loud hiss, "Please Dray…  God it feels so good!!!  Fuuuuuuuuck!!!" 

Dray kept adding more lube as Chuck, heat pouring off his flushed body, softly whimpered, almost as if in pain and moved his ass back and forth.  Dray added one more finger and continued massaging Chuck's hole, while taking a huge amount of lube and lubing up his own thick, rock hard cock.  Dray positioned the head of his cock at Chuck's tight, pulsing hole and supporting himself with his left hand, leaned over his back.  Maintaining eye contact in the mirror, Dray whispered huskily, "I'm gonna go real slow.  If we rush, you might get hurt.  Just real slow, OK?"  Chuck, eyes wild with lust, bit his lip and nodded his head once. 

Dray, as slowly as he could, pushed the large, mushroom shaped head of his cock against Chuck's tight, pulsing hole until it entered up to Dray's thick ridge.  Dray then, just as slowly withdrew until just the tip of his cock was in Chuck's hole.  Chuck froze, a look of rapture on his face.  Dray continued this way for long minutes, moving his hips back and forth to keep from going past the ridge of his mushroom shaped head as Chuck tried, in vain, to push his ass further back onto Dray's thick cock.  When Dray looked in the mirror and saw the pleading almost pathetic look on Chuck's face, he leaned over and kissed his neck saying, "Ok, Babe.  I'm gonna put just the head in."  Dray once again, as slowly as he could, pushed the large, mushroom shaped head of his cock against Chuck's now expanded hole until the thick ridge slipped past the outer ring of muscle.

"AHHHHHFUCK!!!" Chuck screamed once as his ass ring slammed down like a vise on Dray's shaft and Dray stopped moving.  Chuck started panting and Dray could see his muscles standing out, like taut pieces of thick rope, on his back.  Suddenly the bedpost Chuck was holding onto snapped and hit the wall with a loud noise, putting a deep hole in it.  Chuck would have fallen onto the splintered remains of the bedpost if Dray had not held him up. 

Neither boy noticed the sound of running feet nor saw the door slowly open, as Craig, Jared, Lee and Billy looked in, fear and alarm clearly evident on their faces.  Hearing Dray, freaking out, frantically asking Chuck, "Babe, did I hurt you?  Do you want me to take it out?"   Seeing what was going on, they quietly shut the door and left. 

"NO!"  Shouted Chuck as the door softly closed, and then more softly, he panted, "Just…  let me get…  used to it."

Dray held still for several minutes, determined to let Chuck take things at his own pace.  Chuck, with his hands on the footboard instead of clutching the now broken bedpost, slowly began to relax the muscles in his back so that they were no longer rigid.  After a few minutes, Chuck slowly began moving his ass back and forth on the thickness of Dray's rock hard cock, with small, almost imperceptible, movements.  Using this method, Chuck slowly began working his hole back over Dray's shaft. 

"Oh, Dray!" Chuck whispered in a lust filled, passionate voice, "Oh Fuck Dray.  This feels sooo gooood!" 

Finally, Dray was all the way in, his pubic hairs, soaked with sweat, pressed against Chuck's hot, sweating ass cheeks. 

"Ohhhhhhh... Dray!" Chuck moaned in a low guttural voice.  "Oh Fuck that feels good!!!" 

Chuck looked in the mirror at Dray with lust filled eyes, his face a mixture of love and lust as he begged in a low harsh whisper, "Fuck me Dray…  Please fuck me…  Do it please!!!   Oh God!!!."

Dray cradled Chuck in his arms and swung him around so that he faced the head of the bed.  Chuck grabbed the headboard with both hands and Dray started fucking him.  He went slowly in and then slowly out, deeper and deeper.  With each thrust Dray sped up a little more as Chuck began to move his ass back to meet Dray's thrust.  Chuck's own drooling cock was like a steel rod, rigid against his stomach.   And then, Chuck's ass muscles clamped down on Dray's cock so hard, it locked it into place and, without anyone touching his cock, Chuck began to cum.  Chuck's ass cheeks flexed and dimpled with each of his eight shots, covering and soaking the bed beneath him.  Dray held him up as he collapsed, Dray's cock still inside him.  There was stillness for several minutes, broken only by the harshness of Chuck's panting. 

Dray, his cock still rock hard and still buried in Chuck, lay Chuck on his side on the bed so that they were spooned; Chuck against Dray’s front.  Occasionally, as he recovered, Chuck, his own cock semi-erect, would squeeze his ass muscles around Dray's cock or move his ass around to keep him hard.  While Chuck recovered, Dray began lightly stroking Chuck's nipples.  Chuck began to grow flushed with need and started to thrust back on Dray's cock and Dray began returning his thrusts.  As Chuck's backward thrusts became more forceful, Dray began to enter him with long, deep strokes.  Soon they were fucking again, with deep hard, almost brutal strokes...  Chuck began making low guttural "Uhhhhhhh  Uhhhhhhh" sounds as Dray slammed into him and he slammed his hole back onto Dray's rigid, thick cock.  After about ten minutes, Chuck let out a low intense whining sound, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as, for the second time, he came without anyone touching his cock. 

Chuck collapsed back against Dray. Dray, still hard, remained buried in him.  Sweat poured off of both of them and cum dripped from Chuck's partly wilted cock. 

"Chuck?"  Dray whispered tenderly, "Are you all right?  Do you want me to take it out?" 

"No.  Please… Don't.   Please leave it in."  Chuck whispered in a voice that sounded like a mixture between a sleepy, little boy and a satiated teenager. 

Dray gently turned Chuck's head around and kissed him deeply, their tongue's intertwining as they lazily probed each other’s mouths. 

"Love you."  Sent Chuck in a mental caress. 

"Love you to."  Returned Dray. 

As they kissed, Dray began to be consumed with the need to have Chuck again.  Chuck could see the lust and need and desire filling Dray's eyes and surrendered himself.  Dray, staying buried in Chuck, lifted Chuck's right leg and rolled Chuck on his back.  Chuck's cock was still partially erect. Dray grabbed some lube and started stroking it with his left hand as he started pounding Chuck.  Chuck held both his legs back against his chest and Dray leaned in and kissed him furiously.  Dray lost all control as he sought to possess Chuck.  He slammed furiously down into Chuck's upturned ass over and over and over, the bed shuddering and sagging with each impact.  Still stroking Chuck's cock, he used his right forearm to push both of Chucks legs back until they were level with his face.  In that position, Dray continued his relentless assault.  Chuck, consumed by pleasure, could form no coherent thoughts as Dray's thick shaft and the hard ridge of his mushroom shaped head brutally scraped against Chuck's tender, swollen prostrate on each stroke Dray made. 

Chuck could feel Dray's already thick shaft swell to what seemed double its size as Dray came.  As Dray was shooting, he continued slamming into Chuck.  Chuck could feel Dray's cum escape from his hole and run down his ass and he could hear the squishing sound it made as Dray continued to pound in and out of his hole.  When Dray felt Chuck's ass muscles clamp down on his cock, he immediately pulled his hard cock out, causing Chuck to scream, and scooted down to cover Chuck's cock with his mouth.  Chuck blasted four shots of thick heavy, syrupy sperm into Dray's mouth, which Dray eagerly swallowed.  Dray then moved lower and licked and sucked his own cum out of Chuck's hole as it pulsed open and closed. 

Dray moved up and lay on top of Chuck kissing him softly and tenderly, sharing his own and Chuck's cum that he had collected.  Chuck was almost comatose and could barely respond.  Seeing the shape the bed was in, sagging where the frame was broken and soaked with sweat and cum, Dray whispered to Chuck, "Babe, just lay here, I'll fix us a place on the floor.  Don't move, Okay?"  Chuck wasn't capable of processing the words so he couldn't respond. He just instinctively squeezed Dray. 

Dray got up and padded into the hall and started rummaging through the hall closet.  He gathered together all the extra pillows and comforters that were there and heard Craig's door softly open.  When he turned, he saw Craig standing in the bedroom doorway, Jared naked, lying face down on the rumpled bed.  Craig walked over to him and gave him a hug and kissed him softly on the cheek, saying, "Dray, I'm so happy for you bro.  Always treat each other well."  Craig paused and Dray could see his eyes, bright, as if with unshed tears.  "But don't forget, you need to be gentle with Chuck.  Take those in your room, and I'll get a basin you can use." 

Smiling gratefully, Dray hugged Craig back and kissed him quickly on the lips.  As Dray gathered up the comforters he watched Craig walk, naked, down the hall and could see that Craig had also gotten fucked that night. 

Chuckling softly, Dray carried the comforters in and made a pallet on the carpet beside the bed.  He then went back out into the hall where Craig handed him the pillows and the basin.  Thanking him quietly, Dray went back into the bedroom and closed the door.  He quickly laid the pillows on the pallet and ran into the bathroom and filled the basin Craig had given him with warm water.  Gathering up several towels and washcloths, he took them out to the bedroom and laid them beside the pallet. 

Dray then went over to Chuck who had not even started to recover, and kissing him gently, gathered him up in his arms and placed him face up on the pallet.  Dray then used the washcloth and warm water to quickly bathe him. He then dried him with a towel.  Dray gently turned Chuck facedown and did the same.  Dray used another washcloth and towel and did the same for himself.  He then took the used towels and water into the bathroom and came out and started to gently massage Chuck's back. 

When Dray reached Chuck's firm, muscular, butt, he couldn't help himself and started gently mouthing and sucking Chuck's hole, softly tonguing it.  When Chuck started to respond by pushing his ass up to meet Drays tongue.  Dray reluctantly stopped and moved up to lie beside Chuck, facing him. 

Chuck slowly rolled over to face Dray, his beautiful, elfin features glowing with a peaceful smile of contentment.  Watching, Dray was suddenly overwhelmed by his feelings for this beautiful boy who had agreed to share his life.  Tears rolled down Dray's face as he said in a mental voice, thick with emotion," Chuck, I love you so much.  I don't know what I'd do without you.  Please, don't ever leave me." 

Not being able to help himself, and not understanding why he was in tears, Dray suddenly closed his eyes and started crying, great, heart wrenching sobs that shook his body.  Dray shuddered, his shoulders shaking as Chuck with tears in his own eyes gathered Dray to him and held him tightly, gently stroking his body and soothingly caressing his mind.  "Dray, Baby, I'll never leave you.  I'll be with you always.  I'm here.  It's all right…  I'm here." 

Chuck held him until Dray had cried himself out and drifted off to sleep and then, long into the night. 

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