Taming Of The Night
By ThaChillinDude
February 15, 2003

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Chapter 5:   Stalking The Dragon

Even though Chuck had fallen asleep holding Dray, he awoke with his head cradled on Dray's chest, Dray's arms around him.  Chuck sighed in contentment.  He had never felt anything for anybody like what he felt for Dray.  He loved him with all his soul and he couldn't imagine life without him.  He felt that Dray owned him and he wouldn't have it any other way.  He needed to belong to someone; it was a feeling he had never had before, and it made him feel whole.  He loved when Dray held him while he slept and when he woke up in Dray's arms.  He snuggled closer to Dray's chest and breathed in his scent.  It was the scent he always associated with Dray, soap covering a pleasantly masculine odor, as if he had just showered after a hard workout. 

Chuck could feel a pulsing in his dick as he breathed in Dray's scent again.  The sensation brought back memories of last night.  The first night he and Dray had made love.  It had been like nothing Chuck had ever experienced.  He had never come three times in one night and absolutely never twice just by being fucked.  Chuck knew that there had been no use of Dray's powers as a Dragon; he would have felt it; it had just been the power of two people in love sharing all that they had with each other.  Chuck couldn't help but compare Dray to Luke and Jon, the only other people he had ever had sex with, and there was no comparison.  Compared to Dray, they didn't even rate. 

"Oh man, my ass is sore, but it's a good sore.  That last time was incredible, I mean all three times were incredible, but that last time, Dray was like a lion that had to have it's mate or die trying.  This dude's a born top.  No question about it.  And he still wants me to fuck him!!!  'Hehehe’, the way he reacted when I ate him out, god that was such a turn on!  I guess Dray's not a total top, but he belongs to me, and nobody will ever know he's not a total top but me!!!  

If I ever had any questions about our sexual compatibility, I don't anymore!  And afterwards, God I love him so much.  He's so fucking masculine and strong, but with me, I get to see the little boy that he doesn't show to anybody else.  Craig's known him for 50 years and Lee's known him for his whole life, 114 years, so they've seen that side of him.  But nobody else, and he doesn't even show it to them now that he's Duke. 

God, when he cried afterwards, he was so confused, he was so happy, but he was crying.  I had to explain to him that even though he's 114 years old, there's still a part of him that's the 17 year old boy who was made into a Dragon and it's all right for that boy to be confused and scared because this is all new to him.  When he let me hold him and fell asleep in my arms, my heart just melted.  I never want him to lose that 17-year-old boy. 

I don't know if I'll be able to go again this morning, though.  Heck, I don't even know if I'll be able to walk.  But, if Dray wants it, I'll give it to him.

Dray's body suddenly stiffened slightly in his sleep and he tossed his head, muttering.  Chuck gently caressed him until he settled back down, a look of peaceful sleep once more covering his boyish face. 

"Nightmares again; he told me he has them sometimes but he can't remember what they are.  He said he's been having them a lot less since I've been here with him...  Man, I'm going to be a Dragon!  That's really exciting and scary too!  But, I'm not afraid with Dray here.  If there's one thing I know, he'll never hurt me or let anyone else hurt me. 

God, I'm so happy; I don't even think about my past anymore, it's like it's becoming a distant memory.  But, I still remember what people did to me for no reason other than they just didn't like me.  I guess that kind of memory never goes away.  But, I learned my lesson after what I did to Casey and Jeff.  It's like Dray and Lee were trying to tell me, never hate an enemy, it doesn't hurt the enemy, and it only hurts you.  If I had done the same things to them, for the same reasons, without hating them, it wouldn't have bothered me.

Chuck lay there, staring absently at Dray's chest, his mind moving from thought to thought, not noticing that Dray had woken up.  He didn't really notice it until he felt Dray's dick start getting hard.  When he did, he looked up from Dray's chest and met his eyes.  Dray smiled shyly and said, "I think I have to apologize to my man." 

"Oh yeah, and why would that be?"

"I fell asleep on you last night."  Dray said looking extremely embarrassed.  "I usually don't do that, I just felt so…"  Dray struggled to find the words.

"Safe?"  Chuck said softly.

Dray answered in a voice just as soft.  "Yeah, safe, and loved; I always feel that way around you."

Looking down, Chuck giggled and said, "and other things!" 

Dray blushed a deep crimson and stammered, "No, I don't feel that way. I mean I do, but I don't feel that way all the time.  Well I guess I do feel that way all the time, bu" 

Chuck silenced him with a passionate kiss and then moved so that he could take care of Dray's problem.  Dray suddenly confronted with Chuck's problem, decided to help him out also.

Afterwards, Dray lay there panting, as Chuck, also out of breath, moved around so that he could rest his head on Dray's chest.  When Dray moved his hand down to cup Chuck's butt, Chuck winced slightly. 

"Are you sore?"  Said Dray softly, concern evident in his voice.

"Yeah, pretty much, but it's a good sore."  Chuck blushed and shyly added, "I can't wait to do it again, but I think we better wait for a little while." 

Seeing the look of concern on Dray's face, Chuck burst out in giggles.  As Dray's look of concern turned to a look of confusion, Chuck laughed harder.  His laugh was infectious and Dray soon joined in, not sure what they were laughing about but unable to resist Chuck's infectious laugh. 

Dray's laughter soon died away and he got an apprehensive look on his face.  "You’re not laughing at me are you?  I mean I did all right, didn't I?  I mean…"  Dray's voice trailed off as Chuck collapsed in gales of laughter.  The look on Dray's face was now one of total confusion, mixed with apprehension. 

When Chuck could finally stop laughing, he hugged Dray, who by now looked as if he were about to cry, tightly to him.  "Dude, you were the best.  You made me cum two times without even touching myself!!!  And, the last time, God, I can't even describe how good the last time was!!!  If I hadn't lived through it and someone had told me, I'd never have believed it was possible for a guy to do to another guy what you did to me last night." 

A look of immense relief covered Dray's face at these words.  Chuck, seeing this, did his best to not break out laughing again and thought, "I have to be careful, Dray seems so confident and sure of himself to everybody that I forget in a lot of ways he's just a 17 year old boy, worried that he was lousy at sex.  As if that could ever be the case.  I guess that's part of what makes him so hot; he’s hot and doesn't even know it!  But, God he's funny.

Dray's happy, contented look returned in full force and he looked around the bedroom.  "God, we really messed things up in here!  Well… if you'll go get the shower started, I'll strip the bed and stuff." 

As Chuck walked a little stiffly to the bathroom, Dray quickly stripped the bed making a mental note to have Martha throw away the torn linen and order a new frame and bedding. 

As Dray surveyed the broken bed frame and the sagging bedsprings, he thought, "I'll get Chuck to help me take the bed and mattress from the spare room for tonight, I guess.  Ah, to hell with it, we'll just sleep on the floor!  Unless Chuck wants to sleep on a bed.

Suddenly unsure about the sleeping arrangements for tonight, Dray wandered into the bathroom where Chuck was finishing up brushing his teeth.  As Dray took a leak, he talked with Chuck about getting the bed fixed for that night.  Chuck seemed not to care as long as he slept with Dray. 

"Let's just sleep in one of the guest bedrooms then, that'll make things easier."  Said Dray.

He quickly brushed his teeth and joined Chuck in the shower.  For long minutes, they just held each other under the spray of water. 

After they had finished showering and dressed, they went out to the kitchen where they were greeted by broad knowing grins from Lee and Craig.  Billy and Jared nodded their heads and glared at their respective mates disgustedly.  Chuck halted, as he suddenly realized just how loud he and Dray had been last night, and turned bright red with embarrassment.  Dray, seeing Chuck's look and the grins on Lee and Craig's face, turned as red as Chuck. 

In a solemn tone, Dray said, "Sorry if we got a little loud last night, it was my fault."

Jared, looking Daggers at Craig, said between clenched teeth, "You didn't disturb us at all Dray, isn't that right Craig?" 

Craig, the smirk suddenly gone from his face, hurriedly agreed with Jared in as sincere a voice as he could muster. 

Billy, still glaring at Lee, said, "The same goes for us, right Lee?"

Lee, who suddenly developed a great interest in his plate of food, said, with great fervor, "Absolutely!"

Feeling relieved that he and Dray wouldn't have to endure what Lee and Craig had no doubt planned for them, Chuck said gratefully, "Thanks guys, we'll try to keep it down from now on." 

Dray and Chuck quickly fixed themselves some cereal and sat down and ate. 

Afterwards, Chuck and Dray watched television for awhile and, when that got boring, wandered down to the study where Dray looked dispiritedly at the large stack of documents awaiting him.  Chuck couldn't help but laugh at the woebegone expression on Dray's face as he stared at the paperwork so critical to running his Duchy.  Dray and Chuck usually spent some portion of the day working their way through the administrative details involved in running all the enterprises that House Thorn controlled.  Chuck had turned out to have an inborn skill at administration and Dray was delighted at how fast he picked up the intricate business details of the Duchy. 

Normally with the two of them working together, it took only about an hour to get through the tasks, when Dray did it by himself, it usually took him about three hours.  Chuck really enjoyed this daily activity, because it was obvious how much Dray needed the help.  As he became more and more adept in handling the business of House Thorn, it was obvious to him and everybody else that his contributions to the House were already substantial.  But it was during these quiet times, with their talking and joking around as they worked through the documents each day, that Chuck had really become friends with Dray.

During these times, Chuck came to know the real Dray.  Chuck found Dray to be extremely intelligent, kind, considerate, and thoughtful.  He always treated Chuck as an equal and simply explained what Chuck didn't understand.  When Chuck ventured an opinion about a House problem they'd uncovered, Dray would talk it over with him, exploring the pros and the cons, until they both came up with a workable solution.  Chuck began, all without knowing it, to think of he and Dray as a team.  Since this was a daily routine, it didn't take long for the two to start behaving toward each other as if they'd known each other their whole lives.  Chuck came to love and need the intimacy he and Dray developed while doing this necessary chore, and for that reason, Chuck really looked forward to this daily routine.

Still trying to stop laughing, Chuck asked, "Do you want me to help?" 

Dray, slumped into the desk chair, not taking his eyes from the work before him, his whole body posture one of abject misery.  "I'd really like you to, but I think Jared's going shopping today, and I thought you might want to go with him.  Speaking of which, I've been meaning to give these to you, and I keep forgetting." 

As Dray talked, he rummaged through a side drawer and pulled out two envelopes, one thin and the other thick.  Chuck opened the envelopes and saw a substantial number of twenties and fifties and a checkbook in the thicker envelope.  In the other envelope, he found three credit cards and an ATM card, all in his name.  The corresponding pin numbers accompanied them.  Chuck stared at Dray stunned. 

After a few moments, Chuck stammered, "Dray, this is too much…  I don't even know how to use a credit card or an ATM card, and I've never had a checking account..."  Chuck trailed off sounding lost. 

Dray pulled Chuck down on his lap and hugged him.  "Chuck, you're a member of the Ducal House.  You're just getting the same thing that everyone else has.  You've seen the House accounts and you know money isn't a problem.  These are just tools to help us function in the human world.  Go shopping and have Jared walk you through using the credit cards and ATM card." 

Still seeing the hesitant look on Chuck's face, Dray sent to him, "Dude, Craig, Lee, me and everybody else gets the same thing.  This just gives you access to the same tools that all the rest of us have.

Chuck hesitantly replied, "I guess I'm a little uncomfortable, I've never even had any money, so I've never really thought about it, and here you've just handed me more money than I've ever even seen…" 

Knowing that Dray couldn't lie to him mind to mind, and that he wouldn't lie to him anyway, Chuck finally nodded his head.  When Dray saw that Chuck had resolved things in his mind, he leaned in and kissed him.  Chuck eagerly accepted Dray's tongue and returned the kiss. 

"love you," sent Dray. 

"love you back," sent Chuck.

You gonna bring me anything?"  grinned Dray mischievously.

Chuck, eyeing the huge stack of documents, grinned right back.  "Only if you finish your work!"

Dray just groaned. 

Laughing again, Chuck quickly kissed him and went out in search of Jared.  Chuck found Jared and Billy together; they had just finished sparring. 

"Chuck, are you gonna spar with Dray this afternoon?"  Called Billy as he sat catching his breath. 

"Yeah, I haven't asked him yet, but I think so." 

"Cool, well guys, I'm gonna go hit the shower and then see what Lee is up to."

Jared and Chuck watched Billy walk back to the house, each boy appreciating the sight of his hot body. 

"Jared, Dray said you were thinking of going shopping, I was thinking of going with you if that's alright?"

"Sure!  Let me catch a shower and then we can go."

Soon the two boys were on the road heading to town.  Jared sat in the passenger seat as Chuck drove the Navigator at a leisurely pace.  Chuck glanced over at Jared and asked in a curious voice, "Jar, are you looking forward to becoming a Dragon?" 

Jared looked over at Chuck, a thoughtful look on his face and replied, "Yeah I am, I really want this.  It means Craig and I will always be together, I can't think of anything I want more."  Jared searched Chuck's face trying to decipher the reason behind the question, "Why?  Are you having second thoughts?"

"No dude!  I want this more than anything I've ever wanted before.  I've dreamed of something like this all my life, it’s not the power that it gives me that I want.  It's…"

Chuck trailed off as he tried to find the words, "I can't really find a good way to say this…  I have a place I belong and people that want me.  I have a family now, a real family that I love and that loves me…  I used to have a place that I lived; it was never a home.  I always wanted a home though.  To me, a home is where you don't have to worry about being harmed or being put down or being afraid.  It's a place where you're accepted for who you are and you don't have to be afraid to show how you feel.  I've found that with the House and I guess I'm saying, I want to be a part of it." 

Chuck's face was a mixture of longing and a heartrending sadness, but it showed hope also as he continued with even greater conviction in his voice.  "I also want to be with Dray...  Forever.  I would do anything for Dray, don't get me wrong, but this is for me.  See, I've never done anything just because that's what I wanted..." 

Chuck trailed off as he sought to find the right words and Jared waited patiently as Chuck thought through his feelings.  Finally, Chuck glanced over at Jared and continued quietly, "I would never hurt Dray for anything.  I want to do this for me because if I did it for Dray and I regretted it, he would hate himself forever."

Jared nodded his head in understanding and they both sat silently for a few minutes as the lush green Georgia countryside slid by. 

After awhile, Chuck grinned over at Jared, "Do you know what it's going to be like?"

"No, but Craig is supposed to sit down and explain what's going to happen and Dray is supposed to tell you.  I'm thinking they're gonna tell us soon."   

Jared returned Chuck's grin and laughed, "I've tried everything I know to get Craig to tell me!  He won't say a word though.  About all I know is that the ceremony is shrouded in secrecy and ritual and it's called The Rite Of Accession.  Craig wouldn't even tell me that!   I overheard him and Dray talking and they shut up quick when they noticed me listening.  I looked it up though and it means to augment from without or the act of coming to or reaching a throne, an office, or dignity.  But I don't know anything other than that."   

Chuck returned Jared's laugh, "Those two!  Oh well, I guess we'll find out soon enough. 

The boys continued their easy banter as Chuck drove at a leisurely pace.  Neither was in a hurry and both were enjoying each other’s company. 

"Hey!"  Jared said, excitement clearly evident in his voice, "now that this stage of our training's done, we're all moving back to Atlanta!" 

"Will we move back in to the town house?"

"No, dude, we're going to move into an apartment building in Midtown that the House owns.  Actually we're going to move under it." 

Chuck looked over with a confused half smile; half frown on his face, "Under it?" 

"Yeah, see, awhile back the House built a couple of apartment buildings in Midtown, Atlanta.  They were built as investments and they've been doing well.   Under the basement parking garages of each one, Lee insisted that Dray build an entire complex suitable for us to live in.  I've seen them and man are they luxurious!!!  We all have our own suites and they each have a large attached sitting room area.  They have huge bathrooms and there's a huge kitchen and dining room and den and just about everything you can imagine.  With the lighting and all, you can make it so that you can't even tell you don't have any windows!" 

Chuck laughed at Jared's obvious enthusiasm.  "Sounds cool, I can't wait to see it.  Hey, aren't the clubs the House owns in Midtown too?"

"Yeah, there are two clubs that the house owns that are located in Midtown, Club Howling and On The Prowl.  Both clubs are built the exact same with the same layout and everything, but Club Howling is for 17 and under only.  No exceptions.   And On The Prowl is for 18 and above."  Jared grinned slyly and added, "Of course, we can go into either club." 

Jared cast a speculative look at Chuck before continuing.  "Club Howling isn't really a gay club though, it's a very mixed crowd, everybody's welcome as long as they obey the club rules.  You know that a lot of kids that go to your old high school are regulars at Club Howling don't you?"  At Chuck's nod, Jared continued, "You're bound to run into them at some time or another.  Are you gonna be okay with that?" 

"Yeah," sighed Chuck.  "I figure that I'll run into them at one time or another.  I've already decided that I'm gonna be cool with anyone if their cool with me.  But Luke and Jon are a different story.  I still haven't decided what I'm gonna do when I finally see them again, or if I even want to see them again.  But, I will tell ya that I want it to be on my terms not theirs." 

Jared nodded his head in understanding.  "I understand bro, but for your sake, you have to see them again."  At Chuck's perplexed look, Jared continued.  "I've been talking this over with Craig and he feels you have a rare opportunity that most of us don't get.  Most of us never get the chance to interact with people from our old lives, but you will, at least to a limited extent.  That gives you an excellent opportunity to define your relationships with your ex-classmates on your own terms." 

"I've never really thought of it that way." 

Jared reached over and squeezed Chucks shoulder affectionately, "well you should, and you should take advantage of it.  I know that you have a lot of things to say to a lot of people that were left unsaid." 

"Jared, they made me fear them and to tell you the truth, there's a part of me that's still afraid.  My memories, haunt me in the night and I hug Dray tighter because I know his very presence will drive the fear away." 

Chuck's eyes brimmed with tears as he remembered taunts from his childhood and his not so distant past.  "I've had everything done to me from being beaten up to being dunked in a toilet head first.  But I know I want to go back and face them and kill this fear of them once and for all." 

Jared nodded his head in sympathy, "My advice dude, and Craig's by the way, is to form the kind of relationships you want with them.  You get to choose now and don't worry Chuck, Craig, me and especially Dray will be with you every step of the way.  Just don't shy away from any of them.  Believe me, you'll always wonder what could have been if you do.  But most importantly, you can confront any fears or apprehensions or ghosts from your past and you can put them to rest.  It's not often that you get a chance to take control of your fears and not let them control you." 

"And remember Chuck, although you can't reenter your old life, you can still interact with those people.  At least for now.  And, we're both gonna need humans to feed from anyway.  It's easier and better to feed from those you know and control." 

Jared said this last with a smug, ferocious grin and after thinking a few moments; Chuck returned the grin with equal ferocity.

Chuck moved to pass a slowly moving pickup and after a few minutes silence asked, "do any Dragons hangs out at the clubs?" 

"Oh yes!'  Replied Jared fervently.  "Pretty much every Dragon in Atlanta comes by the clubs at one time or another.  The older ones who can't pass for 17 and under can't get into Club Howl, so they go to The Prowl.  In fact, that's where you're going to be introduced to Dragons from other houses, but one of us will always be with you, so don't sweat it." 

At Chuck's look of protest, Jared quickly held up both hands and laughed, "Hey, I know it sounds like we're babysitting you, but the other houses can be rough.  It's SOP and I was always accompanied by Dray, Craig, or Lee when I first started going to the clubs myself, so don't think it's just you!" 

When Chuck grinned sheepishly in acknowledgement, Jared continued, "Members of other Houses can be rough, especially to new Dragons or Familiars.  They can't kill you because that's against the law and every member of every house would kill them on site if they did.  But, they can do just about anything short of that if they think they can get away with it.  Most Dragons would steer clear of you because they're afraid of Craig, Lee, and especially Dray, but not all, so it's better not to tempt fate." 

"Speaking of tempting fate," said Jared after they had driven for a few minutes in silence, "have you thought about what you're going to do to Luke and Jon?"

Chuck nodded his head and sighed, "Yeah, I thought about it a lot and I think I'm not going to do anything to them.  To be honest, they didn't really force me to do anything and as far as Luke is concerned I deluded myself into thinking that there was more to our relationship than there really was.  Don't get me wrong; if they come at me in the wrong way, I'll happily beat their ass, especially Jon.  But other than that, I really don't want to have anything to do with either one of them." 

Jared shook his head compassionately.  "I understand what you're saying and I agree with most of it, but… I'm sorry Chuck.  I really am, but you can't do that.  You can't just leave them alone." 

At Chuck's confused look, Jared sadly continued, "You haveta make an example of Luke and Jon.  If the other houses found out what they did to you…  And they will.  And if they find out that you didn't mete out justice, it'll be taken as a sign of weakness.  The other houses would then start looking for a way to exploit that weakness.  That would be fatal.  To the House, you, and especially Dray.  Also, if you don't do this thing, Dray or Craig or Lee will have to and what they would do to those two would be too terrible to consider.  At least this way you get to decide what punishment fits the crime. 

Chuck looked at Jared an expression of naked sorrow on his face.  "Jar, I can't.  They really didn't do anything wrong and I already learned the hard way the price you have to pay for abusing your power.  I just can't do it." 

Jared's face showed only sympathy, but his words were hard as granite and not to be denied.  "Chuck, they misled you.  They took advantage of your lack of experience.  They took advantage of your loneliness and worst of all, they took advantage of your feelings for Luke.  They used you for their own pleasure and abused you when they did it.  This must be repaid in kind.  If you don't do this thing...  Eventually, between the houses…  There will be war.  If we fought a war with another house now, in our present state, we would be weakened.  The other houses would see this and they would join together to pull House Thorn down like a pack of Hyenas bringing down a crippled Lion.  We would be destroyed.  If you love me, Craig, Lee, Billy, and especially Dray, you must do this thing" 

Chuck pulled over to the side of the road and rested his head on the steering wheel.  Tears fell from his eyes and without looking up he asked in a sorrowful voice, "Is there no other way?"

All the sympathy and pain he felt for this boy he loved like a brother was present in his voice when Jared answered, "No."  After a long time, Jared whispered sorrowfully, "If I could spare you this, I would.  But I can't." 

After several long minutes Chuck sat up and angrily dashed the tears from his eyes.  Without saying a word, he drove back onto the road and resumed their journey to town.  After awhile, Chuck looked at Jared and said in a firm, low voice, "all of you are my family now.  I would do anything to protect you and if this is the price I have to pay and the guilt I have to bear for all of eternity to keep you safe, then so be it." 

Jared reached over and massaged the back of Chuck’s neck.  "Chuck, you don't have to kill, cripple, or maim them.  Unless you give the task over to Lee, Craig, or Dray, the manner of punishment is up to you." 

Chuck thought of this for a long time and finally said, "I'll make sure that the punishment fits the crime.  I promise you that I won't take vengeance.  I'll just give justice."

Jared simply replied, "I never doubted it Little Tiger." 

At hearing Jared use Lee's nickname for him, Chuck finally smiled.  A smile Jared happily returned. 

North of Atlanta, one of the subjects of Chuck and Jared's discussion sat listlessly in his bedroom, staring out his window.  For months now, Luke had been sunk in a deep depression.  Nothing seemed to hold his interest anymore.  His grades had fallen drastically to the point where he was barely passing in any of his classes.  He had quit football and he just went through the motions with his friends not really engaging them or allowing them to engage him. 

It had all started the day Chuck and his parents had moved out of their house.  Luke hadn't seen Chuck since the night he had run out of Luke's house.  He'd only seen Chuck's parents for a few moments as they were leaving.  They had stopped their mad dash for their car long enough to gleefully tell Luke that Chuck had gone to live with a distant relative and they were leaving on a world cruise and that he wouldn't see any of them again. 

That was the precise moment that Luke admitted to himself what Chuck really meant to him.  That was the exact minute that Luke's life, which had been so fulfilling, suddenly had a gaping wound in the space that Chuck used to occupy.  It was also the exact minute that Luke finally admitted that he was hopelessly in love with Chuck and had been from the moment he saw him.  Chuck's absence made that admission a bittersweet revelation.  Luke's treatment of Chuck made that admission shameful and hurtful. It made Luke feel dirty. 

In the light of his finally facing the truth about how he felt, Luke had also had some startling revelations about Jon and his relationship with him.  Luke not only discovered that Jon was a poor substitute for Chuck, he also found that he really didn't care for him.  In fact, he detested him. When he compared Jon to Chuck, Jon was always a miserable failure by comparison. 

As he moved to lie on his bed, Luke reflected on all the kindnesses that Chuck had shown him over the years without once ever asking anything in return.  It had been Chuck that had been there whenever Luke was down.  Chuck had been the one to cheer him up.  When Luke was struggling with algebra, it was Chuck who had tutored him every night until he pulled his grade up to an A.  In all the years he had known him, Chuck had never forgotten his birthday and while Chuck never had the money to buy him a gift, of all the presents he had ever received, it was Chuck's shy smile as he wished him a happy birthday that Luke remembered. 

Luke thought back on all the abuse that Chuck has suffered since Luke has known him.  He thought of the time that Chuck's father had thrown him through the glass patio doors while Luke could only stand and watch helplessly.  He hadn't been able to do anything but check over Chuck's battered body and give thanks for the miracle that allowed Chuck to survive that with only the bruises from the beating his father had given him and not the horrible cuts that could have been inflicted as he was thrown through the glass. 

What attracted Luke the most was how Chuck never let his tormentors, either at home or at school, touch his inner spirit.  There was something noble, almost heroic about how Chuck seemed to rise above them.  It had been those who tormented Chuck that had seemed lessened in stature, not Chuck.  Those who tortured him, and Luke couldn't think of a better word to describe it, had hated Chuck all the more for that.  Luke knew, because he had been there and he had seen that hate. 

Luke admitted to himself that he had tried to protect Chuck, but any solace he could have taken in that fact was gone when he was forced to admit that he hadn't put the effort into that protection that Chuck deserved and that he had ruthlessly and intentionally manipulated Chuck into having sex with him as the price for that protection.  Without realizing it, tears flowed down faded trails along his cheeks as Luke thought of how Jon and especially he had treated Chuck the time they had used Chuck for their own pleasure.  The waves of shame that accompanied this thought were almost crippling. 

"I am such a hypocrite!  I call Jon a miserable failure but he was too selfish to even know better.  I knew better and that makes me more of a loser than even Jon.  Everything I ever hoped to be in life as a person Chuck was.  Everything I ever wanted from another person Chuck was.  I was just too blind to see it.  Now it's too late.  God, if you just give me one more chance with Chuck, I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to him.  I will give anything for one more chance." 

Luke didn't even turn his head to look when his bedroom door opened and Jon slipped in. 

Jon's heart broke when he saw the trail of tears that glistened on Luke's cheeks.  He knew that those tears were for Chuck and not him and he once again felt the jealousy he had felt for Chuck that night they had fucked him.  Jon had discovered that he really did love Luke after all and regretted cheating on him.  Luke and he had talked this over before and Jon knew that Luke didn't love him, in fact didn't even like him anymore.  He hoped that he could change the way Luke felt. 

Jon reached over and gently wiped away the tears that trailed down Luke's face.  "When Chuck left, I could tell how it depressed you and that you really cared for him. I've been trying to show you how I feel by being there for you.  I love you Luke.  Baby please… let me help you." 

Jon took his clothes off and lay down beside Luke.  Luke had yet to acknowledge his presence. 

Finally, Luke turned his head slightly and glared at Jon.  "You called Chuck a whore, but you've been fucked by most of the guys we know!  You're the whore!  As far as I'm concerned, the whore I'm looking at isn't fit to breathe the same air as Chuck." 

Jon blushed crimson and looked down at his feet.  "I admit it Luke.  I was a whore.  I cheated on you and I wish I had never done it.  I was jealous of Chuck and I wished you had loved me the way that Chuck loved you.  But even if I can't be that for you now, I'll be there for you in anyway that you want me." 

Luke had heard this before and he knew what Jon was really saying.  This time he was determined to make Jon say it.  "So what you really mean, slut, is that you want me to fuck you up the ass like the disease ridden bitch you are." 

Luke could barely hear Jon's whispered, "yes." 

Luke stared coldly at Jon and in an even colder voice said, "even though you know I despise you, you still want me to fuck you? 

At Jon's nod, Luke continued in a voice of utter contempt, "you're a miserable wretch and I'm not much better.  I guess we both have only each other to cling to in our misery.  God I'm pathetic!  The only thing more pathetic than me is you!  But, if you came to get fucked, you'll get fucked." 

As the room darkened with the approaching night, Luke shoved Jon over on his face and pulled his own hardened cock out of his boxers.  Holding Jon so that he couldn't move, Luke brutally rammed his un-lubed cock into Jon's ass.  He enjoyed the muffled, intense screams of pain from Jon as he held Jon's face in the pillow and repeatedly slammed his cock into his asshole. 

"I wanna hurt you cunt!  But you want it, don't you bitch!" 

As Jon began to thrust his ass up to meet Luke's brutal assault, he gasped out between thrust, "Yeah, fuck me Luke!  I love it!  Yeah, Fuck your bitch!" 

Jon was crushed when Luke cried out Chuck's name as he came inside him.  With that unconscious act by Luke, Jon really understood that Luke didn't love him, but he didn't care.  As he lay holding the now sleeping Luke and watching the stars of the night through the window, Jon prayed that he would be able to change Luke's mind. 

When Luke screamed out Chuck's name, Chuck along with Jared was walking in the backdoor of the ranch house each with an armful of packages.  Each boy was sweaty and tired from their day of shopping, but they were both glad that they had got to spend the day together and Jared was ecstatic that Chuck had gotten so much pleasure from shopping. It brought home to him once again how much Chuck had missed out on in his life so far. When they got back to Chuck and Dray's bedroom, they found Dray lying across the bed grinning at them. 

"We got a bed from one of the guest bedrooms."  Dray said while eyeing the huge number of packages Chuck and Jared were carrying. 

Jared returned the grin and let out a relieved sigh as he let the large number of packages he was carrying drop on the floor. 

"I hope you made Craig get off his ass and help you move it in!  Man! Chuck has great taste.  I'd love to stay here and watch him model what he bought just for you, but I'm sweating like a pig!  I'm gonna hit the shower and lay down for a while.  See you dudes later." 

Chuck gave Jared a quick hug and said, "Dude, I'd kiss you for helping me but you stink as bad as I do!" 

Jared slapped Chuck playfully on the butt and with a final wave at the laughing Dray left the bedroom. 

"Did ya bring me anything?"  Asked Dray playfully as he got up and began peering into the sacks and boxes that were now piled in a heap around Chuck. 

Chuck playfully slapped Dray on the back of his head.  "Hey, stay out of those until I take a shower!  As it happens, I did buy you something, but I get to model it for you.  So no peeking." 

"Alright stinky Dragon to be!  I'm gonna go for a walk in the woods, come and find me when you're through." 

"Be right with you dude!"  Said Chuck stripping his clothes off as he walked into the shower. 

When he stood under the spray of the shower, he could hear Dray's muffled reply through the falling water,  "If you can find me before you trip over those clumsy feet of yours!" 

"I'll show you clumsy, doofus!"  Chuck yelled back over the sound of the shower. 

Grinning wickedly, Chuck quickly finished his shower and dressed, fully intending to sneak up on Dray and surprise him as he had done many times before.  Chuck and Dray had made a game of Dray walking into the woods and Chuck trying to sneak up on him without Dray knowing.  At first, Chuck had been supremely clumsy and Dray had easily evaded him until he laughingly allowed himself to be found.  But, over time, Chuck had grown in using his ability as a Familiar to move over any terrain unnoticed. 

Now, Dray, even using his extremely heightened Dragon senses fully, could not detect Chuck's movement unless Chuck wanted him to.  When Chuck reached that point, Dray started stalking him.  In this way, Chuck learned not only to avoid being caught by those similarly gifted, he also learned how to detect others when they attempted to move with stealth. 

Chuck slipped out of the suite's French doors and into the garden.  Seeing Dray was not there, he quickly slipped over the wall and moved into the woods, quartering them as he began to search.  As Chuck moved silently and unseen through the darkness of the woods, he became aware of  shadows flitting in and out of the trees.  Instinctively sensing danger, Chuck redoubled his efforts to remain undetected and cautiously followed the silently moving shadows, his every sense heightened by his fear. 

As Chuck followed the shadows, he began to make out details.  There seemed to be eight in all, each attempting to move stealthily through the woods but with nowhere near Chuck's own ability to do so.  As Chuck closed the distance between himself and the moving shadows, he could see that they were men dressed in dark clothing.  He could not discern more in the concealing darkness of the night, but his feeling of dread increased even more. For the first time he felt alone and afraid in the forest's shrouding darkness. 

The shadows continued to move toward the clearing in the middle of the forest. The same clearing where Chuck and Dray had just pledged their love the previous night. Chuck suppressed a shudder as a sudden premonition of doom suddenly made it seem a lifetime ago.  When the men Chuck was following suddenly stopped at the edge of the clearing, Chuck could see two figures standing in the clearing made discernable only by the bright light of the stars.  One figure stood in back of the other and Chuck could see the figure in front was Dray only when Dray began to turn around, a puzzled smile on his handsome face. 

To Chuck, time seemed to slow to a crawl as he saw the glint of starlight on the sword that the unknown man suddenly and viscously slashed towards Dray's neck.  Chuck watched as Dray, seemingly in slow motion, leaned back far enough to avoid being decapitated but not far enough to avoid having the sword slice through his throat. Chuck watched as Dray clutched at the jagged wound in his throat and sank to his knees, blood gushing from between his hands. 

As soon as the sword touched him, Dray knew that this was no ordinary sword, but an assassin's blade designed specifically for Dragons.  From prior experience, Dray knew this was a blade whose handle was insulated to protect the wielder from the modified power source contained in the handle and that when a sword like this sliced into the intended victim, the power source discharged fully, sending powerful electrical pulses along the sword and into the body of the intended victim.  Working on the same principle as a TASER, the sword used over 200 Watts, well beyond the lethal threshold for a human, to completely override the central nervous system and directly control the skeletal muscles causing an uncontrollable contraction of the muscle tissue that physically debilitated the intended victim regardless of pain tolerance or mental focus. 

Helpless to stop it, Dray felt his body lurch to the ground.  As his blood continued pouring from the jagged wound across his throat and Dray's body tried to heal itself, Dray received a second shock.  He could feel the poison that the blade had been coated with enter his system.  That meant that his body was trying to fight off the paralyzing effects of the electrical pulses that had disrupted his neural pathways and trying to heal the mortal wound in it's throat only to have to use even more energy to purge the extremely toxic, fast acting poison that the blade had been coated with.  In an instant, a part of Dray's mind processed and analyzed all of the information even as the world began to darken and he began to black out.  "Oh God, I can't let this happen!!!  I can't let Chuck face this alone!!!

Dray savagely fought to stave off unconsciousness as his body, already using massive amounts of his essence to heal the damage he had sustained so far, sought to shut down to conserve energy.  Dray knew that Chuck was somewhere out there heading for this very spot and if Dray couldn't defeat this assassin, Chuck would be killed and it would be Dray's fault.  In an act of absolute willpower, Dray prepared to launch himself at the unknown attacker with all the strength he could muster.

As the dark figure standing over the kneeling Dray raised his sword to slice through Dray's bowed neck, Chuck moved.  Chuck moved faster than he had ever moved before.  He moved through the watching figures so quickly, that they didn't know he had passed.  Chuck ran up behind the assassin and using every ounce of his strength punched through his back and out his chest.  The dark figure stood rigid, sword raised, as Chuck withdrew his hand pulling the man's heart out with it.  Before the man could topple to the ground, Chuck ripped the sword from his hand and turned to face the stunned group of figures watching from the edge of the clearing. 

"Dray!!!  Dray!!!  Oh god Dray!!!"  Chuck screamed mentally as he moved to place himself between Dray and the eight motionless men.  Chuck watched intently as the men slowly spread out to encircle them.  Seeing the odds, Chuck let out a mental scream, "Lee! Craig! Jared! Billy!  Come to the clearing!  DRAY'S BEEN ATTACKED AND HURT BAD!!!

Chuck could feel the collective shock from Lee, Craig, Jared, and Billy and a short moment later, he heard Lee's calm response, "We are on our way Little Tiger. Stay Calm.  Stay Focused.

Lee's mental caress had the effect he desired as Chuck's fears receded and he was able to push down the panic that sought to overwhelm him.  Without conscious thought, Chuck relaxed and entered that hyper-aware state that made him the formidable fighter that he had become. 

All of this had happened within the span of three seconds so that neither Chuck nor the eight men attempting to surround him really had enough time to take in the situation fully.  But those three seconds had given someone else time and more to recover.  The result of that three-second respite was help for Chuck that was closer than he thought in the form of one very, very pissed off Dragon Lord. 

"It's alright babe, I'm here now."  Came Dray's mental caress as he stood so quickly he seemed to appear by magic at Chuck's side.  "Whatever happens, stay calm and don't leave my side."

"Never Dray.  I'll never leave you.  No matter what!"  Replied Chuck as he shifted to keep the men in his sight while instinctively holding the sword at the ready. 

"Stay calm Chuck, death is now among us."  Dray sent as the clearing seemed to drain of starlight and became covered in darkness.  Chuck felt Dray's mind hold his gently as their clothing almost instantaneously transformed into suits of black, skintight body armor.  When the transformation was done, only the eyes of Chuck and Dray were visible, all the rest of their bodies, from head to foot, were covered by the black, formfitting body armor.  The armor seemed to be covered with a grid like pattern of light almost as if the starlight itself formed the lines of light. 

Chuck watched in awe as Dray suddenly seemed to loom over all those present.  He had never seen this part of Dray, a Dragon Lord in all his terrible majesty and fury.  Even though Dray had not changed in height or size, he seemed to tower over everyone.  There was an air of majestic gravity and fury barely held in check about Dray that Chuck had never seen before.  Chuck was awed by Dray's horrible beauty and felt an almost crippling desire to grovel before him, only Dray's hold on his mind kept him from doing exactly that.  Chuck watched as the others in the clearing all dropped to their stomachs to crawl in fear at the sight of a Dragon Lord in the full mantle of his power. 

By now, the clearing was completely shrouded in shadow and the only illumination was the strong, white, crystalline glow coming from the lines of light forming grid patterns on Dray and Chuck's armor.  When Chuck looked at Dray, he saw his eyes were now a glowing molten gold color.  With Dray's every movement, Chuck could see his muscles ripple in the body armor; his prominent bulge and bubble butt mirrored Chuck's own.  Despite the danger he and Dray were in, Chuck found himself getting aroused. 

Because of how tightly and intimately Dray held Chuck's mind, Chuck could feel Dray's every thought and emotion.  He knew exactly what Dray felt, what he thought, and what he would do.  Chuck felt clearly Dray's thoughts that those before them had aided an attack on House Thorn, and for that, their life was forfeit.  Chuck could feel the almost overwhelming guilt Dray felt at not having been more alert and as a consequence placing the House and especially Chuck in such danger.  He could feel Dray's great sense of relief that Chuck had not been hurt and his gratitude that Chuck had given him the time to recover enough to handle the situation.  Chuck also felt Dray's guilt and sadness over the fact that he would have to kill those who now groveled before them and his almost paralyzing shame that Chuck would have to witness it.  However, most of all, Chuck felt a vast, towering, killing rage from Dray directed at those who had attacked him and in a larger measure at Dray himself for not having protected Chuck like he thought he should have. 

Based on his earlier conversation with Jared and what he now felt from Dray, Chuck knew that Dray had to administer justice just as he knew that any hesitation or act of mercy on Dray's part in this situation would have disastrous consequences for the House.  Chuck also knew that if he hadn't been present as a distraction, Dray would not have been caught off guard and would probably not be in this situation.  Feeling a horrible guilt himself but determined to do what he had to do and provide Dray with the support he needed, Chuck sealed away from Dray the part of his mind and soul that wept at the necessity of having to kill and sent his feelings of love, determination, and fierce pride in Dray down the mental link that joined them. 

Feeling Dray's shame and indecision abating, Chuck lovingly caressed Dray's mind, "Dray, I know what you're thinking and I hate what you have to do as much as you do, but, the penalty for attacking a member of the Ducal House is death and the penalty for murder or attempting to murder a Dragon is death.  These," Chuck gestured at the now cowering would be assassins, "are guilty of both!

Walling away his own sadness at the situation so that he wouldn't distract Dray, Chuck hit him with a sharp mental sting, "and you CAN'T control who attacks you or when they try to do it so GET OVER IT DIPSHIT!!!"  At Dray's sheepish look, clearly visible despite the body armor covering his face, Chuck sniggered and sent "now do what you haveta do and stop trying to show off glow boy!!

Dray grinned at Chuck and looked over the cringing would be assassins.  While both Dray and Chuck were concentrating on the men prostrate before them, they didn't notice as shadows began pooling at their feet and started to envelop them.  When Chuck glanced down, he saw that from their feet to mid thigh, both he and Dray were cloaked in shadow.  When he tried to move out of the writhing shadows, he found that he could not.  It was almost as if his feet and legs were embedded in concrete. 

"Ahhh, Dray?  Are you doing this?"

Dray, his attention drawn by Chuck's query, looked down and frowned.  "Nope, it seems that we have still more enemies who have decided to make themselves known."

Dray exchanged a quick glance with Chuck.  Chuck could clearly see the worry etched on Dray's handsome face.  He wondered if the terror he felt was just as visible to Dray. 

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