The Atavist

            Warning: There will be no quick and easy sex, so if that’s what you’re lookin’ for, well, keep going. There will be scenes with sexual content later down the road, and yes, it will be gay. So if that doesn’t float your boat go eat your hat.



          Blake watched as the streetlights glinted off of the water in the river. Unable to sleep and unwilling to let Khamon put him out, he decided to take a walk, eventually ending up by the river. It was a place he often went to think things over. The sound and sight of the moving water gave him comfort and the chilling darkness of the night made him feel at peace.

            ::I remember this feeling.::

            What feeling?

            ::The feeling you have. It is like traveling in space.::

            Space? Khamon had been reluctant to share about his race, or where he had come from. It had taken several days for them to warm up to each other, and several more days of constant reassurance that they were not going to be approached again by Peor or his minions. Still, Khamon felt it was smart for them to relocate.

            ::It is a calm place. A vast night that sills the soul.::

            Blake frowned. Khamon often spoke in such a way. It conflicted wit the otherwise stiff patterns of speech and methodical thinking. >From what he could gather, Khamon and his ‘people’ we a race of conquers, holding sway on a network of several systems. The simbiont was very vague and evasive enough that Blake let it go for the time being. He would ask later when they were more comfortable for each other.

            You believe in the existence of a soul, Khamon? Blake asked.

            ::There is a soul in all things, Blake. In that rock, in that water, in the air. All things have a soul, or else they could not be realized into this world.::

            Blake mulled this over. The simbiont seemed oddly religious and philosophical. He had expected an alien race to have risen above such things.

            ::Just because we are more advanced in certain ways, does not mean we are better. There is just as much war and death on my world as there is yours.::

            So things are the same everywhere. Blake thought to himself. Khamon did not reply, but instead watched the water.

            ::It is late. We should return.::

            Blake sighed. He could watched the river all night.

            ::Jar Havaedus.::


            ::It is the name of one of the Crown Jewels. The Nine Planets of our world. It is an ocean.::

            The whole thing?

            ::One giant black ocean. The wisest of our kind often sought solace there.::

            Blake grinned as they stood and made their way down the street.

            Did you just equate me with some kind of guru?

            ::I do not understand this word.::

            As Blake thought of a response, Khamon plucked the thought from his brain.

            ::Ah. I understand.::

            ‘Hey, you!’ The voice was gruff. Blake stopped and turned. Standing behind him were three rough looking men. One hand a bandana on his head. They all wore wide grins.

            ‘Now what’s a pretty boy like you doin’ out here all alone?’ The bandana wearing thug spoke.

            Blake looked around. The roads by the river were usually deserted at night. The only thing close to the water were storage shacks and processing plants. He doubted anyone could hear him if he shouted as loud as he could.

            ::There is no need.::

            He felt a tug. His eyes were drawn to the pile of rubbish to his left.

            What about it?

            ::Allow your awareness to expand.::

            Blake steeled himself. This was an exercise they had been practicing for the past few weeks with only moderate success. It always felt like pushing through a soap bubble to Blake.

            Suddenly he was aware of his shoes, the air the ground. Feeling every particle, every ounce. Then as quickly as it began, it collapsed. He was about to speak to Khamon, but suddenly the simbiont pushed his awareness out and Blake knew what Khamon wanted.

            ‘What the--!’ Before any of the thugs could move, Blake dove into the garbage pile. They rushed over, surrounding him.

            The first thug feel as Blake dealt a blow to his head. Not enough to kill, but enough to knock him unconscious.

            ‘Fuck!’ One of the thugs backed off when he say Blake holding the bent metal pipe in his hands, wielding it like a sword.

            The dark-haired man advanced methodically. The movements were short and quick. The man in front of him pulled a knife. Blake tapped it out of his hand before he could even bring it up in threat. One quick pop to the head put his assailant out of commission.

            The world slowed down as Blake turned to the third man.

            The would-be criminal was pulling a gun out of his jacket. The pistol was leveled at him, ready to fire. More than twenty feet away, Blake was powerless. As the bullet rushed towards him two things happened very suddenly: Khamon seized complete control of his body, barely twisting him out of the way as the bullet sunk into his shoulder, and some kind of invisible barrier was erected, preventing the rest of the bullets from coming within five feet of him.

            The thug’s eyes bugged out of his head. He emptied another clip into the strange barrier as he fled.

            What... Blake struggled to remain aware as his body stood, not obeying his commands.

            ::Sleep, Blake.::

            Hearing Khamon’s voice, Blake drifted off to sleep.



            ‘Dude!’ Blake awoke, bleary-eyed. He recognized Jared’s voice.

            ‘Where?’ He asked, suddenly painfully aware that his mouth was dry. His voice must’ve croaked, because soon a glass of water was pressed to his lips.

            what the hell happened?’ He could hear worry in his friend’s voice. Slowly Blake looked around. Small room, bed that was too small, posters of basketball and women with large breasts. He was in Jared’s dorm room.

            Blake heaved a sigh. He became aware of the pain in his left shoulder. A makeshift bandage covered it. He knew that when the cloth was removed there would be no wound. Even now he felt Khamon dissolving the metal of the bullet and assimilating it for whatever he did with that kind of stuff.

            ‘I got jumped.’ Blake said. Jared went on for awhile, berating him for putting up a struggle. Blake just nodded.

            ‘Well, Rob said you’d be okay anyway.’

            ‘Rob?’ Blake’s interest stirred, along with another part of him.

            Jared grinned at his friend’s reaction. ‘Yeah, I didn’t know who else to call, so I called him. Apparently he’s pre-med or something.’ Jared shrugged. Blake knew they shared a biology class, but pre-med. That was news.

            ‘Did he...’

            ‘Undress you? Dude, weren’t you two in bed a week or so ago?’ Blake felt his face flush.

            ‘Relax. All he did was look at your shoulder. Pretty nasty if you ask me.’ Jared said, wringing out a warm cloth.

            ‘You know, most people would’ve called the police.’ Blake said. Jared shrugged again.

            ‘I’m not most people.’ He smiled. Then, before Blake could move, Jared’s hand was pushing back the bandage on his shoulder. Khamon didn’t even notice, he was so caught up in repairs.

            ‘Holy fuck!’ Jared said. Blake watched the taller man’s face. ‘There was a hole there five minutes ago!’

            He looked the Blake.

            ‘Uh, I heal fast?’ Blake said lamely.

            Khamon we have a problem.

            ::You trust this one?::

            Yes. Blake said, after a moment of thought.

            ::Then I trust him as well.:: He felt the simbiont go back to his repairs.

            Jared was looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

            ‘Uh, Jared...’

            ‘Yeah, bud?’

            ‘I have something to tell you.’ Blake swallowed.


            The Java Hutt was a small café off of the main university avenue. Not classy, but relaxed and clean. They offered many specialty coffees and s few smaller things to eat. Blake nursed a cup of hot chocolate, slumping forward in his seat. It would have been much safer to talk to his friend in private, but he just couldn’t take the awkwardness that had rose between them after Jared’s confession. An open invitation, Blake had never acted on it, being more of a bystander than a participant. A wedge had been driven between them in the most uncomfortable way.

            Blake was thankful that there weren’t many people at the Java Hutt on a Wednesday night.

            He watched Jared return with a hot coffee and a muffin.

            ‘So what’s this big secret?’ Jared asked, eating his muffin. Blake felt his stomach lurch. He could feel Jared’s eagerness, excitement. He rubbed his palms on the legs of his jeans before taking a swig of the cocoa.

            ‘Well, these past few weeks have been...different for me.’ Blake said. How do you tell your best friend that you’re bonded with an alien simbiont? From the beginning, he guessed.

            After Blake finished telling his tale, Jared sat in thought.

            ‘I really, really ,really don’t want to believe you.’ Jared said, ‘But it would explain a few things. Like why you’ve been avoiding me.’

            ‘Uh, yeah.’ Blake forced a smile.

            ‘But you have to prove it to me. Prove that you’re not crazy, or this isn’t a joke.’ Jared said, dropping his casual attitude.

            ‘Alright.’ Blake said, then focused his attention on the table. He didn’t know what he was trying to do, but he wanted it to be small, so other people wouldn’t notice. He assumed it would be moving the salt shaker, or jostling the table. Instead, his eyes widened in surprise as a miniature version of the force field popped up between them.

            Now that he had a better chance to study it, it wasn’t quite invisible. A rippling pond of clear force would be a more accurate way to describe it. Jared’s mouth opened in shock. He looked to Blake’s face before reaching out to touch it. Blake did the same. There was resistance. It buckled and bend slightly as he pushed but he had the feeling he could make it much firmer. Then, without another thought, it was gone. With nothing between them, their hands met. Blake felt his cheeks burn and Jared with drew his hand, looking a little flush himself.

            Jared was suddenly very interested in his coffee.

            ‘So this...thing,’ He began.


            ‘Khamon.’ Jared nodded. ‘You’re the only one that can hear it?’

            ‘Kind of. Why?’ Blake said.

            ‘I want to talk to it.’ Jared said quietly.

            Khamon, are you listening? Blake asked.


            It might be easier if you take over. Blake said, taking a mental step back, at the same time forcing Khamon forward.

            Jared was instantly aware o the change. Blake’s eyes were no longer...Blake. Something else was there. Even his mannerisms changed, along with his voice. It was deeper, reminded the tall jock of a smooth bronze, wall.

            ‘Jared. You wished to speak with me.’ Khamon said.

            ‘Where’d Blake go?’ Jared asked, fighting the impulse to get up an run, screaming.

            ‘Blake is in here. He can hear everything we say.’ Khamon said.

            ‘It doesn’t...hurt him?’ Jared asked.

            ‘No. On the contrary I have enhanced several features of Blake’s physical and mental being.’ Khamon said.

            ‘I’ve noticed.’ Jared gave a smirk. He quickly wiped it off when he realized that he wasn’t talking to Blake. Looking at Blake’s body (and Khamon’s), but not at Blake.

            ‘Um, how does you Blake affect him?’ Jared asked, peeking around to make sure no one was watching.

            ‘It is advantageous. As stated I have made modifications and enhancements as well as repairs on his tissue which you witnessed earlier.’ Khamon said, looking at the mug of hot chocolate in his hand.

            ‘No, I mean, is he in danger?’

            If a simbiont could look uncomfortable, Jared suspected that this was how they’d look.

            ‘He will eventually be exposed to several dangerous elements due to my bonding.’ Khamon said.

            ‘How long?’

            ‘I do not know, but it is inevitable.’

            ‘You better protect him.’ Jared said suddenly, his voice hard.

            ‘I do not understand, to allow Blake harm would be to harm myself.’ The simbiont said. Jared nodded.

            ‘Good, because if anything happens to him you’ll answer to me.’

            ‘I do not--‘ before Khamon could finish, Blake was back.

            Sorry, Khamon. I don’t want him agitated. Blake said, knowing what the simbiont said would only frustrate Jared.


            Jared looked at him expectantly.

            ‘He uh, gets the message.’ Blake smiled.

            ‘Do you?’ Jared asked, his hand encircling Blake’s mug, resting on the kendoka’s hand.

            ‘I should probably get home.’ Blake said, pulling away. Jared sighed.

            ‘Look, maybe you should crash at my place. I mean, if these things are looking for you they’re going to go straight to your place.’ Jared said.

            Blake shook his head. ‘I’ll be fine for now. I just need some sleep.’

            ‘Alright. If you want to you know you can crash at my place any time.’ Jared offered. Several images rushed through Blake’s mind. The small room, the one bed, Jared’s naked back in the shower rooms after practice.

            ‘Thanks. I’ll see you later.’ Blake said, pulling his jacket on.

            ‘Yeah. Later.’ Jared said, head resting on his elbow, staring out the window.






            He watched from the shadows of the trees as the young one made his way down the street. He had witnessed the entire exchange between them at the small eating place. His master had been right. He had not moved his location. All the easier it would make his job.

            It would be best to strike when they were asleep. The young simbiont had not reached maturity yet, and barely had a grasp of its abilities, acting mostly on impulse and self defense. Still that could hamper his mission.

            He saw the black-haired one stop and talk to a taller one with brown hair. No simbiont in him, he could be easily eliminated if he got in the way.

            The black one was hesitant. He could sense it. Suddenly the simbiont in him wheeled around, searching.


            ::We are being watched.:: Blake swallowed hard when Khamon spoke.

            ‘Any plans?’ Rob asked. He had met him by chance. The pre-med student had come to Jared’s dorm for a checkup and found the note they left. Blake filled him in on his mugging situation. Rob said he would be fine, but he should go see a doctor.

            ‘Not that I’m aware of.’ Blake said, trying to split his attention between the simbiont and the handsome man in front of him.

            Are we in danger? Blake asked, suddenly thinking of Rob.

            ::You are correct in thinking that they would not hesitate to kill this one, Rob.::

            ‘Want to come to a party? My friend, Lisa, is throwing one at her place. My date kinda stood me up.’ Rob flashed a charming smile. ‘I mean, you know, if you’re up for it.’

            ‘Uh, I’m kinda tired now Rob. You know, with the arm and all.’ Blake said, anxious to get out of the med student’s presence.

            ‘Yeah, that’s understandable. Say, why don’t you give me your number. I’ll call you later, see you you’re feeling.’ Rob said.

            ‘Okay.’ Blake said, giving his number as Rob entered it in his cell phone.

            ‘You want mine?’ Rob asked.

            ‘Yeah, sure. But I don’t have a cell phone.’ Blake said.

            ‘Paper?’ Rob asked, holding a pen. Blake held out his forearm. Rob smiled and jotted his number down.

            ‘Thanks. See you later.’ Blake said and started to walk away.

            ‘Hey.’ Rob called after him. Blake turned and paused. Rob didn’t speak for several seconds.

            ‘You look good tonight. I mean, for a guy that’s been shot and all.’ Rob smiled.

            ‘Thanks.’ Blake said wit ha grin and before he could respond, Rob was off.

            A few blocks down the road and he could feel Khamon searching around.

            Still being followed?

            ::Yes. Discreetly.::

            Blake took a turn down a dark alley, into a vacant lot behind one of the older buildings just off of campus. Windows and doors had been bolted and boarded. Fences had been put up to keep people out, but teenagers always snuck in to tag the place.

            Blake ducked around a corner.

            Where is he? Blake asked.

            ::I’ve lost him.::

            How can you loose him? I thought you could sense him?

            ::There is a disturbance. It fogs my senses.::

            Blake cursed. He spun around, trying to spot his follower. Nothing stirred in the shadows.

            I don’t see anything.

            ::RIGHT HERE!:: The strange voice screamed in his head. Blake twisted to his left, barely missing being grazed by the sharp blade. Before he could make another move, the blade was suddenly falling onto him.

            The last thing that passed through his mind was the image of the ocean planet Khamon had described.

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