The Breed

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 10"Home Life"

            The week after returning from Calumet had been very busy for Ray and his new household. Ray and George explained to Iris and Gene what had happened and it was agreed that for everything except for school records, Ray would go ahead and move fully into the new house. That day they moved all of Ray's personal belongings into the manor house.

Ray and Rex took Mike shopping for the things he needed for his new life; they made a day of it and acted like typical teenagers. Ray had his first Shadow Council meeting. Ray snuck off each night to have his training sessions with Charlett, and he began his first job for the Ghouls.

The morning after he obtained the information packet from the Ghouls on his assignment, Ray was eating breakfast while reading the preliminary information on the drug dealers. He was sitting in light blue gym shorts and a light blue, medium-sleeved t-shirt eating rare steak and eggs. The information was in De'wann script, the universal language of the races that comprise the breed. [The De'wann script is its written version with thirty consonants, seven vowels, fifteen diphthongs, four genders (male, female, neutral and inclusive), four tenses (past, present, future and inclusive) and ten accents.] He absent mindedly scratched his muscled chest every so often as he turned the pages of the report.

Mike walked in and saw that Ray was reading something in a strange looking language and was very curious. Instead of asking though he walked to the breakfast bar at the far side of the dining room and retrieved a plate and began to dish up his own breakfast. Mike poured himself some orange juice and decaffeinated coffee, then turned and sat down next to Ray.

Ray felt Mike tense as he spotted the pictures of the corpses of the drugs victims. The pictures of the victims showed each and every one of them appeared to be almost mummified even though they had been dead less than 12 hours.  Ray quickly covered them up with the folder they came in and mumbled, "Sorry." He then smiled, "Morning..." Ray then put the papers down and focused on his smaller friend.

"I should not be reading this at the breakfast table," he said softly, "At least not bringing the pictures." Ray realized that he had to explain his work to Mike. "As you know I am a Shadow Lord. In our world, most Shadow Lords are vampires. In fact, I am the only one right now that isn't. This can get a bit confusing because English is not as precise as our normal language of De'wann." Ray then pointed to the information.

"There are two words in De'wann that translate into English meaning Shadow but they mean different things to us. I am a Sha'ral Lord which means my extra strength comes hidden in the mind. You would say I am a super psychic. A Sha'raw also means shadow or shade. A shade is an aware entity that they allow into themselves and then have access to shadow energy or Shařal," Ray said explaining things in general.

             "Shadow Lords are like lower level judges, lawyers, guardians, spies and to lesser degree assassins," Ray said without emotion, avoiding Mike's eyes. "Shadows on the other hand, are guardians, spies, assassins and to a lesser degree lawyers."

            "So is that about someone you are suppose to guard, spy on or assassinate?" Mike asked with a slightly sad voice. He was fidgeting in his seat when Ray finally looked up to face him. Mike wasn't sure he wanted to hear the truth, but he had to get used to being in this new life as quickly as possible. His stomach started to sour as he began to think the worse.

            "I am supposed to watch a drug house that has been selling a new drug around the city." Ray said looking at Mike with soft eyes. "I am to identify the dealers, try to find out the suppliers and see if they are some how connected to a group of evil breed that we have had a blood war with for a long time." He then reached over and pulled Mike into a gentle embrace.

            Ray hugged Mike and let his natural emotions flow without altering them or enhancing them. He could feel that Mike had some residual fears and he more or less expected that. "The Ghouls think that the drugs are enhanced with something genetic that kills and partly mummifies those who have only certain genetic make-up. They think it may be a way of making more base components for their drugs." Ray explained.

            "God, that is gross!" Mike almost screamed.

            "I totally agree," Ray agreed pulling Mike tighter. "It is my job to do what I can to stop them from getting a foothold here." He then sighed, "We don't take life unless it is absolutely necessary."

Just then, Mike noticed the tribal markings made by the shadow tendrils on Ray's arms. He ran his fingers up the tendril and under Ray's shirt. "What is this?" He said actually getting turned on touching the tendrils. Mike's dick was actually becoming hard; he could not believe that he was getting that turned on by Ray.

Ray realized that his dick getting painfully hard just by Mike's touch of his arm. True that he had not consummated his relationship with Rex and George yet and that had him very horny, but a simple touch should not have him that turned on. "OH God!" Ray moaned as he felt his dick throb when Mike's leg touched his own leg.

The awareness that George and Rex were approaching caused Ray to pull way from Mike. He then said and thought projected, "[We need to have a family meeting in the den, when breakfast is over.]" He winked at Mike and began to gather his work off of the table.

George and Rex walked into the kitchen a moment later talking. "...then we had to tighten the cam and it ran fine after that," Rex said finishing a conversation he was having with George.

"Good Morning," George said as he headed to gather his own breakfast. "So what is the family meeting about?" He said shoving a piece of bacon in his mouth.

"Well, I was going to wait till everyone had breakfast," Ray began, He then sat down. "But since you asked," he then smiled with a very mischievous glint in his eyes. "Hormones, that as of yet have not been dealt with and since Mike has moved in have tripled on all of our accounts."

All three of the others began to blush but did not argue the point. Ray smiled and then winked, "We all have been having the same problem and I just wanted to have a talk about how we wanted to deal with the situation." He looked at each of them directly in the eyes and then laughed. "I am going to be totally honest on how I feel about each of you and I expect the same from you."

Ray turned to Mike and smiled, "As the newest member of this family," he then stroked Mike's face, "I am attracted to you on multiple levels; I want to protect you from being hurt by anyone ever again. You are physically sexy as hell and drive me wild and horny every time I see and smell you."

"Are you willing to be with me?" Ray said with a light sexy growl in his voice.

"Yes," Mike said softly.

He then kissed Mike softly on the lips; both of them closed their eyes and sighed deeply when they separated a moment later.

Ray smiled and then turned to George and took his hand and pulled him to his feet. "You had my heart the first day we kissed and you know that has never changed. We agreed to wait until my training was over to take things to a physical level." He then smiled and winked, "My training is over now."

"I know," George said gently rubbing Ray's growing crotch through his shorts.

Ray then French kissed George. They hugged each other moving their hands over each other's bodies slowly and sensuously.  

Ray groaned as he released George. He was now majorly horny. He turned toward Rex. He reached out and took Rex's right arm and pulled Rex to his feet. Ray then grasped Rex's slave bracelet and unlatched it taking it off of his arm. He allowed it to drop to the floor and rubbed the now exposed arm. Ray then hugged and French kissed Rex. After a moment he then gently grasped Rex's crotch through his shorts. Rex reached and unlatched Ray's master bracelet and repeated rubbing his arm. Rex began to cry softly.

"What was all that about?" Mike asked George as Ray and Rex continued to kiss.

"Rex was Ray's slave," George explained. "By releasing the bracelets on Rex's arm Ray is freeing him to do as he chooses even leave and showing him how much he loves him. When Rex released Ray's bracelet, he showed that he loved him back as much and choosing to stay with him."

George then reached for Mike and gently pulled him into his chest, "You know I am also attracted to you."

Without responding Mike pulled George to him and French kissed him gently and passionately. He then ran one hand across George's massive muscled chest. It amazed him that this hot man was also a large bear. He allowed his other hand to slowly travel down to George's crotch. Mike's eyes suddenly popped open when he felt the size of George's cock.

"Well I can see that Mike likes George and the feeling is mutual," Ray said laughing as he held onto Rex's shoulder.

George and Mike stopped kissing and started laughing upon hearing Ray saying that. George then turned to Mike and asked in a serious tone, "What do you think of my ugly younger brother?"

Mike looked at George trying to figure out if he was serious. When he saw the sparkle in his eyes, he walked over to Rex and French kissed him. Rex pulled Mike into a tight embrace and picked him up and then said, "I think I'll keep him."

"I think we'll keep each other," Ray corrected. He then opened his arms to everyone. Rex gently put Mike back on the floor, the Rex, Mike and George joined Ray in a four way group hug. They then began to mash their mouths to gather in a very messy four-way French kiss. After a few minutes of their kisses and hugging they separated and began to laugh.

"Well you are no longer my Felmar," Ray said to Mike "you are now one of my Zoméa or most loved male lovers, mates, and husbands."

"So where does he get to sleep then," Rex asked with a bit of expectation.

"Unless he has any objections, he can alternate sleeping on either side of me each night, that way you both can share his attention and mine," Ray said with a smile.

"It is a good thing that we have a King sized bed or we would have to divide up who sleep where and that would never work," George said with an equally big smile.

"So what is everybody doing today?" Mike asked.

"I have to finish reading that report," Ray said pout out his lower lip.

"I have to report to the Conclave this afternoon to pick up some paperwork," George said softly. He knew that the paperwork involved both Mike and Ray, but did not want to say anything until he knew what was going on first.

"I am meeting Karl and Junior at the junkyard to go scouting," Rex said with a slight smile. He and the two wolves were asked to do a little reconnaissance about the drug dealers that Ray was also going to be watching, but from a more undercover stand point. Karl and Junior were going to be in the undercover portion and Rex was going to be their backup.

"I guess that leaves me home alone," Mike said in a voice that showed he was not happy to be alone.

"I am going to be here all day reviewing all that material and on the computer," Ray responded kissing Mike softly. "Just remember that some of those pictures are a bit graphic so don't be peeking," Ray said softly with playful smile. He was being playful but he honestly knew that some of the pictures could really upset his newest Zomé and that was the last thing he wanted to do.  

Davey walked into the kitchen and looked at the hugging mass of male flesh and giggled. He had been raised around the strange and unusual, so to him seeing the four older guys hugging was a relief. Davey now knew that all the residual fears he had about these guys were unfounded and he was glad. Davey looked up at the guys and asked, "Can I get one too?"

All four of the guys burst out laughing and looked at Davey. "Of course, big guy," George said as he turned and scooped up Davey into one arm. "We got plenty of hugs for a guy like you." Each guy took a turn hugging Davey tightly. As they did they each made a silent promise to him that they would protect him with their very life, even Mike made a similar promise. When Davey was finally handed off to Ray, they smiled at each other, held the hug longer and Ray kissed Davey's forehead. Davey giggled when Ray kissed him but hugged him tighter.

Ruth walked in the dining room to check on the breakfast dishes and noticed her son being held in the center of the boys. For a brief moment she felt terrified that her child was in danger until she heard him giggle and then she breathed a sigh of relief. She watched for a few moments and then busied herself doing her work. Now that the old master had been executed, she felt the new master and his family would give them a better life.

"Whoa!" Ray said suddenly as he was cuddling Davey and still being hugged by the others. It surprised everyone. He broke away from the other guys still holding Davey. Ray glared at Ruth as she looked at him because of his outburst. "Let's get something perfectly crystal clear," Ray said with a feigned coldness and actual anger.

He walked over Ruth with more authority than he really felt. "In my household, No one...I REPEAT... NO ONE is a slave to anyone else. You and your husband are staff and will be paid; this little monkey will be treated like a little brother," Ray said releasing his emotions. "If that means we have to go get him from school once in a while, we will. If we have to baby sit once in a while we will, if we have to give him nuggies we will and of course we will help with homework too."

Ruth looked at Ray with shock and then burst out in tears. Her heart had never felt so much love. Without thinking she sobbed and then wrapped her arms around the boy that held her son and just gave her and her family a new life. It felt so good when the boy's arms wrapped tightly around her, hugging her and then she felt her son and the other boys one by one join the hug.

Ray felt a bit ashamed of himself for speaking for George, Rex and Mike. He projected, [Did I overstep just then?] to each of them separately. After each projection the target just smiled and shook their head and laughed. Ray felt that they were saying while he spoke too soon, they totally agreed with what he had said. He then projected, [Sorry].

An hour later, George was entering the Conclave office of Antino. Antino sat behind a large ornate desk reading through paperwork when George was shown into the office, by a short, thin female vampire secretary in a red dress. Antino looked up when the door open and nodded at a nearby chair. A moment later he put the papers down and smiled at George.

"So has our boy killed that ass yet?" Antino asked with a laugh.

George laughed "No, but he came very close. Apparently he put him into a wall."

Antino laughed and clapped his hands. "That's our boy," he roared. "How did he do at the home of his new Felmar's loving parents?" Antino then asked sarcastically.

"Sliced and diced the father with attitude" George responded. "Rex backed him up but it wasn't really necessary except for fright factor."

"Excellent," Antino responded with a smile. This meant that Ray (Toban) could be called on to kill if need be, but was not cold about. Antino wanted him to still have as much of a human heart as possible. Antino then lost his smile, "We may have a problem though."

"The Shadow jewelry that Charlett gave him has had an adverse reaction" Antino began. "Charlett told me that he is accessing Sha'raw energy like a Sha'raw Knight but without a shade." Antino began drumming his fingers on the desk. "She is not sure if it some form of hybridization of the shadow energy and his power or if it is a shadow energy infection."

"What do I need to do?" George asked.

"Prepare him to be checked out by both the Shadow Lord Council and the Shadow Knight Enclave," Antino said shaking his head. "I just hope that it does not go in front of the full National Conclave." Antino was actually nervous about that happening, He did not want his protégé to possibly be found to be infected and be treated as a sickness as that would mean certain death, something even he could not stop.   


"Shit," George said holding his hand to his mouth. He knew the possible outcomes if it went to the National Conclave. For a moment he was upset with Ray for not confiding in him about this, then he realized that Ray was only trying to prove himself worthy of the new life Antino had given him. A smile crossed his face then. "I don't know why," George said, "but I have a feeling that Lord Toban will come out of this better off than he is going in."

Antino looked at George and then also smiled, "I sure wouldn't bet against him." He then handed George a folder. "This should help on that problem."

Antino then handed George another file that was marked with Mike's name in English and De'wann script. "These are the papers required to say that you are now Mike's legal guardian. It also has the health, dental and eye care plan information for him." Antino then leaned back in his chair. "You are also given a stipend for his care under my accounts. There is a check in there that you or Toban can cash."

"I need to give you an update on him," George said with a slightly horny smile. "Today we had a family meeting and decided that he should no longer be considered a Felmar," George paused for effect. "He is the newest member of our group Zoméa."


Antino burst out laughing and almost fell out of his chair backwards. He caught himself and righted the chair and immediately leaned forward and continued to laugh at himself as much as the situation. George also began to laugh, partly in relief that Antino did not fall and in the uniqueness of the situation. "Well, he could not have chosen 3 better mates to have," Antino finally said with a reddened face.

"He did scare the crap out of Ruth this morning though, for some reason," George said softly.

Antino's face suddenly lost all color and he looked as if he could kill. "Explain..." he said coldly.

George knew that Antino was pissed but controlling his fury, so he chose his words wisely. "Ray had Davey and was hugging on him and suddenly turned on her and told her that there were no slaves in his household, only paid staff and as far as he and we were concerned, Davey was a little brother."

Antino's stone cold face slowly warmed and he then returned to smiling, "Ruth must have been thinking something about slaves and masters in his presence and it set him off. I am glad he set the ground rules early, that family is very special to me."

Rex slowly drove his car to the gate of the junk yard and parked. He got out of the car and examined the rusted gate. He noticed that it covered the only entrance and was locked from the inside. Rex smiled and then looked around the area to make sure no one was around. His eyes changed by darkening for the briefest moment then returned to normal. Rex then flexed and jumped over the gate with only a slight grunt, lightly touching the top of the gate as he traveled.

Once Rex landed, he shifted he body weight and rotated until he was on all fours sideways with his hind end aimed toward the junkyard itself. A moment later angry barking could be heard from multiple locations inside the junkyard. Several large black Rottweilers and German Shepherds charged barking angrily in his directions {Intruder, Attack, Home, Protect}.   

Rex remained still except to lower his head and to raise his butt. At the first dog, Rex suddenly barked out {Reuf, toy, tickle} in the language that Wolf Thropes shared with common canines. The barking of the dogs immediately changed into a more playful mixture of {Reuf} Rex's canine name, {Toy} which is canine for friend and {tickle} for what they wanted Rex to do to their bellies. The dogs took a turn sniffing Rex's ass, verifying who he was. After they made sure he was Rex, the playtime was on.

The dogs and Rex wrestled around for a good fifteen minutes, until they were dusty and panting happily. Rex rolled away from the dogs stood and dusted himself off. The dogs realizing that playtime was over went back to work, protecting the junkyard. Rex picked up a lead pipe and with a Para-human toss chucked the pipe into the side of a nearby stack of semi crushed cars. The noise was horrendous as the pipe bounced around the wreckage.

"God Damn you make a lot of racket!" said a smiling, brown–haired, teenaged boy with a goatee, who was climbing out of a green older model Volkswagen bus.

"That was the intention, Junior," Rex said with a laugh. He then bumped forearms with the other boy in greetings. It had been a long while since Rex had seen his slightly smaller Wolven friend. It hurt him that Junior and Karl's family and pack's shunned him in such a way that they had to live in this hellhole of a junkyard.

A moment later the blonde-haired Karl followed Junior out of the Volkswagen. "Damn, who started the crusher this early?" Karl asked rubbing his eyes. He then bumped forearms with Rex, followed by a one armed hug. "It has been too long, Stud."

Rex blushed and then smiled. "We need to do a little bit of scouting to help Lord Toban scope out a drug house and dealers."

"Is it that new drug that we are stalking?"Junior asked with a slightly angry look in his eye. A human friend of his had been one of those that had been found partially mummified by the new drug. He was ready to knock heads on those that did it to little Terry.

"Yeah," Rex said. "It is part of his job to not only observe but to destroy the supply chain before it gets a real foothold. I am sure he would like all the help he could get," Rex explained. He then figured the guys were probably hungry and might need a bit of an incentive. "The scouting pays is $200 a week, $500 if he needs the extra help". Rex decided to keep silent about the possibility that it may include the Regia'an (the race that was the blood enemy). There was no need to worry them unnecessarily.

The boys talked as they walked back to the gate. Once they arrived at the gate, each boy took their turn jumping over the gate, touching the gate lightly as they traveled over the top. As they landed, they had to laugh as they had scared a stray cat who had been walking by when they came over the gate.

Rex opened the car and got in. He unlocked the doors and waited for Junior and Karl to decide who would sit up front and in the back. A moment later Karl jumped in the front seat and Junior flopped into the back seat. Rex started the car and revved the motor of his sports car. He backed out and drove up the street toward the highway on ramp.

Twenty minutes later the three boys arrived in a low income neighborhood. They found the house was an ugly yellow tract house and was buzzing with activity. Dealers and users both went in and out of the house getting their daily supplies. Rex parked the car a few doors down from the drug house and the boys set up their targets for the day.

Back at the Manor House, Ray decided to take a break from reading the depressing files and was cuddling on the den sofa with Mike. They occasionally kissed but Ray enjoyed holding Mike more than anything else, as he was still healing from the beating his father had given him. Mike was between Ray's legs as they lounged with their feet up.

Mike looked back at Ray with questioning eyes and then turned away deciding not to ask what was on his mind. He was too shy and a bit scared to ask. Ray noticed the look and smiled softly, "What is it, Zomé?"

Mike blushed and said softly, "It is nothing."

Ray looked at him with mock sternness "You can ask me anything."

Mike blushed a deeper red, "It is silly, but can I see your fangs?"

Ray laughed and said "of course, but let me explain how they work first." He then loosened his grip on Mike so he could turn around a bit. "My canine teeth or fangs have an extra set of muscles hidden in the gum line that project and retract the teeth. I can control the teeth, but also hunger or emotions can force them out on their own." Ray then opened his mouth wide and his upper canine teeth began to lower as his lower canine teeth began to rise from their gums. At their full length the fangs were an astounding ¾ of inch each. He then retracted them back to their normal size.

"That is so cool," Mike squealed with the look of pure awe on his face. He then asked breathlessly, "What do you eat?"

Ray burst out laughing, "What do I eat... What do I eat?!" He repeated as he began to tickle Mike's sides. "Why I eat cute little boy dicks, with lots of cream sauce" Ray then kissed Mike's neck. He then started sucking on his neck working his way toward making a good sized hicky, both of them groaned. Ray roughly ripped Mike's shirt off his chest revealing his tight pale chest and then began to lightly suck on his left nipple. Mike groaned and grabbed Ray's arms roughly pulling him forward.

Meanwhile Rex, Karl and Junior had taken up positions at different locations where they could watch the drug house and those people coming and going from it. Each one was an expert at remembering faces, times and how often the same people returned, to such an extent that they did not need to make notes for several hours. Rex hid in the limbs of elm tree four houses away from the drug house. Karl hid in a cluster of bushes in front of an abandoned house across the street and down the block. Junior hid in another abandoned house across the street and down the block in the other direction in an upstairs bedroom.

Rex identified five pushers and felt that at least three of them were also users of the new drug. He also felt that something was not quite right about the other two, but he could not put his finger on what it was. Rex almost lost his composure when he saw Jody, a band member friend of Ray's walk into the drug house. Rex almost wanted to run out and snatch him up and knock him around for being around for being so stupid. He growled softly instead and then sighed. "I guess Ray will be pissed, but I know he will want to correct it when he finds out," Ray thought to himself.

Karl sat there and identified the three of the same five pushers and another three going a different direction. He also felt there was something off about one of the three that he identified, but again he could not identify it. Karl felt Rex's agitation and was able to find the individual that caused it, he was not sure if the person was a target or someone to protect and that it was just upsetting to Rex to see him in the situation.

[Someone to attack or protect,] Karl projected to Rex.

[Someone to protect after we tell Toban,] Rex responded.

Junior identified several underage users that wore the same school team jackets. He also found that several other schools were also represented by their owners wearing team jackets. This angered Junior, he felt that the dealers were abusing the youth and the youth were throwing their lives away on something that was a dangerous illusion. He watched in frustration until he saw a lone boy no older than thirteen use the alleyway of the house he had hidden in as a place to get high in. Junior abandoned his post and stalked the thin straw haired boy into the alley itself.

The boy was named David, he found a partially tree shadowed corner and sat down. He scanned the alley with his dull brown eyes trying to find if he had been followed David was totally unaware that Junior was indeed following him silently. David's thin fingers withdrew a small vial of purple dust from his shirt pocket and shook it gently. The dust glistened in the indirect light.

David jumped as Junior's much larger hand enclosed his and captured the vial and the small hand inside. He turned and looked at the harsh features that made up Junior's face. Fear and adrenaline raced through David's veins as he saw the features of Junior change before his very eyes. Instantly he began to cry as he believed he was going to die, either of a drug overdose or by being mauled by the creature before him, whichever was real, David then promptly passed out.

Junior was shocked at the much smaller boy's reaction to him, but felt it made things much easier to get the drugs away from him and it just might make him think twice about doing them again. But...

[JUNIOR!!!...] Rex thought transmitted very loudly. [You are not at your proper location,] He continued. [Where are you?]

[I followed a user to get a sample of the drug] Junior began. [I am behind the house, in the alley. It was a kid; he passed out in fright or something,] he said as he bent over checking that David was breathing and for a pulse.

[Damn it!] Both Rex and Karl transmitted.

[Well that means we are done for the day,] Rex transmitted.

[Alley has a drive,] Junior transmitted.

[Meet there,] Rex projected to both Karl and Junior. [I'll bring the car and we'll get Toban's opinion on clean up.]  

Moments later Karl loped into the alley shaking his head until he saw the small form of David and then he hung his head and stop in his tracks. His heart broke when he saw the boy, He knew the possibilities that lay in front of the boy were grim and it made him want to cry, instead he sighed and slowly walked to the fallen form of the boy. Karl then put an arm around Junior, his mate and they both cried. If Lord Toban was anything like the other Lords the boy was as good as dead and they knew it.

Rex pulled slowly into the alley and came on the scene, seeing his two oldest and dearest friends holding each other and crying over an unconscious human boy. For a brief moment he was confused as to why they were crying and then he smiled slightly as he realized that they did not know Ray the way he knew Ray. Rex then straightened his face and got out of the car and walked to them.

"Let's get him in the car and get out of here," Rex said in the most somber voice possible.

Karl and Junior both bent over and gently picked David up and carried him to the car. Karl slid into the back seat and supported David's head. Junior shut the back door and then got in the front passenger side. Rex returned to the driver's side. They slowly drove out of the alley and out of the neighborhood without drawing any attention.



At the same time, George walked into top floor of the entertainment section in the Conclave complex carrying his briefcase. He noticed that several members of the wolf clans were watching Football on the 80 inch flat screen TV; they were enjoying popcorn and soft drinks. When one team would gain field advantage howls would go up from one group and when the other team gained the other group would howl. When a field goal or touch down was made, popcorn was thrown into the air in celebration.

When members of the group noticed that George was in the area they greeted him with "Gew'org!!", "George!!" and "Hey how ya doing?" from different ones.

George waved at all of them as he walked into the entertainment kitchen. He walked to the stainless steel double wide refrigerator, opened it and selected a mixed fruit punch from among wide selection of choices available. George opened the bottle and took a small drink of the punch and then he wiped his mouth. He walked out of the kitchen. George waved to the Wolves as he headed back out of the entertainment section.

George followed the wide hallway passed several doors and hallways until he reached a silver elevator. He pressed the gold plated up button and waited a few moments for the silent elevator to arrive. Once the elevator arrived he entered the elevator and faced the opposing glass wall. George watched the exterior bare brick wall as the elevator rose quickly to its only destination. The elevator slowed as it reached the top and then came to a stop. The doors opened slowly and silently revealing a sewer tunnel.

George looked both ways as he exited the elevator and stepped into the tunnel itself. The elevator doors shut and then the tunnel wall shut concealing the elevator. George whistled loudly down both directions of the tunnel, his eyes scanning the darkness for any movement. He hated being in the tunnels as his eyes were not made for this type of darkness and he hated the dampness.

<Well, well, if it isn't the messenger boy of the Ancient himself,> came an annoyingly squeaking voice in De'wann.

<I am not here for the Ancient,> George responded in agitated voice. <I am here to speak to you for a new Lord, who is not a vampire but who is the protégé of the Ancient, a Shadow Lord of great power, who holds no clan loyalty. >

<Who is this Lord then?> squeaked the voice.

<His name is Toban, he is a mixed breed and young,> responded George.

<We listen then,> squeaked another voice.

<He seeks eyes and ears to aid him in ridding the humans and the breed of a new drug that affects us all,> George explained. He then began to explain the plan that Antino and he had setup to assist Ray in completing his first job with as many eyes as possible. Over the next twenty minutes George explained in detail the plan to the voices in the shadows. Finally he was done and said, <What do you think?>

<We agree to help this new lord, but we want to meet him face to face,> the second voice squeaked.

<We ask for no other compensation,> the first voice squeaked.

<Agreed,> George said with a smile.



Back at the manor house, Ray was between Mike's legs asleep snoring softly after sex. His soften cock had slipped from Mike's happily used ass and was now slowly returning to its normal size. Mike was gently rubbing Ray's muscular back and arms as he smiled in the after glow of the wonderful time he had. Mike's neck and chest showed several hickeys of different sizes and shapes. He would wear them as badges of honor to being loved. Mike realized that he was finally complete he was loved by not only Ray but by Rex and George and he was free to love of them as individuals, separately and differently but totally. 

Mike traced the shadow tendril tattoo markings on Ray's arms and back. He became intrigued when they began to move and grow the more he touched them. Mike found it interesting that by his touch he could actually move the tendrils into different shapes and it began to appear as if the tendrils even left his skin for the briefest of moments. Unknown to Mike while he played with the shadow tendrils his own eyes darkened ever so slightly and his bruises began to heal even faster.

Mike must have dosed off because the next thing he remembered was the gate alarm going off and hearing Rex's voice over the gate speaker. Mike immediately woke Ray. "Hey Zomé, Let put some shorts on"

"Hey you remembered your first word in De'wann," Ray said with a smile. He then grabbed his shorts.

They both heard the gate buzzer from the other room and Ruth's voice. "Davey, don't go in there Master Toban and Master Mike are not dressed." But the young boy burst into the room at top speed anyway. He was halfway across the room before he realized that the older boys were both naked and then he attempted to brake. His tennis shoes made a shrieking sound as he came to a stop, his eyes wide in shock and his mouth open.

Both Mike and Ray blushed but laughed at the smaller boy who almost fell as he stopped. Ray was almost covered with his shorts but Mike had just stood to pick his up and was totally nude. Mike immediately buttoned his shorts and zipped up covering himself. He then stepped between the shocked boy and Mike. "What did you need bud?"

"Uh, uh..." Davey stammered as he tried to over come his shock and remember. He then looked at his idol's face and he remembered. "Lor' Tob'n prob'm outs'de" He knew that he had seen the master in a private time and he knew that in the past that would have meant punishment, but he hoped that Ray was truthful when he said that he was like a little brother.

Mike dressed as Davey spoke and heard the boy speak. He hoped that it wasn't anything that would draw Ray away from the house today. Mike wanted to have a quite day at home with Ray, if not the whole house.

Ray noticed that Davey was again nervous so he scooped him up in his arms and tweaked his nose. "Little monkeys need to listen to their mothers" He began as he walked toward the front door "and stay out of rooms when other people are not dressed" Ray said as he reached Ruth. He then handed Davey to Ruth. "Just like mommy's need to remember there are no masters and servants in this house." He then tweaked Ruth's nose and walked to the front door leaving Ruth with her mouth hanging open and Davey giggling.

Outside the house was Rex's car with Rex and Junior standing outside it. Karl was still inside the backseat holding David's head. Rex for the first time now saw the shadow tendrils on Ray's arms, chest and shoulders. Junior and Karl also saw the tendrils and were greatly intimidated that someone so young could be so powerful. Karl actually had to fight from loosing control of his emotions when he saw the young lord for the first time.

"What is the problem, Rex?" Ray said with all his authority.

"We were doing recon and Junior here," Rex began to explain, "decided to get you a sample of the drug in question." Junior handed the drug vial to Ray; his hands were shaking in fear.

"He obtained it from a druggy," Rex continued as Ray looked at the drug vial. "It was a kid who passed out from fear or some shit, plus I saw Jody from Band."

Ray closed his eyes and dropped his head and softly said, "Double damn."  He then raised his head and said at a normal voice, "Shit." Ray turned toward the house and projected [Ruth, prepare bedrooms away from your rooms for guests, have David bring up restraints, we are having guests who are coming off of drugs and we may need them]. He paused for a moment to feel that it was received and then turned back to Rex and Junior.

"He is your responsibility, Junior," Ray said softly but with authority that let Junior know that no leniency would be allowed, even though in reality it would.

"Retrieve him, Rex," was all that Ray said as he turned and walked back into the house. His emotions were conflicted and he needed to meditate. If he did not meditate he could hurt those he loved and that would not be good for him or for them.

Rex looked at Ray for a moment and almost went after him but then realized that it would have been a mistake. He then looked at Junior and said, "Get him out of my car so I can get the other dumb ass."

Mike saw that Ray had turned around and returned to the house with a dark look on his face and had not returned to him. He at first felt like going after him, but saw that the two new guys were carrying a third new guy inside from the car. Mike noticed that Davey was leading them upstairs as Ray was heading downstairs to the meditation room, so he figured this was one of those times that it was best for him to be silent and just disappear for a while, so he went into the kitchen.

George turned in the drive as Rex was leaving again; they waved to each other as they passed. George could feel that the house was a hive of activity as he approached. When he parked he noticed that Junior and Karl were in the front yard playing with Davey, so he knew something major had gone wrong and Ray had sent Rex to clean something up.

As soon as George exited the car, Karl stood up from playing and said, "Someone named Jody from Band."

George nodded glumly and said, "What else?"

"We retrieved a sample, but the donor was a kid." Junior said.

"Damn," George responded. He then began walking toward the house. "Where is Toban?"

"Meditating," Karl answered.

"Double damn!" George growled and then began running into the house.

George ran down the stairs and stopped just outside the meditation room. He slipped off his shoes and shirt. He then opened the outer door. Once inside the room he shut the outer door and opened the inner door. The room was sound and light proof with cushioned floors, walls and ceiling. George waited a brief moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the lack of light and he then saw the heat coming from Ray. He moved slowly toward him as not to disrupt the meditative flow. George slowly enveloped Ray with his large legs and arms, reclining Ray into his massive body.

Ray had been slowly descending into the abyss of depression until warmth had enveloped him and a strong drum beat began to draw him up into an array of lights. He found that the drum beat was in fact the heart beat of his alpha Zomé, George who held him in his muscular arms.

[Duræ'nar me'la (You will make love to me tonight - pleading tense /fuck me tonight - pleading tense) Meäl'Zomé (My first mate/alpha mate/head mate/prime mate),] Ray projected to George. The begging tone of the projection could be felt in the quivering of his skin. He had been gentle with Mike and that had satisfied that part of him, but now he need to be taken, to be animalized.

George growled in agreement as he tore Ray's shorts to shreds. His face contorted into animalistic lust. Ray contorted himself to tear George's pants to reveal his massive dick which was primed for action. They growled at each other as they prepared for their first intercourse as mates. Feral smiles crossed both of their faces as they latched on to each others necks in mock battle for the upper hand. They rolled around on the padded floor growling lustfully as they became more and more aroused, until finally George claimed his prize.

Upstairs Rex returned with the unconscious body of Jody. The poor boy had a bruised jaw where he had been hit by Rex as he walked down the street after leaving the drug dealer's house. Rex had waited until he was a block away from the drug house then walked up behind him and sucker punched him. Karl and Junior helped Rex get Jody into the room where he was locked in.

Rex then informed Karl and Junior that they were expected to stay at the house and monitor their charge until he was better, so they were bunking in the room across from his room. Rex showed them the room. "Here is your room," he said opening the door directly across from the one occupied by David. It had a queen sized bed and with hutch mirror and a vanity. "There is a private bathroom in there," he said with a smile. "Dinner should be in about an hour; Ruth rings a bell that can be heard all over the house."

Rex then went in search of Mike. He found him in the kitchen helping Ruth cut up the vegetables for salad for those who wanted it. Rex snuck up behind Mike and kissed him on the back of the neck. Mike enjoyed the feeling but knew instantly it was not Ray and also knew it was not tall enough to be George so he deduced it had to be Rex, so he groaned and said "Hi Rex, my Zomé."

Rex was stunned that Mike recognized it was him so easily but took it in stride. He nibbled on Mike's neck moving slowly toward Mike's left ear. Rex licked the outer edge of the ear once he got the ear and then alternated between licking and nibbling, this caused Mike to shiver in delight. Rex hugged Mike warmly but was careful not to do so too tightly as not to hurt his still bruised flesh. Mike leaned back and moaned appreciatively.

Ruth fanned herself and finally said, "Enough of that, you are disrupting the cook's concentration." She the swatted both of them on the arm and said, "Shoo, Get, Be gone"

  Editor's comments: This chapter really helps to flesh out each of the characters. But what is the drug and how will they stop it? And what is in the sewer that wants to meet Toban? This was a very good chapter!