The Breed

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 16 "Football and Dancing"

Over the months of August and September, Ray ran the maze every Monday after school, fought in the arena pit on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings, football game marching on most Friday evenings, worked out with Sherry on Wednesday evenings plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as managing the door at Club Exile on Friday and Saturday nights. Ray made sure to spend time with Davey and Shanny as well as each of his Zoméa both individually as well as collectively.

Ray's and Mike's trust of Mr. Salvar (Sylvester Sal'var) grew daily as Ray realized the connection that Sylvester shared with Antino. Mr. Salvar noticed that he was no longer being called talŷan by the young lord and was surprised with both he and Mike began calling him Mr. Salvar in and Sal'var out of class. He was deeply surprised when Ray invited him to watch one of the matches in the Arena pit. Sylvester cheered for Ray and even wagered for him to win, he was not disappointed.

The running of the maze was a directive from the conclave Council to help them establish the extent and scope of Lord Toban's power. While none of the maze tests were extremely tasking on Ray, they each were different than the last. Ray found them to be predictable and grew annoyed at having to the maze each week. .

On the other hand the fights in the arena Ray found to be challenging and fun. He attempted to have Tobias battle him every third or fourth fight in the pit. Ray wanted to give his new battle buddy more money and experience. By doing the regular battles with the young lord, Tobias was able to gain experience and exposure that helped him get picked in other fights. Ray used the money from the fights to expand the college accounts for Davey, Shanny, Valen and Toby plus set aside a large amount as a surprise for George, Rex and Mike.

Ray enjoyed the break from Breed life as he, Mike and Steve participated in marching band activities during football games. Rex and George also participated as band boosters with George sometimes acting as a chaperone. Mr. Borden was pleased with all the help that Rex and George provided and the friendship all the boys generated not only between themselves and other members of the band.

The work outs with Sherry helped Ray develop his confidence as well as gain muscle and stamina. Sherry began training Ray with the same moves that she had been trained during her training as an assassin. Ray was happy with the muscle tone and the cut that the work out provided. He was actually surprised at the stamina and agility he gained.

The work at the club was fun for Ray as he was really able to relax and be himself. He was able to get to know the customers personally. Ray was able to indentify the difference between the `dirty old man' pedophiles and the genuine boy/teen lovers. Ray had no tolerance for the men who just wanted to fuck boys and go to the next, but he understood that some men fell in love with teen boys and wanted a long term relationship. He made sure that every man over the age of 18 knew his feelings and anyone who proved to be a user was quickly, permanently barred from the club.

Ray made sure that his time with Shanny and Davey was every other day if not every day. He always made sure that both of them received a hug and kiss a day, if not more. On weekends, Ray spent part of his free time with the children and part of the time with his Zoméa. One day was set aside for a date between him and George, Rex or Mike and the other was set aside as a group date. The group date day and who the single date was with alternated each weekend.

As October arrived, Ray was told that he did not need to run the maze the next week but that he would have to stand in front of the National Conclave in two months. This bothered Ray until Antino told him that it was more of a formality than anything else. Ray was relieved as the next week was Homecoming and he had a lot to do at school, even planning for the Homecoming dance.

Sherry also reduced the number of weekly training sessions to one on Wednesday. Sherry needed her weekends for other purposes. She explained that Ray also did not need that level structure anymore. What she did not say was her reason was that if Ray could win all the arena pit battles, he did not need that much practice.

Ray expanded his time with the children and his Zoméa. At least one time a week after that first month Ray took the children out to some attraction, like the zoo or a movie so that David and Ruth could have some private time. Ray and the Zoméa began to plan for their group wedding, planning it to be the week before the National Conclave meeting.

The week before Homecoming, Ray asked Mike and Rex to be his dates for the dance. They of course accepted, both with a knowing smirk. Ray and George had planned a separate date for themselves the night before Homecoming, but George would also at the dance as a `chaperone'. Steve had decided to take the Talmar'marn Tammy as his date; both of them knew it was only as friends, though they allowed others to think differently. All the Breed youth would be together and protected.

The night before the Homecoming game and dance, Ray received a box from Antino. The letter on top of the box was written in De'wann but said:

Lord Toban,

This box contains lessons in decorum, for your upcoming introduction to the National Conclave.

Due to your adaptations to the shadow energy it will also unfortunately be your introduction to the World Conclave.

The Head of the World Conclave will be in attendance and so will several members of international delegations.

Please understand that after your introduction to the National and World Conclaves Elzabeth and myself shall no longer be your patrons in the eyes of the Conclave, but we shall always be available to you as friends and if you have questions or concerns.

Your protocol master will be George for this event.

Your patron and Friend,


The Ancient

Upon reading the letter Ray became panicked and screamed "[George]" both verbally and mentally. He was so distraught that by the time George and Rex entered his office Ray was beginning to collapse in on himself emotionally.

George knelt down so that he was able to see Ray face to face. Rex immediately began to massage Ray's shoulders. Both George and Rex began to make a growling humming noise that they knew would calm Ray down. George looked at the letter and smiled. He knew about the lessons that were in the box, because he had been part of the team that refined them and wrote the latest copy.

"Hey, worry more about the football game and dance tomorrow night instead of this." George said drawing Ray out of the emotional darkness. "These lessons are more on how to act and what to say than anything special." He explained. "Antino just wants to make sure everything goes right for you."

Ray drew himself out of the dark depressive morass and hugged George and then Rex. He felt better that they both would stand by him. Just as Ray separated from the hug a knock at his office door startled him. Rex opened the door and found a worried Davey being held by a bemused Mike.

The next morning was a flurry of activities as the cheerleaders, pep squad, color guard and dance committee tried to wrangle the band members in helping them in their individual preparations for the Homecoming festivities. Ray smiled each time when Rex, Mike and lastly Steve were conscripted into helping. Ray was asked several times but told each of the girls the same thing. "I can't. I have to pick-up something after school; it is a surprise."

The response the girls gave to Ray's statement was a tickled smile and an airy "Oh that is sooo sweet". Ray knew that the girls each figured the same thing and were only partly right. They each suspected that Ray was going to get a special gift for some lucky girl. He was going to get special gifts, but they were not for some girl but for each of his Zoméa.

Within fifteen minutes of the school day ending, Ray walked into the small eclectic jewelry shop. The owner was an older human man with a stooped back. When the man noticed that Ray had entered the shop, he smiled a craggy, lopsided smile and motioned for Ray to follow him into the back.

"I have your special order, Lord Toban," the jeweler whizzed to Ray. He handed Ray a medium sized jewelry box and a larger jewelry box. The jeweler then placed three identical medium boxes and three identical larger boxes on a counter beside Ray.

Ray opened the smaller box that he was handed. In the box was an ornate titanium bracelet. The design on the bracelet was made from several De'wann script glyphs. In the center of the bracelet was a large oval black sapphire, an oval blood ruby and an oval diamond; each gem was roughly three carats in size. The sight of the bracelet made Ray smile.

Ray opened the larger box and inside was a large arm band also made of ornate titanium. The arm band was just over 3 inches in length with an obvious place to link the bracelet into the armband. Along the spine of the arm band were large oval, gem-like drops of platinum.

"The armband portion is not only decorative, but with the mixture of titanium and platinum spine it makes a decent defensive weapon," the wizen jeweler stated with a gleam in his eye. "The perfect combination of a gift and protection."

"Was there any additional expense?" Ray asked as he put the lids on the boxes.

"No $80,000 for the supplies and $20,000 for the labor, $100,000 for four identical bracelet armbands," the jeweler said as he withdrew a bill, marked `Paid in Full'.

Ray and the jeweler both bagged the jewelry. Ray took all four of the bracelets and put them in one bag. The jeweler placed all four of the armbands in another bag. Once the jewelry was bagged, Ray thanked him and then left.

The bus ride back to the house was unnerving to Ray; He hated the idea of having the expensive jewelry riding around in public. It wasn't the fact that he couldn't defend himself or protect the jewelry, but he hated the idea that he might have to do so.

Once he arrived at the house, Ray jumped the fence with his school things and the two jewelry bags in hand. Almost immediately upon hitting the ground, Junior and Karl came running toward him. The moment they realized that it was Ray and not some attacker, they slowed and prepared to greet the young lord instead.

"Hey there," Karl said being very friendly. He quickly took Ray's backpack and other school things from him. The fresh hickey on Karl's neck was only briefly spotted by Ray.

Ray could smell the fresh sex on both Karl and Junior and he smiled broadly. While Ray did not care what his friends did with each other, he found it funny that they tried to hide it from him. The fact that they tried to hide their actions by being overly helpful to Ray made it that much more funny.

"Guys," Ray said stopping their progress. "I have two favors to ask you." He waited for both of them to nod. "First, you are not hiding anything from me, so quit trying so hard."

Ray laughed as both of the wolves blushed and sighed in relief. "And second, I need to hide this bag from everyone," he said lifting the bag with the armbands inside. "They are part of a surprise for the Zoméa."

"Of course, we will be happy to hide them for you," Junior said with a smile. He then took the bag from Ray and began loping back toward the fence. Within a few moments Junior jumped over the fence and was gone.

Ray walked over to Rex's car with the remaining bag which held the bracelets. He expanded his shadow energy till it surrounded the bag as well, Shifting his arm and the bag into the shadow realm. Then with a short jab like motion Ray extended his hand and the bag into the trunk of the car. Ray then removed his hand from the trunk but without the bag. "Now it can be transported without anyone else knowing it is there," Ray thought to himself.

That evening the football team won the game and the band's performance blew away the other band as well. The school halls were abuzz with activity as the football team, cheerleaders and the band prepared for the dance. The Football players used their locker room at the stadium, the cheerleaders used the woman's showers in the new gym and the band members used the showers in the old gym, the girls in their locker room and the guys in theirs.

Ray quickly showered making sure he did not look at any of the other guys in the shower room. With what he had planned to do that night Ray did not want the extra grief of being accused of being a `peter gazer'. Ray made sure that Mike and Rex were not ready to shower when he entered. He left the shower as Mike and Rex entered it, they each shared a quick smile. Neither Mike nor Rex or even George knew what Ray had planned. Ray just hoped that they would not be angry with him.

George was in the new Gym waiting impatiently for his Zoméa to arrive. He knew that Ray had something up his sleeve and was going to do something that night but what, he had no idea. George had warned the others that Ray had planned something and to be prepared for anything. He knew that they would be prepared.

Ray dressed himself in black jeans, black tennis shoes and a white wife beater tee shirt. He debated putting on the powder blue shirt or just go without it and let everyone see everything. Finally Ray put the shirt back in his garment bag and stood flexing his chest and arm muscles. This was a night to stretch the boundaries.

Each of the guys had planned on entering the gym at different times so as not to create suspicion. Ray waited until all four of them were in the gym before he began his plan. With a quick flick of his hand into the shadow realm, Ray extracted the jewelry bag with the four bracelet boxes in it. He then pulled all three of the guys into a small area where he could focus on them individually without much trouble.

Once all three of the guys were in front of him, Ray bent down on one knee. Being that George was his Alpha Zomé, Ray focused on him first. "George as my Alpha would you do me the honor of being my life mate?"

"Yes, of course," George said with a big smile.

Ray then turned to Rex. "Rex, please do me the favor of being my life mate?"

Those around them stopped talking to began watching and listening intently instead. The shock of what they heard so far kept them silent.

"It would be my honor?" Rex said with a wink.

Half of the room now was watching Ray's group proposals. A few of the teachers began moving to put a stop to Ray's actions.

Ray then turned to Mike. "Mike, would you be my mate for life?"

The music fell silent as the whole room was watching instead of dancing. Some of the students and the odd teacher were waiting for the answer with hope. Other watched in fascination that someone would have the balls to do something like that, and finally others were watching in anger and repulsion.

"Only if you will be ours too," Mike said with smile.

"Of course," Ray said with a smile.

Mike then knelt down and kissed Ray, surprising Ray and everyone watching.

An audible gasp could be heard from everyone in the gym when Mike's and Ray's lips separated. Most of the girls were torn between anger, confusion and thrilled.

Ray was oblivious to the people surrounding him as he reached into the bag and withdrew a box for each of his Tèlmår Zoméa Mædrë (mate most loved with future tense -- similar to betrothed). George, Rex and Mike opened the boxes and each smiled even bigger than they had been. Just as the guys began putting on the bracelets, the teachers arrived at their table.

"Mr. McFearsome you and your friends have made enough of a scene for the night." Mrs. Richardson the vice principal said with a scowl. She was backed up by Coach Carter and Mr. Phillips, the 10th grade councilor.

"Mrs. Richardson, Coach Carter and Mr. Phillips, if you are saying that because we are gay, I will have our lawyer sue you personally as well as the school collectively," George said with a cold stare.

"We are not saying that, just that your public display of affection is against the school rules and we were giving you a chance to leave instead of getting detention or other punishment," Mr. Phillips said, barely veiling a threat in his words.

"That is interesting as I presently see several other couples who are breaking that same rule and nothing is being done to stop it," Ray retorted. Then he, Rex, Mike and George each pointed to another couple that was presently kissing.

Mrs. Richardson and her teacher cronies shook their head in disgust as they realized that they had not legal reason to throw out the guys and they had been caught trying to abuse their influence. Coach Carter decided that he would do everything in future that he could to get back at the boys.

Ray stood there and shook his head. The staff's surface thoughts were well know to him. Ray knew that his actions would draw attention, but not something that verged on illegal from the administration of the school.

Shelly, one of the senior cheerleaders walked up to Rex and asked, "Did you guys just get engaged to each other?"

"Yeah," Rex said with a smile and then he showed her the bracelet.

"Oh that is SOOOO sweet," Shelly squealed and then ran over to her friends telling them everything she learned.

Mark Wilson, a trumpet player, came over soon after and asked, "So is it true that you all are gay or something?"

Mike looked at him and glared, "Yeah and we are all boyfriends together."

"Hey, that is cool," Mark responded taking a step back. "I was just checking out the rumor. Maybe we can party together some weekend"

Over the next twenty minutes Mark and the group talked about how they usually were at Club Exile and only took a portion of the night off to come to the dance. Mark explained that he was straight but had an older brother that was bi and he accepted it. Other people came over to the group and asked questions, but no one who had a problem seemed to want to get close to them.

A couple hours later, Mark and his girl friend Cindy caravanned their cars behind George, Rex and several other people from the school dance to Club Exile. Once there, Ray let them all in for free, but let them all know that the next time they would have to pay for themselves. George, Rex and Ray made sure that everyone contacted their parents and was able to extend their curfew or had permission to spend the night at their house before the after party really began.

In the shadows outside the club, a lone figure was watching and plotting Ray's demise. Not too far from that figure in an older model car, Paul was seated unshaved with a gun in his hand planning the same thing, by different means. Neither one realizing that the other was there or that they shared a common goal.

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