The Breed

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 18 "Huh"

            The night that Paul died, Rosann had a meltdown, not because the bastard was dead, she could have cared less about that, but because Ray had to be the one to put him down and Valen and Toby had to see the aftermath. The cleanup crews had to work over time to get everything cleaned up and everyone dealt with. Club Exiles had to remain close the remainder of the weekend to make sure that the public attention was not drawn to the area.

            For the ten day duration of the Kalænar, all four of the Zomea were forbidden from even setting foot in the Conclave Complex, any Haven or even the Junkyard by Antino himself. As part of the Ancient's personal gift to them, they were given a five day trip to an exclusive gay bed and breakfast in Louisiana. They enjoyed being together and being pampered but soon grew tired of being hit on and cruised by the other gay men at the resort. George finally got so frustrated that he wanted to rip a rather pushy guys head off when he refused to take no for an answer. Ray decided to end their stay a day early and complained to the staff.

            Two days into the Kalænar, the gifts and requests for favors began to arrive at House. Ruth, Rosann and Iris began dividing the items into three piles; gifts with no request, gifts with requests and requests with no gifts. They began using the unused forth bedroom to store them. All three women started to become worried when actual livestock in the form of sheep and cows began to showing up as gifts. David quickly contacted Antino and a temporary barn was found for the animals. Antino became worried when five human male slave children were delivered to the house from the Afro-Simian Ambassador of the International Conclave. The slaves arrived the same day that the Zomea returned from their trip, none of them were happy, to say the least.

            The eighth day of the Kalænar, Ray was sitting in his office using his computer to do some research on what an Afro-Simian was. The Breed database referenced:

Afro-Simians – Group name for shape changing humanoids that change into a wide variety of ape, monkey, chimpanzee and similar family type forms. The present Ambassador to the International Conclave form is a Gorilla.        


            Ray laughed to himself and thought why not just say Were-Gorilla or some other thing that made more sense. He then was looking at the most pressing situation created by his Joining, the young faces of the five boys that he had been sent. The boys were ages from 8 to 15 and all were in great shape. Ruth made sure they were all fed well, but presently they were all sleeping in the basement emergency haven shelter at least until the other crap was out of the forth bedroom. Some of the boys were black as night African and others were pink as pearl African, but they were all afraid of Rex and George.

            It really did not help matters that they were even more terrified of Antino and Elzabeth. Ray, Shanny and the Humans were the only ones that they seemed to be at all comfortable around. The idea of being freed even terrified them. Finally Ray made his decision and stood, startling the boys.

            "I know that I cannot free you," Ray began talking more to him than to the boys. "I know that I cannot return you, which would be looked upon as rude." He then began pacing in front of the boys. "I guess the only thing to do is get you used to this house and everyone in it."

            Ray pointed at the smallest boy and then said, "You are now to take care of Davey," and then he pointed at the door.

            The boy quickly got up and ran out of the room.

            Ray then pointed at the next smallest boy and said, "You are now to take care of Shanny."


            The boy quickly got up and followed the first boy out of the room.

            Ray pointed to the middle boy and said, "You are to help in the kitchen or in the garage, whenever you are needed. If you are not needed there, help the other boys in their work." He smiled as he knew he would hear it from both Ruth and David. "Go to the Kitchen." Ruth would bend his ear for disrupting her kitchen and David for wrecking his garage.

            This boy walked to the door and nodded respectfully.

            To the second oldest boy Ray looked at, he said, "You are to help clean the main floor, the grounds and the haven." He then touched the boy. "Go tell Ruth what I said." He could survive this one; Ruth needed help with keeping this mammoth house clean.

            The boy quickly left the room.

            At the oldest boy Ray stopped and looked deeply into his eyes and smiled. "I know you will be scared at first but I want you to clean the second floor, the grounds and the haven." He then got closer to the boy and whispered, "that includes the rooms that I share with Master Rex and Master George." Ray watched as the boy's eyes grew larger in fright, but he knew in time the boys would realize that they had nothing to fear from anyone in the house.

            On the ninth day, the new slave boys were beginning to adjust to their new lives and duties. They no longer openly cowered when Rex or George entered the room. Rex decided that he wanted to see the dowry that the Rats had given Mike as part of the Joining and invited the rest of the Zomea to go with him to The First Avenue train yard and everyone accepted. 

            Within half an hour George's car arrived at the address given for the First Avenue train yard. The yard was totally disconnected from the old trolley train network and modern train tracks that the city used, but the guys could see the old trolleys in the yard plus the three large buildings that were for repairs and so forth.

            Mike was the first one to notice that the largest of the buildings was in fact not a repair facility, but aboveground cover for an underground train depot. Mike and Ray began to investigate the depot as Rex investigated the repair garage and George looked over an old trolley.

            The old depot was dusty and filled with cobwebs but seemed to have a serviceable lighting supply. The tracks appeared to travel off at least a quarter of a mile in both north and south directions and the station platform, while missing a few tiles, was just short of one hundred feet long. There was no train or trolley on the tracks.

            When Rex met up with Ray and Mike a couple ideas already beginning to form in his mind on how they could possibly use this property to either make personal money or how to benefit the Conclave as a whole. When George finally arrived in the depot he also had some ideas on what the property could be used for. Ray could see that both of his Zomes had ideas.

            "Spill guys," Ray began. "How can we use this property for the best benefit?"

            "Couple options," Rex began, "alternative club to go along with Club Exile or emergency high number Haven."

            "Third option," George interjected. "It can be converted into another junkyard with plenty of hiding spots and have this as permanent mini haven.

            "Another option would be to make it into an emergency safe house for the family to come to if things get too hot with a job or something," Mike suggested.

            "Hmm," Ray said running his hand through his hair. "I would love to see all those ideas come about." He then remembered the other property that he owned was only a few blocks away and he had never seen it before. "Let's go see the property on 1323 Network Ave. I bet we can do a lot with both of them.

            `Ten minutes later the guys arrived that the address and found a boarded up factory building that was similar to Tyler's haven but larger. It was a seven story building and a five bay truck warehouse. Rex was the first to enter the building and did a quick check of the first floor before allowing Mike or Ray to enter. He found a small amount of graffiti and the occasional appearance of the small rat, but nothing out of ordinary.

            Once the general check had been completed George, Ray and Mike entered and began looking around. The majority of the first floor was a large warehouse and was open air; approximately one eighth was set aside for offices. Mike and Ray looked though the offices as George and Rex began examining the other floors.

            The remainder of the building was a large open air warehouse with the exception of the seventh floor which was completely converted into office spaces. George examined the offices with military precision that came with his experience. He made a quick note that there were working desks in some of the offices, but no chairs and that some of the electrical lights would need to be replaced.

            Rex had returned to the first floor and began to examine the truck bays to find out if the overhead doors worked or not. He found that only two of them did and they where on opposite sides of the bay. Rex realized the potential for the building about the same time that everyone else did, when they all found the old freight elevator and noticed that it also went down a floor.

            Rex jumped down the elevator shaft instead of trusting the elevator. He found that there was a full basement without windows under the warehouse. The basement looked as if it was slightly newer construction than the warehouse, so He immediately went of alert.

            [This is newer than up there,] Rex transmitted. The edge in his transmission was evident.

            [Remember, I was given this by the Ghouls as a birthday present,] Ray transmitted in reassuring tones. [I am almost positive they did some remodeling.]

            Rex calmed some but not much. He calmed even more when George jumped down to join him. They both opened their senses and began to scan the area for anything. After a few moments they both relaxed in relief.

            [The construction is breed and over twenty years old,] George transmitted. He then jumped back up to the first level.

            Rex joined them a moment later.

            A brief moment of mental sharing between the Zomea and decisions were made. The Train yard and the factory would both be brought up to date with plumbing and electrical. The Train yard would be converted into an emergency Haven and the factory would be converted into a combination clearing house for the Conclave and safe house for the family.

            Upon returning the house, Ray was met at the door by a very frustrated and upset Rosann. Her hands were on her hips and she had a very disgusted look on her face. Behind Rosann stood a very perplexed looking Ruth and a smirking Iris. When the guys finally came into the house, Rosann said, "Son I am fed up with all these gifts, it is getting ridiculous."

            Ray looked at his mother and the other woman with a mixture of disbelief and humor as he said, "What is it now Mother?"

            Rosann sighed and throw up her hands "Well, it is several things," she then began counting off on her hands.

             "The slave boys are sucking each other every chance they get." One finger.

             "We got another herd of cattle today, long horn steers this time." Two fingers.

            "We have run out of space in the `Treasure room' and we received a dozen more gifts today." Three fingers.

            "The Ancient is expecting you guys for a meet and greet tomorrow night and gave no advance notice." Four fingers.

            "Conclave Housing just called and they have ran out of space and asked if we have any space for an International dignitary. We have eight hours to answer." Five fingers.

            "Valen and Toby miss you guys." Six fingers.

            "I have a date." Seven fingers.

            Ray took his mother's extended hand and smiled, "Ok mother here we go..." He then touched her fingers.

            "The slaves will be getting their own room very soon and will be ordered to only do that in their room." Lowered one finger.

             "Have David send them to the temporary Barn ASAP." Lowered second finger.

            "Start bringing the gifts to my office and we will go through them." Lowered third finger.

            "We were kind of expecting some kind of meeting or party a day or two after the Kalænar was over so that is fine." Lowered a forth finger.

            "We call and ask how many are in the party. If there are more than three, the answer is no, if less the answer is yes." Lowered fifth finger.

            "We miss them too." Lowered sixth finger.

            "Great, what is his name and when can I baby sit for you?" Ray then grasped her seventh finger and gently squeezed it affectionately.

            Over the next three hours Ray, Rex, Mike and George worked on the Treasure Room. The first thing that was worked on was the requests that came with no gifts. Iris had already created a form letter that thanked them for their request but nicely told them that the guys could not help at that time. There were only three of the requests that the guys even took a second look at and all of them were from children.

            After those requests were taken care of the requests that came with gifts were taken care of. As gifts of this sort were a sticky subject and had all sorts of rules and decorum issues attached to them George was given the task of sorting through them. If the request was simple or would not take too much time, it was kept. If the gift was sent without any obvious strings it was kept but the request was refused, with the clause of being willing to return the gift if they wished. If the gift obviously had strings attached it was returned quickly.

            The gifts that came without requests were accepted gratefully and those who had cards attached or with them had thank you cards sent in return. Everything imaginable was sent the Zomea from common kitchen flatware or money to gold statues and livestock. By the end of the three hours everything was in the process of going somewhere else other than the temporary `treasure room'.

            That night Toby and Valen arrived to spend the night with their brother and the Zomea. Toby and Valen latched on to Ray as soon as they entered the house and both had to be carried into the living. The first thing they saw when they entered the living room was that Shanny was already sitting in Ray's recliner snuggled in her favorite blanket, waiting for Ray's return.

            "Bubba is Shanny Davey's sister or your Daughter?" Toby asked slightly confused.

            "Kinda both, bub" Ray answered. "Antino gave Shanny to me, but Ruth and Big David take care of her most of the time for me, but if something ever happened to them I would take care of her and Davey both, like they were my babies, understand?"

            "So they is like our nephew and niece?" Valen asked.

            "Yeah," Ray answered.

            "Cool," all three children answered in unison.

            Unknown to all four of them, they were being watched from the kitchen by both Ruth and David, who both had silent tears rolling down their eyes. The happiness in their heart was immeasurable at what they had just heard. David squeezed his wife and led her back into the darkness of the kitchen. They knew that they were part of a larger family, not just domestic help, servants or slaves.


            The next evening the Zomea were dressed in formal clothing wearing all their Conclave pins and sashes. When they arrived at the Conclave's parking lot they were ushered into an executive limousine by Lance, Antino's personal assistant. The driver quickly drove the guys to corporate air field and terminal owned by the Conclave.


            Lance explained that the airfield was originally owned by a large corporation that ended up going bankrupt. The airfield was large enough to support 707's landing and taking off as well as being the home of a small fleet of Conclave owned 707's. He further explained that the airfield also supported a small air terminal that had a gate at each end of the terminal as well as offices, meeting rooms and waiting areas.

As soon as they arrived the driver jumped out and opened the door on Ray's side of the car. He gave a small bow and remained with his head bowed until everyone had left the car. They quickly walked across the concrete and into the front doors of the terminal. The doors were opened by two human servants that bowed and waited until they were sure that everyone was in the building before shutting the doors again.

            Once in the air terminal, Ray noticed that the left end of the terminal was darkened and at first he thought was unused until the activity began at both ends. Antino walked out of a nearby door that came from a conference room and smiled at the Zomea. He motioned for them to stay in the middle of the terminal and just watch for the time being.

            A plane pulled up to the darkened end of the terminal. A few Wolf and Bear Thropes exited the plane with a wary look on their faces until they saw and recognized Antino, then slowly different varieties of vampires began to disembark the plane. The smallest group was the Fangs, they hung beside their creator parents, the second smallest group was those born vampire. The Thropes were paid bodyguards and relaxed totally when their charges disembarked the plane safely.

            Antino smiled in welcome to everyone that had congregated in the terminal. [Greetings to one and all, I hope your flight was uneventful and pleasant,] he transmitted with a wave of his hand.

            [Though these doors are members of Conclave housing, who will assist you in finding where you will be housed during the Conclave season and shall answer any questions that you might have,] Antino said waving his right hand toward a set of double doors.

            The vampires all looked excited to be in the city but equally ready to find their temporary housing. The volume in the room increased dramatically as they made their way though the double doors and into another connecting room. Some made plans to party, sight see, hunt and others just planned to rest.

            Ray was surprised at the wide variety of the ages and appearances of the vampires he saw as they passed by him and the Zomea traveling to the doors. Some appeared to be teenagers while others appeared to be very old, some had blonde hair, others brown, black or even none at all. Some of the vampires were so skinny that you could see every bone and other so fat that they had to weigh several hundred pounds, each and every skin color and type was represented as well.

            A few of the vampires noticed the Zomea, most for the presence of George and Rex, but a few for the rumors that had circulated about the four new Zomea, that included a strange mix breed and an even stranger human. Some of the vampires were openly gawking at the Zomea foursome. An older appearing vampire even pointed at them and even whispered to someone nearby, "Is that really them?"

            Ray started to get upset but the situation was defused when Antino walked in front of the offensive Vampire and quite loudly said, [Even the human has excellent hearing and could hear what you just asked.]

            The vampire became embarrassed and he and the friend quickly moved on through the double doors and out of sight. They were followed by laughter from not only the other vampires that followed them, but Antino and the Zomea. The remaining Vampires that were curious just nodded and continued on their way without staring or making any comments.

            The terminal grew quiet about ten minutes later and Antino walked over to Mike and lightly gripped his shoulder. He then began to talk to everyone. "That was the Northeastern Vampire Flight; the next plane will be the flight #1 out of four from Africa. It is the first International," Antino began to explain. "There are two major players on the plane that I want you to meet, one of them actually wants to meet you as well."

            "There will be flights every couple hours for the next week and a half. I only meet the first one of each night and only the ones that have either friends on them or VIP's." Antino explained. "The only other special flight that I am meeting is the 3am on Thursday as that is the Flight that the Grand Ancient is going to be on and I haven't seen Chin in three hundred years." 

            For the next twenty minutes Antino talked with the Zomea about what they could expect with Chin and they went thought several different scenarios on how things could and should work out and what to do and not to do. They even had a few laughs as they waited for the second plane to land. Finally the signal was given that the plane was on the runway and moving toward the terminal.

            When the plane finally stopped at the terminal the first things off the plane shocked and scared both Ray and Mike causing both Rex and George to immediately go into protective mode. When the terminal doors opened two large creatures over seven foot tall with scale-like skin and wing stepped out. Their feet were actually three forward facing claws and one backward facing claw. Their hands had three claws and an opposable thumb. They also had a reptilian-like tail that touched the floor and continued for several feet beyond.

            The creatures looked around the room in a menacing way until they saw Antino and then sat down with peaceful eyes, curling their tails around them as a cat or dog would do. They then smiled with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

            {Peace to the Ancient, Peace to the Zomea of Lord Toban, Peace to Protégé of the Ancient of us all,} came a voice that was reptilian and both telepathic as well as spoken.

            [Gargoyles,] Antino projected. [They are shape shifters, triple formed, bodyguards and assassins]

            "What are their forms?" Mike asked verbally.  

            The Gargoyles both smiled and slowly stood. {We have three forms, the one you see,} the one that had spoken before began. {Human and rock when we sleep}. He slowly walked over toward Mike, but kept his claws and tail in a non-threatening position so that no one would get hurt. When he was close to the small human he bowed deeply and then got on one knee. {My name is Charleston and you are?}

            "His name is Mike McFearsome, one of my Zoméa," Ray said with just a bit of an edge in his voice as he stepped in front of the kneeling Gargoyle. "I am Lord Toban McFearsome." He continued adding slightly more edge to his voice. He continued to stare and waited until the Gargoyle dropped his eyes slightly. Immediately Ray's attitude and stance changed to a more friendly appearance. "It is good to meet you." He then extended his hand and shook the Gargoyle's hands

            "Is it safe, Guardians?" asked a large man whose skin was almost blue in that it was so black. The man's body was almost square in appearance. His face and head were square, and the nose was square and squashed to his face. The rest of the man's body was boxy but very muscular. Ray and Mike both suspected that the man was an Afro-Simian and might even be the Ambassador.

The man was followed by a small nervous woman who apparently was his aide and a proboscis monkey as her nose held a mixture of traits and was slightly a different color than the rest of her face as well as being much larger than normal. The woman reminded Ray of a female Jimmy Durante and W.C Fields added with Barbara Streisand and then mixed with the character Olive Oil.  She kept bouncing on her feet behind the man from side to side, so she could see around his much more massive frame. Her eyes continuously were blinking and her behavior reminded both Ray and Mike of a hyperactive child.

            "Yes, Ambassador," replied the second Gargoyle. Ray and Mike's suspicion about the large man was proven correct.

            The Ambassador then sneezed violently. He reached into his dark blue suit pocket and withdrew his handkerchief. The Ambassador blew his nose and then smiled lopsided. "Apologies Lord Toban, Apologies Ancient. Some of the Agrobiotic's are blooming and I am most unfortunately allergic to their pollen." He then sneezed again.

            The nervous woman quickly squeaked out "Ambassador you are breaking protocol, please wait for proper introductions to be made." She then quickly went about picking lint and imaginary fluff from his suit coat.

            The ambassador straightened himself and glared at the nervous woman. He then lightly swatted her hand away and growled, "That is enough NarJa. The Ancient, both the Masters and I already know each other, and the young lord and his human Zomé gained knowledge of me days ago when they received my Kalænar gift. So the protocol be damned, I want some fresh air and stiff drink with friends"

            Everyone except the woman NarJa broke out laughing at the Ambassador's rough words. The woman NarJa bowed deeply to the Ambassador and the Zomea Then she bowed even deeper to Antino. "I apologize for any offense that I may have made to any of you great and noble men," NarJa said in a simpering voice. She then retreated several feet behind the Ambassador and watched silently.

            Just at that moment Ray and the others noticed that a rather large group of unique people were emerging from the jet way. These people were unique in that each and every one of them was dressed with flowering hats and cloaks or robes of some kind. Some of them also wore flowering gloves and shoes. The flowers were not simple arrangements but bright and colorful spectacles that you would tend to see at a rose bowl parade. To add to their uniqueness none of them could easily be identified as either male or female, but seemed to be very androgynous.

            One of the members of the flower adorned people attempted to walk up to the ambassador and began, "We do apologize again ambassador if..."

The Ambassador sneezed rather violently and waved the person off with a weak wave of the hand he held his handkerchief in. The person then began to walk in the general direction that Antino pointed silently, a second set of double doors other than those that the vampire delegation already went through minutes before. The person was followed by the remainder of their party and a very floral scent as they passed.

            "They are actually very sweet beings," The Ambassador said with a weak smile. "And when they are not blooming, I get along with them very well. The poor dears have been trying to apologize since we boarded the plane; it just aggravated the condition even more so though."

            [Apparently those are the Agrobiotic delegation,] Ray transmitted directly to Mike. They both then snickered.

            Antino not knowing what had been sent between the two youngest, but suspecting correctly, gently cuffed both of Ray and Mike with his hands. He then smiled at them and transmitted, [That probably was not something nice, was it?] Antino smiled broadened when both boys blushed, he then pulled them to himself and gave each a soft kiss on the side of their heads near their ears.

            The Ambassador smiled knowing that the young lord and his Zome had probably been transmitting something ornery between each other and the Ancient was aware of it, but not worried about it. He remembered that even though the Ancient was the 2nd oldest of all the other Ancients, he was the most respected of them all. Antino's respect was gained by being fair, friendly and decisive when it was required, other Ancient's sometimes grew cold, hard and even truly evil over the centuries and the millennia. The Ambassador's heart was warmed to see that the Ancient felt honest affection for the young men.

            The group's attention was drawn back to the jet way as the next group began to deplane. The first people to exit the jet way were two small men pushing a cart that was carrying a very large and deep ornate silver cauldron. They were followed by seven dogs, three cats, nine birds, two rabbits, a skunk and two couples. The whole progress was nearly silent and none of the animals acted as normal members of their species.

            "The Arugan," George explained softly.

            "Correct," the ambassador said with an equally soft voice.

            "They are eerie quiet.," Mike said almost in fear.

            [They are not a they; they are an it,] George began to explain.

            [The Arugan is one of four beings that are made up of many different shape shifting parts,] Rex continued the explanation.

            [What you are seeing is a being that has one mind, but uses several different bodies. It assumes forms to learn about that form. It sleeps in a liquid form in that cauldron. After a while, usually a couple hundred years, the others and it come together and share themselves. It actually started out as one being. It reproduces by dividing itself, but only does it every eight hundred to one thousand years,] George continued the explanation.

            Rex then projected an image of the world into everyone's mind and thought, [As far as we know, where they are located]. A light appeared in China, Australia, and Nigeria and at their present location. The whole lesson about the Arugan took a second to be transmitted and understood by everyone.

            Antino motioned for the Arugan to walk into the conference room that everyone else had already entered. He never let go of Ray as he motioned and returned his arm to Mike's shoulder once the Arugan knew where it was expected to go. [It will be resting in the main hall of the Conclave Complex as it requested,] Antino transmitted, he then kissed both Ray and Mike again.

            The jet way was then filled with the seven men, one woman crew that had just flown the jet. They all were human and appeared to be very tired. Almost immediately Lance appeared from a side door and handed each of the crew a white envelope with their pay and a hotel keycard so they could all rest at the nearby hotel. Once the crew was off the plane, Lance locked the jet way door and then disappeared though the same side door.

            A portly woman Ghoul walked out of the conference room with a frown on her face as she was listening to cell phone. She then sighed and said, "Of course not, I know that. I was just ordered to call and ask. Of course, OF course, OF COURSE." She then shut the phone. The woman was shocked to see so many people outside the conference room and immediately began to bow and duck her head when she realized who they were.

            "My apologize Ancient, Ambassador," she said and then gulped as she realized who else was also there. "I apologize most humbly." She then began to get on her knees in the international sign of begging.

            "Stand up Maggie," Antino said with firmness in his voice.

            "Apologies Ancient." She again said as she fumbled with her phone. Maggie then began to mumble to herself about `that hard headed woman'.

            Antino and the others giggled slightly and then he said, "Which hard headed woman exactly?"

            Maggie blanched as she did not realize that she had spoken verbally and that she had been heard. "I apologize again, but the Lady Mar'uul's daughter is being difficult about doing as the Ambassador requested," She began to explain. "The woman wants to know how many are in his party and tells me that if there are more than three than `she' is going to have to refuse. She is also angry that the Ambassador's slaves are `doing something' to each other and that his food already arrived and is spoiled." Maggie continued working herself up emotionally. "The woman is impossible to work with!"

            By now Ray, Rex, Mike, George and Antino were trying not to laugh. NarJa was bouncing once again mumbling, "My, oh my." The Ambassador seemed totally at a loss to everyone's reactions except NarJa's.

            Ray released himself from Antino's firm hug and walked up to Maggie. He smiled at her and then said, "Yes, my mother is impossible." His face never once flinched or changed from the friendly smile as Ray patted Maggie on the shoulder.

            A moment of silence and then Rex, Mike, George, Antino and the Ambassador all burst out laughing. Maggie and Narja were both confused for a brief moment by the laughter until what Ray actually said sank into both of their heads. Narja immediately stuffed both her hands in her mouth in fear. Maggie sank to the floor in dread with a whispered, "Oh, no..."

            Ray then looked at the nearly fainting woman with concern and softly said, "She really can be an impossible bitch sometimes." He smiled and then motioned for the cell phone that was still grasped in Maggie's hands.

            Ray immediately began to call his house. He gave Rex and Mike a hard look and they both sprang to help Maggie off of the floor and into a nearby chair. When the phone at the manor was answered Rosann answered it with "What the hell do you want now?!"

            Ray looked at the phone funny and then said, "Well, hello to you too, mother. That is not a nice way to answer the damned phone."

            Rosann was flustered for a moment and then said, "That woman has been annoying the hell out of me all evening!"

            "And I am sure you were too stubborn to allow David or Ruth to do their job and answer the phone themselves, instead," Ray countered.

            Rosann just sighed as she knew that her son was correct and she did not want to admit it. "So what is the situation?"

            "Tell Ruth and David to prepare two rooms for the Ambassador and his aide," Ray began in his very authoratative voice.

            "Tell Ruth to contact the Conclave stores and have the Ambassador's food replaced immediately."

            The Ambassador interjected, "If nothing else, go to the grocery and buy me a case of bananas, I love bananas, especially banana splits." He said with a smirk.

            "You hear that?" Ray said into the phone.

            "Hmm,," Rosann sighed, which let Ray know she had but was biting back some nasty comment.

            "Lastly, leave the boys alone, or just go back to Grandma's," Ray said with a flat tone. "They are just doing what comes natural." Ray then shut the cell phone ending the conversation.

            Rex, George, Mike and Antino all began laughing again at Ray's final statement. The Ambassador was perplexed and confused until Mike made the up and down sign that every male on the planet recognizes the meaning of, then he also began to laugh. NarJan and Maggie both remained looking mortified at the whole turn of events.

            The next day Ray, Mike and Rex returned to school, each carrying an excuse slips to give to the school as to their absence as well as a folder with other paperwork inside it. During zero hour marching band practice, Mr. Borden just noticed that Ray and Mike had a paper before marking each of their missed days as excused. He did not even read what the paper said or that it was in proper order, his trust of the boys was that great. Mr. Borden allowed both of them to leave a few minutes early so they could change and get to the schools office before first class.

            In the school office Ray and Mike were greeted brightly by the school secretary. Mrs. Brady, she took the boys excuse slips and smiled as she pulled up their records on her computer. The secretary's smile slipped for a moment as she looked at the screen and finally it turned into a grimace. She then whispered "Sorry boys." And reached for the phone and dialed an in school extension.

            "Mrs. Richardson, Ray McFearsome, Mike Thomas and Rex Argustus are all out here with excuse slips, but the computer has them flagged as being required to see either grade counselor or you before being allowed to be excused," Mrs. Brady began. "Being that each of them lives together and their slips are signed by the same person I figured..." She was then cut off and left holding a silent telephone.

            "Apparently, SHE will be right out," Mrs. Brady said allowing the frustration to show in her voice.  

            A moment later Mrs. Richardson stepped out of a side office and looked at all three boys and with a huff she motioned for them to enter her office. They could tell she was not happy to see them any more than they were happy to see her. The moment her office door was shut she stared at each of them and then sat down at her desk. None of the boys attempted to sit in the single seat that was set aside for the students use.

            Mrs. Richardson pulled up each of the boys' attendance files and staggered the windows so she could easily access them. "It appears that you each missed all of last week."

            "Yes ma'am," answered Rex for everyone.

            "It also appears that each of you has missed at least two or three other days for various reasons, all excused." Mrs. Richardson said as she touched the screen of her computer reading each window.

            "Yes," Ray answered.

            "Well without medical reasons, even keeping up your grades, you are only allowed 7 excused absences," Mrs. Richardson recited the school attendance rules. "Ray and Mike are both above that as of right now by three each."

            Mrs. Richardson began to smile as she felt that she would be able to legally get two of the boys now. "After three unexcused absences, you have to have detention."

            "IF you check your records," Ray began attempting to hide his anger, "you will find that with the exception of the last five days, both Mike's and my absences were for medical reasons."

            "If you do not find it in your records, I can have our doctor fax over copies of those records with dates and signatures from the school staff," Mike then interjected, trying to calm Ray down.

            Mrs. Richardson looked at the data log of their records and found that what they said was true. She forced a smile on her face and then approved each of their excused absences and said. "Remember boys you do not have any more `FREE' days left. The anger and venom was evident in her voice.

            "Of course," all three echoed with their best angelic faces on.

            Just as they were beginning to leave Mrs. Richardson's office, Rex turned to her and asked, "Mrs. Richardson, who do we talk to about the school's copy of our name changes?"

            "Name changes?" She asked.

            "Yes, we already have sent the required copies to the school board," Ray said with an almost innocent smile.

            "Just give them to the secretary," Mrs. Richardson said in a huff. "She can add it to your records." She then got curious, "What are the new names?"

            "I am Rex McFearsome," Rex said emphasing the last name.

            "I am Mike McFearsome," Mike echoed with the same emphases.

            They then showed their matching arm bands to Mrs. Richardson and Ray said, "We are legally bound together."

            Mrs. Richardson then began to laugh at the boys and said, "Take off those gaudy things and get over yourselves. This state does not recognize your type of relationships legally and barely protects your rights to even be in the same place as normal people."

            "Keep talking Mrs. Richardson," Ray said with hatred in his eyes. "We have been recording you since we walked in here." He then opened the folder and produced the legal documents that changed Rex and Mike's name. Ray then produced the Articles of Incorporation of a Limited Liability Corporation and three nearly identical copies of juvenile emancipation documents.

            "Here are our name changes," Mike said pointing to the first set of papers with a voice he would use on a stupid child.

            "Here are the papers that incorporate us as partners," Ray continued using the same voice Mike started.

            "And here are the papers that say we have the right to speak for ourselves," Rex finished.

            "They are all legal copies; we have the originals at home with another set already sent to the school board," Ray said reading the surface thoughts of Mrs. Richardson in that she wanted to rip them apart.

            "As for our jewelry," Ray said changing the subject. "They are worth more individually than you have ever made in your entire lifetime working and you do not have the capabilities to keep them safely." He explained with venom in his voice. "If you do not believe me, I am sure our lawyers would be happy to bring you a copy of the letters of authenticy and the receipt of how much was paid for them"

            "Of course after that, he would also be happy to have you arrested for grand theft for taking them," Rex added with an evil smile.

            "We really don't want to cause you any trouble," Mike said in his little boy voice.

            "But we won't be bullied either," Rex said as he rested his arms on Ray and Mike's shoulders.

            "Take this crap and GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!" Mrs. Richardson said as her face grew redder and redder.

            Mike was ushered out of the office by Rex and then they both were followed by Ray only after he gathered the paperwork and smiled at Mrs. Richardson. They were all late for their first hour but did not care. They knew that by lunch every student and teacher in the school would know at least some of what happened in that office. They also knew that it would be an interesting day.

            The secretary, Mrs. Brady looked up from her desk when the boys returned and smiled. "Sorry about that, boys. I really hated to do that, especially after what happened at the dance."

            "No prob, Mrs. B," Rex said with a genuine smile.

            "My grandson, Nicky, is gay too," Mrs. Brady whispered in a conspiratorial tone.

            All three of the guys grinned and then began handing Mrs. Brady the paperwork to be put in their individual files. The only paperwork that did not go directly into an individual files was the incorporation paperwork. Mrs. Brady copied it and placed a copy in each file. With each new entry she noted that permanent copies were also held by the school board.

            By the time they were finished with dealing with adding the new paperwork and changing their names, there was only 10 minutes left in the first period of classes. Mrs. Brady gave each of the boys a pass to class plus gave Rex and Mike a note for the teachers to change their attendance books to the new name.

            When Ray and Mike walked into their first hour the end of class chaos stopped as everyone waited to find out what had happened and what took so long. When the passes were handed in Mr. Borden immediately threw them into the trash without even looking. Mike handed Mr. Borden the name change form and briefly Mr. Borden's face clouded and then he smiled.

            "Well everyone, we have a new student," Mr. Borden said continuing to smile. "His name is Mike McFearsome."

            Several members of the band began to laugh, but Ray and Mike both noticed that a few did not. Ray figured that they were members of one of the Christian Student Groups that the school usually hosted and he did not worry about it. They really were no threat.

            Across town Rosann walked into a coffee shop. She met a man that was slightly smaller than her own 5'6. His salt and pepper hair and bushy mustache some how had put her at ease. His Barney Fife like swagger she found cute. Rosann really hated having to hide the fact she had already found a man to replace Paul from her family. She hated the fact that she would have to sneak her own children out of the Ray's house during National Conclave, so she and this man, Her Moe could live together. She just knew he was THE ONE.

            Moe had a job as a security guard, and they did background checks on people with jobs like that, Rosann thought. He even owned a gun that he promised to teacher her to shoot. Moe even wanted her and the kids to move in with him, not the other way around. Everything appeared to be perfect, except she hated having to lie to her family.   

            Later that same evening a small corporate jet flew into town and landed at the Conclave owned air strip. The plane's single passenger did not require any security and only had the pilot and co-pilot as company. The thin man that left the jet did not look left or right as he walked to the waiting Conclave limousine. Once inside the limousine he finally looked to the left and at his companion in the car, the `other' Ancient.


            "It is good to see you, Chin," Antino said in a business like manner. "It has been a long while."

            "Yes," Chin said with a deep sigh. "Almost three hundred years." He then sat back. "I hope the boy is ready."