The Breed

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 19 "Oh My Conclave"

            The pomp and ceremony of the opening of the National Conclave was a sight and sound that neither Ray nor Mike would soon forget. The Conclave Counsel room as beyond anything either of the Zomes had ever seen in their life. The floor of the room was four hundred yards long and two hundred yards wide. The seating around the floor extended the equivalent of a seven story building and was shaped roughly like the stands of an American football stadium. The only thing that different about it was a one end was a large wooden door and at the other end the thrones were set up for the Ancients, the Conclave Council and any visiting leaders of note.

            The Large wooden door at the far end blunted the end so it was not truly elliptical and also indented into the seating by two rows of ten chairs each. The wooden door was obviously stained with age and various types of blood. Presently the door had a tree sized timber wedging it closed, and unless something of a very bad nature happened during Conclave it would remain that way.

            The throne side of the Chamber was decorated also blunted, but this side was blunted with a raised dais and an enclosed area made of dark wood. The area would have held one hundred regular seats but instead could hold up to forty thrones of various sizes and designs. Five thrones made a simple design in the center of the dais. The largest was the throne of the Ancient, Antino's throne. A black throne sat on it right and was the throne of Charlett, A White Throne sat on it left and was the throne of Elzabeth. A Gold throne sat slightly behind and to the right, it was the throne of an honored guest when they were had. A Platinum throne sat slightly behind and to the left and it was the throne of the Grand Ancient Chin, in all things except for the Hal'char'rea (New Blood) Ceremony when He and Antino would temporarily switch seats.  

            As Antino and Elzabeth's protégé Ray/Toban could stand in the entry of the Chamber and not be sent to his seat. As the Hal'char'rea, he was expected to stay there anyway. Toban's nerves began to get the best of him until he watched each of the groups in their best outfits prancing out into the chamber and to their sections. His nerves calmed then.

            Ray watched the Simian Court's arrival with awe and wonder. The Afro-Simeon Ambassador, who Ray learned was named Cylest, was the largest of the group and the Asiaran-Simeon Ambassador was the smallest at just over four feet tall. The Simeon Queen was actually very beautiful in a silk dress and was adorned with a live spider monkey on her shoulder. The King on the other hand in Ray opinion looked like a thuggish brute and looked more like a Cro-Magnon than a monkey or man.

            Rex, Mike and George all were given seats in the Wolves section. They agreed to set there until after the Hal'char'rea because a minor argument broke out between the Wolves, Rats, Symbiotes and Ghouls over where they would sit. Everyone apparently wanted them to sit with them. It was agreed that unless things changed dramatically the Zoméa would divide their time equally with each group. 

            The different processions that passed Ray in the hall, ranged from very ostentatious to very plain and dowdy in appearance. Even though his nerves where extremely jangled and frayed, Ray enjoyed seeing the different races that he had read about but had not seen before then. Some of the individuals in the processions ignored Ray's presence all together; others looked at either respect or suspicion.   


            The sound of a gong hurried the few stragglers along into the chamber. The chamber lights at the throne level and the floor level were slowly changed from bright everyday style lighting and replaced by the indirect torch lighting crafted by artificial means. The audience areas were darkened to almost absolute darkness.

            In small preplanned groups, the leaders of the National Shadow Council entered the throne filled area taking their seats on the left of the main thrones. Moments later the leaders of the National Shadow Knight also entered and began taking their seats on the right. The membership of the National Shadow Council and the National Shadow Knights also began taking their seats in the audience sections behind the Throne dais.

A trumpet blare silenced the room and everyone stood with their heads bowed respectfully. The first to appear after trumpet blare were the two Gargoyles both dressed in blood red half robes. They each walked to the edge of the dais and crouched down on opposite sides of the dais. They roared and growled a warning before becoming still and almost like statues, only their eyes moved.

Following the Gargoyle's entrance, a distant drum beat began and it was Charlett's turn; she was dressed in a floor length long sleeve black dress with a high collar fringed in blood red lace. Her dark hair and eyes were accentuated by her shades shadow energy.  She slowly and deliberately walked to her throne and stood behind it waiting.

Moments later Elzabeth and Antino walked forward in contrasting white and black outfits. Elzabeth was dressed in a pure white dress from the 1500's that had been modified to show her ample breasts. Antino's black suit was an elegant tuxedo with matching black shirt and tie. The only accessory that Antino wore was a blood red buntoner. They each walked to their throne but remained standing.

The drum increased dramatically as Chin made his entrance. He was dressed in a traditional Chinese robes and wore the traditional shoes of the era. Chin walked dramatically toward Antino's throne. When he arrived at the throne he bowed deeply to Antino who returned the bow with an exaggerated flare. Antino then waved his hand slowly at his own throne and in that act gave its use to Chin for a short time. Chin folded his hands together and bowed his head in acceptance of Antino's temporary gift; he then placed his hand on the throne and watched as Antino walked slowly to the throne of the Honored Guest.

Once Chin sat down on the throne everyone else began to sit as well. First Antino and Elzabeth followed by the others on the Throne Dais and lastly those in the audience. The only being left standing was Ray in the hall waiting to be called into the Chamber to stand for the Hal'char'rea.

Chin's stony face remained expressionless as he waited for the drumming to cease. The instant the drumming ceased the Gargoyles roared. The massive Conclave Chamber was silent, except for the light sound of breathing. When Chin silently counted to ten he spoke in a voice that echoed in the cavernous room with out special help.

"Let the Hal'char'rea begin, let dead come to all that stand in the way of its completion." Chin's voice echoed.

The Chamber remained silent as Toban walked quickly into the floor level of the room. His approach showed a confidence that he really did not feel at the time. Toban did not reveal any of his power as he walked but kept everything as small and unobtrusive as possible. He was following the directions of George to the letter.

Once Toban was within 10 yards of the dais the Gargoyles roared a threat and he stopped his approach. He bowed deeply to the dais and then kneeled on his right knee. Toban raised his eyes and looked directly into Chin's eyes.

"State your name, heritage and rank as you stand now supplicant." Chin said in a cold unfeeling voice.

"I am Toban McFearsome, Grandson of Mar'uul (Iris) clan of the bears, Ger'own (Gene) clan of the wolves, Son of Ro'usa'n (Rosann) and a ghoulan (ghoul/human hybrid), Protégé of Antino and Elzabeth, Antacella (student) of Charlett and Sha'real (Sherry), Zoméa of Master Ge'ogg (George), Master Re'ul (Rex) and Librum initiate Michael. I am a Shadow Counsel Lord initiate and in training with the Shadow Knights, Honorific of the Wolf Clan, Honorific of the Symbiote Family, Honorific of the Talmar'marn, and master of the Arena Pits battles," Toban recited never letting his eyes leave those of Chin.

Chin let his eyes narrow as he looked at the boy who he thought should have been taller for someone with such an impressive heritage and rank. "SO, you used your Grandbear's former position to aid you in gaining power?" he said beginning the attack.

"My Grandbear's former position has actually done the opposite for me since I am not a true full blood bear." Toban retorted. "Her position has in fact made my life hell, up until the point that I was taken as Antino's Protégé."

Chin immediately switched tactics and attacked again, "So you used some skills of another type to gain your right as an ANCIENT'S protégé." The meaning was not at all veiled.

Chin and Toban both noticed that Antino tensed with that question. Toban just smiled with a slightly evil smirk and said, "Yes, I used my untrained skills as an Empath to prove that even a mixed breed can still cause pain to those who are full bloods and fully trained." He then empathically projected, {WANT ME TO SHOW YOU?}

Chin absently waved him away and then said, "You expect me to believe that a whelp like you is powerful enough to stand up against any one of those that you named, as is required to be trained, let alone stand for five seconds on your own two feet in the arena pits?"

At that moment Antino, Elzabeth, Charlett, Sherry and the Arena Master Tally each stood up. Chin did not immediately notice them standing but did notice the murmur in the room and then looked around to find the sources.


"You stand in agreement with this child?" Chin asked in a shocked voice.

Each one of them nodded and remained standing. Chin was shocked and amazed that as they stood other people also began to stand; he realized that they were all men and had the size and build of those that fought in the arena. To everyone shock even T&T stood up and joined the growing group.

"I am to believe that Toban has either fought with or against all of you?" Chin asked. When he received various forms of yes, he nodded and motioned for them to sit down.

"Now you expect me to believe that you are man enough to have three male Zoméa?" Chin asked. "Or is it you are woman enough?"

The Chamber exploded with laughter. Even Toban laughed at the crude joke at his expense. His eyes then turned cold and his smile slipped, "I am man enough that I can maintain all three Zoméa and be woman enough to enjoy it as well, how many can say that and truly be at peace with themselves?"

The chamber was immediately silent. It was then followed by Chin's explosive laughter. "Well said youngling," Chin echoed with a hint of admiration in his voice.

"Show me your power as a Shadow Lord and confirm it for me," Chin then directed.

Toban nodded and smiled. He knew of one way that would impress the Grand Ancient above all others. With a moment's concentration, Toban expanded his mind and opened his telekinetic ability. Chin and both Gargoyles were surprised as they began to rise in the air. Chin rose with the two hundred pound throne that he was sitting in, several feet into the air. The Gargoyle each also rose several feet from their perches. To add to the effect Toban also rose from the ground until he was just slightly lower than they were.

The show of power had mixed affects on the members of the Conclave, some were yelled their shock at the gall the Toban having attacked The Grand Ancient in such a manner, others were shocked at the raw power of the young lord and finally others were confused by their companions reactions in general. The overall affect was that no one moved to stop Toban's actions and they were waiting to see what would happen next.

Toban returned himself and the Gargoyles to proper positions and then focused on Chin. When Toban returned the throne back to its proper place without even the slightest bump or jostle, Chin clapped his hands in amusement. "Well done young Shadow Lord."

Chin was now excited to see what the young man would do next. "There is a statement here that says you control shade energy, without the use of a shade. Show us."

Toban again smiled and began unbuttoning his shirt. "With your permission I have both physical and practical proof to reveal," he said choosing his words carefully.

Chin nodded and leaned forward for a better look. He was now intrigued by Toban's actions. Nothing in the reports that he had read had prepared him for the power that the boy projected both as a person and as a force of the Conclave.

Toban removed his shirt and revealed his shadow tendril `tattoos'. He willed them to begin to move, flex and grow all over his body. The shadow energy began to swell and Toban forced it out above his head like a black inky octopus, whipping tentacles out in several directions. With a blink of an eye Toban then passed into the Shadow Realm, moved 100 yards and then reappeared. He then formed a shadow dagger and threw it at Chin, stopping it an inch from his face and then making it fade away.

Chin sat back in his seat and sighed. "I was wrong," he said softly though the acoustics carried his voice. "You are not a Shadow Lord, you are not a Shadow Knight," Chin paused looked at Antino and then back at Toban. "You are not a Death Knight, you are something more," he conceded. Chin thought for a moment and then stood.

"I, Chin, the Grand Ancient of the International Conclave, declare that a proclamation shall be given to the Guild of the Librum that Toban McFearsome is an asset of the Conclave, but is not a Shadow Lord, Shadow Knight, or Death Knight but have authority in both," Chin began. "From this day forward his title shall be Shade Prince and report only to the Conclave Counsel, Ancient and Grand Ancient." He paused as he thought for a moment. "All local, national and international clans, tribes, packs, families and so forth shall pay tribute to him at the rate of 10% that of the Ancient."

"Double fucking damn," Toban and Mike both said at the same time, Toban under his breath, Mike out loud.

At the same time both Rex and George said, "Damn!" quietly.

Chin felt a small tickle in his mind that signified that Antino wanted to speak, so he moved to the side and motioned for Antino to rise. When Antino stood Chin stepped back and allowed him to come forward.

"I ask the permission of the Grand Ancient and the Conclave to create a new throne for the Shade Prince, one befitting the holder of the Sword of Infinity." Antino realized that the request was more of a formality than anything else. While Chin could say no, either of the Ancients could overrule the Conclave.

Chin bowed in agreement and motioned out to the Conclave where a massive cheer was heard also in agreement. The room worked itself into an impromptu party at that moment and lasted several minutes. As the partying just started, both Chin and Antino motioned for Toban to join them on the dais. Toban expanded his shadow energy just slightly and floated up to the dais level.

Toban hugged and kissed a seated Elzabeth, hugged Charlett, hugged and kissed Antino and shook Chin's hand. He then was directed to stand beside Elzabeth's throne for the time being. After it seemed the party would continue without stopping, Chin snapped his fingers and the Gargoyles both roared. The room quickly quieted down.

"Before I close the International portion of this Conclave," Chin said with a loud voice, "does anyone else have business with the International Conclave?"

For a brief moment there was silence and then a strong but distant sounding "I do" was heard. Everyone immediately focused on the lone standing form of Nigel, in the bear section of the chamber.

"Speak!" Chin said with an edge to his voice. He had already been warned about Nigel and the potential for trouble.

"I call for a vote of no confidence against Antino!" Nigel said with a sneer.

The chamber immediately exploded with angry outcry and fury from every group including the bears.

"Be aware Nigel of the Bears that is your right, but if you are found wanting the Ancient or his Defender has the right to Naråêĥ (fight to the death)," Chin said coldly.

            "I know," Nigel said in a self assured voice. He was sure his plan would work.

            "Vote of no confidence then." Chin said.

            "Stand to your feet those who have no confidence in the leadership of Antino," Chin demanded.

            The room was silent as no one but Nigel's wives stood. They had cast their lot with their husband. If he died they would be given the choice of death or slavery to the winner of the Naråêĥ. Nigel looked around at the other groups and back at the bears and growled. His plan had failed and now things had gone terribly wrong.

            Toban marched forward his eyes black as night. "Hellock Naråêĥ, Wąell Antino," which roughly translated means, "I demand to fight to the death as Antino's Defender."

            Nigel immediately threw up his hands and said "Mõąnar (dishonor/disband/banishment)" His wives repeated Nigel's actions and words as well.

            "Mõąnar Nigel," Chin said and then spit on the ground.

            "Mõąnar Nigel, be it known that you are now and forever my blood enemy," Antino said and then sliced across his hand cutting himself and letting a few drops of blood spill onto the ground. Elzabeth and Charlett repeated the same actions as well.

            Toban moved in the same actions and said, "Mõąnar Nigel, my family and my Zoméa are now your blood enemy as well." He was please to see that every member of his family that was present and the Zoméa were all making the same action.

            "Forever leave this Conclave," Toban said and then with a whipping action brought a shadow energy whip into existence and sliced across Nigel's face. It left a long, deep, jagged and bloody slice across his face and eye. The wound would never totally heal and would leave a nasty deep scar. Nigel ran out of the chamber in fear and pain.

            "I order that all of Nigel's assets be seized immediately. It shall be divided, half going to the Shade Prince as my Wąell. The remaining half divided between the bear clan and the Conclave treasury," Antino bellowed. Several people immediately stood and ran off to complete his order.

            "If it were lawful, I would return the rulership of the bears to Toban and his family, but the laws are clear that someone with his mixed blood cannot rule," Antino said with a slight bit of disgust.

            An older distinguished bear male stood and bowed toward the dais. His eyes kept moving between Antino, Chin and Toban waiting to be seen and recognized. His great frame showed great power, but also showed the signs of age.

            "Master Thomas, Regent of the Bears, you are recognized," Antino said with a booming voice.

            "Great Ancient, Ancient, Shade Prince and other distinguished guests," Thomas began. "As the patriarch of the third family of the great three families of the ursine, I make an offer to The Ancient, the Conclave and the Shade Prince. That will satisfy Clan and Conclave laws and make everyone in the ursine clans happy." He took a deep breath and then continued. "My family has no male heir to continue the bloodline as I have nothing but nine daughters. My second, third and fourth daughters are of breeding age and have no suitors."

Thomas fidgeted for a moment with nerves and then motioned for the three daughters to stand. Each one was obviously a Kodiak or large brown bear but each was pretty in her own right and own way. Thomas meekly smiled at each of them and then turned back toward the dais.


"I offer an alliance between our two households, linked by blood. Each of these daughters shall be inseminated by artificial means, by the Shade Prince, thus guarantying an offspring that is three quarter blood bear." He finally was on a roll and just kept going. "Until the birth of the first child, I would remain Regent; once a birth was completed, the Shade prince would then be advocate for the future king or queen and the ursine." Thomas smiled and almost sat down and then said as an after thought, "The women would get the title of Shillular (consort/concubine) until the birth and then Millular (royal mother) after the birth."


To say that Toban, Rex, George, Mike, Iris and Rosann were floored by the idea was an understatement. Toban was so shocked he forgot to blink for several seconds. Toban did not realize that any time had passed until he heard Antino speaking.


"I see no reason such an arrangement would not work and be acceptable to the Conclave." He looked at a small human sitting off to one side and when the man shook his head, he smiled. "The question is if this suggestion is acceptable to your people and to the Shade Prince, of course."


"Great Regent," Toban began "I wish a moment to confer privately with both your daughters and my zomea"


            "Of course, Shade Prince," Thomas said with a smile.

            [I am not going to do this without agreement from my Zoméa and from the ladies that would be carrying the babies,] Toban transmitted directly to his Zoméa and the young ladies.

            [It would be an honor to have the bloodlines reclaimed,] interjected a telepathic woman's voice.

            [It would be an honor to mother the next great king of the Ursine,] echoed a second telepathic voice.

            [It is my father's wish,] came a younger telepathic voice.

            [I think it is up to you, babe,] Mike's voice echoed though the link.

            [It would solidify the families again and that is very good,] Rex stated.

            [Remember, you don't have to actually touch any of them,] George said with a bit of humor in his thoughts.

            The thoughts from the girls were humorous indignation as they were not really upset by what was implied.

            Toban looked back at Thomas with a bemused smile on his face. "I and my Zoméa agree to your idea and the plan of action, Lord Regent."

            Thomas smiled, bowed and then sat down. He knew that the actual fine points of the agreement would have to wait until after the Conclave's annual meeting was over. Thomas knew that even though the fine points would be completed in private, the actual making of the agreement in the Conclave meant that it could not be broken without cause.

            Chin and Antino switched thrones. Toban stood behind Antino's throne and observed for the next fifteen minutes as the servants and slaves scrambled to prepare a chair for him to sit in temporarily. Once a chair had been dressed and prepared for Toban it was brought and placed just behind Antino's throne. The Chair was an overstuffed chair that had a royal blue silk material draped over it and had two small pillows added two it.

            Over the next three hours the old business of the National Conclave was gone over. Toban was surprised to hear that some things had been on the table for over a hundred years and were re-tabled instead of dealt with or disposed of properly. Just by a surface scan of the ruling counsel members' minds, he realized that none of them actually cared about the tabled items, it was just a way to placate the creators of the requests and not really deal with them.

            Meanwhile in secluded area of the conclave complex, a distance from the Conclave cavern, Nigel and his wives were stopped when a shadow covered their route and another covered the way they had just come from. They became fearful as the shadows reformed into nearly human forms that still blocked the only exits to the room they were presently in.

            "Fear not Nigel, we mean you no harm," echoed a disembodied voice that seemed to come from every direction around them.

            "What do you want?" Nigel said with a slight amount of fear and defiance.

            The form of a man stepped out into a partially shadowed area and smiled. He smiled slyly and then laughed a mirthless laugh. "We personally and the group I represent share a couple of common enemies," the shadowed man said softly, "that whelp Toban and the Ancient."

            "If you don't mind me asking, what has he done to you and who do you represent?" Nigel said with a slight edge to his voice.

            "The little BASTARD was born and took proper attention away from the family that rightly deserved it from Mar'uul," the man said with an anger that seemed almost primal.

            "So you are TOBAN'S UNCLE JAMES?" Nigel asked and almost yelled at the same time.

            "That child's mother is my sister, but he is a bastard and I do not accept acknowledgement of him as family," Ray/Toban's uncle James ranted. "Once my mother is dead, I will even disown my whorish bitch of sister."

            "Fine," Nigel said to silence the potentially long tirade that he felt was coming. "Who do you represent?"

            James smiled again and sighed, "We represent a group from the Breed Brotherhood and a group from the Regia'an Alliance. Our common belief is that we should be ruling this planet not the humans, they are cattle and the laws that keep us in hiding and in secret are outdated and should be done away with as with the rulers that enforce them."

            "So you are not directly linked to the Regia'an leaders but only specific people and other members of the breed Conclave and not are also members of this?" Nigel asked.

            "Yes," answered another voice that seemed to be everywhere at once but also nowhere at the same time.

            "What do you need of me?" Nigel asked.

            "Join us," The voice said plainly.

            A moment later the room was silent and empty as the shadows, Nigel and his wives all disappeared into the Shadow realm. A single common sewer rat stuck its head out of a hole and sniffed the air making sure the coast was clear before running across the room. Its simple brain could not fathom that it was the only witness to a terrible thing that would haunt Thrope brethren for months if not years. If it had known, it surely would have gone and told someone.


            As the third hour drew to a close, the people in the chamber began to grow restless as they anticipated the opening day party that always followed the first days meeting. Even those on the dais were beginning to fidget as the final minutes drew to a close. Antino was well aware of the restlessness that permeated the chamber, but chose to keep the meeting going until the scheduled time of 1:00am.

            When Antino finally adjoined the meeting, a joyous cheer was heard from every section of the massive cavern. Though everyone knew the business was needed and important, the party was always the most fun. This year they had more to celebrate; a new noble always meant new business opportunities and of course, more gossip.

            The party was held in the main ballroom, the same room the Joining was held. The color coded food tables were along one wall with dining type seating beside it, A processional line was formed in the middle of the room allowing visiting nobility and royalty to shake hands with the average person, A dance floor at one end of the room surrounded by seating, the far wall was set aside for more private sitting and conversations.

            George, Rex and Mike were each ushered to the processional line by two of the Antino's personal servants. They were confused by this until they actually reached the line and noticed that the mates or significant others of the rulers stood beside the respective ruler in the line and were also introduced. This actually was embarrassing to all four of them.

            Antino hated the processional line more than the guys and made every effort to keep it short. He made sure that security ushered everyone through at a fast pace and after so many of these types of events most people knew what to expect and chose to not even go through the line to make things go faster and if they wanted to have introductions later, ways were found.

            The next half hour was spent in the processional line, several times Toban was handed a check as part of the handshake he received. Without looking at it, He smiled and thanked the person and then slid the check in his pants pocket. He knew that the majority of the people were not high ranking people and they were just showing him respect. What he did not know was that each of his Zomea were likewise also getting checks from people and handling it in a similar fashion.

            When the processional line was over Toban and the Zomea went over to the conversational area and sat down. They were left alone except for the occasional interruption by national or international leader who also brought Toban a check or other small gift of introduction and appreciation. Most of the gifts were money, but a few were for undeveloped land, commercial and industrial, houses or livestock. Toban was always gracious with the gifts, but the hours were beginning to get to him and he was getting tired. After all he had school in just a few hours.

            At 3am the Zoméa left the party and headed to the mansion. Immediately upon the house Ray realize something was wrong. Within a few minutes he was able to identify the problem, all of Rosann's stuff had been removed from the house. Ray knew what his mother had done and it pissed him off. Nothing would make him forgive her actions; he was so tired of her behavior.

            That morning at school Ray was in a foul mood and was not ready for anyone's attitude. Several obvious members of the school's religious organizations were giving Ray and Mike nasty looks as they moved between classes. By the time 3rd hour break rolled around, Ray was tired of the looks and was fed up with the whole thing.

            As Ray traveled the school halls from his 3rd hour class to lunch, Sheila Turney, the president of Teens for Christ walked by and said, "sodomiteSodomite," under her breath.

            Ray's mood immediately darkened and so did his eyes. He turned to Sheila and glared at her. "What did you say about me, bitch?" Ray said with cold fury. His shoulder was lightly gripped by Rex who had just walked up and only heard his response.

            Sheila began to turn red at being caught and having attention being drawn to her. She drew herself up to her full five foot six and forcefully said, "I called you a sodomite."

            Rex's face dropped to match Ray's when he finally heard her statement. "You stupid bible thumping, hypocritical cow!" he raged, at the same time holding Ray back from doing anything stupid.

            The enraged Sheila began, "The bible quite plainly states..."

            "We know what your multiply re-worded and reworked book says," Ray interrupted in anger. "You ought to read more in the parts about loving others and not judging."

            At this point they had created a small crowd of curious onlookers. The group was beginning to embarrass Sheila to the point that she was spitting and sputtering to the extent that nothing she said made any sense. To make matters worse for her, both Rex and Ray each rapid fired bible verses at her that she did not know and made her look more and more foolish.

            The final straw came when Travis Taylor the senior quarterback of the football team loudly said, "It is pretty bad that the supposed FAGS know the bible better than the Christian Hypocrite Bitch does."

            The crowd burst out in loud laughter, but agreed with Travis. They then slapped Ray and Rex on the back in encouragement. They then began to disperse to their respective lunches. Meanwhile Sheila was screaming that they were all going to hell for being "Fag lovers".

            The rest of the day, Ray's mood was much better. Several people even came up to him and congratulated him on taking down the snobby girl a peg or two. The teachers began to notice the interactions and even began to listen secretly trying to find out what was going on.

            After school the Zoméa met in Ray's office to count the checks and cash that they received the night before at the party. It was decided that the checks written specifically to individuals would go to them individuals, but the checks written to the Shade Prince would be placed in the main account. The total ended up being $10,000,000; 50,000,000 Euros and 100,000,000 yen for the Shade Prince; $100,000 for Toban personally; $75,000; 2,500 Euros and 10,000,000 yen for Mike; $75,000; 1,000,000 yen for Rex and $50,000; 5,000 Euros and 20,000,000 yen for George.

            Ray then divided the Toban money into four parts and transferred equal parts of it into Davey's and Shanny's college accounts. He then transferred an equal portion into the household account and the last portion he transferred into a hidden account that he had setup for purchasing a new larger house in the future. Ray realized that there was the possibility that they had been given such a house with all the property they had received the night before.

            The guys found that most of the properties that they received were out of state or out of the country. The commercial and industrial properties were all occupied with the exception of two, both of them in the Southwest Section of the United States. The houses were all presently rented or leased out. George quickly estimated that between all of the properties the Shade Prince, he would be making between $3,500,000 and $5,000,000 a month.

            The guys hugged and kissed on both Davey and Shanny as they headed to bed early that night, they were all totally exhausted and did not need to be at the Conclave that night as they had been excused from attending. They quickly were in bed and fast asleep.


Meanwhile across town, three groups of assassins converged on their separate targets at the same time. The first group arrived at the parameter of the junkyard, the second group arrived outside Tyler's 7th street Haven and the third group arrived outside Club Exile. Each group consisted of four members and each member had black clothing and a black backpack. At the exact same moment each group broke into their target area.


The group that broke into the junkyard quickly separated and went in different directions. The first member of the group to come across one of the guard dogs quickly rammed his fist down the throat of the animal and ripped it's spine from the inside out. The other members of the group quickly killed the remainder of the dogs with the exception of one female that had just had puppies and was hidden away.


Within minutes of killing the guard dogs, the group of assassins set incendiary bombs in several of the cars and at each of the corners of the junkyard. As they set the bombs, they searched for any of the residents of the junkyard, but found no one. Once the bombs were set the group moved to a safe distance and waited for the proper time to set them off.

             At the same time at the 7th street Haven, the second group of assassins was doing nearly the same thing. Instead of entering the building, a couple of them climbed on top of the roof and set several identical incendiary bombs at the same time the other two set several around the outside at ground level. Once the bombs were set the group also moved to a safe distance to also wait for the proper time to set them off. This group was prepared to have a high number of human and breed deaths due to the bombs.

            Meanwhile at Club Exile, the third assassin group had broken into the club and was setting incendiary bombs as well as shrapnel bombs.      The incendiary bombs were placed in such a way to destroy the building, while the shrapnel bombs were set to create the greatest destructive spread out of the bar area and the bathrooms. Again once the bombs were set, the group retreated to a safe distance to wait for the proper time to set the bombs offs.

            At the top of the hour each leader of the groups checked their watches and then triggered the remote detonator each of them held. From their safe locations each of the groups watched as their targets exploded with force many times that require to actually destroy it. The only exception was the junkyard which collapsed in on itself and burned instead.

            The Conclave entrances underneath the Club Exile and the 7th Street Haven both collapsed into the Conclave tunnels themselves. The tunnels began to burn with the fires from the buildings above. The fires drew the attention of nearby servants and slaves; several began to try to fight the fires, while others ran to report the problems to the Conclave counsel. Within minutes there were several more people helping put out the fire.

            In the Conclave Counsel cavern Antino was pissed at the destruction to the properties that he was aware of, but he was not yet aware of the destruction of the junkyard. He ordered teams to investigate the fire and destruction. Antino was fully aware that this was an attack from the Regia'an and that it meant WAR!

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