The Breed

By Dream Janus


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Chapter 2 "Back Home"



            The car slowed as it approached the apple green trimmed house. Ray tensed as he caught sight of his mother Rosann standing beside her white car talking with the tall man Ray had come to call the "pain in the ass du jour," Paul. Antino noticed Ray tensed and released his hold on the boy. At the same time he coughed.


            Vampires have no reason to cough and this knowledge instantly registered with both Ray and the intended party of George. George noticed the man and quickly evaluated him as person and as a treat to both himself and his new charge. The man was just under six foot tall, weighing around one hundred eighty pounds, with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. He was over weight and did not appear to be a major threat. George realized that the treat may not be physical, but may be psychological for the boy and that would have to be dealt with differently.


            Antino's cough had a totally different reaction for Ray, he began to panic. He did want Antino to have to do anything to his mother because of her choices of asshole boyfriends. Ray knew that Antino would not stand for any form of disrespect and that Paul would be more likely to give him a great deal of disrespect for being around him and in a car like this than anything else. Ray looked at Antino with pleading eyes. All that he got back was the cold stare of the emotional void of the vampire ancient.


            Antino could read in the face of the boy that he was expecting trouble, not from him, but from the man. His begging look was for mercy for the man's life. Antino felt no need to give the man mercy, but the boy deserved it. He would allow George to deal with the man, while he dealt with the mother. He would have this boy protected, even if it meant removing him from his mother.


            George hurried out of the car and opened the car door for Antino. Antino pushed Ray out of the car first. All three of them noticed the look of hatred that crossed the face of Paul as Ray exited the car. Antino and George's blood filled with fury. Antino stood out of the car and stretched to his full height. Rosann immediately dropped her eyes.


            The screen door opened and slammed shut as Iris and Gene, Ray grandparents rushed out the door to greet the guests. "Welcome to our humble home, Antino." Iris gushed. "Welcome to our humble home, George."


            Gene stood back a couple of steps from his wife as was expected in the proper clan greeting, as he was not a full blood as she was, nor was he of the same bloodline as she. He remained silent with his head bowed respectfully, even though he truthfully hated the traditions.


            Antino smiled and shook his head. "It is I who should feel honored" he said in the traditional response. He then stepped forward, totally ignoring Paul. When he became level with Rosann, he said softly "You and I will speak." ad continued on walking.


            While Antino was walking forward George grabbed Ray's hand and led him forward toward the house, only to be stopped by Paul. "You didn't clean your room like I told you to." He said angrily. He looked at George with disgust.


            "I will when I get back there," Ray began. His room wasn't dirty. Hell it wasn't even his room. He was only there one or two days a week anyway. He probably forgot to pick up a sock or something.


            "Damn right you will" Paul began "I don't pay for you to have that room so you can dirty it up."


            "I don't really live there and you know it" Ray responded with a slight growl in his voice. "That's the way we like it, remember?"


            Paul was about to raise his hand to hit Ray when he saw anger flash in George's eyes and thought better of it, for now. He knew he would be able to punish the boy later. The boy would get it worse for smarting off in front of company.


            Antino, Iris and Gene were all fully aware of the actions going on with Ray but kept the actions of protocol for a few more moments as Antino reached them. Antino grasped Iris' wrist's in both of his hands and shoke them in dual type of hand shake. He then broke protocol and did the same to Gene. He smiled at Gene's shocked look and said "It is your house, after all."


            At that moment the air calmed between them for a moment. Antino's eyes gleamed as he smiled. "You have a remarkable grandson," He began. "I believe He has a great future ahead of him." Antino's gaze darkened. "But we must do something about his present before I am forced to take matters into my own hands."


            Iris noticed Antino's gaze and nodded. "Do we need Ray for this discussion?"


            "I think," Antino began. "It would be best for all involved if he were present," he then paused. "And it was held elsewhere."

"Well come inside" Gene said softly. "It's not much, but it's paid for." He said proudly.


"George, we have business to discuss" Antino said softly.


George slowly began moving Ray around and away from Paul. Paul began to follow, until Rosann stopped him and shook her head. "They do not what or need us in there right now."


Paul was furious that he would not be allowed to hear this "business". He would find out, if he had to beat it out of Ray...


Inside the small cozy house Antino was shown to the only recliner in the living room. Iris took her regular straight back chair. Gene, George and Ray sat on the tan sofa. Antino smiled as he noticed that Ray again was nervous.


"Calm down Toban" Antino said with a laugh. "Yes, we are here to discuss you, but no it is not going to hurt.


"To bad..."George whispered in Ray's ear.


Everyone burst out laughing as all their ears were sensitive enough to hear it. The laughter was enough to calm Ray down though and that was the intention.


"Now as I have already discussed with, Ray" Antino began. "He is to begin training on Mondays and Wednesdays with George and I as well as working on Fridays and Saturdays" Antino paused for dramatic effect. "And with the understanding that he has band functions on most Fridays and that comes first."


Antino looked around the room and received nods from everyone. "George here has agreed to be Ray's assistant in getting to and from school as well as to and from activities, training and work." Antino paused again. "Ray is expected to be over tomorrow for dinner and introductions."


Antino again waited for nods and then leaned back and folded his hands on his chest. "After what I just heard outside," He began. "I have some serious concerns about that human being around this boy!"


The air was thick with the words Antino spoke. Everyone knew Antino could order death in a single word, be they vampire, Thrope, ghoul any other breed or even human. His word was law. Yes Ray hated Paul but he didn't want him dead, not really.


"Please don't kill him" Ray said in a trembling voice that cracked on the last word.


Antino looked stunned at the boy. "My dear boy," he said standing so fast that it scared Ray. "I do not planning on killing that waste of human flesh" He then touched Ray's cheek as tears began to fall on it. "I am afraid he will drive you into a rage and you will."


Those last words struck Ray like a bolt of lightning. He knew that rage had been building in him. The abuse of the clans, the abuse at all his mother's boyfriend's hands, Tommy's leukemia and death; the rage was getting so strong. Ray nodded in understand but remained silent, crying.


Antino turned to the adults in the room. "This boy needs taken from the influence of that man, before that man gets himself killed."


"Ray only sees them on weekends as it is now" Iris began. "Only on Saturday and Sunday.


"Well work will take care of part of that" Antino said happy that things were going his way without having to resort to violence.


"His mother will want to have other days then" Gene responded with a frown.


"Then I can make it that he has Conclave duties on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as training on Monday and Wednesday, plus work on Friday and Saturday. That only leaves Sunday." Antino said with a smirk.


"I need help on Sundays" George said with a grin. "Plus you'll need to stay over then so I don't need to make an extra trip for school on Monday.


"My mom will be pissed and won't agree" Ray said sadly. He realized this was not only for his benefit but for Paul's as well.


"That human has no right to demand your time or energy" Antino said coldly. "If your mother wants to see you and be with you, she can make the effort" He said effortlessly. "According to our laws, you are of age."


"You are only treated like you are not by her because it suits her needs" Iris said.


"If she wants to live by our laws, she has to live by them all" Antino said. "Even those she does not like."


"I believe we have a plan" George said. He then stood up and walked to the door. "I will be happy to deliver the message personally to the human that he gets to clean the room himself." He then cracked his knuckles and popped his neck.


"I will attempt to speak with Rosann, before you do that George." Antino said with a smile. "If you don't mind." Both men then walked out the door.

Iris stood and walked quickly to the door followed quickly by Ray. Gene stood up and walked into the dining room and turned on a near by television and began watching the news. Moments later he was humming to himself.


Outside Rosann was pacing back and forth trying to get Paul to calm down and not go into the house and be noisy. She jumped when the screen door opened and saw Antino motion for her to follow her. Without thinking she immediately followed him.


Paul was now furious, how dare she follow this younger man like some love struck puppy. Did she want him now? Did she want the tall one too? Was she going to bang them both when his back was turned? His mind was so focused on the "what if's" that he did not notice that the tall one had approached him and was now staring him down.


Meanwhile Rosann had caught up with Antino, her gaze was at her feet as she was taught. Antino felt it was best to keep her this way, that way she would put up less of an argument. "The way your male treats your boys is becoming more and more a treat to your male's life." He began. I already had plans to work with your boy four days a week, but after seeing what I have, I am increasing it to 6 and he is required elsewhere on the 7th." 


Rosann realized that she was not being given a choice. "So he would kill Paul then?"


"There is enough hidden rage in the boy that yes he could" Antino said. "He is strong enough as an un-trained Shadow Lord that he gave everyone at the funeral discomfort." He then sighed. "Including myself"


Rosann blinked in surprised several times before she spoke "Shadow Lord" She then inhaled deeply. I thought he was just psychically talented. I didn't realize he was that talented."


"He doesn't realize he is that talented" Antino responded.


Meanwhile Paul is finally noticed that the big man was standing in front of him and was fed up being left out. "Where's Ray!" He said with venom in his voice.


"Inside, where he was told to remain." George said. At the same time thought projecting "<Remain indoors>."


Paul looked at George as if he was interfering in his right to do as he pleased. He then began to walk around George. "Ray get your ass out here, NOW!" he yelled.


George spun around and grabbed Paul's hands. He was ready to kill this man to save the boy from having to do it. "That boy is not going anywhere with you ever again!" He growled. The anger welling up in him.

Paul pulled his left hand free from George and slammed it into George's face. He immediately knew he had made a mistake. His fist felt like it had hit granite. The bones in his fingers cracked and at least broke in an agonizing crunch.


George smiled, but it was not a human smile but the smile of a thing somewhere between human and animal. His face was contorted as muscles tore, re-grew and tore again as his head and face reformed. His ears shrank into small round stub and lay flat on his head. George's muscular face grew into the short blunt muzzle of bear. His smooth muscular skin was covered by the short fur of a silver Kodak.


Paul stood in absolute fear at the sight in front of him. His pants were wet where he lost control of his bladder. Paul's memory became oddly fuzzy as he felt his thoughts just fading away. He could not think of anything other than fear.


Ray bolted out the screen door, it tore from it's hinges in his hand. He stood in front of the swaying Paul and looked directly into the eyes of the furious George. "<STOP!>" He thought yelled. The thought projection was so powerful that it stunned the 8 foot bear and caused Paul to pass out. Ray promptly passed out as well.


What Ray did not know was that other humans had also been watching the activities and saw George change. The thought projection was strong enough and specific enough that it caused every human observing to pass out and suffer temporary short term memory loss. Something Antino found out the next day.


Antino walked up to the crumpled body of Paul and shook his head. "I should have the ghouls come and collect this worthless piece of human garbage." He then sighed. "Between Toban's mind blast and my mind wipe, he'll be luck to remember last Tuesday." Antino then turned to Rosann. "Get it out of my sight!"


Rosann lifted the unconscious Paul easily onto her shoulder and walked quickly to her white car. She fumbled for a moment with the door handle and then opened the door. Paul's body was quickly strapped into the car. Rosann then walked around to the other side and slide inside the driver side herself. Moments later she was driving away down the street.


Iris shook her head sadly as she looked down the street following her youngest daughter. The feeling of dread overcame her once again, but she pushed it off. Her responsibility was to help her grandson now. Iris bent down and touched Ray's forehead. "He seems to have just passed out from the strain." She explained.


Antino nodded, reached into his pant pocket and withdrew his phone. He flipped it open and pressed a speed dial number. "I need retrieval / clean-up team at Mar'uul's house." He listened for a moment "Containment and to retrieve myself and my driver." Antino then closed the phone.


"Let's get this young man into the house" Antino said kneeling down to pick-up Ray's unconscious body.


"Lord Antino," Iris said with shock in her voice. "My husband and I can take care of him."


"Lady Mar'uul," Antino said in obvious mock formality. "You are going to have to get used to me helping this boy from now on." He then lifted Ray as if he was a light as a feather. Antino carried him as if he were a child.


Iris rushed ahead to move the battered screen door to the side. "Gene, your going to have to fix the door again" she bellowed as she entered the house. Clearing an imaginary cluttered path out of the way of Antino.


Gene jumped out of his seat in the kitchen when he spotted Antino carrying his unconscious grandson. Even though he was used to his grandson and that human getting into arguments, he was not used to the sight of his grandson being unconscious and it was unnerving. Gene knew that Paul had not done this, Ray could take anything Paul did to him, at least physically.


"What happened" Gene muttered.


"Just a bit of over excitement" responded Iris. Her typical response when she would tell him later and did not want to answer now. Gene returned to watching television.


Iris lead Antino to the back bedroom and opened the door. She allowed him to gently place Ray on the bed. Iris looked at her grandson with both pride and fear as she realized that his life was about to change dramatically. She then looked to Antino with questioning eyes.


"Yes my lady," Antino began. "There is much change coming for him, not all of good, I am afraid. He lightly brushed Ray's face. "I will train him even when he does not know he is being trained, to be as prepared for it as possible." Antino sat on the bed. His eyes showed an emotion that he had not genuinely felt in a thousand years. "He reminds me so of Aurto, such a soft and gentle soul, but quite capable of great power and equally great leadership, if trained properly. If not, equally great sorrow and destruction."


"He has been properly trained in De'wann and Clan law" Iris said with small bit of pride.

"Yes," Antino responded with whispered anger. "And suffered Clan prejudge as well." He glared at her and almost silently spat. "A mutt!"


Iris blanched and then nodded. She wished she could say it was the wolves that did it, but she knew in her heart that it was more her own people, the bears, that used that term. "Old Speciesism dies hard" she said. "Not that I agree."


"I know that" laughed Antino almost silently. "After all you married a half breed out of your own species." Antino absentmindedly caressed Ray's face. "It just infuriates me, I am older than these idiots and as such I should be more set in my ways, but I tend to be more accepting." He shook his head. "Hell, I can understand the humans, they only live forty to seventy years, and they can't learn a hell of a lot in that time."


Antino stood "Thropes on the other had can live to be two or three hundred years old, same with ghouls." He walked slowly out of the bedroom. "Vampires of course can live to be several hundred years old." He paused to watch Gene watching the television. "I am the oldest in America, but I am not the oldest of us all." Antino said calmly. "Nor would I want to be, she is set in her ways."


Outside the house were three black cars. When Antino appeared at the door, the doors on the first car opened and two women and two men got out. One woman and a man walk up to Antino quickly. Antino nodded at the prone form of the now human George and said. "Clear the area, he is not to be harmed." Check for witnesses and attempt mind wipes. Eliminate only if necessary." The man nodded and returned to the car to relay the orders.


Antino looked at the woman. "This door needs fixed, I need a driver, the boy will need a credit card and I need a Bloody Jane."


The woman nodded reached into her pocket and pulled out a PDA, typed on it a few moments and then turned to the cars and motioned to one of the men standing beside the car. She then headed back to the car, retrieving the car keys from her pocket as she walked.


The first man and another man were picking George's inert body off the ground. They had no problem carrying it, they just found that he was difficult to maneuver due to his bulk. Antino noticed their situation and smiled.


Once the woman reached the car she went to the trunk of the car and opened it. Inside she opened a cooler and begin to mix drink for Antino. "Three parts vodka, six parts blood, one part lemon juice, dash of Tabasco, dash of  Worcestershire Sauce" She mumbled to herself. "2nd dash of Tabasco for the taste buds." She added remembering Antino's favorite add-on.


Moments later Antino was comfortably back in his limousine, Bloody Jane in hand, being taken home for the remainder of the day.





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