The Breed

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 26 "Toban's Rage"

Three things happened that night at the same time: each of them would change Toban's life forever. The first were the happenings going on at the mansion, second were the happenings at the Conclave surveillance team `Bravo Foxtrot' and the third was at Rosann's house.

At the mansion, Toban turned toward the voice that had spoken and interrupted him. There was a familiarity in the sound of the voice, even though it was deeper and more feral sounding, but Toban could not accept the possibility until he turned. The look of surprise registered on Toban, Kar and George's face at the same time.

Standing in the open doorway of the side balcony was Rex. It was true that his appearance had changed, but it was Rex. Rex's skin had taken on the waxy pale color they all recognized as the coloration of a Vampire. His eyes were a hybridization of human-like and bear. Rex's neck showed the tell tale signs of recently being separated by the slightly faded coloration of a scar. His features showed his partially feral nature in the arch of his eye brow, cock of his smile and his overall body's stance.

"Well my Zoméa are you going to welcome me back home?" Rex said softly, his voice now with a raspy quality, the emotions of apprehension and hope filled the air.

At the same time the Conclave surveillance team `Bravo Foxtrot' had come across the house that the traitor Jeremiah had been staying in. The house was a lower middle class track house with white siding and tan window treatments. The yard was unfenced and moderately well taken care of.

The team leader, a muscled brown and grey male wolf named Shar'yan, was contacting their leaders for more information on what to do next. They were keeping watch using a trim but defined Symbiote host female named Bets. The remainder of the team was a brother and sister bear team who kept watch for other people with drawn ..9mm handguns. Each of the guns had special bullets designed to kill both Vampires and Regia'an alike.

Shar'yan cursed when he was told to hold his position and wait for authority from higher up. It was not that he had any problem waiting, but he wanted to kill the traitor himself. Shar'yan accepted the order and disconnected from his superiors.

At the same time at Rosann's house, Moe was sitting in his recliner with the recently fired .387 magnum pistol in his lap. His breathing had just now returned to normal and he was ready for the next portion of what he had to do. Moe glanced momentarily at the hallway.

Rosann's body was lying prone in the center of the hall. Each wall was splattered with blood and brain matter. Her face and head did not even resemble her. A bullet had entered her face just level with upper jaw and nose and exited out the left side of her head. A shocked Moe heard her moan apparently still alive. Rosann then began to gurgle as the blood began to pool in her throat. The skin had already begun to pucker and boil where the bullet had entered.

Moe stood up and without emotions walked over to Rosann's body and fired a second shot into the right side of her head, which exited the left side and lodged into the wall of the hall. He was relieved that her noise had been silenced, even though his ears rang with the echo of the fired bullets. Moe then walked over to the sofa and picked up the cordless phone. He dialed number quickly and said "Marcus, It is done, those bullets did exactly like you said they would."

Moe sat down and listened. He knew that he now had to turn himself into the authorities. Moe had been promised by Marcus that by doing this job and taking the rap it would save his son Tommy's life and he would not become a meal for the Vampire. What Moe did not know was that Tommy had been killed and cut into Regia'an `Chummy bites' a Regia'an delicacy some were between beef jerky and pork stakes in consistency and taste.

Moe hung up the phone believing he had saved his son. He then called 911 and said softly. "I need the police I just killed someone."

Back at the mansion, Toban was in shock but quickly adjusted and rushed up and hugged his Beta Zomé. The difference in Rex's manner was immediately noticed but over looked by Toban as he gently kissed Rex, first of the cheek, then on the mouth and finally tentatively pushing his tongue inside his mouth

Upon seeing this Kar also rushed up to Rex and began hugging and loving on him. The three way crush of bodies began to grown with animalistic heat, from each of them equally. Kar was the first to stop and he whispered, "I am so sorry my love."

Toban did not say anything about his sorrow but he projected his feelings deep into Rex without a care or concern. He felt love and forgiveness returning to him, but he also felt an animalistic quality to them as well. Toban was now a bit worried and pull himself away from Rex so he could look him in the eyes.

George beat Toban to the question forming in his mind, "What happened to you?"

[We can answer that,] came the distinctive thoughts of Antino. He steeped out of the balcony shadows and smiled. Antino was followed by Charlett and then finally by Elzabeth as they entered the room.

[First you need to tell him the truth,] Antino continued. [He is still confused on how this could happen.]

Rex looked expectantly at George, but remained holding both Kar and Toban.

"I need to explain some things to you Rex," George said with a sad look on his face.

"I am actually much older than I look—I am 250 years old," George revealed. "Antino's blood keeps me from aging that much." He then paused. "I am nearly immortal." The words came out as a long memorized speech.

"Rex, you don't know it but you were my youngest son," George continued to explain. "Roza who you called father is one of my oldest living children and we hid it from you, he and his wife Tohar raised you for me."


The look on Rex's face told George that he better explain more and in depth. "I could not raise you as a warrior and assassin of the Conclave; it was not safe for you."


"Your biological mother was a true born vampire, who agreed to be the mother of you for me, she died in childbirth," George continued to explain. "We were not even together, it was done artificially."


A question formed in Rex's mind but before he could ask it George answered, "You were and probably still are part vampire. It did not really show itself, except giving you more strength, speed and stamina."


Rex nodded and then said softly, "That explains how I was brought back to life at least."


"He had lost everything, every memory and shred of personality and was nothing more than a feral animal when he came back," Charlett explained.


"It wasn't until three weeks ago that he began to return to us," Elzabeth said in proper modern English.


"The first words out his mouth were Zoméa and Zomé," Antino finished with a smile.


Just as Antino started to say something else, his cell phone and Toban's cell phone both began ringing at almost the same time. Both he and Toban answered their separate call at the same time. Both of their faces fell as they listened to the news that each was given. Antino was being informed the fact that Jeremiah's hiding placed had been located and they wanted to know what to do next. Toban on the other hand was being informed about his mother.


Both Antino and Toban grew more and more angry, it began clear to Toban even through his anger felt Antino's matching fury. Even with conferring with each other, both the Ancient and his Heir apparent told their callers that they would call them back in a few minutes. They then closed their cell phones and stared at each other.


Antino explained his phone call quickly and then looked at Toban with general idea of what his bad news was involving. The moment Toban revealed about his phone call, everyone including Elzabeth and Charlett were outraged and began to express ideas how to deal with both situations the quickest. Finally frustrated Toban said, "NO!"


Toban then expressed his feelings about the situations. He felt that there was little that could be done to help his mother, but he wanted to kill Jeremiah before he was aware of them knowing his location.  When his intentions were expressed everyone changed directions and began to plan on attacking Jeremiah's hiding location. Antino quickly called his contact back informing them that they would be on sight with fifteen minutes.


Toban also called his contact and asked, "Where are my brother and sister?"


Toban grimaced but was relieved to hear that Ernest his step-father, the biological father of Valen and Toby had them for the weekend and they were safe. While he did not like his step father, he knew that Ernest had their well being in mind and would not be too bad to them. He did not like the idea that his access to brother and sister would be severely limited from now on, but accepted the fact. Toban knew that they were more human than he had ever been and did not deserve to not only loose their mother, but also to have the life as they knew it destroyed.




Fifteen minutes later Antino, Toban, George, Kar, Rex, Charlett and Elzabeth arrived at the site where Jeremiah had been located. They joined the Conclave surveillance team `Bravo Foxtrot' and received an update from the team leader Shar'yan.


"They are still in the house" Shar'yan said pointing at the house across the street from where they were crouched. "No one has come or gone since with have been here."


Immediately Toban and Kar began their shadow transformations. Toban and Kar's rage was evident in their transformation. Toban's transformation was a combination of his animal nature, his vampiric nature and his shadow energy blended together. Kar's transformation was a more feral version of the form he had at the school. George also changed to his animal form and they all noticed that Rex's transformation was a nearly perfectly blend, a cross between Vampire and WereBear. Charlett faded into the shadows and took up point with the `Bravo Foxtrot' team.


Antino took up a protective stance beside Toban while Elzabeth took up the same position with Kar. Antino was surprised when Toban blended both of them into partial shadow returning the protective stance for him. Elzabeth extended her psychic power so that she now held a psychic dagger, ready to attack anyone at a moment's notice.


Charlett and the `Bravo Foxtrot' team took up position at the back door of the house. Each of them took either an offensive or defensive position depending on their talents. The brother and sister bear team took up a defensive position protecting Bets, the female Symbiote host who acted as communication relay for the team. Charlett and Shar'yan took the offensive positions, Charlett would use her shadow ability to sneak into the house and attack in that manner, while Shar'yan would use brute strength to bust in the back door.


At the same time that the backdoor was being destroyed, Toban and Kar would be sneaking in through the front and George, Rex, Charlett and Antino would destroy the front door. Everyone knew that Jeremiah was to be left for Toban to kill unless something went badly wrong and then George and Antino would back him up.


The entry plan went off without a hitch. A moment after the back door blew off its hinges, the front door exploded in as well. Five of the twelve Regia'an's in the house were quickly killed by the Shar'yan and Charlett in the back of the house, a sixth Regia'an male ran toward the front of the house trying to warn Jeremiah when he was clothes lined by Rex.


Rex was growling as he clothes lined the running Regia'an male. With the swift action of his movement, Rex crushed the Regia'an's windpipe and broke his neck without additional moves. The Regia'an immediately began to heave up large amounts of reddish green blood as he fought to breathe. Rex looked at the slowly dying Regia'an and then with feral glee ripped his head off of his neck.


Jeremiah hearing the death noises of the Regia'an guard attempted to run and in his rush ran straight into the Ancient himself. Jeremiah squeaked in terror as he came face to face with Antino, believing that the Ancient was going to be one deal with death blow. It was not until he saw Toban step from the shadows that he knew where his death was going to come from.


"I give you one chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of the Conclave!" Antino said with cold fury. "Tell us who else is a traitor to our kind!"


Jeremiah dropped to the floor in a movement of submission and fear, "Lord Marcus, James and Jean of the Lady Mar'uul's family, the uncle and aunt of Lord Prince Toban, the Arena Master Tally and the symbiote healer Alexander Dal`gen'gel."


Antino was not sure that Jeremiah spoke the truth about the Arena Master or the Healer, knew that he had to check it out to be sure. Without even a second look Antino let Toban know that he was releasing him to do as he wished. Toban did not even pause to think as he attacked Jeremiah.


The attack was brutal as Toban launched himself at Jeremiah's neck. With a quick slashing bite Toban opened Jeremiah's throat. The full vampiric blood warmed Toban's body as he drank deeply. Jeremiah thought that he was only being punished as Vampires could not die of blood loss, until he felt Toban remove his fangs from his neck and tear into his right ear, ripping it off his head, chewing and swallowing it. It was then that Jeremiah realized that Toban planned to eat him alive, piece by torturous piece.


Antino left the feeding Toban to his grizzly meal just after Toban ripped out a chunk of Jeremiah's right arm muscle. The silent screams of Jeremiah actually filled the Zoméa with pride and happiness as they continued to kill the remaining six Regia'an. Kar was momentarily bothered about what Toban was doing until he felt the emotional release and growth in strength coming from his loves mind.


Antino walked into the living room as the final Regia'an, a female, was being readied to be slaughtered by Charlett and Shar'yan. Upon seeing the Ancient, both of them bowed their heads allowing Antino the final kill. Antino did not like the taste of Regia'an blood as it had too much copper in it for his taste, so with out thinking he reached out and snapped the Regia'an female's neck with a resounding crack.


The group waited in reverence for the next hour as Toban consumed the remains of Jeremiah. He left the heart and brain for last. By the act of eating Jeremiah, Toban drew his power and strength into his own body. It was not until Toban ripped out Jeremiah's heart that the traitorous Vampire died. Upon dieing and having his brain wrenched out Jeremiah crumbled into a pile of dust.


The bloodied form of Toban stood up after Jeremiah became dust and said, "Now it is time for Moe to die." His voice was cold and emotionless, though his heart and mind were any but emotionless. The thought of sneaking into the jail and slaughtering Moe was heavy on his mind.


"Toban that is not the way to handle this man at this time," Antino began.


"It would damage our relationship with the police if one of us kills their prisoner in their jail," he continued to explain.


The look on Toban blood soaked face made Antino pause and consider other possibilities. He then spoke to curb the fury that was obviously being redirected his way. "A shadow attack during the trial would work as it cannot be proven," Antino began to explain. "Plus we have assassins that can deal with him after he sent to prison."


An evil smile filled Toban's face as he began considering the words of the Ancient. He knew that Antino spoke with wisdom and he momentarily accepted the Ancients words. Though Toban did not want to follow his idea, he knew that it was best to not stir up anything that did not have Antino's approval. He took that time to revert to his human appearance.


During their talk George had returned to the car and took out a new set of clothing and garbage bag for Toban. All of them were slightly bloody but Toban was covered in blood and would be too messy to be allowed in the car. Without a second thought Antino, George and Rex dumped their shirts in the garbage bag.


Toban allowed his mind to focus on two shirtless Zomea until Kar also stripped out of his shirt. Now he was moving between the three of his Zomea and did not notice that Antino had taken the clean clothing and was undressing him. It was not until Toban felt Antino's hand caress his muscled pecks that he returned from his sexual daydream and the ideas refocused for the first time.


Toban's mind had not yet begun to accept the touch of the Ancient having any significance other than that of caring friend. The extra long touch did not go unnoticed by the rest of the Zomea, and it was not received by any of them with jealousy. The touching stopped when Antino noticed the others were watching him and smiling.


By that time Rex had moved beside George and was hugging on him. The affection was returned without a thought. George had missed his son/ brother more than he revealed to anyone else. Neither man thought a moment about the affection being shared at that moment.


Finally Toban decided it was time to deal with the aspects of Rosann's murder that he could deal with, Toby, Valen and their father Ernest. He and everyone else went back to the mansion. As Toban showered Antino rewarded the members of `Bravo Foxtrot' for finding Jeremiah and helping in his destruction. Each member received the fee for destroying a blood enemy the Regia'an and the fees for their help in finding and killing the Jeremiah.


Twenty minutes after arriving back at the mansion Toban was ready to go and see his step-father. In the fifteen minute drive over to Ernest and his new wife Mary's house, Toban decided to release the college accounts to the care of Ernest with the understand that he would also pay a stipend for their daily care. Toban did not trust his step father enough to just give him money so he would make his human based management company responsible for keeping an eye on the spending and access to the money.




Once Toban, Kar and Rex arrived at Ernest's house, they all three hugged and cried with Valen and Toby; they attempted to comfort the young children. Ernest had warned the generally annoying Mary to leave them alone. Ernest realized that Toban hated his wife's nasal twang, equating it to a wine. Ernest was not comfortable with idea of showing emotions and he waited a short distance from his children, their brother and his strange family.


Finally the three Zoméa calmed down Valen and Toby enough so that Toban could talk to Ernest without being overheard or interrupted.


"I take it that you plan on keeping me away from them as much as you can," stated Toban with an edge in his voice. Both Ernest and Toban realized that it was not a true question but an almost silent demand.


"I don't want them in danger of that war your people are in with the other group," Ernest said with determination.


"I do not want them to be taken totally out of my life," Toban responded.


"I want to be able to visit them at least once a month," he continued. "Toward that end I have an offer for you."

Ernest looked at his step son silently.


"I will release the college funds I have set up for them," Toban began. "Plus give you a monthly stipend of $1,200 each to take care of them. With the understanding that I get to visit once a month or the next month's money is cut off."


The greed in Ernest's eye was very obvious to Toban's trained eye. "Also the money will be handled by my management company" Toban said as he was finishing up. "If they are hurt or they are abused of the money I will have my people take them from you."


"There would be nothing that you could do if that happens," Toban finished. The unspoken promise of death was obvious to Ernest.


"Ok I agree," Ernest said curtly. He knew that he was protected by a promise that Iris made that none of the family would hurt him as long as he did not harm any of her children and Grandchildren, but he did not know what exactly harm was considered and knew not to push Ray as he was no longer really bond by the promise.


Toban stayed another hour visiting with his brother and sister. He made sure that both of them knew how to get in touch with him if there was a need. It was agreed that they would get an extra visit with Toban the following month as it was the month of his birthday.




Three days after his visit was the day that Rosann's funeral was held. It was a candle light service to allow for her vampire friends to attend. Toban sat with his brother and sister. To Ernest's frustration George, Rex and Kar were invited to sit in the family section by Toby. He knew that he could not refuse to allow it as everyone there knew he was not technically family anymore as well.


The graveside service was quick and only those that knew Rosann spoke. Toban bowed out of speaking because he felt honor bound to help comfort his brother and sister. The fact that the service was closed casket weighed heavy on Toban, Toby and Valen. Only Toban realized that his mother was in such bad shape that it would be worse to see her like that.




The next month came and so did Toban's birthday. This year Toban turned 17 and his day was filled with three separate parties with four different groups. The first party was hosted by the new "Friends of the Bridge" all of whom knew who Toban really was. Their presents for Toban were DVD's and a large number of books to add to his growing collections.


The boy Ghoul named Sam attempted to retain Toban's attention all through the party, His subconscious efforts where due to Hero worship. Even during this party Toban was given both visible and unnoticed security. George and Steve also known as Chaos sat on the left side of Toban with Sam. Kar, Rex, Tammy the Talmar'marn shape shifter and Chris the Human High school senior quarterback sat on Toban right. Outside the building were an attack team of Bear, Wolf and Ghoul assassins.


The second party was that evening and was a combined party, held by the Conclave Counsel and the Conclave. The Conclave Counsel gave Toban three presents; the first gift was a new Throne. The second present was a Throne position of great honor and the last gift was a proclamation. Each present was given to Toban by a smiling member of the Conclave counsel.


The throne was a platinum and gold chair with a large black plush seat cushion. The position was beside Antino's chair on the opposite side than Elzabeth's chair. The proclamation was giving Toban executive discretion over the Conclave. The proclamation basically made him the president of the Conclave, with Antino retaining the position of Ancient which is equal to King. This proclamation was not only for the counsel way of honoring Toban, but freeing up a way to free Antino to travel as the new Grand Ancient


Each member race of the Conclave gave an honorific in the form of money or property to Toban with the exception of the Bears. Master Thomas, Regent of the Bears stood up and smiled broadly. His very demeanor showed that he was about to surprise not only Toban but the whole conclave.


"I send the love of the bears to Lord Prince heir apparent Toban." Thomas' smile increased.


"This day is a great day for not only you but also for the Conclave and the ursine Clan." Thomas fidgeted with glee.


"As of this morning my fourth daughter went into labor." Thomas beamed with pride.


"And as of afternoon my second daughter also went into labor." Thomas was bursting with pride.


"My second daughter gave birth quickly and gave the Lord Prince heir apparent Toban the first of his children, a son" He then paused. "My youngest daughter still fights the battle of birthing. Her Child must be destined to be a great warrior."


Toban was surprised to hear of his children births arriving on his birthday, making him the new regent of the Bears and making two of the three women Millular (royal mother). "Send my pleasure and happiness to the Alpha Millular," Toban smiled as the idea of being a father settled in his mind. "Also send my well wishes to the beta Millular."


"May I ask when I might see my son?" Toban asked softly.


"Whenever you choose to visit, Lord Toban," Thomas responded with a continual smile. He also transmitted the location of the Bear birthing caves to Toban. Even transmitting the proper protocol required to gain access to the caves.




Later that night as the Zoméa relaxed for the evening and after Davey and Shanny were told of the births, Toban was cuddling between Kar and Rex on the sectional sofa in the den. When George came into the room he notice there was no space beside Kar but there was beside Rex. He took the opportunity to show his son/brother the affection he richly deserved. George sat beside Rex and put his arm around him.


Without thinking Rex nuzzled up to George and kissed his father/brother gently but passionately on the lips. George was shocked and surprised that Rex kissed him like that but he did not resist or even attempt to pull away. When the kiss was over both Rex and George looked over to Toban slightly afraid of him reaction.


What they noticed was that both Toban and Kar were smiling. Kar even giggled a little bit and asked "Does this mean that you are adding him as son/ brother and lover?"


George and Rex blushed as Toban responded "Sure as fuck hope so, it would finally make us all true Zoméa.



That night proved to be an overly active night for the massively large King sized bed and fulfilling sexually for all of Zoméa as George plowed Rex, at the same time Rex plugged Toban and Toban filled Kar. After a brief rest where they held each other, the Zoméa moved around and George mounted Toban, Toban fucked Rex and Rex filled Kar. After another brief rest with immense amounts of cuddling, Rex, Toban and Kar started a sucking daisy chain as George alternated mounting Rex, then Toban and finishing with Kar.


The next afternoon Toban, Rex, Kar and George went to the Bear birthing caves to see the baby and the mothers. When they arrived the first that happened was that they were informed that the fourth daughter of Thomas had finally delivered and had a girl and his third daughter had started labor, just moments before. Once they had been informed of that, the Zomea were lead to Alpha Millular.


The Alpha Millular was laying beside her sister the Beta Millular, both women holding their children. Their beds were nothing but animal pelts on the floor. The Alpha handed her son to his father with a tired smile.


Toban looked at his son with love and regret. Love for the child and regret for the fact he had brought him into their war torn world. He smiled at the dark haired and eyed boy and then held him over his head and said. "I name you Adoôm Ezos'ya (Adam Eugene) Future king of the Ursine clans. Toban then kissed Adam's forehead and returned him to his mother.


Toban then took his daughter into arms and kissed her before say anything. He looked into her eyes and saw a storm of power in her dark eyes. Toban then handed the girl to George. The massive George looked so large compared to the tiny baby. George held the girl above his head and said "I name you Bhat'rah (Betty)." He then handed Betty to Rex without adding a second name.


Rex was shocked but very happy to be helping name his new daughter. He held her to his heart instead of above him and said "Bhat'rah Mar'uul (Betty Iris) Future warrior mother of the Ursine clans. Rex then kissed Betty and handed her to a surprised Kar. Kar kissed her and then returned her to Betty's mother.


For the next hour the Zoméa visited with the mothers and each one holding the babies. Toban told the mothers that he would make sure that each of them had a household of their own and offered to allow the mothers to see the babies as often as they wished.


Both mothers looked at Toban and then each other and the Alpha Millular spoke for both of them. "Lord Toban we do not seek to destroy or disrupt your family of the Zoméa, so we will not seek any connection with our children, except what was agreed upon by our father and you."


"The Zoméa family is all the children need," The Beta Millular finished.


"Well I guess that makes me a full time Father," Toban said with a resigned smile. He then cocked his smile in an ornery way and joked, "and that makes Kar a full time mommy."


Toban ducked a playful slap from Kar then laughed and then kissed Kar gently.

Just as the Zoméa began to prepare to leave, one of the midwives ran into the area with flushed but happy face. The woman almost squealed when she saw Toban. She then revealed that the third baby was a healthy boy weighing almost 11 pounds. Within a few minutes another midwife arrived with the baby followed by the mother, who was going to be placed beside her sister the Beta Millular.


Toban took his youngest son from the Midwife and smiled as he handed the baby to very shocked Kar. Kar kissed the baby's forehead and then held him tightly to his chest. "I name you Ķhri'zœ Tobãn (Christopher son of Toban)." At that moment Christopher stuck his left thumb in his mouth. "Heart of the Ursine clans," Kar finished with a smile.

The Zoméa returned to the Mansion just as the sun began to set. Toban sent George and Rex off to the store to stock up on supplies for the babies who would be coming home permanently in a week. Toban then sent Kar to the Park with a very excited Davey and Shanny. Toban had been needing questions answered by Antino and the longer he had to wait the more frustrated he became.

Antino arrived at the mansion soon after dark, not knowing the storm that had been brewing in Toban' mind and heart, but quickly found out. He was not at all prepared for the first thing that was said was Toban asking. "What is the real reasoning for making me a vampire?"

Antino was momentarily stunned by the question and asked Toban, "Why are you concerned about it after all this time?"

"I have to worry about Valen and Toby, Davey and Shanny as well as the new babies." Toban said with a bit of hurt in his voice. "I never asked to be vampire or be given all these responsibilities."

"I now know why you are worrying about this," Antino said with a sad smile, "the desire of family."

Antino walked up to Toban and hugged him to his chest. "The reasons I turned you vampire was purely selfish on my part." Antino whispered with real tears leaking from his eyes. "I didn't want to loose you, even though I can never have you as I want."

It stuck Toban that Antino loved him and was afraid to show it for some reason. "Why can't you? The others would happily share me with you."

Antino kissed Toban briefly on the lips. "It is not that; it has to do with the Prophecy in which you are involved." Antino sighed and repeated. "The Ancient shall bow to the love of the bridge and swear allegiance to his power." He then teared up again. "The prophecy included a chronologic progression of the Bridge for Us All."

"The Prophecy spoke of the five generations of the Bridge: 1st generation - Killer of Traditions; 2nd generation - The Two Killers of the Heart; 3rd generation – The Bridge un-built; 4th generation – The Bridge reborn; 5th generation – Birth of new traditions. The Ancient shall not live to see the 5th generation fully mature," Antino said with a sob.

A cold shiver ran down Toban's back as he realized that Antino was fated to die with in the next thirteen years. "Why not enjoy the time that is left?" Toban asked.

You were so upset over a love that you had for only 5 years and I cannot bear for you to have to deal with the pain of loosing me after just few more years."

"That should be my decision, Right?" Toban asked as he returned Antino's earlier kiss causing Antino to smile and relax some.

The next day Iris came to visit Toban with disturbing news. Iris revealed that in her most recent physical Valen was revealed to have been molested and raped. Toban immediately knew who had touched his sister and wanted him dead even more than before. Only his unspoken agreement with Antino kept him in check. If it had not been only a couple of days before sentencing, Toban could not have held back.

Toban already knew what he wanted to do about Moe and spoke to both George and Kar about getting help to complete what was needed before and after Moe was sentenced. After a short twenty minute confab all three of the Zoméa made quick phone calls and began to smile again.

The day of Moe's sentencing finally arrived and Toban with Kar went with Iris to the courthouse. As Moe was led into the courtroom Toban and Kar both sent out shadow tendrils to attack him, both of the Zoméa hit at least twice. The attack was hidden from Iris as she would not approve. Each tendril would take five years from him slowly over the next month. Toban already had set up for one of several assassins to also plan on killing him as well.

The judge was known to be hard nosed and enjoy handing down death penalty in his sentences. If not for Iris' unwitting help that would have been the Judge's sentence, Iris asked the judge to give him a life sentence as she wanted him to think about what he had done for the rest of his life.

Even though the judge would have preferred the death sentence, He agreed to give a life sentence instead. In this state life was actually calculated at 40 years, and in the judges mind it left a small chance that Moe could outlive the sentence. "Moe Edward Alison, I hereby sentence you to life with no chance for parole," the Judge said with contempt in his voice.

Everyone in the courtroom clapped for a few moments, until the judge did not want the celebration to get out of hand silenced the gallery with a single bang of his gavel. The crowd silenced quickly and returned to normal within a minute. Moe's already gaunt appearance took on an even more sickly appearance as he was taken out of the room and realized that his life was over for all intents and purposes

Those that knew the Zoméa and their family were happy to hear that within the month, Moe stabbed to death. What no one knew was that Moe would not have lived but for one more day anyway. Nor did they know that earlier that same day Marcus called with the intent of torturing Moe and told him that his son was dead and cut up into beef chunks.

The prison assassin was transferred out of that prison with the warden's intent on him being placed in the ultra maximum security section of another prison. Instead the assassin's paperwork transferred him to a minimum security prison and within a week that man and his paperwork disappeared from prison all together. The assassin was well paid for his time and given a new life away from anyone that might have known him.

The day after Moe's sentencing was the day that Toban, Kar, George and Rex took the new babies home. The room next to the Zoméa's room had been redone into a nursery with three cribs in the room. The cribs were set against three of the four walls with each of the boys on opposite sides of the room and their sister between them.

A week after the children came home Toban called Antino and plainly said, "We need to talk."