The Breed

By Dream Janus


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Chapter 27 "The Bridge to Fury"

Toban sat down in the anteroom outside of Antino's office and was waiting on Antino to finish his weekly meeting with the Ghoul leader of the clean-up crews. The meeting was taking longer than expected. Toban figured that it was because of the continued fighting between the Breed and the Regia'an causing a record number of cleanups being preformed. Everyone knew any cleanups that were due to the Regia'an meant that the Conclave had to pay for it and Antino had to review each and every case.

Toban picked up the human newspaper dated that day and began reading it. When he reached the local section of the paper, Toban noticed that the headlines for that section read `Local reporter seeks interview with The Bridge of Us All'. Toban was concerned about the new and added publicity. He knew that if he gave an interview it would have to be agreed upon by the Council and Antino, if he did not grant the interview it could cause some problems between the Humans and the Breed.

Just then Antino's large oak doors opened and Harold Walert the Ghoul leader of the clean up crews walked out of Antino's office with a concerned look on his face. When Harold saw Toban he stopped, smiled and bowed to him. "Lord Highness."

Toban smiled back as Harold was one of his first friends and he still felt the friendship even though they had very little time to get to know one another. "Hello Harry. How have things been for you?"

The look of surprise passed over the ghoul's face and then his smile increased. He realized that even though Toban was now the second most powerful being in the Breed and probably in the world, he still recognized and liked him as a person. This was such an honor for the overworked leader of the clean up crews.

"Busy as ever, Toban." Harold tried the familiar tone but bowed respectfully any way to make sure no offense was taken.

Toban recognized the move and the attempt at the same time and he frowned slightly. "Harry, when we are not conducting business or in a formal setting, you do not have to treat me so formally."

Harold raised himself to a standing position and his smile grew wider. "I appreciate that Toban," he answered softly.

"Now, how have things been for you?" Toban repeated extending his hand in a traditionally human manner.

Harold shook Toban outstretched hand and responded by holding up a large stack of files. "Since the war started, it has been hell. We don't have enough clean up crews for everything that has gotten messy." He then sighed and looked down at the ground in frustration. "If things continue this way, there may be more leaks and possible exposure."

"That is not good," Toban answered with a bit of frustration himself. He then had a thought and stood upright and taller than usual.

In an a strong voice of authority Toban then said, "Lord Harold of the clean up crew, I Lord Prince Toban, President of the Conclave give you permission to gather clean up crews to assist in our needs, up to and including a total of ten crews." He then winked and finished, "Your written authorization will be delivered to you by the end of the night."

The relief on Harold's face was evident as it was something that he could not have brought up to the Ancient due to the protocol of the meeting he had just left. "I thank you with an accepting heart," he said in the proper response protocol demanded for the situation.

"I will make sure it is counter signed by me," Antino said with a smile as he stepped out of his office looking for Toban.

"Thank you Ancient. Thank you High Prince President," Harold said trying to cover his surprise of being overheard by the Ancient.

"No problem, Harry," Toban said returning to his normal voice.

A couple of moments later Toban and Antino entered the huge office and sat down on the large leather sofa instead around the immense black oak desk on the other side of the room. Antino looked at Toban in expectation and a bit of nervousness.

"I have looked at the situation from as many angles and ways as I can think of," Toban began with his eyes lowered not out of respect but out of embarrassment. "Everyone already knows that I have spoken to you in the heat of the moment and was not punished, even though it is your right," he continued.

"Everyone also knows that I am special to you," Toban said glancing up at Antino for a brief moment.

"I love you Antino," Toban said softly, "I have for a while." He then sighed, "What can we do about it?"

Antino's eyes misted over as he looked at Toban's youthful face in both sadness and utter happiness. He then held out his hand and drew Toban to himself. Antino then kissed Toban's lips with butterfly softness. The attraction he held for the teen was undenighable and forever increasing as he held Toban.

"I cannot allow this to break your Zoméa and I cannot allow our love to cloud issues in the Conclave," Antino said with sadness. "I need to be away much more than I used to be and the Conclave needs a leader that does not seem to be my puppet."

Toban nodded sadly and kissed Antino passionately on the lips, then the cheek, and finally on the neck near the jugular. His mind was beginning to haze over with lust, hunger, fear, and growing sadness. Toban knew that what Antino said was wise and very true but it hurt to hear it.

Antino felt Toban's attraction to his blood and smiled softly. "Feed from me my child, my love and know you are loved."

Toban heard Antino's words and continued to kiss his neck. Finally the draw was too strong; Toban pulled back and extended his fangs. The fangs sank into the eternally soft flesh of Antino's neck. Toban's red gleaming eyes were matched by Antino's black eyes as he fed. The fiery power of the Ancient's blood filled Toban's mouth, mind and body as he continued to feed.

Both of the men enjoyed the passion produced by the feeding, but they both knew the time would be too brief. Without direction, demand, or command Toban released his hold on his Ancient's neck and wiped his blood coated mouth. The power of the Ancient's blood was so great that while Antino allowed his wound to heal, Toban was in the throws of digesting his meal.

Thirty minutes later Toban left Antino's office feeling both sad and elated at the same time. His emotions soon cooled with understanding and the knowledge of their shared love; but also understanding that they each had very important tasks to fulfill. Toban subconsciously headed for his office to complete some projects and prepare a letter for that reporter.

When Toban reached his office he quickly typed up a letter and then called the paper for the address of the reporter requesting the interview. He then reread the letter:

I am happy to give you an interview but there are some stipulations.


1st do not ask my real name as I will not give it.

2nd do not ask real names of anyone that I am associated with.

3rd do not attempt to follow me when I leave.


The last part of the letter gave the reporter a phone number using one of the throw away phones that the Conclave had for different reasons. Toban then added that she contact him during the evenings and to make it within the week.

It was 2 am when Toban finally left the Conclave complex. He had to be up and ready for school in just over 4 hours. Toban was not worried as his body was still energized with the Ancient's blood. He rolled down his car windows and enjoyed the night air. The trip to the mansion was less than fifteen minutes. He activated the automatic gate opener and drove onto the grounds of the mansion, parking his car in a spot in one of the four carports.

Toban found that he was the third of the Zoméa to return that night. Rex and Kar were both waiting in the den for George and Toban to return. Rex could not wait any longer and handed a copy of the Human newspaper to Toban. "What are we going to do about this?" his damaged voice growled softly.

Toban handed him the letter he had typed. He then began to explain as Rex read the letter. "Being that Protocol three exposed us; I feel it is best to be honest and the least mysterious as possible."

Rex looked at the letter and frowned. "I don't like this at all," his voice cracked.

"Well the Ancient and the council both agreed that it would be a good idea," George said as he entered the den from the basement door. "They had a quick phone meeting just a few minutes ago." He then smiled at Toban. "It seems great minds think alike." George then swatted his alpha Zomé lightly on the ass.

George then took the letter from Rex and said, "I will be happy to mail this for you, Zomé".

Rex stuck his tongue out in a playful manner at George. He then leaned over and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Everyone then decided that it was time. The four Zoméa walked upstairs each showing the others the love they deserved as they entered their bedroom. A flurry of clothing soon found its way to the floor around the massive bed.

Three hours later everyone was moving around to start the sunlit part of their day. None of them had any sleep but they all were satisfied and relaxed. Toban and Kar decided that Kar would drive them to school. George and Rex had decided to spend the day together preparing for the next monthly meeting of the Conclave, which was Thursday of the next week.

That day at school both Toban and Kar were shown several times the news article from the day before, both by students and a few teachers. What surprised both of them was that several of the students and all of the teachers that showed them were not really supposed to know the secret. The thing that they were thankful for was that the students all acted as if it was a secret and only showed them in secret.

Mr. Salvar pulled both of them separately into his class and revealed, "The students are all talking about if the Bridge should give the interview or not. Most of them are saying it is none of their business, but of course they would love to read about it."

By lunch both boys were nervous about another potential attack at school again. They were talking telepathically about the situation from their different classrooms when the throw away phone rang in Toban's shirt pocket. When the phone rang every eye in the room was on him, the teacher who was one that apparently knew the secret pointed at the door silently.

Toban's class was in a temporary classroom next to the back student parking lot. Toban rushed from the room with a nod to the teacher, who blushed slightly. When he was outside of the temporary classroom he answered the phone, "Yes"

A high pitched nasal voice then said, "Is this the bridge speaking?"

"Yes," was Toban's only response.

"Hello, sir, I am Jennifer Kates for the Tulsa World and Tribune," she then responded. "When can we set up to interview you?"

Toban thought for a moment and then said, "Would tomorrow be soon enough?"

"OH. YES, SIR!" The reporter answered. "But the only opening I have is between
2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. would that be ok?"

With a moments thought to add tension, Toban answered, "That will be fine." He then hung up the phone.

When Toban turned around, every student in his class as well as the teacher were peering out of the windows and the window in the door trying to listen to the conversation. Toban smiled and decided to answer a few of their questions as well. He entered the room and said softly, "I am doing the interview tomorrow, and will answer any questions you have, if Mrs. Murphy allows."

The teacher nodded her head silently then she moved away from her desk and took an empty desk so she could also listen and ask questions. Each student was surprised by the teacher's actions but was more shocked by Toban's revelation.

"Anything that is revealed here is secret," Toban announced. "I may choose not to answer some questions."

Several hands went up immediately including Mrs. Kaplan's. Toban could feel the combination of curiosity and fear from the class. Toban gave respect to his teacher and pointed to her first.

"What are you?" Mrs. Kaplan asked a bit scared.

"Well, first and foremost, I am a teenager just like everyone else," Toban began, hoping that it would relax them some. "I am gay and Mike is one of three mates." He then sighed. "My heritage is what you would call Werewolf, Werebear, human and ghoul. I was almost ½ human."

Toban then pointed at the desk silently asking his teacher if he could get comfortable. She nodded so Toban rolled her chair in front of her desk. "There is a lot of Hollywood and legends about all of us, most of them are WRONG! The moon does not control our changes, we do. Neither Werewolves nor Werebears attack people unless attacked first. Ghouls do not eat people, they can only eat already dead flesh and it has to be on the rotten side."

The room echoed with, "Gross, Ugh and oh that is sick as well as other assorted sounds."

"Being that I am more everything else, I have never eaten like that," Toban explained.

The room again was filled assorted noises that showed the other students were happy to hear that. They then waited a moment to hear if Toban had something else to add. When he remained silent Teri Keller asked, "What about your skin and that black stuff?

"That black stuff is shadow energy," he explained as he brought a shadow ball into existence. "This is a shadow ball." He then blinked into the shadow realm, depositing the shadow ball on the ground as he moved to the back of the room and reappeared. "I can move in the shadows as well as use it as weapons and protection," Toban finished startling the class. "The shadow energy eats just like you do."

"This next part might scare you, but remember most of what you heard in legends and in Hollywood is not right," Toban began explaining again. "The reason my skin has become pale now is that I was murdered by a traitor to my people. Our leader brought me back, replacing the human part of me with vampirism." He then sighed. "I am part vampire."

"Have you ever ate anyone?" a Goth name Mark Williams asked.

Toban laughed and said, "NO, I have only fed three times and had saved blood a few times as well; all of it from volunteers."

"Why would people actually allow themselves to be drained?" Mrs. Kaplan asked.

"Well they are rarely drained all the way; it is usually for a pint or two. They do it for several reasons, protection, money, and some for love." Toban then paused. "The only time a person is totally drained is when they ask to die or as a gift and then they are turned to a vampire."

They spent the rest of the class asking and answering questions. Just before the end of the class. Terry Chambers asked if Toban would change into the `bridge' for them. Toban popped his neck and then began the change. When it was completed the classroom burst into cheers and catcalls as the students began to accept him again.

The next day at school went by quietly as the story about what Toban had done in his History class got around the students and teachers both. When it was time for him to go to his interview, Toban was surprised when he was stopped in the halls by Principal Billings.

"I just wanted to tell you to have a good interview," the principal said in a soft reverent voice. After Toban walked toward the parking lot principle Billings thought and then reacted as true principal, "You will have to make up the class you are missing."

Toban smiled and nodded, "Of course sir." His voice was respectful.

The interview with the reporter Jennifer Kates was held in a conference room at the paper's offices. She was obviously as nervous as Toban but had trouble controlling it. When she began she asked most of the same questions as the students the day before but also tried to get more information about the others that had been there fighting. Toban just said that is was an equal mix of Human and Breed teens fighting a common enemy.

The reporter attempted to turn the story as if the attack was an internal attack and that they really did not care about the humans. Toban was now getting mad but kept it to himself. He quickly explained that if that was true then they would not have interfered and let them all die. "But that is not true. We care for human lives and as a whole have not taken a human life for several hundred years."

"Have you ever killed someone?" Jennifer asked.

Toban quickly formed an answer that would not rise too much of an alarm and be mostly the truth. "Yes, but it was the Breed traitor who caused me to become part vampire. He was a rouge vampire, deadly to us all."

The next day was Friday and in the morning Toban read the article. For the most part it was a good article, but anyone could see that the reporter was trying to make everything look as if he was a bad guy and she failed. She even interviewed or attempted to interview several students at the school. Each and every student denied knowing anything other than they and the school were saved by the `Bridge'; some of the students had been in the history class. Toban received a standing ovation as he entered the school after band practice.

That evening the Zoméa prepared for the Conclave meeting. Toban began to dress in his formal clothing as was expected when George stopped him and had him change into less formal clothing instead. This surprised Toban but he realized that George knew more about what Antino had planned for him and silently went along with George's requests.

"Black shorts underneath, black slacks and either the white or blue button up shirt." George directed. He watched with anticipation as Toban dressed. George and Antino knew that Toban would require as much flexibility as possible.

An hour later the Zoméa walked into the Conclave Chamber. Toban sat down on his throne beside Antino's throne. George and Kar stood behind and between Toban and Antino's thrones. Rex, who had not yet returned to the awareness of the Conclave hid in the shadows behind them.

Being this was a regular monthly meeting, there was no formal processional at any level. The meeting was scheduled to start at 9:30 pm and would do so regardless if everyone was seated or not. At the proper time Antino stood up and waved the Cavern silent. ["This meeting will suspend old business for the time being as we have three very important issues that must be taken care of and cannot wait,"] he announced.

George unexpectedly walked forward and loudly stated, ["I bring forth charges against the safety and security of the Conclave."]

["Whom do you bring these charges against Gew'org?"] Antino responded. The response was clearly staged.

["The Eastern wolf pack of Tulsa,"] George coldly said as he stared at the spoken of wolves.

Marjoram the head of the Eastern wolf pack jumped to her feet and glared at George. ["The charges are unfounded and ridiculous!"] she screamed.

[The exact charges are that two members of your pack have committed treason against the pack and against the Conclave as a whole,] George responded.

["Who would dare?'] Marjoram questioned.

["James and his wife Jean,"] George said simply.

Jean jumped up then as the only one allowed to speak in the conclave. ["That is a bold face lie!"] she screamed. ["That little bastard is lying!"]

The room began to hum with the signs of shock that she was accused and her words directed at Toban, the Heir Apparent and Shadow Prince. The room quickly silenced as they waited to see what would go on next and who would respond to her words.

George glared at the now raving woman and said with a cold fury, [Prince Toban has laid no charges on you as of yet, but may in a moment. I and Kar are the ones bringing the charges against you."]

["You are both accused of Treason and being with and assisting a known traitor of the Conclave and the damned Regia'an,"] George said continuing to glare at the woman.

["That is a lie!"] James screamed as he jumped up. He now had added the charge of breaking protocol to the ever increasing charges against him.

[We have a witness,"] Antino said as he stood to his feet in fury.

Kar stepped forward to reveal himself as the witness. "I am ready to reveal the truth for all to see."

Charlett and Elzabeth both stepped forward as well. ["We shall sift the evidence from his mind and reveal for all to see."]

Charlett then motioned to a male Shadow Lord named Tearle to steep forward. Tearle was wearing a device that led away from him and had been hooked to another machine which was in turn hooked up to a Television.

Charlett, Elzabeth, and Tearle surrounded Kar. Each one placed a hand on Kar's shoulders. After a moment each of their eyes changed. Elzabeth and Tearle's eyes shined with white energy as Charlett's glowed with the darkness of shadow. Kar closed his eyes as the trio found the proper memory.

A large screen lowered from the ceiling and covered most of the ruling dais. Every telepathic member of the Conclave began receiving the memory at the same time it was projected on the screen for the non-telepathic members. For an honest account the images showed Kar's entry into the facility and his actions. It also showed the horror inside the building and what the Regia'an were using the factory for. Lastly it showed James and Jean in the presence of Marcus and Regia'an. Each piece was damning to Toban's aunt and uncle.

Moments after the probe was completed a small chair was brought for Kar to recover in. Toban had seen enough and stood; his eyes dark black pools of hatred. ["Marjoram, the head of the Eastern wolf pack, I accuse you of allowing disrespect of a Conclave council member, allowing breach of protocol, aiding in treason by lack of pack control," he growled. "How do you plead?"]

Marjoram bowed her head and extended her arms in the Breed sign of submission. ["I plead ignorance and ask for the right to punish Ak'ral'ônarû (pack justice leading to death)."]

Toban thought for a moment and then raised his hand for silence. ["I agree that you were ignorant in general and of their actions, but I feel the punishment should be for them as well as the pack." He said with cold fury at the very pack that had brought him so much pain as a child. "A heavy fine for the pack shall be leveled by the Ancient. I accept Ak'ral'ônarû for the bitch (female dog) Jean, but I demand Hellock Naråêĥ (fight to the death) against James with no Mõąnar (dishonor/disband/banishment) allowed."]

The whole cavern gasped when they heard his demands.

Marjoram nodded her head in agreement even though she had no say in the punishment. ["Fine, but it must be without use of Shadow energy or any other special talents."]

Toban and Antino were both furious at her audacity to breach protocol herself. Antino had planned a number to fine them, but when she spoke out of turn the amount tripled. Toban now realized why George had made him change clothing. Within a moment he was stripped down to his black shorts.

["I do not owe this traitor that right nor am I bound to listen to your demand at this time,"] Toban roared. ["But to prove myself to the whole of the Conclave, I will do it as requested. I demand prδjelic (physical offering of apology, for example a body part).from you personally!"]

The cavern grew deathly quite. And then erupted in cheers and Marjoram agreed with a despondent nod of her head. The room quickly turned into a blood thirsty mob, preparing for a slaughter.

[Do not think of your uncle as an easy target. Unlike you he was born ½ Bear, ¼ wolf and only a ¼ human. He does not have the human heart like you did and do, plus he is more animal,] Rex projected.

[I plan on treating him worse than I did Jeremiah. We may share blood but he is a dangerous traitor and like any rabid dog needs to be put down,] Toban responded. He then jumped five feet off of the dais and landed 12 feet below in the arena.

Toban turned toward the wolves and glared at Marjoram. "Send the traitorous coward out here now and know that any interference will bring swift and deadly consequences."

Marjoram looked at the dais only to see George, Rex, Kar and the remainder of the Conclave council preparing to battle if need be. She then turned to her guards and nodded. Within a brief second James, Toban's traitorous uncle, was pushed forward.

"Enter this arena and do what you threatened to do to me when I was a child or I will hunt you down and tear out your heart as you have done to the family!" Toban goaded his uncle.

James turned to his wife and they both nodded almost unperceivable. He then jumped into the arena floor.

Toban roared as he began to change, allowing his animal nature to take over beginning to grow in size and rage. His blood felt like it was on fire. The world exploded with sounds, sights and smells. Toban's flesh began to boil and bones began to groan screaming in pain. His legs lengthened and his heel extended up his legs. A small blunt tail formed out of his ass.

Toban's spine became more pronounced curving while creating a ridge of nasty looking but protective boney plates. His forearms extended and the muscle mass multiplied, his shoulders and upper arms quadrupled in size, Toban's chest expanded to triple its size in muscle mass. Toban's face distorted and changed, his eyes changed to a fiery red without any white; his mouth nose, and chin formed into a short blunt muzzle with the nose looking like a cross between a bear's and a wolf's. His ears spiked and rose slightly on his head as the whole shape of his skull reshaped into a more rounded form.

Toban's whole body sprouted short course black and silver fur to go with the hair he already had on his body. His grossly exaggerated human looking feet grew longer; razor sharp toe nails that hardened extending until they touched the ground. Toban's equally exaggerated human looking hands grew longer finger nails that hardened into claws. His already present upper canine teeth extended further until he had vicious looking fangs, the lower canines pulled viscously to each side and to a dangerous angle. This form was the closest to his true form as Toban had left.

James was slower to change but equally enraged. He roared a response to Toban as he began his change. His legs lengthened and his heel moved up the legs as his bones popped and ground into each other. A rounded tail formed at the base of James' spine. His spine also curved and became more pronounced, but much softer than that of Toban.

James' forearms, shoulders and chest grew and expanded until it was many times larger than it had been. His face fused into a muzzle reminiscent of a wolf's but horribly mutated and drooling. James' brown eyes filled their socket with no white remaining. The silvery brown fur covered his body except for his now hind legs, portions of his muzzle and his hands. James' grossly human-like feet grew longer; razor sharp toe nails that hardened extending until they nearly touched the ground. His hands had morphed into bear-like paws with rough pads, a cruel looking set of wolf claws extended out of the paws.

Each transformation took only a moment to complete but each combatant felt the pull of their animal nature strongly now, each one fed into that nature differently but powerfully. Even the thought of using any of his telekinetic or telepathic abilities left Toban. James began the stalking of Toban just as both of their transformations completed and with out warning.

Toban quickly noticed the stalking behavior and also dropped to all fours and tensed up preparing to attack. He did not attempt to stalk his uncle but waited for his inevitable attack instead. When Toban noticed the tensing of his uncles muscled, he attacked.

The crash of the massive forms was heard through out the cavern as they both slammed into one another. Both James and Toban grappled and clawed, snarling at each other. Neither could seem to hold the upper hand for more than a few seconds but Toban drew first blood with a nasty tearing bite to James' face and muzzle.

The crowd cheering for Toban gaining first blood distracted both combatants and they released each other. With a momentary distraction James took the opportunity to slice at Toban's chest. Toban was able to dodge most of the blow, but he did have a wound on his massive chest, though in truth it was little more than a scratch.

James arrogantly turned to the audience since he struck Toban. The crowd booed him and Toban used that time to strike back. His claw-like nails found each side of James and sank deeply into the bone armored flesh of his abdomen. Toban began to pull backward to attack his fleshy neck when James pulled forward attempting to escape the eight fingers that had sliced into his flanks; the wound grew larger, longer and deeper. Toban's nails began to crack and splinter as they racked across James' ribs.

Toban grit his teeth as he attempted to hold on to James. He had given up on tearing his throat out, this time and went for doing damage. Toban pulled his nails down and toward himself. He reveled when James howled in pain due to these new tears. When his claws finally released James' side five of the nails had been torn out, three of which remained embedded in James' flesh. Both combatants screamed in pain when they released.

Toban's paranormal healing began to kick in almost immediately; his nails began to restore themselves. This time each restored nail had black shadow veins running through them, he had no control over it. The cut also fused itself shut and the skin around it became even denser than before.

James attacked Toban as his own wounds began to heal; his healing factor was slower than Toban's, as he was older and less powerful than Toban. James' attack was feral and enraged; he attacked with a combination of fangs and claws. That was a mistake, Toban had reacted in a very human way; he attacked with a left cross, punching James on the right side of his head. He then followed by three short but very powerful rabbit punches to James damaged ribs.

Jean screamed "FOUL" from the stands. She fought the urge to jump to her husband's defense. The wolves around her look at Jean as if she had lost her mind, there was no foul in a Hellock Naråêĥ. They then began self imposed shunning of her by turning away from her.

Down in the arena, Toban jumped directly up and flipped forward so that he was now behind his uncle. He then gave James several kidney shots at the increase speed allowed to him as a vampire and were-creature, to the human eye the punches were nothing but a blur. The audience was stunned to see human punches being used, but it excited them anyway.

Toban quickly changed his attack on his now weakened uncle and tore into his neck with his fangs. He struck true, his fangs slicing into James' neck muscles and hitting the jugular vain. Blood blew from James' neck coating Toban's face and hair. As James thrashed, Toban shook his head locking tighter on the neck.

Jean's eyes saw her mate fall to the ground of the arena. Before anyone could stop her, the now crazed woman jumped into the arena while changing herself. Her intention was to attack Toban as he fed with his back turned. A moment after she landed, the now changed black wolf growled. Her yellow eyes filled with fury.

The moment that Jean was noticed in the arena, several things happened. George and Rex also jumped into the arena changing as they went. Kar flew into air, his eyes gleaming with black energy. Three wolves from the Eastern wolf pack of Tulsa jumped down, and three other wolves from the other five packs also filled the arena.

Toban turned himself and his flailing uncle around to see what had happened. His eyes grew large as he saw the number of people in the arena now. His rage increased even further at the Hellock Naråêĥ being interfered with.

["I command everyone to remain stationary until..."] Kar's magnified voice began to say.

Jean had launched herself at Toban with a cold fury. In that second two of the three wolves from the Eastern wolf pack of Tulsa attacked her, knocking her to the ground several feet away from her nephew and husband. At the exact same moment, several of the other wolves also jumped but with the idea of stopping the Eastern wolf pack of Tulsa of assisting Jean. They each fell short when they noticed what the two wolves had really done.

One of the original wolves began to pull Jean to her feet, but the second wolf grasped her head violently and quickly snapped her neck, killing her with a growling howl. The other pack wolves then grasped the Eastern wolves and led them away.

Toban was now furious and tired of holding his unconscious uncle's body. He growled and then tossed the man's body into the air. Toban took careful aim with his left hand and punched when James body came down. His fist blasted through James' chest, blowing chunks of skin, bone, and flesh out the back. Toban then ripped his hand out of his uncle's chest, pulling his heart from his chest.

Toban's eyes were now so filled with fury that they were black and red. Without a second thought he gorged himself on the still beating heart. The blood lust took over and Toban dropped down on his knees, feeding on his uncle's thrashing corpse. The arena was filled with his growls and slurping as he ate.

After a few minutes Toban's mind returned to him. He stood up and looked at the half eaten body. Toban became disgusted and kicked the remains of the chest, sending the ribcage into the stands of vampires across the arena. "I am done," he whispered.

The vampire that caught the ribcage began to lick the bloody bones. Within a moment a fight erupted over the remains. It was quickly over when the voice of Antino echoed in the cavern.

Toban jumped back up on the dais and sat down in his throne silent. He was dealing with mixed emotions and refused to allow the others to feel it or become aware of it. He watched as Antino stood.

["It is over,"] Antino said loudly. "The Eastern wolf pack of Tulsa has amassed several sanctions this night."

Antino watched as George, Kar and Rex returned to their positions on the dais. He then spoke again, ["$20,000,000 for harboring traitors."]

Marjoram stood and called out, ["Appeal, that as unfair!"]

["Shall we make that another $10,000,000 for insubordination?"] Toban said with an evil smile.

Marjoram finally understood she was powerless and sat down after she heard her own people growling.

["$70,000,000 for each member that interfered in the Hellock Naråêĥ, a total of $280,000,000 for interference alone,"] Toban said with venom.

Antino looked at Toban for a brief moment and then nodded his approval. ["Another $50,000 each for the four breeches of protocol, total of $200,000,"] Antino continued.

["For the crimes of failing to control you people Marjory, you loose your place as leader and will be sealed in the hall of shame for three months,"] Antino announced to a shocked audience.

Marjory began to weep openly. The punishment would not kill her but without food she would wish she was dead. Her body would feed on itself until she was little more than a shell.

Antino waved his hand to silence the crowd. ["For the crime of failing to self regulate, the Eastern wolf pack of Tulsa shall be put under the direct control of the Western wolf pack of Tulsa for at least the term of 7 solar cycles (7 years). At that time a petition may be introduced to restore your place."]

["All fines and sanctions shall be delivered before the combination of packs is complete,"] Toban said with cold fury. That way the eastern pack could not put the sanctions onto the western pack.

["There is one more issue to bring before this Conclave,"] George then announced.

["Yes,"] Antino then said with a smile. ["Protocol three."]

Toban for a moment was shocked and afraid he had crossed a line of protocol he was unaware of. He then noticed that Antino and George were both smiling, he calmed down.

["Protocol three has been breached a total of three times since it was invoked by the Shadow Prince, my Heir apparent,"] Antino began to explain. ["With one minor exception, it has gone well."]

["The first reporter, the one who was at the school bombing has become a friend to the Breed,"] George announced. ["The high school in mass is now a friend, though through the name of "The Bridge,"] he continued bowing to Toban and winked.

["The problem lies in the second reporter,"] Antino explained. ["She is apparently a member of..."] he then paused trying to translate a word.

[Is it traditional, conservative or fanatical?] Toban offered.

For a brief moment, Antino glared at Toban and then smiled. [Thanks,] he then repeated ["She is apparently a member of an old, conservative, and some say fanatical religion. They think of all non-humans and those that believe differently from them as demon possessed or demons."]

Antino paced back and forth as he waited for the murmurs to quite down. When the din became silence, he spoke again. ["She is attempting to follow any of the known members of the group that helped with the bombing. She has followed host Steven HaljÜ, only to be found out. She has followed a Ghoul teen from the same school and attempted to follow a human that had Breed-like "qualities" and apparently Breed-like ability to detect a tail."

Antino smiled softly, "We are talking to the young one secretly and privately."

"Be aware of your movements and actions for the near future as you may be followed, watched, and possibly put on tape," George finished for Antino.

An hour after the weekly meeting was over and everyone milled around the buffet tables in the grand ballroom, Antino pulled a still bloody and now sticky Toban into an alcove. Antino licked his bloody face and then smiled, "Meet me in my office, day after tomorrow; you need to be fed again."