The Breed

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 29 "Oh God!"

The day that the attack on the Queen had been planned, Toban and Kar had a big day at school, which became bigger than they planned. It began as Kar pulled the Conclave's Bronco in to the parking lot set aside for band members. When they entered the parking lot, the first thing that Toban spotted was a handmade sign on a box stuck on a tomato stake stick in front of the parking place nearest to the Annex door.

"DOUBLE DAMN!" Toban exploded.

The sign read: "Reserved for THE BRIDGE"

Kar stopped the car without even parking and glared at the sign in disbelief. "What the fuck do we do now?"

If he parked in the spot, it would confirm who Toban was to the few students and teachers that did not already know who and what he was. If he didn't park there it could offend the person that created the sign to make sure the space remained open. Their quandary was ended by Mr. Borden walking up to the car with a large smile.

"They are waiting for you to park so they can come out and tell you what is going to happen today, before tonight..." Mr. Borden let his voice trail off as he realized he almost said too much.

Kar and Toban both sighed in stereo and then laughed at the reaction. Kar shook his head and then pulled into the space as was expected. When the engine was shut off the thunderous sound of applause echoed from the annex to the main building and back. Dozens if not hundreds of the students, teachers, and staff poured out of the main building, cafeteria doors, and the annex. They began to surround the Bronco making sure to leave room for Kar and Toban to exit the vehicle.

Steve and Mr. Salvar walked up to the car with stressed smiles. Steve opened Kar's door and Mr. Salvar opened Toban's door. [They somehow figured out that both of us were connected to you and they know about our plans for tonight.] Steve transmitted to both of them, his smile faltering.

["DOUBLE DAMN!"] Toban and Kar both transmitted and said at the same time. The force was enough that several of the surrounding members of the Breed and a few apparently psychically sensitive humans flinched in momentary pain. Both of the guys realized that it came off too powerful and immediately sent out comfort and apologies.

Just then Principal Billings walked up to the car smiling, but the smile was tinged with a bit of fear when it came to his eyes. "Good morning boys." he began the speech that everyone knew was coming.

"I know that who and what you are is supposed to be a secret and hopefully it is to the majority of the world." said Principal Billings. He then raised his voice so he could be heard even better. "And I am sure that there are other members of your `group' that also go to this school and wish to remain secret. As far as I am concerned that is their business and their secret should be left secret."

Principal Billings then dropped his voice back to his normal speech making volume. "We are here today to give you our love and pray that tonight you are able to end the war that caused yourself to be exposed and took so many from our midst."

By now both Kar and Toban were totally embarrassed by the attention and wanted nothing but to leave or at least get the day started, unfortunately for them that was not to be. Over the next two hours they shook hands with all of the staff and teachers, plus most of the teachers in the school, approximately 800 of the 976 students at the school. By the end both of them were ready to skip school.

Coach Carter walked up to the small group that had surrounded the guys and by giving them a harsh look forced the majority to leave the area. The only ones to remain were members of the Conclave or underage Breed, they were unaffected by the stare. When he glared a second time and no one else left the coach finally figured out that they were going nowhere so he spoke, "Now that I know what you all are I really wish I could have talked you into joining either football or at least wrestling." The coach then attempted to shake Toban's hand.

"Coach," Kar said softly while at the same time was having a silent conversation with Toban: "the reason he was never interested in joining your teams is simply that he is too strong to even compete."

As Kar was speaking Toban walked over to the largest and heaviest car in the parking lot and grasped the front bumper. When Kar finished speaking Toban lifted the frontend of a red 1980's Cadillac sedan and held over his head. It was apparent to everyone that the weight of the car was not stressing Toban at all.

Coach Carter stood stunned at the extreme feat of physical strength that Toban was showing. His mouth slowly fell open in shock. The coach stopped even moving as he watched Toban lower the car gently back onto the ground. The realization of exactly how strong Toban was finally registered and the coach realized that the boys were correct: Toban could never participate in any normal sports.

"Please at least tell me that he participates in some form of physical activity with a body like his?" Coach Carter asked Kar.

"Yeah, up till last year he was involved in Arena fighting, that was until he had to become the alpha father for two children and had three more on the way." Kar responded with a smile. "Our arena fighting is much more brutal than yours. Sometimes there are no rules."

"Damn," Coach Carter said in shock: "No wonder he can kick ass so good."

The coach came out of his bit of hero worship enough to realize that it was time for them to finally get to class. "Well, enough of this. Toban, I want you to visit my Gym as a guest tomorrow or the next day, after everything has been settled tonight." He then headed toward the gym.

With a start Toban sat up in bed in a cold sweat. He looked at the digital alarm clock noticing that it said 5:24 am, six minutes before the alarm was set to go off starting his day; the day set for the attack on the Queen. Rex and Kar both reached up to Toban and gently pulled him back onto the bed and into their embraces. George slapped the alarm clock turning it off and the reached across Rex to add his hand to the mix, with the understanding that they all were about to participate in an early morning session of stress relief.

Forty five minutes later the panting Zoméa were all lying in their bed. While not their longest session, it was one of their most acrobatic. Each one of them was temporarily satisfied. Toban and Kar were the first to leave the common bed: Toban to check on the baby triple threat of Adam, Betty, and Christopher; while Kar checked on Shanny and Davey.

The triple threat was sleeping contently in their individual cribs; Adam had rolled onto his left side, Betty was still on her back, and Chris had rolled onto his right side. Antino's dog Jethro was sleeping on a dog's bed under Adam's crib and Hera was in an identical bed under Betty's crib. Both dogs woke up and silently watched Toban enter the room.

Kar found that Shanny and Davey were both awake in their still shared room. Both of the older children were wet from a shower or bath that they apparently had shared. Shanny had just tossed Davey his tennis shoes. With agility that was beyond his age, Davey caught one shoe in each hand with a smile on his face.

Kar smiled at the two children and slowly shook his head. "Ok you two, breakfast will be in ten minutes." He then shut the door allowing them the privacy to finish dressing.

As promised, Kar had breakfast started in just under ten minutes for everyone in the house. He was warming baby bottles for the youngest; ham, eggs, and toast for everyone else. The older children drank milk and juice; the older family members could select between coffee, Milk, and juice. Toban selected a small glass of A+ blood to wash everything down.

Fifteen minutes later Kar and Toban were headed toward the high school for marching band, George headed toward the elementary school with Davey, and Rex toward the Breed school with Shanny. George and Rex alternated which of the youngsters they took on which day. It was always Kar's and Toban's job to bring them home.

Marching band practice was slightly strange for both boys as every time they rested someone around one or both of them wished them luck later on that night. After each one of them was stopped by five people they knew something was up with their human classmates. When Thomas Riley, the bands lead trumpet and general ass said it, the reason finally clicked.

It was then that Kar, Toban, Steve and the other became fully aware of exactly how much everyone knew about the planned attack coming that evening. Toban registered it and planned to call Antino to give him a heads up. That of course was derailed when he saw the approach of the School's `Christian organization'.

"I hope you get slaughtered tonight." Bill Thomas, the most recent leader of the group, said with venom in his voice. "You are an abomination and don't deserve to live on God's earth!"

Toban cocked his head in an obviously inhuman manner and began to laugh in a fake maniac manner. "My dear hypocrite, my people are in the bible even before Hebrews or the Gentiles." Toban then quoted "Book of Genesis 4:16 `And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.'"

"We have been here longer than you." Toban said in the same maniac-like voice. "In the Tome of Wisdom the 12th book, 10th chapter and 30th verse ̒̒The offspring of light are awake and we must make eternal peace with them. For the world cannot survive a war.'"

Toban then straightened up and looked into each of the small groups eyes. "I am not a believer in either your Bible or our Tome of Wisdom." he explained softly. "BUT, I am a believer in both the Breed races and the Human race." Toban then sighed:, "BUT...I have a problem with certain individuals though." He finished by glaring at each of the group.

Within moments all of the group except Bill Thomas and his girlfriend Tammy Barker began to disappear as quickly and as unobtrusively as possible. They attempted to not be noticed by Toban, Kar, or any of the others behind them—they failed miserably. Both Kar and Toban noticed each person and either already knew their names or would find out soon. It was better for them to be safe instead of sorry.

"I don't believe in any Tome of Wisdom, my bible says you are demons and will be destroyed." Tammy sassed.

"I know your bible and I won't argue with you." Toban said with a cold anger. "I can easily show you a demon though."

With a deep breath he drew up the shadow energy which covered his body in the dark growing tendrils. Momentarily, Toban had formed shadow horns on his forehead and a five foot tail protruding from his butt. The shadow tendrils tinted his skin with its darkness and flared out behind Toban's back in the shape of bat wings. Then he changed his eyes to their blood red shade with shadow flames. Finally, Toban made his fangs pop down exposing them violently.

Toban then looked at the girl and gave the most inhuman and unholy growl he could come up with. He actually had no intent to hurt Tammy or Bill, just to scare them. His actions had more of an effect than he planned as several of the band members began watching the scene with more interest.

The scene was horrifying to both Tammy and Bill. So instead of waiting, they ran toward the front doors of the school. Toban and Kar barely could contain it and finally burst out in laughter, as Toban quickly reverted to his human form. The band members that were around them quickly realized what really was intended and they joined in the laughter.

During the time that Toban and Kar were at school, Sherry and George traveled the hour and half to Oklahoma City. They arrived downtown at the high rent executive office building whose top four floors were the headquarters of the Regia'an Queen and the world's face of the Regia'an people. Both George and Sherry were dressed in gray overalls that advertized a local plumber. They each were carrying large tool boxes.

It had been scheduled that plumbers would visit the floor below Regain Pharmaceuticals which was the home of Daniel's accounting, a partially Regia'an owned business. George and Sherry both were wearing almost flawless disguises. After they were acknowledged by the receptionist they both went about their plan.

Sherry went to the woman's restroom while George went to the men's room nearest to the reception area. Once they were each alone, they began to open their tool boxes. Below a false bottom in their tool boxes were two trays. Each held six electronic detonators and the same number of plastic explosives named C-17 which was similar to C4 but it was see-through and clear. They each placed the explosive under the sinks and under one toilet each.

They then made their way to the executive restrooms on opposite ends of the building. They repeated the process in those bathrooms. They quickly stopped at the water fountains and added more explosives to their bases. By the end of an hour they had placed enough explosives to destroy that floor and damage if not destroy the four floors above them.

George and Sherry were able to leave the building without raising any attention or worry. Once they were out of the parking area and driving back to Tulsa, they removed their disguises and smiled at each other. "It is always good to have a back-up plan," George said with a smile.

The Regia'an Queen sat in her penthouse throne room amusing herself with the report about Marcus' death at the hands of the Ancient. She was viewing the video that had been taken by hidden camera on one monitor, while reading an electronically typed report on another monitor. While she was not happy that the scientist had survived the encounter, she was pleased at the carnage that brought about Marcus' death. She had grown tired of Marcus' ever increasing demands.

The queen felt that her manipulations of the Conclave were going well, if not perfectly the way she had intended. She was not aware of the chaos that would soon be surrounding her. The queen was so conceited she believed that no one would ever think of attacking her in her stronghold—little did she know.

By last period Toban was getting a sense of déjà vu as he traveled between classes. Some of the students that he passed whispered "good luck," "whip some ass," or "be careful." He finally was fed up and transmitted to Kar: [They are all acting strange, like they know what we have planned.] He also quickly transmitted his memories of each of the interactions he had over the day.

[Yeah, the humans have something going on. What I have overhead is they are all going to Oklahoma City this even.] Kar transmitted back from the opposite side of the school. [It is damn suspicious.]

[Well, I can't deal with them and deal with tonight.] Toban transmitted with agitation. [I just wanted to see if you saw the same thing.]

[Well, I got to act like I am paying attention in class.] Kar transmitted softly: [You have my love.]

[And you have mine.] Toban responded.

Toban knew that Kar was bored in his senior French class. He was already proficient in French, thanks to his mental training with the Librum Guild. He was equally proficient in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, De'wann, Lupine, Ursine, Rodent, and Ghoul. Toban smiled as he thought that Kar was probably more proficient than the teacher of the class. He hurried into his Senior AP English class, just as the teacher began taking the roll.

That evening several things happened at the same time. Some of the human students, teachers, staff, and a few young Breed met at school so they could caravan to Oklahoma City. The assault team gathered together at the McDonalds on the road half way between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The massive highway spanning restaurant was the backdrop as the assault team prepared and planned for the attack. And with incredible luck the queen was in such a good mood that she gave half of her security force the evening off.

By the time that the assault team had devised a proper plan to attack the building and get the Ancient, Elzabeth, Toban, George, and Charlett into the Throne Room; the human caravan was beginning to pass the massive McDonalds and its expansive parking lots. Toban recognized a few of the cars, but dismissed it as impossible.

When the assault team drove up to the queen's executive building they were surprised to see that the area around the front of the building was being picketed by the students, teachers, and staff from not only Toban's and Kar's school, but also from the middle school and Berry Hill High School. They were chanting and carrying signs reading: "Not Fair," "Go Away," and other similar signs. They were chanting: "HELL NO, YOU MUST GO!!!"

Antino was as shocked as any of the others when he saw the students. Mr. Sal'var smiled and then said: "I apologize Ancient. I heard them talking about doing this, but thought they were just releasing steam."

Antino's visage changed from upset to a smile when Sal'var said that. "I think it is wonderful. They can act as a distraction for the majority of the guards, and should be safe and protected by Regia'an's fear of being discovered."

"We need someone out with them to act as a coordinator between them and us, if we are going to use their distraction." Mr. Sal'var announced.

"Agreed." George said with a smile. He already had a couple of people in mind.

When the assault team's cars parked half a block away from the building, they quickly left the vehicles and met together in a small alleyway. George pulled Kar and Rex off to the side and explained what they needed them to do for the team.

"Since you both are known by the majority of the students and teachers over there," George said pointing at the group of picketers: "we need you both to go over there and act as connections between them and us, to give us a distraction when we attack the upper floors."

Kar was noticeably disappointed that he would not be allowed to help fight, but other than a slight pout, accepted his role in the mission. Rex, as a trained warrior, accepted his role without emotional reaction. They nodded silently and then began walking over to the main portion of the students.

A cheer of excitement and recognition went through the crowd of picketers as more and more students recognized Mike and realized that Rex was also attached to `The Bridge'. The noise grew louder and louder the more students realized who and what they represented. Almost immediately both Kar and Rex attempted to hush those that were cheering so they could speak.

Each of the boys drew a group of ten people around them and said: "Repeat this word for word to ten other people." They each waited for nods from their groups and continued. "Wait for my signal and then rush the building screaming ready to fight. Tell them to tell ten others and kept it going."

They immediately began doing as directed. Rex and Kar both came together in one of the world's longest hugs as they opened their minds and waited for the call. The attack team used the distraction of the picketers to grant them access to the loading dock at the back of the building. Once in the loading dock the workers in that area were quickly subdued.

Toban transmitted a further plan to Kar and George that when the picketers start, one of them will take over the security of the back end of the building and the other will take the front. He then added as an afterthought to use the students and any others to help. Both Kar and Rex smiled at the idea.

As the attack team divided up and moved toward the freight elevators, the students had all received the message and were becoming excited. They were ready for the signal to be given and were becoming impatient. A few of the larger football players from both schools began attacking like they were going to bash though the glass early, their intention was to purely intimidate the guards on the first floor.

The sergeant over the guards on the first floor called upstairs to the security chief in an attempt to get back-up from the guards on other floors. The security chief said he would do what he could and hung up. Within seconds he was walking into the throne room with his head bowed.

"I apologize Your Majesty, but the guards downstairs say that a large group of young humans have begun picketing the building. A few even are crashing into the glass, scaring the guards." He then realized that his guards sounded very weak and it came from his own mouth.

The Queens' mood had changed from calm and happy to furious and murderous within a flash. She stood up from her throne and walked toward the bowing man; her eyes were piercing as she glared at the man. "I see no danger in the antics of some human children. Call the police and have the human's deal with the humans."

The Queen then reached forward and sliced one of her nails across the throat of the man. The nail was sharp enough that it cut the security chief's neck, deep enough to draw blood but not deep enough to kill him. "You know I hate to hear stupid shit. Don't come back to me until they have been dealt with and are gone."

The security chief planned on not coming back in front of her for any reason. He left the room holding his neck. Within minutes he was downstairs and in the underground garage. The security chief got in his older model car and left the building. He did not intend to ever return to work—he had had enough.

The signal came from Antino with such force that even a few of the human teens felt it, though they did not realize what it was. Kar and Rex both stood up and separated at the exact same moment and yelled: "NOW!"

The group of picketers ran en masse toward the nearest doors of the building. Several of the students began banging on the glass walls near the doors. The sound of the vibrating glass was so loud that the attack team could hear the noise though the elevator shaft. It was an unintended response to their signal.

The majority of the students and the other picketers flooded into the first floor of the building. They then surrounded the security guards and began yelling at the guards. The guards were surrounded so quickly that none of them had a chance to call for help. The few workers that happened to be on their way home for the night ran when they saw the large angry group of teens, so as not to be caught like the guards were.

Kar and Rex flowed into the building with the crush of people. Once inside they began directing the others to subdue and tie up the guards. Kar made sure to tell them that the guard's belts and radios needed to be removed as well. The students and the adults worked as a well oil machine tying up the guards.

Within five minutes the guards were tied up with phone cords and extension cords. They were being watched by five of the largest boys from both of the schools. The remainder of the students secured the doors and formed a parameter around the entrances.

Kar stood in the center of the two story entry of the building watching the work going on. He then spoke: "I need about half of you to follow me to the back of the building and secure it as well."

With minutes Kar was followed by over a dozen students and teachers. He found that the attack team had knocked out the workers in the back area. Within moments they were also tied up and guarded. Students divided and began guarding the two freight elevators and the doors. The back was now as secure as the front. Kar and Rex both waited silently for the next signal.

During the time that the first floor was being secured the remainder of the attack team had reached the floor of Daniel's accounting. They quickly divided into two teams with Toban, Antino, George, Sherry, and Elzabeth on one team and Charlett leading the other. Each team headed for the emergency staircases on opposite sides of the building.

At the exact same moment both teams entered the stair wells and began the ascent toward the next floor. The floor that held Regain Pharmaceuticals had a single human guard on duty. His neck was quickly broken by Sherry who had silently approached him. The guard never felt any pain and was unaware of her presence until it was too late. She gently laid his inert body on the floor in an almost loving manner. In her mind he was an innocent casualty of war.

Mr. Sal'var and another Regia'an expatriate began placing small amounts of C-17 in several locations on the floor. It was placed in both bathrooms and several of the offices; they even included some in that floor's lobby furniture. The rest of the team remained near the staircases prepared to attack all new comers from above or below as well as protect the bombing team.

When the bombs had been set the team continued their walk up to the next level. This level they knew was the first level of three floors of the true Regia'an stronghold. Charlett's team found themselves on the side of the building that the Regia'an incinerator was located. The smell of the incinerator proved to everyone that its main purpose was to destroy bodies and eliminate all evidence of the Regia'an atrocities. The Regia'an expatriates all felt ill about the actions of their race.

Antino's team found themselves coming out on the same floor near the Regia'an guard rooms. It also housed the guards that were off duty. The team found that the majority of the floor held the guard's recreation area; it was filled with six off duty guards. Antino followed by the remainder of the team, walked into the recreation area with their defenses up and ready to fight.

The guards were watching television and were surprised when the team entered. The guards were easily subdued. It was decided that George would remain to guard the new prisoners.

The other team traveled across their section of the floor, checked the incinerator for remains, and verified that their section of the floor was clear of Regia'an guards or others. They then began to proceed back to the stairs and notified the others that they were ready to proceed. They were ready to leave the floor.

Within moments both of the teams were again in the stairwells traveling up to the next level. They anticipated the next floor would be harder to deal with and were surprised to see a floor filled with prison cells and an elaborate system of tubes that dropped into the ceilings of the cells themselves.

Each of the teams took a side of the floor and looked into each of the cells. Most were empty but the few that had occupants were holding seven Regia'an, five assorted members of The Breed, and a single human male. Mr. Sal'var and Toban began to release and speak with the prisoners.

The remainder of the team Toban was a part of and Charlett continued upstairs. Most of the other team remained with Toban and Mr. Sal'var. Sherry and a couple others walked back downstairs one level to plant more explosives. It was decided that the top four floors needed to be destroyed to keep the horrors of the place from the Humans. It would protect not only the human sensibilities but also the Breed.

While the explosives were being set downstairs and the prisoners were being released, Charlett, Antino, and Elzabeth reached the top floor of the building. Elzabeth scanned the floor and identified that there were three areas with several guards each, plus the queen. She related the information to Charlett and Antino in the form of a mental map of the floor with moving dots representing the unseen locations and people.

Downstairs in the cell area Toban was releasing the captives. He was not able to find any keys so he decided that the best bet was for him to remove the doors manually. Toban slammed his open fist into each of the door hinges; they exploded causing each door to then be able to be opened backwards. As he opened each door, he released the prisoners within the cell..

The Regia'an prisoners ran to the nearest stairwell without even speaking or looking back at their saviors. The Breed prisoners on the other hand were so happy to be released that they gushed over Toban and were scared of Mr. Sal'var being that he was Regia'an. After the others were released, Toban walked to the cell that the human male was held.

"Hello my name is Toban and I am here to save you," Toban explained. "What is your name?"

The young man stood slowly from his squatting position at the far end of the cell. He walked slowly toward Toban; the fear was evident in his eyes. The appearance of the man was both sad and confusing for Toban, his hair was matted and greasy, and he also had a growth of straggly beard, but his face looked very familiar. "My name is Jason Thomas." The man said in a very soft voice.

The realization of who this man was shocked Toban as if he had been hit by lightning. The man in front of him was Mike's/Kar's older brother who at last report was at college in another state. Some major explaining needed to happen from both sides.

"I came home after I graduated college and I heard my parents had run off." Jason said softly. "I was looking for my brother who also appears to have also disappeared."

"How long were you kept here?" Toban asked.

"Six months," Jason responded. "They kept saying I was some sort of insurance policy."

"Well their insurance has been cancelled and you are about to have several surprises." Toban responded.

[Kar, I need you to come up to the 23 floor and help me with an issue.] Toban projected. [As you come up, drop the shadow protection, everything is clear here, but I need your help with a former Regia'an prisoner.]

[Understood.] Kar responded. He had several of the football players take over his position and began the trek upstairs.

Toban led Jason to a nearby chair and had him sit down; Mr. Sal'var joined them as soon as the other cells were cleared. The young man's appearance had a similar affect on Mr. Sal'var as it had already had on Toban. Jason was scared of the whole situation and had many questions, but was too afraid to ask.

When the elevator arrived Kar rushed out and directly into Toban's arms. It was after they hugged that Kar realized that there was someone sitting near them. He turned and looked at the man "Double fucking damn!!!! Is that you Jason?"

Jason stood slowly with a smile on his face and then said: "Yeah baby brother it is." he then added: "You have grown and changed a lot."

"We need to get you downstairs." Kar said as he lightly hugged his brother. "It is not going to be safe up here in a little bit."

Kar and Toban both looked toward the ceiling and the floor above them, both feeling around for any news. They both then returned to looking at Jason at the same time. "It is about to get real dangerous up here real quick." Toban said with a mischievous smile. He then led everyone to the elevators.

Upstairs Charlett separated from Antino and Elzabeth. She faded slowly into the shadows; her intention was to act as a diversion so that Antino and Elzabeth could attack the queen directly. Charlett touched both of their shoulders in a silent response that said: "Good luck." and then she was gone.

When fighting was heard in the halls, Elzabeth and Antino rushed across the hall toward the queen's throne room. As they crossed the hall, they both noticed the queen's majordomo was attempting to sneak across the hall and away from the fighting. He was a small man with feline-like features. In a flash Elzabeth looked at Antino and with a slight nod she rushed after the smaller man.

Elzabeth was in front of the small majordomo so fast that the man squeaked in fear when she appeared. The man began to tremble violently in fear of the woman in front of him. Elzabeth smiled at the man, the smile was malevolent and cruel. "Little man, it be your lucky day. You is going to live beyond this here day."

Elzabeth placed her hands on the man's shoulders and began pushing him toward a small office. As she moved him toward the office she retrieved a large ring of keys from his belt. "Which key be the one for this here office lil man?" Elzabeth asked.

The majordomo pointed at a large silver key. He then realized what this large female vampire planned to do to him; he breathed a sigh of relief. Elzabeth opened the door of the office, looked inside to make sure that there was no way out and then pushed the man into the office. Before the majordomo could recover from the thrust Elzabeth had shut and locked the door.

As Elzabeth dealt with the small man and Charlett continued to fight the guards, Antino slipped into the Throne room. Almost immediately he noticed the inconsistencies in the floor and recognized that the whole floor was a trap, he also realized that the slots in the walls were also probably traps. Antino then became aware that the queen appeared to be asleep sitting in her throne.

"It is sad that things had to degrade to such a bad situation Marishka." Antino said softly to the queen.

The queen jumped awake at hearing Antino's voice. With just a fraction of a moment to compose herself, the queen smiled. "Well I was not expecting you so soon Antino, but I am as ready as I need to be to take power from you." She then focused on Antino with her mind.

The room began to morph and change around the Queen and Antino, Antino smiled and shook his head as he watched the changes as if it were a game. When the room had finally completed the changes, he stood in what appeared to be outside in a field on a hill.

"Interesting illusion, Marishka, interesting." Antino realized that she planned to fight as dirty as she possibly could.

Antino knew that even though the environment that he was seeing was nothing but a projection in his mind, it could be very deadly for him. He also knew that she could not hide herself while in the illusion, though she could make copies of herself to hide her true location. Antino closed his eyes and activated his Ancient powers.

Every Breed, Human and most of the Regia'an felt the drain of their personal energy. When Toban, Rex, Kar, and George felt the slight drain they each smiled and looked toward the penthouse. Each of them then set an additional amount of energy toward Antino.

Jason was the only person to notice the smiles on Toban and Kar's faces and he asked Kar about it: "Hey lil' bro, what is going on?"

"It is a long story, but let's just say things are about to be hell on earth in the penthouse." Kar explained. He then interjected: "I will explain everything after this is over with."

Antino smiled at Marishka the queen and began to hover about three feet above the floor making the floor traps unusable. He then moved quickly toward her, his face transforming into a demonic visage. Even though the calm appearance of the illusion could have been distracting, Antino was prepared for this eventuality.

The Queen jumped from her throne and launched herself at Antino. Her body began to change as she attacked. Her face became sharper and more feral as she morphed. Cat-like fur covered the majority of her body; her eyes became feline in nature. The Queen's mouth and nose fused into a soft muzzle, and her hands were replaced by razor sharp claws.

Antino was prepared for the queen's attack and when she hit him, Antino slapped her in the face. The shock of the slap was enough to temporarily stop the attack but also infuriated the queen. She launched another tack and clawed at his face instead. The hit was equally insulting to Antino as the slap was for the queen.

With an animalistic growl, Antino slammed the queen into the illusionary ground and the real floor. The slam was powerful enough that it broke the queen's concentration. The illusion flickered and reality returned. A flash of painful light seared though the queen's head; she attempted to restore the illusion but failed due to her new headache.

The Queen screamed as she rolled over and rushed. She didn't care if he was the Ancient; she was the Regia'an queen and deserved to win this battle as well as the war. She could not see herself ever losing to a man.

Antino and Marishka locked arms and then began taking wild swings at each other. Finally the queen got a lucky strike at Antino's head. The hit was open handed and her nails came in direct contact with the side of Antino's head. Without a thought passing between them, the queen's nails buried deeply into his head, causing him to scream in agony.

Marishka took her other hand and also implanted it into the other side of Antino's head. Antino screamed again as the fingers and nails entered into his mind. Marishka flooded his mind with his worst fears, she was unaware of the content but she felt the energy coming from him generated by the fear. It was like a drug to the queen as she began siphoning Antino's psychic energy.

Marishka had her eyes closed enjoying the feeling of taking the Ancient's life and mental energy. She screamed when a titanium throwing knife tore through her left hand. The pain was enough that it forced Marishka to release her grip on Antino. Antino's body collapsed onto the floor.

Marishka turned angrily and saw a furious Elzabeth stalking toward her with three more of the throwing knives prepped between her fingers. "Get ya nasty ass hands off of him you oog-lee betch!" She screamed.

A barrage of throwing knives was launched from her fingers directed at the queen's head. Of the knives launched two of them found a mark in hitting Marishka, the first hit her in the neck just above her breast bone, the second lodged itself in the flesh of her right arm. The arm had been brought up to block her head from attack. The last knife missed Marishka's head by a scant fraction of an inch.

Marishka ran toward her throne with the intention of setting off all of the traps and attacks in the room. Elzabeth was not stupid plus she was able to foresee that queen's actions. She focused a moment and then spread out her fingers and created a psychic fan, it resembled a shadow based weapon except it was a smoking white instead of black.

Elzabeth threw the fan at Marishka. The fan hit Marishka's hand as it crashed into the thrones hand console. By the time that the fan hit, Elzabeth had replaced the fan with another identical to the first. She now had a psychic fan in each hand and was ready to fight.

Marishka threw the knife that had been lodged in her throat at Elzabeth. Elzabeth dodged the knife and then she threw another fan at the queen. It was not that Elzabeth could read Marishka's mind which she could not do, but instead she could see all the possible outcomes of all the queen's possible actions and act accordingly.

Over the next half hour Marishka attempted to bring down the paragon of the Breed, the woman known to the entire Breed as `Mother', she who had never taken a life. Elzabeth had been blocking, parrying and dodging each of her attacks, but was growing tired of the insolent mouth and actions of the vile woman.

Finally upon seeing Antino's wounded body did not seem to be rising any time soon and was still on the floor after all that time, Elzabeth grew enraged. She had also grown tired of the queen's foul mouth; Elzabeth had suffered enough and something within her snapped. It was the mistake the queen made which would momentarily end her life and her oppressive reign.

After parrying the queen's latest attack and being called a bitch for doing so, Elzabeth was filled beyond measure with hatred for the creature in front of her. Her handsome face morphed into a visage of hell itself. She shredded the dress she was wearing until its cumbersome weight fell around her ankles. The cream white slip she continued to wear did little to hide the bounce of her massive bosoms when Elzabeth kicked the remains of her dress into the face of Marishka.

The explosion of massive amounts of material that was formally Elzabeth's dress in the face of the queen was enough to distract Marishka long enough for Elzabeth to attack. The attack was pure rage and animalistic in nature. Within the first moments of the attack Elzabeth took a chunk out of Marishka's left forearm with a vicious tearing claw.

The next attack happen so quickly after the first that Marishka did not have time to recover or even breathe. Elzabeth launched her right hand full of claws into the stomach of the queen. When she felt solid resistance, Elzabeth pulled. The pulling force dislodged the former queen's sliced intestines on to the floor of the throne room.

Marishka was so shocked to see her own body spilling onto the floor that she looked down at the wrong time. Elzabeth took that opportunity to attack again. With the honed skills of a well trained hunter, she latched her fangs on to Marishka's pale throat. The vicious bite was quick as was the tearing of the throat.

Elzabeth spat out a chunk of the queen's neck onto the throne itself. Her formally pristine face and hands were covered in Marishka's blood. The queen did not have time to scream, rant, or even beg as her life force left her body. The war was over and thanks to Elzabeth, the Breed had won.

The throne room burst open as George, Rex, Toban, and Charlett charged the room in both fury and fear. They had felt connection between the Ancient and themselves lost and then they felt the shift in Elzabeth, they had feared the worst. Though they were happy to see the dead queen, and a standing Elzabeth, fear again crept into their hearts when they saw the crumpled form of Antino.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Toban screamed as he ran to his friend, his teacher, his master, his leader, and one of his loves. He knelt down beside Antino and sent out his psychic energy feeling for any sign that Antino was still with them. The Ancient's handsome face was marred with red spots where the queen had attacked him.

[Antino are you there?] Toban projected.

[Yes.] came a small soft whispered voice in return. [I cannot seem to find my way out of here.] he explained in the same small voice.

Charlett and Elzabeth both came over to their fallen leader. They placed a supportive hand and Toban's back and joined their psychic and shadow energies with his.

[We are here to help.] both of them projected to Antino as well as Toban.

Over the next few minutes they worked on helping Antino's personage return to full control of his own body. It was taxing on all three of them and most assuredly tiring on Antino himself. Finally he was fully returned to his body.

[Toban is in charge.] was the last thing said telepathically as Antino slipped into a deep but totally normal sleep.

At that moment Kar and Jason came into the room pushing the majordomo. One would push and then the other would repeat the push the next time.

"The schools have been sent home after being thanked." Kar announced before he looked around the room. He had sent them home in preparation for the top of the building to be blown up.

The majordomo, Kar, and Jason were shocked and surprised at the destruction they observed in the room. Nothing could have prepared any of them for the sight; they all stood near the door in confusion. All three of them were shocked at the sight in the room, for different reasons.

Jason was shocked to see all the blood in the room and that one woman dead, while another had bloody hands and mouth. Kar was shocked to see the Ancient on the floor, wounded; as well as shocked to see blood dripping off of Elzabeth, the former pacifist of the Breed. The majordomo was shocked to see the queen dead on the floor and the woman responsible, nearly naked for all to see.

The majordomo quickly stiffened himself and resolutely reminded himself that he had a job to do. He slowly walked toward Elzabeth, not knowing how she or the others would respond to his approach. He knew this woman was formidable and it scared him.

"Mam, may I introduce myself? I am Kent, Shell'don Kent. I am your majordomo."

Elzabeth looked at the man in confusion and a bit of surprise that he was now present, "Whacha mean little man?"

Kent bowed and then began to explain: "It was you that defeated the former queen." He then paused to select his next words. "According to our traditions and laws when a ruler is deposed in a battle such as this," he said motioning around the room: "the victor becomes the new ruler, our queen." He paused and again and added: "Your highness."

Everyone in the room was shocked by this announcement, Elzabeth the most but she retained as much of her manufactured dignity as possible as she looked at the man. "I ain't no bodies queen or nothing."

"I do hate to contradict your Highness," Kent said with fear in his eyes: 'But yes, you are the new Regia'an Monarch."

Elzabeth was frustrated with the situation but knew that the man was fearful of her and instead of letting him know it responded in a cheery voice. "Well then sweetie, where can a lady clean up, we must leave the building very soon."

Elzabeth was led to a small bathroom which was hidden in the wall of the throne room. She washed the blood from her face and hands checked her once perfectly quaffed hair and lastly her makeup. She realized that both were lost causes and then re-washed her face to remove the streaked makeup.

Toban retrieved his phone while Elzabeth was attempting to repair her looks. He called in the clean-up crews. "I need the building searched and the prisoners brought up to the former throne room; they are not to be hurt. Also please bring a dress for the lady Elzabeth."

Over the next hour, the cleanup crew arrived, brought Elzabeth a proper dress and searched the building. Antino's body was picked up and taken to the breed hospital in nearby Edmond. Each of the prisoners was brought before Elzabeth and the majordomo informed them that she was the new queen and that the building needed to be evacuated. The queen's body was left so that something could be found in the rubble.

Once everyone had evacuated the building and was in a car traveling away, George activated the remote detonator. The ground shook as the explosives went off. The top five floors of the building were instantly blown apart. The rest of the building burst into flames sending out broken glass hundreds of yards in all directions. After a few minutes the whole building began to crumble. By the time any emergency crews arrived, the building would be a total loss.

Elzabeth, the majordomo, a Regia'an guard and a Breed guard were driving quickly away from the building heading toward a nearby Regia'an safe house. The Regia'an guard was required by their laws and traditions. It was agreed between Elzabeth and Toban that the Breed guard would also be with her until it was proven that the Regia'an could be trusted.

Elzabeth knew that she would need an accounting of all Regia'an activity over the last year so she asked. "Please have an accounting of all holdings completed for me, list all active projects and all proposed projects." She then added: "Do it as quickly as possible."

The majordomo quickly retrieved his cell phone and began making phone calls. Within five minutes all the departments were notified in the change of rulers and the requirements ordered by their new ruler. He began to realize that this queen would be both gracious and deadly, but would not be cruel.

Toban and the remainder of the assault team were headed to the Oklahoma City Conclave complex as the dawn was quickly approaching and everyone was exhausted. Jason remained quiet as they traveled but took in everything around him. Kar told him that everything would be explained very soon and all of his questions would be answered then. Toban was occasionally caressed by either Rex or George in an attempt to calm his frazzled nerves.

The Oklahoma City Conclave was considerably smaller than the one in Tulsa, but they were able to find sleeping locations for everyone on short notice. The last thing that Toban did before he went to sleep that morning was to send a video email to every Conclave in the world. It was directed to their individual artificial intelligence for forwarding to each of their members.

"The war with the Regia'an is over. Their former queen is dead. Lady Elzabeth is now their monarch. Antino was injured in the final battle and is presently incapacitated. All needs, requests, and questions for the Ancient should be sent to me as the head of the Conclave ruling counsel."