The Breed

By Dream Janus


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Chapter 3 "School"


            The evening and night were rough on Ray as his mind fought to regain consciousness and to make sense of the day's activities. Unknown to anyone small objects in his room began to vibrate and move slightly as the fight to regain control was fought and finally won. Around two o'clock in the morning normal sleep finally overtook the boy's staining body as his mind finally resurfaced to its normal level.


            The alarm jangled Ray's nerves at 6:30 am with its high pitched beeping. His body and mind both ached, he groaned as he moved slowly out of bed. The very act of taking off his clothes from the day before caused his body and head to throb even more severely. Ray forced his body to stretch and flex as he felt his defined muscles in his arms and legs. He selected a pair of grey sweat pants and headed for the bathroom down the hall.


            The hot shower relaxed Ray's tense muscles with the exception that it woke up his cock. It stood ridged at just over seven inches. Ray smiled at it, but ignored it by saying "Sorry buddy, Tommy isn't here and I don't feel up to it today." He felt a momentary twinge of sadness flow through him. Ray refused to allow himself to breakdown. "It is not allowed!" He told himself.


            Minutes later Ray had two gym bags and his baritone saxophone case sitting beside the front door, waiting for him. He was sitting in his chair at the kitchen table eating six slices of bacon, six slices of ham, four eggs, a large amount of hash browns, four pieces of toast and a large glass of milk for breakfast.


            A knock at the door interrupted Ray's daily breakfast zone out time. He stopped himself just as he almost missed his mouth with a fork full of eggs. Ray stood and walked to the door.


            Outside the door George stood and actually fidgeted. He was nervous, it surprised him. Why did this boy make him nervous? He had not been nervous around a pup, cub or youngling in years. When the door opened, his heart actually began to pound! "What the hell!" George thought to himself. The very sight of this youngling made his skin tingle.


            Ray smiled at George and invited him in "I'll be ready in a couple minutes." He then led George into the dining room. "I am just finishing a little breakfast."


            George looked at the plate and realized that Ray did indeed eat less than the average bear or the wolf. He smiled gently; he would remember that little bit of information.


            Ray sat back down and began to shovel the food into his mouth as fast as he could try not keeping George from other business any longer than necessary. He had to swallow very hard several times to get the food to go down as fast as he was going. His speed was verging on being faster than that of humanly possible when he felt George's large paw of a hand rest on his shoulder.


            "Slow down before you choke" George said with concern. "You still have plenty of time." 


            Ray paused and swallowed. "I don't want to stop you from doing anything you want or need to do."


            George laughed. "I need to get you to school in one piece and I want to make sure you are ok." He then realized what Ray was really up to. "My schedule is pretty clear for the day, I take you to school this morning, I have an appointment at lunch time, I pick you up from school and we have a few hours to kill be for the dinner at Antino's." He explained pointing to his fingers. "Antino suggested we spend the time at the Mall buying you some clothes and some other things." George noticed Ray's face was not too happy with the idea.


            George smiled "He gave me an order and a shopping list."


            Ray realized to argue was a waste of breath and was useless. George would not allow it and to go against an order of the Ancient was not allowed.


            Twenty minutes later, George had placed the gym bags and the baritone saxophone case in the trunk of the Blue Lexus that he was driving that morning. He held the passenger door open for Ray and then got in the driver's himself. Once inside he automatically seat belted Ray and then himself, before starting the car.


            George then blushed "Sorry but I am to protect you at all costs." He then thought to himself, "I would even if it wasn't an order, you are too precious, too sweet."


            The trip to the school was uneventful and silent. When Ray got out of the car, George unloaded the trunk and did not seem willing to allow Ray to handle more than one of the bags. Ray looked at him questioning.


            "I want to see you practice" George said simply. He then blushed and turned his head in embarrassment.

            "It is nothing big" Ray responded. "I will have to tell Mr. Borden, though"


            George nodded and followed Ray silently smiling. Inside he was very happy and nervous. He hoped that his training would allow him to blend in with the youth.


            Mr. Borden was in the school hallway talking to assorted band members as Ray and George approached. He looked up and noticed that Ray was present. It was surprising as he knew that Tommy's funeral was the day before and he expected Ray to be mourning for his friend. He then noticed the very large man following Ray. Mr. Borden did hope that his man was not another one of Ray's mother's boyfriends as this man could really do some damage.


            "Mr. Borden," Ray greeted. "I would like you to meet my buddy and shadow, George." Ray noticed the look on Mr. Borden's face and the distrust in his emotions. "My uncle got me a tutor for the rest of the year." He added with a wink.


            Mr. Borden caught the wink and nodded. He realized that the man was no tutor, but was most like protection against Ray's mother's boyfriends from someone close to him. That was good enough for the older man to accept the boy's shadow.


            Over the next hour and a half George observed the band warm up inside the band room from the stairs. He then followed them out to the practice field and observed them from a slight distance, until Mr. Borden motioned for him to come closer. By the end of the practice he and Mr. Borden were actually talking about not only how the band was performing, but how they had improved over the day.


            George helped Ray change after practice and accidently intimidated the other male band members who were slightly afraid to change in the same room as him. Ray laughed about it until he saw absolute terror in the eyes of the smallest alto saxophone player named Mike.


            Mike had stumbled into the bathroom after being forced out of the other bathrooms by the older and bigger boys. His eyes showed the abject terror he felt for George when he realized where he was. Ray quickly grabbed Mike around the waist which also scared him, but he held him fast and spoke softly.


            "Mike, dude, calm down." He said so softly. "His name is George. He is an overgrown teddy bear"


            Even though they were the same age, the size difference between Mike and Ray was over a foot and at least seventy pounds. Mike's heart was beating so fast Ray was scared he was going to have a heart attack. He realized that Mike had no reason to trust him; after all he was a bigger boy to him as well.


            "I am not going to hurt you Mike" Ray said softly. The smell of fear endorphins was strong, but Ray could tell that Mike was calming down. "Dude, everyone is afraid of George, so it gives you a cool place to change where you aren't going to get bothered"


            Ray let go of Mike and looked at him with a small smile. "You got a choice," He said softly. "Change in here with the big boys or wait until everyone's done and take your chances on being late for first period."


            Mike paused for a moment and then smiled sheepishly, dropped his bag and began to undress. He then asked in a small whispered voice "Can I dress out with you guys everyday?"


            "No," Ray began with a straight face. "Only the days we got band practice and the days you want us looking at your butt." He then burst out laughing.


            Mike chuckled and then blushed as George reached over and helped him remove his shirt. The move was helpful and purely nonsexual on George's part, but had a major sexual effect on Mike's five and half inch dick; it was hard as a rock. Both Ray and George were aware of it but kept it to themselves, for now.


            After changing, George told Ray that he had other things to do and Ray needed to focus on his school work, so George left the school and Ray went to his first class...


            First hour was filled with classmates giving their condolences over the loss of Tommy. Everyone knew that Tommy was his best friend and had been sick, but Ray suspected a few may have figured out at they were more than friends, but they didn't let on, so he didn't either.


            Second hour was a repeat of the first, but by now Ray's mind had drifted off of Tommy and now occasionally daydreamed about George. Ray knew that Thropes aged differently than humans, so even though he looked like he was in his middle twenties in human years, he could be as young as eighteen or as old as forty in calendar years. Ray himself felt his body betray his attraction to the huge older Thrope in the form of an erection and massive body shiver. He could smell his own pheromones and knew it had been too long since he had been with Tommy sexually.


            His animal nature knew he had to have sex soon or he would be sorry, but his human mind fought the urges. Ray felt the cold burning of the change begin to overtake him as he sat in the last ten minutes of his second hour class. "<No!>" He thought projected into space at no one in particular. His body began to convulse with muscle spasms.


            Thankfully Mrs. Black thought he was loosing control of his emotions over the loss of his friend Tommy and said "Ray, go to the bathroom. You are excused from class early."


            Ray nodded silently and gathered his things and walked quickly out into the hall. The very act of walking slowed the clawing of the change. He began to breathe deeply and was able to bring it more under control. When he passed the school trophy case he noticed his reflection in the case glass. His eyes were not their typical milk chocolate brown, but had become the dark brown of the bear, without the human white.


            Just then a tall boy with reddish hair walked up behind Ray and put his arm around him and pulled him down the hall fast. "My name is Rex; we need to get you out of here now." He said very quickly. He continued to lead Ray out of the building and toward the lower student parking lot. "I already made a phone call, help is on the way." Rex said calming his voice. "Your are a freshman, I am a junior." He said as they stopped at a red sports car.


            Rex dug into his pockets for the keys and finally was able to open the passenger door. He forcefully pushed Ray into the front seat and slammed the door. "You shred me upholstery and I will shred your ass!" He said with a smirk.


            Ray could smell something familiar about this kid, he realized that he was a Thrope, but something else was familiar, he knew he had never met him before, just something smelt familiar. His body quaked as the change fought to seize control again. Ray grabbed his head and mentally was preparing to scream when everything went black.


            Rex had used the haze of the change to sneak up on Ray and knocked him out. He had been warned that if something like this happened that the best thing to do was to get the hell away from the humans. Rex started the car and flipped open his phone. "Yeah, we got a small problem," And then hung up.


            As he drove Rex made a second phone call. "George, it looks like your shopping spree got moved up." He said into the phone. "He flipped and lost control." He paused and listened. "He was smart enough to be heading away from eyes, I got his SOS," Another pause. "I knocked him out." "Yeah come get him", Rex nodded into the phone. "At the park," he nodded again. "He will need it," he then hung up.


            Rex looked at Ray with a touch of fear and concern. "Boy I hope you can forgive me for knocking you out like that."




            The park was quiet in the middle of the morning, not even the joggers were running now. Rex's car slowly pulled in beside George's. Rex immediately got out and began apologizing to George for knocking out Ray, tears in his eyes. He got on the ground and looked up as George started to get out of his car.


            "<Get off the ground you dumbass!>" George thought projected as he roughly pulled Rex off the ground.


Rex cowered with his hands up and his head down toward the larger man. "<My life is yours to take Gew'org.>" He thought projected and turned his neck toward George with his eyes closed.


"<It now his,>" George responded. "<You better hope Antino doesn't call for a blood contract on you for this."


Just then Ray moaned and began to wake up "Damn my head hurts."


"Hey buddy," George said with a smile. "We need to..." He was then interrupted.


Rex again hit the ground on both knees. His head turned to one side. "<My life is yours to take Toban, grandcub of Mar'uul; charge of Antino, the ancient of us all. Do with it as you wish.>" He cried with tears streaming down his face.


"What?...Huh?...I need an aspirin," Ray said holding his head. He then looked embarrassed at Rex, tried to get him to stand. Rex refused. "What is this all about?"


"By the law," George began to explain "he cannot get up until you tell him to." George did not smile or wink so Ray knew this was serious.


"<He knocked me out?!>" Ray projected.


"<Yes...>" Both Rex and George projected back, Rex with regret and George with sadness and a touch of anger.


"Why?" Ray whispered. He was not sure whether to be afraid or angry.


"You were loosing control of the change and I freaked!" Rex blubbered softly still with his head turned. "<My life is yours to take Toban, grandcub of Mar'uul; charge of Antino, the ancient of us all. Do with it as you wish.>" Rex Thought projected again, the stress of not knowing his fate was torturing him.


"Oh shut up!" Ray hissed toward Rex. "I am not going to kill you!"


Rex breathed a sigh he straightened his neck but remained on the ground. He realized as a clan child Toban (Ray) had never had to deal with a situation like this before and it could take some time. Rex also realized he could not get any more comfortable or George would consider it disrespectful and cause him a lot of pain.


George realized that Ray would not understand and began to explain. "<It has been ordered that no one can harm you for the next two years starting last night. By knocking you out Rex broke that order.>"


Cold recognition crossed Ray's face. He knew that meant a death sentence in the clans. He was sure it meant almost the same in the Conclave. "<Death?>"


"Being you are the one who the order was given to protect" George began to explain, "you can stop it by accepting his life as yours to do with as you want."


"Doesn't that make him my slave?" Ray asked with confusion and horror etched on his face.


"It is either that or Antino learns that he broke the order and has him killed," George responded coldly. George knew he had to let the young boy make up his own mind and he could not allow his own personal agendas cloud the situation, even if it ran in two very different directions right now. "God this is hard" He thought to himself.


Ray's head was killing him but he felt something from both of them. A shadow of something hidden from George, as well as hidden emotion. Rex was scared shitless, that was evident. He didn't want to be a slave, but he didn't want to be sent before Antino either, that terrified him even worse. "Damn it, I hate being forced into situations," Ray thought to himself.


"<I accept your life,>" Ray thought projected and said at the same time. "So how does this slavery bullshit work?"


George began to laugh, "Tell him to get off his knees, first dummy" He then winked. "Then it is up to you."


"Get up Rex!" Ray mumbled embarrassed.


"Yes, master" Rex responded instantly and sprang to his feet.


"Don't call me that!" Ray said nearly screaming.


"Ok," Rex replied in a whisper with his eyes at the ground.


George giggled. "There are some laws that have to be followed though." He then began to count them off. "One: he has to wear your mark: brand, tattoo or jewelry. Two: You can never sell him. Three: you can never willfully bring about his death. Fourth: All his property becomes your property. Fifth and last: If he ever saves your life, he is free.


"God, I hope you save my life soon," Ray mumbled.


Just then George's cell phone rang the ring tone moonlight serenade. "Ah Damn," He said without even looking. "That is Antino, He knows something happened and he will want a report.


"Hand me the phone," Ray said timidly. "He will feel better if he hears directly from me, I am sure"

George smiled and handed the phone to Ray. The relief was evident on Georges face as Ray opened the phone and placed it to his ear.


"Antino, this is Toban." Ray began with a quiver in his voice.


Antino was glad to hear his new charge's voice, but he could hear the fear in his voice so he knew that something had happened and that he was again afraid of him. "It is good to hear from you, Toban, I was worried that we would have to postpone dinner." He said with a laugh in his voice. "Is everything alright?" He then asked in the best parental voice he could create.


"There was a situation earlier, where I began to loose control" Ray admitted. "Something happened, but it has been taken care of." He then added, "No humans were involved." Ray began to worry now, had he said too much, not enough? "Can we talk about it later?"


Antino realized that the boy was safe and that he was hiding something, but he was willing to speak later about it. "Yes, Yes, of course youngster, we can talk later. Go shopping and make sure you get everything on George's list." He then paused, "Do you understand me?"


Ray understood that he had just been given an indirect order. "Yes, of course Antino, Do you need to talk to George?"


"No," Antino responded. "I called to check on you and being that I talked to you, it was better than checking on you." He paused, "I will see you at dinner. Bye for now," He then hung up.


Ray handed the phone back to George and said "He said for us to make sure we got everything on the shopping list."


George nodded and then turned to Rex, "If it is ok with your new master, take your car and meet us at the Crossroads Mall."


Rex and George then both looked at Ray who blushed and nodded with embarrassment. "Yes, go"



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