The Breed
By Dream Janus

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Chapter 4 "Dinner"

            The mall parking lot was full; Rex's red sports car was parked beside George's blue Lexus. Over the next two and a half hours, Rex and George made several trips to the cars to drop off several bags and packages.

The shopping list that Antino had given George included formal dress shirts, formal dress pants, suits, jackets, coats, casual dress pants, casual dress shirts, everyday pants, everyday shirts, dress shoes, casual shoes, every day shoes and, of course, socks for every occasion. The list also included a desktop computer, laptop computer, a cell phone, a wrist watch and MP3 player. 

George even took Ray and Rex to a jewelry store where they bought matching bracelets. George explained that Ray was to wear his on the left arm, the master arm and Rex was to wear his on the right arm, the slave arm. He then explained that the bracelets would work in the short term until Ray had his own mark made, then something more permanent could be made.

George bought lunch for everyone at the mall's food court. Ray became very embarrassed when Rex took his tray from him and would not allow him to carry it to the table. Holding two trays was not that difficult for Rex's in-human reflexes. Even though Rex was two years older than Ray he took being a slave very seriously.

When all the shopping was done they returned to the cars. Ray looked between the two cars with a bit of confusion.

George smiled and said softly "It is up to you, you can go with me or Rex."

Ray thought for a moment and then said, "I need to go with Rex, so we can get some things straightened out."

Rex bowed and at the same time George just smiled.

The younger boys got into Rex's car and George got into his own car. They already knew that they were going to meet at Ray's grandparent's house so Ray could change clothing and put everything else away.

As they drove Ray turned to Rex and began to talk. "I don't like this slave thing." He sighed and then continued. "I guess we have to live with it though." He then straightened up. "Here are my rules: No calling me Master, No bowing or getting on your knees, you are to continue your regular life like going to school and stuff. Do you understand so far?"

"Yes, Toban," Rex responded instantly.

Ray flinched. "That reminds me, only call me that when we are alone or in a conclave situation," he paused thinking. "Speaking of Conclave situations, you know the laws better than I, when we are in those situations follow the proper protocol even if it goes against what I just told you, just try and explain it to me."

"Of course, Ray," Rex responded.

"Where do you live?" Ray questioned.

"With you of course," Rex instantly.

Ray instantly felt his stomach tighten. His grandparents would not like this. His mother would have a fit! Paul would beat the shit out of him!! He had to tell Rex he was gay!!! He began to shake violently.

Rex noticed that his master was shaking "Ray, what is wrong?" He paused. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked with fear in his voice.

"No," Ray mumbled his voice almost cracking. "I am scared..." he began. "I have something that I have to tell you" the fear rising in his voice.

"You can tell me anything" Rex said with confidence.

"I am..." Ray began. He then began to cry. It was so hard for him to tell outsiders. His family had always just known. When new people came around, they would tell them and they were forced to accept or forced to leave, this was different, this boy's life depended on him. "I AM GAY!!!" He finally just screamed.

Rex blinked twice. Was that what was causing him so much distress?  He blinked a third time. Shock had settled in, but not from the pronouncement, but from the scream. Rex slowly extended his right hand out to Ray's shoulder and gently patted.


Ray's mouth opened and shut several times in response to Rex's single word acceptance. He then blushed in the realization that Rex apparently already knew that particular bit of information and did not feel it was important.

"It is about as important as the knowledge that I know you are also left handed," Rex said stunning Ray yet again. "You just lost your human love and are not in the need of a mate, right now," he continued, "though I am sure you will probably be in the need of some physical release in the not to distant future."

Ray sat there with his mouth open. "How did you know?"

"I was supposed to help my brother keep an eye on you while you were at school, since I was there already, but I fucked up royally," Rex explained as he began to cry.

Just then they pulled into the driveway of Ray's grandparent's house.

Ray's face went from shock to fury and rage as he launched himself out of the car. He stomped toward George's car in pure unadulterated anger. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!" He roared pulling the much bigger George out of the car. He lifted him into the air to the point that the taller George was not even touching the ground.

"HE IS YOUR BROTHER!" Ray continued to roar. His physical strength amplified by his hidden mental abilities. "YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN HIM KILLED!"

"Yes," George said weakly. He realized the boy was right. "I could not do anything to stop it, but pray you would have mercy..." He began to groan. "And you had mercy."

Iris had come out of the house to see what the noise was about and had noticed several things in following seccession. First, Ray, her mix breed grandson, had a supposedly stronger full breed Thrope suspended in the air by his shirt collar. Second, there was another boy present. Third, her grandson had on a bracelet on the arm of a master and the other boy had an identical one on the arm of a slave. Forth and last, her grandson was very angry with his bodyguard about the slave who was apparently the bodyguard's younger brother. This did not bode well for the dinner party or future interaction with his mother, Iris thought. Iris knew better than to interfere, but she felt that she needed to make her presence known, she cleared her throat.

Ray noticed his grandmother but did not lower his arm or lessen the grip he had on George. "How is he supposed to live here with me?" He growled. "There is barely enough room for us as it is."

Rex was terrified to see the raw power coming from his master. He had never seen a mixed blood able to subdue a pureblood. He walked almost meekly to his master and gently touched his right shoulder.

"Please put him down," Rex said begging Ray. "Whip me if you want to hurt someone." He then bowed his head, "After all, I am the one who hurt you."

"I don't take up much space and I can eat dog food," Rex continued when Ray did not release George. "You can even put me in a dog house"


Ray felt ashamed now and slowly lowered George to the ground. The very idea of someone else being willing to eat dog food and sleep in a dog house repulsed him. He felt so small. Ray then turned his own anger on himself and collapsed.


Iris, George and Rex each saw the form of Ray collapse at the same time and rushed to his aid. None of them wanted him to self destruct. Both Iris and George knew that Ray could easily kill himself if they allowed the boy to sink too deeply into his own mind. All three of them knew that death would come to them all if the boy was prepared for the dinner that evening with Antino, in just two hours.


"<Ray, I need you to help me with something in the house,>" Iris projected hopefully toward her grandson.


No response...


"<I am sorry I didn't tell you,>" George began to project. He felt very guilty, "<I will never lie or mislead you again.">

No response...

"<Please come back to us, Antino is expecting you.>" Iris projected.

No response...

Rex sat there, got an idea and then whispered "He is probably going to be mad at me for this but..." He then closed his eyes. "<Your mate would think this was foolishness, MASTER!!!>" He thought projected.

Ray's eyes flew open with the look of hated almost instantly replaced by a smile. "You are right, he would have." He then playfully and weakly slapped Rex's shoulder. "Never call me MASTER."

"Well if we are going to have another person around the house," Iris began, "At least you can do is introduce us." She then helped Ray to his feet.

"Grandma, this is Rex," Ray began. "Rex, you already know who my grandma is, everybody knows who she is."

Rex stood with his head slightly bowed and said in reverence, "The Great Mar'uul, Grand Queen of all Bear Thropes, whose voice is second only to the Great Counsel of the Conclave and the Ancient himself."

Iris blushed and waved the young boy off with "Yeah, something like that. Around here I am just grandma...UNDERSTAND!"

Rex nodded and said softly, "Yes ma'am"

"I realize you are now Ray's slave" Iris said softly and then sighed. "Around here you are not any different than anyone else." She began to explain. "I know my grandson and he hates the idea, but he did it to save your life and his heart."

Ray nodded when she looked at him for confirmation.

"He was right though," Iris went on, "we don't have a lot of room. SO I guess you will be bunking with him or sleeping on the couch, you'alls choice."

Ray turned to Rex and said, "I will leave it up to you."

George then said "We need to get the stuff in the house guys." He then opened his PDA and looked at it. "The laptop, computer and cell phone can stay in the car, Antino has plans for them." George saw Ray's head drop and then he smiled. "Don't worry, He is going to have a tech modify them for you and give them back either tonight or tomorrow after training."

Ray smiled and then turned to George and said, "I am sorry"

"I know," George responded. "I had to allow you to make your own choices from your own heart, not because he is my brother."

Ray smiled. "I am going to hold you to your promise you know..."

"You scamp!"

Thirty minutes later the cars were empty of all packages and bags expect for computer, laptop and cell phone. Rex was in Ray's room helping Ray get dressed. Rex had decided to stay in the same room with Ray, but had not informed him yet. George was in the living room explaining the day's events to Iris and Gene. Everyone but Ray knew that Ray's worries about finances were not necessary anymore. They knew he would find out later in the evening.

Ray came out of his room followed by Rex. He was dressed in his new clothes. Rex had chosen Ray to wear black deck shoes, black slacks, electric blue shirt and white pin tie. The effect was breath taking on both Rex and George. Both of Ray's grandparents thought he was handsome.

Just as Ray came out of his room George's phone rang with moonlight serenade, Antino's special ring. George answered on the 2nd ring. "Yes sir?"

"He is fully dressed and we were getting ready to leave in five," George responded. Antino apparently liked that as he hung up and a moment later so did George.

"We ready?" George asked with a big smile.

"Sure" Ray echoed.

The three of them walked to George's car. Rex held the back door open for Ray, once Ray was safely inside, Rex and George got in the front seats. A few moments later the car was heading down the road.

{T-o-b-a-n} came a voice that sounded faint and out of focus in Ray's mind.

Ray flinched, it felt wrong.

{To-ban} came a different voice but still out of focus

"Huh" Ray said verbally this time.

"What?" Rex responded immediately.

"I thought I heard something" Ray responded.

"Well, we didn't say anything" George said.

The car traveled a few minutes in silence and Ray began to believe that his mind was just playing tricks on him.

{To-b-an} came a third voice but it was still out of focus, like a radio out of tune, Ray decided.

"<WHAT?>" Ray projected back.

"<I didn't say anything.>" George projected back.

"I didn't say anything Ray." Rex said softly.

"Someone is calling my clan name," Ray growled in frustration.

George nodded. "I think I may know what is going on," He paused. "But I am not for sure." He then thought for a second, "the next time it happens, project up instead of out and see what happens."

The rest of the ride was quiet. They arrived at a closed restaurant and parked in the parking lot. George led the boys to the back entrance and unlocked the door. He then led them to the door going to the basement, down the basement stairs into the basement itself. The basement had a walk-in refrigerator and walk-in freezer. George led them into the walk-in refrigerator. A small electronic touch pad was on the far wall.

After keying his special code, the boys watched as the back refrigerator wall slide into the floor to reveal a staircase going down. This new staircase was made of stone. Once everyone was on the staircase, the refrigerator wall slid back into place.

"Down here, boys" George said with a smile. He then began to lead then down the dark staircase.

After walking half dozen steps, the stair well was lit by small led lights hidden in the wall just above the stairs themselves. After what felt like a flight of stairs, Ray felt fresh air coming from in front of him. Ray noticed several large fans circulating air above him as he came into a new area.

The stairs opened up into a large underground cavern. The cavern itself was lit by a combination of gas powered torches and electric lights. The cavern was divided into sections and floors. There were open areas with furniture as well as closed areas that looked like buildings inside the vast cavern. Ray noticed at different spots along the way two or three individuals would be standing more or less at attention, like guards. Then he noticed a large area in the middle of the cavern on top of one of the buildings that had a large table with chairs.

George noticed Ray's gaze. "Yeah that is where you are going to be having dinner."

There at the bottom of the stairs was Antino. His face was a mixture of concern and welcome. The instant he saw Ray's wrist, Antino flew into a rage and bolted at George. He hit him with the force of men, knocking him off his feet and into the air, slamming him into the far stone wall. Antino roared in fury.

George slowly began to rise from the rubble that his form created out of that portion of the wall. The hit and impact hurt him physically in the extreme, but if he did not rise, he was a dead man.

Ray roared in response to Antino's fury. The hurt had been his and no one else's. Ray put himself between Antino and his fallen protector. "HE DID NOTHING WRONG!" Ray roared at Antino.

The hum of the Cavern became tomb silent. No one spoke to the Ancient that way. Instantly two vampire guards appeared at each side of Ray and grabbed him to restrain him.

"NEVER TOUCH HIM!" screamed Antino to the guards who immediately fell back and disappeared.

"What happened?" Antino said in a more civilized voice, trying to regain his composure. Antino led Ray to a seating area just offside the entry of the cavern.

"Let me begin at the beginning," Ray said. He then told Antino everything that had happened that day, including his feelings about having a slave. Ray explained he understood, but still didn't like it. Antino laughed at that.


Antino ordered that the computer, laptop and cell phone in George's car would be updated and given back to Ray as soon as possible. The wall would be fixed and George's wounds would be looked after, that Ray found out was the closest to an apology George ever received from Antino. Antino then apologized to Ray for not telling him about the order of protection he had placed around him.

Antino then turned around and began to lead Ray in another direction and said, "Let me intro..."


Ray's nerves had it with this voice and he shot out {[<WHAT!>]}

At that instant from five different hidden areas around them, five boys fell to the floor clutching their heads. Some of them were moaning others were just silently rolling on the floor in agony.

Antino began to laugh and he turned to look at the astonished face of Ray. "Toban, may I introduce you to Damian..." He said pointing to a dark long haired boy who had began to regain some self-control. "Micah," he said pointing to another dark haired boy this one had short hair. "And the rest of my Brat pack."

"The Brat pack are 'Fangs'". Vampiric children created by drinking their parent's blood. They have additional strength, speed and longer life, but very few of the weaknesses. They cannot disobey the orders of their parents even if it means their own death." Antino explained. "I sent them out this evening to see if you could `hear' them." He then chuckled, "Apparently you could.

"It sounded like a badly tuned radio stuck under water," Ray cried in attempt to explain his actions.

"I am sure it did," Antino said dismissively. He then turned to the boys on the ground and said, "Get up and go."

The boys quickly began to get up and move away. They continued rub their heads but remained silent. None of them dared to look back. Their fun was over for the night.

"It is time you and I had a long talk Toban," Antino said softly.

"Not now Toban, I am sure that the boy is hungry and you have guest to take care of," admonished a woman who walked up behind Toban as they spoke.

Antino's broke into a large smile and he ducked his head like a little child and playfully said "Yes, mother..."

Ray snapped around to look at the woman that the oldest vampire he knew would call `MOTHER'. She was dressed elegantly in a black dress that showed she was ALL woman. She was a modern day Mae West, blonde with huge breasts, commanding eyes, near perfect curves and long legs. She even wore black hose and high heels. Ray noticed her necklace and earrings were real blood rubies.

Antino kissed her hand, then her left breast and then the right side of her neck. He then turned to Ray and said "Toban may I introduce Lady Elzabeth, Leader of the Conclave Elders, Leader of the Shadow Lords and My 1st born."

Ray's eyes immediately went to the floor and he blushed. "I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady." Ray heard a light giggle and a very soft hand touch his face.

"You either look at my Ta-tas or my eyes when talking to me young man" Lady Elzabeth began. "thats ways I knows yous like me" She then laughed. "And everyone calls me, Mother, child."

Ray immediately looked her in the eyes and smiled, "Yes, mother."

"Good," She said, and then surprised him by pulling him into a bone crushing hug.

The hug felt oddly peaceful and calming to Ray. He felt the ancient strength of the woman, but also he knew she was a port in an emotional storm for him if he ever needed it. Emotions passed between the two of them in the momentary hug that would take years to verbalize. Elzabeth pulled away from the hug and said, "We gots to get our newest Shadow Lord all trained up and ready, now don't we?"

Ray looked at her dumbstruck, but nodded. The realization of what she said seeped into his mind and everything finally made sense. He realized that he was a talented psychic, but he thought it was just a human or bear Thrope based ability; but now he knew that it was much more. He now knew at least partly why Antino took such a liking to him. He was to be a Shadow Lord.

Elzabeth nodded and smiled at Ray and then began to lead him in the direction of the building that the dining table was on top of the roof. Rex stood to one side as they passed and when they walked by he stepped in line two steps back from Ray with his head slightly bowed.

"He is new to yous," Elzabeth said nodding to Rex.

"Yes," Ray nodded.

"He's a doin whata he suppose to by being two steps behind," Elzabeth explained softly.

Ray nodded silently. He hated obvious forms of protocol that had no real purpose other than making people feel separate from one another. He rolled his eyes though in disgust.

At the table sat a medium skinned black male vampire wearing a peach and teal woman's pant suit and hat. His nails were long and painted silver with a line of gold glitter down the center. He was talking animatedly with a very light skinned white woman with long curly brown hair and almost black eyes. Her dress was a deep royal purple and she wore a simple but elegant silver necklace. The only other person at the table was another woman sitting by herself with her eyes closed. Her hair was the color of honey and cut shoulder length. She wore a plain blue dress that was matched by the slight tint of her own skin.

Antino held the chair for Elizabeth and once she was seated, held a chair for Ray. He then sat down himself. The conversation ended and the woman's eyes opened. Antino smiled intently to everyone in turn, beginning and ending with Ray. "Welcome everyone; I am glad everyone could make it on such short notice."

"I would like to introduce everyone that has not already met him to Toban." Antino said, with a gentle sweep of his hand toward Ray.

"Toban, I would like to introduce to you Jeremiah St. Jorah, Death Knight and fashion plate extreme," Antino said pointing to the black man,

The man nodded and smiled. "Charmed, sugar" in his accent thickly Cajun.

He then pointed to dark haired woman, "Madame Charlett, Shadow Vampire and my grandchild." The woman's face was momentarily obscured by a shadow and then visible again.

"Last but not least," Antino said turning to blue skinned woman, "Sharon Dal`gen'gel`n a Lasan De'nan."

Ray blinked fast three times. Lasan De'nan meant that the woman in front of him was actually three creatures in one, two symbiots, the Lasan and the De'n and the host. No wonder she had blue skin; it was caused by the De'n.

The woman smiled and said, "Glad to meet you."

"You as well," Ray said nodding to her and then to each of the others.

At that moment an older woman came to the table carrying a silver serving platter with a decanter on it and began to pour from it for everyone except Sharon who was drinking from a water glass. Ray immediately noticed that the drink was not wine or water, it was blood.

Antino noticed his young guest's building apprehension and just smiled to him. "Thropes even of mixed blood have a desire for meat I know, but even they have a need for the blood. It gives us all strength and stamina." He paused. "It stops unwanted accidents from happening," he said very pointedly.

Ray realized that he was going to have to drink, but he did not want to have to drink the blood of someone who had been murdered for it.

Antino smiled and seemed to realize Ray's concern, "Young one, I have a supply of donors. Who willingly give their blood to us, for money, sex or just for the feel of it." He said softly. "Would you like to see tonight's refreshment?"

"I do not doubt your word, Antino," Ray said in all sincerity.

"I know," Antino said but snapped his fingers.

A young woman about the age of twenty five was slowly led out. A long tube was hanging from her arm and clamped off. She looked as if she was brought before royalty when she saw Antino. She began to attempt to fall to her knees, but a head shake from Antino stopped that. The woman was brought within hands reach of Ray. He then noticed a tattoo on her other arm in the shape of  .

"The Tattoo means that she is not to be treated as food," replied Charlett. "She is the private wine stock of the ancient himself and it is death to feed off of her and anyone with that tattoo."

Ray nodded to the woman who nodded back and then was led back into another room quietly. "I meant no disrespect, Antino."

"None was taken, Toban," Antino said. He then smiled, "But some would be taken if you didn't at least try the blood."

Ray screwed up his face and lifted the goblet to his mouth and allowed the thick warm liquid to coat his tongue and throat. His eyes popped open in shock, it actually was not bad! He was sure it was going to make him sick, but it actually made him feel stronger, more vital, and more alive. Ray's face relaxed and actually began to flush. He tipped the goblet up and drained it.

As Ray drained the remained of the blood he heard Jeremiah snicker, "I think Mikey likes it, ya'll."

"It's a good thing I am putting him to work," Antino responded. "He could drink me out of house and home."

The whole room exploded in laughter after that, even Ray began to laugh. Dinner was an excellent affair. George arrived a few moments later patched up and with a mutual nod to Antino sat opposite of Ray. The dinner consisted of rare deer for the carnivores and vegetable salad for the Lasan De'nan and Ray also had some as well as four more glasses of blood. He was only matched by George and Antino.

After dinner Antino walked with Ray.

"Your computer, laptop and Cell phone have been modified and returned to George's car." He began softly. "I never wanted to hurt you," then said almost as if he were going to cry.

"One day you are going to be very powerful and you need guidance and love," he finally said, "I can give you only so much. "Others can give you more, but only when you are ready." He then turned to Ray. "You have my protection, but just understand it may seem a bit severe at times, but it is to keep you safe from harm." Antino then touched Ray's face. "If that human ever touches you again and you don't kill him, I will." He said it with such coldness that Ray knew with certainty it would happen.

Antino then lowered his lips onto Ray's and kissed him gently. The kiss was neither passionate, nor romantic but showed the tie of ownership. Antino owned Ray and at the same level Ray owned Antino. Antino then pulled Ray into an embrace and said, "from now on, the behavior of George and your slave Rex, his brother, are yours to deal with. I will not interfere. You have shown you can handle it with proper leadership.

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