The Breed

By Dream Janus


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Chapter 5 "Training Begins"


            The night air was intoxicating to Ray as they left the building that night. His senses were alive with energy, but at the same time he felt more at home in his skin than he ever had before in his life. The feeling of the very air crossing his skin was almost like that of a lover's hand. He now knew what it was to truly be alive.


            "Do you drink regularly?" asked George with goofy grin on his face.


            George smiled as the boy playfully bumped into him as they reached the car. "Yeah, but only about once a week, Bears and Wolfs who live in the cities usually have to pay the Vamps or the Ghouls for the blood, since hunting is restricted, unless you got a taste for the live stock, then you can get it real cheap at the slaughterhouse."


            "Most of us go hunting once a month in the woods and store the blood." Rex interjected. "We get moose, elk, deer and occasionally the odd hunter." He said with a smirk. "We never kill for them for sport, only if they are injured and it doesn't look like they are going to survive." Rex added with cold honesty.


            They drove back to Ray's grandparent's house with the windows open. Ray occasionally stuck his head out the window. He enjoyed the breeze in his face. The smells of the city swept over him coloring his sense of smell just as the lights of the city did his sense of sight. His sex was inflamed but he felt control, a pillar of ice to match the pillar of fire.


            Ray's mind flowed from one thought to another. Antino his benefactor and ever present on his mind, handsome and ever so erotic, but yet he was not attracted to him sexually. George his protector and body guard handsome and muscular, sexy and cute and oh, yes, he was drawn to him, but yet... Rex his new slave equally handsome and sexy, cute and yes, he was drawn to him, but would he be breaking a rule or a law by sleeping with his slave. He missed Tommy so much that it hurt.

            Iris was up when the car pulled in the drive way. She was not really waiting up for her grandson; she usually stayed up late anyway, so it gave her a good excuse. She knew that he was going to be going through many changes now. She had kept him away from as many of the clan gatherings to protect him from their vicious racial slurs and as much physical abuse as possible. Now that he was connected with Antino and the Conclave he was protected from that entirely but he was going to be exposed to a whole different and new type of danger now. She realized that she was too old to protect him from these new dangers.


            Ray came into the house happy and smiling. George followed carrying Ray's computer. Rex followed soon after carrying the laptop box and the cell phone box. Ray kissed his grandmother hello and gave her a happy hug.


            Iris laughed at her grandson. It made her feel good to see him happy. It had been so long since he had been this way. Tommy's illness and death had caused Ray to loose all his happiness over the last year, not to mention the abuse he had to withstand at the hands of his mother's boyfriends and the members of the Thrope clans. Now the limited happiness he had once felt had returned.


            "I am going to setup your computer," George announced with a questioning look toward Iris. After a small nod, he walked into Ray's room and left the boys alone with the older woman.


            "Ray," Iris began, "your life is going to be changing over the next weeks and your grandfather and I want you to know that we will be here for you." She hugged him gently. "We also know that your life has already begun to change," she said nodding toward Rex with a slight smirk. "I want you to realize that while you are an adult in the eyes of the Conclave and the Clans, you are still part human and may still need a bit of growing to do on that part." .She paused, "If you need to talk, feel free to come to me."


            "Thank you, Grandma," Ray said cuddling his smaller grandmother. "Antino and Elzabeth said I was a Shadow Lord."


            "Oh, you met the Conclave mother," Iris beamed, "that is wonderful." She then smiled. "I suspected for sometime that you might be an untrained Shadow Lord." Iris closed her eyes and shook her head. Her greatest wish and greatest fear had been realized at the same moment. "Just remember to do your best and you will make your grandfather and me very proud."


            Ray hugged her tightly and then walked to his room to watch George work on the computer.


            Rex remained in the living room and talked with Iris. They discussed his responsibilities as a new member of the house, what he was expected to do as a slave of Ray and what they expected of him.


            George had the computer set up on Ray's desk. "The computer is now connected through a secure router to the Conclave's main frame." George explained. "It has basically the speed of a T3." He crossed the room and held up the laptop. "It also has a connection, about the speed of a dual wireless DSL. Both have unlimited access to the internet. This connection allows Antino to contact you securely by email, IM, video or audio if you are on the computer at home. Of course you can contact anyone else you happen to have their information as well."


            Ray walked up to George and felt the need to hug him. The sight of Antino hitting him in anger hurt him. The hug brought comfort to both the large man and the boy that gave it. Affection and comfort were exchanged without a word being spoken between them. Ray touched George's chin and gently pulled his face toward his own.


            Their lips touched so gently, again and then again. Passion filled both of their bodies as they mashed their mouths together again. Their tongues dueled for conquest of each others mouths. Ray began to feel George's massive muscled arms and chest. George continued to kiss Ray as he felt his shoulders and back.


            They both began to growl in their chest, as they kissed and nibbled on each others necks. George then groaned, "I can't!"


            "Why not?" growled Ray, who then grasped George's very engorged and hardened cock through his pants.


            "Well, it isn't that I can't" George said correcting himself. "I want to...SO BAD!" He laughed. "It is just that...Oh shit, I can't say it right." George said and then blushed. "I don't want us to just fuck; I want it to be love." He then teared up. "I realize you can't love me right now; you still love Tom-my."


            Ray was immediately taken back by the emotions of the large man. He realized the man was right. He knew he already cared deeply for the man, but it was very different than love. Ray realized given time he could eventually fall in love with George, but he certainly wasn't going to make it easy for anyone else to do it in the meantime.


            Ray calmed down and kissed George gently again on the lips. "I wish I could love you right now, you deserve to be loved." He said softly. "Maybe I will be able to when I am done training?"


            George smiled and said with a great deal of hope. "Then you better train hard."


            An hour later, Ray was prepared for bed. George kissed him good night. "I will pick you and Rex up here after school." He announced, just as Rex entered into the bedroom. "Bring your school things; you will have a couple hours of study time before training begins."


            Ray nodded and smiled. "No early morning rides?"

            "You have a ride now," George responded flatly.


            Ray stuck his lower lip out in a mock pout "Yeah, but it isn't you."


            George laughed and softly said "you will get to see enough of me as it is, My Toban'aNeigha (Toban the capturer/warrior)."


            Rex turned down the bed for Ray and himself. He then said "See you tomorrow, George."


            George excused himself from the room and walked out of the house silently.


            Ray undressed down to his tan boxer briefs. He stretched and flexed, then walked to the bed and looked at Rex. "I always sleep on the left side." He said softly. He then climbed in bed and rolled on his side.


            Rex looked at Ray with a questioning look and then also stripped down to his boxers. He climbed into the bed on the right side and also rolled on his side. Rex slowly slid his arm around Ray's body and draped it on his chest. Rex was surprised when Ray pulled his hand and arm tighter into him. He then cuddled in tightly into Ray's back, nuzzling Ray's neck gently.


            The boys slept contently that night holding each on to each other. Rex's cock grew hard with the warmth of Ray's ass pressing on it. Ray's cock grew hard from the contact his ass felt from Rex's cock. Neither boy realized what their bodies were going through.


            At 5:30 Rex began to stir, he felt his cock wedged in the warm crease of Ray's ass. He realized that they both were hard and it would be impossible to move without waking Ray, but he needed to go to the bathroom and begin making their breakfast. Rex took a small breath and began the smallest movements his muscles could make in an attempt to dislodge himself from Ray's warm grip.


            "Go ahead and move," Ray said in a very sleepy voice. "I realize you need to get up, but I love the feeling of having someone in bed with me again," he mumbled.


            Rex began to move in more active motions, but still was careful not to disrupt Ray's sleep too much. He slowed down and ran his hand over Ray's chest slowly. "I only wish you could love me," he whispered and then got up and went into the kitchen to fix breakfast.


            When the alarm woke Ray up at 6:30, the house smelled of eggs, toast and cooking meat, Ray quickly dressed and went to the dining room.


            Rex immediately began to dish up a plate of eggs, toast and rare venison for Ray. He smiled at the hungry look on Ray's face. Rex put the plate on the table and pulled the chair out for Ray. His eyes twinkled when Ray dove on the plate with relish. Rex went back into the kitchen and brought back a large glass of blood.


            "Antino gave you a supply of blood to keep you pumped." Rex explained. "George left it in the refrigerator last night before he left."


            Ray took the blood expectantly and sipped it. The taste was different; the feeling was slower to grow and did not peak as high as last night. The look of disappointment was evident on Ray's face. He looked at Rex with a demanding expression.


            Rex burst out with a laugh and then remembered his place and stifled it. "Sorry, but it is funny. Antino will find it amusing that his protégé is such a blood connoisseur." Rex said to explain his out burst. "The blood is stockyard blood; most of us are satisfied with that, apparently you aren't." Rex began to take the glass away thinking that Ray would not want it any more. "I will attempt to get you a supply of human."    


            Ray held the glass onto the glass and would not all Rex to remove it. "No, don't take it." he said softly. "It is fine; I just wasn't expecting it to be different." Ray then took a healthy gulp of the thick red liquid. "We can get a small supply of human but not too much, just for every once in a while." He said once he had swallowed. A small trickle of the blood escaped his mouth and ran down his chin.


            "Easy enough to fix" Rex said. He then smiled at Ray. Ray looked so adorable to him. He wanted to kiss him right now, but he did not want to offend or make him angry. "You have some on you chin" he said instead.


            "Thanks," Ray mumbled and grabbed a paper napkin that was always kept in the center of the table.


            Twenty minutes later the boys were preparing for the day at school. "Remember to pack your laptop," Rex reminded Ray softly. "Antino wants you to have that and your cell phone with you at all times when you are not here or at the Conclave."


            "Oh yeah," Ray said as he raced back into his room to get them off of their chargers.


            "Knowing Antino, he will have someone send you an email today about training, if he doesn't do it himself," Rex said with a sly grin.




            At school, Ray was surprised to see George. He was talking to Mike. The little guy was smiling and talking animatedly with George. George was dressed just like he was a member of the band himself, in a grey sweat suit and tennis shoes. Apparently he was here to help out today.


            Mr. Borden walked up to George and shook hands and then walked off. That showed Ray that George was now an accepted fixture around the band room, at least as far as the band director was concerned.


            After band practice, Mike caught up with Ray and began talking with him. "Hey Ray, how's it goin?" His voice squeaked. The tension radiated off of him in waves.


            "It's good dude," Ray responded trying to be both friendly and yet not put off by the tension the other boy projected.


            "" Mike began. His face flushed. He began to sweat and his body began to put off excessive amounts of fear enzymes.


            Ray's nose crinkled. He had to put a stop to this before the boy had a heart attack or he bolted. "Yes, yesterday when I said you could change with us, I was serious."


            Mike's face washed with relief and his body flooded with the release of the tension and now was giving off the light scent of pheromone. He was happy to at least be able to change in peace.


            Ray was content that the boy was happy. The added bonus was that Mike was kind of cute to look at, even if he was on the skinny side.


            While they changed, Ray noticed something about Mike. He did not know how he knew, but Ray realized that Mike did not have any friends in school. That actually made him mad. Even if he had to ask Antino to change his training schedule around some, he was going to try to be a friend to Mike.


            "Hey Mike man," Ray started, "What are you doing for lunch?"


            [I was going to ask you out!] George glared at Ray.


            [And what is stopping you from coming too, he is friendless] retorted Ray.


            "Planned on eating in the cafeteria" responded Mike softly.


            "Naw man, you're going to Bundy Burgers with George, Rex and Me, my treat." Ray responded.


            "I really can't man, thanks." Mike said almost in tears. He didn't have any money and did not want to be seen as the poor kid.


            "Did I ask? Naw, I asked what you were doing. Then when you told me you were poisoning yourself in the cafeteria..." Ray said with a big goofy grin "I told you that you were coming with us." He then looked Mike directly in the eyes. "I am paying."


            Ray then stood up and folded his arms and winked at George, he also folded his arms at that suggestion. "My big friend and I could always hold you down and tickle torture you until you agree." Ray's eyes gleamed mischievously.


            Mike squirmed self consciously as he was very ticklish. He blushed, ducked his head and fought a smile that finally broke across his face. "Ok, you got me. I'll go."


            [That is one of the things that I love about you.] George projected.




            Lunch was chaotic, it was decided that Rex should drive as George did not know where Bundy Burgers was or even what it was. The burger joint was a local land mark for the high school kids; it had been there for forty years and had served some of the kids parents when they went to the same high school.


            Without asking as soon as they entered the door Ray yelled to the waitress. "Hey Darla, 3 doubles screaming everything, 1 double dead everything, 4 fries, 4 chocos. He then grabbed George and Mike by the hand and led them to a booth. Rex followed behind with a large smirk on his face. George was concerned that he was not going to be able to eat the food, if it was over cooked.


            The diner had the atmosphere of a 1950's diner but that was when it was built, not because it was a modern recreation. It even had the table top jukebox.


            The waitress Darla walked up the table and smiled. "How's school boys?" she said focusing on the younger boys.


            All three boys mumble, "Ok".


            Darla then turned to George. "You are a bit big for the school crowd," she said with wink. The wink was both flirtatious and revealed a  tattoo on her right eye lid.


            George blinked twice and then nodded. The  was given to humans that were friends of breed, to show breed who they could go to for safety and who not to feed on. George was sure she had a large version of the tattoo somewhere else on her body, but she enjoyed using that one as a surprise.   Both Ray and Rex with stifling the giggles, they both knew; the scamps.


            Darla heard the order bell ring and hurried off to retrieve the order that was ready. Moments later their order was ready. George was surprised when he found that Ray's Rex's and his own burger were rare, almost raw and Mike's was done. The fries were excellent and the chocos were very thick chocolate milk shakes in old fashion milk shake glasses.


            The conversation revolved around school for the most part and then Ray brought up the only other subject he felt was safe, the club. "So, what is the name of the club?"


            "Club Exile," Rex answered immediately. "It's a non-alcoholic dance club for teenagers and after 1 it becomes an after hours club open to anyone." He then smiled. "It don't matter if you are gay, straight, bi or tri, you are always welcome at Club Exile."


            "Sounds kind of cool," mumbled Mike. "What will you be doing there?


            "Ray will be the doorman," George responded "and I am the bouncer."


            "Yeah, I start right after the game on Friday," Ray echoed.


            Just then Ray's cell phone began to ring; the ringtone was "Hail to the Chief", his choice for Antino. "Good afternoon, Antino."


            Antino responded, "I hope you are still in school."


            "We are on our lunch break, but yes," Ray explained.


            "Can we talk?" Antino asked.


            "Not possible right now, I am with friends." Ray responded.


            "Ah humans," Antino acknowledged.


            "Well yes, George, Rex and Mike." Ray said conversationally, yet at the same time telling him who was with him.


            "I understand completely." Antino said. "The reason I called was to make sure you check your email. There is an email with your training schedule on it. It is pretty extensive, but I am sure you will be able to make a go of it."


            "I am sure I will," Ray responded. He then went into the subsonic vocal range. "I will need to talk to you about Mike, he is friendless and I feel I can help."


            "Of course my boy, of course," Antino responded.


            "Thank you," Ray responded in his normal voice.


            "Bye for now," Antino responded and hung the phone up.


            "It is about time to return you all to school," George said solemnly.


            In Study Hall Ray pulled out his laptop and opened his email.


            The email read:


Study hall

Conclave Law -- Antino

Physical Training -- George

Mental Training- Elzabeth

Breed Anatomy- Antino



Study hall

Weight Training - George

Breed Practical -- Varied



Study hall

Physical Training -- George

Mental Training - Elzabeth

Conclave History -- Antino & Elzabeth

Breed Anatomy- Antino



Study hall

Weight Training - George

Breed Practical -- Varied


"Damn and this is Wednesday," thought Ray.




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