The Breed

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 7 "First Blood"

Ray was furious as the car pulled away from Tully's convenience store. Poor Mike's left eye was so swollen that it was fused shut. It's black and red color had angered Ray, Rex and George. When Mike limped up to the car their fury rose even higher. It reached an even more violent fever when he winched and held his side as he struggled to get inside the car. Ray forced Mike into a dreamless sleep.

George turned the car into an industrial area of town. "I am taking him to the 7th street Haven," George announced. "Tyler and the boys should be able to take care of him for a few days, while he lays low and heals."

"I don't want him out of our sight for too long," Ray said coldly while holding Mike's battered head on his lap.

"I understand," George said softly, so not to anger Ray further. "Toban we have to place him somewhere so we can take care of his father." He then sighed. "If we have to deal with the mother as well, I would rather it be quick."

"Doesn't he have siblings?" Rex asked.

"A brother and a sister, both away at college I think," Ray responded.

"Good, no loose ends," George said coldly.

The car turned into more run down area of the industrial area of town. The area had several factory and warehouse buildings with `For Sale' signs on them. Some of the buildings were in fairly good condition, other with broken windows and broken in doors. The street signs read 7th and Network when the car began to slow.

Ray attempted a few gentle probes into Mike's unconscious mind as the car slowed to a stop. Ray felt that he could help Mike heal the emotional wounds, but didn't want to push too deep. His anger could hurt Mike's already frail, emotional framework and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

The car stopped in front of three story factory with a loading dock. The building appeared to have little or no light on inside. George stopped the car and shut off its lights. George sighed deeply, he hated having to use the Havens, but to protect this child from the pain that life had dealt him so far, a short stay would not be too bad for him. George knew that Tyler would protect Mike from the darker side of everything.

Rex hopped out of the car and walked up the building's loading ramp to the only visible sliding door and knocked on it in a pattern of three -- two -- three -- three -- one. He waited a moment and then repeated the pattern again. He waited a moment and then the door slid open a few inches.

"We are closed," a voice echoed from inside the building.

"I speak for someone who seeks `Haven'," Rex responded at the same volume of the speaker.

"Where are they, I do not see anyone but you?" The voice responded.

"The one who seeks `Haven' has been injured badly and is in the car with Lord Toban," Rex responded.

"A Lord is out there?" The voice said showing excitement and stress. The next moment the door opened wider. Two younger teen boys and an older teen boy walked quickly out the door and jumped down off the platform. They walked quickly to the car and then noticed the battered body of Mike lying in the back seat with his head in Ray's lap. All three teens came to an abrupt halt when they noticed Mike's condition. All three teens bowed their heads in respect to Ray.

George got out of the car and walked over to the passenger side. He shook hands with the oldest of the three teens, which stood in the middle of the three. "Tyler this is Lord Toban, protege of the Ancient and protege of Lady Elzabeth, Grandson of Mar'uul of the Bears. The wounded human is Mike, Lord Toban's Felmar (protectorate/friend)."

Tyler turned to the boy on his left, "Justin, please take Mike to the room next to my office." He then nodded in the direction of Ray. "That is, of course, if Lord Toban allows it."

The blond Justin moved slowly toward the car and looked at Ray with a bit of fear in his eyes. "May I open the car door, Lord Toban?"

"Yes," Ray answered softly, "get some help, be careful with his head. He definitely has trauma there and probably has some bruised or broken ribs."

Rusty, the other boy, looked intently at the building and transmitted an emergency call for more help. Almost immediately three other boys rushed out of the building. The next few minutes were taken up with the boys carefully removing Mike's unconscious body from the car, allowing Ray to also finally leave the car and stretch his legs.

Rex came up behind Ray and wrapped his arms around him gently drawing him into a warm embrace. Rex knew that Ray's anger would only be fully be satisfied by the death of the man that put their friend in so much pain, but he attempted to distract him for the moment.

Ray felt the reflection of his anger welling up in the form of tears. He did not want to be seen as weak. It was not proper for a Shadow Lord to be seen crying in public. Instead he turned into Rex's embrace and hugged him tightly. Ray then buried his face into Rex's chest so he could wipe away his tears under the guise of showing him affection, only he and Rex would know the truth.

George walked up a moment later and smiled at his brother and their shared Zome. There was no jealousy in his heart toward his brother. He knew that they shared equal but different places of love in Ray's heart. George walked up behind Ray and held him gently for a moment, allowing his love to complete the circuit on the other side of Ray.


"Tyler would like to know if you would like a tour of the Haven before we take care of business," George whispered as they hugged.

Ray nodded and they slowly broke their unusual hug. They walked toward the building. Tyler met them at the front door. Ray noticed that while Tyler had the feeling of a vampire, he did not feel just right as a vampire. He extended a small feeler out and then realized that Tyler was a Fang, but then again something else was not quite right.

"Tyler, who is your parent?" Ray blurted out as they began their tour.

Tyler laughed smiling, "That is an interesting story," Tyler responded. "I am doubly adopted. My first parent did it illegally," he explained. "The Conclave and the Ancient terminated him but could not allow me to be destroyed." Tyler sighed slightly sadly. "The ancient took me as a child instead of allowing me to be destroyed."

Ray realized that in the eyes of the Conclave, Tyler was his brother, more or less a half brother. In his mind he wanted to laugh, he was gaining family left and right now. "Well I guess that makes us sort of brothers," Ray said extending his hand. "Show us this Haven of yours."

Tyler led Ray through the building occasionally touching his hand, arm or shoulder as they talked. He showed them the building starting on the first floor, then second, third and finally the basement. Tyler never allowed Ray to be more than a few feet away from him on his left side. George never left Ray's right side and Rex took up the position behind Ray.

Tyler showed them that the first floor was for the humans who needed to disappear from normal society. The floor was divided into three sections: a large open section where mats could be placed on the floor for those who were only spending a night or two, another section was divided into small rooms for those who were longer term and the third section was kitchen and restrooms. Mats were handed out whenever a new person was brought in and they were shown to specific place to sleep, they were not allowed to change locations once they were given they sleeping spots. Two meals were provided at sunrise and sunset. The restrooms had showers in them which were available at sunrise, during the day and sunset.

The second floor was divided into two sections; the first section was offices with special rooms and the second section was small rooms that had shared restrooms. This floor was the Haven's offices and sleeping areas for Haven officers and protected humans. Tyler unlocked one door and revealed a nicely appointed but simply decorated office. "This is my office," he said with a bit of pride.

"It is very nice," Ray complimented with truthful honesty.

Tyler led them into the office and to an adjoining door. The door appeared to be made of wood, but when Tyler touched it to unlock it; the door did not make the sound of wood and instead made the sound of solid metal, most likely steel. When he unlocked it several internal mechanisms sounded after the key was removed and the door moved outward slightly.

Tyler pulled the door open with a bit of effort, the room beyond was dark. "This is our security room," Tyler began to explain. "We us it sort of like a jail cell or as a protective custody room, depending on the need. It has a bed, a desk, and its own bathroom and closed circuit camera," Tyler said with great pride. "No one short of the clean up crew could get in or out." He said with a smile. "The Ancient himself designed it."

Tyler then turned the light on and revealed the prone body of Mike on the bed. His injuries had been bandaged and the room looked more like a hospital room than a jail cell. "He is here for his own protection. Our healers are watching him by camera," Tyler explained as Ray and Rex both rushed to Mike's bedside. Their mutual rage was rekindled.

"Do not force him to remain here against his will, give him another room on this floor, when he is able." Ray said between flashes of rage, His eyes again turning dark. Unseen by all in the room, the shadow bracelet extended a smoky tendril out and into his hand. His skin turned momentarily ashy grey as it absorbed the tendril. "He is to be well fed, even if I have to pay for it."

Tyler nodded. "It looks as if I need to cut our tour short so you can go take care of some business, before your anger gets the best of you Lord Toban," he said with a slight bow. "Do come back so you can clean up and finish your tour."

"We will," George interjected quickly.

"I have a perfect room on this floor for you," Tyler said with a knowing smile. "It will be ready when you get back."

The car was almost silent as it came to a halt down the street from Mike's parent's house. Ray was quickly out of the car and pulling his dark blue shirt off of his muscled chest. The restrained rage had finally come to an end and it was time to do something about it. His pants followed quickly as the change began to take hold of him. Ray's dick strained in excitement as it felt the night air.

George's hairy barrel chest was revealed as he also removed his shirt in preparation of his change. His massively muscled legs knotted as he removed his dress pants and folded them neatly in the front seat of the car. His thick ridged manhood stood excitedly as he stretched to full height. The change flowed over George like the caress of an old lover.

Rex stood in the night and stiffed the air around them as he slowly removed his shirt. His well defined chest glowed in the streetlight. He reveled in the smells of the night, he loved the feel of the upcoming hunt, and he loved the feeling of bringing justice to those that hurt those weaker than themselves. He was going to enjoy seeing Ray hunt for the first time. His long thin cock stood tall and proud as he watched the change over take Ray and he began to feel the change wash slowly over his self.

Ray's blood felt like it was on fire. The world exploded with sounds, sights and smells. His flesh began to boil. The bones began to groan and scream. Ray's legs lengthened and his heel extended up his legs. A small blunt tail formed out of his ass, his spine became more pronounced and curved. Ray's forearms extended and the muscle mass multiplied, his shoulders and upper arms tripled in size, his chest expanded to twice its size in muscle mass. Ray's face distorted and changed his eyes changed to a cold black without any white; his mouth nose and chin formed into a short blunt muzzle with the nose looking like a cross between a bears and a wolf's. His ears rounded and rose slightly on his head as the whole shape of his skull reshaped into a more rounded form. Ray's whole body sprouted short course brown and silver fur to go with the hair he already had on his body. His grossly exaggerated human looking feet grew longer toe nails that hardened and extended until they touched the ground. His equally exaggerated human looking hands grew longer finger nails that hardened into claws. Ray's already present canine teeth extended further until he had vicious looking fangs.

The Thrope George bowed to the changed Toban. George's silver Kodak actually towered over a foot taller than the multi-breed that was Toban. The reddish Kodak that was Rex also bowed to Toban. [Let's kill this son of Mez`hae (bastard/bitch)!] Toban thought projected and growled.

Moments later they had performed surveillance on the house and found that only Mike's father and mother were home. The mother was apparently already in bed and asleep. The father, their prime target, was in the garage/workshop. It was quickly decided that Ray and Rex would deal with the Father since they both wanted to personally hurt the man who had brutalized their friend and George would as quietly as possible deal with the mother.

The exterior garage door was down when Toban's got into his planned position. He figured it was going to also be locked from the inside. The rage was hard to control even in this form, he wanted to just jump into the room and rip the man to shreds, showing the man his own beating heart ripped from his chest as he died. That very idea made a smile cross Toban's muzzle. He waited a ten count and then hit the wooden garage door hard. It splintered on the first hit. Toban heard a similar sound coming from the side of the garage that Rex was on.

Rex hit the wooden side door a moment after he heard Toban hit the large wooden garage door. The side door shattered and flew open in the first hit. Rex now had access to the garage and to the man who could have killed Mike. He growled as he walked into the room. A second explosive sound echoed from the garage door as Toban's second hit blew a large hole into it. Now Toban also could access this accursed man.

Mike's father was startled by the first explosive sound on his garage door and began to get fearful when his garage's side door blew off its hinges. He was terrified when he saw the monster that stalked in that door. Mike's father pissed his pants when a third explosion rocked the garage. He shit himself when he saw the mutant looking monster crawling in his now destroyed garage door. The urge to run over took him and he fled toward the house.

Toban jumped into the air upon seeing the man turn to flee. He knew that the prey had wasted on himself, but he did not care: this was not for food; this was for punishment. The jump ended just short of the man's location and allowed Toban to connect both forearms with the man's back. This sent the man sprawling onto the oil stained floor. Toban then stepped on the man's left foot and broke it. He laughed as he heard the bones snap and the man scream.

[You have trained your neighbors well, human; they ignored all the sounds of a fight coming from your house,] Toban projected into the man's mind with a taunting air. [It must have been all the years of beating your children,] he continued as he then snapped the man's other foot. Toban and Rex both laughed at the screams of the man.

Meanwhile inside the house the wife had been awakened by the explosive sounds coming from the garage. Before she had the opportunity to investigate, George crashed through the bedroom window and grabbed her in deadly bear hug, snapping her neck. She fell to the ground limply and silently.

In the garage, Toban turned the man over so he could look at the man directly and forced his mind into the man's mind. This had the subtlety of rape and the man released a silent mental scream at the violation that only Toban could hear. Toban smiled again as the pain was what he wanted the man to feel. He saw through the connection that not only had the man been physically abusive to Mike but had on occasion had raped the boy as well. The thought of Mike allowed the man to know why this was happening to him.

Unseen by anyone, the shadow necklace released a couple smoky tendrils out and into Toban's chest. The shadow bracelet extended another smoky tendril out and into his hand; his claws tinged a smoky black color. Toban felt a new power grow with him that he could not describe.

The feral urge to kill this man stuck both Toban and Rex at the same moment and they struck without mercy. Toban began using his claws to slash and cut the man. The man's leather clothes only protected him for a brief moment as the nearly razor sharp claws cut through them and into his flesh. Toban felt his power increase with each strike on flesh. He did not realize that his claws continued to darken and additional tendrils extended from both shadow items as he struck. Finally the urge for blood over took him and he dove face first into the man's gaping chest and gulped down as much blood as he could.

Unlike Toban, Rex tore into the man with his teeth and held the man as he bit and Toban ripped. The growling and grunting was almost as loud as the man's fading screams. Rex reveled in the fact that he could share the kill with Toban. This bastard deserved to be tortured for many more hours, but their animal nature simply would not allow them to play with their food for too long.

George could hear that the younger ones were almost finished with their portion of business. The very human looking George was standing naked in what used to be Mike's room. He had spent the remainder of his time collecting Mike's clothes and personal property so it could be taken to him. George knew once the clean up crew was there, nothing would remain to retrieve later. George had already collected six trash bags full of Mike's property ready for the car. He lifted up the telephone and dialed a number.

"This is Gew'org," He said softly. "Lord Toban needs a clean up at this location." He then listened. "Yes, two humans of his Felmar; they all need to disappear." He then listened again. "Felmar is at a Haven under security already," George listened again getting slightly frustrated. "He will deal with the Felmar himself, yes. Just make it appear the two other humans disappeared." He listened again with a raised eyebrow and tapping his foot. "Five minutes, fine." George then hung the phone up.

Five minutes later four black cars arrived. Three men and a woman in black suits got out of the first car and walked into the house and directly to George. "Where is Lord Toban?" The woman asked in a business like manner.

George walked the woman to the bathroom were Toban and Rex were showering together. He knocked on the door and said "Zome, the clean up crew is here."

Toban stuck his head out the door and smiled at George and then nodded at the woman. "I am Lord Toban."

"I have a message from Joshua of the Ghoul Council..." the woman began. "This one and the next one are on the house." She then smiled, "family courtesy."

The woman then shifted back into business mode, turned to the other men with her and said, "Full house--clean: typical replacement protocol; typical memory modifications on the neighbors." She then turned to Toban. "They have children of course, the Felmar and any others?"

"Two others away at college, but I doubt they worry about the parents disappearing," Toban explained. "The father was abusive and they used college as a way to escape the abuse. They will not be missed." He continued, "Mike, the Felmar, will be able to make a convincing story, once he knows what is going on."

Toban then blushed, "Can you get our clothes out of our car?"

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