The Breed

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 8 "More Family Problems"

George was happy to drive Ray to the house. Rex remained at the Haven to watch over Mike and help him when he woke up. The trip took two hours during which Ray held George's hand, occasionally kissed and they talked about Ray's upcoming first job. They planned that George would only stay in Calumet for three hours to make sure that things were going to go acceptable and then return to the Haven to help take care of Mike.

Ray walked into the house that Rosann shared with Paul, Paula, Valen and Toby in Calumet. He had not had time to visit his new home; Ray had spent the night with Rex and George at the Haven as guests of Tyler. He had checked on Mike several times over the night. He had just enough time to return to his grandparent's house to pick-up his clothes, laptop, cell phone and deposit the checks from his birthday.

Rosann noticed the Shadow Lord pin on Ray's shirt the first thing once he entered the house. She pulled Ray out of the house and into the yard so that Paul and Paula could not hear their conversation. Rosann knew her greatest fears and wishes had come true. "So you are now a Shadow Lord, son," she said softly. "That is a lot of responsibility," Rosann said touching his arm.

"I know," Ray said equally soft. "I had to save a friend from his father last night with George and Rex's help. They are becoming more like my new family," Ray paused and looked at his mother intently. [I want you to know that I have a new house and if and when you leave Paul, you can come and live at the house with us.] He projected to her silently.

She nodded and then said, "I will keep that in mind, but I don't think I will need to worry about it." Rosann felt she could deal with Paul if the situation got bad enough.

Just then Paul came out of the looking for Rosann; he looked as if he was angry. "It is about time you got your sorry faggot ass here!" He hissed.

Ray glared at Paul with unfettered hatred, "I am actually thirty minutes early, Paul!" He then showed Paul his digital watch, "I was supposed to be here at 6:00pm and it is 5:30."

Paul attempted to swat Ray's hand away but Ray moved it too quickly and Paul swatted at the empty air instead which made him even angrier. He was tired of the regular phone calls from his own mother wanting to know if "The Boy" was coming this evening, for sure. At that moment the phone rang. Paul knew it had to be his mother again as it had been another ten minutes since the last time she had called to ask the same question.

Paul turned around and returned to the house cussing just as he heard Paula shouting "Daddy it's Granny again" in a tired voice. They both were tired of the woman jamming the phone line worrying them about Ray's arrival. Paula also was expecting a call from at least two of her boyfriends and it was frustrating her that they could not get through.

Rosann nodded silently to Ray and walked back into the house. A moment later Ray was attacked by Valen and Toby who came running out of the house screaming "Ray, Bubba!" They jumped into Ray's arms and were swung around gently. The giggles of the two small children filled the air, followed by "More, more!"

Inside the house, Paul had just hung the phone up after telling his mother that Ray had finally arrived. He noticed that Rosann had the look in her eyes that said she had something to say. Paul sighed and rolled his eyes, "What is it?"

"Things have changed and you need to know about it" Rosann began, "Ray's job has..."

"I don't give a shit about your son" Paul said and then turned and walked off.

Rosann growled and stalked toward the kitchen. She actually began to think about Ray's idea of moving out on Paul and into his house. "He doesn't fuck that well"

That evening Ray joined the others in a small church on the outskirts of town. The Church was the type that consisted of a single room sanctuary and full basement; the pews were hardwood and without cushions. The minister was the kind to spout hellfire and brimstone. Ray was forced to sit on the inside row right next to Paul's aged mother.

Ray became bored with the service almost instantly when the minister started preaching and ranting about Jesus and the devil. Ray had heard from Antino that his sire had been at the Crucifixion of a man named Jesus and the Biblical accounts did not do it justice. Antino's sire respected that man and his followers. Ray felt that these modern followers of the Christ were only posers and shames. He finally made a game out of counting the number of times the preacher said the words Satan, devil, Jesus and God. Ray began to smile when Satan and the devil out numbered Jesus and God 3 to 1, He found it funny that those who claimed to follow the teachings of Jesus and a God of light would scream out the name of their supposed enemy many more times than the one they follow. Unfortunately his smile attracted the unwanted attention of the minister and Paul's mother.

After the church service the minister made it his mission to introduce himself to Ray. He forced a handshake out of Ray, even though it was clear to everyone that Ray did not want to shake the man's hand. "My name is Rev. Masterson. Welcome to Calumet Baptist," he said in a voice that was too loud to be normal.

Ray was flustered and really did not want to be around this man. "I am Ray," he answered simply.

"I see you are with Sister Mildred and Brother Paul" Rev. Masterson said nodding to Paul and his mother. "Are you related to Brother Paul's friend, Rosann?" He said with plastered smile.

"I am her eldest son" Ray answered with an equally fake smile. He knew this conversation was not going to end well. The training that Elzabeth and Antino had given him had shown him certain religious leaders could be verbally, if not physically, violent to those that did not agree with them and their beliefs. [Mother, get me out of this, NOW!] Ray projected toward Rosann.

Rosann blinked twice and thought [I can't, do what you can]

"Are you a believer in Jesus Christ, Ray?" Rev. Masterson asked without a smile or any other facial at all.

Ray was ready for that question. "I believe that the lessons he taught should be practiced daily, but I also believe that most of those who profess to be his followers should spend more time practicing those lessons and less times screaming the name of the devil," he said with a cold expression. Ray then turned and walked to the car.

The minister was flabbergasted and began stuttering and stammering. He was insulted and becoming furious. That boy was an abomination and his mother was a whore who had polluted the mind of Brother Paul. Rev. Masterson's face became splotchy red as he began to take a step toward Ray's direction.

Ray turned as he reached the car, he had picked the minister's thoughts about himself and his mother, Ray's face was contorted in fury. His eyes were haloed with glowing blackness, his hands clinched in his pockets with every growing shadow tendrils. Ray saw red as he pushed into the minister's mind hard. He felt a new power grow strong as the mind push popped. The shadow tendrils formed a visible tribal tattoo-like mark on his lower right wrist and arm.

Rev. Masterson grabbed his head as he walked toward Ray. A silent scream escaped his lips as several blood vessels exploded in his brain at the same time. At that same moment, the ground in front of him covered by his own shadow absorbed his foot and leg, causing him to sink into the ground. Almost instantly the ground sealed around the man, breaking his other leg. Reverend Masterson was dead before his body quit twitching and moving.

Ray turned and shook his head. "[My mother is no whore,]" he said under his breath and thought projected in general.

Rosann bowed her head and put her hands over her mouth in the appearance of shock over what happened to Rev. Masterson, but in reality she was smiling. [You didn't have to do that]

The shock of what happened wore off and the women began to scream and the men began to try to see if they could help the minister. Someone finally called for the police and ambulance, which arrived shortly. The police talked to everyone, including Ray, they felt it was a stroke and natural causes. The minister just fell into some kind of hole as he stumbled around having the stroke.

Paul's mother watched Ray with a cold stare. She knew he had something to do with the minister's death, but there was nothing she could prove. Mildred was no fool; Paul was an abusive ass and probably was abusing Rosann and her younger children. She did not know about the older boy, this Ray. He could be more dangerous than even her Paul.

Ray was ready to gather his belongings and leave Calumet once they returned to Paul's house. He hated even having to pretend to be civil to these people, he only cared because his brother, sister and to a lesser degree his mother were involved with this substandard human. Ray wished that Valen and Toby had developed the ability to thought project, but for some reason they had not. He figured it had something to do with them being more human than he was, but he wasn't going to hold that against them. They were stronger than the average human and that was good enough, being that they were being raised human. Ray was packing his belongings when Paul walked into the room.

"What the FUCK do you think you are doing!?" Paul yelled.

"I am packing," Ray said coldly. "I am sure you don't want me here after what happened at your church." He was ready to destroy Paul's brain if Paul got violent. Ray was not going to take any of Paul's shit, but he was not going to attack just out of spite.

"You're not going anywhere until tomorrow as planned," Paul snapped. He then walked out of the room.

Ray knew Paul was hiding something but he could not put his finger on what exactly. He sighed and flopped down on the bed. Ray then unzipped his backpack and pulled out his laptop. It booted up almost silently. Ray clicked on the icon that represented the Conclave Network. He waited the few moments it took for the computer to log into the network and then verified that he had no new email. Ray then logged into the Conclave messenger service, the only thing logged on was the conclave mainframe AI itself.

The AI was actually an operations program that could contact any of the conclave members by cell phone, email, telephone or by sending a servant directed message. That was what Ray wanted to do any way. He directed the message to be sent to George and Rex by cell phone and by email. The message read: "Paul is keeping a something secret, be prepared to retrieve if I am not in transit by 5:30 pm tomorrow. I will contact you." The AI confirmed that the message was sent. Ray signed off the network and the computer.

The next morning Paul announced that he and Rosann were going to be going out for a while and would be back after lunch. He then made a point to announce that Paula was in charge while they were gone. Paul and Paula both smiled broadly after Paul's announcement. Paula walked around the house looking in each room as if she was securing them and then she returned to the living room.

Ray watched all the activity with mild fury and rolled his eyes as he observed Paula's actions. He looked at his mother and thought [If he thinks this is going to piss me off, it won't.] Ray sighed, [If he plans on being out after the time he is supposed to take me back, I already made alternative plans, just in case.] He then smiled and said, "Whatever" and walked into the bedroom.

Once Paul and Rosann left the house, Paula sat on the couch and began watching Soap Operas on the television. Within minutes she began to demand that Valen and Toby go to the kitchen to get her drinks and snacks or to her bedroom and get magazines. Eventually the snack she chose was out of the reach of the two smaller children. "Damn it," she swore, "Ray get me the cheese puffs, they are on top of the refrigerator." Paula yelled instead of getting up and walking the five feet to get them herself, expecting him to go clear across the house instead.

"No," Ray responded, "do it yourself, you're closer"

"I am in charge and I told you to," she shot back getting frustrated.

"So fucking what, I don't live here!" Ray said. They both realized that she had no real power over him

About that time, they both heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen. A moment later, Paula screamed, "You little shit". Then Ray heard a sound that made his blood boil and freeze at the same time, a slap and the scream of Toby in pain.

Ray ran out of the room and into the kitchen. He saw that a kitchen chair had been pushed up against the refrigerator. Apparently Toby had climbed up on top of the chair to reach the refrigerator's top and accidently knocked everything from the top and onto the floor, breaking a few things on the way. Toby was in the far corner holding his face crying. Paula was closing in on him with her hand prepared for another slap.

Ray immediately grabbed her hand and brought it backward bringing her into a submission hold. He applied pressure until she cried out and collapsed into a heap onto the floor. "You don't ever lay a hand on my brother or sister again!" Ray said with a cold fury, occasionally applying pressure to her hand to remind her he was in control. "If you hadn't been so damn lazy to get it for yourself, this would never have happened." He then released her with a flip of her hand out of his.

Ray then went and pulled Toby into his arms. His anger grew when he noticed that Toby's face had Paula's hand print still visible on it. Ray then walked quickly into Valen's room and shut the door, isolating the three of them from Paula. He knew that Paula would be on the phone within minutes calling Paul and telling him some lie to get him to return home as fast as possible.

As Ray figured, Paul and Rosann pulled into the driveway within ten minutes and Paul stormed into the house in a rage. He immediately wanted to know where Ray was but Rosann had already made it to the bedroom and was learning their side of the story. Paul burst into the bedroom and launched himself at Ray, Rosann and Valen both screamed at him to stop. Paul had Ray by the throat so quickly that it actually surprised Ray.

Ray was slow to respond but when he did it was effective and violent. He grabbed Paul's shirt with both hands and threw him across the room and into the wall. Once he was free of Paul's grip Ray flew across the room and slashed into Paul's chest with his blackened nails with both hands. The Shadow tendrils grew on both arms past the elbows and for the first time were noticeable by others. Ray then picked up Paul's partially conscious body and slammed him into the wall's sheetrock. "Don't you ever touch me again, you Bastard!" Ray screamed at Paul.

Paul looked at Ray though nearly unconscious eyes; fear is what kept him awake. He now knew that Ray was very dangerous. Ray had finally become a threat to Paul's authority and life. Now he had to be dealt with permanently, if at all possible.

Ray growled as he walked away from Paul. He flipped open his cell phone and hit the speed dial for George's cell phone. When George answered Ray growled, "Get me out of here." He then added, "Please." He then headed toward his room to collect his stuff.

"I will be there in ten minutes," George said softly. "I got your message; I have been in Calumet, since last night, just in this case."

Ray flipped the cell phone closed and finished packing his clothes and laptop. He heard Rosann walk into the room but chose to ignore her as he packed. Once he finished packing he turned on her and growled. "IF you allow that bastard or his bitch of a daughter to hurt my brother or sister again, I will bring you up on charges in front of the full Conclave or directly to Antino!" He said it at such a volume that whole house could hear him. "This is not a threat, it is a promise!" Ray continued. "If I find out that they have been abused, I will take them from you in a heart beat!"

Ray noticed that Paula had stuck her head in the door and he turned to her "If you ever touch either one of them again, I will hunt you down and kill you, I swear that to you." He then moved toward her. Paula slammed the door shut and ran.

Rosann was shaking when Ray's eyes returned to her. She knew that what Ray had said was what he was going to do if and when it needed to happen. Rosann knew that Ray had not needed her for the last couple of years, she had needed him. If Ray brought charges against her, it would destroy her emotionally, unless they were badly physically abused and then it could mean her death, the conclave or Antino would see to that.

When George arrived he took Ray's stuff to the car as Ray finished with his mother. George realized that many things had happened, as he had heard about the minister's death, so he was quick and efficient with moving Ray out and away from this location.

Ray looked at Rosann with a mixture of disgust and loathing. "I will not return here, unless it is to remove my brother and sister or to kill one or both of them." He then walked out of the house and got into the car without allowing his mother another word.

On the return trip Ray told George about what had happened. He was not surprised when George agreed with him and reached out to hold his hand. Ray was upset that he had to resort to such measures with his own mother, but she was not taking precautions for the protection of herself and his brother and sister, so he had to do something.

When they returned to the Haven they were met by Rex and Mike who were taking a slow walk outside the building. Rex walked up to Ray and hugged him tightly, giving him a gentle kiss on the lips as he drew him closer. Mike stood back until Rex released Ray and then he extended his hand shyly.

Ray swatted Mike's hand away playfully and wrapped the smaller boy in a gentle bear hug. He further surprised Mike, by kissing him on the un-bruised side of his cheek. Ray then extended Mike away from him so he could look at him. He noticed that several of the bruises actually looked worse, but Ray realized that happened during the healing process.

"How are you feeling?" Ray asked softly.

"Better..." Mike said.

Ray could feel that Mike wanted to say or ask something, so he led Mike away from other people and then asked "What is it?"

"Well..." Mike began, "There is something strange about this place and Rex told me to ask you." He then sighed, "Please tell me what is really going on."

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