The Breed

By Dream Janus

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From Chapter 8

Ray could feel that Mike wanted to say or ask something, so he led Mike away from other people and then asked "What is it?"

"Well..." Mike began, "There is something strange about this place and Rex told me to ask you." He then sighed, "Please tell me what is really going on."

Chapter 9 "Mike Learns"

Ray took Mike by the hand gently. He led him toward the Haven building and through the rolled back loading door and led him back inside the Haven building. The sounds on the first floor were loud and almost deafening to Ray. The humans and thropes that occupied the first floor milled around talking and laughing enjoying life, some were watching television, others were preparing the evening meal or preparing the sleeping areas for their future occupants. Ray slowly took Mike through this rabble and led him to the stairs, following them upstairs to the second floor and to Tyler's office. Once they arrived at Tyler's office, Ray knocked.


"Ty," Ray said softly through the door.


He waited until Tyler answered the door and he and Mike entered.


"What can I do for you?" Tyler asked.


"May I borrow your office for a few moments?" Ray asked with a wink.


Tyler smiled and nodded, "Of course, any time." He then walked to his desk, stacked the papers on it and then walked out without a word, shutting and locking the door.


Ray then turned to Mike and pulled him into a gentle hug. "Please understand that from now on, regardless of anything else, you are a big part of my life and the lives of George and Rex." Ray said gently with a light touch to Mike's face. "We care what happens to you and will not allow anything bad to happen to you ever again." He released Mike but neither pulled away from the other.


After a few moments of silence Ray grasped Mike's hand and led him toward the desk. Ray then made sure that Mike sat down slowly in one of the two chairs facing the desk and then he sat in the other chair beside it. Ray looked into Mike's eyes and then sighed. "Where to begin?" he thought to himself.


"This is the 7th Street Haven," Ray said as he began, "There are three Havens in town, and this is the largest. Havens are protected places for those who need help or need to hide, those who have been abused or abandoned and those who need to leave their old life behind." Ray blinked a couple of times and then cleared his throat. "It is even used by those who want to disappear and don't want to be found by others; family, friends or the government." He looked at Mike and smiled sadly. Ray wanted to give the boy peace.


Ray touched Mike's bruised and cut face gently and willed the skin to fuse and knit itself back together. Ray felt his mind connect with his personal energy reserves and then tap into something else. The new energy that Ray had felt over the last few days surged and pulsed. The shadow tendrils that now marked his arms like tattoos faded slightly into a grayish hazy but did not loose their shape or size. As Mike's skin began to heal, Ray felt the energy pulse less and less. The shadow tendrils returned to the same color as they had been before he attempted the healing.


Ray noticed that Mike's eyes were now a slightly darker blue than before. He wondered if the healing had imparted something else to Mike as well, but Mike's eyes slowly lightened again. Ray allowed the thought to slide from his mind.


"I understand, but that is not what has me confused" Mike said softly. "Last night I saw two guys come in with their faces covered in blood." He began with a bit of a quezzy thought. "I heard some girl talking about her boyfriend being a `Thrope'." Mike said pointing to his second finger. "I also heard someone talking about someone called a Shadow Lord coming here today." He further explained with a look of extreme confusion. Mike looked at Ray fully expecting to be told the truth.


Ray sighed again as he knew what Mike expected and thought how lax the security was at the Haven. He would have to bring this to Tyler's attention as quickly as possible. He smiled weakly and said "Well, it looks like I have a lot to explain. Let's begin at the beginning..."


"First, before I tell you anything else, understand that no one would dare hurt you, the Shadow Lord you heard about ordered it and would kill anyone if they even caused you to cry," Ray said with a bit of a smile. He closed his eyes and calmed his mind he fought for the words and finally said, "Damn it! This is hard!" He stood and began pacing back and forth.


"There are things in this life that most people are not aware of, but are there anyway," Ray began. "The legends are partly right, but they have to be combined to be of any real use. As always Hollywood really screws it up and has made life a royal pain for some," he said trying to explain but feeling like he was rambling.


"You are loosing me," Mike said softly trying not to laugh.


"I kind of figured that," Ray said with a small laugh. He then took a deep breath. "Let me begin by saying that not all people that walk the earth are human. Hollywood might call them Monsters or Myth, but they do exist," Ray finally blurted out.


"So you are telling me that Vampires and Werewolves exist?" Mike said with disbelief.


"Yeah, but there is more than just Vampires and Werewolves. There is also Werebears, Werecats, Ghouls, Plantpeople and others." Ray explained. "The Wolves, Bears and Cats as a group called `Thropes' that should answer one of your questions." Ray was starting to calm down, but he was not sure if Mike believed him or not.


A moment of comprehension passed through Mike's mind. "The guys with blood on their mouths were vampires?" He said with whisper. A moment of fear flickered across his eyes, then he remembered Ray's words and he calmed down some.


Ray smiled and nodded, "Most likely, though I can't be for sure without seeing who we are talking about." Ray noticed the moment of fear and for a moment fought the urge to reach out and comfort Mike, but did not know how it would be accepted.


"So you are a Werewolf?" Mike said with a smirk.


"Only 1/8 Werewolf, but I am also ¼ Werebear, ¼ Ghoul and 3/8 Human," Ray answered honestly. [Rex, George can you come to Tyler's office please?] He thought transmitted at the same time. He then reached out and ruffled Mike's hair gently.


"Wow," Mike said almost silently, his mind not fully grasping the ramifications of the information that he just received. "So what is Rex, George and Tyler?" He felt no fear being with Ray, but was surprised that he felt very protected instead.


"Tyler is a Fang" Ray explained "That is a type of Vampire human hybrid. They are not immortal, but age very slowly, about one year for every ten. Only a vampire can create one and it is strictly regulated. Ray massaged Mike's head very gently with his fingers.


A knock at the door interrupted further conversation. Ray caressed Mike's face gently and then walked slowly toward the door. When he reached the door he opened it and smiled broadly as Rex and George entered the room with looks of confusion on their faces. Ray just motioned them toward Mike and then thought projected [I have been telling him the truth about us.]


George walked over the Mike and gave him a gentle hug. He enjoyed the boy's sweet scent; it was almost that of an innocent. George found it attractive in a protective sort of a way.


Rex laughed as he watched his older brother attempting to sniff Mike secretly. He himself had done it on occasion and found it strangely satisfying as well. It seemed that they had the same tastes, tastes in love mates, friends and scents that attracted them.


Ray rolled his eyes as he noticed both the brothers actions, but he knew what they felt and felt the same way about Mike. He turned back to Mike instead, "As you know, Mike, George and Ray are brothers," Ray began. "They are Werebears," he finished bluntly.


"That is so cool," Mike said blushing wildly. The idea of having friends that could turn into huge bear like creatures was surprisingly erotic to him. He felt himself becoming aroused.


"So, do you think you might want to live with us?" Rex asked trying to control his excitement but failing badly.


"Hell, yeah!" Mike said. "But what about my parents?" He wasn't really that concerned but he just did not want to have to be returned to them.


Ray, George and Rex began to look at each other with a bit of fear. Ray coughed and scratched his head thinking of how to explain to Mike about his parents. Rex moved slowly to join George in hugging Mike in an attempt to prepare himself for the bad news, but they were all saved from having to answering Mike's question by the intercom buzzing


"Lord Toban, please come to the basement conference room as soon as possible, condition Blue," a voice issued from the intercom, "Condition Blue - basement conference room."


"Damn it," Ray, George and Rex all three said at once. They each then looked at each other and then the intercom.


"Everyone has two names, a common name and another breed name," Ray began to explain before Mike could say anything. "Some breed are given the rank of Lord or Lady, it is part of our government."


"You're the Shadow Lord they were talking about" Mike squealed in realization. He was delighted that his friend and protector was a ranked member of this hidden society. "Way cool," he thought to himself.


"Yeah," Ray acknowledged. "Let's give you a crash course in Breed government." Ray then pulled Mike to him and began walking out of the office.



The main floor of the Haven was quiet; it seemed that everyone knew that something was going on and no one wanted to be drawn into it. Mike became fearful as they walked through them main room, he felt all the people's eyes on him and it made him very nervous.


Moments later the three boys and George arrived at the basement conference room door. Ray immediately opened the door and allowed the others to enter first, he held on to Mike securely but gently. In the Conference room, seated at the conference table were Tyler and Justin at the far end, a vampire teen and his three cronies on the right side of the table, a scared human male teen on the left, and three empty chairs on this end of the table. Tyler looked annoyed, while Justin was bored, the Vampire teen and his cronies were are angry in appearance, the human was terrified.


Tyler stood and looked directly at and then motioned for Ray to sit. "Lord Toban, we are here because Roderick" pointing to the vampire teen "claims that Larry" pointing to the human teen, "stole his radio." The anger in his voice was evident.


"As the highest ranking member of the conclave I ask you to hear the case," Tyler asked and then sighed. "Do you accept?" His words were well rehearsed and that annoyed him greatly.


Ray rolled his eyes. "All this over a damned radio," he thought. Ray realized that even at the Haven theft of even a small item was a major offense and carried a heavy fine, as it was the only way to keep the peace between the races. "I accept this case as the highest ranking Conclave member present," Ray began.


"Do all Conclave members accept mind link to expedite this procedure? Ray asked. He knew that combining all of their minds would allow them to share information instantly while the witnesses spoke. Giving more than one point of view and perspective all at the same time, allowing the ability to see many things and overlooking very little.


Rex, George, Tyler and Justin all said "Yes"


"Do all Conclave members agree to allow my Felmar Mike access to the same mind link on a basic level?" Ray asked. This would allow Mike the ability to understand what was going on, add his own input if he needed to do so, but not be overwhelmed by too much information.


Rex and George both immediately said "Agreed"


After a moments thought both Tyler and Justin said "Agreed" They were not sure if Mike would be of any value to the proceedings but did not feel that they should go against Lord Toban and his Zoméa.


Ray closed his eyes for a moment and then made momentary eye contact with each person making a mental link with them. Each and every link caused a momentary flicker of power in Ray's mind, followed by the shadow tendrils growing bigger and longer. Once he had linked with everyone he spoke to Roderick, "Tell me what happened."


The mental link allowed everyone to perceive like Ray would and as each person spoke the other members of the Conclave watched the others who were not testifying. Mike also was watching those where acting as witnesses. Then something got his attention about one of the vampire teen's cronies, he couldn't put his finger, but hoped Ray could. The boy had something hidden.


Ray put his hand up suddenly and silenced Larry who was the final witness allowed to speak, he then turned and looked at Mike. Almost instantly he then turned to the crony and glared at him. Ray then turned back to Larry. "There was a lie being given here!" The information came clearly to Ray. The information was instantly transferred to Rex, George Tyler, and Justin and it explained to Mike. "Larry you are excused with our apologies." Ray said with cold authority. He then closed the link between himself and the others.


[Thomas please come in to the conference room] Tyler thought projected urgently. He let the projection flow with the knowledge that Thomas needed to arrive with some form of back-up.


A large Thrope Adult male entered the room followed by two slightly smaller adult vampire males. He looked threateningly at the three vampire teens. Thomas then stepped toward them and attempted to restrain one of the cronies. The boy moved slightly and Thomas reacted quickly by slamming him hard into the wooden wall


The movement of the other boys caught Ray's eye and Ray launched out of his seat and across the room. Rex moved almost as quickly to protect Mike. George stood to protect Rex and Mike both. Both Rex and George growled violently as they watched, they were ready to attack at any moment.


Ray knocked both Roderick and his left hand crony to the floor, he was growling with fury. The shadow necklace released tendrils that connected into his chest and began to grow immediately criss-crossing his chest in the same tribal pattern as his arms. "You realize that I have the right to kill you for lying," he hissed. Ray's fingers blackened as they inched closer toward the boys necks. He did not like being used.


Ray's eyes were black with his rage. "Know that lying to gain a meal is weak and childish for anyone, especially a vampire. If you are that weak, I should kill you and save us all from dealing with you any more!" he hissed in fury. "Take him!"


Thomas and his assistants restrained the three teenage vampires. George helped Ray to stand to his feet. Tyler walked to Ray and bowed "What is your desire for them?" Tyler actually was now afraid of Ray and for his own life for bringing him into this screwed up mess of a trial.


"Send them to the catacombs under the Conclave, seal them in for a year," Ray responded coldly. He then smiled "Unless the Ancient has other ideas, take them away." Ray actually hoped that Antino would choose to kill them instead of letting them live. These teenage idiots were trying to make Larry their newest food source by creating a lie about him, but they were not expecting a Shadow Lord to be around to read their deception, or another human to see an abused person's body language.


"By your order," Thomas said. He and his assistants then led the teenage vampires out of the room. The boys continually tried to struggle, but without any real effect or benefit. Moments later the sounds they made were gone. Thomas actually was happy to see a new lord around and hoped that the new lord would be at the Haven more often.


Tyler bowed to Ray, "I am so sorry, Lord Toban, I did not know." He hoped that Toban would not look too badly on him and his Haven for this one failure. He did know that Toban had the Ancient's ear and that could be very bad.


"I understand," Ray said warmly toward Tyler. "I do not think it was your fault. I do want you to look out for young Larry though."


"I will take him to the Junkyard with me for a couple nights."Justin said softly. He actually liked Larry but did not want to scare the small human by taking away from what was familiar to him.


"Junkyard?" Ray asked with a very confused look on his face.


"Yeah, me, Simon, Theo, Dave with Karl and Junior live in the old junkyard over on 10th street," Justin explained. Justin's light brown hair fell into his face as he talked. He lightly pushed it out of his face but part of it fell over one of his dark blue eyes. "Karl and Junior are Wolf, everyone else is Vamp." His eyes sparkled as he talked.


"That would be neat to see," Ray said with excitement and meaning every word.


"I would like to see that too," Mike said with an equal amount of excitement


"Well you are always welcome to visit, Lord Toban." Justin said with a smile. His handsome teenage face hid the fact that he was in fact the oldest person in the room at over seventy years. "Do you approve relocating Larry to the Junkyard in the short term, with possibilities for long term.?"


"If Tyler agrees, I agree to it." Ray said with a smile. He felt there was another reason for the request but felt that Justin was protection the boy so felt there was no harm.


Tyler smiled saying, "Of course". He then patted Justin on the shoulder, reaffirming their longstanding friendship.


The whole group walked out of the conference room. Mike was being lightly supported by Rex. "This has been one fucked up day," Mike said softly. He was enjoying being supported by Rex's strong arms though and leaned into it slightly.


"Not really," Rex said with a small laugh. "There have been worse, but there are usually much better ones." He gently hugged Mike. His scent was very attractive to Rex, but not as alluring as Ray's, but that didn't stop Rex from wanting to taste Mike's skin, to lick his neck and chest. Rex fought to control the urge; he knew it was just a sexual urge and not one of love. The funny thing was he actually cared about Mike's welfare as well. He realized that he would have a chance to take things further once Mike healed, maybe Ray would want them all in the same bed at the same time.


"Well, Tyler," Ray began as they reached the main level "We need to head for our new place, but I can tell you we will not be strangers" he then reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet and a pen. He then wrote down his cell phone number and new address. "I expect you to visit on occasion as well." Ray then pulled Tyler into a friendly hug.




Half an hour later, George drove the car up to the wrought iron gate at the new house. The gate was closed and secure for the night. The house was a two and half story manor home with ivy growing on the walls. He pushed the talk button on the intercom and waited a moment for the response that he knew would be coming. The intercom hummed and popped in anticipation as it waited for the response.


"Hello," answered a male voice from intercom, "what can I do for you?"


"I am George," George answered. "Master Toban is here."


"I will buzz you in, sir," the voice responded immediately.


The gate buzzed and began to open with the sound of mechanical pulleys and gears. George put the car in drive and drove slowly down the black top drive toward the house. Once they arrived, he helped Mike out of the back seat of the car. Rex withdrew from the passenger seat and watched the surroundings carefully. Ray stood slowly and looked at the house as he got out of the car.


They were met at the door by a tall but thin man, a portly woman and a very hyper-active Davey. Davey ran right up to Ray. Davey jumped launching himself right into Ray's arms hugging him tightly. "Hi, Lor' Tob'n, You home now?" He wiggled and began to giggle the moment he was in Ray's arms.


Ray laughed loudly and swung the boy gently. "Yes Davey, I am home now." Ray was glad to have the boy around as Davey reminded him of his own brother.


The portly woman walked up to Ray and attempted to withdraw the wiggling and giggling Davey from Ray's arms. Davey tightened his grip and held tight. "I am Ruth Newsome, I am the housekeeper. I see you already know Davey" She said with a smile again trying to take Davey.


"Yes," Ray said with a laugh. "This is George and Rex my Zoméa and Mike my Felmar."


Ruth nodded to each of them and then walked back to her husband without Davey, but with a big smile instead. "This is David Sr., my husband; he is the groundskeeper and acting butler." David Sr. was nervous round this many breed, but after the past he had with his previous master it was understood. His pale skin showed the sheen of sweat clearly to Ray, George and Rex.


"Ruth and David, as I told Davey here, I am not a Vampire, none of us are. In fact Mike is 100% human and I am 3/8 human, so you don't have to worry about being mistreated and abused." Ray said as he gently put Davey on the ground. He then took Davey's hand and walked toward the couple. "We will not be here all the time; Rex, Mike and I still go to school; Mike and I are in the band, so we will be busy a lot, plus I am a member of the Shadow Council, so I am very busy."


"My patrons are the Ancient himself and Lady Elzabeth herself, so things are definitely being watched here at the house now," Ray finished as he reached the porch. "Besides that, I promised Davey here."


Ruth and David relaxed somewhat as they heard what Ray said. They actually smiled when Davey moved over to Mike and held his hand. David moved closer to Ray in a relaxed move.


"My Grandmother is Mar'uul of the Bear clans, so you know I would be in trouble if I treated you wrong," Ray continued to explain.


"We understand, Lord Toban," David said in a soft voice, "we were afraid that we were either going to loose our home, our child or be abused again, but it looks like the Ancient chose us a wonderful new master instead."



Later that evening, Ray opened his eyes and slipped out from between George and Rex, leaving their king sized and silently getting dressed. He dressed in a dark tee shirt and blue jeans, with black leather boots. He had something on his mind and he did not need anybody's help find the answers he was seeking. Ray sent out a mental sonar signal for a specific individual. He listened for a positive response and when it returned, he flew into action.

Ray had never allowed his muscles the full extent of their power until tonight, it was freeing. He slipped out of the room silently, down the hall and out the Manor house's back door. The back wall was actually an easy jump for his Para-human leg muscles. The five mile run was easily accomplished in ten minutes by those same powerful legs. The run was refreshing and was not at all taxing to his muscles. Ray stopped short when he arrived at an apparently empty park.

The signal was definitely coming from the park, but Ray's human vision and breed vision did not see who he was looking for though. The park itself was un-amazing in that it was a small tree lined park with a path circling it, a tennis court on the far end, basketball courts next to that, the assorted children play areas and park seating and benches every so often. There were shadows created by the trees and other structures all over the park itself.

Ray instinctually pulled himself into the shadows and waited. The wait was over almost the moment it began as a very small feminine hand ran softly across Ray's chest and then disappeared into the shadows. Ray jumped slightly in surprised but realized that its owner had already disappeared again, so he waited. Again the hand crossed his chest with a feather light touch. This time Ray reacted with lightning sharp reflexes and grabbed the hand before it could disappear again. His own hand felt different when it connected with this unseen hand. Almost instantly Ray felt a sharp tug on his hand and his world spun out of control as he was spun around on his heels by someone very strong. He was forced to close his eyes for a brief moment.

When Ray's eyes opened again everything was in a negative version of black and white. It was the opposite of how he saw normally in the dark; everything was as bright as the day. What was originally black was now replaced with white and what was originally white was replaced with black. It was disconcerting to him to say the least. He momentarily felt as if he might get sick. He now saw that the hand he had grabbed and still held belong to the person who he had been looking for, Lady Charlett the Shadow Vampire.

[Lady Charlett,] Ray attempted to say but it instead came out a thought transmission. [What is this?] He projected pulling up his shirt sleeves and revealing his shadow markings, which in this weird place looked white instead of black. [And what is all this?] He said motioning to the area around them.

Lady Charlett's eyes turned white for a brief moment and then instantly the world reversed itself and everything looked like it should again. Charlett reached for Ray's arm and cursed under her breath "Damn that should not have happened." She attempted to touch the bracelet and her hand faded right through it and through Ray's wrist as well. "Damn, this is not good," She swore louder. Without even looking at Ray or asking permission she ripped open Ray's shirt and examined Ray's chest and the shadow necklace. Charlett noticed the tendrils had already made their way into Ray's upper chest and where about to begin to form a network with the ones on his arms.

"Sit down," Charlett said pointing at a nearby bench. "We have much to talk about.

She followed Ray and sat down beside him on the bench. Her black dress reformed itself into a black pant suit as she sat down. "I need to explain and hopefully we can do some form of damage control." She sighed and then looked Ray directly in the eyes. "Boy, did I screw up."

"That was the shadow realm" She began. "It is a realm that links all the shadows in the world together, I can use it to travel quickly long distances, watch people and not be seen and hide from the effects of the sun in emergencies." She then sighed deeply. "Anyone who can manipulate shadow energy can move free in and out of the realm."

She then took Ray right hand. "The Shadow bracelet was supposed to form a weapon created from your mental capabilities and the limited shadow energies that resided inside the bracelet itself." Charlett said point at Ray's arm. "The Shadow necklace was supposed to form personal protection from your mental capabilities from the limited shadow energies that resided inside the necklace itself." She repeated pointed at his neck. She rolled her eyes and then said "It looks like you tapped into something in yourself that linked you directly with shadow energy, but not a Shadow."

Ray looked at her in confusion. "So I am accessing shadow energy without having to take on a shadow directly?" He then cocked his head "Is that even possible?"

Charlett laughed, "Apparently so Lord Toban. "You are doing it." She then held out her hand. "It looks as if you and I are going to be spending a lot of time together for a while. You need to learn how to control and manipulate it."

Ray took her hand and shook it gently. "I would be very grateful Lady Charlett."

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