The Breed 2

By Dream Janus


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Chapter 4 "Really Now"


Morning came too early for Kar as he rolled off Toban's massive chest. He was unused to having so much room in bed and it felt wrong to him. The momentary debate about having too much room was quickly silenced when Toban rolled over and partly onto Kar. His morning hard on poking Kar in the hip, Kar immediately relax now that it felt more like home.

Sam on the other hand had been up for over an hour. He was in the back yard of the Hotel practicing a form of Tai Chi; a long black bag sat a short distance from him, untouched for the moment. His compact muscles rippled slowly as he moved though the various forms of the exercise. When he completed the forty-second form, Sam froze and remained stationary. His breathing changing slowing and becoming even more controlled, his body ridged as a statue.

Sam then bowed slowly until his head was parallel with his legs and pointed to the ground. He stood back up straight, walked over the black bag, and began to unfold its material covers. Sam withdrew a pair of hooked blades. Their distinctive crescent shaped hand guards, dagger edged base and hooked end looked strange in the teen's hands, until he flipped the blades full circle. The left blade flew backward while the right flew forward. He completed the maneuver with the grace of someone with years of practice.

For the next fifteen minutes, Sam worked with the hooked blades and showed that he was truly a master with them. As he grew closer to his last move, he linked both hooks to each other and began a deadly but long reaching swing of the weapons holding onto only one end. With a simple, flip of his wrists the blades disconnected from one another and he then struck a nearby tree with the dagger end of one and the long sword-like blade of the other. The tree was deeply damaged.

"Now what did that tree do to you son?" came a sudden voice.

Sam swung around and stopped a fraction of an inch from cutting Mayor Kent's throat with the left blade and gutting him with the right crescents. Sam immediately realized who the man was and began to regress into his typical teenage shy manner when his weapons teacher's words echoed in his head. "Any one foolish enough to interrupt an exercise with weapons deserves to have their head cut off."

"The tree did nothing, but you almost made your last mistake in this life." Sam said slowly lower the left blade but making sure Mayor Kent felt the right crescents in his stomach. Sam then dropped both blades to his sides and said "Sorry Mayor but it wasn't smart to come up on me like that when I am focused on the moves."

"I am sorry my boy," Kent said absentmindedly rubbing his throat and belly at the same time. "I was just so fascinated by someone your age being able to work those weapons that way."

Sam smiled sheepishly and explained, "I have been working on Tai Chi and the hook blades for as long as I can remember. My father wanted me to be able to protect myself."

"You can do that my boy, you can do that," Kent agreed. His eyes then gleamed as if a light had come on, "I came over here to make sure everyone who is taking off today gets a good breakfast in them before the helicopter gets here."

"I am sure that Toban and Kar will probably sleep in to the last minute but I know I am hungry as long as you have some vegetables and fruit for Tammy we should be golden." Sam said walking over his blade bag. After placing the blades in the bag and closing it up, he picked up the bag and turned back to Kent. "I am not sure if Karl is going to allow Junior to get up or not, with that new boy of theirs I am sure they didn't get much sleep."

"I heard that," Karl responded loudly as he walked around the corner of the building. "We have been up for the last half hour. Apparently Dusty has a bottomless stomach, He is hungry."

Sam laughed and said well I am sure that there will be plenty of food," He then thought for a moment and asked, "Can you buzz Toban and Kar and see if they are going to eat or sleep?"

Karl concentrated and sent "Prince Toban are you and Kar going to eat before we leave or sleep some more."

[We are up, we are up] A wide burst of telepathy was heard by all [We will be down in ten.] Toban responded telepathically. It was obvious to all that the time the two Zoméa spent together wore them both out.

Karl and Sam both looked at each other and the burst into fits of giggles. They then looked at Kent, who was confused and befuddled. His look caused them to laugh even harder. Karl stopped and explained to the confused mayor. "Toban has three husbands and has been away from them for a couple days..." He then saw the man was still confused. "With three mates that is a lot of sex and even going a day without means the first mate he sees gets wildly fucked and quickly."

Karl looked at them with confusion but decided not to say anything, so instead he led them to the diner for special breakfast. He had spent the early morning with Tarass and Kelmar, the wolf couple that owned the diner. They had planned at very filling and expansive breakfast. Unlike the buffet set out in a rush when Toban arrived in Toŏmę, the breakfast buffet was set up carefully to not contaminate one type of food with another.

Dusty and Junior were already in the diner enjoying the breakfast feast that had been made available to them. Junior had made sure that Dusty had plenty of meat and eggs on his plate and a limited amount of a grain cereal and hash browns. Junior was enjoying a selection of meats, a cup of coffee and warm blood, apparently straight from the source.

Sam and Karl quickly were handed plates by Tarass the owner with a warm smile and they were allowed to walk around the buffet tables. Kelmar stood back near the kitchen door wringing her apron with her hands. It was obvious that neither wanted the town's newest guests upset or dissatisfied.

Sam chose a 5-day-old sun dried squirrel and 3-week-old opossum road kill both, he then got a small glass of three month old milk. Karl on the other hand was happy to see rare elk strip steaks and boar ham steak was available in large supply. After a moment of look, He found a second plate and proceeded to fill his first plate with mounds of both meats. On his second, he placed 6 slices of toast, three spoonful of hash browns and five spoons of eggs.

Karl went over to the table Dusty and Junior had already claimed without thinking. Junior made a move that brought Karl's attention to the small Ghoul standing behind him. Karl turned and looked at Sam. "Unless you got somewhere better to sit, we got a chair for you over here."

Sam looked relieved as he nodded and walked over to the table. "Most folks don't like eating at the same table with Ghouls," He said nodding to his plate.

"We ain't most people," Junior responded.

"Hell none of us are," Karl agreed.

Tash and Tammy were next entering the diner. They were talking as they entered, quickly becoming friends. They each greeted everyone else, paying extra attention to Dusty. As expected, Tammy chose an assortment of vegetables and a hot grain cereal. Tash followed suit getting predominately vegetables and fruit but added a small amount of eggs and hash browns. They choose to sit separately from the men and continue their conversation.

Kar, Jason and Toban were last to enter the diner. Tarass almost bowed while trying to hand Toban and Kar their plates. A simple shake of Toban's head stopped the unwanted servile behavior. Kar and Jason both loaded their plates with a typical human breakfast of oatmeal, bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns and toast. Both of them also had coffee, cream and double sugars.

Toban walked the buffet twice as long as any of the others. He was hungry, but his stomach was also in a knot, he had never flown in a helicopter before and was nervous. As he paced, he noticed that Tarass and Kelmar began to look nervous. With a small smile Toban decided to calm their fears, "It all looks so good I can't decide," He said with honest conviction. His kind words calmed the older wolf couple who both smiled happily.

Finally, Toban chose to have a modified human breakfast; rare elk strip steak, boar ham steak, bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns and toast. He decided to have orange juice and a large cup of warm blood. When he sat down beside Kar and across from Jason, Jason wrinkled his nose at the blood-filled cup.

"Is that human blood?" Jason asked softly, As if it was a secret.

Toban lifted the plastic cup to his nose and sniffed it. "Well, it is hard to say," He said holding his face straight. "Smells about right for a good vintage of AB negative," Toban then stuck his index finger in the cup, up to his first knuckle. Quickly he pushed the now blood covered finger in his mouth and moaned.

"Oh for god's sake, Toban," Kar began with a laugh. "Quit playing with your food and torturing my brother." He then looked at Jason and said "Yes that is human blood and if I am not mistaken the donor is around here somewhere." He then looked over toward Tarass for confirmation.

"Oh yes sir," Tarass answered, his voice showing his age. "We have a stable of willing donors in the undercity. Today's donor is a bright young lady whose family has been donating for generations."

"Just like at home," Toban began to explain with mouth full of eggs. "There are friends that make life easier for us and in turn we make life easier for them."

"But you don't need the blood right?" Jason asked.

"Because of my unique situation, I don't need blood to survive," Toban began to explain. "But if I am hurt, it would heal me within seconds." He then thought for a moment. "Think of this as a supply of caffeine that lasts me all day long, heals me in seconds and hypes me up like that coffee does you."

Jason thought for a moment and then nodded. "I can deal with that," He said with a weak smile.

Thirty minutes later Toban was beginning to regret that he ate breakfast as he watched a black and red modified Bell 412 helicopter, land in the center of the street just outside the Diner. He relaxed slightly when he saw the smiling face of the jet pilot was in fact piloting the helicopter. It was not until the rotors had slowed that they were given the go-ahead to board.

Tammy, Sam, Junior and a reluctant Toban walked toward the helicopter with their heads down. The pilot offered the co-pilot's seat to Toban, but he quickly and gently refused, Tammy decided to take it instead. Sam stowed his blade bag below his seat and strapped himself in tight. Toban also strapped himself in, but had to have Junior's help.

Within minutes of take-off, Toban's fear had been replaced by a fascination with the landscape as it quickly flew by. The whole trip would take nearly an hour, even though the helicopter could make a straight shot from Toŏmę to Phoenix in just under half an hour, they were required by FFA rules to travel through Flagstaff airspace first and then to Phoenix. Both cities required the helicopter to fly at much less than top speed while in their airspace.

The helipad at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport had been cleared for their landing. George had parked a safe distance from the helipad and sat in his rented SUV waiting impatiently for the helicopter to land. It felt like he had been separated from Toban for months instead of the short time it really had been. Dom had rode over with him, partly to assist in the investigations and partly because he was interested in meeting the young man that had caused such a stir in his Breed contacts.

The first person that Dom saw exit the helicopter was a small teen no older than fifteen or sixteen with wheat colored hair carrying a long black bag, Obviously not George's mate. The next person to exit was a beautiful female carrying a small overnight bag, also obviously not George's mate. The last two left the helicopter at the same time, they were both males and were roughly the same height and build, one with dark brown hair and the other very light brown. Even though not obvious to the casual observer, Dom noticed that the light brown haired male deferred slightly to the darker haired teen.

The next thing that Dom noticed was that the darker haired teen's short sleeve shirt did nothing to hide the massive black tribal tattoos going down his arms, ending nearly at his wrists. His dark eyes gleamed supernaturally in the morning sun. The interesting thing was that he did not walk as if he was the second most powerful Breed in the United States, but as an everyday teenager would, with slightly slumped shoulders and a shuffling grate.

George stiffened when he saw Toban; the desire to rush to him and hold him in his massive arms was nearly uncontrollable. The desire to throw his mate in the back seat of the SUV and make wild love to him for the whole world to see was almost as powerful. Instead, he turned to Dom and jokingly challenged. "Tell me what each of them is and I will buy you a steak dinner."

"Done," Dom said, taking up George's challenge.

Dom and George opened the SUV's doors and waited. Sam was the first to reach the car and greeted George with respectful nod of his head. Dom nodded to the young teen and smiled. He already had begun obtaining information about the team. Tammy was next greeting George with a tight hug and Dom with a smile. Dom again smiled after a brief moment of confusion.

Junior was next arriving; He nodded to both George and Dom and took up a protective position between Dom and Toban. Dom's smile increased even further until Toban he felt Toban's energy and then his smile faltered.

"Well?" George said with a smile.

Dom nodded to Sam "Ghoul with a pinch of human on his mother's side," He began, "Bisexual with hero worship feelings for both you and Toban."

Sam blushed and quickly got into the SUV. He was embarrassed that he was not only outed but that his heroes heard about his interest. He placed his blade bag in the trunk section carefully.

Dom then nodded to Tammy, "At first I was confused and thought she was an average shape shifter, but she is a Talmar'marn, She is confused on her feelings on a couple of boys,"

Dom looked at Junior and smiled, "Congratulations on finding your son, Thrope wolf," He smiled and winked.

Dom finally turned to Toban and bowed his head slightly, "You are Toban, and most likely going to be the reason I fail at getting a free steak dinner." He then opened his eyes wider and said "Wolf, Bear, Ghoul, Human, something shadow, Vampire and...And I am not sure, but you are the Bridge for Us All, Magical, Breed and Human alike." He then smiled and said and George's Zomé."

"Well it looks like I owe you and Sean a steak dinner and Sam an apology," George acknowledged.

George walked over the side of the car that Sam was on and opened the door. Sam had his head down and was doing his best not to cry with embarrassment. George lifted the boy's head up so that he was looking at him. "I apologize for him embarrassing you, but I already knew you had a hero crush on me and Toban." He then smiled. "I think it is the nicest thing a person could do for another, but we want you to be the best you, you can."

"I understand," Sam said as a single tear rolled down his face. "You had me come to be part of the team, because you felt sorry for me,"

George glared at him and said forcefully, "Hell no, you are a friend. Plus you need your Conclave mission certification, if you want to work for the Conclave. If I didn't think you would benefit this set of missions, your ass would be sitting in school right now."

Sam nodded and gulped slightly, He did not want to offend his much bigger hero. "Sorry," He mumbled.

Twenty minutes later the SUV arrived at Dom's offices. Dom touched a set of archaic runes on the frame of the door, the runes glowed bright green for a brief second as they were touched and then he showed Toban, Sam, George, Junior and Tammy in the back door of his building. Passing through the doorway to Toban felt as if he was passing through a hard membrane. The pressure took his breath until after he was fully through the opening.

Once they passed through the doorway, they found themselves in a room that was twice the size of the building with a ceiling thirty feet high. "You are now in a space between spaces," Dom cryptically explained. "Time and space here are different, we have twice the space here and time runs at half speed."

"So every minute in normal space is two minutes here?" Toban asked, confirming what Dom had said.

"Exactly," Dom agreed, "That way we can have twice the time for our meeting and take less time in the normal world." He then waved his hand. A circular conference table and six chairs appeared. "Please sit, we have much to discuss and not much time."

Over the next hour, in that place, Dom and George told the team what they knew and what information was missing, Dom repeated the information that he seen in his vision, including the fact that Toban had to be the one to contact the Fangs directly and that it had to be that night. Toban was not happy to hear that, but accepted that he would be the one on the front lines.

It was decided that Sam, George, Dom and Junior would act as Toban's eyes, while Tammy acted as his hidden back up. The only concern they had was the fact that the fangs were probably being protected by a priest and none of them wanted to hurt him unless necessary.

They discussed the slavery ring, and Dom revealed what he had been able to learn about it. It was decided that Sam, Toban and Tammy would spend the next night in a haven under assumed names so they could check out the area that Dom suspected of housing the slave auctions. Junior, George and Dom would act backup when and if they were needed. Dom also suggested that they get a couple panel vans in case they needed to move quickly and undetectable.

Finally, it was decided that they would drive by the suspected school and see if they could find out anything. If they needed a team to go into the school, George could take Sam in acting as a father and son thinking about moving to the area. Tammy could morph into something that George or Sam could carry to act as another set of eyes. It was decided at the last minute that she would become a briefcase that George would carry.

Ten minutes later the team was driving around the block. Toban had his eyes open and watching for any Breed mental presence. Tammy had already prepared by become the brief case and was sitting between George and Toban as George drove. Sam was growing increasingly more nervous as they traveled. Dom on the other hand seems to be calm and collected as he scanned magically for any traces.

Suddenly Toban urgently demanded that they park in the school parking lot and wait. At that moment, the school bell rang for the lunch period to start. Almost immediately the doors to the school opened and the students began rushing to their personal choices for lunch, many headed to the parking lot, others began walking on foot to the fast food restaurants in the area.

Dom quickly was drawn to a small group of boys and a single girl. They were moving away from the school in an almost uniform style of walking. "I am only counting seven," George said softly.

"There is a chance that the eighth is already too weak to be out during the day," Dom acknowledged.

"I am going to follow them," Toban announced getting out of the SUV. He then slipped into the shadow realm and began to tail them.

Quickly Toban was able to overtake the small group and he made sure to keep them in sight as they rushed toward the older cemetery that was across the street and beside the massive Catholic Church. He was fascinated that they slowed as they entered the portion of the cemetery that held the majority of the mausoleum style crypts.

The group entered a crypt with the family name of smith on it. The heavy metal door was left opened. Toban quickly found why they had entered, when he saw a small teen no older than 13 or 14 laying on the floor of the mausoleum apparently in distress. The oldest looking boy knelt beside the boy and whispered, "We are here Seanny, Take from me I am doing ok today."

Toban watched as the older boy bit his own wrist and opened the vein. The smaller boy was so weakened that for the briefest moment he did not respond. The blood dripped thickly down onto his lips and rolled into his mouth. After five large drops rolled into his mouth, the boy Sean weakly took the older boys wrist and drew it into his mouth.

`Now at least we know how they have been able to stay alive without a parent,' Toban thought to himself, `They are surviving on weaker and weaker versions of the left over parent's blood that is already in their veins.'

Toban quickly left the mausoleum and returned to the SUV, He left the shadow realm when he was within five feet of the vehicle, "I found them and figured out how they are still alive." Toban explained as he slammed the car door after getting inside. "I need to talk to either the council or Antino as soon as possible.

Quickly everyone decided to meet at a cheap non-descript motel, so they remained off the local conclaves radar. That way they would not be hindered, by the conclave attempting to be helpful. The motel would allow Toban the needed privacy he needed to contact either the council or Antino and allow everyone that needed extra sleep and continue planning on how to deal with the Fangs, now that they had been found.

They left the school and drove to an area that the fangs were expected to be. George quickly choose the seediest and most risqué motel he could find. It was such a slum area that both male and female prostitutes rented rooms there by the hour, and used the area outside it as their area to sell themselves.

The hotel manager barely raised an eyebrow when five men and boys rented a room with a single girl. He had been working there so long he was jaded with the goings on that the prostitutes and their johns were doing that he did not even faze him. He just grunted "Number 15 in the rear," and pointed behind himself, using his thumb.

The room was nasty, with obvious smoke stains covering the dated wallpaper, the bedspreads had cigarette burns in them and were mismatched, a massive stain was on the filthy brown carpet, the TV remote was bolted to the bedside table and the phone had a security chain on it.

Dom shook his head and waved his hand around the room. In that instant, the room transformed. The walls now had updated wallpaper without stains; the bedspreads were new and matched. The carpet was now a clean light blue and the telephone, television and its remote all disappeared.

"It is only until we leave, then it will return to its former crap-tacular state." Dom explained with a lopsided smile.

Sam and Junior took one bed, Tammy took the other, and Dom took the only chair in the room. George sat on the floor with his back to the wall and cuddled with Toban. Toban withdrew his laptop from his bag and connected with the Conclave mainframe. He then opened a channel to the homes of the Conclave Council and Antino. Four of the council members that Toban attempted to contact had windows that remained `Connecting' but were never connected. Of the other three Marcus was the only one to answer it himself, the others had servants or slaves answer with quick message that their masters were unavailable and then quickly disconnected.

Antino answered the conference call. He and Marcus listened to the update and report by Toban, agreed that the feeding was most likely what was keeping the orphaned fangs alive. It was at that point that Toban asked what he should do as they were obviously still there mentally and were not presently a threat.

Marcus suggested that Toban attempt to parent them, at least until a trustworthy vampire parent could be found. Antino considered the idea for over five minutes and agreed. He in injected that it was possible that Toban's blood could be incompatible or even cause them to change into something else that was new and different. In the end they left the final decision up to Toban to make, regardless they were behind him.

It was then decide that they would wait until dark. That they would go to the church and allow Toban the privacy needed to ask the Fangs what they wanted to do and give Toban time to make his final decision. Toban used the down time to go within him and prepare. His mind opened to every possible scenario from fighting and having to kill the Fangs, having to kill the priest, to everything going as planned and taking the Fangs so that they could have new parents.

Time passed quickly and it was soon dark. They had time to stop at a greasy-spoon restaurant for dinner. Everyone commented that they missed being able to go to Bundy Burgers. The restaurant's food was fair to poor at best and no one enjoyed the meal.

Soon they were parking a block away from the Church. Toban watched as the six boys and one girl walked slowly from the graveyard and toward St. Mark's Catholic Church. The Fangs showed that they were indeed very weak, their small bodies in contrast to the massive size of the Church. Its three stories above ground also showed a full basement on the side facing the graveyard.

The middle-aged priest named father Thomas held the basement door open for the children. He made sure to count each of them, he also noticed sadly that they appeared weaker that night than they did that morning, and even weaker than the night before. Father Thomas gave a silent prayer, "Father, I cannot help these children and I am afraid they will die without help, if it is your will send them the help that they need or bring them home to your embrace, but release them from their pain."

Toban waited until the Fangs were inside and the priest shut the door. He turned to George and kissed him on the jaw. Toban then got out of the SUV, smiled, his eyes quickly flashed black, and then white as he slipped into the shadow realm.

A portion of the church basement had been transformed into a dormitory of sorts. Along each wall were metal beds, a single bed had a partition between it and the rest. A long metal table with benches sat in the middle of the room. The walls showed aging evidence that the room at one time was a Sunday school room and was long unused.

Ray-Ray claimed his normal bunk and sat down gently. His dark brown eyes could not hide the pain that his body felt. Karen was taking care of Sean for the moment even though she too was consumed by the burning pain that they all felt. Sean was the weakest and would be lucky to survive the night, if nothing happened. If Sean died Ray-Ray would make sure to kill himself, he felt he deserved nothing less for getting his younger brother involved in this mess.

Father Thomas sadly looked over his charges and then forced a smile on his face as he wheeled a food-covered cart into the room. He did not know it, but the children realized his smile was fake and for their benefit, but he still tried, which they were glad. "Well children, it is good to see you all again. One more day of life is about done and we can all pray for a better tomorrow."

Chris looked at the priest and tried to smile, his golden blond hair hung limply down his face. Over the last three weeks that they had been staying there since Ronald had not returned, the priest had quit trying to get them to pray and just let them eat. Of the Fangs Chris was the one who realized how bad off things really were for them. Without a Vampire parent, they were going to start dying any day that was if the Hunter that had killed Ronald or the Breed hunters did not find them first.

"Tonight is Chili with beans and cornbread," Father Thomas announced in a cheerful voice.

Each of the Fangs with the exception of Sean walked slowly up and took their portion of the meal. The chili was in a plastic bowl, placed on a matching plastic plate with cornbread on the side. Each child made sure to tell the priest `Thank you' and then returned to their bunk to eat.

Karen took two portions and even tried to smile. The second portion the priest knew was for Sean, it was apparently her night to feed the weaker boy. "Thank you father," Karen said sweetly and then returned to duties of the night.

Joey took a bite of the good-looking chili and had to blink several times, as he tasted it. The chili tasted as if it was made from ash instead of meat, beans, tomatoes and spices. He forced himself to swallow and attempted not to make a face, he failed the attempt. Joey struggled on and took a much smaller bite of the buttery looking corn bread, it too tasted like ash to him. Slowly the weakened boy stood up and took the delicious meal back to the priest.

"I am sorry Father, but the meal tastes like ash to me," Joey squeaked as tears formed in his hazel eyes.

Around the room, the others made noise that showed they each felt the same way. Father Thomas took a small portion of the chili and tried it himself. The Chili was mildly spicy but was made of good quality chili beans and hamburger; it was excellent in the priest's mind. "It must be your...condition, as it tastes fine to me."

"I wish we would either get better or just die already," T.J the second smallest of the boys growled in frustration.

At that moment, Toban began stepping out of his hiding spot in the dark shadowy corner of the room. "Maybe I can help you with that." He offered.

The priest saw a ghastly white form wrapped in darkness climbing out of the shadows, the creature's deep black eyes gleaming with unholy glee. The shadows themselves swirling around the monster as it they were a cape. In the split second, he went from fear to anger. With his left hand, Father Thomas pulled a flask of holy water from his inside coat pocket and with his right; he pulled his crucifix away from his body like a shield.

Toban had the briefest of moments to look at his surroundings after leaving the shadow realm, before he was splashed in face. Before Toban could react, he heard.

"In the name God, I command you foul creature of hell to leave this place of the most holy god," Father Thomas yelled.

Toban stopped his progress and looked at the priest in shock, after a micro-second he then wiped his face and said with a smile "Thank you father for the sprinkling, but if you intended it to hurt or repel me, I am sorry, It doesn't work."

He then turned to the Fangs in the room and held up both his hands. "My name is Toban, I am here to talk and possibly help, nothing more." Slowly his shadow energy began wrapping itself around him and reforming his tribal tattoo markings.

Father Thomas held out his crucifix even further but remained silent. Toban looked at him and smiled. "Father, if I were here to harm you, your church or these children, none of your holy items could stop me." Toban then sat down at long table and folded his hands placing them on the table itself.

Joey and Ray-Ray both slowly approached Toban, "You can help us?" Joey asked. "But you don't look Vampire?" Ray-Ray added.

"Yes I might be able to help, I will try," Toban answered "and I am not totally a vampire, I am mixed."

"Ronald said that only a full vampire could take over for him," Chris said with a demanding voice.

"That is mostly true," Toban agreed, not wanting to upset them about their former parent's potential lack of knowledge. "I am several different breeds combined and it may make it easier for me to help."

"Please explain this," Father Thomas said as he dropped his hold on the cross.

"Let's just hit the high points and I can answer questions later." Toban began. "There is more than one type of vampire and even they have different levels."

"You have those that are born Vampire, they are actually weaker than the ones that are changed and cannot change others." Toban began, "You have those that are changed by sharing blood and they are the strongest, which is what your Ronald was." He then smiled and looked as the others were slowly gathering around to listen.

"You have those rare ones that are born of a relationship between a human female and vampire male, they are called Dhampirs they are half vampire." He then grew serious, intentionally making the information as if he was telling a story. Toban noticed that even the priest was enraptured by his words.

"Then we have Thouls, which start life as Ghouls and are bitten by a vampire, they are protected from the sun and need less blood unlike their vampire cousin, but tend to be weaker as well." Toban continued to explain. He noticed that the priest blanched at the mention of blood.

"Last but not least we have you guys," Toban said looking around the room with a gentle smile, "you all know how you were changed," He then slowly dropped the smile and said "You are like quarter vampire, and had to do everything your parent told you to, even if you didn't want to do it." Toban let his face lighten some with a mild smile, "but if we get you a new parent you will be more along the lines of three-eighths vampire and will be able to do more of what you want to do."

"What if you became our parent?" Joey asked excitedly.

"Well if it actually works you will be more like me instead of just more vampire," Toban answered honestly.

"What if we don't want it?" Sean asked weakly.

"I won't force you, but you have to understand that if you don't accept, you will die a slow and very painful death, just because of what has already happened." Toban answered truthfully. "I would be willing to make your death easier though, if you wanted it."

Father Thomas hoping to alter the direction of the conversation asked, "What exactly are you then." He nervously watched the shadow vapors coming from Toban's arms.

"Well I was born part Werebear, Werewolf, Human and Ghoul," Toban explained, "But since then I also gained shadow and vampire."

"What is a werebear?" Ray-Ray asked while at the same time, Sean asked "Wouldn't that make you a Thoul, now?"

"Think werewolf except changing into a bear" Toban answered, "Yeah more or less a Thoul but everything else and being part human made me some other kind of Vampire, sort of like half way between Vampire and Thoul." He answered both questions in a single breath.

"Damn!" T.J exclaimed, "That is so cool!"

"Thomas James Potter," Father Thomas interjected, "Language!"

"Sorry Father," T.J said with a slight amount of embarrassment.

"What do you intend to do to the children?" The priest asked softly.

"I intend to offer them three choices," Toban explained. "First choice, I make the attempt to become the new parent for those that will accept me and give them a new life."

"You mean master to their slaves," Father Thomas challenged.

"If I were their first parent then yes, I can see how master would be an appropriate title," Toban agreed, "But by being the second instead, it cancels most of the influence and control of the master."

Father Thomas nodded, "Second choice?"

"I help them die as painlessly as possible," Toban said sadly.

"Some choice," Ray-Ray quipped.

Toban nodded grimly, "Third choice is worse, I leave and just let you guys die slowly and painfully." He tried to smile at Ray-Ray.

"There is nothing else that can be done for them?" The priest asked softly.

"Unless you know of any miracles, then the answer is unfortunately, No." Toban answered, "They have actually have lived weeks longer than was previously thought possible."

"You're not going to force us to do it, are you?" Sean asked softly.

"Nope," Toban responded, "Just give you the choices and let you chose."

"Then I want to die," Sean responded.

"NO!" screamed Ray-Ray in pain, his eyes tearing up.

Sean took his older brother into his arms and hugged him gently. "I only did this so we could be together, I never really wanted this."

"Then I'll die with you," Ray-Ray said firmly.

"No," Sean said softly wiping his brother's face. "I am too weak and will probably be dead before sunrise." He then kissed Ray-Ray's cheek. "Besides that Joey and Karen need you too,"

Toban walked over to the weakened boy and smiled, "What if I offer you another choice?"

Sean and Ray-Ray looked up at Toban and Sean asked, "What is that?"

"What if I become your parent and after say six months of you new life," Toban began the offer, "you decide that you want to die, I will put you out of your misery without trying to talk you out of it or even asking why."

"What ya think?" Ray-Ray asked.

At the same time out in the SUV Dom shuddered. His eyes glowed for brief instance and then Dom smiled, "The Bridge for US All has changed the future of the Fangs, only one shall now die instead of two.

[Zomé are you ok?] George asked telepathically.

Back in the church basement, Toban was smiling after Sean's positive answer and his smile increased when he felt George enter his mind. [I am fine, things are going very well, give me a few minutes and send in Sam and Tammy with the supplies. I love you, Zomé]

"Well then I need to know what everyone wants to do," Toban asked, looking around the room. "I also need everyone name,"

"We are a yes," Sean said weakly, he then added, "I am Sean Davis and this is my brother Ray-Ray."

Karen and Joey walked over and each shook Toban's hand, "I am Karen Holcomb and this is Joey Sebastian." She then smiled and said, "I am a Yes,"

"So am I," whispered Joey.

"Glad to meet you both," Toban said with a smile.

T.J was next to walk up to Toban, "I am Thomas James Potter, but most people just call me T.J, and I want to try it."

"I am Chris Northram and I am a yes," Chris said from his bunk.

"I am Dwayne and I got some questions," the smallest boy announced from across the room.

Toban turned and smiled at the boy, "Sure go ahead and ask your questions."

"What exactly is a ghoul?" Dwayne asked.

Toban sent a message to George, [Send Sam and Tammy in with the supplies]. He then answered Dwayne's question, "Ghouls are basically humans that cannot process vegetable matter and can only eat rotted meats," Toban began to explain, "The other major difference is that they are about three to five times stronger than humans and about five to seven times faster than humans."

Toban smiled as he heard the basement door open and quickly shut again. "You could meet one on the street and not know it, unless you knew what you were looking for."

Just then, the door to the room opened. Sam and Tammy walked into the room. They both were carrying black suitcases. Sam also was carrying a blue duffle bag. After a momentary pause, Toban said, "This is Tammy and Sam, friends of mine,"

"One of them is a ghoul," Toban said with a smile, "Can you tell me which one?"

Dwayne stood up and walked toward Sam and Tammy. They both stood still and let the smaller boy look them over. Dwayne sniffed both of them, looked at their skin and eyes and then looked at Toban. "Tammy is the ghoul," he said with conviction.

"Well that make me feel good that I can at least pass as ghoul," Tammy said softly, "But you are wrong, Sam is the ghoul."

Dwayne was shocked. "Can I still ask some other questions?"

"Sure buddy," Toban assured the boy.

"What other kinds of people are out there?"

"Well there are lots of different types of people in what we call the Breed." Toban responded, "There are plant people, Gargoyles, Were-cats, Were-apes and of course, Shadows."

"That is the second time you mentioned Shadows," Dwayne asked, "What are they."

Tammy and Sam both began snickering as they put the suitcases and the duffle bag on the table. "Oh boy that is another can of worms."

Toban glared at both of them playfully and then answered, "Shades are entities from the negative realm," He then looked at the priest and clarified, "Not from hell, but a negative energy realm," He sighed at the priest's look of disbelief and then continued his explanation. "Humans, Vampires and some mixed breeds can merge with a Shade. When merged the shade becomes a Shadow."

"So you got a Shade in you?" Dwayne asked.

"As with almost everything else in my life," Toban said with a wry smile, "I am different." He then explained, "Apparently something about me connects with the shade realm itself, I tap into the realms energy directly."

Dwayne thought for a moment and then said, "I'm the last, Ok, and I'm in."

Tammy looked at Father Thomas and said softly, "Father, what has to happen next might be a bit much for someone like you witness, I am sure it would be best if you spent the next hour or so in prayer."

Father Thomas was about to argue when he saw Sam open one of the cases and withdraw a serrated knife. The knife gleamed slightly as if it had blood on it. Father Thomas then decides it was a good time to pray. He quickly left the room and hurried to the rectory.

Tammy looked at Dwayne and the other Fangs and said, "Toban forgot to mention that there are shape shifters as well." Tammy then began to reform her arm into a wing.

"Wicked," squealed T.J.

Sam finished emptying the first suitcase by pulling out a dozen twenty ounce bottles and a collapsible metal stand. He then opened the second case. In the case was a wide bowl with a shallow basin. In the center of the basin were six large openings. In lid of the case, were several tubes that connected to the bottom of the basin.

Sam unfolded the stand and placed the bowl on it. He then connected the tubing to the bowls base. After Sam double-checked that each tube was tightly connected, he then placed each tube in a bottle. As he stood Sam put the knife in the bowl and turned to Toban and said, "It is ready."

[George, I am ready to start] Toban sent to George, [Go get some rest...In a real hotel; I will see you tomorrow afternoon.] He smiled when he got a mental hug from George and knew that at least he would have a good night sleep.

Toban then walked over to the bowl and picked up the knife. With a quick flick of his right hand, Toban cut his left wrist. He made sure that the blood fell into the basin. The blood quickly filled the bottom of the bowl and drained down into the bottles.

"I am going to need some food," Toban said softly.

Tammy reformed her arm and said "I will get you some of this chili the priest left."

It tastes like shit," T.J interjected.

"I am sure that it is fine," Toban said distractedly while watching the bottles fill. "It probably tasted that way because you guys were feeling the effects of withdrawls."

Tammy began feeding Toban the chili and it was evident that he was enjoying the meal. Both Sam and Tammy watched the blood flowing from Toban. Sam replaced the bottles as they filled. Sam knew that they required twelve bottles, one bottle would be required for each of the Fangs to make the change and they would store the four others for emergencies.

When the last of the required bottles were nearly filled, Tammy pulled Toban away from the bowl and bound his arm until it could heal. She could tell that he was almost drained, without a word Tammy opened the duffle bag and pulled out three bags of blood. She looked at the blood and smiled, AB- an O+ and an A-, she knew that each tasted different to a Vampire and none of them was Toban's specific blood type.

"Everyone catch a bunk," Sam said with authority, "This shit will knock you on your ass and we need to make sure you guys are safe."

Sam handed a bottle to each of the Fangs when they sat on their bunks. Tammy led Toban to an open bunk and handed him the packaged blood. Each of the fangs watched as Toban took the blood and began feeding. It was not until they saw Toban feed that they began drinking their portions of blood.

When the blood hit their systems, the Fangs began to pass out. Each of their bodies began to sweat as their temperature rose. The blood began making the needed changes that were required to become Toban's children of blood. Sean actually began to grow stronger as the minutes went by.

After consuming all three of his blood packages, Toban slipped into unconsciousness. Toban would be watched and protected by both Tammy and Sam was he slept. They would stand watch as the Fangs were transformed.