Toban's Chronicles

By Dream Janus

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1st Chronicle

From the Desk of Toban McFearsome...


I am going to start this Chronicle before my mother was even born, with my Grandparents. My Grandparent met at a CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Dance during the Great Depression. My Grandfather was a member of the CCC and my grandmother was visiting friends and they wanted to go dancing. My Grandfather was half wolf Thrope and half human, his father was human and mother was wolf. My Grandmother was Kodak Bear and at that time the heir apparent to the Bear Clans throne.

At that time Bears and Wolves did not date let alone marry and neither intentionally bred with a mixed or half breed of any type. Add to that, My Grandmother was royalty and my Grandfather was a poor, it just was not acceptable in anyone's eyes accept theirs. They dated in secret for over two years until my grandfather left the CCC and got his job with the Railroad. When it was revealed that my Grandmother married my Grandfather the ruling counsel of both the Bears and the Wolves attempted to limit what they could do.

1st They expected her to give up her claim to the Bear throne, she refused.

2nd They demanded that she refuse the throne, she didn't. The Bear clans ended up electing her as their new queen in 1939. The election silenced the leadership portion of the argument forever.

3rd They demanded that my Grandparents not breed and have any children. Well I am here so you know that didn't work. In fact they had four children, 1 boy and 3 girls.

4th When it was found that they were to have children, the counsel reactivated an old law known as the `Viability Law'. Basically all children had to prove at the age of 2 that they could take care of themselves and could properly change forms or be put to death. My Uncle, one Aunt and my mother passed the test. My Grandparents knew that my other aunt would not pass the test and sent her away before she reached the age of the test. She was mentally and physically disabled.

5th They demanded that my Grandfather never take a title and remember his place. They further demanded that he never appear in public when she was in an official function. My Grandparent's had no problem with that and my grandfather remained in the shadows.

My Grandparents raised their children in a modified Breed household. They always stressed Conclave laws even over Clan laws. When a normal human came to the house nothing seemed out of the ordinary, unless you count my grandfather's fascination with Television. The only time that they were exposed directly to the operations of either the clans or the Conclave were on the days that my grandmother could not get out of taking them with her or a holiday when the whole family was expected.

Of the three children that were in the home, my uncle focused on making money and gaining power, Bear, Wolf, Breed or Human it did not matter to him. My Aunt focused on making friends and landing a man. She ended up marrying for money and moving out of state before she finished High School; she finished out of state and went to work for the electric company there. My mother was always looking to help others, when she wasn't looking for a man to get her out of the house. She also got married before finishing High School, but stayed in state until she finished her senior year and then went and got into human based nursing.

So you can understand my mother, she was Bear Wolf and Human just like her siblings, but she was the youngest. She felt as if she was an outsider in my Grandparent's home. She apparently did not feel as if she was loved enough by her parents. She got married with the intentions of being loved and having a child. The problem was the man who married her lied and did not tell her that he had a vasectomy two years before they met and would never father children. When my mother finally found this out she did what she wanted and went out and found my father and divorced her 1st husband.

My Mother never really knew the genetic background of my father other than he was over 6 feet tall, with brown hair and eyes, a hairy chest, had a big dick and he was strong. These apparently were the traits she wanted in me, well she got them, Plus her stubborn streak and the breeds tendency to mature VERY early.

I was born 13 months after conception, my mother counted the days and months after the last time she and my father sex together. If I was conceived the first time they slept together it took 15 months. She did not sleep with anyone else during that time, not even the man she was married to at the time.

I don't remember much about my early life other than my grandmother's house was the house that I came home to after I was born. I lived there for my first 4 years, was caught eating dog biscuits more than once and had a bad habit of jumping off the roof of the house. She was happy though that I rarely got hurt.

My mother dated and married the Father of my sister (Valen) and brother (Tobey) all before I turned 5. My Mother's house was always ran like a human's house, well the best she knew. Of course we are talking Donna Reed and the Beavers mom were what she tried to model life after and failed. The man my mother married and had Valen and Toby with was a good provider and all that but he was cold to me emotionally, I never grew really close to him until after they divorced when I was 11.

The problem I had at that time was my talents and powers began to develop and I became more and more like my mother and grandmother, I cared for people but had no patients for stupid people and even less for stupid actions even if that included my own mother. I got rude to my step-father and the woman who had a hand in breaking my parent's marriage up. I was just short of being that rude to my own mother.

A word about this woman, she had the sharp features of rat or some other small rodent, a high nasal voice that always sounded like she was whining and the misfortune of getting pregnant by my step-father. Now there was plenty of blame for everyone in that mess, the real situation I did not find out about until my behavior made my mother so mad she just spilled. The situation was my mother and step father and the couple that were their best friends at the time decided to do some spouse swapping. The problem was my mother and the other guy had both been fixed by this time and my step father and the other woman had not. I don't know if they snuck around behind each others backs or what but my brother and sister now have a sister because of it...

Just so you know Valen and Toby are Bear 1/8 Wolf and 5/8 Human, so other than having a bit more strength and good sense of smell they appear to be totally human. Nancy was born of my totally human step father and her totally human mother so she is totally human; she just inherited that annoying whine.

My talents and powers grew as I did and eventually became hard for me to handle. If I were to list my capabilities at that time I would have to say:

negative empathy- feel and absorb other peoples emotions and physical pains;

telekinesis but only when I got REALLY ANGRY.

Limited telepathy I could send and receive from all the family plus Bears and Wolves. I also could occasionally pick-up other thoughts but not real well.

Luck I could affect the outcome of any game of chance as I wanted (good or bad), as long as I was not the one playing.

The negative empathy could actually cripple me for short periods of time if I touched the wrong person until I learned to protect myself. Positive empathy or projecting feeling onto other people developed as I got older and gained control over the negative empathy.

The telekinesis and telepathy developed as I grew older and were refined once I was properly trained.

As I grew into a pre-teen and teenager my patients with my mother and her boyfriends became less and less. When it came to the men, why should I obey someone that I did not like to begin with, did not take the time to get to know me or my siblings and most likely would be gone in a month or two? Now if the guy acted like he gave a damn about us kids I did give him the benefit of the doubt, but if he fucked up even once I was done trying. I only appeared to give a damn for my mother's benefit and only up to the point when the man was dumb enough to lay a hand on me in violence. I learned early that my mother would not protect me, Valen or Toby so I went to the one person I knew that would, Grandma...More than one man ran from her when she got angry.

That was until she told me to take up for myself. I learned quickly that I was stronger, faster and in most cases smarter than these men. After I bloodied the first guys nose I started getting sent to Grandma's, first it was when I got in trouble, then weekends and finally full time after I put one of my mother's men in the hospital. Nothing ever happened because who would believe that a 13 year old put that much hurt on a full grown man.

At age 10 my grandmother set me down and had the talk about sex. She was blunt and told me that there were three kinds of sex (Male/Female, Male/Male and Female/Female) but only two were available to me. I remember laughing about that. She also told me that it was something special and should only be shared with someone I loved and cared about deeply.

At about the age of 12 was when I starting getting interested other guys, not the old fuckheads my mother dated but guys my age and a bit older, Middle School and High School age. I was so protected by my grandmother and mother that I never did anything, until I was allowed to have Tommy over for my first real over-nighter at my place. Boy did that start something.

My Grandmother fell ill just after my 14th birthday and was bed ridden for 3 days as the healers ran tests on her. Finally it was found that she had the Genetic Phage and Thrope Thrush, she decided it was time to step down.

Genetic Phage is the break down of genetic structure that allows Thropes and some other shape shifters to change form, it comes in two varieties the first stops any changes whatsoever, the second is the more dangerous in that it makes progressive changes in the base form, causing the human form to gain animalistic qualities or the animal to gain human qualities. Thrope Thrush is a similar condition in that it is genetic, but in this case the Thrush causes uncontrollable partial changes between forms, on rare occasions these uncontrollable form changes are full not partial. Basically they informed my Grandmother she had a degenerative disease that if left untreated would make her into a monster.

My Grandmother decided to take the battery of treatments that was offered. It required that she take a dozen initial injections that would stop her ability to change form and then every six months she was required to take another injection to maintain her form. Everyone knew that the shots would cause her to have mild shakes on occasion and were not always 100% at stopping the unwanted changes.

My Grandfather decided to take early retirement from the railroad just after my Grandmother was diagnosed. He thought he was doing something for her, but in reality he just got underfoot for her. Grandma would have never told him that, though she did encourage him to go fishing a lot.