Toban's Chronicles

By Dream Janus

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2nd Chronicle

From the Desk of Toban McFearsome...


My school days were at best abnormal for either humans or breed. School for a member of the breed consists of Nursery (ages 2-4), Primary (ages 5-8), Middle (ages 9-12), and High School (ages 13- 15). Schools for humans in my region of the United States consisted of Head Start or Pre-K (ages 2-4), Kindergarten (ages 5-6), Elementary (grades 1-5), Middle (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). Basically Breed children can graduate from school 3 years younger than those in human school, of course the breed children tend to also mature between 3 and 5 years sooner than humans.


I was forced by my mother to attend regular school, but my grandmother put her foot down earlier and made sure that I was placed in a Nursery that accepted mixed breeds. The school was like most Nurseries in that it was in someone's house. So you can understand the differences between human and breed nursery's, in breed based nursery we were trained to use both De'wann and English side by side. We learned colors, shapes, numbers and letters (both in English and De'wann), learned to tie our shoes (of course), and learned basic control over our bodies (those of us who could change form).


I enjoyed the nursery teachings but was not the interaction with the other kids. Most were half breed or full blood, so I was looked down on by the other students. I even felt the teachers looked down on me but they never were mean like the students, just cold and distant. The teachers were efficient and through in what they taught and I excelled in learning what was taught, I was the best student at the nursery when it came to the teaching, but because I had regular problems with discipline (fighting with other students) the teachers held it against me.


My mother would always go ballistic, but Grandma was willing to listen whenever a discipline report was sent home. I think that was the beginning of me always avoiding my mother when it came to school and always going to Grandma with EVERYTHING. There were times that she and I were the only ones around the house, Grandpa was always fishing at one of the nearby lakes, Mother was always working as a nurse in a human hospital.


It was decided that I would not return for my final year at Nursery and go to an early human Kindergarten instead. I was treated better by the students there and loved going, but again I was a discipline problem. Though during this time it was not fighting with other students but not following the teachers' directions. I WAS BORED! I hated the punishment; I was forced to sit beside the teacher's piano during Music time and during Nap time, both of which were my favorite times to disrupt the class. I not only hated it because I was being punished, but that DAMN piano was out of tune, at least to my extra sensitive ears.


The early Kindergarten basically repeated what I had learned in Nursery. I even had them thinking I had a speech impediment or was slow because I intentionally started mixing English words and De'wann together and it sounded wrong to the human teachers. I remember that I got my butt busted by Grandma when she found out what I was doing and why, but it got me out of finishing that year of school. Being that Kindergarten grades had no effect on getting into 1st grade, it didn't hurt me at all.


If you think that getting that time off meant I got to play more, you don't know my grandmother and mother. My Mother went to a store that helped children learn differently than normal and loaded up on books that gave me advanced help in first and second grade. Grandma took it upon herself to teach me about music, art and culture. I went to more museums, plays and opera than most people ever do by the time I was 8. She made sure that I was well rounded by allowing me to go to performances that my Grandfather and his country band put on. My Grandfather played anything with strings...If he had an hour he could learn to play any stringed instrument by ear, even though he read music.


I wish I could say that my elementary career was perfect and without incident, but that would be a lie. I got into a fist fight with a friend named Darin in 3rd grade, I don't really remember what it was over, just that I told him that we had to move. It was the one and only time that I got suspended from school. 4th and 5th grades were in a different school and I hated it. I never had any friends and really didn't try to make any either.

6th grade was like a total change for me, we had the `honor' of being the first 6th grade class in that school, the teachers were SO PROUD that we were their and spoiled us that first year. I was always friendly to the teachers and was respected by the administration as well. I made several school friends and only one real friend, his name was Tommy.


One thing that I thought was stupid (and still do) was the school's rule that everyone had to take at least a year in each wood shop, metal shop, sewing and cooking by the end of 8th grade. I decided that I would take them all in the first 2 years. I hated all four classes and the teachers did not make it easier to try and accept my fate.


The metal shop teacher was a distant man who taught by directing his student helper to hand out papers that explained the project and he sat in his office. The wood shop teacher was more hands on, but chewed tobacco in class GROSS, and swore like a sailor. The sewing teacher was sweet appearing but had little time to help boys in her class. The cooking teacher was the best of the bunch, but she refused to allow the students to try new modifications on her outdated recipes.


I joined the Beginner Band in 6th grade as a clarinet player. It surprised my mother but not my grandmother, she knew in one way I was trying to connect with my grandfather's musical side. The band director's name was Ms. Wainwright. She took a liking to me and let me help out when ever she needed an extra set of hands or needed to leave the room for a minute. She also let it be known on more than one occasion that I was not her pet. She had no problem about chewing me out in front of others.


Tommy melted my heart the day he arrived in my 1st period class. He transferred to the school a few days late and was really shy. I loved his blonde hair and blues. He had the perfect body for a 12 year old boy. It was because of him that I realized and was able to come to gripes with the fact I was Gay. It took three months and A LOT of begging on my part for me to have my first overnight sleep over at Grandma's. The begging was for her to allow it, not to get him there.


The night of the sleep over I was a nervous wreck and was talking WAY TOO MUCH. We walked around the neighborhood after dinner and before dark. Tommy and I watched TV for awhile, until my grandfather decided to watch a Lawrence Welk's show re-run, talk about a mood killer. So we finished a little bit of homework and went to bed.


I was even more nervous in bed with my new best friend. I wanted to touch his body so bad, but was terrified that it would go bad and I would loose him forever. The thought that he could make my life at school miserable never entered my mind. The good thing about the situation was that Tommy was in the same shape I was and we both played possum and acted like we were asleep. Our hands snuck across the bed toward each other and accidently collided. We both giggled and then we grasped each other's hands for the first time.


I wish I could say that we sucked and fucked our brains out that night, but the truth was a lot more boring than that. We held hands, rubbed each other chests and jacked off. We didn't even kiss or hug that night. A couple days later we hugged for the first time and a day after that our first kiss, three days after that we had our first French kiss. The remainder of that school year we held hands, hugged and kissed everyday, we jacked off together at least three times a week.


The summer between 6th and 7th was great and horrible at the same time. The GREAT part: Tommy and I finally took the step that we were both afraid that the other did not want to take, we got into sucking each off...We loved to 69. I came out to my grandmother and was surprised that she was great with it, even asking if Tommy was my boyfriend. I had to tell her `no' because Tommy and I had never discussed it, we did though and she was the first person we told.

The HORRIBLE part was that Tommy and his older sister got into a fight, she started it but he beat the hell out of her. Tommy's mom forced him out of their house and he came running to mine. Grandma hit the roof after telling him he was moving in, she forced Tommy's mother to admit that she did not even like Tommy and then my Grandmother forced her to sign guardianship over to my grandmother. Add to that a month later, Tommy collapsed and when he was taken to the doctor they found out he had leukemia.


I took the leadership in our love making the next month and had Tommy fuck me for the first time. We both loved it SO MUCH. It wasn't for seven more months before Tommy was able to let me fuck him, Chemotherapy is a BITCH!! Please understand that we both wanted to it before then but he was not strong enough and we did not want to comprise his already weakened system with my body fluids.


Valen and Toby were never told about me being gay, but they certainly were not dumb or lacking observation skills. They both at different times asked me if Tommy was my boyfriend. I never have lied to them so I told them the truth. They smiled and started calling Tommy `bubba Tommy' or `bubby Tommy' using the pet name they had for me.


My Mother told me that she accepted my sexuality, but wanted me to keep it secret to everyone except family, so I would be protected from accidental revealing myself as a Breed. We even agreed that we would keep it secret from her men, until we both tested them and agreed to reveal it together. She of course broke that agreement when she got with the "pain in the ass du jour," Paul. It was almost the first thing she said about me when she was explaining me to him. I gave her one hell of a dirty look and Grandma went off on her about not keeping her word. My mother just blew it off as if she had not done anything wrong.


7th Grade was hard for both Tommy and me as we had to divide our time between school, his cancer treatments and doctor appointments. I finally got fed up with the emotional drain of keeping the secret of being a breed from the boy I loved. I went to Grandma and told her that I was going to tell Tommy. She smiled and said she was wondering when I would break down and do that.


That weekend Tommy and I talked for several hours. He was not scared or even intimidated by the information; he just wanted to learn as much about the different breeds as I could tell him. He accepted it when I told him that some things could not be revealed yet and would take time. Tommy was even excited when I brought up the fact we need to seal our new level of relationship with a blood promise. It surprised me that he wasn't even angry that I had kept it from him so long.


8th grade was almost over when we were told that Tommy went into a remission; at least that was what an asshole of a Doctor told us. The truth was the opposite and he could have survived if he had gotten the proper treatment at that time. When it was revealed that the doctor misread the tests it was too late, Tommy was terminal. The hospital brought charges against the doctor and funded the care that Tommy received from then on.


The day that Tommy died, mother and I got into a loud argument as I refused to go to school. I told her that I was going to stay with Tommy instead. It wasn't that we knew Tommy was going to die; I just had a feeling and was adamant about going to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, I immediately climbed into Tommy's bed with him and just held him and cried. I didn't know at the time why but felt it was right. I screamed when I felt Tommy's energy ebb and he died. I refused to release his body and let them do anything with him until my Grandmother took my hand and pulled me to her. I even growled at mother and the other nurses when they came into the room.


I refused to go to the last three days of school, even blew off one of the finals. The teachers all realized that I was VERY close to Tommy and agreed to give me the grades that I had already earned in the class up to that point. I finished Middle school with a 3.5 GPA.