Toban's Chronicles

By Dream Janus

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Music in this Chronicle

"Testify to Love" by Wynonna Judd

"Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler

3rd Chronicle

From the Desk of Toban McFearsome...


          I really hate funerals; of course the only other funeral that I had ever been at was for the neighborhood barber "Corby" who was also a close friend of my grandfather. It was a cold and unfeeling affair, the minister obviously did not know Corby at all, and the music was canned and also had no real soul behind it. That day I made my mind up that no one I loved would ever have such a cold send off.


            My Grandmother and I contacted Tommy's mother about the funeral. She was a cold bitch to both Grandmother and me; she refused to have anything to do with Tommy's body or planning the funeral. She was more focused on hers and her daughter's life. I wanted to rip off Tommy's uncaring mother's face off, but my grandmother being the eternal diplomat, suggested a strategic retreat to save me from making a bloody mess.


            We then went to the funeral home and set about finalizing Tommy's funeral. I told the funeral director that a graveside funeral was all that Tommy or I ever wanted. They agreed to play his favorite two songs during the visitations. Tommy's favorite songs were "Testify to Love" and "Wind Beneath My wings". I choose the blue and silver coffin for Tommy. The funeral director made a big deal over the fact that the coffin I chose was one of their more expensive models and tried several times to show me less expensive models, each time he tried to show me another I grew more and more frustrated. I finally got tired of him treating me as an ignorant child. I finally called him on his actions. His response was that no child could afford a casket like that and I should just choose a cheaper one instead.


            My Grandmother hit the roof and told the director that if my money was not good enough for him, we could easily find another funeral home that would be happy to help us. The director immediately sat up straight and kept silent as we finished the plans for the funeral. She then dropped me off at the house and went to talk to someone in the Conclave. I later found out that she met with Antino and George.


            That weekend I was forced to go to Calumet to be with my mother, Valen, Toby, Paul and his bitch of a daughter Paula. Paul immediately had me cleaning up his yard and found every little thing about the job to gripe and bitch over. Paula set in the air conditioned house and eating junk food all the while watching me doing the lawn work. The Bitch had the HOTS for me and was not trying to hide it. Saturday night Paul's meddling mother again wanted to know why I would not go to her church and when she found that I would not budge she attempted to make Paul force me to go. I informed him that if he attempted to force me I would call my grandmother and he could deal with her. That ended the conversation for the time being.


            That night I heard Paul and my mother fighting about the church issue again. She began to relent to Paul's and his mother wishes when I thought projected to her that I would not return to Calumet and would disown her, if I was forced to go against my will. My Mother fell silent in their room for a moment and transmitted back to me "ok" softly and then told Paul that it was my choice and she would not argue it with him.


            I was returned to Grandma's a ½ day early, to my relief and broke down and cried. It was not because of the Bullshit that went on in Calumet, but the loss of my emotional anchor, Tommy. I felt the emotions building in me in a way that I had never felt before, it built to a point that I could no longer control it and finally spilled out in the form of empathic psychic wave. Every window in the house began to vibrate and then rattle, and then as the windows were about to shatter due to the vibration, all the doors in the house slammed shut explosively. Several of the doors shattered, including the front door and the back door. None of the windows shattered though.


            That Monday was Tommy's funeral. I was in a foul mood that morning and nothing anyone did would help, I would not allow it. I sat in the back seat of Grandma's car and was brooding all the way to cemetery. I felt my emotional control slip a couple of times but I forced myself to focus and more or less regained it. I ended up with a slight headache but it was almost gone by the time we arrived at the cemetery.


            Five minutes into the funeral I realized that the majority of the people were different Breeds and probably just there to please my grandmother and to show off. I scanned each person at the funeral and slowly reduced the number of people in attendance trying to find any people that were there for either me or even more importantly, Tommy. Other than a few teachers from our Middle school and a couple students who played hooky, all of them were breed. I froze in fear once I felt the presence of the Ancient himself, Antino.


            I lost a bit of control and pushed my emotions on others, Grandma, Antino and George all felt the emotional fallout, Grandma and George both came toward me trying to stop it. I was really nasty to George even though he was trying to be helpful and actually cared.


            After the funeral George talked me into having a talk with Antino, I was scared shitless. Antino is not known for taking any crap off of ANYONE. It surprised me that he was so willing to not only get his point across but to listen as well. As I warmed up to Antino I found that he had a type of love and compassion for me, even though by human standards he is very cold and can be cruel. I also learned that George was attracted to me and VERY protective, even without Antino's command.


            Saying that my return home was violent is of course an understatement. Paul and my mother were waiting for us when we got back from the cemetery. He was immediately an asshole and if it had not been for George's presence he would have tried to hit me. I just he was still pissed that I refused to go to his mother's stupid church. Please understand that I do not have anything against Christianity, just most Christians. The hypocrisy that they live in is just too much for me to deal with.


            Band Camp started with bang as I was still grieving for Tommy, I apparently have the natural skills needed to be an excellent member of the Marching Band, I am not saying that my playing skills were the greatest, they were good but not superior, my skills laid in the ability to March, changing directions and following direction without thinking about them first. I even switched from the clarinet to the baritone Saxophone or just Bari. The ability to switch was not that hard as both instruments share several of the same fingerings for the same note.


            I gained several friends in the senior year; I know part of it was that even as a freshman I was a big and tall as the seniors. If they had known that it was because I matured physically I am sure it would have made little or no difference. Though I am sure if they had known I was Gay or Breed, Which would have made a difference. I am my Grandmother made the decision that even though the family knew about me being gay, no one needed to, at least yet. Not letting out the fact that I was part of the races that had evil dark legends about them, was a no duh no shit. Grandma got a kick out of me when I even said that, The No Duh No Shit part.


            School was easy to deal with, While I was known to be a band geek, no one gave me shit over it. It helped that I was over six feet tall and carried a lot of muscle. I soon had friends in almost every click in school, from the drug dealers and smokers on the bridge, to the Football player and cheerleaders, and finally the Brains and the Geeks. The only group that I never got friends was the Goth/Emo crowd. I thought they were a bunch of want to be posers who dwelled on the legendary vampires and death, but would shit themselves if they ever met a real one, they thought I was too big and muscled to be a proper Goth and too happy to be Emo, little did they know.


            My Conclave training began very quickly after the funeral. I think part of that was to help me get over the loose of Tommy. I was kept so busy that I could not see straight, physical training, mental/psychic training and Conclave training took several hours of my day after School. It was like going to 2 different schools FULL-TIME. Antino and George took a personal hand in most of my training. Elzabeth, who I found out was Antino's human/vampire bride and 1st off spring took over most of my mental/psychic training.


            It was a good thing that I was capable of learning quickly because that was what was expected. I realized that Antino had hidden plans for me during our many training sessions. He kept repeating "You have to be stronger and faster or it will never work." What it was or will be I have yet to find out. I knew that it was not me becoming a lord, there are many different lords and they run the gambit from being fat and lazy to hyper and fit. I decided that whatever it was, I was going to be the best as I possibly could. I did not want to let him down.


            I realized that Antino loved me, but it felt more like the love of a parent for a child, but something else was there. I knew that he wanted me protected, but was shocked and surprised when I found out that he had put a death sentence on anyone that even hurt me. I realized that he was too chaste and distant from me to want me as a lover, but the few kisses I did receive from him hinted at the fact, I was someone special to him.


            I was drawn to George like a bug to a bright light, but he pushed me off more than once telling me that I was not ready. I really hated it and appreciated it at the same time, he knew as drawn to him, but at the same time still hurting for Tommy. I even asked him one time if one of the Vampires could have saved Tommy before he died, His answer surprised me.


            Apparently when a person has a blood disorder it really depends. Most of them can be saved but there are two very unique exceptions.

AIDS being the first, the virus is detectable to vampires, by smell. The few vampires that were changed with AIDS never felt any adverse effects and their sires were immune, but anyone that was bitten got the virus at the level the vampire had it before the change, there by infecting our human friends with an agonizing death sentence.    


The second exception was blood based cancers. Apparently the changed person's blood was changed so that they required fresh blood daily instead of weekly. I realized that this meant they were a threat to the community for over feeding in an area. Most of those changed had gone mad with the need to feed. I would not have wanted that for Tommy.


Rex was a youthful version of his brother, his skin was only slightly scarred by the previous battles and his eyes still held the wonder of the world. Rex's youthful exuberance was what got him bound to me as a slave while I was in training. I never wanted him as a slave, but it would have meant his death if I didn't.  Rex took my sexual needs into hand each night before we slept and almost never had the release he required as well. I guessed it was a slave taking care of his master, until I got frustrated and began returning the favor. Even though Rex and I shared mutual JO sessions all the time, I let him and George know that George was going to be the one to anal love to me before anyone else.


I knew that I cared for both George and Rex and did not want to loose them to anyone else. What I did not know was the level of my love for them, until I saw how each of them reacted to little Mike. I then realized that all three of them would be my Zoméa.