This story contains material of a sexual nature and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. The sexual material in this story involves two males with gay thoughts and actions among consenting males over the age of 18.

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Story Notes:
This story originally appeared on an electronic bulletin board system (BBS) in San Diego, California, called 'Deep Thought,' in 1991. It has been cleaned up and reformatted for your viewing pleasure.

At the time, I used the online nickname of "Yo!!! Mate" - If you want to send me emale now, please address it to: wetstuff@agrisea.net

The Castle
written by Yo!!! Mate

Once upon a time (the worst stories start this way), there lived a young man. Now this young man was approaching the quiant young age of 20 and had never ventured forth from the castle that he lived in with his dying mother. The castle was built back when men were men and Dragons ruled the skies. Life in that time was hard or easy, depending on your idea of life then. Maidens and young men were eaten by the Dragons, just for the fun of it. Dragons were slayed by brave men, who had nothing else to do except build castles.

That was then, now we are back to the young man.

His noble name was Sir John and his entire life, up till this time, had been spent exploring the huge castle and grounds. He was alone, except for his mother and had never known who or what his father was or if he even lived. Sir John was the provider of everything that was eaten, using his own hands and the soil of the earth inside the castle's walls. Before he had learned the skill from his mother, he had played in the many floors of the castle and the many rooms. He had never once been in the cellar or any of the other rooms down under the castle. His mother had forbidden him from going down there. Sir John knew that once his mother passed away, he would have to go down to one of the rooms, to lay her down with the rest of the family and then reseal that room.

Weeks passed, until the morning a stranger passed and stopped at the Castle. The stranger was one from afar and needed some time to rest his weary mount and his frame was tired from all of the riding. He noticed this castle from afar and as he got nearer, he hopped that it was occupied with friendly folk. He went to what he thought was the entrance. The drawbridge was up and the moat was the largest that he had ever seen. He stood up in his saddle and yelled as loud as he could, hoping that someone inside would hear him.

Meanwhile, inside the castle's grounds, Sir John's mother passed away in her sleep. Sir John was just coming back from the outbuildings when he heard the yell and immediatly thought it was his mother calling for help. So he ran to his mothers room and found her smiling peacefully on her bed and very still. He shook her and she felt cold to his arm, so he lay her back down on the bed. The pain and fear was gone from his heart. He knew what he must do.

He gathered his mother up in his arms, said goodbye, and carried her down to the rest of the family. As he lay her down, he found his father staring back up at him. Now he knew! His father was a knight and was now laying next to his mother. The gleaming suit of armour was too much for Sir John's eyes, in the bright light of the torch he was holding, and he looked away. It was time to reseal the room and take care of the other matters that were waiting him.

As his heavy footsteps echoed on the stairs, his mind was remembering thoughts of exploring the rooms down below. He must do it that afternoon! As he entered the Great Hall, he once again heard the yell, and rushed to the door and hollered back. His call was answered by someone outside of the walls of the castle!

Sir John ran to the drawbridge wheel and started to turn it. Outside, the stranger heard an answer to his second yell and then the creak of the drawbridge as it was lowered. He moved his mount away from the edge of the moat and waited for the bridge to come down.

The drawbridge was finally down all the way and the metal gate was in the up position. Sir John came out and stood in the middle of the entrance and waited. The stranger, still on his mount, rode slowly across the drawbridge and stopped ten feet from Sir John. Sir John was impressed by the size of the mount and the figure riding it. The stranger swung down and stood next to his mount with the reins still in his hand. He flung his hood back from his head and took off the cape, laying it on the mount.

Sir John saw a man his age, dark brown hair cascading down his back, intense blue eyes, and a solid muscular frame. The clothes were mud splattered and torn in places to reveal a very tanned body underneath.

The stranger noticed, as he was riding across the drawbridge, that the man standing in the entrance, was possibly his own age, had sun bleached tossed brown hair, very bright and thoughtful green eyes, a body men dreamed about and had only tight fitting short pants on. His body was the color of bronze and his muscles showed plainly on his arms and legs.

Sir John reached an arm out to the stranger and said, "Welcome to my Castle. I am Sir John."

The stranger walked over and also extended his hand and said,"Thank you, I have been travelling so far. I am Peter of No Land."

They shook hands.

Sir John could feel the strength in the hand shake and gazed into Peter's face. John said, "You may stay and rest if you would like."

Peter felt the tightness in the handshake and met the stare with his own and said, "Thank you and Yes, I will stay. I am tired and hungry for many things. It has been such a long trip and now, I think I found the reward."

John thought that Peter's answer was a little strange, but decided that this person was not one of the bandits. John turned and walked over to the drawbridge wheel and cranked it back up to its original position and lowered the metal gate. When he was done, he said to Peter, "I have had bandits trying to break in here, so I must keep the drawbridge up. Follow me and I'll show you where to put your mount. Then we can go inside."

John looked up at the sky and said, "I beleive that it will rain very soon, so we must hurry."

Peter at first was worried that this Sir John was a dangerous person, because of the way the drawbridge and then the metal gate was closed, but after hearing his comment about bandits, he knew he had indeed found a reward and he would make the most of it. Peter responded to John's comment of the rain, by in turn also looking up at the sky and grunting. He pulled his mount in the direction that John was going.

After the mount was secured in its pen, John and Peter headed towards the Great Hall. As they entered it, thunder and lightning, and large rain drops started to fall from the sky.

Peter and John stood just inside the doorway, watching the rain pound down outside. John said, "I think that I will close the doors and you can go sit on the chair by the fire. I'll join you in a minute."

John closed the doors and walked over to the roaring fire, where Peter was seated on a two person chair. The chair was made for two smaller people and not two men. As John sat down, Peter had to put his hands in his lap, but was uncomfortable, so he laid his left hand on John's right leg. John was startled at first, but then realized the seat was tight and Peter was probably uncomfortable. Peter's hand was warm on his leg and he felt a shiver of excitement, a knowing of something was going to happen, something good.

John put his right hand on top of Peter's left hand and rubbed it. Peter said, "Please excuse me, but my hand was cramped. Is there anyplace that I can lay down and still be warm?"

John said, "Yes, my room has a fire going in it. Let me take you up there."

John stood, as Peter stood. John went off down the hallway with Peter in tow. Peter followed automatically, while his mind was thinking that this was going to be easier than he thought.

John pushed open the door to his room and they were both assulted by the warmth of the air. John's room was sparse as the bed took up the majority of the room. The fire was also roaring at the foot of the bed, in it's marble fireplace. There was a shirt and a very torn pair of shorts hanging on the hook of the door. John closed the door and motioned to Peter that this was all of the room and to make himself comfortable.

Peter followed John's motion and preceeded to remove his outercoat and shirt, overpants and pants, and finally was standing in front of John with just a short pair of shorts on.

John removed his own shoes as Peter did the same.

Peter said to John, "Are you cold? Would you stay here as I lay down?"

Peter sat down on the bed and swung his legs up on to it and laid down.

John looked down at him and said, "I am a little cold. I guess I could lay with you for awhile."

John started to climb over Peter to lay down next to him, when Peter grabbed John by the left shoulder and pulled John tight against his chest. John was staring at Peter's face, as Peter ran his left hand up John's back and covered the back of John's head.

John was looking down into Peter's face, feeling the warmth of Peter's body burning his skin. John put his hands on either side of Peter's head and collasped onto Peter, while keeping his head away from Peter's face.

Peter pushed John's face down and lifted his own head up, while zeroing in on John's lips.

John knew that his feeling was right and wanted whatever was going to happen, to happen now. So he stopped resisting and let his face fall towards Peter's.

John's lips met Peter's before Peter knew it. The touch was enough for John to want more and Peter's hands tightened around him. He felt a tongue running along his closed mouth, so he open his mouth open and the tongue darted in.

Peter felt John wanting more, so he ran his tongue along John's closed mouth, till he felt it open up. He pushed his tongue in and wrapped John closer to him while firmly exploring the inside of John's mouth. Peter could feel himself getting very hot and needed to release himself, so he rolled over and had John on top of him, while his hands loosened his shorts and his legs removed them from his body. Peter also lossened John's pants and used his hands to push them down and then used his legs to push them off of John.

John felt his shorts coming off and just put his hands around Peter and kept on kissing him. John even put his tongue into Peter's mouth.

John and Peter's cocks were hard against each other, as Peter broke their kissing off and looked down at John's cock.

John, in turn also looked down at Peter's cock.

Their hands moved by another power to hold each other's cocks in their hands. They each felt the pulsing power of each other. Their lips sought each other out again.

John felt that heaven was upon him and each touch of Peter's hand on him, left him breathless for more.

Peter moved suddenly and his lips were on John's chest, the tongue was caressing his nipples and a hand was stroking his cock. Soon Peter was upside down and John was staring at his hand holding a cock and clear liquid dripping down. Peter had both hands on his own cock.

Peter said, "Just follow my lead and do anything you feel like doing..."

And then Peter's tongue gently licked the tip of John's throbbing, leaking cock, and then Peter's mouth opened up and took the cock into his mouth, while his hands pulled on either side of John's thighs.

John felt the sensation and wanted so much more, so he grabbed Peter's cock and also licked and tasted the clear liquid, which was so sweet, and he knew that he had to have more of it. John ran his right hand behind Peter's butt and with his left hand held the cock and opened his mouth. John slowly engulfed the cock, all the way down to the writhing base, he could feel Peter doing the same to him. John sucked on the cock and felt more sweet liquid enter his mouth and go down his throat.

Peter's legs were trembling as John continued to suck. Then the sweet stuff stopped and the writhing got very tight and John could feel a different type of pulsing and then a groan escaped Peter's lips as a geyser of something sweet gushed into John's mouth. It filled up his mouth and cascaded dow n his throat. As John continued to suck and swallow, he felt himself also letting go and Peter was moaning and then sucking harder as John came.

Peter's cock went slightly limp as John swallowed what was left in his mouth and then slowly removed his mouth off of Peter's cock.

Peter was also sucking and swallowing lots of John's sweet liquid and as he had gone limp in John's mouth, John also went slightly limp in his. Peter removed his mouth and quickly turned around and took John's head in his hands. Peter placed his lips on John's and kissed him, oh so deep.

John looked into Peter's eyes and said, "That was the most enjoyable thing that I have ever done!"

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Copyright © 1991 Yo!!! Mate