The Children of Light

Chapter 10

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Alex was the first person out of bed in the morning.   He had had the same dream last night.   The one where he sees himself (or is it someone who just looks like him?) standing in the middle of a field, clutching their chest as blood poured from a wound.   This time, the dream startled him awake at around half past six, Quinn still wedged against him, drooling slightly on his arm, which he was using as a pillow.   With consciousness, the details of the dream vanished, and with a smile for his lover, he carefully climbed out of the bed and had a hot shower.   After his shower, he wandered into the living area with his towel around his waist.   He had a quick breakfast of cereal as he sat at the kitchen island.   Alex heard footsteps coming from the second bedroom.  
‘Morning cousin.’ Georgio said coming into the kitchen naked.  
‘Morning Georgie.   Good sleep?’ Alex asked of his cousin.  
‘Yeah.   That bed is amazing.’ The older cousin said sitting next to Alex at the kitchen island.   ‘Do you have any more of that?’ He asked pointing at Alex’s cereal.  
‘In the cupboard.’ Alex gestured to the pantry.   ‘Help yourself.’ Alex stood up and put his bowl in the dishwasher.   ‘I’m just gonna get dressed and wake Quinn up.’
‘You really are lucky with that one cousin.   He is beautiful.’ Georgio said sitting at the kitchen island with his cereal.  
‘Isn’t he? I’m very lucky.’ Alex smiled to his cousin.   ‘And what about you and Fabz? How’s that going?’
‘It’s just sex cousin.   I love him as a brother, and he is quite the lay, but, it’s just sex.’ The older cousin said with a grin.   ‘Besides, I think he likes your friend.’
‘Mikhail?’ Alex asked with surprise.  
‘Sì.   When we got into bed, he wouldn’t shut up about him.’ Georgio said with a smile.  
‘How interesting.’ Alex said staring out the window.  
‘Yeah.   Fabz kept asking me if I thought he was straight or gay.’ The older cousin laughed.   ‘I said, “I don’t think a tank like that is gonna shag a dude.” Poor Fabz.’
‘Actually, you’d be surprised.’ Alex laughed.  
‘He’s gay?’ Georgio asked with astonishment.   Alex winked at him with a smile.   ‘Well, that will make Fabz happy.’ He finished with a smile.  
‘Back soon.’ Alex said heading to his bedroom.  

Having dressed himself in his best black dress pants and black long sleeve shirt, he pulled on his black shoes.   Quinn came out of the bathroom wearing his black jeans, and a black button up shirt.  
‘Do I look alright?’ Quinn asked of his boyfriend as he spun on the spot.  
‘You look wonderful.’ Alex said pulling his lover in for a hug.  
‘I have to say, I really do like your hair like that.’ Quinn said admiring the Italian’s new haircut.   ‘It really looks good on you.’
‘Thank you babe.’ The Italian said kissing his lover on the cheek.   ‘Let’s head out to the lounge.’
As Alex and Quinn came into the lounge, Georgio came in from the balcony as Fabrizio came out of the hallway leading to their room.  
‘Where’s Mikhail?’ Fabrizio asked a little eagerly.   Alex smiled to his older cousin.   Quinn caught the knowing glance that passed between the cousins.  
‘He’s not far away Fabz.’ Alex said as he stepped out onto the deck.   ‘Smoke babe?’ He called back into Quinn.  
‘One minute.’ The blond said rushing into the kitchen and throwing a coffee together.   He raced outside and joined Alex for a cigarette as Fabrizio and Georgio checked each other for any flaws in their outfits.   They too were wearing their best black clothes, both cutting impressive figures.   Alex couldn’t help but smile when he saw the older brother brushing off the younger brother’s shoulders and chest.  
‘They’re really quite gorgeous together.’ Quinn said cuddling up to his lover.  
‘They are.   But, Georgie was telling me earlier that Fabz has the hots for Mickey.’ The Italian said with a chuckle.  
‘Really?’ Quinn asked.  
‘Yeah.   That should be interesting.’ Alex said with amusement.  
‘Now they would make for a cute couple.’ Quinn said staring off into the distance.   He was brought out of his reverie by a knock at the door.  
‘Fabz, can you let Mickey in please?’ Alex called into the apartment.   Fabrizio’s face split into the biggest smile Quinn had ever seen.   The Italian and the Canadian were chuckling to themselves out on the balcony as Georgio came out.  
‘What’s so funny?’ He asked lighting a cigarette.  
‘Your brother is so cute.’ Quinn said gesturing to Fabrizio and Mikhail walking into the lounge.   ‘You should have seen the smile on his face when Alex asked him to let Mickey in.’
‘Oh yeah.’ The older brother said with a grin.   ‘You’re sure he’s gay cousin?’
‘I’m sure buddy.   And I’m pretty sure he’ll have a good run at Fabz.’ Alex said with a coy smile.   Quinn giggled silently.  
‘Tovarishch.’ Mikhail said stepping outside, with Fabrizio right behind him.  
‘Hey Mickey.’ Alex said hugging his friend.  
‘Blondie.’ The Russian said kissing Quinn on the forehead.  
‘Hey Rasputin.’ Quinn said with a giggle.  
‘Georgio.’ The Russian said with a remarkably good Italian accent.  
‘Mikhail.’ Georgio said in a brilliant Russian accent.  
‘And of course Fabrizio.’ Alex said gesturing to his younger cousin.  
‘Of course.’ Mikhail said pulling the smallest Italian man into a hug.   The grin on Fabrizio’s face could have illuminated the darkest alleyway.   Alex, Quinn and Georgio all smiled indulgently.  
‘You smell great.’ Fabrizio said when the Russian had let him go.  
‘Do I?’ Mikhail asked, sniffing at his armpit dramatically.  
‘What aftershave are you wearing?’ The youngest cousin asked.  
‘CK One.’ The Russian said with a smile.  
‘Mmm.   It smells great on you.’ Fabrizio said sniffing at the Russian.   Quinn smiled as Alex and Georgio pretended to vomit.  
‘Are we ready to go?’ Mikhail asked with a curious glance to the two older Italian’s.  
‘Yeah dude.   Lemme just grab my bag.’ Alex said racing inside to grab his backpack in his bedroom.   Everyone came inside and locked the door behind them.  
‘Are we going to Aunty ‘Lia’s or the church?’ Georgio called out to Alex.  
‘Mamma said to go to there first.’ Alex called back, coming into the lounge.  
‘Alright, let’s go.’ Alex said heading for the door.   As everyone came out, he closed and locked the door behind him.  

‘Morning Mamma.’ Alex said as he walked into the kitchen.   He saw his mother and aunts sitting at the dining table.  
‘Morning my darling.’ Mrs.   Braddock said looking at her son.   ‘You look wonderful.’ She said.  
‘You do too.’ He said seeing his mother wearing a very becoming black dress that came below her knees.   She had a black shawl on over it.   Her hair had been pulled back into a tidy bun.   He glanced at his aunts and saw they were wearing similar dresses and hair styles.   ‘All of you look wonderful.’
‘If only my boys were that well-mannered.’ Francesca said with a smile.  
‘Speaking of, where are the Uncles and the girls?’ Alex asked as Quinn, Mikhail, Georgio and Fabrizio came into the kitchen.  
‘They’re not far away.’ Mrs.   Braddock said.  
‘And the others?’ Alex asked.  
‘They’ve all left for the church already.’ Francesca said with a cackle.   Alex looked at his aunt with a raised eyebrow.  
‘Your wicked aunt here scared Alistair.’ Giuliana said with a playful smile.  
‘Followed him down the stairs while chanting.   Scared the shit out of him.’ She finished with a laugh.  
‘I don’t think he’ll be coming back here today.’ Mrs.   Braddock said without the slightest bit of concern.   ‘He took off with his luggage.   Made his poor children pack up as well.’
‘Ah well, no great loss there.’ Francesca said with a cackle.   The young men gathered in the kitchen all laughed as Franco and Sofia came in the kitchen.  
‘What’s all the laughing about?’ Franco asked.  
‘Nothing bambino.’ Giuliana said with a smile.   ‘Nothing at all.’
‘Buongiorno!’ Claudio said as he walked in the kitchen followed quickly by Claudia, Cristina and Vincenzo.  
‘Good morning darling.’ Giuliana said standing up and embracing her husband.  
‘Are we ready to go?’ Vincenzo asked embracing his wife.  
‘I think so.’ Aurelia said scanning over everyone.  
‘Okay, Quinn, Franco, Georgio and Mamma with me.   Mikhail, Fabrizio, Uncle Vinnie and Claudio, Claudia and Cristina in the Q7.   Sofia, you take the aunts with you.   Sound good?’ Alex said ticking everyone off his mental list.   There was a chorus of agreements as everyone shuffled toward the front door.   Quinn shot around the station wagon and opened the passenger door.  
‘Here you go Mamma.’ He said gesturing for Mrs.   Braddock to hop in the front seat.  
‘No bambino.   You hop in there.   I’ll get in with these two brutes.’ Aurelia said patting the arms of her son and nephew, both escorting her to the car.  
‘Are you sure?’ The blond asked.  
‘Of course baby.’ She said as Franco opened the back door for her.   Quinn slid into the car as Alex watched his family climbing into his SUV and his sister’s tiny sedan.   He slid into the driver’s seat and started the engine.
‘Let’s do this.’ He said as he backed out of the driveway.  

‘In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, we commend to Almighty God our brother; and we commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.   The Lord bless him and keep him, the Lord make his face to shine upon him and be gracious unto him, the Lord lift up his countenance upon him and give him peace.   Amen.’
‘Amen.’ Chorused the family gathered around the grave of Nathaniel Oscar Braddock.  
‘A lovely ceremony.’ Helen said quietly to Aurelia.  
‘It was.’ Mrs.   Braddock said walking towards the cars.  
‘Nathaniel would have enjoyed that.’ Helen said beaming with pride.  
‘He would have.’ Aurelia said with a smile.   ‘And now, I think it’s time for some lunch.’

The family all made their way to a small community hall where a luncheon was being served for everyone who attended the funeral.   Alex walked his mother into the hall, followed by Quinn, Franco, Sofia and Mikhail.   The aunts and uncles followed next with their children, followed by Helen and Alistair and their partners and children, then everyone else who had come.  
‘Let’s eat.’ Aurelia said standing up in front of everyone with her arms extended over the food.  
‘I need to use the bathroom babe.’ Quinn whispered to Alex.   The blond disappeared discretely out of the hall to the bathrooms.  

Little did he know that someone was watching and waiting for this precise moment.   ‘Now.’ The person said quietly into his cellphone.  

‘What a lovely morning.’ Giuliana said to her nephew.  
‘It really was Aunty G.’ Alex said with a smile.   He wrapped an arm around his aunt and squeezed her firmly.  
‘Where’s Quinn?’ She asked as they both scanned the faces of the crowd.  
‘He went to the bathroom about ten minutes ago.’ Alex said.   ‘Mickey, have you seen Quinn?’ He asked as he spotted Mikhail a few feet away.  
‘Not since we got here.’ The Russian said also scanning the crowd.  
‘I’ll go check.’ Alex said standing up quickly and moving towards the bathrooms.   He knocked on the men’s bathroom door and called out to Quinn.  
‘Quinn, are you in there?’ He called.   ‘Quinn?’ He called louder, knocking a bit louder.  
Still no reply.  
Alex turned the door handle and the door opened.   No-one was in there.   Alex was about to close the door and go look elsewhere when Quinn’s ringtone sounded.   Alex looked in the bathroom and saw his boyfriend’s phone sitting on the cistern.   Alex snatched the phone up and answered the call from a blocked number.  
‘Hello?’ Alex said.  
‘Do as I say and Quinn won’t be hurt.’ Came a muffled voice.  
‘What?’ Alex replied loudly.  
‘Come out of the hall and turn right.   Walk up the road.   Do it now, or Quinn dies.’ The voice said.   Alex immediately complied.   He walked out of the bathroom and disappeared out the side door, walked to the road and headed in the direction he was told to go.  
‘Keep walking and don’t hang up.’ The voice instructed.   Alex kept walking for about ten minutes before the voice said anything else.  
‘Turn down the next road.’ The voice said.   Alex turned down the next road, not quite paying attention to where he was walking.  
‘The park on your right, cross through there please.’ The voice directed him.   As Alex turned into the park, he looked across and a moment of panic hit him.   This park looked familiar.   The Italian stopped walking and looked ahead into the middle of the field.   He looked around the edges of the park, wondering why he was hesitant.  
‘If you’d be kind enough to keep moving please Alex.’ The voice interrupted his thoughts.   ‘Quinn is waiting.’
Alex started slightly upon hearing this.   Pushing his anxiety aside, he began walking across the grass.   He skimmed the central part of the field, not entirely sure why he was feeling this bizarre sense of fear.   He watched the center of the field with mixed emotion, waiting for something to happen.   As he neared the far side of the park, the voice on the phone jarred him to his senses.  
‘Head left down the road.’ Alex turned in the instructed direction and walked slightly faster.  
‘House on the left.   Down the driveway if you please.’ The voice instructed after a few minutes.   Alex turned on his heel and walked down the driveway, anxiety coursing through his body.  
‘Is Quinn okay?’ He asked of the voice.  
‘He’s fine, for now.’ The voice answered.   ‘Into the back door please.’ Alex stepped up the few steps to the door and slowly turned the door knob.   He pushed the door open and stepped inside.   It was immediately quite dark and he wasn’t able to see much.  
‘That will do thank you Alex.’ Came a clipped voice.   The accent was similar to his father’s.  
‘What do you want?’ Alex asked squinting into the darkness.  
‘You.’ The voice answered.  
‘What do you mean?’ Alex asked trying to make out where the voice was coming from.   Suddenly lights flickered on and partially blinded the Italian.   When he could see again, he saw Quinn kneeling in the middle of the room with a look of absolute panic on his face.   Behind him was a man wearing a white robe and hood.   Alex stepped forward and the man spoke.  
‘Stay right where you are please Alex.’ The man spoke.  
‘What do you want?’ Alex begged.   ‘Please don’t hurt him.’
‘We would like you to reconsider what your uncle asked you.   To join the Order.’ The man said.   Alex was about to say something when the man lifted his hand and showed him a gun.   The gun disappeared behind Quinn as the blond shuddered with fear.  
‘One wrong move and I shoot.’ The man said.   Alex panicked.  
‘Please don’t.   I’ll do whatever you want.’ He pleaded.  
‘Good.’ The man said.   ‘Why don’t you have a seat?’ The man gestured with his free hand to a seat behind Alex.   Alex reluctantly sat down.   When he looked back to his boyfriends face, he saw tears running down his cheeks.   He also noticed that there were several men standing behind the one man holding the gun to Quinn’s back.   He considered everyone carefully.  
‘The gun is directly behind his heart Alex.   One second, one bullet and he will be dead.’ Alex looked to his boyfriend’s face and saw a strange look on his lover’s face.   Suddenly without warning, Alex heard Quinn’s voice in his mind.  
‘Don’t do it.’
‘Now, you do realize it is foolish to avoid us? You will join the Order.’ The man with the gun said.  
Alex nodded in agreement, lest the man shoot his boyfriend because he didn’t.  
‘We have been around for hundreds of years, keeping God’s will and testament alive.   It is because of us that the world is where it is now.’ The man spoke.  
Alex was about to say something in rebuttal but the man with the gun cut him off.  
‘You need not say anything Alex.   You will understand soon enough.’
‘Please don’t hurt Quinn.’ The Italian pleaded.  
‘Do as you’re told and he will be fine.’ The man said.  
‘He’s lying.’ Alex heard Quinn’s voice whisper in his mind.  
‘Now, if you don’t mind, remove your shirt please.’ The gun man said.  
‘What?’ Alex blurted out.  
‘Take off your shirt, now.’ The man demanded.   Alex closed his eyes in frustration as he shook with anger.  
‘Don’t do it.’ Quinn voice said quietly.  
‘NOW!’ The man shouted.   Alex closed his eyes in frustration.  
‘DON’T DO IT!’ Alex heard Quinn shouting in his ear.  
‘You’re nuts.’ Alex said quietly, more to himself than anyone else.  
‘What?’ The man with the gun asked.  
‘You’re nuts.’ Alex repeated after a moment.   ‘All of you.’ He said looking around at everyone.   ‘You’re all fucking nuts!’ He shouted at them, as if throwing dirt at them.  
‘Watch your tongue boy.’ The man with the gun seethed, flashing the gun over Quinn’s shoulder.   The blond smiled weakly at his valiant boyfriend.  
‘Go fuck yourself.’ Alex spat at the man with a smirk.  
‘WATCH… YOUR… TONGUE!’ The man shouted, emphasizing each word with a hit to the back of Quinn’s head with his free hand.   The blond fell forward onto his face, a sickening crack was heard as his nose broke.   Alex made to stand up when all the people gathered around behind the man took one step forward.  
‘Stay where you are.’ The man with the gun ordered.   Two men stepped forward and helped the blond back to his knees.   Alex gasped when he saw blood trickling from his boyfriend’s nose.   Quinn was grimacing in pain.   Rage filled the Italian quickly.  
‘If you speak to me like that again, I will put a bullet into this cock sucker faster than you can blink those filthy faggot eyes of yours.’ The man said with disgust.   Alex shook with fear and anger.   ‘Now, get on your fucking feet and take your shirt off.’ The man ranted.  
‘No.’ Alex said quietly.  
‘I beg your pardon?’ The man with the guy asked.   Alex rose to his feet slowly, his body shaking with the effort to not launch himself forward in rage.  
‘I said, no.’ Alex said slightly louder.   His hands began shaking uncontrollably.   ‘No, I will not do it.’
‘Alex, I will kill him.’ The man said with a slight panic.  
‘I love you.’ Quinn’s voice whispered in his ear.   A peaceful look stole over the blonds face when he closed his eyes.  
‘NO!’ The normally pale blue eyes of the Italian suddenly glowed with the hidden powers he possessed.   Alex shouted so loudly, a few men doubled over in pain.   Alex threw his arms out to his sides as an explosion of energy erupted from his body and raced out toward the men.   All of them fell over, except for the man with the gun who stood there in surprise, gaping at the Italian man.   He shook his head as if trying to gather his thoughts, and pulled the trigger.   A loud bang sounded as the bullet ripped through the blond’s chest, blood splattering across the floor.   Alex’s vision blurred slightly, not seeing Quinn before him, but seeing someone who looked a lot like himself collapsing to their knees.   The Italian blinked furiously and watched and Quinn fell forward with a cry.   Alex charged forward, his hands balled into fists.   A few steps more and Alex’s right fist met the man’s face with such force the he was lifted bodily from the floor and thrown against the wall behind him.   Alex raised his hand and swiped at the semi-circle of men in the room, some of them getting to their feet.   All of them were knocked backward and slammed, unconscious, into the walls.  
‘QUINN!’ Alex shouted as he fell to his knees beside his lover.   ‘QUINN!’ He shouted again.   He grabbed the blond and turned him over.   He glanced at the blond’s peaceful face and knew he was dead.   He saw the exit wound the bullet had made, blood bubbling from it.   ‘NO.   NO, NO, NO!’ He shouted, trying to stem the blood flow.   ‘No, please, God, no!’ He chanted over and over.   Alex pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed the phone number for emergency services.  
‘I need an ambulance at…’ Alex panicked.   ‘I don’t know where I am.   My boyfriend has been shot.’ The Italian said picking the Canadian up, hauling him over his shoulder and running out the door while shouting into his phone.   ‘I’m going out onto the street now.’ Alex ran as fast as he could down the road, heading for what seemed to be a main road.   ‘Mercury Road.’ Alex said.   ‘I’m on Mercury Road.   Please, HURRY!’ Alex shouted as he collapsed onto the grass verge.   He sat up and pulled Quinn into his lap and he shouted loudly.   ‘HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE.’
Within moments, a couple came running out of their house towards him.  
‘What’s happened?’ The man asked reaching the two men.  
‘My boyfriend’s been shot.’ Alex sobbed hysterically.   ‘I called an ambulance.   But the shooter might come back.’
‘Alice, help me get them inside.’ The man said to his wife as he looked around the neighbourhood.   She and the man lifted Quinn from the Italian’s lap and carried him inside, Alex staggering along behind them.  
‘On the table dear.’ The man said as they hauled the blond onto the dining table.   The man then tore Quinn’s shirt open, buttons flying everywhere.   Alex saw the bullet wound and sobbed uncontrollably.  
‘Oh god, he’s dead.’ Alex sobbed into his hands.  
‘No, he’s still alive.’ The man said, checking Quinn’s pulse.   ‘He’s still alive son.’
‘No, he’s dead.   That man shot him.   Through the heart.’ Alex continued to sob, rocking himself into hysteria.  
‘Alice, help him.’ The man said grabbing a tea towel from the stove and pressing it to the wound.   With his spare hand, he called emergency services.   ‘Yes, a young man just called saying his boyfriend had been shot.   We found them outside and brought them into our house.   Yes, the address is 435 Mercury Road.   Yes.   Thank you.’
‘It’s alright dear.   Max is a nurse.’ The woman said trying to comfort the Italian, who was rocking back and forth.   Alice disappeared for a moment and came back with a warm facecloth, which she used to wipe the blood from Alex’s face and hands.   A few minutes passed with just the sound of Alex sobbing, when finally they heard the siren of an ambulance.   Alex came to his senses and ran outside, quickly followed by Alice.  
‘HERE!’ Alex shouted waving his arms above his head.   The ambulance screamed down the road and into the driveway, stopping a few feet shy of Alex.  
‘He’s inside.’ Alex shouted running back to the house.   He ran into the kitchen and clutched at his lover’s hand, which felt scarily cold, squeezing it firmly.   ‘Please don’t die.’ He begged.  
‘Pack the wound and let’s get him to hospital.’ One of the paramedics said urgently.   Within a few minutes Quinn was on a gurney and being wheeled to the ambulance.   Alex followed behind the paramedics.   He stopped at the ambulance and turned around.  
‘Thank you.   I’ll come by later and thank you properly.   I need to go.’ He said, torn between being with his boyfriend and being polite.  
‘Go son.   Good luck.’ Max said gesturing for Alex to get in the ambulance.  

‘He’s… he’s dead.’ One of the hooded men said with surprise.   All 8 of them were stooping over the prostate figure of the gunman; a large puddle of blood encircled the man.  
‘How?’ One of them asked.   Another reached down and pulled the hood of the dead man back.   Where his face should have been was nothing but a bloodied mess.   From the man’s eyes down to his mouth were all depressed back into his head about an inch, a pool of blood hiding most of the grotesque wound.  
‘How the hell did he do that?’ One of the men asked with astonishment.  
‘I don’t know, but I’m glad it wasn’t me.’ Another said.  
‘And you think he won’t come back for us?’ Yet another said.  
‘Leave this to me.’ One of the voices said in a crisp Northerner accent.   ‘I can handle the boy.’ Everyone in the room panicked as they heard the sound of sirens getting louder.  
‘Everyone, go.   Meet at the normal place tonight at 8pm.’