The Children of Light

Chapter 12

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‘Are you sure you want to move over here Fabz?’ Alex asked as he and the younger cousin sat eating their breakfast at the kitchen island.  
‘Sì.   I need to get out of Italy.   I need a change.’ Fabrizio said glumly.  
‘Alright.   Lemme talk to Aunty Franny first yeah?’ Alex said smiling.  
‘Thank you Alessandro.’ The young man said with a smile, impulsively hugging his older cousin.  
‘I’ll talk to her as well brother.’ Georgio said coming in from the balcony and hugging his younger brother around the shoulders from behind.   Fabrizio glowed in the embrace as Georgio nuzzled his nose into the messy hair and inhaled deeply.  
‘You need to shower Fabz.   You stink.’ The older brother said laughing.  
‘Who stinks?’ Quinn asked as he came into the kitchen wearing a white bath robe, and shuffled to Alex’s side.   His boyfriend reached out and pulled the blond into his lap and cuddled him.  
‘Fabz.’ Georgio said with a grin, still hugging his brother.  
‘I need a shower too.’ Quinn announced sniffing himself.   ‘I haven’t showered since the morning of the funeral.’
‘Would you like some company?’ Alex asked with his face nuzzled in his lover’s neck.  
‘Yes please.’ Quinn said softly.  
‘Do both your showers work at the same time?’ Georgio asked of his cousin.  
‘Yeah.’ Alex said letting Quinn stand up.   He followed suit and took his boyfriend in his arms.  
‘We’ll grab a shower too.   Then we can go see Mamma.’ The older cousin said to his brother.  
‘Sì.’ The younger brother said with a smile.   Alex and Quinn headed to the master bedroom as the brothers made their way to the main bathroom.   Alex, who was wearing nothing, stepped into the shower and turned the faucet on.   Quinn stood, looking at himself in the mirror with a solemn look on his face.  
‘Are you okay babe?’ Alex asked stepping behind the blond and wrapping his arms around the slim waist, looking at Quinn’s reflected face.  
‘Yeah.’ The blond said, his eyes focusing on the face of his boyfriend.   He smiled timidly.  
‘What’s on your mind?’ Alex asked quietly.  
‘I was just wondering.’ Quinn said equally quiet.   His eyes glazed over slightly.  
‘What were you wondering?’ The Italian asked.  
‘What would have happened if he was pointing the gun at my head?’ Quinn asked ominously.  
‘He would never have had time to pull the trigger.’ Alex said confidently.   ‘I would have torn his head off before he could even think about it.’ The blond smiled at the thought.  
‘How did you talk to me telepathically?’ Quinn asked leaning back into his boyfriend.  
‘What?’ Alex asked surprised.   ‘I thought you were talking to me.’
‘No.’ Quinn said frowning slightly.   ‘You were talking to me.   I’m not the telepathic one.’ Alex zoned out slightly, trying to recall the events of yesterday.  
‘Weird.   I just naturally assumed it was you.’ The Italian said.   ‘When I heard you, it scared me for a moment.’ Quinn giggled softly.  
‘Well, I’m glad you could hear me.’ The Canadian said with a smile.  
‘As am I.’ Alex said.   ‘Come.’ He untied the bath robes belt and disrobed his lover.   The robe fell to the floor as Alex hungrily looked at the lithe frame of his boyfriend in the mirror.   Quinn watched the Italians face in the mirror and felt his body responding to the desire he saw in the pale blue eyes.  
‘Let’s get you in the shower.’ Alex said turning the blond around and guiding him into the shower cubicle.  
As they stepped under the water, Quinn turned back to Alex and wrapped his arms around his waist, and rested his cheek on the firm shoulder of his lover.   The water cascaded over the two of them as Alex held his love firmly in his arms.   Alex released his boyfriend and squirted a small dollop of body wash into his hand.   He rubbed it between his hands and began soaping up Quinn’s chest.   Carefully, he ran his hands over the flat, muscled chest, being careful not to upset the brand new scar.   He ran a finger around it tenderly, looking at it carefully.   He suddenly had thoughts of doubt running through his mind.   “What would he have done if the gun was pointed at his head?” “What if his heart was in the normal place?” “What would have happened if he didn’t get to Quinn in time?” “What if the lunatic shot him again?” “What would I do if Quinn died?” He pressed his palm over the scar and felt his eyes water with emotion.   The blond looked up into the face of his lover and saw a tear fall down his cheek.  
‘What’s wrong Alex?’ Quinn asked putting his hands on the Italians shoulders.  
‘Nothing raggio di luce.’ Alex said barely louder than a whisper.   ‘Just thinking.’
‘About what?’ The blond asked.  
‘About how much I love you.’ Alex said with a smile.   Another tear fell from his eye and Quinn smiled his signature smile.  
‘Let me wash your hair for you.’ The Italian said reaching for the shampoo.  

‘Piccolo mio!’ Mrs. Braddock called from the dining table as the three Italian men, the Canadian and Russian entered the kitchen.  
‘Mamma!’ Quinn replied with equal enthusiasm.   He rushed over to Aurelia who was already standing with her arms open.   Quinn felt himself wrapped in loving arms as Mrs. Braddock hugged the young man tightly.   Just as Quinn was about to pull away, he felt another pair of arms wrap around himself and Aurelia, and then yet another pair of arms embrace them all.   He opened his eyes and saw Giuliana’s face mere inches from his own, with a cheeky smile playing on her lips.  
‘Bambino.’ She whispered with a wink.  
‘Hi.’ Quinn whispered in reply.   Everyone released the blond and he blushed with emotion.  
‘Are you well caro?’ Francesca asked as she took a seat at the table.  
‘I’m good thank you.’ He said with a smile.   ‘Feeling better every minute.’
‘Good.’ Aurelia said clapping her hands together.   ‘Alessandro, make your raggio di luce a coffee.’
‘Sì Mamma.’ Alex said with a grin.   Fabrizio and Mikhail joined Alex in the kitchen and made everyone a coffee.  
‘Mamma?’ Georgio called to his mother.  
‘Sì piccolo?’ Francesca said taking the cup of coffee Mikhail offered her.  
‘We need to talk to you about something.’ He said, taking a seat opposite his mother.  
‘About what?’ His mother said, as both his aunts leveled gazes on him.  
‘Well, umm…’ He began but couldn’t think how best to broach this subject.  
‘Aunty Franny.’ Alex said coming to the table and getting his aunts attention.  
‘Fabrizio asked me last night if he could move here.’ He finished with a smile.   Francesca looked confused.  
‘Move here?’ She tried to clarify.  
‘Sì.   He wants to leave Italy and move over here, with me.’ Alex explained.  
‘Is that true bambino?’ Francesca said looking at her youngest son.  
‘Actually Mamma.’ Georgio interrupted.   ‘We both want to move here.’ He added.   Everyone, including Alex, Fabrizio, Quinn and Mikhail, all stared at the oldest cousin with confusion.  
‘Both of you want to move here?’ She asked with surprise.  
‘Sì.’ They both said, looking at each other uncertainly.   Francesca looked to her older sister for support.   Giuliana smiled at her sister and nodded.   Francesca looked to Aurelia and got the same reply.  
‘Well, I guess that’s okay then.’ She said with a cackle.   Both brothers looked at her, then at each other and huge smiles stole over their faces.   They both stood and hurried around the table to hug their mother.   Before they could reach her, she held out her hands to them, halting them momentarily.   ‘You can tell your father, not me.’ She laughed with abandon.   Her sisters joined in the laughter.   The brothers giggled nervously.  
‘You can tell him brother.’ The oldest one said, nudging Fabrizio in the side.  
‘You should, you’re the oldest.’ The younger brother said with indignation.  
‘And you’re the one who wants to be closer to your lover.’ Georgio said stepping back slightly, accurately gauging his mother’s reaction.  
‘LOVER?’ She shouted unexpectedly, rounding on her youngest son.   ‘You have a lover here?’ She demanded.   The younger brother shook slightly.   He looked down at his feet with guilt.   Quite suddenly, he felt a huge body beside him and a massive arm wrapping around his shoulders.   He looked up slowly and witnessed his mother looking back and forth from her son and the Russian.  
‘You, Colosso?’ She said staggered by this revelation.  
‘Me.’ Mikhail said simply, squeezing the little Italian’s shoulder tenderly.  
‘You’re a… a…’ She stammered.  
‘Yes ma’am.’ The Russian said bowing his head.  
‘I had no idea.’ Francesca said with disbelief.  
‘I like Fabrizio.   He is handsome and kind.’ The Russian said turning slightly and looking down to the handsome man in question.   Fabrizio turned bright red as he looked up into the blue eyes of his Russian love interest.  
‘Really bambino?’ Aurelia asked, stepping to her sister’s side.  
‘Yes Mamma.’ Mikhail said looking to Alex’s mother with a smile on his face.   She returned the smile and placed a hand on her sister’s arm.   Francesca looked at the hand, then up to her sister’s face.   She looked to her youngest son and finally smiled.  
‘Alright.’ She said reaching out for her son and took him into a firm hug.   Fabrizio held onto his mother and felt tears threatening.   His mother let him go and rounded on Mikhail.   ‘If you hurt my baby, there is nowhere safe for you to hide Colosso.’ She said with a mischievous wink.  
‘I promise you, I will protect him with my life.’ The Russian said with a bow.  
‘That won’t be necessary.’ She said closing the distance between them and hugging the Russian fiercely.   ‘Just look after my bambino.’
‘I need a smoke.’ Alex announced to everyone, taking Quinn’s hand and leading him outside.   Georgio followed them out onto the deck.  
‘So why do you want to move Georgie?’ Alex asked passing a lit cigarette to his cousin and lighting another for himself.  
‘I don’t know.   Back home, it’s kind of boring.   And, please don’t tell him I said so, but, I’ll miss Fabrizio.’ Georgio said with a slight blush.   Alex and Quinn both smiled indulgently.  
‘Is my big cousin going soft on us?’ Alex asked with a laugh.  
‘He’s my brother.   I love him, in more ways than one.   I’ll miss him, and I want to make sure he’s okay.’ The older brother said looking to his feet with shame.  
‘Hey, come on George.’ Alex said stepping to his cousin and taking him by the shoulder.   ‘It’s okay.’
‘I know it’s weird, but, I do love the little bastardo.’ He said with a giggle, looking into his cousin’s face.  
‘I know George.   I know.’ Alex replied giving his cousin a half hug.   ‘Well, the both of you are welcome to crash with me.’
‘Thanks Alessandro.’ The older Italian said with a smile.  
‘Alex, I don’t know about you, but, I don’t much think Fabrizio and Georgio are going to be willing to share a bedroom for such a long time, especially if one of them is dating.’ Quinn said seeing a possible housing issue.  
‘It’s okay with me.’ Georgio said trying to alleviate any issues.  
‘Well, he does have a point.’ Alex said thinking of what could be done.   ‘Give me a couple days to think about it.’
‘It’s no hassle cousin.   Worry about it later.   We have to go back home for a bit anyway.’
‘Good point.’ Alex said.   He looked through the French doors when he heard the house phone ring.   He watched his mother answer it and walked to the open doors to listen.  
‘Sì?’ She said to the caller.   ‘Oh yes, of course.’ She continued.   ‘Of course.   We shall be there at 10am.’ She finished the call.   Alex looked at his mother expectantly.  
‘Lawyer.   They’re reading the will tomorrow.’ She said.  
‘So quickly?’ Alex asked with curiosity.  
‘Apparently.’ Mrs. Braddock said returning to the table.  
‘I wonder if he left me anything.’ Francesca asked with a cackle.  
‘His collection of frog guts and fish eyes if you’re lucky.’ Giuliana said laughing hysterically.  

‘Welcome everyone.’ A man in his early 40’s said, wearing very smart clothes, black dress pants, a black, three quarter length dress jacket over a pastel blue button up shirt and dark blue tie.   His salt and peppered hair was slicked down tidily and he wore fashionable rectangular reading glasses.   ‘My name is Neville Williamson, I am, or rather was, Nathaniel Braddock’s lawyer and nominated representative to his estate.   Nathaniel has recorded his will on video, and everyone has been gathered here today to witness this.   I thank you all for coming.’ He finished with formality looking to everyone in the room.   He saw and recognized Aurelia Braddock, Nathaniel’s widow, sitting in the middle of the group, holding the hand of a tall Italian man in his early 20’s.   He immediately recognized the very handsome Alex, his oldest son.   He also noticed that Alex was holding the hand of a slightly smaller, yet amazingly beautiful blond man.   He knew Franco and Sofia by sight; Sofia sitting on her mother’s other side, Franco beside the attractive blond man.   To the right of Sofia sat a gentleman that was immediately recognizable as Nathaniel’s brother.   To the right of Alistair was his demure wife whose name escaped Neville at present.   Sitting behind Alistair was his sister, who Neville noticed had precisely the same eyes as her brothers.   To her side was her husband.   Immediately behind Aurelia sat undoubtedly her sisters, whose names Neville was not familiar with.   To their left sat easily the largest man Neville had ever seen, easily three times the size of his comparably diminutive frame.   The sheer size of the man scared him.   Beside and behind the giant sat two more handsome men and two of the most beautiful raven haired goddesses Neville had ever seen, obviously from Aurelia’s side of the gene pool, perhaps nephews and nieces of Nathaniel and Aurelia.   One of the men even looked like Alex.   Behind this line of people were two more men and two women, who if the others were from the Italian family, these were from the British side, with their fair skin and features.   “Quite a handsome family the Braddock’s have”, he thought to himself.  
‘So just to advise, we have present myself, Nathaniel’s representative, Aurelia Braddock, Nathaniel’s wife.   His children, Alessandro Braddock, Franco Braddock and Sofia Braddock.   His brother, Alistair Braddock and wife, Veronica Braddock, his sister Helen MacKenzie and her husband, Liam MacKenzie.   Also I see we have the children of Nathaniel’s siblings and in-laws, and one very large body guard for someone.’ He said smiling at the giant of a man that was Mikhail.  
‘I am Mikhail Schastlivtsev, friend of Alex.’ The Russian said clapping his friend on the shoulder.  
‘Please forgive me, but I will not attempt to repeat that name, for fear of biting my tongue.’ Neville said with a smile as everyone giggled politely.   Mikhail nodded his head respectfully.   ‘Also present are Michael Clark-Lewis and Peter Richardson, senior partners of our law firm, “Clark-Lewis and Richardson”.’ He indicated to two equally distinguished men who were standing behind himself.   They both inclined their heads respectfully to the group assembled before them.   ‘And without further delay, let’s start this video.’ He stepped in front of everyone to the large flat screen TV, pressed a few buttons and stepped out of everyone’s way as the screen flickered to life.  
An image of a very gaunt and unhealthy looking Nathaniel appeared on the screen.   He had dark circles around his eyes and his skin looked transparent.  
‘When you’re ready Nathaniel.’ Came Neville’s voice through the TV.   Nathaniel smiled to the camera.  
‘Hello, my loved ones.   Obviously, if you are watching this, then I have left you all, and for that, I am eternally sorry.   I hope that what I am about to say, and Neville will action, will make up a small amount of that loss.’ The video recording of Nathaniel began.  
‘Let me start with the easiest and quickest.’ He continued.   ‘To my beloved sister, Helen, I leave to you a piece of land in Bieldside, Scotland, with of course the original building.   A home away from home, if you will.   I hope you enjoy it.’ Helen nodded solemnly and wiped a tear from her eye as her husband placed an arm around her shoulders for support.  
‘To my brother, Alistair, I leave to you my estate in Berkshire, also with the original building.   For you, as well, I hope this can be a home away from home.’ Alistair barely acknowledged Nathaniel’s bequeath and sat staring at the screen with mild disbelief.  
‘To my beautiful daughter, Sofia, I leave to you my New York apartment in Midtown East.   Take possession of this my darling, go to Julliard and embrace your dream.   I leave to you as well a portion of my monetary value, which will be discussed in a bit.’ Sofia had tears in her eyes and was sobbing into her mother’s shoulder.  
‘To my youngest son, Franco, I leave to you several things.   Firstly, a portion of my monetary value, which will be discussed shortly.   Secondly, my apartment in Los Angeles.   Thirdly, a sizable portion of my law firm, pending your graduation from college.   Finish your studies at law school son, and take control of the company and mold it into your own company.   I know you will do me proud.’ Nathaniel finished as Franco sniffed a tear back and nodded with pride.   Mikhail happened to catch a very cold look on Alistair’s face at the end of this declaration.  
‘To my oldest son, Alessandro, Alex.   Dear boy, you have made me so proud, and I hope you avoid the pitfalls I fell victim to.’ He said with a knowing glance to the camera.   Alistair glared at the screen as Nathaniel smiled.   ‘To you my son, I leave several things as well.   In co-operation with your mother, I leave every single item in my office to you.   All my books, all art pieces, anything and everything in my office, is now yours.   In addition to this, I leave you my company that specializes in building restoration.   Neville will explain to you what this company does.   I leave to you the ownership of this company in the hopes that you will be well cared for, financially.   You are the patriarch of my family now.   Please look after them.’ He smiled to the camera again.   ‘To you as well, I leave my house in the Hamptons, which I am sure you will find quite adequate.   I leave also a portion of my monetary wealth, which we will discuss momentarily.’ Mikhail, still watching Alistair, saw the coldest fury flash across his face.   He was fearful for his friend, who was the target of this horrifying look.   Alex nodded in shock at hearing this bequeath.  
‘My beautiful Aurelia, I am most sorry to have left you.’ He began and a tear fell from his eye.   Aurelia sat with quiet dignity as a tear escaped her eye.   ‘Neville has been instructed to sell all the smaller businesses I have and consolidate all properties I own.   The assets of all these sales will be added to my monetary wealth.   The properties will be changed into your name, aside from those that I have bequeathed already.   Our house at 75 Manchester Place will be moved completely into your name.   I love you.’ Nathaniel said crying again.   Mrs. Braddock smiled at the TV screen and wiped her tears away with a tissue.  
‘Now, the fun stuff.’ Nathaniel said rubbing his hands together like a child at Christmas, assessing his presents.   ‘If Neville and I have calculated correctly, with the sales and consolidations of everything I own, we estimate my monetary wealth to be approximately £1.4 billion.’ Everyone in the room gasped in shock when they heard this figure.   Mikhail noticed Alistair was leaning forward with a hungry look in his eyes.   Nathaniel, it seemed, knew this would be their reaction and waited a few seconds before continuing.   ‘This money is to be divided into four as follows.   £500 million is to be bequeathed to my love, Aurelia.   Of the remaining money, it is to be divided into 3, equally, totalling approximately £300 million each, give or take a dollar or two, and bequeathed to my children, Alex, Franco and Sofia.’ All three of Nathaniel’s children gasped with surprise, as did most people in the room.   Only one person in the room heard the muffled curse of Alistair and saw the look of pure hatred on his face.   ‘Neville will be the executor of your estates, so you will need to speak with him after this video.’
‘And that, my loved ones, is it.   I am sorry that I have left you all and hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me.   I love you all so much and look forward to seeing you on the other side.’ He said with a raised eyebrow and a smile.  
‘One last thing, before I go.’ He said leaning forward and staring into the camera.  
‘Alistair, forget your foolish plans and leave him be.   You will not win.’ He said ominously and the recording finished, the TV flicking to black.  

‘I didn’t realise your father was that wealthy.’ Quinn said with shock.   He looked to his boyfriend with a guilty expression.  
‘What’s that look for?’ Alex asked, seeing his boyfriends face.  
‘Everyone is going to think I’m dating you for the money.’ Quinn said quietly.   Alex closed the small distance between them and wrapped himself around the blond.  
‘Don’t be silly.’ He said comfortingly.   ‘I know why you’re with me.’ He continued.  
‘Please believe me, I love you.   I’m not dating you for the money.’ Quinn said quietly.  
‘I know babe.   I know.’ Alex said rocking his lover gently.  
‘What’s wrong caro?’ Mrs. Braddock asked seeing her son comforting his boyfriend.  
‘Quinn is concerned that people are going to think he is dating me because of the money.’ The Italian said to his mother.  
‘Oh darling.’ She said stepping beside her son and his lover.   ‘We know why you’re with Alessandro.   That’s all that matters.’
‘Are you sure?’ He asked, peeking over the muscled arm of his lover.   ‘You know I love your son, not his money, right?’
‘Of course I do bambino.’ She said placing a hand on his shoulder and squeezing.  
‘Now, stop worrying about that and come with me.’ She said smiling to the young man.   Alex released his grip on Quinn and Aurelia took the blonds hand and led him to Neville.   Alex remained where he stood and looked at everyone in the room.   He glanced briefly at Alistair and saw a look of pure hatred.   Shocked, but not showing it, Alex smiled at his uncle, which elicited an angrier look from the older man.   Alex’s smile flickered slightly and became a sneer as he finally understood the final message of Nathaniel Braddock.   “Alistair, forget your foolish plans and leave him be.   You will not win.  ” He had said.   He knew Alistair would try and recruit his son into the order.   Alex’s smile became even more sinister and he watched as his uncle’s face smoothed out and began to display his fear.   Alistair turned away from Alex and stalked over to his wife, who was speaking with Helen and one of the practice partners.   Alex glanced over and saw his mother and his boyfriend speaking with Neville and headed for the large group of people in the middle of the room.   Feeling a sudden surge of confidence, he changed course and headed for his uncle.  
‘How is the Order today, uncle?’ Alex asked quietly, standing right behind his father’s brother.   Alistair jumped slightly at the sudden appearance of his nephew and turned around quickly, taking a step back.  
‘What?’ He asked angrily.  
‘I said, how are you today uncle?’ Alex said slightly louder, with a grin.   Alistair’s eyes flashed with anger.  
‘You are a fool boy.’ Alistair said so quietly, no one else would hear him.   His eyes narrowed to slits as he stared at his nephew.   ‘You cannot hope to avoid us forever.   The next time, I’ll take great pleasure running a knife across his pretty little throat.’ He said looking back to his nephew after glancing at Quinn.   He had an evil smile playing about his lips.  
‘If you come anywhere near him, ever, I promise you, I will tear your throat out with my bare hand.’ Alex said through his teeth, poking a finger into his uncle’s chest.   Alistair recoiled as the tip of his nephew’s finger touched him, almost as if something heavy had just collided with him and he lost his balance.   Panic flickered across his eyes.   Alex merely smiled and turned away, heading toward Quinn and his mother.   Alistair, breathing fast, turned on heel and walked out of the boardroom at a quick pace.  

‘So, we’ll see you guys in one month, yeah?’ Alex asked giving his oldest cousin a hug.   They were at the airport, seeing his two aunts, their husbands, and their cousin’s off.   Over the past three days, Alex, Fabrizio, Georgio and Francesca had organised the brothers’ return.   It was decided that they would return to Italy for one month, and then fly back.  
‘Sì cousin.’ Georgio said as he let his cousin go.   He turned to Quinn and held his arms open.   The little blond didn’t hesitate in hugging his boyfriend’s doppelganger.  
‘See you in a month.’ Quinn said as Georgio squeezed him tight.  
‘Sì raggio di luce.’ Georgio said releasing the Canadian.   Francesca swooped over and took Quinn into her arms.  
‘Goodbye Quinn.’ She said hugging the blond to her breast.   ‘I’ll see you soon, bambino.’
‘Goodbye aunty Franny.’ Quinn said gasping for breath as the Italian woman near crushed him.  
‘You call me Mamma darling.’ She said letting Quinn go.  
‘Bye aunty Franny.’ Alex said taking his aunt into his arms and squeezing her tenderly.  
‘Bye bambino.’ She said, as her older sister swooped in on Quinn and repeated a similar crushing routine on him.   After five minutes, nearly everyone had said their farewells.   Alex waited a further minute before interrupting his younger cousin.  
‘Sorry Fabz, I just wanted to say goodbye, and I’ll see you when we pick you up in a month.’ Alex said quickly.   He had just pulled Mikhail’s arms away from the little Italian.  
‘See you soon cousin.’ Fabrizio said with tears in his eyes.   He turned back to the giant Russian, who pulled him back into his chest.  
‘See you in a month Fabrizio.’ Quinn said giving Alex’s youngest cousin a hug from behind.   He heard a muffled response from somewhere near the Russian’s armpit.  
‘It’s only a month cutie.   I’ll be here waiting for you.’ Mikhail said through a sob.   There was another muffled sob from his armpit as Quinn and Alex both petted their arms in support.  
‘Fabrizio.’ Called his father.   ‘We need to go boy.’
Fabrizio squeezed his Russian lover tightly before letting him go.   His face was red and his eyes were watering.  
‘One month.’ Mikhail said kissing the smallest Italian tenderly on the lips.   ‘Just one month.’ Fabrizio nodded briefly, turned around quickly and made his way through the security gate, not looking back.   Mikhail watched helplessly, wishing Fabrizio could stay.  
‘Don’t worry Colosso.   I’ll make sure he’s okay.’ Georgio said pulling the Russian into a hug.  
‘Thank you tovarishch.’ Mikhail said slapping the man on the back, eliciting a cough of surprise.  
‘We’ll see you all soon.’ Alex said to everyone waving to them.   Alex, Quinn, Mikhail and Aurelia all waved as the two Italian families made their way through the security gates.   When they were finally out of sight, they made their way back to the cars.   Mikhail drove the Q7 with Mrs. Braddock, while Alex and Quinn lead the way in the A6.   When they got back to Mrs. Braddock’s house, they went inside for a hot drink, before her son’s went home.   She now referred to Mikhail and Quinn as her sons.  
‘Mamma, I’m going to leave the A6 here, until I get the new house sorted.’ Alex said to his mother.  
‘Sure thing bambino.’ She said with a smile.  
‘Will you be alright by yourself?’ Alex asked, concerned for his mother.  
‘I’ll be fine darling.   I have Quinn’s Mamma and Grandmamma if I need company.’ She said with a smile to the blond.  
‘I’m glad they said they would come to visit.’ The Canadian said with his signature smile.  
‘And I might take your car and visit them myself.’ Aurelia said with a grin.  
‘Just don’t crash it Mamma.’ Alex said laughing.  
‘Get out of my house!’ Mrs. Braddock said with a laugh.  
‘See ya Mamma.’ Alex said giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek.  
‘Bye bambino.’ She said as Quinn reached in for a hug.   When the blond released her, Mikhail wrapped his huge body around her and lifted her off the floor momentarily.  
‘Thank you il mio Colosso.’ She said with a laugh.  
‘See you soon Mamma.’ Mikhail said following his friends out the door.  
‘Alex, can you drop me off on your way home?’ The Russian asked as they pulled out of the driveway.  
‘Did you wanna stay over?’ Alex asked looking at his friend in the rear vision mirror.   He saw a very sad face.  
‘Tomorrow night perhaps?’ Mikhail said looking to his friend’s reflection, and then he smiled.   ‘I have a date tonight.’
‘With whom?’ Quinn asked turning around quickly in shock.  
‘Calm down Oprah.’ The Russian said laughing.   ‘I told Fabrizio to IM me tonight.   We’re going to talk on Skype.’ Quinn laughed with the Russian.  
‘Yay!’ Alex and Quinn said together while laughing.   A few minutes later, they had dropped Mikhail off at his apartment and were on their way to Alex’s apartment.   As they were getting out of the car, Alex took Quinn’s hand and pulled him into his side.  
‘I know it’s been less than a month since we met, but, would you like to move in with me?’ He asked barely louder than a whisper.   He was sure it had barely been two weeks since meeting Quinn, but felt like he had known him for months.  
‘Really?’ Quinn asked, unsure what answer Alex was looking for.  
‘Yeah.’ Alex said.   They got into the elevator and he continued, ‘I was hoping you would move in with me when I get a new house anyway.   So, why not move in with me for the time being?’
‘Well, if it’s okay with you, then sure.’ The blond said with a blush.  
‘Of course it’s okay!’ Alex said with a laugh.  
‘Alright then.’ Quinn said with a smile.   He stood on his tip toes and kissed his boyfriend on the cheek.   ‘Can you help me move my things over tomorrow?’
‘Absolutely.’ Alex said as the elevator doors opened.   They walked slowly to the apartment door.   ‘Shit, what was it they told us to say?’
‘Madre terra, fratello sole, sorella luna e le care stele, mi guidino e mi proteggano.’ The blond said, having memorized the prayer over the last few days.   Alex unlocked the door and allowed Quinn to go in first.   The blond felt the warmth of the protection spell as he stepped through the door but didn’t succumb to the power like he did the first time.   Alex locked the door behind him, sliding all three locks into place.   They walked into the lounge and Quinn nearly jumped out of his skin when someone knocked at the sliding door to the deck.   They saw the twins standing on the other side of the door, looking confused.   Quinn walked to the door quickly and pulled it open.  
‘What they hell is that?’ Jaden asked putting his hand against an invisible wall where the sliding door had just retracted from, pushing hard but not being able to move through it.   Caiden looked at Quinn with a knowing smile.  
‘It’s a spell we were taught by my Mamma and her sisters.’ Alex said with amusement, seeing the normally scary looking twin confused.  
‘Quinn, would you mind inviting us in?’ The blond twin said with a smile.   ‘And you’ll need to use our names.’
‘Jaden, Caiden, please come inside.’ Quinn said as clearly and concisely as he could, as if speaking into a microphone.   Jaden’s hand slipped past the resistant bubble and he half stumbled through the door.  
‘I’ve never seen a witches spell so strong.’ The red head said with surprise.   ‘Staggering.’
‘It’s this one.’ Caiden said looking at Quinn.   ‘Quite the powerhouse he is.’ The Canadian smiled under the praise.  
‘Well come in and have a seat.’ Alex said gesturing to the red sofa.   ‘Would you both like a wine?’ He asked heading to the kitchen.  
‘Please.’ Caiden said, still looking at Quinn with fascination.  
‘We only came to arrange your coming to The Sanctuary.’ Jaden said watching Alex.  
‘Well, I feel like a wine, and I’m sure Quinn does as well, so, why not join us?’ The Italian said, already carrying two bottles and four glasses back to the living area.  
‘If you insist.’ The red head said with a smile.  
‘So, where is this Sanctuary?’ Quinn asked as he took his glass from Alex.  
‘It’s about 5 hours south.   Follow the interstate and get off at a place called Deep River.   Go through the township and follow the road west.   About 100 kilometers down the road is a large boulder sitting by the side of the road.   50 meters after that boulder is a gravel road on the left.   Turn onto that and follow it for about 10 minutes.   The Sanctuary is at the end of that road.   You really can’t miss it.’ Jaden said waving his hand.   A piece of paper and pen flew toward him, which he caught effortlessly.   He quickly scribbled down the directions and left the paper on the coffee table.  
‘So, can you get there by Saturday next week?’ The blond twin asked, looking from Quinn to Alex.  
‘Of course.   We will head down on Friday morning.’ The Italian said with a smile.   Both twins smiled in reply.  
‘Fantastic.’ Caiden said.   ‘How was your father’s funeral?’
‘Well, aside from the shooting, it was brilliant.’ Alex said, resting his hand on Quinn’s knee.  
‘Mmm.’ Jaden said quietly, his vision glazing over.   ‘Alistair Braddock.’ He said.  
‘Yes.   I’m positive he organized it.’ Alex said with a sigh.  
‘Rest assured, from this point on, no harm will come to either of you, or anyone in your families.’ Caiden said.  
‘Thank you.’ Quinn replied.   ‘I think our families are pretty well protected by themselves to be honest.’ He added.  
‘Doubly so now.’ Jaden said with a smile.   He swallowed the last of his wine.   ‘We really need to get going.’
‘So soon?’ Quinn asked.  
‘We need to get back to The Sanctuary.’ Caiden said smiling.   ‘Our father is expecting us.’
‘Oh, fair enough.’ Quinn said slightly disappointed.  
‘We will see you both on Friday.   And the Russian as well.’ Jaden said standing up.  
‘You sure will.’ Alex said standing up.   ‘Oh, one moment!’ The Italian said turning quickly and disappearing into his bedroom.   Quinn looked curiously after his boyfriend as the red head stared after the Italian blankly.   Caiden smiled, more to himself than anyone else.  
Alex returned after a few seconds, a small book in his hands.  
‘As requested.’ He said holding the book out.   Jaden stared at the book as if it were going to bite him.   Caiden reached out tentatively and took the book from the Italian.  
‘Thank you.’ The blond twin said, unable to take his eyes off the diary of one Nathaniel Oscar Braddock.  
‘You’re welcome.’ Alex said holding out his hand to the red head.   Jaden, with mild surprise, extended his hand and shook hands with the handsome Italian.  
‘Thank you for everything.’ Alex said with sincerity.  
‘You’re both very welcome.’ Jaden said smiling warmly.   ‘See you in a few days.’
‘Bye Caiden.’ Quinn said, the blond twin waving back timidly with a smile.   As the twins stepped outside, the red head shivered visibly.  
‘That spell is unbelievable.’ Alex and Quinn heard him say to his brother.  
‘Indeed.’ Caiden replied as they vanished from sight.  
‘I hope they teach me how to do that.’ Alex said with a longing smile.  
‘I’m sure they will.’ Quinn said hugging his boyfriend.   ‘I think this is the first time we’ve been alone since your father passed.’
‘Mmm, it’s certainly been a while.’ Alex said gently lifting his boyfriend from the ground and kissing him passionately.   The blond moaned in response.  
‘Shall we go to bed early?’ Quinn said through his moans.   Without even responding, Alex released his boyfriend, quickly closed and locked the sliding door, took Quinn by the hand and practically dragged him to the bedroom, closing the door and blinds within seconds.