The Children of Light

Chapter 13

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The Italian had stripped his clothes and was already sitting in the middle of his bed, watching his beautiful boyfriend crawling seductively up the bed, as naked as himself.   Alex was smiling from ear to ear, watching the blond make his way closer and closer to him.   Quinn crawled over the long, hairy legs, quickly swiping his tongue at the now hard slab of meat between his boyfriend’s legs.   He continued swiping his tongue up the hard muscles of Alex’s stomach and chest, finally running his tongue over the soft lips and into his now opened mouth.   As he licked at every inch of his boyfriend’s mouth, Quinn shuffled around slightly, sitting down on the Italian’s lap, rubbing his bottom against the now throbbing penis.   Quinn broke the kiss and looked into his lover’s eyes with passion.   He raised his hand and using his thumb and index finger, he gathered a large amount of spit from his tongue, reached behind him and smeared it over the head of Alex’s proud member.   Alex did the same, except he gently smeared his spit into the blond’s warm and smooth arse crack.   Quinn moaned with pleasure as his eyes closed.   He backed up slightly and holding the shaft of his boyfriend’s penis, guided it into his waiting entrance.   As the head slipped through with a little force, the blond gasped with pain and pleasure.   Alex sat up quickly, wrapping his arms around the torso of his boyfriend, and buried his face against the flat, muscled chest.   He pulled back slightly looked at the scar Quinn now wore on his chest and kissed it tenderly.   The Canadian looked down in surprise and smiled at Alex.   Alex looked up with lust and felt the blond’s weight resting on him.   After a few seconds, he felt the warm entrance of his lover engulf his large, thick penis, taking it inch by inch into the depths.   After several long and pleasurable seconds, Quinn was fully impaled on the throbbing shaft and was groaning with pleasure.  
‘Are you okay?’ Alex asked with concern.  
‘Absolutely’ Quinn said unable to open his eyes.   Alex saw the pleasure across the blond’s handsome face.   He smiled to himself and pushed his hips up slightly.   Quinn groaned pleasurably.   The Italian pulled out slightly and pushed back in again, watching his boyfriend shudder with lust.   He pulled out almost half way and pushed back in again quickly.   Quinn shook with unbelievable pleasure.   He leaned forward and laid his head on Alex’s shoulder.   Alex pulled out again and thrust back in faster.   He pulled out and pushed back in over and over again, slowly gathering speed until he was rabbit fucking with absolute abandon.   Quinn whose head was practically dangling over the back of his boyfriend’s shoulder, was gasping and moaning in time with every inward thrust of Alex’s nine inches.  
‘Oh shit, I’m not gonna last long.’ Alex gasped as he grabbed Quinn’s pale butt cheeks in his hands and continued his brutal assault.   Quinn sat back slightly, looking into his lover’s light blue eyes.   With the change of position, and Alex’s relentless thrusting, Quinn suddenly gasped with pleasure as Alex began ramming his cock head past the blond’s prostate repeatedly.   Quinn slammed his face against Alex’s and shoved his tongue part way down his throat, kissing without concern for their physical comfort.   Alex was short of breath already, and having a tongue jammed down his throat he began feeling light headed.   For an instant, as the Italian closed his eyes, he saw someone kneeling on grass, someone lying on their back with their head in the lap of the kneeling person.   He opened his eyes.   Quinn was gasping rapidly into the Italian’s mouth as he ground his arse back onto the rapidly moving penis, stretching out his entrance viciously.   Alex closed his eyes again and saw the person lying down covered in blood.   The Italians eyes flew open.   The Canadian’s manhood was being rhythmically slammed between their stomachs, his balls practically crushed.  
‘Oh fuck Quinn.’ Alex gasped as the blond threw his head back and gave into his carnal instincts.  
‘Fuck me Alex!’ Quinn shouted.   ‘FUCK ME HARD!’ He screamed.   Alex certainly didn’t need to be told twice.   He was lifting the blond’s arse off his cock and pulling him down with such force it was beginning to take its toll on Quinn’s body.  
‘OH FUCK!’ Quinn shouted as he felt his cock explode with his orgasm.  
‘Oh shit!’ Alex shouted with his lover.   ‘Oh fuck yes.’ The blond slammed his arse down as hard as possible, jamming all 9 inches against his prostate.   He threw himself forward and bit down on Alex’s shoulder, very hard.  
‘FUCK!’ Alex screamed as his cock erupted deep into the bowels of his lover.   In the depths of his pleasure, Quinn felt his boyfriend’s monster cock throb and swell several times, letting him know that, if he were a female, he’d quite possibly be being impregnated at this very minute.  
‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Alex chanted with every throb of his manhood.   ‘Oh fuck!’ He said as his orgasm came to an end and he fell backward, Quinn following him, collapsing on top of the Italian in exhaustion.   Alex thrust up instinctively as he felt his still hard penis slide out slightly.   With it firmly wedged up the now sorry looking hole of his lover’s arse, the Italian sighed with content.   He saw flickers of the grass field, and the two people in the middle, but seeing them from a distance.  
‘Fuck me that was brilliant.’ He said running his hands through the soft blond hair, now damp with sweat.  
‘Mmm’ was all Quinn was capable of saying in his current state.  
‘Did I hurt you?’ Alex asked worrying he might have been too rough.   Quinn grunted quietly and shook his head from side to side.   Alex laughed gently and felt Quinn’s hole twitch around his slowly deflating penis.   ‘Let me take this out for you babe.’ He said placing his hands underneath the soft skin of Quinn’s rear end.   He pulled out slowly, watching as his penis came out covered in spit, cum and arse slime.   When his penis popped out, still at full length, though slowly softening, he watched as nearly a half cup of his cum came flowing out of the sorry excuse of an arse hole that was Quinn’s battered entrance and slopped all over the Italian’s crotch.   Alex felt his cock throb at the sensation of Quinn’s hole regurgitating his ejaculate all over him.  
‘Wow we’re a mess.’ Alex laughed as Quinn rolled over onto his side, still unable to speak.   Alex slid off the side of the bed, cupping his hands under his balls and catching the rather copious amount of his ball juice, before it fell on his bedroom floor.   He walked quickly to his bathroom and let his manhood flop into the sink with an audible splat.   He turned the faucet on and splashed water over his nether regions and cleaned himself off, including the spectacularly large load of cum Quinn painted his torso with.   He dried himself on a towel and grabbed a face cloth, soaked it in warm water, grabbed a towel and went back to the bed where Quinn was still lying on his side with closed eyes.   Alex sat behind the prostrate blond and with amazing tenderness, cleaned up the rather sorry looking arse before him.   Quinn whimpered quietly, still unable to say anything.   Believing he managed to clean up as best as possible, Alex careful packed the towel between the soft cheeks of his boyfriend’s bottom.   He then leaned over slightly and wiped off the cum smeared on the flat stomach and chest of the blond.   He threw the flannel back toward the bathroom and lay down beside his lover.   He took Quinn’s arm and pulled gently so that he was draped over his muscled chest, his head buried in the crook of his neck.  
‘Goodnight raggio di luce.’ The Italian said stroking the soft muscles of Quinn’s back.  
‘Night babe.’ The blond croaked quietly.   Alex kissed the top of his head and nuzzled his nose into the sweet smelling hair and closed his eyes, surrendering to sleep.  
‘You really don’t own much do you babe?’ Alex asked as they carried the third and final load of personal belongings of Quinn.   Amongst his belongings were his computer, his laptop, his clothes, a few kitchen items, his linen, desk, a few framed photographs and some paintings.   Alex looked at the photographs and admired the beautiful pictures of the blond’s mother and grandmother.   He had plans for those pictures.  
‘Not really.   I am a student after all.’ The blond laughed as he struggled to balance the boxes and bags of things he was carrying.   He and Alex stopped in the living room and placed the items with everything else they had already brought up behind the sofa.  
‘Let’s leave them here for now babe.’ Alex said emptying his arms.   ‘We can find places for everything later.’
‘Are you sure?’ The blond said looking at the large and messy pile of his belongings.   ‘Yup.   Let’s get a bite to eat.’ The Italian said with a smile.   ‘And then, let’s go house hunting.’

‘This one looks nice.’ Quinn said as they got out of the Audi and looked at the rather large house.   It was a very narrow three level town house in a high density neighbourhood.   There was barely two feet of clear space between the houses on either side and had all of ten square feet of front lawn.   Alex wasn’t impressed so far.  
‘Let’s go and look inside.’ The real estate agent said with a plastic smile.   Alex returned the false smile and Quinn didn’t fail to notice.  
‘So this is the foyer, rather cramped, but nicely constructed.’ The woman said as she allowed Alex and Quinn to enter.   It was immediately apparent that Alex did not like this house when he walked through the door and hit the light fitting with his head.   Quinn was about to laugh when he saw the angry look on Alex’s face.   The agent noticed as well and decided it best to speed things up.  
‘Through the door you’ll find the main living area.’ She said pointing to the door.   Alex opened the door and balked when he saw the horrid fake wood panel floors.   Quinn looked as if someone had punched him in the stomach.  
‘It was renovated a few years ago, and I think they did a fantastic job.’ The real estate agent said with yet another fake smile.  
‘Who did the renovations?’ Alex asked as his right eyebrow all but vanished into his hair line.  
‘The previous owners did it themselves.’ The agent said, her false smile barely faltering.   Alex looked around at what he could see of the house.   To the left was a very small and cluttered living room, the furniture looking like something in a thrift shop.   Alex was sure he saw a suspicious looking brown stain on the arm of a sofa.   It did nothing to improve the aesthetics of the already lurid looking room.   He saw through to the kitchen, which was adjoined to the living room and noticed that he wouldn’t be able to spread his arms out to his sides without hitting both walls.   The dining room was on the other side of the building, all of four feet away from the kitchen and living room.   Again the furniture adorning this room did nothing to add value to the house.   Within two seconds, he had already made his decision.  
‘I’ve seen enough, thank you.’ Alex said turning to the agent and heading for the front door.   Quinn smiled apologetically to the agent.  
‘There’s still another two floors to…’ The agent attempted to say.  
‘I’ve seen enough, thank you.’ Alex said walking into the foyer, and yet again, hitting his head on the light fitting.   He cursed quietly to himself and stepped outside where he could stand up straight.  
‘I am sorry about that sir.’ The agent came outside, looking contrite and embarrassed, and actually looking genuine this time.  
‘That’s quite okay.   Thank you for your time.’ Alex said walking to his car, Quinn following in his wake.   When they were sitting in the car, Quinn looked over to Alex.  
‘Let’s go have a look at that other real estate agency.’ He said reaching over and squeezing his boyfriend’s knee.  
‘Yeah.’ Alex said starting the car and pulling out.  

Twenty minutes later they were pulling up to a house in a quieter and much better looking neighbourhood.   The house was two levels, incredibly large and sat in the middle of a very large section.   The Italian and Canadian climbed out of the car, which was parked road side and stood on the pavement looking at the beautiful house.   The real estate agent walked up beside them and let them look for a few minutes.  
‘This house was built ten years ago by the current owners.   It was a family house, in which they themselves lived with the children of one of them, from a previous marriage.’ The agent began as Alex and Quinn continued to look at the beautiful house.  
‘It’s gorgeous.’ Quinn said with a smile.   He looked at a very large and old looking oak tree in the front lawn.   It looked to be easily over two hundred years old, and saw that a bench swing was hanging from one of the large branches.  
‘Unfortunately, the owners are here at the moment, but if that does not bother you, they certainly do not mind.’ The agent said.  
‘That’s completely fine Roger.’ Alex said with a smile to the agent.  
‘Right then, this way if you please.’ The agent said leading them down the driveway.   Alex and Quinn followed along behind Roger, down what would easily have been a seventy meter driveway.   Eventually the agent veered across the front lawn to the front entrance, which was accessible by stepping up five steps, onto a large wrap around deck.   The front entrance was two large doors, opening from the middle.   The agent knocked loudly and waited only a few seconds before they heard footsteps heading toward them.   One of the doors opened and they saw a handsome man in his thirties answer the door.   All three of the people outside couldn’t help but notice the man was shirtless, hairy and sporting a very muscled torso.   He would have been perhaps Quinn’s height, perhaps slightly taller, and had a beautifully wide chest, with lovely brown chest hair exploding from between his pectorals, covering every inch of flesh.   His stomach, though not muscular, was soft and flat, and covered with that same delicious downy fur.   Quinn flushed with excitement; Alex smiled his approval as the agent blushed with embarrassment.  
‘Sorry.’ The man said.   He pulled a shirt out from the back of his pants, where it was tucked in the waist band.   He put the shirt on and both Alex and Quinn groaned quietly with sadness.   ‘Didn’t expect y’all so quickly.’ He explained.  
‘Sorry to intrude Mr. Daniels.’ The agent said by way of apology.  
‘Nonsense.’ The gentleman said with a smile.   ‘And call me John, please.’
‘This is Alex and Quinn.’ The real estate agent said introducing them.  
‘Pleasure to meet y’all.’ The man said in an obviously southern accent.  
‘And yourself John.’ Alex said holding his hand out.   John took the hand and shook it firmly.   ‘My partner Quinn.’ Alex said indicating the small blond beside him.   John looked at Quinn as the Canadian smiled his signature smile and John had to blink several times to clear his vision.  
‘A pleasure.’ The man said with a smile, shaking hands with the handsome blond.  
‘Likewise.’ Quinn said with a faint blush.  
‘Well come on in.’ John said with a warm smile, standing back and gesturing for them to come inside.   Alex walked in first, followed by Quinn, and the real estate agent.   ‘I’ll leave y’all to it.   Make yourselves at home.’ John said as he disappeared into the house.  
‘So, as you can see, no formal foyer, so to speak.   The house just opens up immediately.’ The three of them looked around from the entrance.   It was a large open space.   To the right was the living room which had large glass doors all around the sides that led out onto the wrap around deck.   The living room was large, easily as large as the living room, kitchen and dining room in Alex’s apartment combined.   Further through the living room was a dining area, where a large eight seat dining table sat in the middle of the room, with yet more glass doors around the wall.   With their backs to the entrance, at the other end of the house directly in front of them was the kitchen, similar in setup to Alex’s apartment kitchen.   There was lots of bench space with an island, a dishwasher, gas hobs and two stoves, these were all made of stainless steel.   Alex already approved of this house.   To the left of where they were standing was what could only be described as an informal foyer, a small gathering place for guests when they first enter the house and a decent sized office.   In the back left corner, next to the kitchen was the stair case that led to the upstairs level.  
‘Through this way and we’ll go upstairs.’ The agent said with a smile.   Alex and Quinn followed the agent through to the kitchen and up the stairs.   Alex and Quinn spotted John outside on the deck with another man and two young teenagers.   The three of them continued upstairs.  
‘Up here are the four bedrooms.   Master bedroom at the end there.’ John pointed down the right hallway which led a short way down to a closed door.   ‘But first, the three other bedrooms.’ The agent said leading them down the left hallway, stopping at the first door on the left.   ‘Bedroom One.’ He said gesturing for them to step inside.   Alex walked in and saw a room perhaps half as big as his current spare room.   It was bright and cozy, with full length windows looking out into the back yard.   Looking out the window, he saw the backyard was easily one hundred meters of lush grass, as wide as the property section.   Near the back of the property was the beginning of a huge forest.   Alex made a mental note to check that out when downstairs.   The room was wonderful for a guest room.   Back out of the room, on the other side of the hallway, Roger indicated through the door.   ‘Main bathroom.’ Alex and Quinn poked their heads around the corner and looked inside to a relatively small bathroom, perhaps smaller than Alex’s en suite.  
‘There’s this bathroom, an en suite in the master bedroom, an en suite in that room there,’ he pointed to the last room on the left, ‘and a half bathroom downstairs next to the office.   Just a toilet and shower cubicle.’ Both young men followed the agent to the last door on the right.  
‘Bedroom Two.’ Roger said indicating the open door on the right.   Alex walked in and noticed this bedroom faced the front of the property, with a view of the road through a large window, and a view of the property beside them out the other window.   It was slightly larger than the first room and had a door to the main bathroom.  
‘Bedroom Three.’ The agent said indicating the last door on the left.   As with the first bedroom, views of the back yard and the huge forest, views of the property next door and an entrance to a small en suite.  
‘And if I’m not mistaken, your bedroom through this way.’ Roger said with a smile, leading back down the hallway and up the shorter hallway, where he opened the door and led the way in.   When Alex and Quinn stepped through the door, they were stunned.   It was easily the size of Alex’s current bedroom, just much squarer.   The décor was beautiful in a cream colour.   Big, lush curtains were drawn back over the large sliding doors, which opened out to a large wrap around deck.   Alex walked over to the door and saw that the deck wrapped all the way around to the back of the house.   Quinn was already in the en suite, examining the facilities.   There was a large walk in shower cubicle with dual shower heads and jets in the middle of the wall.   In the opposite corner was a corner spa bath.   Quinn, doing the mental math, figured that it would be a cozy fit, but he and Alex could probably fit in it together.   A vanity unit was on one wall and in the far corner, a toilet.  
‘It’s perfect.’ Alex said coming into the en suite.  
‘Isn’t it?’ Quinn said turning to his boyfriend and smiling.   Alex was caught up in the smile and beamed his own radiant smile in return.  
‘Let’s go downstairs and have a look out the back.’ Roger said seeing the smiles on their faces.   Back downstairs they stepped out onto the lower deck and met the current home owners.  
‘Hey guys.’ John said coming over to the agent, Alex and Quinn.   All three smiled in return.  
‘We’re just going to have a look at the back yard.’ Roger said with a smile, leading them around the corner.   Alex smiled and Quinn audibly gasped.   The agent was smiling to himself by this point.  
‘A pool?’ The blond said with excitement.   The in ground pool was about ten meters in width and about twenty meters in length.   Neither Alex or Quinn were able to judge the depth of the pool.
‘It’s a great relief for hot summer days.’ John said standing beside the agent.  
‘It’s lovely.’ Alex said watching the excitement play across Quinn’s face.   He turned to John and asked, ‘The forest down there.’ He pointed to the back of the property.  
‘Any issues with that?’
‘None whatsoever.’ John said with a confident smile.   ‘It gets pretty thick about twenty feet in and almost becomes impenetrable.   We have had the odd wild animal come prancing through the back yard, but nothing dangerous.’
‘Lovely.’ Alex said with a smile.  
‘So, what do you guys think?’ Roger asked, wondering how quickly he could push the sale.  
‘I think it’s lovely.’ Quinn said, hooking his arm into Alex’s and smiling at John.  
‘Thank you.’ John said nodding to Quinn with respect.  
‘It is truly wonderful.’ Alex said with a nod to John.   He turned to Roger and asked, ‘Asking price?’ Roger faltered slightly, knowing this was coming and wondering if it was going to be too expensive.  
‘Asking price is $850,000.’ He said quickly.  
‘I confess, I’m not a real estate expert, and wouldn’t know if that is a good price or not.’ Alex said honestly.   John smiled warmly.   ‘Would either of you mind, if I had someone come and appraise the house?’
‘Not at all.’ John said before Roger had a chance to say anything.  
‘If I were at all confident in real estate, I would offer you the $850,000 right now, but I do not want either party to be unfairly favoured.’ Alex said, eliciting yet another smile from John.  
‘I must say, I do like you Alex.   I hope you decide to buy our house.’ John said with a very warm smile to Alex and Quinn.  
‘Mere formalities, John.’ Alex returned the smile.   ‘As I said, if I knew the first thing about real estate, I would make an offer now.   I do however know that I really do like this house.’
‘Well, why don’t the three of you come and join my family for a cool drink?’ John invited.  
‘I would love to.’ Quinn said accepting the invitation, Alex nodding his head and looking to Roger.  
‘Well, I um…’ Roger stammered.  
‘Live a little Rodge.’ John laughed.  
‘Oh alright then.’ The real estate agent relented.   John led the three gentlemen back around the deck to where his family was sitting, in various states of undress.  
‘These two tykes are my sons, Mitchell and William.’ John said as two young men stood and came over.   They would have been in their mid-teens, perhaps fourteen and fifteen.   They were both wearing board shorts and showing off their very slim, smooth and tanned chests and stomachs.   Alex smiled in appreciation.  
‘And this here is my husband, Christian.’ John announced as a gentleman wearing a short, black sarong wrapped around his waist and nothing else stepped over and took his sunglasses off.  
‘Pleasure to meet you all.’ He said shaking hands with the three newcomers.   Alex and Quinn discretely checked him out.   He appeared to be in his early thirties, pale blond hair, solid tan; he had dark green eyes and had a very smooth torso.   He wasn’t exactly muscled, and looked a little soft, but was still attractive.   ‘Like the house?’ He asked with a slightly feminine lilt to his voice.  
‘It truly is lovely.’ Alex said and Quinn nodded.  
‘Excellent.   Would y’all like a drink?’ He asked, Alex and Quinn hearing a faint southern accent.  
‘I’d love one, thank you.’ Quinn said with a smile, as Alex and Roger both nodded.   Christian gestured for Quinn to follow and led him to the outdoor table, under an umbrella and they talked quickly while drinks were poured.   They returned with glasses for everyone, as the two teenagers disappeared, shortly announcing their intent when they heard splashes from the pool.  
‘So why are y’all looking for a new home?’ John asked of Alex and Quinn.  
‘My two cousins are emigrating here from Italy, and we need somewhere bigger than where we currently live.’ Alex said with a smile.   ‘Four grown men in a two bedroom apartment.   It can get rather cramped.’ He finished.  
‘Ah yes.’ John said.   ‘We had this place made specifically for us when we got custody of the boys.’ He continued.   Alex and Quinn smiled, curious to hear more.   ‘I told my wife that I was unhappy in our marriage, having come to terms with the fact that I was gay, and she was none too happy, as you can imagine.’ He said smiling with humour.  
‘I can imagine.’ Quinn said with a grin.  
‘Anyway, she lost the plot slightly, when I moved out and filed for divorce.   She hit the bottle hard and put our boys in danger.   I was awarded custody and we lived happily in our small apartment down south.   And then I met Christian.’ He said looking to his husband with a loving smile.  
‘Things kind of whirl winded from there.   The boys loved him, naturally.   Three years down the line, we got married, with the support of our sons.’ John said, wrapping an arm around the bare shoulders of his husband.   Alex and Quinn smiled, seeing their love and devotion.  
‘And you’re selling now, because?’ Alex enquired.  
‘Although built for us, it’s a little grandiose, and we need something smaller.’ Christian said with a weak smile.   ‘The boys aren’t too happy about that, but they understand.’
‘That’s good.’ Quinn said nodding.  
‘Roger, I’ve had second thoughts.’ Alex said turning to the real estate agent.   Roger’s face fell visibly, disappointed.  
‘You have?’ He asked, trying hard to not show his disappointment.  
‘Yes.   I’d like to make an offer, now.’ Alex said smiling broadly.   ‘What was the asking price?’ Roger couldn’t hide his happiness.  
‘$850,000.’ John said, looking to the young Italian man with surprise.  
‘Then, I wish to formally offer, $850,000.’ Alex said offering his hand to John.   John looked to Christian who was clearly surprised, and then to Roger who was looking slightly uncomfortable.  
‘Forgive me John, but, Alex, usually one negotiates a price when making an offer.   You don’t normally offer them the exact asking price.’ He said, trying to be diplomatic.  
‘I’m sure that’s how it normally works, but, my offer still stands.’ Alex said, still holding his hand out to John.   ‘$850,000.’ He reiterated.   John thought for a few seconds, and then with a huge smile, he took Alex’s hand in his and shook it firmly.  
‘Accepted.’ He said with happiness.   Alex and Quinn broke out into the biggest smiles the older couple had ever seen and could not resist smiling themselves.  
‘Well, looks like my job is easier than I thought.’ Roger said laughing.  
‘It was an easy decision to make.’ Alex said nodding his head respectfully to Christian and John.  
‘Thank you Alex.’ The couple said together.  
‘You’re both very welcome.’ The Italian said pulling his boyfriend into his side and hugging him.  
‘I should probably get these two back to the office then, and get the paperwork sorted.’ Roger said offering his now empty glass to Christian.  
‘Of course.’ John said shaking hands with the real estate agent.  
‘We’ll speak soon.’ The agent said gesturing for Alex and Quinn to follow him.  
After a quick farewell, the three of them headed off the property and back to their cars where they returned to Roger’s office and completed the paper work.   An hour later, they were walking out of the real estate office smiling.  
‘I think we need to celebrate.’ Alex said squeezing the blond’s hand tenderly.  
‘I concur.’ Quinn said with a huge smile.