The Children of Light

Chapter 16

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Lachlan - or


`Well done.' The Leader said helping Alex to his feet.  
`I thought I had you there for a moment.' The Italian laughed at his own bravado.  
`You nearly did for a moment.' Lachlan confided in the Italian.   `It was very close.' Alex smiled at the praise from the tiny framed man who had just planted him firmly on his back.   As they clapped each other on the shoulder, Quinn came bouncing to Alex's side.  
`Go you!' He said jumping at his boyfriend, who knew that the blond was going to jump at him.   He wrapped his arms behind and under the blond's bottom and smiled.  
`Thank you babe.' Alex said kissing his boyfriend lovingly.   Caiden smiled at the couple as he stepped to Lachlan's side.  
`I don't remember you being so damn easy on either of us.' He said with a light laugh.  
`I don't remember either of you being good enough to kick me in the back.' The Leader said shoving the blond twin away.   Caiden rolled gracefully on the grass and stood on his feet.   Jaden had jumped beside his brother and caught him in a protective hug.   He was still feeling mildly upset at losing to the Italian.   They walked away quickly, talking quietly to themselves, smiling like the cat that caught the mouse.  
`Don't worry about Jaden too much.   It's been a while since someone bested him.' Daxa said correctly interpreting the Italian's thoughts.  
`Hope I didn't piss him off.' Alex said watching the disappearing backs of the twins.   He released his boyfriend who stood close beside him.  
`He'll be over it by tomorrow morning.' Grayson said suddenly appearing beside his younger brother.  
`Are you okay Lach?' Daxa called over Quinn's shoulder, noticing the Leader was gingerly rubbing his lower back.  
`I'm okay.' The Leader smiled.   `He's got a mean kick on him.' He laughed as Rama instantly appeared at his side.   With the blink of an eye, the tall, dark featured husband of the Leader had scooped Lachlan into his arms.  
`Let's get you to a bed.' Rama said in his deep and mesmerising voice.  
`Put me down Ramz.   I'm not broken.' The Leader said with a giggle.  
`Neteru, let me get you to a bed where you can rest.' The Leader's husband said with a loving smile.   Lachlan acquiesced as Rama strode easily out of the Circle.  
`Why does Rama call Lachlan "neteru"?' Quinn asked of Grayson.  
`It's Egyptian for "angel".' The older man said with a smile.   `Rama has called him that from the day he first met him.'
`Is Rama Egyptian?' Alex asked, curious to know more about the man married to his Leader.  
`His father is.   Or rather, was.' Grayson said with a flicker of sadness.  
`Oh.' The Italian and Canadian said, as the Russian giant appeared behind them.  
`Did he die?' Mikhail asked as he joined the conversation.  
`Yes, some time ago.' Grayson said showing the smallest amount of sadness.  
`Probably best I let him tell you what happened.' The older man said gesturing for the people to leave the Circle.  
`I think I need a shower.' Alex said, cautiously sniffing at his armpit.  
`Come on then.' Quinn said taking the Italian's hand and all but dragging him out of the Circle.   Mikhail walked behind the couple, as Grayson and Daxa followed behind him.  
`Do you mind if I visit with you?' The Russian asked over his shoulder.   `I think those two are going to be a little, busy.' He finished with a laugh.  
`Course you can.' Daxa laughed heartily.  
`Spasibo.' Mikhail said clearing the path and emerging in the field opposite from the settlement buildings.   He watched as Quinn and Alex jogged across the grass heading for their private cabin.  
`On second thoughts, do you mind if I crash the night?' He asked with a nauseas expression.   Grayson and Daxa both laughed, as the younger brother jumped on the back of the Russian.  
`Onward, faithful steed.' Daxa shouted in amusement.   Mikhail guffawed and galloped across the grass as Grayson shook his head in embarrassment.  

Having finished their shower, Alex was leading Quinn by the hand to their bedroom, both men naked and erect.   The Italian allowed his boyfriend to enter the room first, and closed the door behind him.   Feeling energized, Alex raised a hand and lifted Quinn off the ground.   Quinn's eyes flew open in surprise as he gasped in panic.  
`Don't panic babe.' Alex said concentrating, his hand raised in front of him, holding the blond suspended in mid-air.   The Italian stepped forward and leaned into his raised boyfriend, running his tongue up the underside of Quinn's penis.   The blond shuddered with delight at a new sensation.   Alex took the head of the blond's penis into his mouth and slid down easily, taking the full seven and a half inches deep into his throat.   Quinn groaned with ecstasy at the marvelous deep-throat service he was receiving.   He went to reach out and hold his lover's head but felt unsteady.  
`Babe, would you mind putting me down please?' The blond asked nervously.   Alex pulled off of the hard cock, blushed slightly and lowered his lover carefully to the bed.   Quinn shuffled to the head of the bed and beckoned Alex with a finger.   The Italian climbed slowly onto the bed with lust filled eyes, as if he were hunting.   He lowered himself on the Canadian's legs and returned to the blowjob he was giving.  

Lachlan was lying on his back as his husband had a hand wrapped firmly around his throat, as he was hungrily nibbling down the flat stomach, biting and licking down the fine black hair below his belly button, into a slightly thicker thatch of dark pubic hair.   Rama reached his target, and tightening his grip slightly on his husband's throat, he took the thick 7 inches into his mouth, carefully gripping the base with his teeth as he sucked with his throat muscles.   Lachlan gasped in pleasure, as Rama ran his tongue around the underside of his cock, and tightened his grip a little more.   The bigger man pulled off and using a combination of his own strength and telekinesis, he stood up beside the bed and pulled Lachlan up by this throat.   With a savagery, he shoved his tongue into the smaller man's mouth and kissed him roughly.   Lachlan melted with passion as Rama broke the kiss and threw his husband backward onto the bed.   A growl began rumbling in the chest of the Leader as Rama grabbed the man's ankles, threw them up and over his head and dove head first into the darkness of his arse crack.   His tongue shoved demandingly into the waiting entrance which twitched and grasped at the invading appendage.  
`Deeper!' Growled Lachlan, who was fast losing himself to carnal pleasure.  

`Oh shit.' Quinn gasped with desire as he felt the tapered head of his lover's nine incher pressing past his resistance.   The blond's eyelids fluttered as the full length of the thick cock buried deep into the welcoming entrance.  
`I love you so much.' Alex gasped as he bottomed out in the depths of his boyfriend's arse.  
`I love you more.' The blond said gasping for breath.   The Italian leaned down and covered the Canadian's mouth with his own, as his tongue sought out its dance partner.   As they tongue wrestled, Alex pulled his cock out half way and pushed back in firmly, eliciting a groan of pleasure from the blond.  
`God I love you.' The Italian exclaimed feeling the tight cavity grasping his prodigious manhood.  
`Make love to me babe.' Quinn said throatily.  

`Oh fuck yes.' Lachlan said half strangled.   `Harder Ramz!' Rama pulled out almost all 9 inches of his thick, uncircumcised cock and slammed it back into the Leader viciously.   He leaned down, with a hand still wrapped around the delicate throat, and savagely bit the bottom lip of his husband, actually puncturing the soft tissue and drawing blood.  
`Yes Rama!' Lachlan said as the monster cock was pulled out and slammed roughly back into the depths.   `Yes!'
`Fuck I love you.' Rama growled roughly.   He locked eyes with his husband as he began rabbit fucking his husband with passion.  
`Oh shit yes!' Lachlan barely managed to say, as he was gasping for air.   His eyes fluttered in ecstasy and oxygen deprivation.   Rama's grip on his throat eased slightly and the Leader fixed a piercing glance on him.   The green eyes stared into the almost white eyes as their animalistic passion took complete control of them.  
`Yes Rama! Make love to me!' Lachlan screamed as he reached up and pulled the larger man's face to his own and kissed him deeply.  

`Oh shit babe.   I'm gonna shoot!' The Italian gasped into his boyfriend's ear.   He lowered his body onto the small blond and began speed fucking the tight arse.   Quinn dug his heels into the sides of his lover and hung on for the roughest minute of his life, as Alex's instincts took over.   The Italian shuddered with delight as his body stiffened with the physical exertion of his orgasm.   A deep rumbling built up in his chest and as his cock exploded deep in the bowels of the blond, a roar of primitive joy burst from his mouth.   Shortly after, the blond threw his head back as his steel hard cock was crushed between his flat stomach and the muscled abdominals of his boyfriend.   The friction caused by Alex's thrusting rubbed the blond's cock to orgasm, with the assistance of the monster cock bashing against his prostate.   Within seconds, the two of them were glued together with semen.  

`Oh fuck.   Yes neteru.   Yes.   Oh fuck YES!!!' Rama screamed pulling a handful of Lachlan's hair as his orgasm exploded into the awaiting depths.   Lachlan sank his teeth into the broad shoulder of his husband as his cock was rubbed to orgasm between their stomachs.   His foreskin was pulled back as Rama withdrew his cock slightly and watched as the Leader's cock exploded, sending several volleys of warm semen up the lithe stomach, chest and face.   Lachlan's eyes were closed tight as three of the cum-blasts hit his face.   The Leader was gasping for breath as Rama released his death grip on his throat, a very visible bruise now spread across the soft flesh.   Rama withdrew completely, his thick and still hard cock covered in his ejaculate, slapping against his thigh as he lay down beside his husband.  
`Wow.' The Leader said still trying to regain his breathing.   Rama rolled onto his side and laid a hand on the heaving chest.   The light blue eyes opened and stared into the intensely bright green eyes.  
`Thank you neteru.' Rama said huskily as he leaned down and kissed Lachlan softly on the lips, his tongue flickering ever so gently over the bite marks on the bottom lip.  
`Thank you my love.' Lachlan said placing his hand to the man's cheek.   `I love you.'
`I love you more.' Rama whispered as he softly kissed the pale pink lips, and then each closed eye.  

`Good morning Quinn.' The Leader said when he spotted the blond sitting at the top of a slope that lead down to Deep River, his arms wrapped around his knees.  
`Hi Lachlan.' The blond said cheerily, turning to greet the Leader.  
`Everything alright?' The dark haired man asked as he sat next to Quinn, assuming the same sitting position.  
`Yup.' Quinn said casting his signature smile which nearly outshone the sun just rising above the edge of the earth.   `Just enjoying the view.' He said looking back to the sun.   Lachlan looked at the blond and noticed he was staring directly at the sun.  
`You should be careful staring into the sun.' The Leader said looking into the sun himself.  
`It's never hurt for me to look at it.' The blond said quietly.   `It doesn't blind me like it does everyone else.'
`Almost everyone else.' Lachlan said, glancing at the blond.   He smiled warmly.  
`You can do it too?' Quinn asked with curiosity.  
`As can Rama.' Lachlan nodded.   Quinn smiled slightly.  
`What happened to your lip?' The blond asked nervously, seeing the remnants of Rama's bite.  
`Oh.' Lachlan said raising a finger to his lip and gently prodding the bite mark.   `We got a bit carried away last night.' He blushed with embarrassment.  
`Looks like he got you a good one on your throat too.' Quinn said looking at the now darkened bruise colouring the Leader's soft throat.  
`I really should have looked in a mirror this morning.' Lachlan said laughing.   `I'll be sure to tidy myself up before someone else sees me and thinks we tried to kill each other.' Quinn laughed at this and returned to his sun gazing.  
`Is there anyone else who can stare into the sun like us?' He asked absentmindedly.  
`Just one other, that I'm aware of.' Lachlan answered as he too looked into the sun.  
`Who?' The blond asked, still looking into the fiery orb.  
`I think you know who.' The Leader said looking to Quinn.   The blond returned the look and knew exactly who.  
`Stupid question around here I guess.' The blond said giggling.  
`Not at all.' Lachlan said bumping his shoulder against the blond.   `Come on.   Let's get something to eat.' The Leader stood up quickly and held his hand out to Quinn.   The Canadian took the hand and hauled himself to his feet.   Lachlan wrapped an arm around Quinn's shoulders and they walked quietly back to the Leader's cabin.  
`Let me just go make myself presentable.' He said gesturing to his throat and lip.   Quinn snorted and sat down on the front verandah.   `I won't be long.' Lachlan said disappearing through the door.  
Within minutes he was back outside.  
`Better?' He asked, exposing his neck to Quinn.  
`Much.   Now you don't look like a beaten wife.' Quinn said as the Leader placed his arm back around the shoulders of the blond.   `How are you and Rama able to look at the sun?'
`I'm able to look at it because my abilities are born of the sun.' The Leader said quietly.   `I'm not actually called The Child of Light.   My proper title is Mac de Grian.'
Quinn's vision went blurry momentarily as he absorbed this piece of information.  
`Um, what does that mean?' He asked unsure.  
`It's gaelic.   It means "Son of the Sun".   My "powers" are granted from the sun.' The Leader said with a nod.  
`That's pretty cool.' The blond said in awe.  
`And Rama is able to look at the sun, because he is a priest of Ra.   A title held by his family for an incredibly long time.' The Leader said informatively.  
`Wow.' Quinn said, unsure what else to say.  
`Precisely my thoughts.' Lachlan said with a giggle.   `You can ask him yourself after we've had something to eat.   He's quite fond of telling that story.' Lachlan laughed as they approached the food table.   The two of them got a small breakfast each and they wandered over to a place where people were already gathered, eating.   They sat in companionable silence eating their breakfast when Alex joined them.  
`Morning guys.' Alex said as he sat next to his boyfriend, curling a leg around the blond's bottom.  
`Hi babe.' Quinn said around a mouthful of cereal.   He swallowed diligently and kissed his boyfriend on the cheek.   `Good run?'
`Yeah.   Was very relaxing.' The Italian said with a smile to the Leader.  
Lachlan returned the smile warmly.   `Where's Rama?'
`Probably still sleeping.' Lachlan said with a smirk to the blond.   Quinn giggled and Alex wondered what was up.  
`We were a little, er, rough, last night.' Lachlan said, trying to keep a straight face.   Quinn snorted so vigorously that milk sprayed out of his nose.   Both the blond and the Leader lost all control of themselves and were rolling around in fits of laughter.   Alex watched them with amusement, wondering if they were drunk.  
`Sorry.' Quinn said, regaining control of himself.  
`Yes, sorry.' Lachlan said, snorting quietly.   `Rama and I enjoy rather physical encounters.'
`I see.' Alex said unsure if he wanted to know any more.  
`I'll go and see if he's awake.' The Leader said standing up quickly, trying desperately not to laugh.   `Come by when you're finished breakfast.' He said over his shoulder as he quick marched to the dishes bench.  
`What was that about?' Alex asked as he pulled Quinn into himself for a cuddle.  
`Nothing babe.   Just a personal joke.' The blond said blushing with the effort of not laughing.  

`You guys heading home tomorrow?' Daxa asked as Alex and Quinn sat down for their final evening meal at the Sanctuary.  
`Yeah.' Alex said sounding slightly sad.   `Gotta get home and make sure everything is alright.'
`Nice.   Well, you guys know you're always welcome back here any time.' Daxa said smiling to them both.   Mikhail joined them at this point.   `You too big guy.' He added.  
`Spasibo.' The Russian said with thanks.  
`I'm gonna miss having you around Alex.   It's been great having someone here who can sit that prick of a nephew of mine on his arse.' He laughed heartily.  
`Ha! Careful now.' Quinn said winking to the red head who was sitting several feet from them, smiling happily to the Canadian.  
`Besides, we have to move house when we get back.' Alex said gleefully.  
`Oh yeah!' Quinn said, having completely forgotten about the pending house move.  
`Don't worry, we'll get some professional movers in.' The Italian said with a laugh.  
`I have too much shit to even think about doing it myself.' Everyone laughed.  
`Well, give us a call when you're all settled in and we'll come help you unpack.' Daxa said clapping the Italian on the shoulder.  
`Cheers man.' Alex said with a smile.  
When they had finished their meals, Lachlan stood before everybody and cleared his throat.  
`Well folks, Alex, Quinn and Mikhail are heading home tomorrow.' Several people groaned with displeasure.   The three visitors had made good friends with a lot of people here.   `They will of course visit whenever they can, especially now that Alex has gotten the hang of teleporting.   Just don't leave half your body behind.' He said to generous laughter.   `Before everyone heads off, I would like to ask Alex, Jaden and Caiden to come up here.' The Leader said beckoning the three men up.   They stood beside Lachlan and squinted around to everyone.  
`Ladies, Gentlemen... your Triumvirate.' Lachlan said loudly to a raucous round of applause.   Alex blushed with embarrassment as the twins laughed and hugged each other.   As Alex was about to walk back to Quinn, the two of them grabbed him and pulled him into a three-way hug.  
`Welcome, brother.' Jaden said with a smile as he released the Italian.   Alex smiled his heart stopping smile and hugged the red head firmly.  
`Thanks Jaden.' He said releasing the dominant twin as the quieter twin gave him a shy cuddle.  
`See you in the morning.' Caiden said pushing Alex to his lover, who was waiting off to the side slightly.  
`Let's get to bed my love.' Alex whispered into his boyfriend's ear, wrapping an arm around the smaller shoulders.   Quinn looked around quickly searching for someone.  
`He's crashing at Daxa's tonight.' Alex said, knowing the blond was looking for Mikhail.  
`Oh.' The blond said bashfully.  
`Come on.' Alex said lifting his boyfriend into his arms and carrying him the rest of the way.  

`Thank you for everything.' Quinn said embracing Lachlan warmly.  
`You're very welcome.   But please come and visit us again soon.' The Leader said squeezing the Canadian tenderly.  
`And likewise for you.' Alex said clapping the slightly built man on the shoulder.  
`We might just do that.' Lachlan said releasing the Italian's boyfriend and tucking himself under the arm of his half Egyptian husband.  
`We need a holiday.' Rama said with a smile.  
`Make sure you bring this one.' Mikhail said holding Daxa in a headlock and ruffling the short blond hair.   Daxa struggled in vain to free himself.   `He's fun.'
`Let him go.' Quinn said laughing at the Russian, his huge arm flexing involuntarily.   He released Daxa with a laugh.  
`Come on guys.   Let's hit the road.' Alex said taking his boyfriend under his arm and leading them to the already loaded Q7.   Quinn climbed into the front as Mikhail made for the back door.  
`Bye Alex.' Caiden said instantly appearing beside him.   Alex leaned over and pulled the twin into a hug.  
`See ya next time.' The Italian said with a smile as Jaden magically appeared and slapped the Italian on the back.  
`We'll come help you move into the new place.' The red headed twin said enthusiastically.  
`We'd appreciate the help.' Alex said with a warm smile for the both of them.  
`See ya then.' Quinn called through the open driver's window as Alex closed the door behind him.   The Italian turned the key and the Q7 roared loudly, but didn't turn over.   Baffled, Alex tried again, holding the ignition longer.   Still the vehicle didn't turn over.   Alex looked to the group of people gathered outside and saw Caiden nudge Lachlan in the ribs.   The Leader started and slapped himself on the forehead.  
`Sorry!' He said as he raised his hand, palm up, to the front of the car, temporarily lifting the telepathic field preventing technology from working.   The Q7 turned over happily and Alex smiled.  
`See ya guys.' Alex called out as the vehicle moved toward the path.   Everyone waved as they turned away.   All three people in the car turned toward the gathering field and saw nearly every person in the Sanctuary standing and waving goodbye to them.   Alex, Quinn and Mikhail all waved in farewell.  

After a quick stop in Deep River for a coffee, the three men were on their way back home, the Q7 plowing along the freeway at a steady speed.   Even though they had left the Sanctuary at 7am, and had a fresh coffee, Quinn still managed to fall asleep, his face pressed against the window, snoring lightly.  
`Hi Mamma.' Alex said as his mother answered the call.  
`Hello caro! How are my babies?' Mrs. Braddock asked with motherly concern.  
`We're all okay Mamma.   We're about 4 hours away.' Alex answered with a laugh.  
`Okay darling.   You drive carefully bambino.' Mrs. Braddock said merrily.  
`Always do Mamma.' Alex smiled.   `We'll come over for breakfast tomorrow morning okay?'
`Sė bambino.   I'll see you tomorrow morning.' Alex's mother said, her smile obvious in her voice.  
`I love you Mamma.' Alex said, Mikhail sniggering in the back seat.  
`I love you too caro.   And you too il mio Colosso.' She said.  
`Love you more Mamma.' Mikhail cackled.  
`Where is Quinn?' Mrs. Braddock asked, having not heard the Canadian's voice.  
`He's asleep Mamma.' Alex said reaching over and squeezing the blond's leg tenderly.  
`Poor darling.' Mrs. Braddock said clicking her tongue.   `Give him a hug for me caro.'
`Will do Mamma.' The Italian said with a smile.   `See you tomorrow.' `Sė baby.   Ciao.' Mrs. Braddock said disconnecting the call.  
`I missed her.' Mikhail said with a sigh.  
`Me too big guy.' Alex said with a smile to his friend.  

`Pick me up on your way to Mamma's Alex.' Mikhail said closing the door.  
`Will do big guy.   Tell Fabz we said hello.' The Italian said with a wink to his best friend.  
`Of course.' Mikhail said with a laugh.   `Have a good night.'
`You too Mickey.' Alex said pulling out into the flow of traffic.   He reached over, took Quinn's shoulder in his hand and shook him gently.  
`Babe? Wake up baby.' Alex said quietly.  
`Are we home?' Quinn asked waking up quickly.   His hair was flat on one side from being pressed into the pillow and he had drool on his chin.   Alex smiled with amusement as he reached up and wiped away the spittle.   Quinn embarrassedly turned away trying to tidy himself up.  
`Nearly babe.   Just around the corner.' Alex said returning his full attention to the road.  
`Hey, where's Rasputin?' Quinn asked looking into the back seat.  
`I just dropped him off.' Alex said indicating down his street.   `He said to say goodbye.'
`Oh.' Quinn said shaking his head gently to wake up more.  
`We'll see him tomorrow morning.   Mamma invited us over for breakfast.' Alex said pulling into the underground parking of his apartment building.   He maneuvered the Q7 into its usual parking spot and killed the engine.   `Come on babe, let's get upstairs and relax.'
Quinn and Alex loaded their entire luggage into the lift and hauled it all to the apartment door.  
`Care to say the prayer my little witch?' Alex said with a wink to his lover.   Quinn blushed momentarily and recited the prayer Alex's mother and aunts had taught him.   `Madre terra, fratello sole, e sorella luna, mi guidino e mi proteggano.   Gli antichi dei, ti prego.   Proteggano come ci riposiamo.' The blond finished with a smile.  
`Ancient gods, please.   Protect us as we rest?' Alex questioned with a raised eyebrow.   `Who taught you that?'
`Rama.' The blond blushed.  
`I didn't realize he spoke Italian.' Alex stated with curiosity.  
`He didn't.' Quinn said as Alex unlocked the door.   `He said that in your proximity, he could telepathically absorb your ability to speak it.   He taught me that last part as an added measure.'
`Wow.   That's kind of cool.' Alex said dragging some of the luggage inside.  
`He said it was an ancient incantation his predecessors used.' Quinn said sighing with relief as he dropped the handful of luggage he had behind the sofa.   `He translated it from Egyptian to Italian for me.   He said it would have more resonance in a language I'm familiar with.'
`You're familiar with Italian?' Alex asked releasing his load of luggage and grinning to his lover.  
`Far from it.' The blond said with a smile.   `But, considering the circumstances, it does make sense, sė caro?' Alex laughed heartily.  
`Sė, il mio amore.' The Italian said taking his boyfriend into his arms.   `And if your spells don't work, I shall protect you with mine.'
`Shit I'm hungry.' The blond said after his lover kissed him tenderly.  
`Let me get this stuff into our room and you can order us some food.' Alex said lifting a few bags into his arms.  
`What do you feel like?' Quinn asked heading for the phone.  
`I don't mind babe.   Whatever you want.' The Italian called out from the bedroom.  

Alex put his glass down on the coffee table and walked to the door, upon which someone had just knocked.   The Italian opened the door and was surprised to see the tall police officer from the hospital.  
`Sergeant McCallum.   How can I help you?' Alex asked curiously.  
`Alex, do you mind if we come in? We have a few questions about the incident with Quinn.' The tall officer said grimly.   Alex stepped back slightly and gestured for them to enter.   Sergeant McCallum stepped through the apartment door and took his hat off, tucking it under his arm.  
`You remember my partner, Officer Samuels?' The tall officer said gesturing to his female partner.   She stood just outside of the apartment door and looked slightly concerned.  
`Please come in Officer Samuels.' Alex said politely.   She smiled warmly and stepped into the apartment.  
`Thank you Alex.' She said stepping to her partner's side.   Alex closed the apartment door and led the two police officers into the lounge.  
`So we just wanted to ask a few question about what happened in that house.' Sergeant McCallum started, taking out a writing pad and sitting on the sofa across from Alex.   Officer Samuels walked over to the sliding door and glanced outside distractedly.  
`What did you want to know?' Alex asked with slight trepidation.  
`You said you struck the gunman with your fist? And he fell backward?' Sergeant McCallum said, reading from his writing pad.  
`That's right.' Alex nodded.  
`Alex, the autopsy results showed that the gunman's face was, and I quote, "completely and utterly obliterated... unrecognisable as a human face".   Are you sure it was just a punch you threw?' The tall police officer asked, eyeing the Italian intently.  
`Quite sure.' Alex answered, swallowing with a little difficulty.  
`Alex, this doesn't look good.' Sergeant McCallum said after a few moments silence.  
`Why?' The Italian asked quickly.   `I acted in defense.' Alex looked from Sergeant McCallum to Officer Samuels who was walking back from the sliding door.   She walked behind Alex and the Italian returned to looking at Sergeant McCallum.  
`Alex, are you sure you told me everything?' He asked, looking into the Italian's blue eyes.   `I've told you everything I know officer.' Alex said nodding his head.   Sergeant McCallum nodded with Alex and looked to his partner.   His eyes grew large in shock and Alex turned to look in the direction that the surprised officer was looking.   He turned and looked right into the barrel of a handgun, pointed to his face and he froze in fear.  
`Rachel?' Sergeant McCallum shouted as he stood up.  
`Sorry Connor.' Officer Samuels said with a slight giggle.   `Sit down please.' She asked of her partner.  
`What's going on?' Sergeant McCallum asked disbelieving, still not sitting down.   Alex watched as Rachel reached to her holster and pulled a second handgun and trained it on her partner's chest.  
`Sit!' She demanded loudly.   Connor McCallum started to say something in protest as the handgun pointed in his direction screamed in explosion.   The tall officer stumbled back into the couch, clutching at his right shoulder where a large red stain blossomed.  
`The next bullet goes into your head if you so much as move.' The gun wielding woman said merrily as she walked around the red sofa and stood a small distance from Alex, a gun pointed steadily at each man.  
`Where's your boyfriend?' The woman asked looking to the Italian with a slight smile.  
`He's at his mother's.' Alex said as sweat broke out on his forehead.   The woman's smile grew maliciously.  
`A shame.' Rachel said with a laugh.   `I was told to kill him if you didn't co-operate.'
`Oh dio.   This shit again?' Alex said shaking his head with disbelief.   The woman pulled the trigger of the gun pointed at the Italian and a bullet buried itself in the cushion beside Alex.  
`Don't push your luck.' Rachel said with cold fury.   `You really thought you could escape?'
`Rachel, put those guns away.' Sergeant McCallum said shakily.  
`SHUT... UP!' Rachel shouted pulling the trigger on the gun pointed at Connor with each word.   Sergeant McCallum shouted in pain as two red stains discoloured the fabric on his right leg.   `And as for you, faggot...'
`Oh fuck this shit!' Alex said disappearing from the sofa and instantly appearing in front of the woman, hand crushing her throat as he lifted her from the ground.   She yelped in fear as she dropped both guns and clutched at the Italians forearm, raking at the skin with her nails.   Alex's eyes glowed brightly.  
`We know... where he is.' She gasped.   Alex loosened his grip slightly.  
`There should be someone getting him right now.' Alex's eyes flashed white as he threw the woman into the kitchen island where she collapsed to the floor unconscious.  
`LACHLAN!' Alex shouted with every fiber of his being.   A vortex of energy exploded in the room as the Leader materialised in the middle of Alex's lounge.  
`They're going after Quinn.' Alex said kneeling in front of the injured Sergeant McCallum, who was gasping in shock at the sudden appearance of the man.   Lachlan waved a hand in the officer's direction and he fell asleep.
`Jaden, Caiden, Grayson, Daxa, Rama.' Lachlan said quietly as he rushed to the form of the unconscious woman.   He stooped over and touched her temple quickly.   As he stood up, five familiar men appeared in the middle of the lounge.  
`Grayson, heal the officer and take him to my cabin.   Keep him under.' Grayson moved swiftly and replaced Alex in front of Connor.   `Caiden, take the female and hold her.   In the Grove.' The blond twin swooped over the female officer and disappeared with her.   `Daxa, 75 Manchester Place.   Watch Aurelia.' Daxa walked to the sliding door and walked through the glass pane and vanished.   `You two with me.' Lachlan said as he walked over to Alex.   Alex watched as Grayson and Connor disappeared next.   `Let's go!' The Leader said beckoning Alex to him.   Alex stepped to the Leader's side and took his arm as all four men disappeared.  

`ALEX!' They heard as they appeared on the road in front of a farmhouse.   All four men looked across the small front yard and saw Quinn standing at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the front deck.   Two steps behind and above Quinn stood a familiar man, silver sword resting on the blonds right shoulder.   The man looked across to the four men and smiled triumphantly.   Alex took a step forward snarling.   Lachlan reached out and stopped the Italian from moving.  
`I'LL TEAR YOUR HEART OUT ALISTAIR!' Alex shouted impossibly loud.