The Children of Light


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Lachlan - or


The Italian was standing in the middle of a field, the sun at high noon. From what he could tell he was alone, not even the birds were chirping, the insects being productive. He felt mildly concerned for his safety, but didn't understand why. Suddenly, without warning, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. His hands clenched into fists as the pain consumed him. He felt a fire burning through his heart, and then he felt the fire spreading through his body. He looked down in tears of pain and managed to make out the silver blade poking out from his chest. He felt the important organ shudder in shock as it ceased to beat. The Italian's eyes widened in panic as he heard a young man whisper in his ear. With a cackle of triumph, the young man pushed him forward onto his face.

Alex woke with a start, the details of his dream already vanishing. He blinked a few times to focus his sleepy mind and began to piece together where he was. It felt like he had just woken from a decade long coma. He felt the weight of his boyfriend's head on his chest and the warmth of his naked frame against his side. He squeezed his arm around the blond's smooth body and nuzzled the top of his head, inhaling the sweet scent of his lover's hair. He lay still for a few minutes, enjoying the sight, feel and scent of his boyfriend so close to him, filling his senses with as much of him as he could. Deciding it was time to get up, he carefully shuffled out from under the blond, trying desperately not to jostle or wake him. Having managed to extract himself from his lover's arms, he shuffled quietly to the door. With the central heating going, the large house was quite warm, so he decided he didn't need a dressing gown. He opened the bedroom door and walked quietly down the hallway, and silently made his way down the stairs. He walked easily into the kitchen and flicked on the coffee machine. Alex looked at the microwave and saw that it was a little before 7am.
The Italian was startled when there was a quiet tap at the back door. He walked quickly to open the door and saw Lachlan and Rama standing in the cold.
`Good morning sunshine.' The Leader's husband said with an obvious glance to the Italian's nether regions.
`Sorry to disturb you.' Lachlan said with a faint tinge of red to his cheeks and ears.
`What's up guys?' Alex asked stepping back and inviting the two men inside. He closed the door behind them and walked back to the kitchen, not at all concerned about his lack of clothes. Rama watched the young man's pert buttocks bounce with every step.
`We wanted to come and help you with your Christmas lunch.' Lachlan said without preamble. `It's a very big order you've made for yourself, and we want to help.' Alex smiled in appreciation of the concern and thoughtfulness of the two men.
`You know, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to pull this off.' The Italian said with a chuckle. `I would be grateful for the help.' He smiled.
`No worries Alex. But, could you perhaps put a pair of underwear on, before you give my husband a heart attack.' The Leader said with a coy smile to Rama, who was quite enjoying the show Alex was putting on with his nudity. Alex laughed, which caused his half excited manhood to jump unexpectedly, causing Lachlan to laugh at the glazed look about his husbands face. The Italian vanished upstairs and came back wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a white singlet.
`Thank you.' Lachlan said with a wink. Rama gave his husband a mildly sour look of disappointment.
`Would you guys like a coffee?' Alex asked as he took a cup out from an overhead cupboard. Rama and Lachlan nodded enthusiastically at the offer, and Alex took another two cups out. `Just black for me, and white and two for this deviant please Alex.' Lachlan answered the unasked question.
`Oi. I'm only appreciating the beauty of the man!' Rama said puffing his chest out.
`My love, you forget that we are telepathically connected. You weren't just admiring his beauty.' The Leader said with a smirk.
`Alex, a piece of advice if I might, do not marry the world's strongest telepath!' Rama said to Alex's amusement. Lachlan playfully slapped his husband's upper arm as the three men laughed. Alex poured three cups of fresh coffee, adding milk and sugar to Rama's and milk to his own.
`So, what do you need doing first?' Lachlan asked after his first mouthful.
`Well, I need to peel all the vegetables for lunch. Then get all the meats ready to cook.' The Italian began listing his tasks. `The desserts are already made.'
`Well, Rama can take care of the vegetables. As for the meats, what do you have?'
`I have a leg of lamb, two chickens, a leg of pork, a rolled beef and a stuffing that Pap used to make.' Alex said as he ticked the items off on his fingers. The Leader looked to the stove and was glad to see it was a larger than normal stove, over twice the width of a regular sized one.
`Easy!' Lachlan smiled. `So, we could probably start those at say, 11am? Lunch at 2?'
`Yup.' The Italian said taking a sip of his coffee.
`Quinn's awake.' Lachlan said with a nod to Alex. `I've let him know we're here, lest he come downstairs naked and give Rama a coronary!' He added with a hearty laugh. The Leader's husband flicked Lachlan on the upper arm.
`Morning babe.' Alex said as he heard his lover at the bottom of the stairs.
`Morning handsome.' Quinn said coming around the corner wearing a gray pair of track pants, white socks and a large gray t-shirt that looked like it might have belonged to Mikhail. He walked up and cuddled into the tall Italian and kissed him on the lips. `Morning Lachlan, Rama.' He added as he hugged each man in turn. `Merry Christmas.'
`Merry Christmas.' Rama and Lachlan both replied at the same time.
`You're up early babe.' The blond said to his boyfriend.
`Yeah, woke up for some reason and couldn't get back to sleep.' The Italian said offering his lover some of his coffee. Quinn shook his head gently and made himself a fresh cup.
`Well, as it's just the four of us for the time being, I would like to give you two your gifts now.' The Leader said with a twinkle in his eye.
`You got us gifts?' Alex and Quinn said simultaneously, laughing at each other.
`Well, Ramz and I got them for you. And I wanted to give them to you privately, because, they're very similar to the gifts you got each other.' Alex looked to Quinn with surprise as the blond smiled demurely with embarrassment.
`I asked Lachlan to help me get you a special gift.' Quinn said quietly.
`Wait, you took him to that chamber?' Alex asked of the Leader with curiosity.
`He wanted something special for you, and I thought it appropriate to match his present to yours.' Lachlan said with a radiant smile. `Of course, I didn't tell him what you were getting him.'
`Alright, alright.' Alex said with a laugh. `Lachlan, Rama, I am so sorry, but we didn't get you anything.' The Italian said and Quinn nodded with sadness.
`Boys! It's alright.' Rama said with a brilliant smile. `Honestly. We had a great time the other night, and enjoy your company. That's gift enough for us.' Alex and Quinn smiled embarrassedly at the magnificent compliment.
`Well, let me go and get Quinn's present then.' The Italian said heading for the stairs.
`Lachlan, can you get Alex's present for me please?' The blond asked when Alex was up the stairs. The Leader waved a hand and a box made of the same husk from the meteorite appeared on the bench in front of Quinn. Alex came back down the stairs carrying his gift for his lover.
`Merry Christmas my love.' The Italian said handing the box to the blond as he kissed him tenderly on the cheek. Quinn placed the box Alex gave him on the bench and picked up his gift for the Italian and gave it to him.
`Merry Christmas my handsome.' He said kissing Alex on the lips, then picking up his own box. The two men carefully opened their respective black gift boxes and both gasped. Alex looked at the beautifully crafted pendant and his breath caught. It was an intricately detailed dragon with its wings spread as if flying, it had two small topaz gems for its eyes and in each four of its claws it was holding small pieces of jade. He gingerly pressed a fingertip to the metal, knowing that it would change colour when he touched it. As his skin made contact with the metal, it shone dimly and began turning a deep blood red, slightly darker with a slight black sheen through it, making it the most amazing metallic red. The colour spread from the point of contact, as if being filled with liquid. The pendant now looked exactly like the high dragon he and Lachlan encountered when identifying his psyche. He looked to the Leader and smiled thanks. Quinn had just touched his intricate sun pendant which had changed to a magnificent silver colour. It almost looked like white gold. He picked the necklace up and held the chain out to his boyfriend and turned around. Alex placed the necklace around Quinn's neck and fastened the clasp. Quinn turned around holding the sun pendant in his hands, tears falling softly from his eyes as he looked up to his boyfriend.
`It's beautiful!' He sobbed happily. Alex leaned down and kissed the tearful man passionately on the lips.
`Will you help me with mine?' The Italian asked holding out the chain to the blond. Quinn took the chain and performed the same actions his boyfriend had just done, clasping the latch closed. Alex turned around and took the blond in his arms and hugged him fiercely, the two pendants clicking together joyously.
`Okay, okay! Our turn.' Rama said with a laugh. He held out two similarly fashioned black boxes to each of the men. Alex and Quinn took their gifts and carefully opened the boxes, revealing matching cuff bracelets, each approximately half an inch wide.
`Now, before you touch them, we did a little experiment with a piece of the metal and discovered something rather interesting.' The Leader said extending his hands to the two men, silently asking for the boxes. He took them both and telekinetically lifted the bracelets from the boxes and placed them gently on the kitchen counter. `Now, normally when you touch a piece of this metal, it changes colour to suit the personality of the person. Ramz and I discovered that it can change to different colours simultaneously, if it is touched by different people at the same time. Did you notice when you both touched your pendants, the colour spread from where you touched it?' Lachlan asked looking at the two men who were nodding affirmatively.
`When I touch the metal it turns a nice dark blue, a little like the ocean.' Rama said splaying his fingers and showing them his dark blue wedding band.
`And when I touch the metal, it turns a bright gold colour.' Lachlan said showing his wedding band. `I think, it would be a beautiful combination, if we all touched each bracelet at the same time, and have the colours mix themselves accordingly.' The Leader finished with a smile. `That sounds brilliant!' Quinn said as Alex nodded excitedly.
`Okay, forgive the intrusion,' The Leader said as he telepathically connected with all three men and showed them where to touch the bracelets in question, `but it's easier if we time this while telepathically connected.' All three men nodded in agreement.
`Alright, let's do this.' The Leader said as all four men raised their hand, their index fingers extended. Simultaneously they all lowered their finger to the first bracelet and touched it at the same moment. Taking their fingers away, they watched their personal colours spreading across the metal, and watched as the colours all collided with each other, moving slowly in different directions. The effect was rather beautiful. Four striking and individual colours, all converging and caressing each other across the beautiful metal. They all smiled at the colouring and turned to the second bracelet, and performed the same actions as with the first. The colours spread like they did with the first but moved in different directions and patterns, creating a similar colouring, but different design.
`Okay, one more thing if we could.' The Leader asked with an embarrassed grin. `We made ourselves two bracelets like these. Would you mind?' He asked blushing.
`Oh lord no! Where are they?' Alex said while Quinn beamed his sunshine grade smile. Rama waved a hand and two more identical bracelets appeared. The four men repeated the touching actions on the two new bracelets and watched as two different patterns sprawled across the metals. Lachlan released the telepathic connection and each man picked up his own bracelet and inspected them carefully.
`Look! On mine, the red is slightly more dominant that the other colours.' Alex said showing everyone what he saw.
`Same with mine.' Quinn said showing his bracelet with a slightly more dominant silver colouring.
`And with ours.' Rama said as he and his husband showed the same thing on theirs. Lachlan waved his hand and all four of the bracelets appeared on the left wrist of each person. They all smiled as they looked at their new bracelets.
`They look fantastic.' Quinn said with a smile.
`Thank you.' Alex said taking the Leader into his arms and hugging him firmly. He released Lachlan and took Rama into his arms, squeezing him firmly. Rama held on a second longer than Alex did, reveling in the feeling of the young man's muscular frame against his own. Alex laughed as he caught the thoughts flickering through the Egyptians mind.
`Hey, hands off my man!' Quinn said with a hearty laugh as he tucked himself into the Egyptians front and hugged him tenderly.
`Maybe we should get a little breakfast ready for those guys?' Lachlan said pointing to the kitchen ceiling, indicating Fabrizio, Georgio and Mikhail.
`Let's go and sit in the lounge for a bit. Let them sleep and we can talk some.' Alex gestured to the lounge, as the three men all moved toward the living room.

`So Jaden, Caiden, Grayson and Daxa will be here just after midday.' Lachlan said cocking an ear to the ceiling. `And I believe Georgio is on his way down. Naked.' He added looking to Alex with a humorous plea about his face. Rama's eyebrows shot into his hairline with intrigue.
`Georgie, we have company.' Alex called out, the older cousin halting momentarily before returning to his bedroom. A few minutes later he came into the lounge with his duvet wrapped around himself.
`Morning all.' He said groggily as he fell on the sofa beside Quinn and cuddle into the small blond's side.
`Coffee?' Alex asked with a small giggle.
`Please.' Georgio said closing his eyes. Quinn wrapped an arm around the older Italian and cuddled him cozily as Alex disappeared into the kitchen to make his cousin a coffee.
`You alright Georgie?' The blond asked as Georgio shuffled around and lay on his back, head in the Canadian's lap.
`Had a hard time getting to sleep last night.' He said without opening his eyes. Quinn stroked the man's cheek and began running his hands through the familiarly dark hair.
`He's lonely.' Quinn heard the Leader whisper to him telepathically. The blond nodded his head in understanding and continued caressing the man's hair.
`Here you go Georgie.' Alex said as he placed the coffee on the table beside his cousin.
`Thank you Alex.' The older Italian said reaching out, catching his cousin's hand and squeezing it affectionately. Alex sat beside his boyfriend; put an arm behind the blond and running his free hand through his cousin's hair as Quinn had done. Rama was watching the soft display of intimacy between the three men with a small smile.
`Mamma, and the aunts and uncles will be here at 10.' Alex said to anyone who was listening.
`What's the time now?' Georgio grumbled, still with closed eyes.
`Nearly half past 8.' Quinn answered. `I might grab some cereal and have a shower.'
`Sounds good.' Alex said. `Come on Georgie, get up and have something to eat.'
`Would you guys like something to eat?' Quinn asked of Lachlan and Rama.
`No thank you hun. We've eaten.' The Leader said with a smile.
`Okay, well don't mind us.' Alex said as Georgio sat up, Quinn stood and helped the older Italian to his feet without dropping the duvet. The three of them shuffled into the kitchen to get something to eat.
`I can't wait to see your aunts.' Quinn said as he sat down with a bowl of corn flakes.
`Me neither.' Alex said around a mouthful of flakes and peaches.
`Oh, I think those two are finally awake.' The blond said looking at the ceiling. He couldn't help but notice the drop in the oldest Italian's shoulders and the sad look about his eyes. Quinn nearly teared up when he saw Georgio's face.
`I'm gonna go jump in the shower.' Alex said having finished the small portion of cereal and fruit he'd made himself.
`I'll join you shortly.' Quinn said barely halfway through his bowl. Georgio was pushing his cereal around the bowl morosely. Quinn elbowed the man gently in the ribs and poked his tongue out comically. The older Italian laughed loudly at the face Quinn was pulling.
`Thank you.' Georgio said smiling. `I think I needed that.' The little blond smiled despite himself, as Georgio began shoveling his cereal into his mouth at a great speed. Within minutes he was finished, as Quinn had only just managed to eat just over half of his cereal.
`Go have a shower and put ya best frock on Georgie.' Quinn said taking his bowl and the older cousin's bowl and putting them in the sink.
`Yes Mamma.' The older Italian said with a chuckle as Quinn tossed a tea towel at him.
`You cheeky shit.' The blond said with a laugh. He walked toward the stairs with the older cousin behind following him.

`Okay. Rama and I will go and collect Alex's family and bring them here, then we will go and collect Sarah and Aradia.' The Leader said walking through the kitchen and giving Alex a quick hug. `Leave those. We'll do them when we get back.' He said gesturing to the large pile of root vegetables the Italian had just poured onto the bench.
`Sit at the island and relax Alex.' Rama said bumping his fist against the Italian's shoulder.
`Oh alright then.' Alex relented, slumping into a stool at the kitchen island. Lachlan waved a hand and a steaming cup of coffee appeared in front of the Italian.
`Back soon.' The Leader said ducking out the back door, quickly followed by his husband. `Babe, can you put the percolator on please?' Alex asked of his boyfriend, who without hesitation flicked the machine on.
`Let's have a cigarette.' Quinn said with a smile, grabbing his cigarette packet and reaching out for his boyfriend's hand. Alex picked up his coffee and took the blond's hand and followed him outside onto the back deck. Alex led his boyfriend to the corner of the deck, steering clear of the area where Lachlan usually appears. Quinn handed the Italian a lit cigarette and lit one for himself. Alex curled an arm around the blond and pulled him in for a hug, the blond's back pressed against his front. The two men looked out over the back lawn which was covered in a thick blanket of snow, each man daydreaming contentedly. A swirl of energy announced the appearance of Aurelia, Francesca, Giuliana and Sofia. Both Rama and Lachlan were barely visible for a fraction of a second before they disappeared again. The four women clucked with laughter as they shuffled toward the back door.
`Merry Christmas.' Alex said loudly when the women hadn't noticed them.
Alex and Quinn laughed at the confusion caused by the multiple terms of endearment being spoken at once. Alex, releasing his boyfriend, walked over to his aunts and hugged them both firmly. Quinn stood behind the Italian smiling before Francesca spotted him and a hand reached out and pulled him into the fray.
`Raggio di luce! The two women chorused together as they crushed the blond between them, Alex releasing them and tucking his mother and sister under his arms.
`Come inside Mamma.' Alex said guiding his mother and sister through the back door, quickly followed by the aunts who still held Quinn captive.
A flurry of wind announced the reappearance of Lachlan and Rama, along with Franco, Vincenzo, Claudio, Claudia and Christina. They all came inside, hugging and greeting everyone as Rama went into the living area and stood by the Christmas tree.
Lachlan stood respectfully beside Aurelia who turned to the man and announced, `You may enter my house as you please, Mac du Grian.' Lachlan smiled his own version of a sun smile and disappeared on the spot. Alex stuck his head around the wall and watched as Rama extended a hand in front of the tree and a dozen Christmas parcels appeared amongst the others. With an explosive laugh, the Leader suddenly appeared two feet above his husband and fell comfortably into the awaiting arms.
`Good catch my love.' Lachlan said tenderly kissing the man's lips. They turned to Alex and winked conspiratorially as they disappeared again. Alex shook his head laughing. As he turned back to back to his family gathered in the kitchen, he heard the reappearance of the Leader, his husband, Aradia and Sarah in the lounge.
`Your mum and nana are in the lounge.' The Italian said quietly to Quinn, who quickly vanished into the living area. Alex smiled when he heard Quinn greeting his mother and grandmother.
`Come on guys, let's go into the lounge.' Alex said to everyone gathered in the kitchen. People started milling into the lounge as Lachlan came into the kitchen, waving a hand at the kitchen bench; dozens of cup's appeared on two trays, all steaming with coffee, hot chocolate and tea. Alex picked up one of the trays as Lachlan claimed the other and both men walked into the living area, offering hot beverages to people as they went.
The room was full of conversation, laughter and joyful spirits as everyone got to know the strangers slightly better. Alex noticed that his mother and aunts had sat themselves, along with Sarah, on cushions at the feet of Aradia, who was sitting in a comfortable seat Lachlan had procured for her.
`Alright then.' Alex said clapping his hands together loudly. Everyone in the room became quiet. `Thank you all for coming.' The Italian began. `Let's open some presents.'
Everyone cheered as Lachlan and Rama, who were standing beside the Christmas tree, began handing the gifts out to people. Those who weren't familiar with the two men sat in astonishment as the parcels began flying across the room to their intended recipients, landing softly in front of them. Eventually all the parcels had been handed out and Lachlan and Rama moved to the kitchen to begin the lunch preparations.
`Oh piccolo! It's beautiful!' Mrs. Braddock said holding the ornately framed photograph of her family at arm's length, admiring the photo.
`Quinn this is wonderful.' Ms. Beauchamp said as she inspected the photograph of her and her son.
`Cousin!' Georgio said as he unwrapped his new smartphone. `Thank you!' He said over the cacophony of voices.
Alex and Quinn sat quietly opening their presents beside each other. Together they had amassed a myriad of towels, tea towels, after shaves, sweaters, jeans, books, chocolates, biscuits and DVD's.
`I'm just going to take Mickey outside for his present.' Alex whispered to the blond.
`I'm coming.' Quinn said excitedly.
`Sorry folks. I just need to borrow Mikhail very briefly.' Alex announced to everyone. The Russian eyed his friend cautiously, wondering what was happening. Alex beckoned for Mikhail to follow him as he and Quinn walked to the front door. Several people followed in the Russian's wake. Quinn stopped the Russian and laughed as he climbed up onto his back, covering the giant's eyes with his hands. Alex laughed and took the Russian's hand and led him out onto the deck, down the steps and down onto the driveway. Alex nodded and the blond released his grip, sliding of the Russian's back and safely onto his feet.
Mikhail gasped loudly as the small crowd behind him all broke out in applause. Sitting 10 feet in front of him was a brand new, matte black BMW X5.
`You didn't?' Mikhail asked in shock. Alex nodded enthusiastically. `Alex! No!' The Russian said laughing, even as tears filled his eyes.
`All for you big guy.' The Italian said happily. Mikhail gaped at his best friend as the tears streamed from his eyes.
`Oh Alex.' The giant cried as he reached out for Alex and pulled him into a spine breaking hug. The two men, who looked like they were trying to break each other's backs, embraced warmly for a few moments, whispering back and forth. Finally they separated as the Russian giant wiped at his eyes and nose.
`Hope you like it.' Alex said holding out the key.
`I love it!' Mikhail said clasping the key to his chest. `Thank you Alex.' He said, pulling his best friend into another hug. `You too!' He said reaching out and plucking Quinn off his feet and dragging him into a three-way hug.
`Easy on big guy. You're going to break me.' The little blond said with a chuckle, squirming out of the Russian's grip. Alex was released in a burst of movement as the Russian bolted to the SUV, throwing the door open and climbing in. Everyone laughed at the excitement on the giants face. Fabrizio skipped to the passenger side and climbed in as the Russian started the engine and backed out. The crowd of people laughed as they made their way back inside and out of the cold.
`They'll be back soon.' Alex said closing the door behind him as everyone was sitting down and returning to their parcel opening.

`Thank you for coming.' Alex said gently hugging the old woman.
`You're so very welcome.' Aradia said as Quinn snuggled into the side of his boyfriend after he'd released her. `I'm so happy that my darling has found someone as generous and loving as you.' Alex blushed under the praise.
`Thank you Mrs. Beauchamp.' Alex said bowing his head with respect.
`That's Aradia to you young man.' She said tilting the Italian's face up with her index finger and smiling. `I can't wait to welcome you officially into my family.'
`Nan!' The little blond said turning pink.
`What?' The old woman laughed. `Don't you dare let this one go my darling. You hold on to him with everything you have.'
`I'm not going anywhere.' Alex said still very red in the face.
`Good.' Aradia said clapping the men on the shoulders. `Now, where is that lovely young man Lachlan?' She asked looking around the lounge.
`Right here your Holy.' Lachlan said suddenly appearing beside Aradia.
`Ah psh!' The old woman said flapping her hand. `Aradia, young man.'
`Yes ma'am.' Lachlan said with a grin. `Ready to go?'
`Don't forget my presents.' The older woman said making to collect her gifts. The Leader stopped her gently and waved a hand toward her pile of gifts. They rose off the coffee table and zoomed carefully to her waiting arms, where they nestled safely. `Okay, I'm ready now.'
`When you're ready Sarah.' Rama said offering his arm to Quinn's mother. Sarah kissed her son softly on the cheek and then his boyfriend, smiling warmly to them both.
`See you soon.' She said as she looped her arm into Rama's.
`Bye mum. Love you.' The blond said.
`Thank you for coming.' Alex followed.
Both women smiled to the hosts as a gentle vortex of energy rose around the four departing people, disappearing in a comparatively subdued manner.
`What a brilliant day.' Quinn said snuggling into the muscular torso of his boyfriend.
`It was so much fun.' Alex agreed squeezing the little blond in his arms. He kissed the top of his head happily. The Leader and his husband reappeared where they had vanished moments before.
`Thank you for having us Alex.' Lachlan said stepping forward. The Italian released his boyfriend and took the small framed Leader into his arms and hugged him fiercely.
`Thank you for all your help today.' Alex said finally releasing Lachlan. He turned to the Leader's husband who had just finished hugging the blond, and reached out to the man who looked remarkably like himself. The two men hugged warmly.
`Thanks Rama.' The Italian said quietly, mid hug.
`No worries my brother.' The Egyptian man said. Alex's breath caught in his throat at the sentiment of the man's words. They released each other and smiled stupidly at each other. `Alright you.' The Leader said grabbing his husbands hand and yanking him playfully to his side. `Home.'
`Spoil sport.' Rama said with a laugh as the Leader waved farewell, both men vanishing into the unseen energies.
`Let's go to bed babe.' The Italian said nuzzling the blond's neck sensually. He picked the Canadian up and carried him fireman style up the stairs, leaving the Christmas lights on, and made his way to the master bedroom, kicking the door closed behind them. He walked to the side of the bed and gently placed his lover on the edge. Alex waved a hand, turning the lights off, the twinkling fairy lights of the miniature Christmas tree on a dresser the only lights in the room. Quinn had managed to shimmy out of his clothes, tossing them at the laundry hamper in the corner. Alex's clothes followed them seconds later.

`Oh s. S, s, s!' Fabrizio chanted repeatedly as the Russian giant lapped at the slightly hairy crevice of the younger Italian. Mikhail was spreading the soft cheeks of Fabrizio's behind apart as he hungrily tongued at the puckered entrance.
`Oh dio, don't stop.' The younger man gasped in pleasure. `Please don't stop.' The giant continued his tongue assault on the tender entrance of his boyfriend, feverishly assaulting the puckering entrance of the young Italian's arse.
After a few minutes the Russian came up for air, gasping dramatically for air.
`Roll over zayka.' Mikhail said throatily, helping his lover flip over effortlessly. Fabrizio scooted down the bed slightly, placing the souls of his feet on against the top of the Russian's pectorals. Mikhail tore open the corner of a condom packet and in a quick and practiced movement was unrolling the rubber down over his prodigious appendage. With condom in place, the Russian squirted a generous amount of lubricant onto his fingers and gently massaged it into Fabrizio's eagerly twitching hole. The Russian carefully pressed his thick index finger into the entrance and swirled it around in small circles, driving the young Italian into fits of ecstasy. He withdrew his index finger and pressed it back in with the equally as fat middle finger, eliciting a gasp from his boyfriend.
`S!' Fabrizio moaned in delight. Mikhail wiggled the two fat digits about in the warm, tight tunnel, pressing his fingers in to the last knuckle. Suddenly tiring of this, he pulled his fingers out gently and smeared the remnants of the lube over the enormously bulbous head of his penis. The tip of the condom stretched and all but vanished as he stroked down his shaft, pulling the rubber tight, not that it wasn't already stretched to maximum capacity over the eight and a half inch long, thick as a beer can, giant appendage. Grasping the base of his shaft, he pressed the fat head into the hairy crevice and found his target. With a grunt, and a gasp from the youngest Italian, the fat head made entry with a muffled pop. Mikhail held still as he felt the ring of muscle clamp down angrily around the head of his penis.

`Yes.' Quinn moaned passionately as the thick Italian manhood bottomed out. The blond's legs were wrapped tightly around Alex's waist as the Italian withdrew slowly. Almost pulling out completely, he pushed back in steadily, the blond's entrance clutching the shaft as it re-entered. Reaching final depth, a primal groan rumbled through Quinn's throat as the pleasure mounted. Alex withdrew and pushed back in again, the blond's groan increasing in volume as the pleasure increased. Every time the Italian bottomed out in the blond's depth, Quinn would groan louder and louder, and after a few more plunges, he was practically roaring with crazed passion.
`Harder.' The blond managed to say through the perpetual moans of desire. Alex picked up the pace and after a few thrusts was rabbit fucking the little blond's accommodating tunnel.
`Oh god you feel good.' The Italian sweat, grunting with the effort he was putting in. Sweat was beading on his forehead as he continued his rapid assault on the Canadian's arse.

`Oh dio! Oh dio! Oh dio!' Fabrizio chanted. Mikhail was standing upright, leaning back slightly, with the little Italian's hands hooked around his neck and legs being near crushed hooked over his elbows. The Russian was holding the full weight of Fabrizio as he was dropping the bent in half Italian onto his fat Russian cock.
`S, s, s!' The Italian chanted as his arse was speared on the massive pole. Mikhail grunted with the effort of lifting Fabrizio off his cock and groaned with ecstasy when he dropped the weight, battering the worn entrance and over stimulated prostate.
`Fuck yeah!' Mikhail sighed with undiluted primal pleasure. He lifted the battered bottom up and as he dropped the weight, he thrust up aggressively, spearing the poor Italian's hole and smashing the head of his cock against the prostate.
`I'M CUMMING!' Fabrizio gasped. His teeth clenched with over-stimulation as his steel-hard cock exploded in a torrent of white semen. The first explosion hit him square in the face, splattering white specs everywhere. The second eruption flew straight into the air a good two feet and landed with an audible splat as it hit the Russian's shoulder, immediately followed by a third shot which joined the first eruption on the young man's face. Several smaller eruptions randomly coated different body parts of both the young Italian and the giant Russian.
`Oh shit.' Mikhail gasped as his pace immediately quickened, his thick appendage being choked to death by the spasms of the assaulted sphincter. The Russian slammed viciously into the depths of his lover and held still as his fat cock blasted a copious amount of searing hot semen into the tip of the condom, buried eight and a half inches inside the young Italian.

`Oh ... fuck!' Quinn shouted as his throbbing manhood unleashed a flood of white fluid, spraying haphazardly from the tip like an unmanned fire hose. `Oh shit.'
`Yes babe. Oh god yes.' The Italian groaned as he slammed his full nine inches into the welcoming depths of his boyfriend's arse, spraying the internal walls with a thick coating of A-grade Italian spunk. `Oh fuck I love you.'
`Ugh.' Was all Quinn was capable of articulating, his head swimming in euphoria, his body completely limp from the exertion of an earth shattering orgasm. The Italian collapsed on top of the Canadian, his still hard manhood buried balls-deep inside of the worn hole of the blond. Quinn, whose legs were trembling with the effort of remaining around Alex's waist, groaned in post-orgasmic pleasure, partially losing consciousness. Alex, who was barely capable of lifting himself, rolled onto his side, pulling the blond with him, as they lay, still joined, on their sides. Quinn managed to shimmy his legs down and in the process dislodged the slimy nine inch cock from his depths. Alex rolled onto his back and pulled the blond's head with him, holding it to his heaving chest, where both men lost the fight against consciousness.

`Domine, sancte pater, aeterne Deus, pius et humilis, misericors salvator, te deprecor humiliter et exoro ut illumines me. Domine, qui scis nos esse innocentes, facias liberari. Conforta me, ut possim percutere qui indignum gratiam. Amen.' The young man recited from memory.
`Amen.' Chorused the robed figures behind the young man. They were kneeling in rows, creating a semi-circle, four rows deep and ten people per row, and yet more robed people were standing around the chamber. From a corner of the chamber a muffled cry broke the silence. A man with dark hair, his bruised and swollen eyes a bloodshot blue, a jagged scar down his right cheek, still seeping blood, wearing torn and bloodied clothes was kneeling, hands shackled behind him, a white cloth wrapped around his head, gagging him. The pale flesh visible through the holes in his clothes was dotted with bruises and cuts. A tall hooded man, standing near him, kicked him in the stomach roughly, causing him to double over, groaning in pain through the cloth.
`Shut up.' The tall man hissed quietly.
The figure wearing white robes and red hood, standing on a raised platform in front of the small crowd, cleared his throat and extended his hand. The wrinkled skin and arthritic finger's beckoned for the young man kneeling in front of him to come forward.
The dark haired man rose from his kneeling position and removed his button-down shirt, shrugging his shoulders loose of the fabric, exposing his soft pale skin. The flat wiry muscles across his chest quivered with excitement and fear, the cold causing his small, pink nipples to become erect. His smooth, flat stomach rippled with anticipation. He stood before the robed man, who had just produced a small, silver dagger from his robes, grasped firmly in the clawed fingers of his right hand. The young man closed his eyes as the crippled hand flashed to his exposed left breast, slicing effortlessly under the pectoral muscle. Scarlet drops beaded from the thin wound, dripping into a silver chalice, decorated with single line of rubies around the rim, held in the gnarled left hand of the robed man beneath the cut.
The young man opened his eyes and looked down into the vessel, where he saw his blood steadily filling the chalice. The old man removed it from the young man's breast when it was half full, and turned to another robed man who had just appeared at his side. He raised his hands to the old man and cradled in his palms was a white skull, nestled upside down in the man's hands on the parietal and frontal bones. The red hooded man tipped the chalice over the occipital foramen and poured the blood from the young man into the skull. He handed the empty chalice to a second robed man and took the skull from the first man. He carefully turned back to the young man, who was watching the transaction with unmasked fear. The old man raised the skull above his head, his arthritic hands shaking with the effort, the dark crimson wine and blood sloshing about in the skull's cavity, splashing somewhat down the man's arms and staining his sleeves.
`Blood of his blood.' The robed man said in a cracked voice.
`Blood of his blood.' The crowd chorused.
The old man lowered the skull to the young man.
`Tilt back your head and open your mouth.' The old man said softly to him. The young man inclined his head back hesitantly, eyes fixed unblinkingly on the skull. He slowly opened his soft pink lips, as the old man tilted the skull carefully. The wine and blood concoction poured from the opening in the base of the skull and splashed the young man's face. His eyes snapped shut at the same time his lips closed.
`Drink it.' The old man hissed impatiently, still pouring the abominable concoction onto his face. The young man opened his mouth tentatively as the ritual libation splashed into his mouth. He swallowed as best he could without closing his mouth, or gagging on the horrid combination of his own blood and red wine. Several times he swallowed before the old man righted the skull. The old man turned from the shirtless young man, his face, hair and torso covered in the grotesque fluid, and handed the skull back to the man who gave it to him. The old man turned back to the young man, raised his arthritic hands and pushed his hood back, revealing his weathered face, puckered cruelly with wrinkles. He looked into the bright blue eyes of the young man and smiled warmly.
`Welcome to the Order, William Braddock.'