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All characters are fictional and any similarities to known actual people are coincidental, unless otherwise specified.

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`Three. Two. One. HAPPY NEW YEAR!' The group of people shouted loudly. Alex and Quinn were already ten seconds into a passionate kiss, their cheeks bulging occasionally from the wrestling tongues within. After a few more intense seconds of kissing, the two men came up for air. The Italian cupped the Canadian's delicate face in his large hands and kissed him softly on the lips.
`Happy New Year my love.' Alex said quietly.
`And many more to come babe.' The blond said with his trademark smile. They hugged each other firmly as the people around them continued cheering.
`Happy New Year cousin!' Giorgio said as he pounced on his younger cousin, hugging him roughly and kissing him on the cheek. The older Italian then turned on the little blond and pulling him into a hug planted a wet kiss on his soft cheek. `You too bello.'
`Happy New Year Georgie.' Alex said as he managed to pry the drunken hands off of his boyfriend with a laugh.
`Where's my brother?' The older Italian asked loudly, swinging around trying to locate his younger brother.
`In the lounge with Mikhail.' Quinn said loudly over the music that had just started playing. The older Italian staggered off to the lounge in search of his brother. Seconds later they heard the man find him.
`Happy New Year Fabrizio!' Giorgio shouted loudly. `You too Mikhail!'
`Oh lord he's drunk!' Alex said with a giggle.
`Well, he needed a release of some sort. He's been quite sad lately.' The blond said as the two men cuddled in the dining area of their house. They slow danced amongst the crowd of people, holding each other firmly.
`I think I might go back to work in a few weeks.' Alex said finishing his thoughts verbally.
`Yeah?' The blond asked turning his head and resting it on his boyfriend's shoulder.
`Yeah. Things are settling down enough now. Besides, I miss it.'
`Good for you.' Quinn said briefly squeezing his lover. They continued dancing slowly for several undisturbed minutes.
`Alex, we're gonna head into town. Do you want to join us?' Sofia asked her older brother. The Italian looked to his boyfriend, who simply shrugged. He turned to his sister.
`We might stay here.' He answered without releasing his hold on the blond. Sofia nodded with a smile and skipped off to round up the town goers.
`Thanks.' The blond said quietly. `I just wanted a quiet night with you.'
`Me too babe.'
`TAXI'S HERE!' A loud Russian voice called from the front door. Alex and Quinn walked into the lounge, hand in hand and watched as Fabrizio, Giorgio, Sofia, Elizabeth and Catherine, Sofia's friends, Franco and his girlfriend all charged out onto the front deck. `Be safe!' Alex called after them, walking to the front door and closing it behind them. Alex took his boyfriend's hand into his own and they walked back to the dining area where most of the party crowd were still dancing and celebrating. A woman in her forties caught the Italian's eye and beckoned him into the kitchen. Alex led his boyfriend into the kitchen.
`What's up Michelle?' Alex asked as they neared the back door.
`Come outside for a cigarette with me.' She said holding up her cigarette packet. Alex clapped a hand to his back pocket checking his were there. The three people went outside and lit a cigarette each.
`Things calming down for you mate?' The brunette asked the Italian.
`Yeah. Mamma's all settled, and it looks like the aunts are going to move over as well.' The Italian said as all three people looked through the kitchen window and saw the three sisters in question, sitting at the dining table with Sarah Beauchamp, all laughing over a glass of wine.
`She does look happy.' Michelle said looking back to the Italian. `As do you.'
`I am happy.' Alex said pulling Quinn into his side and cuddling him tenderly.
`I'm so happy for you both.' Alex's manager said with a genuine smile.
`Also, I think I might come back to work in a few weeks, if that's alright?' The Italian asked with a cautious smile.
`Of course it is.' Michelle said with a bright smile. `We miss having you there.' She continued.
`I miss being there.' Alex said tightening his grip on Quinn.
`Well, come on back whenever you're ready Alex.' His manager said with a smile. She disposed of her cigarette end in the ashtray. `I suppose I should probably head home.'
`Already?' Alex asked as she led the way back inside.
`Yeah. Better get home and let the poor babysitter go, so she can enjoy the rest of her New Year celebrations.' Michelle said with a laugh as Alex closed the door after Quinn.
`Alright then chook. I'll call you next week.' Alex said giving her a quick hug. Quinn dived in for a brief embrace as well.
`Lovely meeting you Quinn. You keep that big lug safe for me.' Alex's manager said with a laugh as she made her way to the lounge, Alex following.
`Will do ma'am.' Quinn said as he sidled into the dining area and took a seat next to his mother.
`I like him.' Michelle said as she and Alex stepped out onto the front deck.
`He is as beautiful internally as he is externally.' Alex said with a smile of pride.
`You make sure you keep this one happy.' The brunette laughed as she hugged Alex again.
`I plan on doing just that.' The Italian said as he released the woman.
`See ya later Alex.' Michelle said as she skipped down the front steps.
`Drive safe boss.' Alex waved before stepping back inside. He walked slowly through the house, talking briefly with some of his guests. Eventually he made it to the dining area where he took a seat between his mother and aunt. He leaned over and rested his head gently on his mother's shoulder.
`Che c'è che non va tesoro?' Mrs. Braddock asked of her son.
`Nothing Mamma. Just tired.' Alex answered while looking to his boyfriend who was smiling resplendently at him.
`Why don't you go to bed?' Aurelia said patting her son's head tenderly.
`I will soon.' He answered with an inconspicuous wink to his boyfriend.
`We will clean up for you.' His mother said softly.
`Thanks Mamma.' Alex said remaining where he was, enjoying a rare moment of closeness with his mother. Aurelia continued her conversation with her sisters, both biological and Wiccan, as Quinn rested his head on Sarah's shoulder, looking across the table to his boyfriend.
`I love you.' Alex whispered telepathically to the blond.
`I love you.' Quinn responded, channelling his love for his boyfriend through the telepathic conduit. Alex smiled his captivating smile when he felt the rush of affection from the blond.
`Okay, I'm going to go to bed now.' Alex said sitting up and standing. `Goodnight everyone.' He called to the table and beyond, people replying randomly.
`Goodnight caro.' Mrs. Braddock said squeezing her son's hand. Quinn kissed his mother on the cheek, stood up and was hand in hand walking with Alex to the stairs.

`Sir? The Archivist requests your presence.' The foot soldier said respectfully.
`Where are they?' The old man asked. He stood from his seat and shuffled uncomfortably around his desk.
`In the Vault, Dominus.' The younger man said offering his arm to the old man.
`Find William and bring him to me.' The old man said swatting at the soldiers arm.
`Yes sir.' The young man said walking briskly to the door and vanishing through it. The old man continued his slow shuffle to his chamber door and as he stepped through, William Braddock appeared at the end of the short hallway. The young, dark haired man moved swiftly to the side of the old man and managed to get his arm under his master's securely.
`Help me to the Vault.' The old man said softly, pointing down the hall and leaning heavily on William.
`Yes sir.' The young Brit said respectfully.
The walk from the top of the large structure down to the subterranean Vault was painfully slow, due to the old man's frailty.
`It's a shame about your brother.' The old man said quietly.
`He'll come around.' The young man said, the feelings of irritation toward his brother prickling his skin. `Are you alright Dominus?' William asked as the arthritic old man stumbled slightly.
`I'm fine my boy. Fine.' He said with a soft laugh. `Nearly there.' William looked up and saw the old and heavy wooden door closing off the Vault. As they approached, it creaked open eerily, allowing them entrance. The two men hobbled into the Vault which was cast in shadows from the poor sources of light; four torches set around the circular room, approximately 30 feet in diameter. In the middle of the Vault was a low table, encircled with lit candles of varying sizes. Strapped to the table's surface was the form of a young man, naked and struggling against the restraints. His biceps bulged with the effort of his struggles, his pectoral muscles flexing, his abdominals tensing with his grunts. His cries for help were muffled by a gag.
`What's all this?' The old man asked seeing the naked man spread on the table. The prisoner's green eyes flew to the two men who had just entered as he moaned around the gag.
`Ah Felix. So good of you to join us.' A deep and aged voice said from the shadows. A tall figure wearing black robes stepped forward into the pool of firelight and lowered his hood from his head. His long grey hair was pulled back into a ponytail at his nape. His face looked as weathered as the old man's. The restrained young man fell silent at once.
`Do not call me that.' The Sovereign said with unbridled anger. William tensed as he heard the fury ringing in his master's voice. The black robed man smiled viciously.
`I deal in the known and the true. I will address you as I see fit, Felix.' The grey haired man said with a derisive snigger.
`Why did you summon me Archivist?' Dominus demanded of the black robed man.
`My young friend and I have haphazardly stumbled upon a rather, fascinating discovery.' The Archivist said gesturing to a young man who had just walked through the door. The dark haired mage stepped past the Sovereign and William, and stood at his master's side.
`Spit it out.' The Sovereign hissed.
`Mages are able to summon corporeal spirits to do their bidding. An elemental if you will. This particular mage is rather accomplished at the feat.' The Archivist said with a smile to the mage. `And he's recently discovered he is able to summon incorporeal spirits.' The man said looking to the Sovereign, who merely shook his head with disappointment.
`Usually, incorporeal spirits are useless things. Incapable of manifesting any great deal of force in our world. They're barely more than a cloud of smoke. However, we have found a much better use for them.' The Archivist finished with a flourish.
`And why did you ask me down here?' Dominus asked with barely restrained fury.
`To partake in the summoning ritual, Felix.' The Archivist said with a twisted smile. The Sovereign started when he heard the words spoken.
`We are going to summon an incorporeal spirit, a particular incorporeal spirit, to take possession of this man.' The mage said gesturing to the man on the table, whose eyes widened with fear. The Sovereign hissed with disgust as he fit the pieces together. He was about to turn around and walk out when the Archivist spoke.
`Stay here Felix, or I will undo everything you have bargained for.' The deep voice threatened. The Sovereign glared angrily at the Archivist but remained where he was. William bristled with fury at the treatment of his master.
`Please show Dominus where to stand.' The Archivist said with absolute derision. The young mage moved swiftly to the Sovereigns side and all but pushed him to the table, standing by the man's feet. William shuffled quickly behind the old man, lending his physical presence for support. The mage moved to the other side of the table and took his place at the man's head. The Archivist had moved to the side of the table, beside the man's torso. He lowered his head and began chanting in an unfamiliar language.
`One word, one sound, and you will know pain beyond imagining.' The mage said leaning over the restrained man's head. The prisoner nodded affirmatively, more out of fear then acquiescence, as the mage cut away the gag and tossed it to the side. The restrained man kept his eyes on the mage's face, tears pooling in the corners of his eyes, as the mage stood upright.
The Sovereign watched on as the Archivist began chanting louder in the ancient language, swaying back and forth with concentration. The mage struck up a similar intonation with the Archivist. Looking to the young mage, the Sovereign caught a flicker of movement above the naked man's body.
A small wisp of black smoke had appeared a few feet above the prostrate body. It disappeared as quickly as it materialised. The chanting of the two men became louder and more urgent as the smoke re-materialised, increasing in size. With a blast of wind around the Vault, extinguishing all the candles spread around the table, the cloud of black smoke began to spin slowly, and gaining speed as it formed a small spiral to the restrained man's face. Fear ran riot across the man's face, his green eyes widened in terror as a blood curdling cry escaped his mouth. With a quiet, unearthly howl of laughter, the black smoke began to funnel into the man's open mouth, causing him to gag, rapidly pouring into the open cavity, wisps of smoke snaking into the nostrils. His back arched up from the table as a gurgling sound rumbled in his throat. The Sovereign and William watched in horror as the smoke vanished completely into the man. The bound man slumped back to the table, falling unconscious. The Archivist and mage both stopped chanting and quickly cut the straps binding the naked man's arms and legs to the table. The naked body twitched, as if irked by a fly. It jerked and twitched randomly for a dozen long seconds, the fingers, legs, lips, all moving as if changing from stone to flesh.
With a loud gasp, the unconscious man lurched up and into a seated position on the table, his soft, light brown hair flopping over his forehead and into his now black eyes. The Sovereign jumped back in fear, standing on William's foot, who swore under his breath. The Archivist and mage watched as the naked man, sitting on the table, turned to look at William and the Sovereign. He sniffed, like a dog scenting the air and smiled. He fixed his black eyes on the old man and licked his lips as he slid off the table and stood up at his full six foot height. The naked man took a step toward the old man who had become rigid with fear, not just of the possessed man, but of the threat the Archivist had given. Walking the last few steps, the naked man looked into the old man's eyes with curiosity and began lowering his head.
Fearful of his life, the Sovereign was transfixed as the soft, young lips met the old dry ones in a soft, lingering kiss. The old man's eyes bulged with shock as the naked man pushed his tongue into the Sovereigns mouth. William made to reach out and force the naked man away from his master when he stopped kissing the Sovereign and stepped back, looking the young man over with lust. He stepped toward the younger man, his black eyes fixed hungrily on the red lips, his own tongue licking his own soft lips. William shook with fear as the possessed man stepped closer, his exposed crotch pressing intrusively against the shaking man. The naked man leaned in and inhaled deeply, scenting the quivering man's fear and arousal. The possessed man's tongue slithered out of his mouth and he licked from William's chin, over the soft red lips, and across the cheek, finally running along the ridge of his ear. The black eyes closed with desire as the possessed man stepped back in a daze.
`Abomination.' The Sovereign whispered slowly.
`Charming.' The possessed man said looking back to the old man with amusement. His voice was seductive and alluring, deep and hypnotic, as if there were two voices coming from his mouth. He looked down his naked frame as he ran his hands over his exposed flesh, a smile on his face.
William watched as the naked man ran his hands over his muscled torso, leaving goose flesh in their wake, the hard and pronounced pectoral muscles, tipped with soft pink nipples, slowly becoming erect with excitement. His stomach was rippled with defined abdominal muscles, a trail of hair from between his pectorals, leading down the centre of his torso. Below the bellybutton, the line of hair thickened into a tidy thatch of light brown pubic hair, just above the slowly awakening penis. The man ran his hands down his stomach and into the thatch of hair, taking his flaccid penis and grasping it sensually. William and the Sovereign watched as the possessed man began caressing and stroking his penis, causing it to harden right before them. It grew to an impressive 8 inches and was as thick as his wrist, the head slightly triangular and pink.
`Vile creature.' The Sovereign said as he witnessed the naked man pleasuring himself brazenly. He was about to turn and walk out when he felt the Archivist's eyes boring into his face. The naked man turned quickly from the old man and in a blur of movement, had William's throat clutched in his hand. With a burst of speed, the young man was slammed against the wall of the Vault, the possessed man crushing his lips against the soft red lips, forcing them apart and shoving his tongue hungrily into the resistant mouth. William cried out for help but the noise was muffled by the naked man's tongue. The Sovereign turned and took a step toward his struggling pupil but was stopped dead in his tracks by a flash of fire. He looked to his left and saw the mage holding a ball of flame, shaking his head, a smile of pleasure crossing his mouth.
`Stay where you are old man.' The mage said with amusement.
The Sovereign turned back and watched with repulsion as the possessed man assaulted his pupil's mouth. The old man cringed as he watched the naked man tear William's shirt from his chest, the tattered fabric falling to the ground. William's eyes fluttered as the possessed man at last stopped his oral assault on his mouth. The man released his hold on William's throat as he kissed down the bruised flesh, and reaching the flat pectoral muscles, bit the flesh with his sharp teeth, drawing blood. He lapped at the blood hungrily and kissed the wound tenderly. His hand grabbed at the bulging crotch and with a snap of the wrist, the denim was torn open, exposing the Brits hardened manhood, the red glans flaring, the foreskin rolling back as the appendage throbbed.
The black eyed man kissed down the soft white skin of William's stomach, biting into the flesh occasionally, drawing small droplets of blood from each mark. As he neared William's pubic area he was kneeling in front of the young Brit. The possessed man opened his mouth and slowly and purposefully swallowed all 7 inches, the soft pliable skin rolling back as his lips wrapped around the shaft. William groaned with unbound pleasure as the Sovereign gagged with repulsion at the disgusting act.
The black eyed man bobbed up and down on the hard shaft of the Brit, tightening his lips around the shaft, stimulating the already throbbing member, his throat sucking relentlessly at the flaring head lodged at the entrance of the passage. William moaned with delight as the possessed man sucked harder, sensing the oncoming orgasm. William's body tensed suddenly and with a shout of primal pleasure, he began firing the biggest load of cum he had ever produced into the throat of the sexual demon currently milking his shaft. The Brits eyes became unfocussed and rolled back into his head as he lost consciousness. The demon released William's rapidly deflating penis from his mouth and let the young man slide down the wall, snoring quietly on the cold stone floor in a heap of torn fabric and exposed white flesh.
The possessed man smiled to himself, feeling the sexual energy coursing through his body and walked toward the Sovereign, masturbating freely. He stopped in front of the old man and laughed. Twitching with pleasure he ejaculated on the front of the old man's robes, grunting with excitement. As he came down from his sexual high, he laughed again at the furious look on the old man's face that was looking at the mess made on his robes, the body fluid quite obvious as wet spots on the fabric.
`What is your name?' The Sovereign asked through his clenched teeth in a deadly voice.
`You may call me Rhyw.' The possessed man said with a wink. The Sovereign's right hand twitched with anger at his side.
`Do not come near me again, foul creature.' The Sovereign said with absolute disgust.
`You lack everything I need, old man.' The demon said with a humorous sneer of dissatisfaction. The Sovereign slapped the tall man across the face, the sound of flesh on flesh echoing around the circular room.
`Abominable creature.' He hissed with distaste. The black eyed man stroked his reddened cheek with his hand as a cruel smile spread across his lips. The Sovereign turned on his heel and walked, with the remnants of his dignity, to the door.
`Bring that poor sod to my office.' He ordered looking down to the unconscious William.
`Fuck you old man.' The demon said with a chuckle. The Sovereign muttered curses under his breath and stormed out of the Vault as the demon laughed.

`Will you be alright Georgie?' The Canadian asked the older Italian.
`I'll be fine.' Giorgio said with a laugh. `Go, help my cousin, or he'll pick horrible clothes.' Quinn smiled as he turned away from the older Italian and walked into the men's clothing shop, looking for his boyfriend. Giorgio turned and headed for the nearest café. He wandered through the mall and finally spotted a café, walking a little faster. In a few minutes he had placed his order and was waiting for his drink.
`Flat white?' The woman asked him, holding a large paper cup up.
`Yes, thank you.' Giorgio said taking the hot drink. He walked out of the café and was nearly knocked off his feet by someone who didn't see him.
`Oh shit, I'm so sorry!' The man said in a slight panic.
`It's okay.' The older cousin said checking the damage. He had spilt a quarter of his coffee on his jeans, in a rather conspicuous place. He smacked his lips in frustration at the fact that he now looked in continent.
`Oh dude. I'm so, so sorry!' The man said noticing the stain.
`Don't worry about it.' Giorgio said replacing the disturbed lid on his paper cup.
`Please, let me do something.' The stranger sad standing upright and looking into the older cousins face. Giorgio stammered incoherently as he stared into the green eyes.
`Ah, um, yeah.' The Italian gabbled. The green eyed man blushed at the older cousins insensible ramblings. Unfortunately for Giorgio, the blush made the man even more amazingly handsome.
`Are you alright?' The man asked quietly. Giorgio's eyes fell to the soft pink lips and they moved. When they stopped moving, the Italian looked back into the captivating green eyes.
`Sorry, what?' Giorgio asked, having not paid any attention to what the lips were saying whilst staring at them.
`Are you alright?' The green eyed man asked again, placing a firm hand on the older cousin's shoulder. Giorgio looked at the hand and felt the warmth of it seeping through his t-shirt and sweater. The Italian felt his manhood throb with excitement as it began to lengthen in the confines of his damp jeans. Staring into the green eyes, his face reddening slightly, the Italian laughed loudly at the absurd situation.
`I'm quite fine.' The Italian said boisterously, his accent thickening slightly. `I need to go and buy some new jeans.'
`Let me come with you and pay half at least.' The handsome stranger said, his beautiful facial structure enhancing slightly, almost smouldering to the older cousin.
`Sure, why not.' Giorgio said with an impish grin.
`I'm Drew.' The handsome man said holding his hand out to the Italian.
`Giorgio.' The Italian said, with an increasingly thicker accent, rolling the R in his name somehow. The two men shook hands and the older cousin felt electricity jolt through his body at the skin contact.
`Come on then, let's go get you some dry pants.' Drew said with a blindingly beautiful smile, his large, straight, white teeth sparkling brightly. Mesmerise momentarily by the handsome man, Giorgio stumbled awkwardly after Drew, struggling to come to terms with what was happening. They walked amiably side by side down the corridors of the shopping mall.
`This will do.' Giorgio said heading into a store that specialised in jeans. Drew followed the Italian into the shop and looked at the huge range of jeans on display. Giorgio had made a bee-line for the boot leg section and was thumbing through the piles finding a size that would fit him. Drew waited behind the Italian patiently, looking around the store aimlessly.
`Here we go.' Giorgio said pulling out a pair of light coloured jeans. He moved to the counter and the cash attendant rung up the sale.
`$149.50 please.' The young woman said monotonously. Giorgio handed her his credit card, the one he had received from his cousin, and paid for the jeans.
`Wait, I said I was going to pay for half.' Drew said tapping the Italian on the shoulder.
`Don't worry about it.' Giorgio said looking over his shoulder to the handsome man.
`Well, hmm. Okay.' Drew said uncertainly.
`Is it okay if I got and put these on please? I spilt my coffee on my pants.' He said gesturing to his crotch.
`Okay.' The girl said uninterestedly, pointing to the changing rooms with a limp hand. Giorgio walked toward the dressing rooms as the girl laid eyes on the man with the Italian. He demeanour changed immediately as the man smiled. She stood up straight, lifted her head slightly and pulled her shoulders back marginally, her breasts much more obvious now. Drew smiled at the woman and followed the Italian to the changing rooms. Giorgio was already in a stall changing as Drew stepped into the alcove.
`How's it going in there?' The handsome man asked. After a few seconds the Italian yanked back the curtain and stepped out of the cubby hole, and stood facing a wall length mirror. He shuffled around changing positions, modelling the jeans as best he could, to see if they suited. Drew stepped closer to the Italian, standing just behind and to the side, staring into the mirror. He was looking directly at the Italian's crotch. Giorgio watched the man's reflection in the mirror and thought he saw something flash across his eyes, almost making them darken.
`Do I look alright? The older cousin asked turning to face the man.
`You look wonderful.' Drew said in a deep and husky voice, his eyes raking over the Italian's torso. Giorgio blushed at the attention and dashed back into the cubby hole to collect his wet jeans. He put them in the bag the shop assistant had given him and the two men walked out of the changing rooms.
`I would still like to make it up to you.' Drew said walking beside the Italian as they left the jean store.
`There's no need.' Giorgio said smiling to the man.
`No, no. I insist. Please.' The handsome man said pulling out every charming quality he had at his disposal. `Let me take you out for dinner.' Giorgio stopped walking abruptly and turned to the man.
`Excuse me?' The Italian asked with confusion.
`Let me take you out for dinner.' The man said, his smile nearly blinding the Italian with charisma. Giorgio blinked a few times and blushed slightly.
`7pm, tomorrow night.' The Italian said with a smirk.
`Here, take my number.' Drew said flashing his winning smile. Giorgio pulled his phone out of his pocket, unlocked it and opened a new contact entry, then handed the phone to Drew. The handsome man entered his number into the contact details, saved the entry and sent a text message to his number. Giorgio smiled as he watched the man doing this.
`You're texting yourself aren't you?' The Italian asked with a laugh.
`Busted.' Drew said with a small blush. He finished what he was doing and handed the phone back to its owner.
`Text me tomorrow at lunch time to confirm.' The Italian said with a smile.
`I look forward to it.' Drew said with a flashing smile.
`Hey cousin!' Alex called out as he and his boyfriend approached.
`Hey.' Giorgio said turning to face his cousin.
`Who's your friend?' Alex asked as he and his boyfriend stopped with the older cousin. Quinn looked to the stranger and smiled. Drew looked to the smaller blond man and returned his own brilliant smile.
`I'm Drew. Nice to meet you.' He said extending his hand to Quinn. As soon as their hands touched, Quinn felt a jolt of electricity and withdrew his hand as soon as possible without being offensive. A shadow played across Drew's eyes as he realised what had happened. `Hi Drew, I'm Alex and this is my boyfriend Quinn.' The nearly identical cousin said holding out his hand to the stranger. Drew took the hand and as he shook hands with the younger cousin he watched a smile creep across Alex's face. Drew smiled to himself.
`Well, I need to head off now.' The handsome stranger said with a smile to Giorgio. `I'll text you tomorrow dude.' He said waving as he turned from the men and walked off down the corridor. Giorgio and Alex watched as the young man walked away from them.
Eventually they both turned to the blond, the older cousin's smile tinged with a hint of embarrassment. Quinn watched the man carefully, wondering what it was about him that irked him. As if knowing what the blond was thinking, Drew turned around briefly, looked straight at the Canadian and winked provokingly.
`Well, he's nice!' Alex said clapping his cousin on the shoulder.
`Sì' Giorgio said gazing after the handsome young man, Alex pulling his boyfriend who looked marginally baffled into a warm hug. Alex leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips, erasing the concentration lines that had formed between his eyebrows.
`Let's get home.' Alex said to the two men.


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